Choices: Weight Loss, Diet, Food & Health

I came into contact with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in 2005 when I was very overweight – twice the size I should be for my frame. I ate to bury all the things I didn’t want to look at, all the hurts I had felt and buried which I turned into anger against everyone. By attending the healing courses and having sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners I began to deal with the hurts and the anger, until I got to the point where I could see really clearly that the anger I felt and dumped on everyone was the anger I had against ME as I had not made the choices I could have to stop the hurt from happening in the first place. I was just scapegoating everyone else for my own choice not to look after myself!

So step by slow step I started to make choices to look after myself. Then, working with Serge, I made choices that lead to me losing half my body weight. I began to look at what I was eating in terms of how it affected me from day to day. I knew that what I was eating was making me feel less than good, so I chose to cut some things out of my diet to see how it went. I tried to re-introduce them after a time and listened to how my body felt as I did so. The results were impressive in terms of how I felt in my body (very awesome) and what happened to the shape of my body (also very awesome!).

But these choices I made were against what I had previously been told and educated in regard to food and diet. For example:

  1. ‘Bread is a staple and part of a balanced diet’ – Yet bread gave me chronic diarrhoea, bloating, cramps and candida.
  2. ‘Alcohol is a socially acceptable part of life’ – Yet alcohol gave me mid and lower back pain, nausea and a sense of not being me at all. This feeling of not being me would last for a day or more after I had drunk it, yet I grew up with the view that it is socially acceptable to be this way, and it’s sought after and laughed about, how does that make sense?
  3. ‘Milk, cheese and dairy are the building blocks for the body’ – Yet dairy products made my nose run constantly, gave me tinitus and yet more diarrhoea.
  4. ‘Chocolate is a treat we can give ourselves for working hard and being good’ – Yet after the initial three minute yummy rush, it made me feel like I didn’t have a body at all, I was just numbed out and so happy to be numb! I questioned how is not feeling a treat?
  5. ‘Fruit is a part of a healthy diet’ – Yet I had more diarrhoea and as much of a powerful sugar rush and fuzzy cotton wool head as I had from chocolate. A sharp green apple is all I could tolerate.
  6. ‘Rice, corn, potatoes, pasta and other carbs are necessary to keep us going through the day, they stop us falling asleep mid afternoon’ – Yet they rapidly turn to sugar in the bloodstream and made me sleepy by 3pm, they also gave me a sugar rush, bloating and more diarrhoea.

All of this made me realise that what we are told about health / food / weight was not necessarily the truth. If we reflect on the state of our bodies in this world today, what are they telling us? We live in a world where cancer is 1 in 3, diabetes is the fastest growing disease on the face of the planet, illness and disease are out of control and more people are getting obese than at any other time in our history. That says a lot about how we are eating.

Listening to conventional knowledge about food created my body to be the size it was. The consequence of my choices to eat this way were taking a huge toll on my body. I certainly fell for everything I was told by health experts and pharmaceutical companies because it was easier than having to notice what impact my food and drinking habits had.

The news today is exposing what is happening in the food and beverage industry and how we have consumed. For example:

  • Almost two-thirds of people rely on alcohol to relax in the evenings, the charity ‘Drinkaware’ has warned. Drinkaware warns that alcohol might appear to aid stress but often makes things worse. (1)
  • Dr William Davies, a preventative cardiologist who practises in the USA reports in his new book ‘Wheat Belly’ that wheat is so bad for your health that it should carry a government health warning. (2)
  • The Guardian newspapers reports ‘Sugar addiction is making our children fat. Smoking and alcohol dangers are known and regulated, so why are the risks posed by junk food not taken seriously?’. (3)
  • Why our food is making us fat? We are on average three stone heavier than we were in the 60’s. We have unwittingly become sugar addicts. (4)

I started to look at why I used food, alcohol, coffee, tea and cola, to bury and hide what I was feeling. I recall feeling scared of feeling, simply because it hurt and I worried I would get lost in that hurt and be stuck there. I found that healing the hurts did not mean getting lost, it meant getting myself back.

I did not do this alone, I had help to do this and it’s an ongoing journey for me to listen to my body. I had a lifetime of looking for a true way to heal. I’d tried everything, all kinds of spiritual ‘healing’ methods and nothing worked. Yet at the first course I attended with Universal Medicine I felt the truth in my body for the first time. It was here that I was offered a true reflection of what my life could be if I started to take responsibility for my choices. It wasn’t what anyone told me, it was always me feeling me. Before this I would never have admitted to the fact that I lied to myself and numbed myself out of existence.

I know that in my life I have invested so much of me looking for what the world was telling me – what I should do and what I should be. I constantly sought to ‘be something’ for the world. I ignored myself and any connection with who I truly am inside. If I didn’t meet what I thought the world wanted of me, most of the time I’d fall into self-loathing and beating myself up for not being enough. The demands of the world were always more important than me.

But by allowing myself to be me, means I can be with me in the world and not get lost in what the world demands.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have stumbled upon Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. He has supported me to change a life that was not serving me or anyone around me. He never told me to eat in a certain way or live in a certain way, there never have been any rules. I feel my own way to live.

Serge Benhayon has the highest level of integrity and it is this level of integrity that is unknown anywhere else in the world today. It is in all his work, whether it’s in the modalities he introduces in the courses or in the presentations or books he writes. He is a shining example in this world as he lives what he talks.

by Ariana Ray



144 thoughts on “Choices: Weight Loss, Diet, Food & Health

  1. ‘But these choices I made were against what I had previously been told and educated in regard to food and diet.’ It is interesting how what we choose to eat plays a great part in our health, and it has made me realise that the more we educate ourselves, and the more people choose to change their way of eating, that eventually food companies and education itself will realise that they too need to make changes in what they produce.

  2. Slowly my awareness has been brought to how I use food to block things out. As my eating has refined and I’ve allowed my self to feel more of what is going on inside me, the relationship has become even more obvious. When I get a knock, or have a wobble its fascinating to watch the thoughts come flooding in that make me want to bury those under a mountain of food, or the wrong aisle in Sainsbury! As the relationship develops I realise they are just that… thoughts, and do not require the action that used to so often be the next step in a downward spiral.

  3. Reading your list of the statements that claim milk etc is good for us make me cringe. Like you, Ariana, I was brought up to believe these things and now I have stopped eating dairy and drinking alcohol I am far more healthy – and slimmer!

  4. It is really a matter of 1+1=2. What we put in…we reap. For example, it is amazing that a known poison like alcohol is still promoted as it is. We still promote what we know kills our body.

  5. Diets, willpower, self bludgeoning, New Years Resolutions – none of these things work to change how and why we eat, we definitely need a new way to approach eating, and as your story reveals Ariana there are deeper reasons why we choose to overeat and not care for ourselves. To truly heal we need the foundation of self care and listening honestly to our body, and the support to understand ourselves and the “why’s” behind our choices to truly change our repetitive cycles of harmful eating.

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