Be Respectful, Courier Mail – Serge Benhayon Is Showing Us Something Important

by Danna Elmalah, The Netherlands

To the Courier Mail,

I am writing regarding the article New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families written by Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh and published by you at 12am on 8 September, 2012.

I am a 19 year-old student who has known Serge Benhayon for more than a year. It really is sad to see the mistruths being spread in this article without any respect to Serge, Universal Medicine or us.

You have published an article that is portraying all sorts of lies about Serge, Universal Medicine and all its students and practitioners.

Firstly, to address one of the main accusations: Serge Benhayon and or Universal Medicine never, ever tell you what to do or not to do. Serge always mentions possibilities but never does he tell you what is good or wrong, or what you should or shouldn’t do. Like he always says, ‘I am just presenting’.

We all know that we are responsible for ourselves. This then simply means that it is not possible that either Serge, Universal Medicine or its practitioners can be blamed for someone else’s divorce/breaking up, relationships/family issues or fights, etc.

Another thing I noticed in the article is the way you have portrayed Serge like he is a money-maker whose only interest is money. This is an absolutely false and crazy thing to say if you met Serge and know Serge as I do. I know 100% that what Serge holds and presents is never, ever based on money – this counts the same for Universal Medicine.

Your newspaper has not been honest because if you were, you would see that you are forgetting to mention the male participants/students. You cannot write that Serge has 2000 followers who are mostly women and not include the men who are actually constantly attending courses and having sessions.

Does leaving the men out of the story help you to make the story better? Because you can’t just spread information without mentioning the real facts.

Secondly, you describe Universal Medicine as teaching followers to avoid ‘negative energy’. This is definitely the opposite of what Universal Medicine presents. We, as Universal Medicine students and practitioners, are not learning or getting preached at to avoid negative energy, but are making an effort to live in the most loving and honest ways we can.

I know that Serge Benhayon represents an amazing, loving way of living, by living it himself and telling us about it so that we all can live it equally so.

As a humanity, is it not already obvious that we are missing something?

Could it be that we are actually clearly seeing that the way the world is living is not really working?

I am writing this to say that there is a way to live lovingly, but the only way I became aware of this was through Serge. He inspired me, the same as many other men and women, so that we can live healthily and lovingly. And he let us feel this by him living it. This meant for me that the old ways of how I lived (that did not work) can now be lived lovingly, differently – how awesome is that?

For example, if you take a look at the world’s health, we can see in an instant that we are not getting healthier. So what is it that we are getting sick of?

Is there maybe a chance that what Serge is presenting is a loving and healthy way for us to live from? And that Serge Benhayon is someone who has simply been stepping up to the fact that the world is not doing so well?

This all makes much more sense to me than going into denial about what is so obviously going on.

135 thoughts on “Be Respectful, Courier Mail – Serge Benhayon Is Showing Us Something Important

  1. We can see on the news and just around us humanity isn’t healthy. Attack Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine further exposes the ill condition. Because why attack what clearly works and exposes that which doesn’t?

  2. Is it possible that Serge Benhayon is presenting that we all have the answers within us, the responsibility rests with us all to address the ills in society? And that this disturbs those that want to control having the answers / believe they have the answers and the ‘right’ way and don’t want to be proven wrong / those who don’t want to be responsible for the ills within their lives and the world around them?

  3. It’s crazy that someone who actually sees that the world is not doing well and addresses this fact should be publically attacked. We need people like Serge Benhayon who are prepared to stand above the parapet and speak the truth and show that there is a completely different way to live that does not need the daily struggle, grind and ill health.

  4. Furthermore, true respect comes from knowing and living what is true and allowing others the space to live how they are choosing to live, if this is not imposing on us in any way.

  5. Just because we do not agree with the way another chooses to live their life, does not give us the right to denigrate and attack it. This is how wars get started and why we as a humanity are in such dire straights when it comes to living true to who we each in essence are.

    1. Thank you Liane, totally brings out for us to see how denigration and lack of respect has ruled our world and the depth of how this behavior is accepted today. Serge Benhayon offers us a way out of this ill movement – hence he is attacked by that ill movement that doesnt want any change back to truth.

  6. It is appalling to see that these same so-called journalists, namely Joshua Robertson, are still given a platform to circulate and re-hash lies whilst clearly not investigating their dodgy sources as having hateful agenda of their own. And using the media to get revenge. As such it has just come to light through an A Current Affair report on channel nine – – the quality of integrity of one such source Lance Dudley Martin. Clearly lacking on all levels as such exposing the lack of integrity, regard for truth and utter irresponsibility that our media mostly seem to be representing today. What is continuing to be presented through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine can be witnessed first hand, in full transparency and reflected through the students of The Way of The Livingness, and there are numerous accounts shared publicly through many websites and blogs of all that is lived and learned to date through the Ageless Wisdom Teaching for anyone who is truly interested in the truth.

  7. Thank you Danna, such a heartwarming letter, asking someone to be respectful in the most respectful and loving way. These are the living principles of all that Universal Medicine brings and presents, live lovingly and respectful with yourself and you will honour everybody else with the same respect and love you hold for yourself.

  8. Serge Benhayon never tells you what to do…but the media does. Let us be under no illusion as to the extent we are told exactly what to think and how to move, be and act in a certain way so that we seemingly unwittingly attune our bodies to listen to the lies we are fed from a system that has no true love, care or warmth at its core.

    Furthermore, those who do not make material gain their focus in life but instead focus on bringing true love, care and warmth to others will always attract the jealousy of those that seek such riches without the same level of integrity and wonder why if their pockets be so full, they feel so empty. Such is the path of those that follow the desires of their pleasure seeking self, while those that make life about people first, reap the true reward of the riches within and all that will naturally come with this.

    1. Yes, it is the warmth and love from within that counts in life, as without it we are lost as the mind takes over and self gain is the game.

  9. I have noticed now how many of the media headlines don’t truly relate to the story these days, but are used to draw people into an article, which then automatically makes me question the media’s integrity, and intent.

  10. Manipulation starts with the title – ‘New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families’. Notice the false connection between Serge Benhayon and the new age. Notice how the word medicine is made to be related to the trail of broken families. And, how by extension, it is Serge’s medicine that is responsible for it. It is all false, and not even has the article started. Impartiality cannot follow afterwards. It is all totally biased.

  11. It’s awesome to read a letter that actually shares the truth of the matter. How sad it is that we have journalists willing to compromise their own integrity to get what is seemingly ahead in life. But what impact do the lies have on those who spread them?

  12. ‘ what are we sick of?’ A great question for there is something deeply awry in our world when so many of us are sick, with numbers growing and illnesses getting more complex. As is said ‘there is something rotten … in our world and it’s past time we looked at it and considered other ways seeing as our current way is so obviously not working. So rather than waste time vilifying someone live another way and with obvious health why not enquire as to how this is and as media there is a huge responsibility to ensure all know there are others ways.

  13. “There is a way to live lovingly, but the only way I became aware of this was through Serge” – this is my experience as well. Many people feel and are aware of the disharmony we are living as an individual/community and there are many things on offer that promise betterment and I have tried quite a few and they did offer different flavor and looked different but it never really changed anything. There really is something worth studying in the way Serge Benhayon lives for us all to be inspired by.

  14. Not saying what is glaringly obvious about our world doesn’t change how people live in it. Honestly presenting the energetic reasons behind how people live gives choice and opens whoever is ready to take responsibility to bring changes to their lives. The honesty and truth spoken actually gives rise to our world changing.

  15. I am really not sure what all the fuss is about whether or not someone has told someone what to do as I give people advice all the time and all through my life people have given me advice is it really that big a deal. I mean you can bring in all manner of things and reasons but people do it everyday, it’s not rare at all. I mean all types of Doctors, chemists, Police, builders etc all give people advice on what they think they should do. It just looks like a storm in a tea cup style of thing. I mean if we really look around us at even the advertising styles, someone is always telling someone what to do and it’s no big deal and so why is it even here.

  16. Danna, a powerful sharing of a true way of living that is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. A reflection on the media and the world that truth and honesty has little value.

  17. Reading this again – made me feel how obvious truth is and how almost ridiculous it is when we fall for these lies. As there must be a concern to why we do not want to see or deal with the truth that we then make a whole tantrum of lies to cover it all up. A gorgeous expose again to those who choose to whistle or scream out lies. Or more worse – live them.

  18. Wonderful Danna, ‘I am writing this to say that there is a way to live lovingly, but the only way I became aware of this was through Serge. He inspired me’, as he has inspired thousands more people and continues to do so.

  19. Thank you Danna for expressing the truth here in a delightful way, it is a disgrace that the media chose to make up these lies about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and its students and practitioners.

  20. A man that is not afraid to show a way of living that we all innately know within if we let go of our hurts and protection. Now that’s love… not harming in any way.

  21. My life has become a lot simpler thanks to Serge Benhayon. I am developing my way of what works in rhythm with my body, a long long way from where I was not working with it. Serge’s way is totally inspiring in the depth he can go with the all-knowing and wisdom. He is limit-less.
    The article written is not only limiting Serge and Universal Medicine, but all the dedicated students, and the rest of humanity by betraying them of what they can have. I’m very confident now in knowing what’s truth in power and what’s knowledge used in what it is thought to be power. It’s baseless. I have a body to prove it and not even the smartest man in the world can ever tell me otherwise. I would die for truth because I know you come back to it. That’s power! Write an article on that!

  22. “And he let us feel this by him living it.” Serge Benhayon is nothing less than an amazing man. To him his life is simple. To me it is awe-inspiring. “I can know that to!” “I can be that love!” Why wouldn’t you want to live and have everything like Serge does? As Danna expresses the world is not living like this .. when, we all equally can.

  23. A 19 year old who is being as discerning as this. I mean wow, if that doesn’t show emotional maturity and integrity then I don’t know what does.

  24. Reading this blog again – makes me stand still and appreciate that even though this email is written 4 years ago.. I would not write it any different, possibly only expand. It is the craziness of where we life in (illusions, drive, emotions and protections) that keeps us locked from actually seeing what is really going on.. We are numbing ourselves in many places , everyday , yet that is not being seen as an illness or a disease, which is actually so important to be taken seriously. When I read this email, I can feel the inmense support that Serge Benhayon has been offering, and that no matter how much attack has taken place on him or the students and business itself, he shines brighter every day. Showing the absolute love we are , and that there is never ever a reason to stop shining. This is why the courier mail has been very dishonest and actually showing the world that it is okay to lie. But ofcourse the truth is revealed at if there are wounds they will be healed. It is not a matter of time – but a matter of willingness to be love. And therefore all is said in what place (numbness and fear) the journalist of this article were. As: why would you want take a loving man down? Great question to ponder on.. Courier mail, please do us a true favor and research were true evil dwells.

  25. “Is there maybe a chance that what Serge Benhayon is presenting is a loving and healthy way for us to live from?”
    This is in fact a truth and a reality for many that made different choices in all areas of life to support their own health. There are meanwhile so many testimonials of this fact, that the absolute falseness of this article is utterly exposed.

  26. It is a shame to see such lies written about Universal Medicine for if the truth were told you cannot but commend Serge Benhayon for speaking out about the rot in society and in our world… to not speak out leaves many with blinkers on they didn’t know they had not caring enough to change or to help. From Serge’s presentations I feel blessed to see the state of the world more clearly and as such more inspired and willing to do something about it.

  27. Very true Danna, and it’s not time to be irresponsible and put effort into printing lies when all the world needs right now is people being responsible and honest so that we can start living as it was intended.

  28. Were it not for Serge Benhayon, and his unerring willingness to stand for truth, I also would not have markedly transformed the way I live Danna. To say how deeply I appreciate the greatness of love and joy I now know, consistently in my life, and how intrinsic the inspiration of Serge Benhayon has been to my own complete life turn-around, is an understatement.
    This man is the real deal. The underhanded, sensationalist-seeking bias and agendas of journalists such as Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh, are shameful beyond measure – a stain on all that true journalism can be. And more markedly irresponsible, when the facts of the matter – i.e. real people’s lives now full of vitality, commitment to relationships, work, community and purposeful living – are considered. Especially in light of a society becoming more ill by the minute, and deeply giving up on such commitment in life – as evidenced by our spiralling and alarming mental health statistics…

  29. This is such a well written beautiful article Danna, it’s true – we all know humanity is missing something, we all know life isn’t right. So why not explore what it is we’re missing out on? Why accept this one day longer?

    1. Yes Meg, we all do know that how we live and work together is not right and yet some of us try to defend it and keep up the facade that it is okay. If we were all honest I’m sure we would find that we are all wanting the love that is missing.

  30. Danna you are a powerhouse and I love what you have written in this great letter. “I know that Serge Benhayon represents an amazing, loving way of living, by living it himself and telling us about it so that we all can live it equally so.” That is exactly what I love on Serge Benhayon – I can feel that everything he is talking about he is already living and that is what is so inspiring. I am tired of all the others who are not walking what they are talking.

  31. Well said Danna. So important to call out the lies and rubbish that journalists see fit to publish. If they simply considered that there may just be another way to live, imagine the possibilities. Serge is the most wonderful example of this, and if for a second he tried imposing his way on to me, I would have turned away a long long time ago. And so would everyone body else for the matter. There is no imposition, there are no followers, just people supporting eachother to make choices that until now we haven’t considered to be possible.

  32. Thank you Danna, it’s interesting that the media made up the lie and angle to present Serge Benhayon as money hungry (to paint him as a villain) when the media itself sells out to integrity everyday (without regard to the lives they damage), to sell newspapers with sensationalised and false stories all for the sake of empty profit. I feel blessed to know the truth about Serge and Universal Medicine from my direct experience, and it’s not the first time I’ve been aware of the corruption in media, however the truth about Serge needs to be expressed as humanity will only benefit greatly from what he offers – as I already know from my own life. What Universal Medicine offers is something we all need to know the truth about.

  33. Yes, what Serge presents makes sense. and not only that, it is common sense. Something that we seemed to have lost. it’s common sense for one to look after themselves the best way they know how… and the best way to know how to do this is by listening to what your body needs. easy, simple. We all know why the media prints the way it does about Serge… regardless of the truth he holds, it is for comfort and to gain things for themselves. No integrity in print media these days. Someones gotta change that.

  34. How true Danna… the world around us is indeed a mess, and Serge Benhayon has stepped up to the responsibility that most of us have not, and in speaking truthfully about the state of the world while at the same time inspiring a different way of living to address the issues of what is really going on. This is sorely needed in our society and needs to be supported as it is about the possibility of making different choices that offer true and long lasting change.

    1. It so does need to be supported. As we all know, the worlds a mess. If we all clear ourselves up first, it will be so much less of a mess. In fact, there will be no mess left with this approach.

  35. Thankyou Danna for explaining the truth so clearly. “Is there maybe a chance that what Serge is presenting is a loving and healthy way for us to live from? And that Serge Benhayon is someone who has simply been stepping up to the fact that the world is not doing so well? This all makes much more sense to me than going into denial about what is so obviously going on.” I so agree – as do many Universal Medicine students, whose lives have changed so much since choosing for themselves to make different life-style choices.

  36. The world of media in full of biased and sensationalised stories, all to sell a newspaper. Gone are the days of media really having hard hitting story that goes to the heart of the matter.

    1. Yes Luke, we are unfortunately seeing an age where newspaper reporting has lost much of it’s original purpose and integrity, with money being the bottom line most papers beat their drum to. If it doesn’t ‘sell’ it doesn’t cut it. Sensation sells, and as the saying goes… ‘never let the facts get in the way of a good story!’

      1. Yes Luke, in a nutshell it is… and it is that way because we have, as a society, stood by and allowed it to continue. At the first deviation of corrupt reporting those responsible ought to have been outed. Papers fostering it boycotted, journalists responsible nominated, editors replaced etc. We have to stand up for a truth that is universal, or the ugly truth will remain.

    2. True Luke. You literally can’t trust most things you read now days. The aim of the game is to sell stories. Which means truth goes out the window.

  37. Danna, you have exposed the big lie perpetrated by the journalists of the Courier Mail. Surely it makes no sense to champion the way the world is. It makes no sense to spread lies about someone who is showing people a more loving way to live, there are so many testimonials now written proving these journalists to be gravely mistaken. It seems they feel we can be discredited because some of us are women, which dark ages did these guys Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh come from, presuming to discredit us by pointing out this biological fact? Wake up, it’s the 21st century.

  38. A great letter Danna clearly spelling out the absolute lies this journalist wrote in the Courier Mail. The old saying ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’, seems to be how many journalists function these days with a total disregard for the facts preferring to tell a story that is sensationalist and untrue. Now thousands of people have missed the opportunity to hear the truth of Serge Benhayon and the incredible difference he is making to people’s health and well being worldwide.

  39. Even though this blog has been written some years ago now, the facts still remain the same and there are still journalists and bloggers writing the same biased pieces that do not present the truth of what Serge Benhayon is here to present. Thank you Danna for addressing this tragedy of the truth of our media.

  40. Thank you for expressing what needed to be said! The lies that have been spread about this incredible man simply for gain, sensationalism and gossip is criminal. Those that wilfully tell such lies in this way in my opinion, need to be prosecuted under law. They are denigrating someone who has brought nothing but inspiration to many hundreds if not thousands, and are painting a picture of him as someone who is the complete opposite.

  41. Thank you Danna for so eloquently expressing the truth. It is shocking that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine can be so wrongfully portrayed in the media. Serge Benhayon certainly is showing us something important Danna, something that many have forgotten about and that is the connection to ourselves, our innermost – the Ageless Wisdom teachings have never left this earth it is us who have moved away from them – Serge Benhayon in presenting the truth to us again is allowing us all another choice.

  42. The rhythm of love in my life has been expressed much more since getting to know Serge Benhayon. There is music to it. The media should record that and not the harming sounds of their lies and insults.

  43. What Serge Benhayon is showing us is still very important, just like three years ago. Or should I say, it actually became even more important what he is presenting if you look at the way we are living with ourselves and each other. If we look at the world population, my body gets tense, as I can feel how we have messed up, how we have let our responsibility drop and actually chosen to forget about the real responsibility we have, I don’t mean being only responsible for doing groceries, bringing up children, I am talking about the energetic responsibility we all have. To me this is a sad state, and this is why I am so thankful that Universal Medicine has put their feet onto the earth to help us realize that we are not it; we are living destructive. So if we then look at the media, all we can see is tragedy, despair, hate, war, stress, illness & disease, discussions, fights, hunger, inequality, discrimination, plagues, bullying, lying etc., but no real love or truth. Therefore things as Universal Medicine or any student that is living the real way should be presented in the media with respect, sincerity and true appreciation, as this business or person, such as Serge Benhayon, is simply offering the reflection & tools to help us all unite back again, as up until this point we have not been able to do so on our own. Therefore portraying Universal Medicine as dangerous is the most evil act, as this is for the first time in decades we have such true modalities come through. We should honor and deeply treasure this. This might be our answer to safe ourselves.

  44. From the first time I saw Serge Benhayon present I knew here is a man that’s going to show us all a new way… I had no idea what that would mean or how it would look but it was my choice and mine alone to be continually inspired to look deeper into myself for the answer I had always been asking

  45. Well said Danna. l too absolutely agree that Serge Benhayon does not ever tell anyone what to do or how to live their life. He merely presents a way of life that he consistently and harmlessly lives and the student of the work or the newcomer can take or leave the presentation as they please. Also this is absolutely correct and true that “we all know that we are responsible for ourselves. This then simply means that it is not possible that either Serge, Universal Medicine or its practitioners can be blamed for someone else’s divorce/breaking up, relationships/f fights, family issues or etc. ” This is a brilliant blog of truth simply stated for what it is by you Danna and l thoroughly endorse every further point you have made with regards to the absolute integrity of Serge Benhayon and the undeniable love that he holds for humanity. So to those of you who persist in rubbishing him and his devoted work and astute presentations..he makes sense guys and he has some incredible answers to all the really big questions so listen up and stop denying the joy and glory we are all entitled to, equally, including you!

  46. The students of Universal Medicine are making different choices to the accepted ‘norm’ and in time statistics will reveal a vast difference in health and quality of life as shown by the students. In the mean time it appears we are making others uncomfortable with their choices and they feel the need to criticise and demean without any foundation or true investigation. There is a good news story here to be told … and yes Danna it’s important for humanity to hear.

  47. This is a great call for truth Danna…clear and concise, and calling out the falseness. Serge is indeed standing up for truth and offering by example a more loving way of living in the world and a life of integrity and responsibility…something that often confronts our comfortable and irresponsible lives but is so needed for humanity right now.

  48. Great to read your letter, exposing everyone who is writing harming articles, alone with your integrity and beauty that is palpable through your words and choice to take responsibility.
    Thank you for that and for speaking up in such clearness.

  49. Well done Dana, you have line by line addressed all the accusations and lies in the courier mail article by Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh. What you have written here Dana rings true with my experience, Serge is nothing like the money grabbing snake oil salesman portrayed in the Courier Mail article. He did not set out to have followers but as many of us found what he presents rings true with our experience, we wanted to learn more and thus the student body was formed.
    Universal Medicine is complimentary to western medicine and has nothing to do with the new age movement as the title of the article states. Serge is indeed showing something important for humanity to take notice of. That there is a way to live with love and harmony in this world, long held hurts can be healed, bad habits and addictions can be addressed and health can be restored.

  50. Danna it is true that the world’s health is reaching crisis point and governments are concerned with the rising costs of health care, so what amazes me is why no one is seriously investigating how it is that so many people from different cultures and countries, young to advanced ages, both men and women are making decisions to take responsibility for their health, wellbeing and contribution to the community. Surely this is a story that needs to be told?
    I am in my sixties and my health, mental outlook, weight have all changed dramatically as a result of the changes I have made to my way of living, all inspired by attending presentations by Serge Benhayon.

  51. Danna thank you for being so willing to expose the complete inaccuracies of this piece of journalism. As you have shared the world is doing so great and Serge Benhayon is willing to stand up to share there is another way.

  52. Danna, yes it is really sad to see the mistruths being spread as my experience with Universal Medicine has been the complete opposite. Thank you for shedding some light from your first-hand experience of the integrity, deep love and care of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  53. Danna, this article should be on the front page of that same newspaper. You rock lady, speaking up so clearly what lies are trying to keep the simple but powerfull truth hidden.
    We have to wake up.

  54. Danna, very well said. It feels very much like the attacks and vitriol coming Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s way are largely from those who do not want to look at or consider that the way we work is just not working. And Serge has been willing to step up and say so, and ask us all to consider if there is another way. Many of us have heeded that call and are feeling how we live now with more integrity, vitality, joy and laughter than before – we stand out, especially given the overall increasing trends of ill health. If our media truly cared about people at all, they would ask, what is going on with so many being ill and could it be that how the world lives is actually harming people? The media could offer a space for a conversation about how we live – rather than vilify those like Serge Benhayon who present a different way -why not consider what he has to say and if it might actually support. And there’s no need to worry, Universal Medicine doesn’t coerce or intimidate, it’s very much about people choosing what works for them, so anyone can look and decide.

  55. It’s sad that these ill informed journalists had to resort to lies to make their story. It also shows the disdain they hold women in that it is a derogatory comment to say that his followers are mostly women. What does that mean?
    In my experience Serge Benhayon has no followers, just people who are inspired to live in a more loving way, studying living with energetic integrity. Everything I have learned and felt since becoming a student of Universal Medicine has enriched my life enormously.
    The great thing about a false article as written by those journalists of the Courier Mail is that it has prompted many of us to step up and write about the amazing changes in our lives that are directly opposite to the frightening statistics on health and wellbeing presented by the rest of the world. The anecdotal evidence presented by all these people, men and women, becomes overwhelming and these people’s commitment to speaking out is phenomenal. When I speak to all sorts of people, randomly, out in the world, most are mistrustful of newspapers, journalists and what is being dished up as news. There is a better story here that serves the world, but the courier mail would have to raise the tone of their paper.

  56. Hear, hear could it be that Serge Benhayon is presenting something important for all humanity? Aren’t we in a dead end due to constant involution instead of evolution? Serge Benhayon presents the way back to who we truly are offering us to re-connect to true love and brotherhood.

  57. Great you speak the truth Danna and call the newspaper and journalist to their responsibility. Printing lies without checking facts is not helping humanity by informing them. Whereas they could offer something really worth checking for everybody’s health and wellbeing if they would report about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and it’s students.

  58. Well said Danna. There is possibly the greatest ever ‘Newsflash’ available to be told here of which this blog beautifully describes, the kind of story that the world is not dying (pun intended) to hear?

  59. As kids every one of us learns that without responsibility there are consequences. For those who choose to take responsibility for the choices they make in life, how is it that another can shame that action? Oh of course, by one that is NOT choosing to be responsible.

    1. ooo, well said Giselle. We always tend to bark at and go into defense about something that we aren’t doing but know we should be doing. This could very well be another example.

  60. It’s great you stood up for Universal Medicine Danna, and what you write is true, the media is so absent of love and integrity. Their irresponsibility in using the word “cult” is designed to mar Universal Medicine completely, and this is intended as long term damage. I love that we print the letters here that were sent to the media as everyone should read these. The intent to do damage by the media should not be accepted.

  61. Thank you for this blog Danna, you are sharing that it is not okay to write stories when they don’t have all of the facts. Bringing to our attention that the way we have been living as a humanity is not actually working and it’s absolutely irresponsible to try talk down something that is changing lives for the better, of so many people, woman AND men.

  62. Danna, thank you for sharing how you have taken responsibility for your life, contrary to the approach of the journalists, where they have ridiculed and distorted the facts and have clearly not taken responsibility for reporting the truth for all.

    1. So true Carmin Hall. I actually feel that journalism is so far away from truth that once they see it or come near it they attempt to run away as fast as they can and ignore the truth that is spoken. In this case there exists even journalism that does not only run away, but seems to come back and change the story into an ugly ‘truth’.

  63. ‘If you take a look at the world’s health, we can see in an instant that we are not getting healthier. So what is it that we are getting sick of?’. Awesomely expressed and so very well said Danna.

  64. Thank you Danna Elmalah for writing this letter. We cannot allow that the truth that is presented by Serge Benhayon is diminished or made foolish. The way of living that he presents is the universal way of living that belongs to all of humanity and that shows us the way to end the false life we currently live in our societies, the life we all know is not it since misery does not belong to be part of the human life. Love and truth do belong to human life and should be fostered and looked out for by all of humanity. Therefore it is sad to experience that although Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have all the answers for the misery we experience in our lives, it is portrayed in the media as of no importance or even dangerous, as has been done by the Courier Mail.

    1. Absolutely nvanhaastrecht, the Courier mail has done a great injustice to their readers with this false portrayal of Universal Medicine. I love how you describe that the false way we live in society can be replaced with a true way for humanity. Self-responsibility is a big part of this. So when the Courier Mail portrays Universal Medicine as of no importance or even dangerous, I would say it is extremely reckless irresponsible, and dangerous to ignore the truth presented by Universal Medicine laid out clearly for humanity.

  65. Danna from the way you express here it is so evident to me that you are making choices for yourself in life that support you to live a more loving life. How anyone could suggest you along with anyone else affiliated with universal medicine or Serge Benhayon is a follower or part of a cult is beyond me. Your experiences mirror my own, making choices for myself to live more aware and in a much more loving way based upon presentations that offer another way. Not because someone said I should but because I felt the truth of what was said and knew within my heart I wanted to live this way. Thank you for sharing your experience and for standing up for truth.

  66. Thank you Danna it’s awesome to hear you call on the Courier Mail to be respectful and consider the importance of what Serge Benhayon is presenting. I love how you sum up your letter and feel that even if they have not responded they cannot fail to have felt the truth of the questions you pose: ‘Is there maybe a chance that what Serge is presenting is a loving and healthy way for us to live from? And that Serge Benhayon is someone who has simply been stepping up to the fact that the world is not doing so well?
    This all makes much more sense to me than going into denial about what is so obviously going on.’ Spoken from the heart and much appreciated.

  67. Yea agreed Danna. Serge Benhayon lives such an amazing lifestyle that all he does is inspire- all the time. Even when not presenting… It’s quite amazing. The courier mail is missing out on the true story here.

  68. Very well presented Danna. At least the courier mail can be respectful and genuine in getting all the facts before presenting a story that is actually false and misrepresenting what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are about.

  69. Good call Danna, they are not honest. That is why they choose the wrong words. Serge Benhayon does not belong to the New Age. He brings the Ageless Wisdom. They are not followers, but people who have willingly accepted to give a go to the Ageless Wisdom’s teachings and discovered that by doing so their lives turned around for the better. What some people choose to see (and talk about) is simply not a reflection even near of reality. By doing so, as you rightly point out, they miss the amazing (the reality) of what is really going on.

  70. Danna it is an admirable act to stand up as you do for Serge, and for the truth. A man of such honour and integrity, who lives so lovingly that it inspires others to choose that for themselves, deserves nothing less than this unwavering support in the face of such injustice.

  71. Thank you Danna for speaking up for the truth, and the responsibility that we all have to make our own choices. I too am inspired by the man Serge Benhayon, who shows us how to ‘walk the talk’ of who we truly are.

  72. It is a great honour to have someone share their life and the wealth of wisdom so openly so that we all can have access to this too. That’s what love is and that is what Serge Benhayon is showing us – keep nothing to yourself, because if you learn or have benefitted from something it is not just for you but for all. Thank you Danna for telling it like it is.

  73. A beautiful and true heartfelt expression of the love and healthy living that is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, rather than the falsehoods reported by the Courier and other such artciles.

  74. For many years before meeting Serge Benhayon I was thinking that much was wrong with the world. I explored many practices and ideologies to find out if things could change, because I had an inner conviction that they could. I got disappointed many times over because I could feel all I need was a key to unlock who I was, rather than someone trying to tell me I needed to be something different or special, with special powers. So after so much exploring it wasn’t difficult to discern the truth from the lies, in the way Serge presented. He just simply stated the key was how we connect to ourselves and all we looked for outside was inside – but he did it effortlessly and incredibly lovingly without any hype or judgement – he walked the talk. So it really doesn’t matter what newspapers or media states or anyone else. It is my knowing of truth within me, that has been unlocked and the trust is in me and I can see this is common in what many others on these blog sites are saying and its great to celebrate how wonderful it feels to share this with others, many of whom I have never met and may never meet, yet we have found truth together.

    1. Thank you Simon I can really relate to searching for the key to unlock who I was over so many years and how I knew I had found the answer when I heard Serge Benhayon present that ‘the key was how we connect to ourselves and all we looked for outside was inside – but he did it effortlessly and incredibly lovingly without any hype or judgement – he ‘walked the talk,’ and the beauty of having the reflection of others on this same path is something I am appreciating more every day.

      1. Hear hear Helen!
        I too have felt the absolute inspiration and blessing of being able to observe and learn from others who are also committed to unfolding the Love that they (we) are 💜💜

  75. Thank you Danna for clearly laying out some truths for Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh. What you say about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is very true and it is a shame that these reporters didn’t have the integrity to actually do any real investigative work and find the amazing story that is presented.

  76. It would be really awesome if the media could report on the actual story here, that what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present and live is inspiring many to change their lives for the better and deeply heal themselves through honesty and self-love. Thank you Danna

  77. Thank you Danna for your beauty-fully expressed letter to the Courier Mail in response to the lies and innuendos that they chose to print for the public to read and react to. I wonder did they ever consider the impact that their lies and innuendos would have on ordinary folk, with its’ insidious little tentacles spreading out inflicting more doubt and emotional havoc out into the ether. I guess not. Thankfully letters written to the Courier Mail presenting the truth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine by those who are expressing their own experiences will bring harmony and balance to the media once again.

  78. I am adding my voice of disproval about the comments falsely accusing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. At no time have I felt imposed on by any of the practitioners. On the contrary I have been taught life skills with which I live more fully on a day to day basis and I am thankful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The flood of messages about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine will surely drown out the lack of integrity and ethics presented in the press.

  79. Thanks Danna. I wanted to take up the point that the press keep making about Universal Medicine being all about money. This entirely misses the point, which is that Universal Medicine is all about people. Its a consequence of the love and care that has been consistently presented for well over 10 years, that it has become a successful business. The charitable work Serge Benhayon does behind the scenes is enormous, and that would be a very interesting story for a journalist to investigate…

    1. How would it be if the Courier Mail were to choose to truly investigate and report on Universal Medicine, and not fabricate a completely distorted story based on lies? They had that opportunity as I know they interviewed others who gave them the plain facts and what it is really about, yet not a single word of their account is mentioned. Is it because they were too normal, and could not fit into the sensationalist lies that were being crafted in this story. The media are only too aware of their power to inform the public, to build and destroy reputations and harm innocent people’s lives, but have yet to step up to the responsibility that brings. Maybe one day they will decide that truth is more important than money.

      1. Given the opportunity to change and support the lives of many or continue to sell out for money, drama and recognition, you would think one wouldn’t think twice … perhaps one day Annie, one day, the truth will be plastered all over the world.

  80. Great blog Danna, its a shame that there are not reporters currently ready to write as you have written, the truth about a truly beautiful man who presents what he lives: Love.

  81. Danna, great to read this, and I agree in full. I also know that Serge Benhayon could choose to be much more “popular” and make much more “money” but that is not how he operates. He presents truth in a deeply loving way and its never about how much money can be made. Seeing how much he gives back and the great impact this has on many peoples lives is a real inspiration.

  82. It seems that the Courier Mail, Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh can and have spread information with out mentioning the facts. Thank you Danna, for being responsible and presenting the facts in response to the lies. This is incredibly valuable, until we can trust the media and journalists to write with integrity and take the time to research and present a full, open story.

    1. Interesting point you raise, Laura – ‘have spread information without mentioning the facts’ – there is no truth in their article. Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh had an opportunity to go do some true journalist research – but they didn’t – they chose lies and deceit.

  83. Well said Danna – a brilliant letter calling to account journalism such as the article written by Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh. You ask a great question ‘Does leaving the men out of the story help you to make the story better?’ How many times do we read in the media stories where vital pieces of information have been left out, or exaggerated? And who is this serving given the atrocities in our world today (e.g. corruption, famine, slavery, domestic abuse, rising illness and disease etc etc)? Isn’t it time to write article that have facts and truth in them?

  84. Thank you Danna, l am also one of the inspired – my life being transformed so much after attending courses and presentations by Serge, having tried so many other things out there for several years with no ‘true change’ until I met Serge Benhayon and I realised that everything he presented I already knew which made it easy for me to take responsibility for my life and make changes that I felt to make in my own time.

  85. Thank you, Danna. It is a shame that it takes a 19 year old woman from another country in her second language to make the effort to tell the true story about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The Courier Mail, Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh should take notice, as the more truth that is being presented about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, the more obvious the lies that have been printed become. Unless you decide to change it, you will always be responsible for printing lies, which is not particularly inspiring for journalists or a newspaper.

  86. How inspiring to hear a 19 year old woman telling the world: “We all know that we are responsible for ourselves.”
    Sadly and evidently, some of us don’t, as these journalists have displayed, by not taking responsibility for the mistruths that they sold to their readers.
    Thank God for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, for being a constant inspiration to old and young like yourself. And thank you Danna for expressing so beautifully.

  87. Thank you Danna, your words are gentle and simple and clearly sum up my own feelings about Serge and what Universal Medicine offers the world. I have been going to courses and receiving sessions from practitioners for over two years now. This is because every single one builds on the next one, in a way that truly is making a difference in my life and my work. Finally, I have found a genuine way and a true means of loving support that nurtures me and enables me to live a better life, so that I may naturally do the same for others. It’s simple really and saddening that the journalists who get caught up in the race to spread lies and untruths in “making a story”; to affect many lives, cannot see beyond to the magnificent opportunity that awaits them. If only they could make a simple commitment to look a little deeper. Take that first step towards themselves, as we have, to feel the truth.They too would find a genuine, loving, healing way to live and a true story about true change that is changing countless lives for the better. Now that will be awesome and I really look forward to reading that article!

  88. Thanks Danna, I am one of the inspired, thank you Serge and UniMed for offering a fresh way of doing things when I thought I had, pre my involvement with UniMed, tried it all.

  89. Thank you Danna for mentioning that Serge does not do what he does to make huge profits as suggested. It is challenging to people who just look at the figures and then use them to confirm a preconception about Universal Medicine. Taking a moment to look a little deeper and you will see a truly amazing story of money being used to lay a foundation for generations to come. It is self-less which is perhaps what is so challenging.

  90. Danna, I love the beautiful way in which you ask of the journalists to consider being accountable for what they have written, by simply presenting the truth of what Serge and Universal Medicine is about.

    1. Hear hear Annette – I agree. For a 19 year old to feel the truth and present it, is brilliant. The more we say no to what isn’t true as Danna has here, the more we can change all of our expectations of journalism and the media – for truth and nothing less.

  91. Danna, it was a delight to read and feel the absoluteness of how you have chosen to make changes in your life because you too saw ‘the way the world is living is not really working’.

  92. It’s lovely to feel the variety of people who are sharing their experience with Serge and Universal Medicine – not only men and women, but young and older and from all around the globe. For a 19 year old women to express this so clearly in her second language is amazing, and a reflection of her commitment to speak the truth on this topic. It is also lovely to feel that although the posts and comments are coming from across the globe, all genders and all ages, the theme of what is being written is still the same. Serge shared with us a loving way of living, by living it himself, we have never been told how to live, and the changes we have made in our life have been our own choice, and these changes are for the better in terms of health and love in our life. We take full responsibility, and also full credit – we’re not brain washed puppets. Thank you Danna.

    1. Absolutely agree Danielle! So many testimonials, too many to count that prove that there is absolutely no brain washing going on here. Simple choices that enhance the every day life of the person choosing them. Simple.

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