Journalism a Forgotten Art

by Dean Pirera

There was a time in history… and not so long ago when the printed newspaper stood for something unique and virtuous, something steeped in integrity, a medium that carried real merit through the hard work and talent of dedicated people genuinely seeking to accountably report the truth in the most objective way possible and wherever necessary expose the lies – a truly grand and noble service to the public.

So where have those ‘Times’ gone?

Perhaps the slander and lies like those found in various articles of late, making blatantly false allegations about Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine are rooted in the bitterness that the modern newspaper has long reached its zenith and is now on the steady decline leaving a desperation so charged that it has turned reporters into scurrilous fabricators of the pen. Continue reading “Journalism a Forgotten Art”

Universal Medicine & Esoteric Breast Massage: The Effect of Sport on one Woman’s Body

by Anonymous

As a four year old girl I decided I wanted to play hockey. I wanted to be like my older brother. My Dad was proud of what he could do on a sporting field and so I wanted him to be proud of me in the same way. I was given my first hockey stick and taught the basics, then I joined a junior Minkey team.

I was pretty good at the sport so I was put onto a hockey field at the age of 5. I realised that the tougher I became, the harder I could hit the ball, the more willing I was to go in for a tackle without showing I was scared. My ability to get back up again after being taken out in a tackle without showing I was hurt was congratulated and earned me a lot of praise. I became quite good at any sport I tried. At the age of 13, I had made it into the under 18 rowing team, a few years later after trying discus for a few months, I was selected for the Pan Pacific Games for athletics and had also made it into the state school girls hockey team. I was known as the powerhouse on the hockey field and no opposing team wanted to get in the way of any ball I hit. I remember one day another girl did get hit by a ball that I’d hit and had to be carried off the field. I was devastated that I had done that to someone, even though it wasn’t intentional and I couldn’t sleep for three days. After that I knew I didn’t want to bring that level of force onto a sporting field. Continue reading “Universal Medicine & Esoteric Breast Massage: The Effect of Sport on one Woman’s Body”

Joy-full Exercise: Skiing for Fun

by Greg Barnes

I am a student of Universal Medicine and have been attending lectures and workshops for eight years. In my younger years I played sport at an elite level and represented Australia overseas in Judo. Never in all the time I have known Serge Benhayon has he ever told me not to exercise!

I still snow ski in Canada every year for four to six weeks, but my feeling as to how I approach skiing has changed as I am now more in touch with my body and can feel the effects when I am skiing. Continue reading “Joy-full Exercise: Skiing for Fun”

Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration

by Shannon Everest

Recently in several articles in various papers, Natalie Benhayon and her work with the Esoteric Ovary Massage have been written about in a way that does not reflect Natalie’s true character, the technique of the Ovary Massage or the truth about what she has been presenting for women. In fact, what has thus far been written has unfortunately been pure lies and does not relate at all to what is true of her or the Esoteric Ovary Massage. The way that the Ovary Massage was expressed through the media made it sound very ‘far out’, but in actual fact you could not get something that feels more real and down to earth, so tangible and applicable to daily living. This article is to give a true perspective from one who has experienced the healing and whose life has been touched in the deepest way from the healing and by simply knowing Natalie. Continue reading “Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration”

The Benefits of Esoteric Breast Massage

by Lucy Dahill

I have received many Esoteric Breast Massages (EBMs) in the last few years. At first I went because I had been educated in the benefits of breast massage from a physiological point of view, though what I came to feel was so much bigger than that. The support I have received from the EBMs, the practitioners and subsequently the Esoteric Women’s Presentations has been incredible.

When I came to feel a connection with my breasts, emotional issues that I had forgotten or thought were past and finished with started to come into my thoughts during the sessions. The practitioner kept everything very simple and supported me to understand my own body, in that the emotion I was experiencing was simply energy moving in the body.  Continue reading “The Benefits of Esoteric Breast Massage”

Esoteric Chakra-Puncture: A Practitioner’s Perspective

I am writing in response to false claims recently made in the media about the safety of Esoteric Chakra-puncture.

I will qualify my response by including my professional background. I have studied a 4 year Bachelor of Health Science specialising in Acupuncture, a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine (through the University of Western Sydney), lectured in musculo-skeletal anatomy within an acupuncture degree program as well as writing subjects for the Bachelor of Health Science (acupuncture). I have also worked in several hospitals in China, my first internship was for 6 weeks specialising in acupuncture and then again 4 years later specialising in herbal medicine and gynaecology. I have been in practice for 10 years this November, during which time I have owned a successful clinic where I have employed up to 8 staff including admin, massage therapists, acupuncturists and nutrition medicine practitioners. I would consider myself well respected as a health care practitioner, working with and receiving referrals from GP’s, physios, gynaecologists, IVF specialists and the occasional endocrinologist. I have been practising Esoteric Chakra-puncture for 3.5 years and was part of a small group of qualified acupuncturists who worked with Serge Benhayon in the development of Esoteric Chakra-puncture.  I am therefore well equipped to discuss the safety of Esoteric Chakra-puncture. Continue reading “Esoteric Chakra-Puncture: A Practitioner’s Perspective”