The Real Meaning of Healing

by Rowena Stewart, England

When I first met Serge Benhayon, I felt tired, frumpy and fat. At the time I considered myself to be a life-long student, practitioner and teacher of kinesiology, and ran a very successful kinesiology clinic with my partner. However, we were also both overweight, consumed too much alcohol, chocolate and coffee, worked too hard and argued a lot. Added to this I was pre-diabetic, had endometriosis, suffered from migraines, depression, had a slipped disc and underlying exhaustion. In short, I wasn’t very well.

I had, like plenty of other people in the world, a professional persona and a private one, and at times they were greatly at odds with one another. I knew that drinking alcohol wasn’t a great thing to do and would often vow to cut down on my intake, but every Friday night my partner and I would slump exhausted onto the sofa and out would come the wine and chocolate. It felt like a treat at the end of a long week.

In April 2006 a friend and colleague invited us to join a workshop given by a “very interesting man”. He shared a few pieces of intriguing information that seemed radically at odds with our current philosophies. We were interested in discovering more and signed up to go on a Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 course.

As the course unfolded there appeared to be a few fundamental points that create the platform for true healing. On the basis that everything in the world is made of energy, there are in fact two types of energy: one is the energy of love, and the other is an energy that is not love. We were introduced to a beautifully simple breathing technique that enabled us to connect with the energy of love within us, and then taken through some practical exercises that allowed us to feel the tangible difference between these two energies. It was like choosing between a warm bath and a cold shower. This was very new to me, but from now on I was suddenly very sure about which energy I wanted to start choosing.

The second point built on the first. If everything is energy, then there is no magic boundary between the professional persona and the private one. I realised that, like it or not, everything that I did privately had been joining in with my professional work. It didn’t matter how qualified I might be, all those emotional dumping, wine swigging, chocolate scoffing, coffee guzzling little moments had been accompanying me into my clinic room and mingling with my healing sessions. Oh my God, why hasn’t someone said this before?

The next profound point was that in every other healing modality, alternative and orthodox, the focus is always on the client and their body. As practitioners, we never pay attention to what is happening in our own bodies, and hence are not caring for ourselves as we might. If we are serious about healing, then we need to be focussing on connecting to love and creating a loving way of life, so that when we step into the clinic room we bring with us all the love we have been living. Healing is about love first and foremost, not knowledge or formulae, and if we truly want to heal, then we truly need to immerse ourselves in love first!

During the course, the firm focus was on connecting to and feeling a delicious and divine energy of love in our own bodies, and to stay with it using the breathing technique. Using this as the fundamental principle we paired up and began some guided ‘hands on’ sessions. We put our hands on the other person’s body, all the while focussing on our breath and letting the other person’s body get on with the healing. As I lay on the couch, memories of past traumas, of which there have been many, began evaporating out of my body. Ten years of kinesiology had never done that.

The morning after the course we both had a healing session with Serge Benhayon, and this time I could fully appreciate and feel all of the truth of what he had spent the last two days presenting. Serge was simply the most astute, honourable and trustworthy man I have ever had the privilege to meet, and this session the most direct healing I had ever experienced. Serge simply felt astonishingly transparent. It was very evident, (and still is today) that there were no dual personas with this man; he walked his talk in every conceivable way possible. We never spoke about alcohol or drinking in my session – just focussed on my depression. However, from that day forward, wine, no matter how splendid the vintage or grape, just smells of vinegar and is rather off-putting. Going teetotal is one of the most natural things I have ever done.

In over 26 years of combined experience in the field of alternative medicine, neither my partner nor I had ever been introduced to such an easy way to discern energy, or such a commonsense approach to health and healing. When we attended this course, it was with the firm expectation of going home with some brand new tools under our belt to offer our clients. What we ended up with was a completely new healing paradigm and an awful lot of questions. It was very evident to us that whatever we had spent the last ten years plus doing, it wasn’t healing – and subsequently put into question all of our long held business plans. Over the ensuing months we began to cut our ties with kinesiology and transform not only our working practice but also our day-to-day living, and six years on we are very different people enjoying a very different relationship.

The task of building a ‘body of love’ with which to work soon became a path of just naturally discovering what supported me and us and what didn’t. I began to feel that all the things I had considered to be ‘treats’ – staying up late to watch a movie, coffee with cream, ice cream, cakes and chocolate – in fact made me really ill. Compared to this delicious warm energy I could feel inside me, I began to know what the word ‘treat’ really meant. It is a ‘treat’ to feel well, and so I continued the process of finding out what heals me and what harms me and the beauty of it is, it’s my call… not some imposed dictate. All Serge had done and continues to do to this day, is gracefully reflect how to love ourselves. One of the main things he encourages us to do is feel for ourselves. If we discern the world on an energetic basis first and trust our own feelings, we can never be fooled.

Over six years my blood sugar level has returned to normal and I have lost weight without trying, in fact I feel like I have got a slow puncture. My endometriosis has almost entirely cleared up and my periods are becoming, wait for it, joyful! My slipped disc slipped back and my migraines are now mi-gones. That ever so constant and underlying depression and exhaustion vanished, and my relationship with my beautiful husband is playful, honest, supportive and yes, loving. Learning to love and nurture myself is still a process of trial and error, but now I am a lifelong student of Me and my day-to-day living. There is no qualification at the end, and by its very nature this journey will always be on-going.

I stepped back from treating. I have issues to heal and I was pretending to be the perfect practitioner – never a good thing – particularly as it is an impossibility. I had to learn to make loving choices just for me, not because I was an esoteric practitioner. Throughout the entire process all I have ever experienced is love and support from Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team. Love after all is not about what I do, what I know or pertain to be. Love is who I am and that applies to every one of us in equal measure. I know now that healing comes from me choosing love and permeates everything I do. It does not come from affirmations, tapping points, the latest modality or prescribed formulas. Healing is about taking responsibility for the choice of energy behind my behaviour, thoughts and emotions, nurturing my body and living each day with grace, ready and willing to do whatever is required.

Thank you Serge Benhayon, for so solidly and consistently reflecting with such loving regard for all humanity, that there is a true way to live on this planet – a way full of grace, tenderness and harmony – a way that makes the ordinary life extraordinary to live.

223 thoughts on “The Real Meaning of Healing

  1. There are some extraordinary changes in health listed on this blog. Things that were considered normal and some considered a part of life all null and void from choosing love first. Is this as simple as it is? Here is part of the evidence and there are many others to make up a whole catalogue of healing from people making this simple yet significant change to their life and life style. You would think from a blog so significant like this one you would see people knocking the door down to know how it was done but there isn’t. It begs the question then do we truly want change or do we just want an easy fix that gives us permission to keep going down the same track? Change like the detail in this blog is not possible but a certainty when you choose love truly over and above all else.

  2. this is an amazing illustration of how normalised so many harmful things have become in our daily lives – as you working as a health care practitioner was not considering anything wrong with consuming alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and sugar just for a start, even when your body was clearly showing signs of strain. It goes to show how society as a whole has been (willingly) indoctrinated or lulled into a false normal… and the results are a society that is crumbling under chronic ill health conditions and obesity and a government that is being crushed by the cost of its health services. It is well time to reconsider what is true Healing and what is possible for all of us to live if we so choose.

  3. To rekindle that gorgeous feeling of love in our bodies, to bring that as a focus into everything we do and everything we are… such a simple technique yet so all encompassing and enriching. To be re-introduced to that is a gift from heaven.

  4. What we get when we sign up to a universal medicine course is so much more than what we tend to expect. I attended my first course looking for relief and answers to my questions in life but left with more questions than I began with because what was on offer and presented was so huge and all encompassing: who we truly are, and our connection with the universe. Like you Rowena I found that this was about understanding and connecting to who I truly am and not just a short term fixing of symptoms. With that, and when we commit to loving and nurturing ourselves, comes the possibility of lasting change, if we choose it.

  5. Wow Rowena, amazing transformation. It is incredible how you have changed your life through learning to connect to your body and trusting what you feel to be true. Ultimately no one can heal us, it is up to us to heal, to let go of our hurts and re-imprint our unloving choices.

  6. The real meaning of healing is our ability to connect to the divine quality within oursleves first and to let go of that which does not belong to that true nature of who we are.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with your words here Rowena: “Serge simply felt astonishingly transparent. It was very evident, (and still is today) that there were no dual personas with this man; he walked his talk in every conceivable way possible.”
    It is usually not until we meet someone so completely open – with no need for guard nor pretence – that we realise where we ourselves have lived in a duality. How inspiring at the deepest level this is, and also what a wake-up call – to live with such integrity in every single facet of life… It is what our planet most desperately needs.

  8. The changes you’ve described Rowena, and simply remarkable – and your own deep transparency is very much appreciated. It takes a willing openness and humility, after being so dedicated in a modality such as kinesiology, to allow such a new realisation: “Ten years of kinesiology had never done that.”
    Clearly, your life and that of your husband, is richer beyond measure for the changes you have made – wow, and amazing – inspired by the work and deep integrity of the lived way of Serge Benhayon.

  9. Thinking that we can have a personal and professional ‘persona’ is a trick of the mind. We are exactly the same person who carries all that we are and have being to all that we do.

  10. We can have all the knowledge in the world but if it is not embodied and lived then it is of no use. When I am being presented with knowledge I love to relate it to my own life by coming up with an example. That way I find it easier to learn as I can put the knowledge into practice.

  11. Hello Rowena and it’s interesting that through all the healing you did you actually didn’t heal until you saw Serge Benhayon. As you said you had a double life which many of us including me can very much relate to. How can we not see that this not only doesn’t work but can be quite amusing. I mean we pull on a suit and we are a businessman doing business but not thinking that we were anything before we pulled the suit on? It’s like at times we think we can wash away every thought, movement and saying to start fresh and none of it is with us. As you are saying and as I know this is not true but at times still I will not hold this at the front of everything I do. I guess that is why this is an unfolding path in that we are always faced with moments we have created at some point to apply what we know is true. It is like a round and round in circles we go until there is no trace of anything but truth.

    1. Thanks Ray, your description of how we ‘think’ we have a clean slate when we put on a suit, a face or step into a particular scene is so true and one I often do – every thought, every movement is with us and we take it into each scene be that our home, an interview or anything else, and it’s great to be reminded to this today, to know that everything is with me and to also know that in any moment the movements I choose if they are from love change all that has been before, so in fact our job is to know and feel where we are and have been and to choose love now and to keep that first always.

      1. Great Monica and that is simply it isn’t it. Yes be aware of where you have been and what you have chosen but connect deeply to the love that you are naturally first. Don’t try and work something out, think something through without first connection. It is like we are choosing the same way down the same road and expect to not turn up in the same place. We need to change the quality we stand in first, our breath before we walk anywhere. The change in our quality already goes along way to healing what was before. Don’t make the change and as we are both saying the flavour may be different but the ingredients are the same and so the result is certain to be the same.

  12. I love your blog Rowena, so very honest, humble and relatable. And you highlight something for me, that I know but seeing other parts of it just now, that it’s not about being perfect, but an on-going process. And your description of what a treat is is very astute, to feel well in and of ourselves and not because we have to have something, or be something, we can just be us – now that is the biggest treat of all.

  13. I have never been a healer although I have done much spiritual work, the truth of that is deep down I do not feel the way I was living in the past was responsible enough for me to be called a healer. But I have had the opportunity to observe in close proximity how many healers live, and gradually I began to discern and began to say No to such healing. It was not all clear to me yet then, but I was slowly putting together one plus one, and the truth of how everything is everything. So what you have shared and lived Rowena, is a huge wake up call to many who may not have had that awareness, I am inspired by this to not hold back my own reflection, for I knew how my life also changed when I understood energetic responsibility more and the difference between fire and prana.

  14. How lost can we be if we do not treasure that inner connection we have with the love that lives within all of us equally. That love is our true origin and if we do not connect to that we are choosing another energy, an energy that makes us want to go in the irresponsible way of living we are so frequently faced with in todays society.

  15. I love the integrity you showed in stepping back from being a practitioner to address and heal your own issues rather than impose them on another. Very few would be this honest or responsible for the effect that this can otherwise have on others… a deeply loving choice for you and your clients that reflects living the integrity of what Universal Medicine presents.

  16. It is very enlightening to realize that on one hand, it is not the healer healing the client but at the same time the capacity to support the client to heal is totally dependent on the energetic quality of the healer, ie the way he is living. With this in mind the meaning of being a practitioner of healing gains greater perspective that for the first time makes healing a truly holistic and or holy process.

  17. Beautifully put Rowena – Taking the role of a practitioner without taking proper care or ourselves is not a very good recipe. But we should not either dishonour the grace that is naturally within us so once honoured, celebrated and accepted, it should be let out for others to benefit from.

  18. Thank you Rowena,
    I too had invested in kinesiology and also bowen therapy, I practiced both of these modalities, only to realise after my first ever weekend listening to Serge present, that they were not modalities that truly heal. It has taken me some time, but I am now beginning to get a sense that who I am, if lived, is not for me, but for everyone. This is turning things literally upside down in as far as believing for most of my life that I was unworthy. It also completely changes the healing paradigm as we know it to be. Healing is accepting the love we are and hold within. Nothing more, nothing less.

  19. The Code of Ethics offered by the Esoteric Practitioners Association includes that everything a practitioner does in their personal life walks with them into the treatment room. This level of integrity is unheard of in the world, and for me makes Esoteric Healing a unique and highly valued experience.

  20. The honesty and humility that you and your partner chose is inspiring Rowena. To walk away from a career that you had invested many years in is testament to the amazing transformations that the Universal Medicine modalities are the catalyst for. When truth is felt it is undeniable!

  21. I had also studied several modalities and as you share Rowena, the focus is on the client’s body and not our own or our way of living. What Serge Benhayon has introduced about energetic integrity is ground-breaking, yet it also now feels so common sense to me. Your words “If we are serious about healing, then we need to be focussing on connecting to love and creating a loving way of life, so that when we step into the clinic room we bring with us all the love we have been living”, are a beautiful expression for me of the energetic integrity that is needed not just as a practitioner of a modality, but as a community member also.

  22. Thank you Rowena, you make some really glorious points! Your line about the energies of love or not love is very true, “It was like choosing between a warm bath and a cold shower.” How warm and snug it feels to make loving choices everyday and to treat ourselves with love.

  23. Great blog Rowena, it also important to remember that whatever we do for a living in life is also like being a practitioner, we either heal or harm whether we choose love or not love.

  24. “It was like choosing between a warm bath and a cold shower.” – this summed up what is and what is not true healing for me. For many the experience of cold showers has been so repeated and is a daily constant that we don’t even know what a warm bath feels like, it can feel alien at times and in some instances even rejected as not being true. What Serge Benhayon has presented in that every choice and every movement has to use energy, thus we can heal or harm in every single movement within our days. Choosing to heal from this perspective coming from a background of healing that is strongly defended as being classed as a ‘healing modality’ has very real and tangible results and your walking proof of such Rowena, Thank you.

  25. Rowena, your blog is so full of Joy, Appreciation and Wonder – it has been healing to read. Serge Benhayon is an ordinary man who is amazing. He is tenderness, honesty, humility and love all bundled together – a Blessing for Humanity.

  26. Serge Benhayon opened up a treasure trove of realisations for me when he said ‘Everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy’ and I understood the meaning of ‘a light bulb moment’. In presenting the choice of energy that we live with as “one is the energy of love, and the other is an energy that is not love” I knew I had found the key to so many questions and I have the responsibility to feel the energy of everything.

  27. We carry all of our choices with us, loving or not, into every relationship we have with everyone. Better to choose love then.

  28. Love the clarity in your blog, Rowena about the foundational principles of Universal Medicine and why they made such an impact on you both in your professional capacity and personally. It is absolutely right to consider our responsibility in supporting others – be that as a practitioner, carer, manager, mother, brother. And so it makes sense that however we have been choosing to live accompanies us into those roles, with those we are supporting literally getting the fruits of our self-caring labours.

  29. ‘I had, like plenty of other people in the world, a professional persona and a private one, and at times they were greatly at odds with one another.’ Rowena you raise an important issue here, not only for practitioners of medicine and healing, but for everyone. How we live does affect how we are in our everyday interactions; even though we may believe people may not notice, it can be felt when someone is a bit ‘off’.

    1. Very true, when I go into the office, I only have to watch someone, and I already know what kind of mood they are in, and it can be truly felt too, it reminds of the saying “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.” And often blissfully unaware of the atmosphere being created for everyone else.

  30. “Love is who I am and that applies to every one of us in equal measure. I know now that healing comes from me choosing love and permeates everything I do.” Beautiful Rowena. Serge Benhayon inspires us to choose a different way of living – one that is about love – for ourselves and for everyone.

  31. Loved reading this blog Rowena, so inspiring how you have chosen self-love and absolutely turned your life around to one of joy and vitality. We heal or harm in all areas of life and the responsibility is with each and everyone of us to choose our own breath. Serge Benhayon offers a true way of living, an Ageless Wisdom that we all know deep inside us, reconnecting to this is glorious for all.

      1. I am loving simplicity more and more. It is from seeing other people living in simplicity that I realise how easy it is to complicate life when I am not being fully responsible and present in life. It is easy to let things accumulate if I am zoned out or not willing to commit or take responsibility. I love how simplicity is also related to consistency and commitment to taking responsibility every day.

  32. It is a joy to read this blog Rowena and to feel the love you and your husband have come back to. I can relate to the kinesiology – I had been on the receiving end of treatments for two years with the practitioner telling me each time that I needed to get rid of my anger. I’d also tried many other ways to deal with this however it was only when I had a healing session with an esoteric practitioner that I could start to understand and finally begin to release the anger from my body with the assistance of Chakra-Puncture and other esoteric modalities.

    1. I too had tried for many years to be healed from my issues, my concept of healing was that someone else could wave a magical wand and cure me of my maladies. I was completely wrong on that. I too got the message loud and clear that we heal ourselves, no healer can do it for us, it’s up to us to do the healing.
      After a while I could see that benefit of this understanding, because I began to realise how I had created all my issues in the first place- I had simply taken stuff on, reacted in certain ways, and I had choices about how I had handled things from long long ago, all culminating in my body , mind and emotional states. It then made total sense to reconsider my choices in relation to all that had happened to me. After undertaking this process, I am very pleased with how my life has turned around and how I am able to enjoy the freedom of my own healing. Another crucial point is that healing doesn’t really happen in the clinic room, it is all about how deeply we connect to the freedom we now have post session to make new choices in our lives.

      1. Beautifully expressed Felicity and I agree that we really do need to take responsibility for what we choose to take on and how we react and it’s very empowering to understand that we are responsible for our own healing.

    1. I love the part you’ve highlighted Felix. In the past I would have thought making loving choices for myself was selfish but now I realise it was such an illusion. Self-love and self-care is the best thing we could do for ourselves because it nourishes us as well as others as love flows from within outwards to others very naturally when we truly live a loving way.

  33. Thank you Rowena, truly inspiring to read and there is so much in your blog I can relate to. Just like you my whole life has changed by hearing and starting to live the energy of love instead of the opposite choosing what is not love. And this has made all difference of the world and is still constantly evolving because sometimes what seems to be love appears to be not love when we have a honest look. One paragraph from your blog I would like to share is ‘If we are serious about healing, then we need to be focussing on connecting to love and creating a loving way of life, so that when we step into the clinic room we bring with us all the love we have been living. Healing is about love first and foremost, not knowledge or formulae, and if we truly want to heal, then we truly need to immerse ourselves in love first!’ And I would like to add, we are all a healer what ever our profession is, so the responsibility to live love is there for us all.

  34. Rowena, it is gorgeous to feel your commitment to simply be love. I stopped practicing bodywork soon after I consciously made a choice to become a student of my own, but recently I have decided to start offering esoteric healing sessions. There are many things I can resonate in what you share here, and reading your words felt like a reality check for me, and was very supportive. Thank you.

  35. This is such a rich and definitive testimonial to, not only the life changing wisdom that Serge Benhayon offers the world, but to the commitment that you, Rowena, made to make the changes that turned around so much in your life. An amazing story of healing that is now being echoed world-wide by hundreds of others, who like you, are living with a well being way beyond any previous expectations, and a life that now has a true purpose.

    1. I love reading this blog too Ingrid. Rowena is deeply inspiring through her powerful blog sharing her experiences of life and making choices inspiring us to know that anything is possible when we make loving choices for ourselves.

  36. Thank you Rowena – there is so much to enjoy in your blog. ‘Love is who I am …’ is a perfect anchor point in my day to day life. I know if I keep coming back to this fact, life becomes more simple.

  37. I love this blog, you share beautifully how it actually is all about love. And working on what is not love by learning to love ourselves deeply and being honest about what we do and don’t to not be this love.

  38. This is inspiring to read Rowena. To realise the way you had been living and the impact that was having on those around you, is indeed a great awareness to have. To then to make a clear choice to change this and live a life of honesty and truth and see the very obvious physical changes cannot be ignored. You are a living, breathing, shining example of how these simple choices can make such a difference to our lives.

  39. Rowena a great piece of writing, I too experienced something similar by way of realising my responsibility of my own way of Livingness and how that affected others. I was blown away, because I could feel the deep truth of what Serge Benhayon was presenting and wondered why I had not heard this before.

  40. What I have come to understand is that no one can heal you, but we actually heal ourselves. Great support and wisdom from Serge Benhayon and Esoteric practitioners is one part, but the work is done by our direct choice to self care. You are a living and loving example of this Rowena.

  41. Thank you Rowena for sharing your journey to true healing. I imagine that it was quiet a shock to be a practitioner of one type of modality and to then discover all your beliefs questioned with the presentation of another way. I know that I have found the level of responsibility that I realised was necessary, quite confronting. However with the melting away of those ideals and beliefs, life is so much richer and more joyful and I have gained so much.

  42. Rowena your experience which you describe with such clarity is truly amazing. It is my experience too that fundamental to true healing is the ability to discern between the energy of love that lives within us, and is therefore healing, and the energy that comes from outside of us, and is thus harming to our true nature. Your lived experience is testament to how powerful this understanding is to enabling us to make choices that support health and vitality of ourselves and the quality that we bring to others.

  43. Rowena I can see you have made some enormous changes in your Life with more to come. With the Teachings of Serge Benhayon to guide you have much ahead of you.

  44. I can relate to aspects of your experience Rowena, being a shiatsu and massage practitioner and now practicing Universal Medicine therapies. It was like we knew things weren’t good for us, but we did them anyway because we were being run by the mind. When we make life about energy, there is no hiding or ‘getting away with’ anything, but about developing a very personal relationship with the divine energy living inside each of us.
    Funnily enough, I thought I was living and practicing with energy! But there was so much more and this is one of the countless gifts Serge Benhayon has earthed for us all.

  45. Rowena this is such an amazing blog to re-read as you so eloquently put “Healing is about love first and foremost, not knowledge or formulae, and if we truly want to heal, then we truly need to immerse ourselves in love first!”. I can feel how much choosing to live in this way builds a true foundation. It reminds us that each choice and decision is our own and it is these choices we take out into the world for all to feel. The choice now becomes will it be one of love or not?

  46. Awesome Rowena. A classic story of Self care and what can be achieved when we look after ourselves. Quite an incredible turn around in your health, leaving a world of chocolate and coffee to a life of wellness and vitality, less really is more.

  47. Wow love this clarity with which you present what true healing is Rowena. Very awesome. The integrity you show is groundbreaking. Having had a full on clinic on kinesiology and realizing that this was not true healing and leaving it behind is just amazing in a world where everything is about business and money making. This is a true role model example of only having a business that is not harming and not going for personal gain. Thank you for sharing this!

  48. This is such an amazing blog on healing and love – thank you for sharing what you have learnt from Serge Benhayon and from being a student of yourself.

  49. Rowena I love how you share the fact that ‘there is no magic boundary between the professional persona and the private one’ for it is true we are one and the same in all that we do and we carry all that we are and all that we have done to all that we do.

  50. Wow, Rowena. It’s totally inspiring to read how you were able to become so honest that you could acknowledge the untruth of what you used to offer as ‘healing’, and step away from the comfort of your temporal success.

  51. Rowena, you’ve shared here so beautifully what healing truly is — and what it isn’t, and the immense responsibility we all have to allow true healing to take place, whether we’re treating as a practitioner or otherwise. For it’s all the same when we realise that we are choosing the quality of energy to be in and thus emanate, all of the time.

  52. So simply and clearly shared, Rowena. Once the truth is felt, it can never be denied. The choice is always ours as to how to ‘Be’ in our lives. Knowing that all we are is energy first brings a responsibility in the way we live and interact with others. There are many practitioners out there living the way you have described and then bringing all of that into their sessions with clients. Very Powerful Blog, honest and loving.

  53. One of my favourite blogs 🙂 I really felt your message of commitment to living love as the foundation for a professional practitioner. What’s beautiful is that you’ve inspired me to commit more deeply to that and helped make the whole process I’m in (loving me) clearer. Thank you.

  54. What a transformation you have made Rowena Stewart by just following you feelings when you first met Serge Benhayon. It shows of a courage to challenge everything you had build your life upon unto that point, being willing and open to honestly asses every aspect of it. You show me that there is another way and that when we are ready to receive the message Serge is presenting to us, we can slowly make the changes into our lives based on the love we develop in ourselves with all the available support from Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and associated practitioners.

  55. Just loved this Rowena, feeling the energy behind all we do and connecting to this before we do anything makes a lot of sense. It brings back our true responsibility to ourselves first, then living that way. Thankyou for what you have shared here.

  56. Feeling from our body first – how simple then it is to choose. Thank you for sharing your thoroughly inspiring story Rowena.

  57. This is such a fabulous blog Rowena. It was really joyful to read of your self-loving transformations and the level of honesty that you and your husband went to.

  58. The way you have described the two different energies and how they can be felt was really cool – it is like the difference between a cold shower and a warm bath! Having known you and your husband back in those days of Kinesiology and knowing you now the difference is as stark as those two poles. Thank you for this blog, it is a great reminder that even when having felt the difference it is worth coming back to love again and again as opposed to living with cold showers (not-love) day in and day out.

  59. The huge transformation you’ve made in your life Rowena is incredibly inspiring. It takes a huge amount of courage to turn against the tide of life and start walking back to truth. Meeting Serge Benhayon had a very similar effect on my life, you cannot see the change so much physically, but the difference I feel inside me is indescribable!

  60. You have beautifully presented how simply life can be turned around when you realise that everything is energy, that there are 2 types of energy, one that is love and one that is not, and what happens when you start choosing love… your story is gorgeous and truly inspiring.

  61. Thank you Rowena for sharing your beautiful story of claiming back who you truly are, and that is love. I have the same sentiments about Serge Benhayon as you have in your last paragraph.

  62. Wonderful sharing of the changes you and your husband have made as a result of returning to the love you naturally are and making it part of your foundation. Thanks Rowena.

  63. Rowena the turn around in your body is just truly amazing. The power of immersing yourself in love to heal is obviously as immense as it is gorgeous.

  64. As you well say Rowena, there is one main truth that lead to many other ones. I just love your ending: “Thank you Serge Benhayon, for so solidly and consistently reflecting with such loving regard for all humanity, that there is a true way to live on this planet – a way full of grace, tenderness and harmony – a way that makes the ordinary life extraordinary to live.” Beautiful.

  65. ‘Healing is about taking responsibility for the choice of energy behind my behaviour, thoughts and emotions, nurturing my body and living each day with grace, ready and willing to do whatever is required.’ What an amazing prescription for life Rowena. Thank you for sharing so honestly it is truly inspirational.

  66. So much to agree on here Rowena, what you share and has been shared by Serge Benhayon as long as I’ve known him and is very worth considering. That healing comes from us connecting to a process of healing that naturally takes place within us is fascinating. In other words us connecting to the love and stillness within. This is something everyone should know about, that the greatest form of fuel for the body is stillness and love.

  67. What an extraordinary story Rowena. It’s amazing that despite all ones health practitioner credentials, without a true understanding of energy and choosing self-loving ways, we are oblivious to and at the mercy of… living a life that’s harming to ourselves and others all the whilst being cloaked in the illusion that we are healing. Thank you for living, sharing and reflecting so gloriously the truth that few are willing to see let alone live.

  68. I agree completely Rowena that the magic boundary that does not exist between the private and public in the practitioner is something that was unknown until Serge Benhayon came along. Energetic integrity and energetic responsibility is so needed in practitioners of all kinds, whether complementary or not. It is a new (old) paradigm that not many people are ready to accept. Now I know it is true the way we affect our clients by the way we live in every way.

  69. Beautiful, Rowena. Whether you are a practising practitioner or not, everyone around you is receiving a blessing from you being you.

  70. Rowena, I love how you put it very simply, that Serge encourages us to feel that there are two types of energy, one of love and the other is not love. It is so simple, yet I had never heard anyone share this before in all of the modalities that I have studied. It does make so much sense and the choice became very easy, to align with love. The more I have aligned to love, I have naturally wanted to let go of many things that I can now see are not love and I was using as a means to make me feel ‘better’ for a moment or two. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for showing that there is another way.

  71. “Oh my God, why hasn’t someone said this before?” My question too, Rowena. I wish someone had told me when I was a child about the “way that makes the ordinary life extraordinary to live”. I wish I’d met Serge Benhayon then rather than in the last half of my life, so I could have been living the loving way he presents right from the get-go!

  72. “I know now that healing comes from me choosing love and permeates everything I do.” Rowena, true words of wisdom, I too studied kinesiology, also bowen therapy and reiki. Never once in any of these modalities did I feel my love in my body. What I did feel was an arrogance and self importance. Both very detrimental energies as it gave me the upper hand, while in no way offering that I needed this upper hand because I had a constant feeling of not being good enough running in my body, that like you, had me feeling constantly anxious. This has lessened remarkably, but is still something that comes up at times. The thing that supports me deeply when I feel the anxiousness now is the absolute knowing that it is not me. The solid, tender honouring love that comes from deep with in is who I really am.

  73. It’s a beautiful blog Rowena, deeply honest and thought provoking. Your commitment to healing, and the integrity that you have displayed throughout the blog are a real source of inspiration… the final sentence is a golden gift to remind us all.

  74. What a gorgeous article Rowena. It’s a golden moment when we realise that there is no such thing as a separate professional life and personal life and that the way we live affects everything in our life. The choices you have made and continue to make are paying big dividends in all areas of your life and all you are doing is choosing love – truly inspiring.

  75. Rowena, my feeling is that you never stepped back from treating. For me, just saying your name is a healing for my body, my cells do react to the beauty and love, to the grace and the glory you move with. I thank God that you and your lovely husband took the decisions back then to follow your hearts.

  76. ” I am a lifelong student of Me and my day-to-day living” I couldn’t have put it better.
    So many revelations in this blog and I am inspired by the fact that despite having a successful business you knew and felt that what you created was not healing and had the courage to stop and change it in the same way you also changed your life.

  77. Hi Rowena I truly enjoyed reading this blog. There were so many points which I recognised, I really loved the humour and one point made my eyes fill with tears ‘Serge was simply the most astute, honourable and trustworthy man I have ever had the privilege to meet’ because these words describe exactly how I felt when I met Serge Benhayon.

  78. This is a beautifully written, clear, real life story. The changes you have described seemed to have evolved really naturally. Rowena, there is an awesome responsibility in you choosing not to practice therapy until you feel you are clear in what you bring to the table.

    1. Yes very true Stephen, it was such a big wake up call, to clearly understand that we cannot segregate our lives into different compartments depending on what we want the world to see. It really raises the bar in terms of professional conduct, quite rightly so too. What we live is what the client gets, regardless of how ‘competent or well trained’ we may be. Energetic integrity should be taught in every school, college and university regardless of the subject.

  79. Lovely to read this again Rowena and it is a lovely depiction of our journey of relinquishing a path that was in total illusion and finding love and true healing. It is a joy to be walking with you, your adoring husband.

  80. Wonderful Rowena. Thank you for your fantastic account of a complete change of life. You have steadily chosen love. I admire your courage and your tenacity.

    1. Thank you Maryline. It may seem strange but once it had been pointed out to me, there was no other choice but to keep having a go at choosing Love. Once I had felt it in my body and the power of the gentle healing techniques, I knew that what I had been doing was not healing and that this was the true path forward. I have never regretted it.

  81. Truly inspirational Rowena!! One can really feel the power in your words. The sense of sacrifice in forgoing all your ‘treats’ and the resulting blissful realisation that you had found true Healing with the support and inspiration from Serge Benhayon is wonderful.
    A real ‘Coming Home’.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. It is quite remarkable to realise that what was once considered a ‘treat’, something special like chocolate, red wine, coffee and cream are really highly toxic poisons! It was a real coming home, walking back to me and a deep love within me that I always knew was there but had lost touch with. It took Serge Benhayon’s strong reflection of his own love to show me where mine was. A precious gift in this world, to meet someone who reflects such awesome love and openly supports others to re-connect to their own inexhaustible well of love and wisdom within, a real Treat.

  82. An amazing post Rowena – thank you so much for sharing with such clarity (& humour!). I could definitely relate to the ‘treats’ you used to think were treats – for me it was espresso coffee, muffins, and the glass or two of wine at the end of a week (after all, I felt I deserved it for working so hard!). But as you did, when I became honest with myself and actually felt why and when I needed these things and what they actually felt like in my body, they really didn’t feel that great! And so once I connected to my body, choosing not to eat or drink certain things became a very simple and easy choice. (In fact, just yesterday I ate something that within a few minutes didn’t feel so good, so it was easy to feel that perhaps that particular food is no longer supportive to ‘my’ body and to appreciate more and more how amazing my body is when I truly listen to it!). I especially loved your comment “Learning to love and nurture myself is still a process of trial and error, but now I am a lifelong student of Me and my day-to-day living. There is no qualification at the end, and by its very nature this journey will always be on-going”. Thank you again for such an inspiring post and expressing how simple and joy-full life can be when we begin to self-love.

  83. Last Sunday I observed you at the Esoteric Women Developer’s Group in London Rowena and I could not help but notice how much you had changed even in a space of few months; more of that inner beauty is shining through and there is a deeper contentment within you that is visible and palpable. You truly are a great example how much our entire being can improve simply by switching the choice: love instead of that which is not love.

  84. Awesome Rowena, thank you for sharing. You are such a beauty-filled reflection of choosing the energy of Love. You and Jonathan are amazing as a couple also reflecting this joy. With love and deep appreciation for all that you bring to my life. Sxxx

  85. When we choose love and healing in our life, as well as the amazing impact of it in our own life beautifully shown in this post, our choice also contributes to everyone around us, the lovely part for them is that they get more of the gorgeous person we truly are.

    Rowena over the past 6 years, as a close friend it has been a true gift to witness in you the increasing vitality, joy, grace and loving expression, and to be inspired by your unfailing commitment to healing and living the true way (as is so beautifully expressed in this the post’s last two sentences).

  86. What you have written is absolutely fantastic.
    Discovering the simple truth “that there are in fact two types of energy: one is the energy of love, and the other is an energy that is not love” and learning to discern between the two has also changed my life beyond recognition.
    What amazing honesty you and your partner had to see and admit that your previous successful “healing” business was not healing. That must have been incredibly painful and confronting and many people would have done anything to avoid feeling that.
    What huge courage and integrity you and your partner had to let go of your successful career and the money and recognition that brought.
    Thank you Rowena for reflecting that there is a true way to live on this planet and for demonstrating the real meaning of healing.

    1. It was a strange moment to recognise that everything I had done before was not healing, that it was in fact doing the opposite to what I believed. However, the truth of what I had experienced within the workshop was so strong that to deny that and carry on as before was simply not an option. I had felt a deep tenderness that cleared a lot of grief and sadness and knew beyond doubt that what I had experienced was true healing. After that everything became very simple.

      1. I find it astounding how instantly you let go of so many things you had believed in and depended on for a living once you felt the Truth of what Serge presented.

        I felt my own awareness and a deeper self honesty flood in during my first work shop and understood that I could not offer what I did not live and went home to taper off the modalities I was practicing.

        Like you so wonderfully declare “..the truth of what I had experienced within the workshop was so strong that to deny that and carry on as before was simply not an option.”

        Being around people who live with such a consistent integrity of loving ways I have found it more and more obvious what is loving and what is not in my own ways and letting go of what does not work for me.

      2. This is an outstanding choice to make Rowena, especially in the light that there are so many people not willing to make this choice, including many journalists, as we are experiencing. If they only had the tiniest bit of the same trust and commitment to truth as you and your husband, the corruption of the media would not have a grip on them, making them bludge and tell lie after lie after lie.
        It seems the need for security is worth more to many than the truth, which is truly sad. It leaves you and your husband standing out as amazing role models, that have made an extraordinary choice against all standards of safety and you have more than survived – in fact you have come back to life. This is a true lesson that we can all learn from.

  87. Thank you for sharing with us the remarkable changes that have occurred in your life. How amazing to see that by changing the quality of your energy, your body has responded enormously. Enjoy the quality of your life now, as you deserve it.

  88. I love your words too and am touched and inspired. Thank you for such a clear, simple, funny and loving account of rediscovering love.

  89. I really appreciated your clarity Rowena and how you presented what healing is really about. Simply by reading your article I felt a healing within my body (and I didn’t have to pay for it). Thank you!

  90. Thank you Rowena. This touched me in many ways and the essence of you and your beautiful husband is strongly felt in your expression. With Love, Vanessa

  91. This is a beautiful account of how one person’s bringing love into each and every moment of their life changes their whole world to be ‘a way full of grace, tenderness and harmony – a way that makes the ordinary life extraordinary to live.’ How joyous is that!

  92. It is so simple to feel the difference between the various healing techniques out there when you can feel the events and emotions we thought we had cleared – so clearly sitting in our bodies still! Thank you for sharing how simple you kept everything and the effects that had on your body and your life. ‘Delicious and divine’ it is. 😉

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