Trusting What I Feel is True

By Pia Jung, Germany (English second language)

For many years I was living on a very low level of energy/vitality. I felt very, very exhausted.

In 2006 I went to a presentation by Serge Benhayon, and as I really liked it (especially because of the feeling that I felt inside of me), I became curious for more and went to some more presentations. Although I enjoyed those too, I remained very cautious for quite some time because I was not sure if I could trust that what I was feeling, that what was being presented, was true. However, after I did my first 2-day course with Serge a few years ago I realised that what he was presenting, and what I was feeling in my body, was not wrong, that it was actually true.

Since that time I have attended more workshops run by Serge and Universal Medicine and listened to his presentations, and my life has changed in so many ways. The level of energy/vitality I feel in my body is so much higher, and I feel most amazing due to the awareness I now have.

I am learning to understand what it means to truly take care of myself and to take responsibility for my body, my life and my choices. No longer am I dependent on anybody, and I am learning to distinguish between what is true and what is not true.

It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be, and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me. I have also experienced lovely support in many ways and from all different sides. This support is always there.

The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.

178 thoughts on “Trusting What I Feel is True

  1. “The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.” . . . Absolutely spot on Pia, as this is my experience of Serge Benhayon over the 14years I have known him.

  2. I too no longer feel as emotional as I used to, due to attending Universal Medicine courses and learning to trust what I feel. One of the key things was learning to listen to my body more and more, to take note of when I am feeling tired and then choosing to go to bed early, simple things like this has supported my hugely in how I feel and improved my relationship with my family.

  3. This is a beautiful testimonial Pia. Serge presents the true consequences of our choices. I have tested what Serge presents for myself and I’ve never found him to be incorrect. Not even once. Serge has opened my eyes to The fact most the information we receive from governments, marketers and the people around us is completely false and we now have huge rates of illness, depression and disease as a result of blindly following this false information. Serge stands as a beacon of truth in a world full of lies.

  4. Universal Medicine courses have also inspired me to change my life and I have met many, many people who have been deeply inspired too. It is incredible how one man, Serge Benhayon is inspiring thousands and thousands of people to make more loving choices and as a result of this people from all walks of life are no longer feeling exhausted but feeling vital, younger, healthier and much more connected to themselves and others.

  5. Yes Mary, and that is VERY rare to find consistently in our world, unconditional love with no judgements, and is absolutely gorgeous to experience.

  6. Serge Benhayon offers unconditional love with no judgement as we find our way back to who we truly are.

  7. ‘It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be, and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me.’ I totally agree Pia, I now have more energy and vitality in my life due to not draining myself with my emotions and the dramas I used to create.

    1. Emotions are very draining and since I have been attending Universal Medicine courses I have been able to let go of an emotional way of being and started embracing a more loving, gentle and connected way of living which I am continuously deepening and developing.

  8. Taking care of ourselves, taking responsibility for all of our actions and choices, and choosing to be aware, and not run away from, what we can feel..simple things really, but the effect of actually living them can have a profound effect on the way we relate to ourselves, the way we are in the world, and what is then reflected back to us.

  9. “I am learning to understand what it means to truly take care of myself and to take responsibility for my body, my life and my choices. No longer am I dependent on anybody, and I am learning to distinguish between what is true and what is not true.” I can complete relate to this Pia, truly taking care of my body and being responsible for my choices and my life. Not waiting for someone else to take care of me.

  10. This is beautiful Pia, what you’ve shared I can totally related. Learning to trust what we feel is true is very empowering and building on our ability to trust ourselves supports us to trust what we observe and experience to distinguish what is true and what is not. From this we can then make wiser and more loving choices base on our innate knowing and inner wisdom.

  11. With so much caution in the world, it shows that the majority of us, if not all, have been hurt and in most cases still carry much hurt. What I loved about first meeting Serge Benhayon and attending presentations is that he wasn’t trying to impress, win you over, convince or justify, or big note or hold himself as more superior… like I had experienced previously with other modalities and courses. He was amazingly real and normal delivering the most profound insightful truth that resonated deep within, in a way that was like reawakening my sleeping wisdom and all knowing again.

  12. Since attending Universal Medicine, receiving esoteric modality treatments, and living the esoteric way, the level of vitality in my body due to my withdrawal and lack of commitment to life has changed exponentially. I struggled with commitment for many years and comfort was my easy choice. I am now deeply committed to life and enjoy all that it is. A HUGE change in me one that should be studied just how far I have come.

  13. I too had that feeling inside me from my first presentation with Universal Medicine. It was The Truth and my truth that I seriously registered not like ever before (this life anyhow). I did not deny or question it. It was amazing to reconnect to this new found awareness. A take on life that supported my sensitivity. An understanding to all I felt was not true, and true. An explanation on why it was like it was. An expose on how far I and we are away from ourselves. There is nothing like a Universal Medicine presentation!

  14. “No longer am I dependent on anybody, and I am learning to distinguish between what is true and what is not true.’ thank you Pia this is an amazing revelation in an era of much information and little truth.

  15. It is both healthy and sensible to be always cautious and discerning of what we observe to be true in the world around us and what we observe to be not true.

  16. Not being emotional is such a blessing. Emotions have kept me in a prison of my own creation and yet over the years of putting into practice and living that which is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (to the best of my ability), I no longer react emotionally to many situations that would have had me in a maelstrom of emotions before. I am able to observe and respond much of the time, and now when I do feel emotional, I know there is something there for me to look at, regardless of the situation.

  17. I love your passing comment here “It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be”. What I have learnt is that to not feel as emotional at all does not mean we don’t feel any more, it is simply that we actually feel first and then how we respond to what we feel determines if it is an emotional rollercoaster or not. Thank you for reminding me of that gem.

  18. It is truly extraordinary how amazing it feels to have the freedom we do to be and to express our true selves when we are no longer consumed or controlled by emotions.

  19. What Serge Benhayon offers is evolution, a way of life that brings all back to a love we have all lived in the past.

  20. This is beautiful to read Pia, how you took your time to trust again and really confirm to yourself that what you feel is true. It also shows that there is no pressure when attending Universal Medicine events, everybody is allowed all the time they need to come to their own conclusions and understanding.

  21. Realising in our bodies that something is true is quite a profound experience. It is as if rediscovering a long lost friend, one you had missed but didn’t realise it or even remember until they were found again. Then it feels deeply precious, something you realise is the agent of ongoing change and for all the growing pains, would not be lost again for anything in the world.

  22. ‘what I was feeling in my body, was not wrong, that it was actually true.’ This is the most joyful feeling in the world.

  23. Pia this is a pure and simple testimony of the work of Serge Benhayon. Through him we learn to self care, love and appreciate ourselves, slowly we develop an inner trust that is like gold dust.

  24. We do know what feels true but so often override this with all sorts of things about how we should be and what we think is our place in the world. Trusting ourselves is what is important, trusting what we do in fact know. That is the beauty of what Serge Benhayon presents supporting everyone so that we trust ourselves beyond measure, trust what we know and claim what we know…without perfection and how this is same for everyone, without exception.

  25. Gorgeous Pia, it is about trusting what we feel within, and letting this just be, bringing the form to how we live, living who we truly are.

  26. Is it not very interesting that we, as human beings, do so much against the fact that ‘we feel’. We live in way to ignore, avoid and deny it – far away from honouring and appreciating it. Our sense is not just ignored, it is sabotaged in many ways. Every day. How would life on earth be if we would embrace our sense of feeling and sensing? Looks like that your experiences with it Pia are quite welcome and joyful. I found, to go for my feelings I can’t go on like before. I had to change how and what I eat, how I work, how I work through life in any way. This is enormous and it has an effect on my surroundings. Some are happy with the changes I bring into our relationships – others less.
    Yesterday I met some family members I haven’t seen for a while because they avoid my ‘new way’ of living. It was by an accident that we met and as I was very joyful to see them it looked like that they where too. They shared about some changes in their life and I had to smile. They changed in ways I did in the last few years, in their way and tempo. At the end, we are all going the same way. How much we struggle on is our choice.
    My family members suggested to meet again soon – and I agreed. Let’s come together again.

  27. You’ve really summed up the presentations beautifully Pia. From where I sit too, there is never a need for me to change who I am, yet another way of letting go and being who I truly am is offered. It’s like peeling back the layers and returning to what is already within rather than trying to pursue or gain something on the outside. It’s quite remarkable, the process of becoming more of yourself, I totally recommend it!

    1. Brilliant Rachael, I agree it certainly is about peeling back the layers of protection to reveal our true and divine being. This process starts from within and it is an amazing journey that naturally inspires people too by simply making a choice to connect more to who we are not who we think we should be.

  28. “The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves” This is beautiful Pia I agree with your every word. Serge Benhayon holds everyone in this absolute love with no conditions and no judgments and no pandering to ‘the what is not you’.

  29. There is definitely no pressure from Serge he does not tell us what to do, he just presents from his experience of a life lived in and by love, and it is this deep love that we feel held in by the truth that he presents, we are free to choose or not choose the truth of who we are, no pressure whatsoever only held in absolute love.

  30. I think a big part of exhaustion and low energy is us making choices to dull our awareness. If we take responsibility for what we see and what we feel it feels amazing, and I usually find I have ample energy to handle whatever is in front of me.

  31. I love this about Serge also – how there is no need from him for us to be anything different then who we are. He’s gorgeous to be in the presence of because it’s so easy. I never feel out of place.

  32. Thank you Pia, this is a beautiful testimonial about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Love and life is not about telling anyone what to do but by living example let them come to their own understanding and revelations.

  33. I felt exactly the same Pia, it took me a while to trust what I was feeling. By acknowledging my resistance I felt at the beginning of my attendance to Universal Medicine events, I simply allowed myself time to observe and discern for myself. It was during Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 2 that I experienced a deep healing and a huge letting go of sadness, and from then on I was able to trust what I had experienced and felt. In my own time I embraced truth, no one was able to convince me or influence me to make a choice to embrace more love and truth. It was entirely up to me to take that responsibility and it is absolutely worth it. How I feel and live now is incredible, I feel more vital, energized, light and more loving, feeling more connected to myself and my body than ever before.

  34. Hello again Pia, reading your blog again today I felt this line really described my experiences as well “It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be, and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me.” It is truly something to appreciate being free of emotion, feeling so deliciously still and feeling a grace inside myself instead of the emotional turmoil. It’s truly amazing what Universal Medicine offers the world – and it works!

  35. Thank you Pia, I can relate to your blog. I was going through similar thoughts in my head doubting what I felt for a while before I allowed myself to fully trust what I felt in my body. By following my head it can delay and prevent me from discerning truth but when I listen to my body it knows truth without doubt but absoluteness.

  36. One of the greatest things I’m learning through Universal Medicine is that I can discern the truth of things for myself – and really trust it. I’d always been doing it, but I’d also frequently over-ride what I knew to be true in favour of fitting in, for fear of rocking the boat or of being ostracised if I spoke the truth as I knew it. Now, whenever I trust and deeply honour that discernment, my innermost barometer of truth, in everything and all I come across, it serves me well, keeping the wool firmly away from my eyes so I am free to choose my choices based on the deep knowing it supports me with.

    1. Beautifully said Cathy. My experience has been (and is) similar. The ‘barometer’ for truth was always there, but I used to over-ride it so much, giving my power away to others at times, not fully acknowledging what I felt. I find myself far, far more trusting of my discernment today, and also, able to speak what is needed with far greater facility and ease.

  37. “I am learning to understand what it means to truly take care of myself and to take responsibility for my body, my life and my choices.” This is the simple truth of all that is presented by Serge Benhayon and it opens us up to the beauty and magnificence of who we truly are.

  38. Beautiful blog Pia. I too am continuously deepening in feeling what is true and what is not instead of listening to everyone around me and their views and opinions. To me this has been the most amazing thing to start to relearn. Thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon who presented this to me, that I know everything already by feeling what is true.

    1. I am learning to do this too Lieke. It feels so empowering to know that I can discern truth for myself without being easily swayed by outside influences anymore but now trusting my feelings and discernment.

  39. “I am learning to understand what it means to truly take care of myself and to take responsibility for my body, my life and my choices. No longer am I dependent on anybody, and I am learning to distinguish between what is true and what is not true.” This is so beautiful Pia and I know now that you have allowed even more change since you wrote this blog. Serge has inspired so many of us to make different life choices that affect not only our own lives but all those we come into contact with. We thus become role models for others, who do notice the difference. Only this week I was undergoing a repeated hospital procedure – and the same nurse commented to another “she is always so calm” about me – lying there with my eye pillow on!

  40. This is what I love about what Serge Benhayon presents it is always up to us to discern what feels true for us, listening to the body has been key to make changes in my life that have been more loving and true as well. Thank you Pia for this beautiful reminder.

  41. Pia I feel blessed to have had the chance to cross path with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The changes in my life since have been quite astonishing from having much more vitality, joie de vivre, confidence and feeling that there is much more to deepen as I go along.

  42. Pia I love your way of expression. I have just finished a weekend of presentations with the Universal Medicine Students with Serge Benhayon presenting. The only way to describe how I feel after these presentations is so much more informed about, Love, life and humanity and our expression here on Earth and the joy of Brotherhood.

  43. I love how you write ‘the feeling I felt inside of me’. Each time I read it I feel that feeling – that warm and gentle Love. All my life I craved to feel free inside, free to express my gaiety and JOY but felt deeply imprisoned. However that is all changing because of Universal Medicine and the changes I have made. I have so much more trust in what I feel and so less doubt, worry and anxiety and more confidence and love for myself and others.

  44. The amazing way that Serge Benhayon is and how he presents is that he has no intention to make us better and fix our problems but rather be the best he can be and naturally by that fact he is naturally able to support others in almost unimaginable ways.

  45. I can relate to what you share Pia, I too was extremely exhausted when I met Serge Benhayon for the first time. His simple loving support and words of wisdom was my turning point. Getting an understand of self care and self responsibility allowed me to make more loving choices for myself, which supported me in coming out from exhaustion.

  46. Thank you for sharing your experience Pia, I too was cautious to start with when I first began attending presentations and workshops by Serge Benhayon. I was cautious because I was trying to intellectualise the information I had received but my body was feeling the truth and ease. It was after my experience at Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 2 that I had fully embraced and trusted what I felt was true. Since then, I have learnt to listen to my body to discern what truth is and what is not. Previously, I had often thought my mind was great for this but I have learnt that this is not so. I have made many loving changes since becoming more committed to connecting to love and truth. From these choices I am now really beginning to feel myself again and to feel how amazing life is. I now have trust and love in my life, trust that everything happens for a reason and trust in allowing myself to let love in and to let love out. To be open and to just be myself.

  47. Thank you Pia was beautiful to read about your experiences with Universal Medicine and make changes that were loving and supportive to you – very inspiring.

  48. Beautiful Pia, you could have written that to describe my experiences exactly. I really enjoyed reading about your reconnection to the truth you feel inside yourself. What you described in your blog felt like it was written with a beautiful childlike wonder and joy – a delight to read Pia.

  49. Your last line sums up Serge Benhayon beautifully ‘The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.’ To come to know who we are and to trust our inner feelings and to have another there forever supporting us to be ourselves is so freeing.

    1. I completely agree with you both Pia and Shevonsimon, what is remarkable about Serge Benhayon isn’t that he is teaching a particular way of superior living but rather that he is supporting us to find our natural way of living, which in turn is a momentous miracle.

  50. That is a great thing about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, we aren’t expected to be a certain way or be like someone else. We are supported to be who we are and when you have a group of people bringing out who they are with the love and joy they live, it’s a really beautiful experience with all the different flavours of expressions!

  51. I agree Pia, I have observed Serge Benhayon for the last 10 years and his support for so many people is extraordinary. No judgement, no telling one what to do, just a deep holding of love and equalness – that is deeply felt and truly inspiring for so many.

  52. So true Pia, Sege Benhayon supports you to reconnect to the truth of you, never pushing you to be anything more but allowing each and every person to feel for themselves.

  53. I can relate to all that you have shared and completely agree… ‘It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be, and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me’. Beautifully expressed Pia.

    1. I love the sentence you’ve highlighted here, I too can relate to it very well. I find that I am now, less emotional, less reactive to situations than ever before. I am more myself and I am feeling more loving and more appreciative of everything and everyone.

  54. This is a lovely sharing Pia, that shows there is no push from Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine, they present, and you are left to decide if it’s true or not for yourself.

  55. I enjoyed reading/feeling this Pia. I can relate also to being very exhausted prior to deepening my self care. In fact, when I look back now and remember how exhausted every day tasks used to leave me feeling I almost shudder. How grateful I am for being shown a different way. The Way.

  56. Pia, I can so relate to how being emotional is absolutely exhausting for our bodies – which usually leads to needing sugar or coffee for a pick-me-up. I too am very appreciating of Serge Benhayon’s presentations, which inspired me to re-connect and honour what I feel inside – to let go of emotions which do not feel true or self-loving.

  57. One of the greatest things I have learned from attending Universal Medicine workshops is the importance in building true relationships, starting with a relationship with myself. I had never considered to build a relationship with myself before this, how crazy is that? I am with myself all the time but I had never considered the quality of my relationship with myself, or that there was even a purpose to building a relationship with myself.

    1. This is a great point Toni. I am constantly with myself. But do I really consider the way and quality I am with myself. Thank you for this reminder.

  58. Pia we could write a book about those simple words ‘Serge Benhayon … supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.’ How many of us have experienced that before meeting Serge? I have certainly been well cared for but never with the depth of love care and infinite patience to accept and to be ourselves that Serge affords everyone he meets.

  59. It has been so beautiful to see and feel the changes in you Pia. Thank you for sharing this and for me too it feels that Serge Benhayon never wants to change us or have us be a certain way but supports us with all his love to be ourselves,

  60. Another extraordinary testimony to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that is just so inspiring to read – I loved what you wrote about Serge supporting us with all his love to be ourselves – this is absolutely my experience as well, and it has been just a gorgeous foundation to the healing that has taken place since my first meeting with him to now.

    1. Thank you Pia and Sam. Serge Benhayon brings a science to all things that are unseen, such as the science of our sixth sense, clearing the way for anyone to feel for themselves the true power we all innately have. This then allows us a deeper understanding of how we empower our-self and take responsibility for our choices.

  61. Serge Benhayon knows who we truly are even though we first come to his work ‘not ‘ knowing that ourselves. The Presentations are unwaveringly from that place and never reproduces the ‘Doubt’ the world continually hits us with. I loved your comment Pia – ‘It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be, and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me’. How beautiful you are living and breathing the vitality of the ‘Freedom’ of you.

    1. How inspiring Pia and ch, I agree we were like lost sheep wandering in the wilderness before we all met Serge Benhayon. If we choose to be in the Livingness, we bring the same divine understanding that all of humanity are equally the sons of God. None of this would have been possible before the presentations of Serge Benhayon.

  62. Thanks Pia, how amazing is the fact that we are not educated to trust what we feel in the body. Moreover, we learn to discount it! Your blog exposes that this is what we are missing. Thank you!

  63. Thank you Pia for sharing all your amazing changes in this beautiful blog.
    It is the way in which Serge Benhayon presents what he lives that inspires but never does try to convince or press in any direction. For me this has been the most important invitation in my life: the invitation to truly live and love :o)

  64. That’s it, Pia! Support is always there. This is a day-to-day experience I have with Universal Medicine. Serge Benhayon is the living example of constant and consistent support and the many friends I have found around the courses and projects, are true friends.

  65. Thank you, Pia. I remember how I gradually surrendered to what Serge Benhayon was presenting. Here was someone presenting to ‘trust own feelings’ – so, whatever I would think or say, even resisting or walking away, I figured that I would end up doing exactly what he was saying – trusting my feelings. I couldn’t argue with that.

  66. I totally agree with you Pia, Serge never asks us to be a certain way or wants to change us, his love just holds us so deeply, as he feels the depth of us and holds us with that knowing, always, with everyone equally.

  67. Pia I really enjoyed reading your blog about trust and appreciation. I too have been inspired by Serge Benhayon and have been learning to develop a deeper appreciation and quality of life by making more self loving choices.

  68. Amazing Pia I made the same experience like you. “Serge never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.” This was for me a healing experience because I could always feel in workshops from other presenters that there was something imposing and the need to be in a certain way so that the presenter is satisfy.

  69. Thank you Pia, I can relate to your experience. Now at the age of 71, I have more energy than I ever had in my earlier life, the energy that I had then was a very draining energy always doing, getting to the end of a project and finding more to do. Now living with more self love and self care and paying attention to how my body is feeling and not the continual push, I feel a vitality I had not known before. All thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. Wow Jill, this is amazing. What you’ve share is very inspiring for us all. No matter what age we are, what type of work we do as long as we connect to our body, listen and honour it in a loving way, we feel more energised and vital. Exhaustion can be a thing of the past when we choose to live with a deep connection to ourselves, with others and with love in every way we live.

  70. Thank you Pia, your comments resonate with me, being weary at first, that weariness was of myself – I did not trust that I could live in this world being just me, but it’s a great effort to pretend and “hold back”. Serge Benhayon (amongst others) was and is my inspiration because he lives it – and so too can I.

  71. Yes, there are a lot of people and places that teach you how to feel good. Even coffee does that. But then there is sooner or later a let down or it works less and less. Whatever technique I tried, eventually it stopped working.

    Universal Medicine is different – the more you understand it, the better it works and the simpler it gets. That is quite phenomenal.

  72. Thank you for sharing your experience Pia Jung and I too have had the same as you describe. I was a bit cautious to start with back in 2006 but over the years I have learnt how to trust what I feel and know what is true and what is not. I have also become much less emotional and taking self-responsibility has changed my life. By this I mean I know that I am responsible for all my choices and whatever life brings me it is because of my choices. I no longer need to blame my partner, parents, politics or the world.
    The freedom this brings is a feeling beyond words. I appreciate Serge Benhayon and the teachings and wisdom that he consistently delivers, which is truly inspirational.

    1. Love this Bina, above all else the level of responsibility that I now have as a direct result from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is just something like nothing else.

  73. When I first heard Serge Benhayon present, I felt the truth in what he shared, but because I had not trusted my feelings for so long, I spent a couple of years “dipping my toe in and out the water” so to speak, but over time, feeling Serge Benhayon’s deep love for humanity, I was inspired to trust my own feelings again, and I haven’t looked back since.
    It has been lovely revisiting your blog Pia and thank you for sharing.

  74. I have also experienced much greater presence in my own life and have begun to appreciate what it truly feels like to just be me free from my emotional baggage etc… through studying with Universal Medicine.

  75. Thanks Pia. You write “I remained very cautious for quite some time because I was not sure if I could trust that what I was feeling, that what was being presented, was true.” I understand this sentiment exactly, and it is only having seen that Serge lives what he says, and the obvious results for him of living like that which breaks down my doubts. His consistency is very inspiring.

  76. Thank you for this beautiful sharing Pia, I can relate to much in your blog. It has been a huge blessing in so many ways to have met and attended courses by Serge Benhayon. I understand so much more about me, life and the world, I allow myself to feel fully again, I am far more aware, the list goes on and on.

  77. Thank you Pia, for your lovely sharing and I particularly related to, ‘I am learning to understand what it means to truly take care of myself and to take responsibility for my body, my life and my choices.’ I so appreciate that no-one connected with Universal Medicine is telling me what to do, because I would probably react against that, but simply presenting me with choices and inspiration from how they live their lives.

  78. Hi Pia, thank you for sharing the changes which have occurred in your life, as a result of attending courses run by Universal Medicine and making those all important choices.

  79. Yes, Pia, it is beautiful how Serge Benhayon allows us to be us, that he does not want or need anything from us, or expect us to be any particular way and holds no judgement to the choices we make. He simply presents what he presents and we can do with it as we wish.

  80. I have never met anyone like Serge Benhayon and including others he has equally inspired that have held such a consistent way of being with themselves, with others and in anything they may do. Consistency has broken the wall of mistrust I have held up against others and myself, allowing me to feel that what is presented to be true without a doubt.

    1. I love the consistency you speak of Leigh, with this consistency is responsibility as you are reflecting something that is real and true. I forget this at times and then see the aftermath of not being consistent in how I care for myself, work, eat etc. in those around me.

  81. There is a sense of great humbleness in your post Pia. Through the simplicity of your expression the magnificent changes that you have experienced through attending Universal Medicine and Serge’s workshops can be felt strongly.
    I also admire that you took the steps to share in public, in English even though it is not your first language and that this was not a barrier for you to tell your story. And hey, who needs words (especially too many) when what we are about and how we are can be felt if we but choose to 🙂

  82. Thank-you Pia, for the grace with which you have written here. It speaks so beautifully of what I have also found Serge Benhayon to be ‘about’, i.e. offering us awarenesses in our daily living – in relation to how we feel in our bodies – that can bring us to trust ourselves once again. I have met no other presenter/teacher who shares so much on this, from his own lived experience, that we may truly be able to test HIM out (& he welcomes this)! Clearly not a man seeking ‘blind followers’…
    In my own relationship with Serge, whenever I’ve found myself at a place where I’m not trusting, where I’m holding back my innate ability to be me, I’ve found also, that he has never asked me to be a certain way, nor have I ever felt a ‘whiff’ of him wanting/needing to change me either. Rather, he has always found a way of expressing something to me that’s assisted me to feel myself once more, and again ‘grow’ in the trust & knowing I innately have of what is true, and what is not. No wonder university felt so ’empty’ to me – I wouldn’t pass up on THIS learning for anything!

    1. Yes, definitely not a man seeking blind followers, but quite the opposite…supporting others to realise their innate glory, power and equality with all. I have never met anyone like Serge Benhayon and I am truly grateful to know him and be witness to the wisdom and profound teachings that he so generously shares with the world.

      1. Beautifully shared Marika. The equalness with which Serge Benhayon holds all, is the deepest inspiration… the teachings profound upon profound – and yet, all that he shares feels like ‘our own truth’. It is never ‘one person’s truth or opinion’, but rather the universal truth of us all. And Serge lets all know that we are – every one of us – capable of the same.

    2. Brilliantly said Victoria, I too have felt empowered to make my own choices and I have never been told what to or not to do but I have always felt deeply inspired to make more loving choices and discern truth in my own time.

      1. This is the universally shared experience Chan, isn’t it. Such a man as Serge Benhayon is to be celebrated for the depth of love and understanding in which he holds people – he is the greatest inspiration for this that I know.

  83. Trust is such a massive issue for so many people. I found it very hard to start trusting again – with Serge and Universal Medicine there was at first a part of me that was on guard waiting for the too good to be true bit that would be followed by disappointment and let down. After 8 yrs this has never happened and through the consistency of the Benhayons and other practitioners and students of UM I am much more open and trusting of others but most importantly of myself and what I feel.

    1. I can definitely relate to the issue of trust that needs to begin rebuilding, and from that I have a massive appreciation for Universal Medicine and the Benhayon family as I can honestly say that there is not one time in my life when they have let me down or told even the slightest of a lie.

    2. I’ve learned so much about consistency and trust. I’ve felt for myself how consistency is the absolute bedrock of trust, and by being more consistent in our day to day choices, we build that trust within ourselves and re-establish the connection back to our own body and to our soul. It takes a daily commitment to doing just one thing, to slowly start building this foundation of consistency, and when we do, a slow and steady solid foundation starts to emerge.

  84. Thankyou Pia this was so beautiful , simple and very healing to read . Your honesty reaches out to us all who know there is another way to live – to be just naturally who we are without the outside influences that we tend to run by and lose ourselves in.

  85. I too am learning to look after myself and take responsibility for my choices and in doing this I become more aware of what is true and what is not true. It is beautiful to read that there are many of us feeling so much more love.

  86. Thanks Pia, yes I also love that about Serge too – how in his presentations/healings or conversations (and any other type of communication), never is there the feeling of an imposing way/manner or style; and having communication that is not emotional does allow for a real sense of free-ness and expansiveness that can be felt in the body that is amazing as you write.

  87. Thank you Pia, beautifully expressed. I too have found it transforming to have the tools to distinguish between what is true and what is not true. I also experience that support which is always miraculously there for me and everyone else!

  88. Hi Pia, I can relate to what you have shared and I love this bit and I quote “: It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me.” Something that we all can now understand and relate to. Thank you.

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