Self-Care at Work – Inspired by Universal Medicine

The below was written to Karoline Schleiffelder by a colleague who has no affiliation to Universal Medicine:

“I have experienced your wisdom and insight into self care that you practise as a person who seems to have learnt and gained a lot from your experience with Universal Medicine (UniMed).

Some of the practitioners from Universal Medicine have attended staff meetings, in a voluntary capacity and provided gentle massage, gentle breath exercise sessions – and some of the qualified professionals from UniMed have provided very good workshop sessions on relaxation and stretching exercises for those of us who work long hours at a desk.

These experiences have educated many in developing their own self-care approach and awareness of how to support their physical well being in a work environment where stress and sedentary work impacts negatively, if not balanced by relaxation and supportive exercise.

And my own mother’s life was saved by Dr Sam Kim – the Lung specialist who is practising from the premises at the Universal Medicine Clinic combined with the support of the Esoteric Acupuncturist at UniMed.”

52 thoughts on “Self-Care at Work – Inspired by Universal Medicine

  1. Thank you Karoline for this beautiful sharing. I for myself can only recommend to make your own experience with the modalities of Universal Medicine as that is the best way to find out how powerful they are.

  2. A major teaching of Universal Medicine is that it is all about the quality of our movements. We move at home, in the street, at work, etc. So, whatever we can do to increase and sustain that quality is something we benefit from. That is why these teachings are so crucial.

  3. More experiential evidence that reflects the truth of how Universal Medicine simply offers a way of living that supports us to live more harmoniously and lovingly for ourselves and with others.

  4. Every loving movement made is felt by another. Whether they clock it and respond is their choice but I cannot ever underestimate that every movement made with love makes a difference.

  5. Our physical health and general wellbeing is paramount to support our quality of productivity both in our homes and workplaces and self-care is absolutely foundational to this.

  6. The truth and care of sharing all that is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is felt by many whether they are UniMed students or students of life.

  7. That is right – sweet and simply – right there, showing us the effects of Universal Medicine on our environment by the living wisdom we live once we choose. And so powerful that everyone notices, and if not, they must simply choose not to see. As the energetic affect is huge – as healing is our way , more than anything else. We need to return to who we are, not glorify that which is not working. Perfect, at the same time so imperfect.

  8. When we know something is true it is natural to share it but I am learning to understand that when there is a call for another to find out more they will come to Universal Medicine in their own way, in their own time and not by me imposing onto them.

  9. Universal Medicine support people far and wide, this testimony shows one example of the amazing support that is brought by them.

  10. This short notes says a lot. It explains our true nature of working together- in many work places you can say it is becoming a situation where it is a more dog eat dog world- where relationships are breaking down and people feel quite isolated and like they need to compete against each other yet in our very essence it is natural for us all to work together and support each other.

  11. There are thousands of people that have benefitted from the work of Universal Medicine in a similar way and it is unbelievable that this is simply ignored by the press. It shows how the interest is solely on selling papers and not on bringing truth to the people, but it also shows that people do not want to know the truth but want to be entertained and excited with the newest scandals, with little regard to whether they are true or not.

  12. It is amazing that through the difference these self-care techniques have made to people that it is noticed by others craving the support that it offers…. and how gorgeous that there are those willing to offer their time to share whatever tools they can that will support people to look after themselves at work and thus avoid the possibility of burn out.

  13. Many many would benefit from just knowing these simple ways of supporting oneself at work. Usually the way we cope is through coffee or using nervous energy to get through the day and we know how taxing that is to our health, but there is another way of doing it. It’s not going to happen overnight but by introducing supportive things our way at work will slowly bring us more energy and presence and we do not have to play catch up with our bodies and the tiredness we feel.

  14. ‘Wisdom and insight into self care’ – merely two of the qualities that Universal Medicine practitioners live by and therefore offer others from their lived experience.

  15. A great testament to the beneficial reach that Universal Medicine offers to the community, made even more poignant being written by someone with no affiliation to Universal Medicine and therefore no hidden agenda or messaging angle.

  16. Imagine if UniMed practitioners did the rounds of workplaces? OMG – what a treat that would be. The world wouldn’t know what hit it!

  17. Absolutely subscribe to this. Universal Medicine does not need evidence based research with complicated questionnaires and sample studies, etc. to prove their modalities work. Everyone who has had the possibility to try their modalities is a living example and clear evidence of it as shown at the following link: Universal Medicine – before and after.

  18. Self-care at work is fundamental for each employee’s wellbeing and therefore has a great impact on the quality of our work. The impact 1 person has by simply living this is confirmed in this testimonial of Karoline’s colleague. If we don’t take care of ourselves, our own bodies, we have nothing to offer. I am grateful every single day for Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon introducing this in my life.

    1. Absolutely – Burn out and discontentment is so huge in work places, and as shown, this is so easily remedied by simply taking care of yourself and your well-being. It’s so simple but the effects are revolutionary.

  19. The power of self-care can never be underestimated, how beautiful to feel the ripple of effect of one person choosing to live this level of self-care in the workplace and inspiring others.

  20. If Self care was as natural as breathing then how would our lives look? And how would we feel about our jobs? It is a simple yet essential part of life.

  21. Wow, what a statement and testimonial! I am so super lucky and full of joy to be part of Universal Medicine at this time. My life is not about fixing issues anymore, it’s about love and celebrating love ridiculously every day all the time!

    1. Love that Felix! I read this quote online that I decided to frame & one of my daughters and I often say it to each other on parting (when I drop her off at school): “Have a ridiculously Amazing day!” It is such a great way to live! And, Yes, as you say, Love is the ingredient that makes our days ridiculously Amazing!

  22. I find having sessions with Universal Medicine trained practitioners an amazing experience, they are practised with love, tender care and wisdom.

  23. Who doesn’t think universal medicine is amazing?! They have supported so many people to change the way they live for the better. Thank you for sharing the letter.

  24. Universal Medicine teachings have the capacity to change dramatically the perception and functioning of the working place, turning a place that is synonym of self-protection and constant tension into a place of immense quality and wellbeing.

    1. Indeed emfeldman, the Universal Medicine teachings inspire people to not look to the outside for blame but look at their own responsibility first. So very often this is a true game changer and will lessen the tension and in fact change the whole experience of a situation.

      1. Exactly Michael. I can definitely vouch for this – taking responsibility instead of blame has been an absolute game changer for me! Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  25. What beautiful observations from someone who has met and been met by a number of students and practitioners of Universal Medicine. Students and practitioners are committed to self-care, but not only for self, but for all others too – as has been this person’s experience.

  26. It is so beautiful to read about those who have a deep appreciation of what they have been offered though Universal Medicine now sharing these benefits with others to support them to develop their own self-care and awareness at work. A truly gorgeous example of ‘passing it on’ and how appreciative people are for the support.

  27. As one Esoteric Medicine student wrote on this blog: Proof is in the Pudding! Thank you for sharing your friend’s letter Karoline.

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