The Gorgeousness Of It All: Falling In Love With Myself, Others and The World

by Dianne Trussell

My own relationships have increasingly blossomed and deepened as I apply in my life the simple things Serge Benhayon applies in his and shares with others, for the sake of humanity.

I used to keep people at a distance, unaware that I was protecting myself from being hurt. I was nervous, over-sensitive, and had to get away from people just to recuperate my energy. I actually did not like people in general, and very few people seemed to understand me. My own company, and that of animals and plants, made sense and I could rest and feel ‘normal’ when alone with nature.

You know how we tend to judge people at first sight? Well it’s very hard not to, as the mind always jumps in based on what we see and on how we’ve been hurt in the past, before we can think or feel anything else. We really may not want to judge, and may not even be aware of our own ‘faults’ that are noticeable to others.

One day out on my morning walk I realised that something had shifted in me. Along came a man walking his dog. Both were overweight and seemed very miserable and closed, not wanting to interact with anyone in the street. However, that’s not what I perceived first. To my joy, I first felt them as two fellow beings full of love. It was then that I saw their pain and sadness, and last of all, the physical expression of it in the condition of their bodies. It was like the dawn of a new era for me, a small beginning of the end of judging others, and of truly seeing them as beautiful equals. I felt in love with everything as I walked: the people, the trees, the houses, even the stones of the road. And I knew it was the love in me that enables me to see love all around. It’s so gorgeous, I wish everyone on Earth could feel this way!

People may say, oh yeah but if you have problems you can’t feel like that. However I’m going through lots of quite intense problems in my life: loss of job and business income, debt, having to move house repeatedly, nearly three years of illness, the deaths of friends, serious illness in my family – many people might believe it impossible to feel joyful and loving in these circumstances. And yet I do. And much less worried or frustrated than I’ve ever been before, even when the problems were smaller. I often don’t manage to hold my connection to the love inside me, but I’m making progress and others see it.

People who are also struggling with overwhelming challenges want to know how come I’m sailing joyfully through mine, because everything else they’ve tried is not helping and they are on the brink of nervous breakdown, bankruptcy, suicide, whatever. And in that way, I can help them not by making choices for them or trying to solve their problems, but by continuing to be the ‘new’ me and sharing simply what I do. And it makes a difference for them too.

I now find that I can love my family, ex-partners, friends and workmates in a new way beyond all the personal choices they and I make, a way that increasingly leaves them free to be or do whatever, without feeling myself reacting and wanting to change them. I can spend lovely time with them in which we can open to each other and feel loved, trusted and supported. I can love and hug and hang out with my ex-partners without any ‘stuff’ in the way, without attachment, sexual undertones, reservations, or disrespect to their current partners. I can even strike up a friendly, open conversation with a total stranger, which is something I was never able to do. I’m beginning to see the real gorgeousness of people beneath their outer appearances and choices, that everyone has a loving heart and just needs to re-discover it. And it’s changed me to know that.

Before, if people were being disrespectful or abusive towards me I would suffer in silence, afraid to say anything for fear of creating more conflict, but now I will speak up and say clearly how I am feeling, without anger, resentment or fear. I will no longer knowingly allow harm to myself from other people’s unhealthy behaviour and choices. Not only is this healthier for me, it gives them my honesty, which they can use to look at themselves if they so choose. Without being ‘called on their stuff’ and hearing the truth, they will go on hurting themselves and others and that’s not good for them either. I was ‘called on my stuff’ and although it can be very uncomfortable and never-ending, it’s worth it to see and feel and know the truth. No-one REALLY wants to be hurtful to others. We all need honesty and truth in order to grow, even if it’s confronting at times.

Critics could say this is all in my head, but even though I have a long way to go in my unfolding, I consistently receive feedback from people saying that I’ve changed in lovely ways: that I am calm, present, gentle, have a quiet authority that people listen to, that whatever it is, they want it too, that what I’m sharing is very timely, that it helped them get on a new track and see things in a new more positive and more responsible way, and so on.

For example, Mum had not seen me for nine months and I went interstate to care for her after major surgery. Unsolicited she said one day: “There’s something different about you. There’s a calmness, grace and gentleness to all your movements. What have you been doing, how is that happening?” And now she too has begun to make self-loving choices in her food, exercise, sleep, housework and relating. My housemate said yesterday: “I can see you’re doing really well, your commitment to yourself is working. You are so quiet, calm and gentle. You’re a great example for me to have around.” And my close friend of 40 years’ duration, said to me: “You are putting something different out into the world. Something healing…”

I share these things not to ‘beat my own drum’ but to give you examples of how making self-loving choices can shine out and let other people see that they can do it too. This is a central message of what Serge Benhayon presents, and I now have ample personal experience of it in action in my own life. I would never want to go back to the way I was. Thanks Serge, and thanks also to your wonderful family for being such shining examples of what you present!

368 thoughts on “The Gorgeousness Of It All: Falling In Love With Myself, Others and The World

  1. “People who are also struggling with overwhelming challenges want to know how come I’m sailing joyfully through mine, because everything else they’ve tried is not helping….” The Ageless Wisdom has so much for us, wherever we are in life.

  2. This line stood out for me ‘My own company, and that of animals and plants, made sense and I could rest and feel ‘normal’ when alone with nature.’ Nature is a great reflection to us, plants and animals come in all different shapes and sizes, and they don’t judge one another either, there is always a sense of calm walking through a park or woodland and how lovely it is to notice everything around us, which allows us to see how easy it is to co-exist with each other.

  3. Love is abundant when we connect with it within. We can only feel love when we know it for ourselves it can not be given, taken etc it must be known.

  4. Retreating into nature could be a great ‘go to’ resource to bring you back to yourself. Yet, it would never help you to advance because advancing is sharing with the world what is natural to you. When you start feeling that there is something beautiful you have to offer to people, and you go there, this brings a huge shift in your life.

    1. How do we ever get on the front foot by withdrawing? A retreat works when it prepares you for the next big step up, but never when we use it to withdraw (which robs the world of your unique and precious expression).

  5. Your sharing of how through self-loving care of oneself brings joy for oneself and others is deeply inspiring. Thank you.

  6. ‘…And I knew it was the love in me that enables me to see love all around. It’s so gorgeous…’ This is gorgeous Dianne! The more we open up to the love within ourselves the more we can see it in another.

  7. “…that everyone has a loving heart and just needs to re-discover it.” – If we could all just live by this principle it would go a long way towards ending the judgement and protection between people that stops us from connecting and growing together as we are designed to do. After reading this blog I could feel just how much I still hold back from this connection and am ready to let go of that way, as Dianne’s sharing has been super inspiring.

  8. Dianne, the gorgeousness of you and the clarity with which you share your journey of how you fell in love with yourself, others and the world, is deeply inspiring.

  9. Before Universal Medicine I didn’t even really like myself very much let alone love myself as I have come to understand is a pre-requisite for loving another. So much has changed, grown and developed over the past 10 years simply from listening to the Ageless Wisdom and applying it to my life.

  10. It really does start with that first, loving yourself consistently and not judging yourself but accepting yourself as you are. This then allows you to have the foundation to hold all others the same.

  11. I used to keep people at arms length and always wondered why I felt lonely. It seems to me that most people who keep people away actually want the opposite.

  12. Backing off and withdrawing from people and the world is a common reaction to feeling hurt and super sensitive but it is not how we heal our hurts or even protect ourselves.

  13. When we all choose to see and feel beyond the external layers we protect ourselves with to the essence and potential we all hold equally within, we will both transform and grow our relationships and lives exponentially.

  14. I’ve been giving myself a hard time for being judgemental on myself and others and yet reading this stopped me – I DO regularly see the beauty in people more than ever before, whereas in the past I would see only judgement or criticism. There’s always more layers to peel away but it was lovely to read this and reflect on where I am at.

    1. Leigh it’s great to recognise this and then allow ourselves to keep deepening the ability to see the beauty in others. Even though we all carry protection, hurts, and behaviours that don’t reflect our true being we can see the true essence of each person underneath it all.

  15. Thank you Dianne for a beautiful sharing, the power of our livingness is reflected far and wide for others to see and feel .

  16. It is such a beautiful thing to start to see people for who they truly are and not for the behaviour they put out or how they are with us. It is the understanding we all are deeply longing for, that we are not what we do but we just are beautiful inside underneath that all, we just don’t always choose to express this.

    1. We all crave to be met and once we have had that reflection in our life, we can be reflecting to others that there is another way to live.

  17. It was great to read this Dianne and reflect on my own journey. I used to always want space and a break from people. If I’d been out in the world for the day I looked forward to the solace and retreat of my own home. But shutting off from the world and keeping people out did nothing for me. Things have changed over the last few years and I am now far more open to people and this is forever deepening. There is a fulfilment we get from being open that is quite glorious.

  18. For years before meeting Serge Benhayon I tried to “love myself”. I tried many ways, many course, my partner used to accuse me of not being able to love myself. Within 10 minutes of the Gentle Breath Meditation, I had the key, which was a simple and yet profound connection with the inner me.

  19. Judging people at first sight, it so happens and I can feel how through vision I have been allowing hurt from the past experience to come in a way of receiving and appreciating people for who they are in their essence, only to repeat the pattern.

  20. I love the reflection of your self loving choices, Diane. No matter what is happening all around us, it is a choice we can all make. All these tiny moments are very precious and build to huge grandness within and around us all.

  21. The more I connect to the grandness within me the worse it feels to try and make the world around me grand first then I’ll step into life. It doesn’t work that way around, it’s an inside out job.

  22. Thanks for reflecting such loving choices and sharing them. I always appreciate the bright shinning star of anothers essence rippling out as it opens up for permission for us to choose this for ourselves, as in your example. They may seem like tiny bits in the moment but they add up to the whole of the universe. Moments of choices are worthy of great notation.

    1. If anything I am finding that it is the ‘tiny’ moments that hold the most grandness rather than the moments we have deemed in human life to be grand. Even walking past someone in the street in our sparkle can change a persons life.

      1. Yes I agree -the power and love behind true sparkle can heal the world and is so very worth appreciating.

  23. Thank you Dianne. The world needs living examples of a different way to be in the world because if we do not see it reflected anywhere then we do not know that there is a different way to live life that is far more loving and supportive for everyone.

  24. If one person, you Dianne, can bring such inspiring changes to your life and as a result shine brightly for all those around you, just imagine how the world would change if thousands of us did exactly the same. It’s like the proverbial pebble when dropped into the pond causes a ripple that flows on out touching all in its path; we can all be that pebble simply by choosing to make more self-loving and self-honouring choices and offering that reflection to others.

  25. Thank you Dianne. It seems that joy is not dependent upon the circumstances of our lives, but can be chosen as a way of being every day. How wonderful.

  26. My Mum and I now have a relationship that could never have happened before my time with Universal Medicine. She has also commented on how I am different. This is nothing short of a miracle for me.

  27. Oh believe me I would never like to go back to the way I was in the past, for my life was full of struggle, and complication and I also kept people at a safe distance afraid they would hurt me. I too have changed beyond belief, which is daily confirmed as all my relationships have improved and I love to be with people and I love to share so much more of me – now in the past I would hold back the love that I am.

  28. ‘And I knew it was the love in me that enables me to see love all around’. And all we have to do is let go of those hurts and behaviours and loveless choices that do not support the expression of the love that we are.

  29. My heart is glowing after reading this beautiful and healing blog, it feels like I have been sitting beside a warm glowing fire, that has invited me to let go of any worries, stress or tension, and that all I have to do is love myself and in doing so, my life can flow.

  30. What you have described is a miracle. But this type of miracle is within us all and your story is a wonderful example of how everything can be healed.

  31. “There’s something different about you. There’s a calmness, grace and gentleness to all your movements. What have you been doing, how is that happening?” People notice the integrity you are living and how this has changed you in every way, how amazing your mother has observed your movements and felt inspired by the quality of your being.

  32. If life is not taken personally we can see ourselves very clearly for who we are from taking that step back from it all being about us. We can see how certain choices led to where we find ourselves today. This also allows us to see others from a more observational point of view. When we look from the heart we see everything and everyone in the light of the heart. I loved reading this blog Dianne as it reminds me to look at life through the eyes of the heart.

  33. It is amazing to move in a way that does not take all of our problems on board. It is not about minimising them. It is simply not allowing them to pollute our way of moving.

  34. This was a joy to read Dianne and it just goes to show how life is a reflection of how we are feeling.

  35. People cant help but notice joy, and its so true that despite having serious issues going on in your life it’s still possible to be joyful.

  36. “I share these things not to ‘beat my own drum’ but to give you examples of how making self-loving choices can shine out and let other people see that they can do it too.” And that is the beauty about the Ageless Wisdom, it is for all and has always been and though it is grand and limitless in what it brings it is never too much but allows us to take the steps we need to take.

  37. To discover that how people feel and look is only second to the grandness that everyone is and represents is very freeing. Not accepting what they present as the what it is, holding them in the grandness they are and reflecting back the grandness we are is the only real way to really allow them to return to a grander version of themselves.

  38. We have all been told that happiness is what we want, but it is a lie, what we want is joy. Happiness cannot be more than momentary because it is an emotion, but joy is eternal. We have been sold down the river.

  39. When we shake off the misery and start to embrace the joy that was always there life changes completely and the black and white existence becomes a full technicolor life.

  40. It is very difficult if not impossible to gain a true understanding of the world whilst one remains protected in any way shape or form, for that protection will always affect the way you perceive life.

    1. So true Adam, it is like seeing the world through filtered lens and fooling ourselves into thinking that what we see is the only reality and the whole truth when it not. The only form of true visibility in all of the miasma is the honesty and eventually the whole hearted truth our bodies constantly inform us with. Some may say this is about being healthy and looking after it, but then again what does it mean to be ‘healthy’ these days. We have more diets than we do true answers, more food fads than clothing trends and all claiming to be the ‘one’ and true solution for our needs. The fact is ALL of these come from our minds reacting to the world and thinking, yes thinking, we need to eat this or that because of our gut feeling of hunger or craving. If we truly are still in ourselves and our body and feel from observation of what we see first, one will see that often the hunger or rather craving in most cases is not the truth of the body at all, but rather a reaction to what we have felt which gives us a urge to seek something we know will numb and dull our awareness of it.

  41. A great line Dianne, “I now find that I can love my family, ex-partners, friends and workmates in a new way beyond all the personal choices they and I make”. It’s a great distinction to make, that we are not our choices or behaviours, that we are all equal in essence and that essence is love. Whether we live it or not love is who we are.

  42. Yes Dianne, it is so important to be love and feel this for self first, otherwise we get caught in old patterns of wanting to please others, not feeling enough and the anxiousness that goes with this.

    1. Wanting to please others is a trap I fell into for most of my life. It prevents one from expressing their truth and therefore from really living the life that is there to be lived.

  43. It’s true it’s how you live, not about beating your drum, preaching and telling. Words mean nothing through a body that doesn’t live the truth.

  44. It is so true Dianne, if we don’t connect and feel the love within ourselves first, we will not see it in truth in others. But when we do, it turns the world upside down, in a true sense.

  45. “It was like the dawn of a new era for me, a small beginning of the end of judging others, and of truly seeing them as beautiful equals.” It is indeed like ‘the dawn of a new era’ when the critical gaze fades and the heart starts to beat the drums and leads us through our life. It is so worth investing in ourselves with tender care and love as this love we feel in and for ourselves will embrace everybody else and lets us start seeing with our hearts again.

  46. Dianne, what a great sharing of how simple loving choices can make all the difference. And I love the approach you take meeting others, seeing the love within first and then see all that is around, it turns any judgements we may have on our heads, as we get to experience and feel that we are all one and the same underneath love.

  47. Diane that was an awesome example of how we can support each other by being the change for all to see and feel. It’s our living way that creates the movement for others to deepen in their own lives.

  48. There are pop songs about the world needing love. Dianne, your article demonstrates the truth of this proposition, and why and how love works as an agent for change… of the most positive and active kind.

  49. What a gift it is to be able to see the divinity in another even if they can’t see it in themselves. it has changed my life, and how I see myself.

  50. What a gift it is to see in someone what they cannot see themselves. I have had this happen to me and it has changed everything about my life.

  51. Thank you for sharing Dianne this is amazing. We often focus on the negatives of life rather than the big picture and miracles that happen every day, and so gorgeous to hear how you’ve been lighting the way for others to do this and not contract away into their doubts.

  52. Lovely what you share, when we can see past the misery and protection that is so obvious not he surface of life and feel the quality within another being. I enjoy this about my job and life, feeling the quality within another and myself, not just what we see.

  53. It is so important to put something different out in the world, a way of life that is geared to resurrect ourselves to the godliness we are from. To live from this perspective, this source of life, is a beautiful way to live and as you shared Dianne, it is not only for our own benefit but also to share with the many people we meet on a daily basis and to give them the possibility for another perspective in life..

  54. The day we meet someone who is closely reflecting to us as well as calling out stuff for us, and that we can closely and intimately do the same for them, is the day the heavens have confirmed well done for being love, so love will be reflected back. And this love is an unending deepening, which is is forever a deepening of love within and between us.

  55. We feel immense joy when the deep unsettlement that we have lived with for so long is starting to be re-corrected, which is why calamities seem to happen but yet we still feel a deep deep joy.

  56. I have always liked people but I was similar to you Dianne, feeling unsafe, not enough and exhausted from all the anxiousness and trying to be something I am not to please others. The key to being with people is to feel the love you are first and to feel the love everyone else is equally. We need to meet people seeing their divine, superhero underpants under the exterior clothing. Having love in your body and heart gives you this X-ray vision.

  57. Shine like you do, isn’t that the message we can have for all of us. I mean I know there is life’s constant pressures and upsets but what if, as this article presents you acknowledge all that but equally hold who you are and don’t let that dominate. I mean life can’t be only a one way street, everything has a balance to it. This article allows us to let go of perfection, needing to do or being the same and allows us to speak freely on what we are seeing. As I’ve said we can’t just allow things to run down the same road, there is more to life then that. What if we can have anything and everything go on in our life and yet hold ourselves still to who we truly are? This alone would make a huge difference to not only your situation but to everything around you, this article is testament to that.

  58. How very gorgeous Dianne that you have fallen in love with yourself; what you have shared here is inspirational, thank you.

  59. I can relate with having used to keep people at a distance, thinking I was protecting myself from being hurt, I am now learning to open up and let people in and so see them in their truth.

  60. Falling in love with ourselves is the best medicine we can have, It is never too late to start and the results are miraculous, as shown by your blog Dianne, People notice something different, something that feels real and tangible that offers a reflection for others to follow. We can never underestimate the power of true love and it is this that will turn our world around and bring the necessary changes.

  61. You certainly are a shining example Diane for everyone to be inspired by – it is beautiful to feel the flow on effect your loving choices has had on others around you.

  62. So often we search for the right words to say, but there is so much power in observing the actions of others and how they choose to live. When they speak their words are a confirmation of how they are living. Another typical scenario is when you get someone who says the right things, but does not actually practice what they preach. I know I have done that many a time. Then there is a mismatch and that can be felt.

  63. It was interesting to read about how others have noticed the change in you Dianne. It confirms how sensitive we all are and can detect when things are different. What a turnaround you have made in your relationships. Its very inspiring to read, and I could sense the joy when you shared about the encounter with the man and his dog. You definitely have a greater level of understanding for yourself and others.

  64. This gives me goosebumps “There’s a calmness, grace and gentleness to all your movements. What have you been doing, how is that happening?” And now she too has begun to make self-loving choices in her food, exercise, sleep, housework and relating. ” this is what true love and The Way of The Livingness is all about for me – it’s not about words, or telling people what to do – it is about how you live.That is what makes the true difference – much more than we can fathom at this moment in time and see.

  65. Do we read life backward or forward, ie. do we see first the reduced version of a person, ourselves included, and then try to find the ‘heart of gold’ amid the repelling behaviour or do we first know and see the gold in each other and therefore can recognize what is not of one´s true making but a mere shell of hurts, protections and behaviours?

  66. We have a choice how we approach and experience life. The same circumstances can be felt and seen very different depending on how I relate to myself and the people and events involved. And herein lays the potential to change the way we live and how as a consequence things unfold. We are more powerful than we might think.

  67. It is the realness as a result of making choices and living them to the best of one´s ability that is reliable and something people can relate to, make their own mind and be inspired by if they so choose. That´s the way we can change our own life for the better and thus the world for and with everyone in full respect of free will.

  68. Dianne you have really shown in your blog that your loving relationship with yourself, and knowing that you yourself are love in essence, has been the foundation for knowing all others the same way. Very inspiring.

  69. Your experience shows the possibility of the fact that we all recognise the reflection of something that is true and so if we live to the best of our ability the truth of ourselves, it allows another by that reflection to sense the resonance of that same truth in themselves.

  70. Yes indeed, “No-one REALLY wants to be hurtful to others. We all need honesty and truth in order to grow, even if it’s confronting at times.” I have found that honesty to be more loving than playing to pictures and not saying when a behaviour is repetitively abusive to self or to others. The way we speak is a prime example. Just taking a day to listen to the way we speak to ourselves is an eye opener and certainly inspired me to be kinder. The on-flow effect on the way I spoke to others was an education I will never forget.

  71. It is very true how we go through life protecting ourselves because we don’t want to get hurt. Although I have come a long way to feel confident (most of the time) in the company of people I still find myself in protection at times as I can feel the holding back and contraction in my body but observing myself when I feel hurt and react is helping me to let go and make changes so that I can be true to myself.

  72. We are each divine deep at the core of our being. This divinity is the fiery spark of our true self, our Soul. Yet the way we live here on Earth is so far from the expression of this Godly love and light and instead we live shrouded in misery and division, seemingly unable to access this wisdom that comes from knowing our true origins. In order to arise out of such self-imposed wretchedness our task here is simply to see God first before we see anything else. That is, we must re-learn how to see the essence of who we each truly are and then read all that stands in the way of the expression of this. This is the key to a truly joyful life despite the circumstances we are in.

  73. A great blog to reflect on .. as I go deeper the more is that I feel, the more responsibility I have to honour what I now know. To dishonour it is turning back on myself.

  74. Thank you for the shining example you present Dianne. Your joyful quality can be felt in every word here. “I’m beginning to see the real gorgeousness of people beneath their outer appearances and choices, that everyone has a loving heart and just needs to re-discover it. And it’s changed me to know that.” I loved this line because it is something I have experienced too. I appreciate being reminded that I see people including myself in a whole new way as a result of the presentations provided by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  75. It is in feeling exposed that we grow in self love, seeing in what we hurt ourselves brings an honesty and a responsibility to change it.

  76. What wonderful feedback and confirmation of how, when we nurture ourselves, we actually leave space to give back to our friends, family, community and the world.

  77. We all need honesty and truth in order to grow, even if it’s confronting at times. Yes, it can be but well worth it for the growth and the deepening with oneself that follows.

  78. ‘I now find that I can love my family, ex-partners, friends and workmates in a new way beyond all the personal choices they and I make, a way that increasingly leaves them free to be or do whatever, without feeling myself reacting and wanting to change them’ Oh dear, I got the reflection recently that I am still trying to change people, (however small that may be, it can be subtle) which feels yucky actually, and is such an old pattern of mine and also distracts me from the protection and the hardness in my body that is there for me to heal and clear. I have enough to do working on myself……let alone trying to change others!

  79. That was a gorgeous moment to capture Dianne, when you realised that you had let go of your protection and could feel the essences of others rather than just seeing the misery the eyes were picking up. Suddenly you were alive and living as opposed to existing.

  80. The power of reflection is undeniable and a blessing to those who become inspired from your way of being and from seeing there is another to move through life.

  81. Thanks Dianne – One thing I feel we are not talking about much is the difference in being emotional in Life and living Life feeling things and relating that way. To me there is a huge difference where being caught up in the business of Life is very draining but if we come back to a Place within ourselves we can see things in a very different light and look with clarity in our Eyes.

  82. These words are deeply touching Dianne: “You are putting something different out into the world.”
    That this has been felt by another, is a mark of another transformation already in process – and so we all have the capacity to inspire and return to such an innately connected, beautiful and true relationship with ourselves, God and the all. Love your sharings here, thank-you.

  83. And thank-you Dianne, for being such a shining inspiration yourself. Every change in your relationships, and awareness of how you now perceive and feel others to be – i.e. the truth of their own hearts, first – is absolute gold.
    The world deserves to know of such transformations – for not a single one is any ‘small thing’, not at all.

  84. Beautiful Dianne – thank you. The words ‘new me’ really grabbed me in this blog. I can really feel how we can all make different choices and be the ‘new me’ too, every day. I have found starting each new day afresh a great help in doing this. It doesn’t always last the whole day – but then, when I catch myself – I can start again in that moment. So, like you, it is a work in progress, but a much more joy-full one than it once was.

  85. It’s true – ‘no-one really wants to be hurtful to others’ – if we learn to stop and actually read what is going on in a situation, then we allow the possiblility of deeper understanding and instead of going into reaction we can allow the space for greater awareness to know what is at play.

  86. Once we realise the level of protection we have, and that others feel it too, we realise we are creating our own prison and confirming to others the need to build their own fortress. I too am learning how to make the simple choices that help us to open up and truly let people in, and in that see everyone for who they truly are.

    1. Yes, the fortresses we build around ourselves is the greatest fortress of them all! It is only when someone points this out that you can start to see the obvious – when we protect ourselves from being hurt, we set ourselves us to be more hurt because we close off to any love that could be right there. We simply confirm that we all need fortresses!

  87. When we make self loving choices and truly nurture ourselves, we all put something different out into the world, and I have realised that these reflections can be so much more powerful than words….

  88. Truly beautiful to read, there is a deep sense of unity when we are in connection with ourself and the unconditional love that we have deep within for everyone, it is a choice we all can make.

  89. I’m so inspired by reading this to be self-loving so that I too can walk down the street and notice love first and lovingly understand choices that may manifest themselves in another’s appearance. And all this whilst much outer turmoil takes place. Really highlights how false my thinking is when I’m saying to myself life will be better when…. Actually life is amazing now!

    1. Me too Karin. I love the way Dianne dispels any idea that the way she feels is dependant on outside factors. It shows we can all live the love she writes about here if we choose to.

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