Health & Lifestyle Changes Inspired by Universal Medicine

by Ariana Ray, Wales, UK

In 2005 when I was very overweight (twice the size I should be for my frame), eating to bury all the issues in my life that I didn’t want to look at, all the hurts I had felt and buried, which I then turned into anger against everyone, I came into contact with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

I found that by attending the healing courses and having sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners I began to deal with the hurts and the anger until I got to the point where I could easily see that the anger I felt and was dumping on everyone else, was the anger I felt towards myself. I became aware that it was me that had not taken responsibility for the choices that could have avoided the hurts in the first place. I was just scapegoating everyone else for my own choice not to look after myself! So step by slow step, I brought my own awareness to the responsibility for making true self-nurturing, loving choices in my own life.

Then, working with Serge, I made choices that lead to me loosing half my body weight.

I began to look at what I was eating in terms of how it affected me from day to day. I knew that what I was eating was making me feel less than good, so I chose to cut some things out to see how it went, tried to re-introduce them after a time and listened to how my body felt along the way. The results were impressive in terms of how I felt in my body (very awesome) and what happened to the shape of my body (also very awesome!).

But the choices I made were against what I had been told and educated in with regard to food and diet. For example:

“Bread is a staple and part of a balanced diet” – yet bread gave me chronic diarrhoea, bloating, cramps and candida.

“Alcohol is a socially acceptable part of life” – yet alcohol gave me mid and lower back pain, nausea and a sense of not being me at all, and this feeling of not being me would last for a day or more. Yet I grew up with the view that it is socially acceptable to be this way, and it’s sought after and laughed about – how does that make sense?

“Milk, cheese and dairy are the building blocks for the body” – yet dairy products made my nose run constantly, gave me tinitus and yet more diarrhoea.

“Chocolate is a treat we can give ourselves for working hard and being good” –  and yet, after the initial three minute yummy rush, it made me feel like I didn’t have a body at all, I was just numbed out and so happy to be numb! I questioned – how is not feeling a treat?

“Rice, corn, potatoes, pasta and other carbs are necessary to keep us going through the day, they stop us falling asleep mid afternoon” – yet they made me sleepy by 3pm.

All of this made me realise that what we are told about health / food / weight was not necessarily the truth. If we reflect on the state our our bodies in this world today, what are they telling us and about how we live, in a world where cancer is 1 in 3, diabetes is the fastest growing disease on the face of the planet, illness and disease are out of control and more people are getting obese than at any other time in our history, which says a lot about our eating habits.

Listening to conventional wisdom about food supported my body to be the over-weight size it was, and carrying around the extra weight was taking a huge toll on my body.

I certainly fell for everything I was told by health experts and pharmaceutical companies because it was easier than having to take responsibility for what I was putting in my body…

The news today is exposing what is happening in the food and drink industry and how we have consumed. For example:

  • Almost two-thirds of people rely on alcohol to relax in the evenings, the charity ‘Drinkaware’ has warned. Drinkaware warns that alcohol might appear to aid stress but often makes things worse. (1)
  • Dr William Davies, a preventative cardiologist who practises in the USA reports in his new book ‘Wheat Belly’ that wheat is so bad for your health that it should carry a government health warning. (2)
  • The Guardian newspaper reports ‘Sugar addiction is making our children fat. Smoking and alcohol dangers are known and regulated, so why are the risks posed by junk food not taken seriously?’. (3)
  • Why our food is making us fat? We are on average three stone heavier than we were in the 60’s. We have unwittingly become sugar addicts. (4)

I started to look at why I used food, alcohol, coffee, tea and cola, to bury and hide from what I was feeling. I recall feeling scared of feeling, simply because it hurt and I worried I would get lost in that hurt and be stuck there. I found that healing the hurts did not mean getting lost, it meant getting myself back.

I did not do this alone, I had help to do this and it’s an ongoing journey for me to listen to my body. I had a life time of looking for a true way to heal. I’d tried everything, all modes of spiritual ‘healing’ methods and nothing worked. Yet at the first course I attended with Universal Medicine I felt the truth in my body for the first time. It wasn’t what anyone told me, it was always me feeling me. Before this…

I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself and numbed myself out of existence. 


I was offered a true reflection of what my life could be if I started to take responsibility for my choices. 

I know that in my life I have invested so much of me looking at what the world was telling me what I should do and what I should be. I constantly sought to ‘be something’ for the world and ignored me inside and any connection with who I truly am. If I didn’t meet what the world wanted of me, which was most of the time, I’d fall into self-loathing and beating myself up for not being enough. The demands of the world were always more important than me. But now, allowing myself to be me, means I can be with me in the world and not get lost in what it demands.

I have proven that the world and what it says is wrong. The nutritional advice we have is based on falsities, and science is slowly and surely discovering this now. However, the price of all the ‘nutritional wisdom’ we have been living under, is that peoples’ bodies are proving it’s wrong, as more and more people get sick from eating the way we have been told is good to eat.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have stumbled upon Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. He has inspired me to change my life, a life that was not supporting me, or in truth, anyone around me. Serge just presented, never told me to eat in a certain way or live in a certain way, there never have been any rules. I continue to feel it all for myself and base my choices on what I feel is true.

Whether it is through the presentations, workshops or the books he writes, Serge Benhayon has the greatest level of integrity. He re-defines the words ‘honesty’ and ‘truth’ and ‘love’ by the way he lives and works. He is a shining example.



112 thoughts on “Health & Lifestyle Changes Inspired by Universal Medicine

  1. I could not agree with you more to this statement, ‘Serge Benhayon has the greatest level of integrity. He re-defines the words ‘honesty’ and ‘truth’ and ‘love’ by the way he lives and works. He is a shining example’.

    Serge Benhayon only presents the truth and its a lived truth. In other words he doesn’t present anything unless he is living, breathing and being it himself. It’s a truth that can be felt through and from the body. I haven’t felt this in any of the other people’s workshop I have attended in the past. Would not have it any other way.

  2. It is extraordinary really how simple Serge Benhayon’s work is, listen to the body and be honest about what does and doesn’t work for you. The world is full of information about what’s supposed to be healthy, but the body is incredibly precise about what works for us and what doesn’t. To me it’s highlighted how much information on health is simply a belief or knowledge from the mind, but unless it truly works for the body we are just ticking a box and what we think is healthy could be quite harmful.

    1. I agree Melinda we are told from the very beginning and how research says this is good for you and what isn’t. Yet our bodies are markers of truth, how about we allow the body to lead the way instead.

  3. Thank you Ariana for a powerful and personal sharing of your healing journey, it is very inspirational, instructive and practical in understanding our relationship with food.

  4. These ‘ideals and beliefs’ re what is good for us to eat are forever changing, a way to discern what your body requires is to listen to and honour what your body is saying to you, with the intention being to make a self-nurturing and loving choice to support yourself.

  5. Just the other day, I was noticing how certain food was making me feel and behave a certain way, and there was nothing in me that wanted to carry on eating that food, then pretty quickly I noticed I was thinking ‘So, what can I eat instead?’ and I was not even hungry. Our relationship with food is just so fascinating to observe and it is still for me to find out what exactly I am getting out of food, or the action of eating for that matter, and I totally agree with you, that honesty is a great place to start this process.

    1. “….‘So, what can I eat instead?’ and I was not even hungry.” Wow, what a powerful realisation, Fumiyo. When one reaches these points of awareness and honesty is when we are starting to get to the real crux of a situation.

  6. It is a great realisation and true turning point in our life when we start to understand ourselves by the choices we have made and that by taking responsibility and changing our choices we are able to heal by letting go of what we have taken on that is not true and honouring how we are feeling in our body.

  7. We are fed many and conflicting messages about food and what is supposedly healthy. To rise above what we are told by outside forces and connect to what our body tells us introduces a new and more nurturing relationship with ourselves.

  8. There is no doubt in my mind, and it has been my experience, that we use food to change how we feel and not just for nutrition. I have used food in the past to stop feeling the sense of emptiness within, and to not feel the hurts I was holding onto. Healing those hurts has led to a significantly healthier relationship with my body – and returning to a normal BMI. For this I am truly grateful to Serge Benhayon and all that he presents on this important topic.

  9. A great example of how food and our eating habits affect us, and the more we feel into our body after we eat certain foods tells us if they are supportive or not, the more discerning we are the easier it is to let go of foods.

  10. When we use food to try to bury our hurts, our life gets structured around that which we fear to feel. It is that fear that governs our movements and inspire our choices. Eating limitless amount of foods does not change the fact. It only makes things worse for us.

  11. It’s interesting that we accept what we are told about food rather than listen to what our bodies say. It’s actually quite bizarre as we live in our bodies yet give power to external sources of information and ignore the body of intelligence we reside in.

  12. This is just a great example of the benefits many people are finding in Universal Medicine workshops.

  13. With cacao touted as being one of the current ‘super foods’ one need not even wonder why. Guilt free chocolate bars with no processed sugar but heaps of coconut nectar are said to heal, nourish and energize you! Unfortunately, if one observes what it actually is doing one would feel that what goes up must come down as it seems everyone has overlooked the fact that cacao is full of caffeine; a toxin in the body.

  14. ‘I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself and numbed myself out of existence’.
    Honesty with ourselves is the medicine we give to ourselves for it starts our journey of returning to the way of our Soul.

  15. It is a great learning to be aware that the emotions we feel no matter how overwhelming actually dump and impose on others. Then they get hurt and react emotionally and then go on to hurt others and thus the cycle continues. Learning to respond to life challenged without emotion but full understanding and acceptance is vital to resurrecting the true health and wellbeing of us all.

  16. Just perfect, timely read for me, Ariana. It is actually very simple to start paying attention to how certain food affects us – physiologically and emotionally, and yet I have been allowing arrogance to override it and carrying on my life still pointing fingers at things and people, and at times shaken up by their response/reaction, ending up doubting myself. And the only way to counter that self-doubt is really to make sure that I am doing my bestest to take care of my body with so much love that my expression is only of Truth and Love.

  17. I have learnt (the hard way) that the abuse we inflict upon ourselves and the quality we are therefore living in, unavoidably impacts on how we are with everyone else, even if we might say we are the opposite of abusive to others, there will still be an energetic quality of our life lived, that can’t but be conveyed to another.

  18. It never fails to amaze what is touted as being the latest ‘health’ food. The food industry has pulled the wool over the general public’s eyes for far too long but this is perhaps because it is convenient for people to eat to numb themselves. Even when wheat, alcohol, sugar and dairy have been exposed as being detrimental to our health there are always going to be new super foods, sweeteners, and substitutes for dairy that will step in and take their place that are just as detrimental. It is time to feel what we are not wanting to feel and address our hurts and insecurities so we can truly feel what different foods feels like in our body and decide what to eat from there. Great blog Ariana.

    1. ‘It is time to feel what we are not wanting to feel’. Yes it is and when we address this, our awareness grows and we know from within what changes to make that support us exactly where we are at.

  19. Beautifully expressed Ariana. The corruption in our food industries is mind boggling. Last night I was reading about the fact that most food sold in supermarkets is fake – the fish we are told we are buying is not the type of fish it is labelled as, many products are cut with sawdust and polymers and even olive oil is pumped up with cheaper (and undeclared) soybean and even peanut oils (that are deadly for some). This stuff is only the tip of the iceberg too. There is wide scale corruption in every single step of food production and then to top it all off the ‘scientific research’ on food is sponsored by the companies that stand to profit from favourable findings. Our governments lap up these findings and spout them as ‘truth’ and today we see the consequences. It has become more important to ever to be very discerning about out food choices and our bodies always tell the truth.

  20. “I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself and numbed myself out of existence” – this is the thing – no matter how much misery we think we are in, we can be so stubborn and hold onto the comfort we have created. And how you have turned your life around is an amazing example of how much a reflection of lived true love can do.

  21. We are told so many things are ‘good’ for us, and we take on trust we are being informed in good faith. However the more research I read I am discovering the corruption behind many of the claims – and that money and corporate greed sustain the status quo. The most powerful indicator for me these days is the messages I receive from my own body, as to whether something is truly healthy for me or not.

  22. It is in those norms you expose Ariana that are currently causing massive world wide health problems, we all know this but carry on regardless despite the obvious warnings from our bodies.

  23. Well said Ariana. Virtually all nutritional advice is wrong and leads us to put things into our bodies that we otherwise wouldn’t. We would be better off to scrap all nutritional advice and start again by listening to what our bodies say. When I was a kid at school I was forced to drink milk. This made me nauseous and I couldn’t swallow it without gagging, but I had to drink it, no choice, because someone said it was good for me and others chose to therefore enforce it onto everyone.

  24. Yes, I can relate, as I am sure the majority of humanity can, how I used to numb myself all the time and yet pretend to not be aware of it, ‘I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself and numbed myself out of existence.’ Now, I am learning to let go of these many numbing devices, many of which can be very subtle, and feel everything all the time.

  25. “I found that healing the hurts did not mean getting lost, it meant getting myself back.” I know this feeling very well, especially when I let go of a certain food pattern, as in eating at certain times, I can feel that freak out of having to feel my hurts. Every time I have though felt more myself and more in true control of my choices around food when I did that which is a super great feeling to have.

  26. Being offered a true reflection was the game changer for me in learning to take responsibility for myself and my choices by starting to listen to what my body was communicating on what was truly supportive and what was not. The more I consistently honour what my body is feeling the more I appreciate and value myself.

  27. We underestimate how much food influences us, not only in the physical but how we are with ourselves and others, our whole state of being.

  28. Ah the norms of the world and how they make so much sense, well I should say how they twist and turn throughout the world until they really don’t make sense and at times even contradict themselves. You only need to google search anything and there you have it, research telling you virtually anything about everything. I remember when I had young children I was looking for advice on a particular topic and all I found was plenty of information about all angles and what it lead to was I had to make a decisions based on everything I had seen on what I was going to do. In other words I had to trust what I felt anyway. What this lead to was that one google wasn’t a place to get advice but two from everything out there it was more confusing on what to do. In the end I discussed it with those close to me and then made a decision based on what we felt was needed or right at the time. I laugh at our history where we have told people something is ok to have or to use only to find out down the track it’s actually harmful, some seriously so. I remember the old smoking is cool thing and now smoking kills. How can you trust so called experts that it would seem don’t really know themselves. Anything that gives responsibility back to the person in the situation is the only way, for if you were to trust the norms the world maybe still flat.

  29. I had no idea that so many people use alcohol as a means of ‘trying to’ relax in the evening, ‘Almost two-thirds of people rely on alcohol to relax in the evenings, the charity ‘Drinkaware’ has warned. Drinkaware warns that alcohol might appear to aid stress but often makes things worse.’ Yes, I would agree alcohol will make things worse, and is not addressing the real problem.

  30. Thank you Ariana. I love how clearly you’ve expressed your experience of learning what works for you and what doesn’t, through simply being willing to observe what you’re feeling. I can relate to the wanting to numb out and not feel and feeling scared of feeling – a sense that I’ll get lost and overwhelmed in the emotion. But actually, when we allow ourselves to just feel whatever is there, in my experience once it’s been felt, we can move on from it pretty quickly. I’m starting to feel now that I want to check out less and less: that feeling numb feels like disconnection and isolation – as opposed to feeling connected to everything and everyone else, and energised.

  31. If we treat the body as a living science we can feel what food works best for us and what food is harming or dulling us – Serge Benhayon has always presented this simple truth that makes a lot of sense when we apply it to our lives.

  32. Thank you Ariana for showing so clearly that the accumulated knowledge of the mind is easily surpassed by the innate wisdom of the body.

  33. Thanks Ariana, I related to the section on being what the world asks of me, and in particular being what people want or expect (or what I think they expect). I’m coming back around now to allowing and supporting myself to just simply be me as I am with all consistently, not changing or modifying for specific people. Whether it is food, relationships, or any other part of life, Universal Medicine has supported me to relate to everything from the inside out, instead of from the outside in. This has profoundly changed the choices I make every day and I have experienced amazing changes across every part of my life and continue to do so.

  34. “I questioned – how is not feeling a treat?” Great question Ariana! And one I shall be taking with me into my life from this moment on.

  35. It is indeed horrendous how society bombards us with things that are not true, better said that are complete lies. In Holland, THE dairy country in the world probably, a couple of years an official government campaign said ” Milk is a Must”. How imposing is that? The government being also institute you ought to trust. It just shows we have to trust our own wisdom, our own science, on what to eat or drink. And we are very capable of doing that. As Ariana’s story shows.

  36. It would be very interesting to know in 50-100 years’ time what science will be saying about what foods form the basis of a nourishing and nutritious diet and what does not. Far more studies need to be done this subject because food intolerances are escalating.

  37. Ariana, a well written blog. It’s wonderful to allow yourself to feel, and not excuse you or medicate yourself with food to numb and escape the feeling your body is offering you. We are born feeling and all-knowing, it doesn’t make sense we cover ourselves up from all that we know and feel just because the world tells us. Do we fit into OUR body or fit into a world that is not working?!!

  38. When we really get down to it and we get to feel what is going on within our bodies and observe what it is we are being told from ‘without’ it becomes clear that the most important relationship we have is with ourselves and that everything else stems from this relationship. In my experience, like Ariana, it is essential to re-establish the connection to who we truly are within ourselves and use this as a foundation for how we live and not just look outside for solutions. Our bodies have innate wisdom that can easily be reconnected with and lived. Ariana is the proof of this particular pudding!

  39. The incredible thing about Universal Medicine is that they do not provide a fixed diet or tell you what to eat or not to eat, but they ask you to eat from feeling your body, which means to pay attention to the feedback your own body gives you all of the time and they support you in learning to re-discover this innate ability to feel.

    1. Well said Judith. I have been amazed how clear my body is in it’s communications to me about what does and doesn’t work for it – with food and everything else. We always have a choice as to whether we pay attention, but once ‘heard’ we cannot then pretend that our body doesn’t have a voice.

  40. We live in a society so quick to blame another when things don’t go our way, instead of looking at the part we have played. However it is deeply disempowering to do so for we are then always seemingly at the mercy of another. I love that when you chose to stop blaming and took responsibility for your choices and the part you played in what you held as a hurt, that your life transformed like it did… proving the true healing power of self-awareness and responsibility.

  41. I discovered that the way I ate (a little bit of everything and mostly a little bit more of everything) was masking or medicating everything I was observing and taking on, everything I felt in fact. The very beautiful thing about stumbling across Universal Medicine is the realisation that we don’t need to bash ourselves or think ourselves less for any choices we make, even though some are difficult to face (because we begin to see the part we play in everything that occurs through life). But with this comes the opportunity to make a new choice to make different decisions and live in a way that is super supportive for ourselves, which only brings the same to others. It brings such a richness to life that filling ourselves up on food that numbs (not to mention makes us sick) comes a poor last in comparison.

  42. Thankyou Ariana for your very powerful blog, this line in particular was highlighted to me “I became aware that it was me that had not taken responsibility for the choices that could have avoided the hurts in the first place.” This is a great reminder for when I experience a reaction, anger, or hurt that the power is always with me to make a more loving choice for myself and to really take responsibility for how my life is.

  43. ‘…the price of all the ‘nutritional wisdom’ we have been living under, is that people’s bodies are proving it’s wrong, as more and more people get sick from eating the way we have been told is good to eat’. It’s great to see this being called out here, Ariana. What it points to is that to know what’s right for us, when we’re hungry, what we’re hungry for and just how much we need to eat, we have to and can only listen to our bodies. They are our only marker of what is individually appropriate for us. No government guideline, latest fad or scientifically proven research can ever dictate beyond or think to replace the body’s own wisdom on the matter. And that’s the truth.

  44. We have never had the truth of what is a healthy diet. Since packaged and processed food began, and since the need for convenience foods like sandwiches, we have been presented with what nutritionists think might be a balanced diet. The evidence of our diet is in, it is obviously not working when we come from a – one size fits all- mentality and ignore the clear messages from our bodies. Ariana, you are strong proof of what can happen when you honestly listen and act on what you feel. The dupe of being told what is healthy runs strong within our society and it is not worth arguing about. The presentation of a healthy, vibrant and joyful person is all we need to be.

  45. Something is going terribly wrong when our understanding about our eating and our food is way out from what the body is truly experiencing. This highlights our disconnection to our bodies, the very vessels we live in.

  46. We are still presented with conflicting information about food and nutrition where one week something is beneficial and a ‘must’ in the diet and the next week it is denounced for making us ill. This suggests that the ‘evidence’ is slanted to meet the beliefs of the author and we also are inclined to accept the advice that approves of what we already choose to eat and disregard an unpalatable truth. Listening to our own body and learning to make choices for ourselves without external influence is clearly the best medicine for our body. A message so clearly presented by Serge Benhayon.

  47. Ariana your words “I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself and numbed myself out of existence.” It is something I myself and I am sure many others would admit to when we are honest with ourselves.

  48. Like music, food culture is huge. Even the simple facts about how we use food will challenge many people. Forget about hard core drugs, food is all we really need to numb us.

  49. I like your blog that much that I came back to it again Arianna; it really makes sense when we are honest and looking at the signals of our body on a daily basis. As you write, the single products like dairy, bread, alcohol… all that you have found out for you is now your inner self gathered truth you have come to yourself – this is true healing and the foundation to choose what is good for your body. So inspiring!

  50. “I was offered a true reflection of what my life could be if I started to take responsibility for my choices.”
    Thank you for this sentence, Ariana, it’s gold … and exposing!

  51. You are absolutely right – what are we doing to ourselves? It’s absolutely nuts that we are slowly killing ourselves by the way we eat. So many people see the signs of potential ill-health and discomfort from the things they eat but are not prepared to change them. Surely we cannot place yummy food before our own health?

  52. This world is absolutely lost in ideals and beliefs about food. It`s just horrible to go into the supermarket and see what people buy and eat. A global numbing… Thanks to Universal Medicine I really changed my relationship to food, cut alcohol, dairy, gluten and to a large extent also sugar out, but I can still feel many beliefs about food in me, f.e. “an apple a day is good for health” or “3-5 meals a day are good to not let the digestion get lazy and slow”. I start to feel so many lies about food in this world that I am about to create a complete new way of eating just based on the feelings of my body and it feels amazing!

    1. It gives a solid foundation when we allow ourselves to come to this knowing from our body because it has the right answer. I am learning every day and somedays when I am very busy I don’t like to know that eating a lot is not good for me, but my body tells me after having a big meal, that it was not good for me. It is an ongoing learning that is never complete but forever evolving if we choose to listen to the body.

  53. “I found that healing the hurts did not mean getting lost, it meant getting myself back” – I love this. I used to think indulging in my emotions was ‘feeling and releasing’ the emotions – I only became more and more identified with the stories of my hurts, and this usually came with blame and guilt. I totally agree with you, Ariana, that healing means getting myself back and it takes self-responsibility, and there’s no room for blaming others or feeling guilty.

  54. Great blog Ariana, uncovering our hurts without reaching for comforting food has its own challenge, however as we come to appreciate truth and how we are the creator of our own ills, it becomes easier to see through the falseness of what we have accepted as being good for us in the past. It has been really amazing to listen to the presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, bringing more awareness to ourselves, and the choices we make.

  55. We are being told so many lies by so called ‘authorities’ and also by the food industry about what we should or shouldn’t eat. The only markers that tell the truth, are our bodies. And look in what shape most of the human bodies are? You are a living inspiration, Ariana for listening to your own body and it’s wisdom.

  56. Awesome Ariana. Really awesome. It’s gold how you presented that food is so often used to cover certain feelings up and it was a great point that you recognised the anger you were dumping to everyone else was directed at you. As I find is often the case for me also. I like all the points you made about how society sees certain foods as normal yet when we get reactions from them in our body, we know they are not. Great stuff.

  57. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon never preach, but just presents the energetic facts, the rest is up to me or us to choose what feels right.

  58. We are all where we are because of past choices, and its very admireable you have take full responsibility for them and and you are now taking greater care of yourself

  59. “I became aware that it was me that had not taken responsibility for the choices that could have avoided the hurts in the first place.”
    I relate very much to you being angry at yourself for not supporting yourself with true choices. Thank you for a very revealing blog Ariana.

    1. Yes I can see myself as well in this – I used to be angry and not supporting myself with true choices, and it made me sad, too. Today I am not judgemental anymore and I do forgive myself and say ok, that was not loving to eat this big meal, but I will take much deep care and love for myself instead now.

  60. Ariana our bodies lead us to the truth of what’s good for us in the same way that water diviners lead us to water. They know the way if ‘we’ just get out of the way.

  61. Awesome blog Ariana, I used to suffer digestive problems and sinus issues, it got so bad I had to eliminate certain foods from my diet. My diet has no sugar, dairy or gluten in it, and I have more energy and vitality than ever. If we listen to our bodies after eating certain foods we always have a true indication of what works for us. The health and lifestyle changes you have made are not only amazing for your own health and well-being – also deeply inspiring for many others struggling with these issues.

  62. I love how you share Arianna that when you began to deal with your hurts and anger you ‘got to the point where I could easily see that the anger I felt and was dumping on everyone else, was the anger I felt towards myself’. Further ‘I was just scapegoating everyone else for my own choice not to look after myself!’ Ouch! Your words are so profound because to varying degrees and in many many different ways and expressions I don’t doubt we have all definitely done and do this. Just pick your own hurt and your own emotion and apply it to your scenario. What is absolutely awesome though is by you sharing your awareness so honestly and exposing the trap of this scapegoat behaviour in its many different forms and expressions, it frees us all and gives us all the choice and the awareness to know that there is another way.

    1. PS: I also love how you share by ‘allowing myself to be me, means I can be with me in the world and not get lost in what it demands’…this is so true for us all.

      1. Yes this is really deep wisdom and concerns every part of our lives. We do so many things just to fulfill expectations of others. It often starts directly in the morning when we choose what to wear. How often is our choice led by thoughts about if our outfit will be liked by the people we meet today and fit to the places/events we are going to instead of really feeling which clothes would feel good on our body and skin today? And we feel endless other demands all the time. At work, in relationships – or better arrangements, etc. But we don`t have to meet these expectations! Time to be ourselves and feel free to express our soul through our body!

  63. I am findng it really interesting that if we challenge something we have been sold to us as a way we should be, for e.g. we need to eat dairy, it can cause an extreme reaction in people. For me when I used to eat dairy I had chronic ear and sinus infections – when I stopped eating it – the issues cleared up. The science of my body told me this wasn’t for me. Yet this can make people uneasy – this is more what needs to be challenged – are we really given the freedom to choose what we would like for ourselves.

    1. I agree it’s fascinating how violent people’s reactions can be about food. There is a huge almost protection when it comes to certain foods, that can turn very nasty at the suggestion that giving them up could be a healthier way forward, I think this is really proof that food is giving us something ELSE other than nutrition.

  64. Thank you Ariana, straight forward facts coming straight from the body, it’s hard to deny but we do, we use information produced by those in the know, national health guidelines and doctors, who may promote dairy and grains as being good for your health and sugar and alcohol in moderation are fine, but the truth is they are poisons to the body with the proof clearly evident in our level of health and vitality in the community. Great that you’ve made the change, against the odds.

  65. Great blog presenting how crazy what we’re told is good for us truly isn’t – as you put it Ariana, how is numbing ourselves a treat, and yet many of us do, I know I have and I still can but I’m learning that I don’t like the price. Why do we live in a way that celebrates numbness? What is going on in how we live when we need to get away from us? Do you remember as a child that innate joy we all felt, the thing is, it never leaves us, but we leave it, and then when we don’t want to feel that, we numb, but we’re just reacting to our choice to leave us and the thing is the only way back is through feeling.

  66. Thank you Ariana, I agree the diet model is like shifting sand or forever moving goal posts! Serge Benhayon has revolutionized the way we look at our eating habits through being aware of the feelings in our body first. “He has re-defined the words ‘honesty’ and ‘truth’ and ‘love’ by the way he lives and works. He is a shining example.” The integrity we feel in words, foods, music and for that matter, the way we do anything, all have a compounding affect on our bodies. The greater responsibility we take for our own well being, the healthier we get. This has become obviously from what is there for all to see from the Students of The Livingness, therefore what Serge Benhayon presents can only be heralded as true!

  67. Everything you have said Ariana Ray makes so much sense and the authority of the choices you have made comes through clearly in this very powerful blog.

  68. You are so right Ariana, there is so much information out there on how to eat healthy, so many diets, so much advice and yet there is so much illness and disease, stress, and general life disharmony in the face of it all. There is a huge message to see there, about the mess we are in, and what you have presented is that it could be as simple as each of us listening to our own bodies to get out of that mess…

  69. The truth is as you say, we rely on health experts and pharmaceutical companies because it’s easier than having to take responsibility for what we put into our bodies. So spot on! I for one have always looked outside myself for answers and instructions to avoid all responsibility, that way when things go wrong, I have something or someone to blame. This way of living is proving time and time again that it’s not working, for me anyway. Today I choose to be responsible for my self, my choices and and my body. I don’t always get it right and there are absolutely times when I want to hand over the reigns, but when I do feel like that, there is enough awareness for me to be able to look at why I’m feeling like giving up, what lead me to that feeling and from there I can seek support to help get back on the horse of self responsibility.

  70. It is truly amazing to witness the changes in you Ariana and also others who have chosen to be inspired by Serge Benhayon to begin to love themselves and make loving choices. The power of reflection in terms of seeing someone truly live this love and this change is unmeasurable, and the thousands who have been inspired by all that Serge chooses and brings is evidence of this fact.

    1. Yes indeed Arianna is an amazing proof for the loving way to life. She made huge changes and is now glowing her power from within out to the world. Very inspiring.

  71. You make some very common sense points here Ariana. I can relate to what you have shared, I relied on food from a young age- I remember at 3 years of age tantruming for food and then enjoying the relief that came with this. This was a pattern I used my whole life- I was living in a sugar haze and dragged myself through life- I just came to accept this as normal- it didn’t even occur to me that life could be different until Universal Medicine presented another way.

  72. Thanks Arianna. This is a great blog. On the one hand, makes very clear, that the way we are educated about food is harming for the body. Secondly, the view we are educated in is so prevalent that we tend, to our own detriment, to override how we feel and, hence, avoid making the connection between cause and effect. Thirdly, this view can only thrive in a context where we are taught to live ignoring ourselves.

  73. Prior to coming to study with Universal Medicine, I had, through my own research and advice of Naturopaths experienced that my body felt better without wheat and dairy. Without the support of a large community embracing this way of living, I struggled to stick to these ‘diets’ and would often simply eat what was around me…to my own detriment.
    Needless to say, I am eternally grateful to those amongst us (including Serge Benhayon) who have the strength and conviction to live what they know in their bodies!
    Good on you Ariana for choosing to be one of those people also!

  74. Wow Ariana, there are lots of pearls in what you write that I can relate to. The one that resonated the most was the part where you talk about being it for the world rather than being you in the world. I struggle with that one from time to time but am getting more and more aware that I do and can at those times say to myself that I’m fine as it this which also brings me back to being more present with myself.

  75. It is so lovely to feel the honesty and the simple way that you have shared your story to become the awesome woman that you now are. I love your closing sentence about Serge Benhayon – ‘He re-defines the words ‘honesty’ and ‘truth’ and ‘love’ by the way he lives and works. He is a shining example.’ – I feel so blessed to have found a new way to live life that has offered me so many opportunities, including the opportunity of meeting all the students of Universal Medicine.

  76. Before I was introduced to Universal Medicine, I also ate irresponsibly and was very overweight – I even quoted scientific studies that gave me the excuse I wanted to continue eating in the way that you describe. It was totally about numbing and relinquishing my responsibility. Once I became honest about how certain foods were making me feel, I couldn’t but realize the lies we are fed about nutrition and health. Thank God for Serge Benhayon who is prepared to stand up for truth as well as reflection of all the love that he is so that others can see there is another way should we so choose.

  77. The changes you went through, Ariana, and the way you live now, should make you a world star, in the true sense. With the support of Serge Benhayon and step by step growing awareness I found out, how being emotional makes me hungry. No matter if it is being sad, angry, frustrated or excited – I immediately feel like eating, even if I was not feeling hungry the minute before.

  78. I enjoyed reading your article Ariana. I loved what you said about scapegoating everyone else for your own choice to not look after yourself. I think we have all been guilty of that irresponsibility in some form. I too was also affected by allowing the demands of the world to be more important than me. And so I have only the deepest respect and appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for supporting me in seeing there was another way – to be myself and only follow what feels true to me – seeing the demands for what they are and thus being able to choose to not get lost in them.

  79. Sometimes it is very challenging and scary to deal with our hurts but when we do, it is the best gift we can give to ourselves, as we get to feel who we truly are, and this is one of the best feelings in the world.

  80. It is so freeing to stop worrying about what we think the world and others expect of us, and to know that being our true selves is the best gift we can offer in all circumstances.

  81. The honesty in your sharing touched me deeply, Ariana. It was a real turning point for me too, when I realised the anger I was expressing towards others, was anger that I was holding towards myself. With the realisation of the root cause of my anger, I was in a position to seek support with the healing of this very destructive emotion.

    1. ‘ The anger I was expressing towards others, was anger that I was holding towards myself.’ You are right Elizabeth McCann, what we hold against others we hold in our bodies. It becomes a storage vessel for all our toxic thoughts and feelings. We abuse the body with our own self made poison.

  82. Awesome blog Ariana over how you turned your life around and lost half your body weight not by going on a diet, but by getting honest with how you had been living; it dosen’t get more honest than this: ‘I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself and numbed myself out of existence’. And from your honesty you could begin to make different choices especailly around nutrition; which foods supported you and which foods did not support you in the healing of your past. Truly inspiring. Like you I have also found honesty to be the best medicine which was the beginning of making many new life style choices, especially around food and sleep.

  83. As you say Ariana, you have proven what the world says about food to be wrong for you. I feel sure that much of the food ‘science’ that gets reported is just plain wrong and also doesn’t support our own observations. Often ‘new research’ contradicts the last piece of “science” that we heard on the subject which can also be very confusing! Scientists themselves have acknowledged that there is misuse of statistics at times, to produce the result that the funding body paying for the research is looking for – I have heard this termed “sponsored science” … and it leaves me feeling very mistrustful of scientific research; I would rather just listen to my own body!

    1. “Sponsored science” sounds like paid for lies. It is sad how science has been hijacked by those who pay for it to be used for their own ends. For where is the truth in such manipulated science? The state of world health indicates that it is not getting us anywhere but sicker than we have ever been before. I too would rather listen to my own body.

      1. I agree and it is even sadder that the lack of integrity in much science goes unnoticed by a public that is too accepting of anything the scientists tell us. If this lack of integrity in science is not looked at and dealt with, the time will come when the public simply loses all confidence in science.

      2. Absolutely agree Ariana, there is this belief of science being innocent and really having peoples wellbeing at their core, but this is not true. What we read about health is all in the interest of profit, being it paid by pharmaceuticals, food companies or who ever aims to get profit out of people eating certain things regardless if they are nurturing for their bodies or not. As you say Ariana, we have been sold many lies and those lies are going on and they have gone so far that today when I share what and why I eat or not eat certain things I am called extreme or radical! I find it quite radical and extreme to consume all those foods that are not made for the human body and call it normal.

  84. A great article Ariana, thank you for sharing what you have learnt with us, and I heartily agree with the point that Stephen has highlighted… that the PR that is being pumped out by the milk lobby, or the sugar lobby etc, and is what is creating this message that these things are OK, and not allowing the truth to come to the surface. Ariana shares beautifully how we can simply listen to our bodies to tell the truth of the matter.

  85. In my 20’s I started to become more discerning about certain food choices and giving up dairy was one of the best things I did for my health. The health messages about dairy do not support this change, giving the impression that we need dairy or our bones will not be strong. All the symptoms I had were giving me a clear message that dairy was not good for me, and now science is showing that dairy creates weaker bones, not stronger ones, though this message struggles to get through above the ‘PR machine’ for the dairy industry. I really feel we have to be careful not to be over-reliant on what we are told, and learn as people to listen to and trust our feelings much more about how our body responds to the foods we eat.

    1. I know that I have fallen for packaging and promises of ‘goodness and health’, when actually I’ve been sold high sugar and salt junk food. It is indeed very important to be discerning and feel for ourselves.

    2. I agree Stephen we still have much to learn about our human body and its inner workings – and that will undoubtedly unfold the more we listen to it and study it in full appreciation of its wisdom, grace and harmony.

  86. Thank you Ariana for setting out so clearly the true facts about what so many of the staples of our current diet are really doing to our bodies and how they are adding to the increase in disease and illness that we are currently experiencing which is such a burden for humanity.

    1. We are so laden with imposed ideas about what is ‘healthy’ that we can’t see the wood for the trees. To connect to ourselves, listen to our body and really feel for ourselves, I found to be the way through.

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