by Dragana Brown, London, UK

I was brought up in a family that was not involved in any religion, yet I remember as a young child feeling that I wanted to meet God. As a 7-8 year old I had a friend who talked a lot about God. She spoke about heaven and hell, who ends up where, doing good in order to go to heaven, God punishing us for our bad actions – the entire religious cliché… and pretty much that there was this grey, long bearded, big guy somewhere up in the sky, who sees and hears everything and acts upon anything we do, say and even think – so no negative thoughts about any deranged family members!

I didn’t believe a word she was saying and I vehemently denied the existence of such a God. Even as a young girl I was able to feel the flaws in these and similar statements and raise a lot of questions in regards to her claims; if we are ALL the children of God, how can HE love some more and some less by way of rewarding some and punishing other? Continue reading “Reincarnation”

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words – with a Few of the Words

Please note: Universal Medicine courses are not weight loss courses, they are about the possibility that we can make more self-loving and self-nurturing choices in our day-to-day lives. Weight loss is often a natural occurrence when these choices are implemented in daily life as can be seen from the photos Rowena and Jonathan Stewart have sent in below.

It is worth noting that from an Esoteric perspective, there is no ‘perfect body weight’ to achieve, only a shape that is most natural to you, and which can be allowed to be and take shape, as a harmonious and loving relationship with yourself is embraced and then embodied.

Continue reading “A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words – with a Few of the Words”

Love – The Key To A Whole-Of-Life Change

The teachings and presentations of Serge Benhayon have helped me in every aspect of my life: in my work, my home, at school, with food, exercise, physical health and, most importantly, in the way I am with myself and people, and the relationships I have with them. All of this has not been because of individual teachings per se, but from just one – love. Serge has helped me know, to the deepest part of my being, that I am from an amazing love – and when that love is allowed to be there and is developed in the body, it is automatically expressed and filtered into every aspect of life. How can it not be so? Love has no barriers and does not discriminate. Continue reading “Love – The Key To A Whole-Of-Life Change”

About Me and Serge Benhayon

by Sandra Schneider, Erftstadt, Germany (English 2nd language)

Serge once said to me: “My joy is to see you (students) returning to who you truly are.”

Well, I can understand that.

I first heard about Serge Benhayon eight years ago. I was sitting in my garden with my partner and our friend Alex, planning our wedding celebration. Alex told us about this guy from Australia he met in England and what he said. I was immediately interested because he spoke about what I had felt my whole life. Continue reading “About Me and Serge Benhayon”

Life-giving Wisdom: It’s In The Way We Live

by Dr Lyndy Summerhaze, BA, PhD., DipMusEd, AmusA, Australia

I have been associated with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon for five years now and I have found nothing but the highest integrity, goodwill and just plain good sense. Getting to feel this last quality – plain good sense – in the midst of a world of complication, has been one of the most liberating things I have ever experienced, enabling me to let go of a crippling life of turmoil and drama.

Over these years as I attended talks and courses, I have felt a call to come out of my hiding away from the world and just getting through as best I could, to now participating joyfully in life and making a contribution. The way this was accomplished was not through imposition of any kind – there was no telling me what to do. There was simply the presentation of an elegant truth that we all originally come from love and that this is the stuff we are made of. Continue reading “Life-giving Wisdom: It’s In The Way We Live”

If Everyone is Equal, How Could I Worship Another?

by Jane Torvaney, Tayport, Fife, Scotland

Following the recent allegations about Serge Benhayon and how he has been portrayed in the media, I have been asking myself the following questions…

1. Has my life really changed since meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine workshops?

2. If so, what has changed for me?

3. What is it about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that has allowed any change to occur?

So, to answer these questions… Continue reading “If Everyone is Equal, How Could I Worship Another?”