My Unfolding Path

In light of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present, I felt to share my story and the changes that I have made in my life since re-connecting with the esoteric.

On religion and philosophy

I was raised as a Christian and went to a private Christian high school – Christianity did not feel right to me as there where many contradictions and much behaviour that I witnessed by so called Christians that did not seem to fit. I knew that there was more to life than what I could see but did not have a good explanation for the way the world is. Christianity was all that I had been offered when I was younger and so I was a believer, while knowing it was not the full truth and did not fully explain what I saw and felt around me. Throughout the years I explored other religions and philosophies including Buddhism, Taoism, yoga, tantric philosophy, traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy, psychology and some of what may be described as spiritual new age meditation. There seemed to be some parts of these different philosophies that made sense or felt right to me, but this was never more than a part, the whole did not make sense in its entirety. Further to this, the people involved in or presenting these various philosophies were not good role models, not people I felt that I would like to emulate or be associated with. The yoga instructor who had a great body and was highly flexible but did not feel or look healthy, he would work up a sweat just walking up the stairs of the yoga hall – how could this be when he appeared so fit? The tai chi instructor who said it’s all about energy and being calm while he was overweight and had road rage issues. The spiritual new age proponents who say all is love. I look around me and clearly I can see that all in the world is not love.

When I first met Serge Benhayon and attended Universal Medicine presentations I could immediately feel that this was different to what I had previously found. This man felt like he did not want anything from me, he felt like he was not trying to convince me of anything, he didn’t say that he had all the answers and that his way was the only or best way. What he did was to present what he has felt, learnt and discovered and then challenged me to discover this for myself. He encouraged me (and all other attendees) to test it out for myself and see if it felt different. He repeatedly said, “don’t take my word for it, feel it for yourself”. I remember being at a presentation when Serge had talked about entities (spirits, ghosts, non-physical beings etc) and someone put up their hand and said that they were not convinced; he replied that that was fine, his role was to present and not to try and convince anyone of anything but allow attendees to feel for themselves as to whether what was presented was true for them or not. I had never experienced this before. In my previous experience with similar situations, the presenter would always go on to re-explain or try to convince the sceptic, and came from the standpoint of what they were presenting was absolute, for all and had to be accepted. Serge also challenged us to show him a philosophy, approach or way of living that was greater than the joy he felt every day from living the way he does. Again, no other person involved in any of my previous experiences had been this open or offered this as a possibility.

On eating, diet and exercise

Before meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I had some health issues where I realised I was reacting to certain foods, particularly gluten and dairy, and had not had these foods for years. My diet however was still not great. I still ate foods that, while not containing gluten and dairy, made me feel sick after eating them, or I ate too much. I would continue to eat these foods because they “tasted good” in my mouth, regardless of how they made me feel after eating them. I would then use exercise as a way to compensate for the amount I ate – if I ate too much during the week I would exercise more the following week. This allowed me to maintain a healthy weight without really looking at what and why I was eating the way I was. I would also use food for stimulation or to help me get through something I did not want to do, e.g. snacking while trying to study, write reports or do work.

I would also use exercise as a mechanism to change the way I felt about situations or actions. If I was upset or angry I would go for a long run and feel better by the end. If I had to work a night duty I would go for a long run to exhaust myself in the morning so I could sleep during the day to be awake for my night duty. I would also use exercise as a form of punishment, if I felt I had eaten too much, made a mistake at work or upset my partner I would take out the frustration on my body through exercise. This led me to being exhausted after exercise and never truly dealing with any of these issues, rather burying them in the physical pain and exhaustion of exercise.

Since discovering the esoteric philosophies and wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine at the various courses and workshops I now pay much more attention to what I eat, how I eat it and importantly how I feel having eaten it in the way I have eaten it. I can feel whether I am eating because of boredom, or the need for stimulation, or so that I can avoid doing or feeling something I don’t want to. I have also discovered that I eat less now that I pay attention to how I feel when I eat and as such I no longer need to punish myself with exercise. Now I exercise more gently as a means of feeling my body express in movement. I feel how it feels to walk and move rather than pounding along the pavement to numb myself to what is going on. If I have issues with work, relationships, anger or food I try to feel out these issues and deal with them, and once sorted I can then exercise and feel the beauty of my body in movement rather than the harshness of punishing it for the indiscretions of the mind. I am not perfect in this, but after several years of this approach involving constant refinement and adjustment, I have not gained weight, I feel healthier and I feel my body is more capable to handle the daily stress and activities of life.

On relationships, love and sex 

I was blessed to have a beautiful loving wife and a relationship that was admired by our friends prior to experiencing Serge and the teachings of Universal Medicine. Indeed I had friends who had commented on the loving relationship that my wife and I had and how well they thought we were suited to each other. Our relationship was not perfect, we still argued at times, but we loved each other. Since discovering the esoteric both my wife and I have redefined our relationship, redefined what we consider love, and redefined sex and making love. My wife was the person who introduced me to Universal Medicine; however, our changing and unfolding relationship has been a mutual discovery as we find ways to deepen our connection with ourselves and each other. My wife never forced anything on me. She shared her discoveries with me as I did my discoveries with her. The love and connection that we have for each other and ourselves now makes our earlier relationship seem barren and empty. Sex, which used to be about pleasure and orgasm, is now about love and connection, and orgasm is the natural result of this connection, not a goal or achievement. The beauty of this connection is that it can exist with just a look, a simple gesture or touch as we pass in the hallway going about our busy days. We are not perfect with this and we still disagree on some things, but all aspects of our relationship have deepened since discovering the esoteric philosophies, and all during a period of our lives when we have two young children.

For me, in my life, my experience of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been a revelation. I have had the opportunity to experience and explore new concepts and ways of being that have made a real difference in the way I live my life, the way I treat my body and in the relationships that I have with my wife, colleagues and now my children. I have had the opportunity to feel for myself what works in supporting my life and will continue to unfold as the love that I am.

By Lee Poole, Clayfield, Australia

150 thoughts on “My Unfolding Path

  1. A beautiful and inspiring account of your unfolding path Lee, how blessed we have been to have met Serge Benhayon and to be a part of The Way of the Livingness that supports us in every way to live a truly loving and joyful life.

  2. Choosing to be a student of Universal Medicine has been like coming home. Hearing Serge Benhayon speak, saying and living what I have always known, but never before had the reflection of someone living it to confirm for me was the biggest breath of fresh air ever.

  3. It has been my experience also Lee that since coming into contact with Serge Benhayon and his teachings that I stopped doing things on auto-pilot like eating and exercise. I started looking at why and how I was doing these things the impact that it was really having on my body and my being. And this has led to enormous changes in my health and quality of life.

  4. I was definitely one of these people who would use running to release tension I felt and while this was a good coping mechanism, I started to find running very harsh on my body, and I realised that if there is tension I am feeling, that running won’t increase my ability to deal with this tension, but more likely just bury it down for an hour or two. I much prefer now to exercise gently and more kindly for my body.

  5. I participated in a ‘sorceress’ weekend workshop years ago and remember feeling very unsettled and confused by the facilitator chain smoking cigarettes and eating copious amounts of sugary ice-poles. He was also over-weight and unable to actually connect with the women who were there. Dead giveaway that this was not the way to truth or love that is all within. Our lived way is the true teacher in life.

  6. Lee, I appreciate what you said “- if I ate too much during the week I would exercise more the following week.” A sneaky way to continue to eat the same foods and maintain what was considered a ‘healthy weight’ however, it just exposes how much you need to eat the same food… Before Universal Medicine I would not of even considered this. My honesty was very predictable … far from the truth to that which I live now because of Universal Medicine presentations and The Ageless Wisdom.

  7. I was brought up as a Catholic but in my family there was much physical, emotional and mental abuse. This was not love. From an early age I shut off my fragility and tenderness and played a certain role being a boy, and then ‘the man of the house’. I actually never grew up to be a man. I may of looked it and my age represented it, but I did not want to be a man in this abusive world. I saw all men as abusive with not many women standing up for themselves. There was nothing in life that inspired me.
    Meeting Serge Benhayon and I was inspired on every facet of life. He is a genius. A man in the livingness of what he expresses. Life is about evolution bringing more and more – he never stops bringing more and offering awareness for us to now make those choices too that he knew and lived. He lives the future – a man to be observed, studied and truly admired. He is a man my love grows for each day. Thank you Serge.

  8. Thank you Lee for your inspirational sharing. I am sure many would agree with you, as I do, that Serge Benhayon walks the talk. Many will be inspired by your words to look further into their own lives and share similar experiences of gentle growth, Love , joy and harmony.

  9. Serge Benhayon ‘walks the talk’ and because of this, he offers inspiration. It is for us to decide whether we accept this or not.

  10. Thank you Lee for sharing in detail how your life has changed since you made contact with Serge Benhayon and attended his workshop and presentations. Serge has no investment in anyone following his teachings, he is not even attached to the teachings as they are not really his but universal laws. All he does is present. The reason so many follow his lead is because what he presents makes utterly sense and simply works really well and can help to improve many aspects of life as you have shared in your blog Lee. And this is only the beginning as Serge Benhayon has so much more on offer than just the improvement of your health, relationships, confidence, work ethics, energy levels, etc.

  11. Everything that I have learned and felt in the talks that Serge Benhayon gives and from watching the way he lives has made my life richer, more vivid and more joyful. There is no going back from this. When I fall back into old ways of holding onto hurts or being in the comfort of old patterns, I see Serge, consistent, loving, dedicated and I come to a new understanding of what love truly is.

  12. I love that you have shared your experience in response to poor journalism and shone a light on the beauty and power of what is not reported…. If we don’t speak up, the truth will be forever tainted by a sea of misinterpretations or lies.

  13. Lee, this is an awesome blog, what’s great about it, is that you have never and will never will give your power away to anything or anyone. You are secure in yourself enough as a man to invite change and evolution within your life and you intimate relationship

  14. ha ha had to laugh at your description of the angry tai chi instructor, sweaty yoga instructor etc. I remember once listening to an audio where an American woman SCREECHED in a very loud high pitched voice REEEAAAALLAX and go DEEEEEPER, I got such a shock, sat up bolt upright and then fell about laughing. I completely agree and it is also my experience that Serge Benhayon is totally different, absolutely walks the walk, talks the talk and fully lives everything he shares. The fact that he lives what he shares gives it a completely different quality and he has no need or investment in anyone else getting it or agreeing.

  15. It seems like a beautiful unfoldment and I especially like the way you speak about your wife and how your relationship is. Feels like something that should be put in a relationship guide book.

  16. Lee, thank you for sharing your unfolding path with such genuine, open-hearted, down to earth, honesty and generosity – openly and equally available to all.

  17. Hi Lee I love what you have shared here and can relate to much of it. Serge Benhayon is certainly a man who walks his talk and 4 years down the track since this blog was written he is steadier and more inspiring than ever. I also try things out from myself as this is the only way true change can happen as I am a creature of habit and really do need to consciously feel things for myself in order to make the changes that stick as from experience I know that blindly following hearsay can never be sustained as I change something for a while but it never lasts.

  18. I have been attending Universal Medicine presentations for nearly seven years and in that time Serge Benhayon has always displayed the utmost integrity, truth and love to all equally

  19. Lee, what you present it very matter of fact, plain to understand and not at all like what has been portrayed in the media of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. It is all about our own discernment and being free to choose what makes sense to us. It is clear to me that much of life does not make sense and yet attending a Serge Benhayon talk I am left with the strong impression of a man who understands life inside out and would be able to explain in layman’s terms what is really occurring in the world. All done without a need for others to get it, as you say, a presentation is just left at that, no convincing, no corralling, we are all free to choose and what could be a better deal than that.

  20. This reawakening to what is really going on and the depth of living we are capable of, changes everything. There is no substitute for true love and true joy.

  21. This is an amazing blog that I am sure would be so helpful and relevant for anyone starting out in a relationship and would like to share a similar loving life as yourself and your family. Thank you Lee for your deep sharing.

  22. Thank you Lee for sharing your story. It is so true that what we thought was a great relationship before seems shallow now. How wonderful it is to be able to go deeper and deeper in our relationships with ourselves and all others.

  23. “There seemed to be some parts of these different philosophies that made sense or felt right to me, but this was never more than a part, the whole did not make sense in its entirety”. These words really resonated with me. There was always something more, something that did not make complete sense and I felt I was muddling through life. When I listened to Serge Benhayon I knew I was hearing the whole truth and that it is my responsibility to feel what is or is not the whole truth. I no longer muddle through life but am learning to live life to the full of who I truly am.

  24. I can relate to so much of what you share Lee. I had spent over twenty years spiritual- searching. I never found the complete answer as every presenter never walked their talk, despite their many lectures and workshops etc. This disillusioned me – that I would never find what I was looking for. However once I was introduced to Universal Medicine there it was – in the form of Serge Benhayon. A man who asked us to feel first – to check out his energy and not just follow blindly. Serge is a man of true energetic responsibility – a man who walks his talk. At last I felt I had come home and I haven’t been let down once in the eight years I have now been involved with Unimed. Serge emanates love, truth and stillness. A true role model for us all.

  25. A great sharing Lee and one I can relate too as well. Having spent many years searching for the truth, I would feel snippets of truth but nowhere would I find a presenter or teacher that was walking his talk. When I discovered Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon it was a power-full experience for me because I could feel with every cell in my body that this man knew truth and lived truth – the search was over as I had finally experienced something true.

  26. Lee, I can really feel your tenderness and how loving you are with yourself and those around you and it feels gorgeous. I too have dabbled in many therapies and modalities but now I know that I have found my true path to my true home.

  27. I loved reading about all that Serge Benhayon has impacted on your life, it shows that all what he is sharing in his presentations does work in life, a life lived full of love.

  28. Hi Lee, I really appreciated what you have written here and loved your openness about your relationship, love and sex. The tenderness and loving care you expressed this with is so beautiful to feel.

  29. I totally agree with you when you said Serge Banhayon “didn’t want anything from me”. This is truly liberating to feel – even though at first the very absence of this sense of attachment felt uncomfortable because I was so used to feeling people seeking and expecting something in exchange of, or out of a association/relationship, whether that is with a friend, parents, a teacher, a colleague, a shop assistant, a doctor.

  30. Lee, it was such a joy to read of your experience and the loving changes you have made in your life since meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine. The way Serge is with everyone he meets, has always stood out for me as different to anything I’ve seen before and from this I’ve learnt to look at people and situations with an understanding, love and appreciation that I never thought possible. There is so much more to life than the misery, drama and trying that I previously ran my life by.

  31. Lee, there is deep understanding, love and care in your writing. This is a great example of how Serge is inspiring people to embrace life from love. It is a quality to life that is unseen, but yet so familiar and simple that I often wonder how this haven’t been humanity’s normal forever.

  32. Thanks Lee, it really is amazing how Serge Benhayon inspires others to change their lives through living it himself, not convince us or prove anything but just to demonstrate a truly loving way.

  33. The way you describe Serge Benhayon Lee, as a man who felt like he did not want anything from me and that he felt like he was not trying to convince me of anything is exactly my experience too. So much of this modern world is about you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Or WIFM – what’s in it for me? Almost all politicians won’t lift a finger unless they first go through the process of how will this impact me and my career. Serge Benhayon is different. His understanding of the human being is by far greater than I have ever witnessed, with his teachings coming from the point that we already have everything we need inside us to live harmoniously, vital and joyful in life. By making my own personal changes, not unlike someone who decides they are overweight and take up an exercise program, I have come to my own conclusion that it is me who is in charge of me. I am responsible for what ever happens to me, whatever pickle I find myself in and whatever magic I encounter too. This is a glorious way to live my life.

  34. Lee I can really relate to how you used to use exercise to punish your body for the ‘indiscretions of the mind’ and as a way to bury or numb issues rather than deal with them. I was the same and was completely under the illusion that because it was exercise and supposedly good for you and I was physically fit and trim that it was ok. But really it wasn’t and my body still carries the scars today from being pounded, driven and pushed hard. To exercise in this way is really no different to be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

    1. I agree Andrew, exercising in the way I used to years ago also felt like an addiction for me. There was a time that I wondered if I would ever exercise because I enjoyed it, and if I would ever be able to stop being hard on myself. I would exercise in guilt, fear and hurt, which was never any joy and I would fall in a heap in the end, exhausted… and my mind ‘happy’ that I had ticked that off my list. The turning point for me was hearing from Universal Medicine presentations that we are already everything and enough. There is still many times in my day that I find myself forgetting this, and the being hard or putting pressure on myself clouds my mind for a while, but the knowing of this never leaves me.

  35. What you describe concerning the way Serge Benhayon presents has also been my experience, I have heard him say very clearly that you do need to ‘believe’ what he shares, it is ALL abut feeling it for yourself. Thank you for sharing your experience of your ‘unfolding path’ and sharing a good news story concerning Universal Medicine.

  36. Awesome Lee you have covered these three points well, and with the loving relationship you are in and the wisdom of Serge Benhayon you can’t go wrong.

  37. It appears your unfolding path is unfolding in a beautiful way Lee, your true loving relationship has played a major roll in getting you where you are at, that and the Wisdom of Serge Benhayon you can’t go wrong.

  38. Really awesome to read Lee. You’ve laid it out so easy and simple to get. I can understand the part where some of what other religions present makes sense but as a whole it doesn’t completely. For me, Universal Medicine is the only thing that is steady in understanding and makes everything make sense.

  39. I can echo much of what you have said Lee. Everything that I have changed through observation and inspiration, never been coerced in any way shape or form. If I were to say this lightly, things would have been easier if I were because everything I have changed has improved my life 10 fold.

  40. It feels like these ways of being have to settle within your body as a natural way of being. It’s lovely to be so aware of what sits well with the body and what doesn’t. This is a key to our self love that is then there for all.

  41. Lee, I really enjoyed reading a man’s experience of life, how you used to treat yourself (with exercise, food etc) and how life has unfolded for you with the support of Universal Medicine. Thank you.

  42. I’m inspired by reading your blog Lee regarding the steady way you have gone about developing a way of life that feels solid, harmonious and joyful. I know that ‘impatience’ is a key issue that I have to deal with and it is supportive to be reminded that if we remain committed to growing self love and awareness, it will happen in a timing that is right for each individual. Thank you.

  43. Thank you Lee for sharing this frank openness and the changes that have occurred in your life. The amazing point is this is not a one off these miraculous changes could be documented by hundreds of students of the Livingness and one day will change what we know of as normal to what we now view as a miracle.

  44. Awesome blog Lee, I just loved it all. I can also relate to what you share about feeling the contradictions in others and in particular ‘role models’ and how the picture they portray to the world completely contrasts to what I actually feel and observe them to be, and the level of care, truth and integrity that their actual lives are founded upon and expressed from.

  45. Lee what I can feel is that before having the support of Universal Medicine my path in life was very far off-track. What I considered normal was very unhealthy both physically and mentally. The day was a grind but I pushed through and convinced myself all was great with a big grin. What you’ve shared has reminded me that my experiences since universal medicine has also been an unfolding path and that path is unfolding back to a deeper connection with me.

  46. This is a beautiful description of Serge and the impact of Universal Medicine on your life. What you have described I have similarly experienced, I love how you describe the way Serge presents that if anyone feels consistently great to share it with him – this is the humbleness and dedication to learning I’ve always seen in Serge – totally different to any other religion, cult or spiritual new age movement.

  47. Thank you Lee for sharing your experiences. I can relate a lot in terms of being involved in spiritual groups, yoga and healing communities that just didn’t sit right. Espousing beliefs that were obviously not lived or embodied. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are a breath of fresh air, to feel and see how Serge conducts and lives his life with the utmost integrity is hugely inspiring and it is no wonder that so many people around the globe have transformed their lives through his inspiration and teachings.

  48. Love what you have shared Lee and can relate to a lot of it. A presenter that truly walks their talk, like Serge Benhayon does, stands out from the crowd and is hard to find. I knew from the moment I met him that there was something heavenly before me. I love how he encourages people to try and test things for themselves and not take his word for it, as this is what I had always believed to be a true way to live…to be discerning as there is much out there that is rubbish and not true. And so this is what I did and 10 years on I continue to be deeply inspired.

  49. Thank you Lee. You have shared so much here in your blog. The one thing that stands out for me is Serge Benhayon saying during presentations “don’t take my word for it feel it for yourself”. This is so important as this then enables us to start taking true responsibility for ourselves, our lives and our choices with no belief or ideal to fall back on.

  50. I really enjoyed reading what you shared here Lee as it showed the changes you have so loving made in your life. It is evident to me that Universal medicine and Serge Benhayon offered another way and you felt for yourself what was true for you within that. What has unfolded for you (not in perfection but by following what felt true) is quite simply inspiring.

  51. Lee before meeting Serge Benhayon my path in life was anything but unfolding or truly evolving. After a number of years it’s quite incredible to see just how many areas of my life have been affected by the simple choice to want to see what is true and from there the choices I make. Its still been a roller coaster but one of my creation and one that I am inspired to let go of and instead embrace in full a truly unfolding path.

  52. Beautiful sharing Lee. It’s all our choices and the rhythm with life we develop. Nobody can tell us what to do, things can only be presented and we then can choose to live differently or not.

    1. I agree Rachel…I love how Serge Benhayon presents without any need for anyone to ‘get it’. And then it is up to each one of us to feel what is true and what is not…how beautiful and unimposing and loving.

  53. Thanks Lee. Its clear that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offer an approach that is truly different. They live their life and present how they live and leave it up to us to discover what works for us and if the teachings come true. This is a wonderful way of teaching. Thanks for sharing.

  54. This is such an awesome and comprehensive blog, Lee – and truly remarkable in regards to the real and lasting changes you have experienced in your life and relationships since coming to the work of Universal Medicine.
    I particularly appreciate your sharing of how Serge always presented (and I verify this 100% from my own experience), “don’t take my word for it, feel it for yourself”. An absolute and stark contrast to presenters on various health and energetic awareness-related subjects I had experienced previously also. I even recall one reiki master yelling at a participant because she questioned something – hmmm… I too sat there and went “no real ‘mastery’ here – whatsoever!”
    There simply has been no comparison found to the level of integrity I have known Serge Benhayon to live and present from, consistently so since 2001. I unashamedly state that he is the greatest inspiration of my life, and his loving support has only EVER said to me, to ‘feel for myself’ and, ‘be all that I am’. There is no greater thing that a true teacher could ever give, or reflect.

    1. Thank you Lee and Victoria. The most amazing thing has just occurred to me – we actually feel the absolute truth of what Serge Benhayon presents because it is not a dictatorship but an open ended forum for our own self discovery!

      1. Absolutely Greg. And my experience has consistently been, that I feel Serge is presenting not ‘his’ truth, but the truth of us all – this is no ‘one man’ putting forth his ‘own’ ideas, but a man deeply in touch with the core of humanity, so much so that he speaks for all.
        And so when I hear him speak, I feel that these are also my words – and there is not the slightest imposition from him, nor is there a ‘giving away’ of my own discernment and power. I just know this to be true. What a thing to celebrate, and be so inspired that each and every one of us also have this capability within us.

  55. Your experience is told with such simplicity and honesty, making it very easy to read, to relate to and be inspired by. Thank you, Lee.

  56. Thanks for sharing Lee. There was much I too could relate to, such as the exercising to ‘deal’ with things, which also left me feeling exhausted. I am feeling too, that even though (for the most part) I make healthy food choices…I can still over eat…
    I am a work in progress.

  57. I loved reading your story Lee, it’s great to hear from your point of view! I know both you and your wife and I am constantly inspired by you both, your relationship, your parenting and your openness to letting me in to see the way you live. I feel blessed and have much gratitude for you both allowing me to be another member of your ever expanding family.

  58. Beautifully said Lee. Similarly my association with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been a lovely and very practical – the changes I make come from within me, and my life and my relationships with family, friends and colleagues deeply enriched.

  59. Thank you Lee for sharing you experience of how your life’s changed with you involvement with Universal Medicine. It’s amazing how much you have changed you approach to exercise and not using it as a form of realise to deal with un-dealt with issues. The way we move and exercise is so ingrained from an early age.

  60. I found what you wrote about your relationship with food and exercise deeply inspiring and your journey back to the love that you are very healing. Thank you for sharing your story Lee, I never get tired of reading the ways that people lovingly choose to apply the teachings of Universal Medicine and then observe how their life blossoms and evolves.

  61. Thank you for your sharing Lee. Universal Medicine has touched all areas of your life, and I love how you felt into whether something was loving and honouring to your body, before embracing it.

  62. Lee, you have highlighted the many ways we go about managing life but as you have shared they do not work and only build tension in our bodies and relationships. It is lovely to read the choices you have made to deepen the relationship with yourself and others and the level of true intimacy this brings to all.

  63. Lee, your blog is a great testimony of the amazing blossoming that is possible by giving a go to the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon.

  64. Thank you Lee for sharing your unfolding life experience. Your words honestly chosen speak clearly of how living something from your body that feels true, grows and impacts how you feel in yourself and how it flows on to others in your life. A beautiful depiction of how life can be by your own choice and not because you have at anytime felt imposd upon by another.

  65. Hey Lee, this is such a beautiful testimony. I love your expression: to “feel out these issues”. To feel what really is there to be felt means, you don’t have an issue anymore!

  66. This blog is balanced, clear and concise and I appreciate how you write of your experience of meeting Serge Benhayon, “This man felt like he did not want anything from me, he felt like he was not trying to convince me of anything, he didn’t say that he had all the answers and that his way was the only or best way. What he did was to present what he has felt, learnt and discovered and then challenged me to discover this for myself.” Putting the question out into the world to discover for ourselves, this is why it is so powerful, because when you start making choices to do so, it is deeply empowering and honouring of who we are, this has been my experience Thank you.

  67. I have found that as well Lee, Serge Benhayon does not want anything from anyone, and he just presents and leaves you to decide. Boy oh boy is he worth listening to. Like you Lee I have changed many aspects of my life and its my way and there is no turning back.

  68. I loved reading about your unfolding path, Lee, this is true life, reality, true inspiration and so natural. A naturally divine way of living.
    It was also beautiful to read how your wife inspired you by just being and sharing, with no force. Inspirational.

  69. Lee this blog is beautiful and I can feel the changes you have made having met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I am also deeply inspired by this work and my life has completely changed In so many ways.
    My vitality, health, relationships and the way I feel as a woman has deepened. Every day I feel blessed to have connected with this work and all the wisdom that comes with it.
    Serge presents “don’t take my word for it, feel it for yourself” I agree. The more we feel for our sleves the more we can begin to enjoy the life that we live. ✨

    1. Yes me too…please do write more blogs Lee. As a woman it is so lovely reading and feeling the expressions from men who are open to connecting and expressing their feelings and experiences.

      1. And as a man myself I enjoy reading and seeing men express in this way. It’s a way that is so natural and freeing for everyone. And it also shows us that this is not currently the norm. But we’ll get there… With more men following Lee’s example.

  70. Lovely blog thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s interesting we try many other ways (for example religion, spiritual new age etc) when all along we are seeking the truth and now we have the truth we so clearly feel the difference- no expectations, no rules, no following.

  71. The following sentence, “…he replied that that was fine, his role was to present and not to try and convince anyone of anything but allow attendees to feel for themselves as to whether what was presented was true for them or not”, made me go, ‘aahaa’. It always felt so unnatural to me to convince people of things I knew were true to me. This line makes so much sense because something that is true to me is just that, no matter what other people may think of it. Thank you Lee for this blog full of life’s wisdoms.

  72. Thank you, Lee for your honest and true story. There are so many of us out there that have truly benefitted from what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have presented over the years and the consistency of love, support, respect and understanding that Serge holds for us all never wavers. And I too, having taken part in many a new age course, have never felt anything near Serge’s quality, integrity and deeply lived love from any other lecturer or presenter. Love IS the way and Serge is a true agent and representative of that, direct from heaven, absolutely no question.

  73. Having read your blog Lee, I am inspired. The self-empowerment that is evident in the way Serge Benhayon has presented these learnings and how you have brought these into your life is undeniable. He is the real deal!

  74. Thank you Lee for your very honest story. Unlike you, who did see the inconsistencies in the teachers of the past I chose to ignore those parts and feel I could just take out what I felt rang true, not realising that I was being affected by the whole. Unlike all the other teachers Serge Benhayon does walk his talk.

  75. Thank you Lee for this inspiring blog.
    For me what Serge Benhayon is presenting through Universal Medicine has been a revelation as well. For the first time in my life I felt invited to a way of living without being manipulated or imposed upon. And everything Serge presented made so much sense to me yet was so simple and so very accessible. It has made huge changes in my life and brought vitality back to it and joy into it.

  76. I can relate to a lot of what you have written with regards to attending presentations and the fact that there is no expectation from Serge for us to agree or even do anything with the information he presents. It is purely our choice to feel into what he presents and then for us to do what we will with it. Thank you Lee for putting your side across.

  77. I can relate here to using exercise as a form of punishment for so called indiscretions of the mind. I have also used exercise as a relief or numbing to stop feeling pain or hurt rather than dealing with the real issues. No different to using drugs really we just think it is healthier but it still has real side effects on the body!

  78. Thanks Lee, for the much in depth shared, I also agree that you need to feel it to know it. Serge Benhayon has always presented things, wisdoms and esoteric life but never told people to do anything more than to feel it for themselves when they are ready.

  79. Thanks Lee, you’ve written so much here that I can’t help but go – ‘Yes I do that too’. I particularly like your comment about how exercise was used to address the end result of an emotional reaction, or eating too much – like that was going to solve it. Again I’ve done that too, but it only improves the immediate situation, without getting anywhere near the root of the issue.

    1. Just the other day I had a conversation with someone who stated exercise was a great way of relieving stress. It is crazy but before Universal Medicine introduced the idea of dealing with the root problem that caused the stress, I too was looking for ways to relieve stress rather than going underneath the stress to discover what the root cause was. It was like putting on a bandaid that needed frequent changing. Where as now I address the wound and heal it so I no longer need the bandaids. Simple but much more practical and loving.

  80. This is a great example of taking what Serge Benhayon presents into everyday life for oneself.

  81. Lee i’ve also been reflecting on what has changed since being involved with Universal Medicine. Each one of your points resonates with me. In a nutshell before meeting Universal Medicine so many things did not make sense and I had no answers for them. Since Universal Medicine so much of what I felt inside but was not able to express has been confirmed. The answers are felt inside me as absolute truth and I even have an understanding of the more ugly side of life that goes on.

  82. These words sum up my involvement with Universal Medicine too.. “my experience of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been a revelation. I have had the opportunity to experience and explore new concepts and ways of being that have made a real difference in the way I live my life. ” Thank you for sharing and writing and writing Lee.

  83. A lovely blog written with clarity and based on a mans experience of how making loving changes to the way he lives has enabled him to live in harmony with life. Thank you Lee.

  84. Thank you Lee for sharing your story many parts of which I could relate to especially that nothing I had come across before meeting Serge made sense in a spherical way. I so appreciated being asked to feel for myself what was true for me because I had always known that I had this innate wisdom but had spent many years ignoring it.

  85. For number of years I was involved with macrobiotics. But even then I was confused and could not understand, how some of the ‘teachers’ who I used to openly challenge, would be presenting to attendees what they should/should not eat and then straight after the talk they would go for coffee and croissants – which during the presentation was on their ‘to AVOID’ list! And most of them (the ones who were ‘well known’) were chain-smokers!

    Meeting Serge was the freshest breath of air of truthfulness! His uttermost integrity is my biggest inspiration!

    1. I know what you mean Dragana, to be lead by hypocrisy is a real challenge to follow and be inspired by, whereas Serge Benhayon presents his truth and, given he emanates a wonderful quality in his being, you cannot help but be inspired by this.

    2. I’ve noticed very similar things, even in school or doctors who will tell you smoking leads to serious diseases and death but then smoke in their break! Serge’s integrity and the truth he lives by is HUGELY inspiring.

  86. Serge presents what he has found to work for him. It is then our choice to find what works for us with no coersion, time frame or reward for those that do and punishment for those that don’t. I have never met a man with more patience and compassion who consistently walks his talk.

  87. Thank you Lee – this was so beautiful to read. I’m sure any one can relate to the aspects of what you have discovered along the way – I can – especially to the pounding of the body through exercise and the eating bit too !!! Its really inspiring to feel the deepening of your relationship with your wife and family from your individual growing in your own love by what you have changed in your life. Kate Greenaway

  88. I know exactly what you mean about people not living what they are preaching. I once heard a new age tape where a woman in a really loud grating voice started screeching “RELAX and go deeper”… I nearly levitated off my couch and hit the ceiling!
    As you say Serge is a living, loving example of everything he presents. I too have experienced that he does not want anything from anyone, never tries to convince or impose but simply and openly shares what he has experienced and lives himself.

    1. Haha Nicola, just imagining you levitating off your couch with the sound of this woman’s voice.

  89. What a great unfolding in so many areas and many of which I can relate to myself also – thank you Lee.
    In particular, (and coming from the sales industry myself here) I have also noted the (lack of) ‘sales’ aspect and the fact that there is never any sell/push/marketing of anything – product, session, course, or what material or point is being presented. Serge truly does ‘live and let live’ and allows people to either ‘take it or leave it’ without holding anything or having judgement about it, or that person. Something that is quite the opposite to many other presenters/courses which I have attended in the past pre UniMed.

  90. Thanks Lee, I have similar experiences with exercise and using it to not deal with what I felt. On top of this I used to try making my body fit a particular ideal… for about 15 years. I don’t use it that way anymore and haven’t for at least 10 years now and find I exercise very differently – far less, mostly very gently and with much more enjoyment of my body moving as you also expressed. Ironically I feel healthier and more comfortable with my body than l ever felt in those days of pushing it to be super fit and athletically trim (my ideal body!).

  91. Thank You Lee, your story has so much in it that I can relate to re religion, diet and relationships. It is also great to hear from a mans point of view.

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