My Relationship With My Husband: Choosing Honesty Instead Of Blame

by P.F., Australia

Around seven years ago my partner came home from a seminar he had attended about the stock market (of all things), telling me about a couple he had met there and who he felt a real connection with. He arranged to meet up with them again, and came home talking about going to a healing course they were attending run by Serge Benhayon. My partner worked hard in a very mentally challenging job: he often came home stressed and tired at the end of the day and at first I thought it would be good for him to do something relaxing. I had no idea however what was to follow.

After the first workshop my partner returned home very calm and relaxed. He did not really explain to me what he had done all weekend (communication not being our strong point), but he did know he wanted to explore this more. Before I knew it he was off attending weekend healing workshops, doing healing swaps and going to meditation evenings. This is when things turned ugly.

At this time in my life I had a four month-old baby and a toddler to care for, as well as two older children in late primary school and early high school. I was studying part-time to finish a degree and my partner worked five or six days a week. I was tired and grumpy and longed for some time to myself. As you can imagine, I was not impressed by what I perceived in my exhaustion as my partner abandoning me and our family in favour of some sort of personal ‘spiritual awakening’. In my lack of understanding I scoffed at the idea that a tennis coach could become a healer, and I was jealous of my partner’s freedom and the new friends that he was making.

My partner struggled to explain to me what he had found and quite frankly I did not make it easy for him to do so. After several months of unrest in our household, my partner asked me to come along to a talk that Serge was holding in Byron Bay about the sutras of Patanjali. I had no idea who this Patanjali guy was, but I sure wanted to check out this Serge guy, who I was blaming for the disruption in my family life.

I don’t really know what I expected to find, but it sure wasn’t the man who greeted me. Serge Benhayon was not the self-styled spiritual ‘guru’ type that I had created in my mind, but a rather ordinary and gentle man. I remember his warm open smile and his eyes, and I had a profound sense that I had met him before. This all stirred confusion in me because I was all set to dislike this person who was disrupting my comfortable (if rather unhappy) existence.

Serge began to talk. I do not actually recall any of the words that he spoke that night but I do recall a sense of familiarity with all that he said, and an awesome sense that for the first time in my life I had stumbled on to something true. I left in confusion. I was still angry with my partner and jealous of his freedom and new friendships, but was this all Serge’s fault?

It would have been so easy to override what I felt that night and continue to blame Serge for the issues in our relationship, but in all honesty the issues were already there, long before my partner attended that first course.

The biggest issue for us has been communication. I had never truly communicated to my partner how it was for me. I had moaned about being tied down by the kids and feeling like I did not have a life, but all he could hear was blame and that he wasn’t good enough, when in his mind he was working so hard for us. He would shut down and I would keep nagging. Not a pretty picture.

Relationships break down for a myriad of reasons. While some people can be open and honest about their part in the issues that led to relationship breakdown, many don’t want to go there and will blame anything or anyone but themselves for the reasons that the relationship failed. I could have chosen this path and blamed Serge for all my own issues, and no doubt my partner and I would not be together today.

I cannot say that all our problems were solved overnight… we still at times struggle with true communication. What I have found though is that I blame less and less. How liberating it is that I now know that I am responsible for my own life, that I am not a victim of circumstance, and that my life is up to me and my choices.

I am so glad that I chose to be honest after that first meeting with Serge Benhayon. I am very aware that sometimes the loving thing to do is to go your separate ways, so while I am so glad that I chose honesty instead of blame, it is not because of the fact that our family has stayed together. Rather, I am glad that I made this choice because as a result of the last seven years I have become more me than I ever was. I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin, more present with my family and others, and more vital and alive. I am still most definitely a work in progress, but generally, I love being me.

The stock market seminar my partner attended cost him a couple of thousand dollars and he has never used any of the information he learned (I don’t think the two people he met there have either). However, every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, taking responsibility and being open to what is going on at a deeper level, more then just the hurt you felt, that is success to me.

  2. Hear, hear P.F. I too had previously spent thousands on other educational and personal growth courses and workshops but never has my money been so obviously well spent in the quality of life, quality of work and relationships I now enjoy. My family whole heartedly agrees!

    1. I so agree Jenny, I too have spend thousands on courses and New Age workshops previously to attending Universal Medicine courses and a lot of them were more harming than benefiting me or simply a waste of money as they did not change anything in my life. With Universal Medicine every penny spent is an investment towards a more amazing and truthful life.

    2. Great point that sheds so much light on what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon truly bring. I did not spend any money on courses or spiritual endeavors, but on University degrees, professional capacity trainings and recreational drugs and I can say very clearly that not any cent has been such a good investment than the money spend on Universal Medicine workshops, that also cost a quarter of any professional capacity training.

      1. Yes Rachelandras, it is time we took a good long look at where ‘education’ is getting us, and redefine what the word really means. Without true education we do not evolve as people, which has nothing to do with whether we’ve acquired some knowledge or have impressive recall. The current state of the world is a clear reflection that we have got it very wrong. What Serge Benhayon offers through Universal Medicine breaks the current mould, and what is offered through the College of Universal Medicine is going to revolutionise what is understood and experienced as ‘education’.

  3. Thanks P.F, a great sharing of honesty. I guess one of the beautiful things about meeting Serge is that. For many of us it is the first time someone really, truly, gently invites you to meet YOURSELF. “…for the first time in my life I stumbled on to something true ” …the real- You, US , Me, and yes, I agree there is an amazing freedom when we give ourselves permission to choose from love.

  4. Absolutely beautiful post P.F. – your honesty is inspiring. I could relate to so much of what you have shared, everything from taking choosing responsibility instead of blame to being aware of yourself as a work in progress – thank you for confirming what a beautiful process this is and how supportive this can be for ourselves and all of our relationships. I too have spent 10’s of 1000’s of dollars on courses and workshops outside of Universal Medicine on information that has never been used or implemented and can absolutely concur with your comment that every cent spent on Universal Medicine courses has presented far more than anything I have ever experienced before or could even have expected, and deeply enriched not only my life, but those around me, in ways that cannot be measured.

  5. Truly inspiring piece of writing P.F.!
    I too feel the same about money I have spent on Universal Medicine presentations and personal sessions. I have often said this in public that the amount of money they charge does not do any justice to the amazingness that they offer and the profound effect it has on people.
    Having said that, I trust there’ll be not price increase as a result of my comment – ha ha ha.

  6. P.F I love your honesty, it would be so easy for you to have stayed stuck in the tiredness and the blame, but you recognised there were changes to be made within yourself first. I have used blame as a way of not wanting to see what really needs to be looked at in my life, and it is so destructive.

    What you say here in this statement is so true and a trap that we can so easily fall into. “The biggest issue for us has been communication. I had never truly communicated to my partner how it was for me. I had moaned about being tied down by the kids and feeling like I did not have a life, but all he could hear was blame and that he wasn’t good enough, when in his mind he was working so hard for us. He would shut down and I would keep nagging. Not a pretty picture”.

  7. Thank you for sharing this P.F. A great example of when you are open and honest and stay away from blame how situations and relationships can so change. Communication too is key. I have found time and again that by not choosing to communicate and keep up to date with one another, honestly so, relationships can slide away from us. I also love how you say you are happier in your own skin now. A term I used only yesterday when someone was asking me what difference Universal Medicine had made for me. A great article, and thanks again for sharing this.

  8. Brilliant blog P.F. it just shows how our choices are in fact ours to make and when we start to take responsibility for our lives we can begin to change those choices. It also allows others to connect with us more as they see us being honest with them and with ourselves.

  9. PF you are quite right: honesty and a life of truth is definitely the way forward. I have recently learnt the power of open and honest communication myself – all those feelings left unsaid still fly around the room whilst there is silence and they can so easily be misconstrued if not communicated from love. It’s this misinterpretation that leads to completely untrue scenarios within a relationship that if not nipped in the bud can go on for years. I feel lucky that both my partner and I attend Universal Medicine presentations and so have learnt the power that we both have, to have a loving relationship like never before, but to do that we have to be prepared to see with truth both of our “issues” so they can be brought into the open to be healed from a place of love and not from a place of reaction (where no true healing will take place for sure!!).

  10. The issues in relationships are always there. But usually people are just going along habitually existing, tolerating the situation, denying the extent of the difficulty, making excuses for themselves and/or their partner, burying their feelings in work, kids, entertainment, substances etc, and not making any changes or attempts to address what’s really going on. And everyone else is doing the same. Then along comes a trigger at the right place and the right time for one partner to open up and start to look at things and want to begin evolving, and hey presto! Suddenly it’s ‘all different and disrupted’ and someone else is to blame for the bubble of ‘comfort in misery’ being burst! P.F. it’s great that you were able to recognize this process honestly instead of commencing a campaign of blaming Serge Benhayon the way some have. Serge certainly is a trigger for anyone who’s ready to start being honest with themselves, loving and growing. But don’t shoot the messenger! Or in this case the mirror – take a look at that ‘warm, open reflection’ and ‘sense of familiarity’ that Serge Benhayon is presenting without pressure or imposition, along with a firm message of self-responsibility. That’s when relationship issues can begin to come out into the open and begin the healing process, lovingly. No quick fix – it is always a work in progress but one worth embarking on, as P.F.’s story in this blog clearly shows.

  11. I know this cycle or pattern so well, that is the pattern of ‘blaming’, blaming everyone esle especially my parents for the struggles in my life. Blaming is like a disease… but perhaps it is more accurate to say it is a form of blindness, dishonesty to onself and irresponsiblity. My life turned around when I started to be honest with how I had been living, and from honesty, I felt the truth which supported me to take responsiblity for my life and past choices. Very empowering to do so.

  12. A beautiful, beautiful sharing. Thank you. A very touching story of an amazing turnaround.
    I will take these wise words with me: “How liberating it is that I now know that I am responsible for my own life, that I am not a victim of circumstance, and that my life is up to me and my choices.”

  13. I was also suprised when I first met Serge Benhayon, I was expecting a new age spiritual presenter however he is the total opposite. I found him to be grounded, real, welcoming and above all I could feel the truth in what he presented

  14. Thanks for sharing P.F. blaming in relationships is a quick relief but does not solve the root cause of any issues, it is lovely that you both were committed to look deeper within yourselves and created true intimacy and love as a result of that.

    1. Absolutely franciiscoclara8 as P.F. quite honestly says
      “Relationships break down for a myriad of reasons. While some people can be open and honest about their part in the issues that led to relationship breakdown, many don’t want to go there and will blame anything or anyone but themselves for the reasons that the relationship failed. I could have chosen this path and blamed Serge for all my own issues, and no doubt my partner and I would not be together today”.
      There are many, many people who do not want to take responsibility for their part in the relationship breakdown and will blame the other person or a whole myriad of excuses and they actually believe it’s just not their fault. I have personal experience of this myself many years ago where my partner was not able to or did not want to take any responsibility for the breakdown of the relationship, it was all my fault and he felt completely abandoned.

  15. This was really lovely to read and I am grateful to be reminded of the liberation I too feel from no longer believing I am a victim of circumstance. Knowing there is no one to blame and that I am utterly responsible for my choices and where I am in life only inspires me to make more loving choices for myself. Loving being myself is an ever deepening work in progress and a deeply appreciated benefit of this new understanding.

  16. Thank you P.F for sharing this blog – so much of what you shared I could so relate too.
    When you expressed that you “chose honesty instead of blame” This for me too made such a big difference in my relationships – especially with my husband and family. No more long silences but a clearer path to express/listen more which brings a whole new meaning to relationships.

  17. Thank you PF for writing this so honestly. It is very beautiful to know that yours and your husband’s courageous choice of being honest with yourselves and with each other resulting in re-building (or re-configuring?) the relationship between you.

  18. There are people out there that think that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are responsible for relationship breakdowns and this is a perfect blog in explaining a story of a relationship that could have potentially broken down but didn’t. Even in the circumstance it was the man attending the Unimed events and not the women – that just proves that Unimed is not only done by the women. Also, you make it very clear that already there were communication issues between you and your husband and that is something that Serge is not at all responsible for. Great sharing.

  19. Every cent I spent into attending workshops or sessions are worth more than I ever spent in any material. I would always do it again- you can´t tell how much worth is knowing this work and being a part of it.

  20. It is true – the first step needs to be done by looking at what and why we are blaming others. To finally get back to look at – we have to change. Not make them change to feel better ourselves.

  21. Thank you for your honest sharing. It was beautiful to read how your life changed as a result of you being honest with yourself and taking responsibility for your choices. It’s wonderful that you feel the lives of yourself and your husband have been enriched by your association with Universal Medicine.

  22. I Loved to read your blog and to feel the tenderness and understanding you write with P.F.. Being honest and willing to look at our part we play in the picture is the way to free ourselves from the imprisonment life sometimes feels be. The prison that we have built for ourselves. because we did not want to feel the hurt of not living the truth we all carry deep within us, in our inner most, the esoteric.

  23. Beautiful. So honest and real – and your ability to share this with all of us is testimony to how we live when we study with Universal Medicine; we are not ashamed of emotions or behaviours we have had, but we own up to them and take responsibility for ourselves as we find our way back to a loving way of being. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you.

  24. What a beautiful honest sharing, I loved reading about your journey back to you. So real and relatable.

  25. Thank you PF for sharing so honestly your experience, I love the words, “how liberating it is that I now know that I am responsible for my life, that I am not a victim of circumstances, and that my life is up to me and my choices” ‘I love being me”. Beautifully said.

  26. Wow. I just love this blog. it reminded me how things were for me a decade ago. I totally get your mood. Yet, what is amazing is your ackunoledgement that the person who was angry and jealous was not your best version and that which you felt then is not there anymore

    1. I love that emfeldman ” not your best version” which to me means there is many versions to choose from but only one ‘true’ original.

  27. It seems all of the money and time you have spent together at Universal Medicine has been very much worth it. It does not seem like your relationship was heading in a deeply loving way beforehand. It’s amazing to have such a true and supportive organisation like Universal Medicine and a consistent and honest presenter like Serge Benhayon in our lives.

  28. An awesome and very honest blog, amazing you choose not to go with your reactions and blame, but instead choose love and true and you.

  29. It’s true that there are plenty of courses out there that do nothing for us and we don’t end up using. The courses run by Universal Medicine have helped us immeasurably. There really is nothing else like them.

  30. Thank you PF for sharing so honestly. We can all collapse into the abyss of victimhood regarding any given scenario or experience in our life and let it control and rob you of living your every day with true responsibility and joy. Sharing your realisation of ‘How liberating it is that I now know that I am responsible for my own life, that I am not a victim of circumstance, and that my life is up to me and my choices’ are words of absolute wisdom. Great blog, very inspiring.

  31. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and honest blog – very inspiring how you chose love and truth instead of playing the victim or the blame game.

  32. It’s great to read such an honest blog. It is too easy for us all to blame others for so much, I love how you gently bought the discussion back to it being about our own choices – it’s very true. For me responsibility for myself is an ever deepening awareness and your words have given me another opportunity to look at this again.

  33. It is not always easy to take total responsibility for our lives and to choose not to blame others. I love how, even though you had small kids, were tired and had no time for yourself, you chose truth, and that choice changed your life.

  34. Thank you very much for your honest sharing, PF. Reading your blog, I remembered how I isolated myself from my family when I was indulging in the spiritual pursuit and attending all those workshops and courses hoping to heal/improve myself, and it was only when I encountered Universal Medicine that I realised that I had no sense of self-responsibility whatsoever and my choice to heal/improve myself in fact was actually causing disharmony. Me too, I am glad that I got to my honesty (eventually) and now my relationship with my family is not perfect, but far from where it used to be.

  35. Many people seem to feel the same about their own lives, “…my comfortable (if rather unhappy) existence…”. If what Serge Benhayon presents rocks that boat, then so be it. We always have a choice how to lead our lives; what is on offer through Universal Medicine, Serge, esoteric practitioners and the many, many students who are living real, wholesome lives, is the opportunity to stop existing, get out of the rut and come back to live ourselves fully in our lives of our choosing. Anyone can choose it for themselves, they just have to want it.

  36. I love your last sentence: “every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured.” Same goes for me. I have spent money on gurus, spiritual courses and other personal development workshops: all a waste of money. Whereas the Universal Medicine courses, workshops and sessions are priceless in how they have enriched my life.

    1. I loved that bit too monika and the contrast from the money spent on the stock market seminar. Universal medicine is the best investment for your life.

  37. Best blog p.f. You’ve given the secret to understanding relationships and how to work on them- be honest, take your part and leave the blame behind. Thank you for sharing what you have, it was a great insight. I know that communication is a massive factor within relationships and this is often where the downfall is. I always think at times that: if they just talked more everything would be so much easier. We aren’t mind readers after all.

  38. No we are not mind readers Emily, but how often do we shut ourselves up inside our head and not discuss what’s not sitting right. It’s our protection and our undoing. It’s also a signal to look at what we are hanging on to, what we are protecting. In my experience I was protecting me from being wrong, I felt because I was the one ticking all the boxes in the relationship and I assumed doing the right thing… this automatically made my partner wrong. I was always confident we could overcome these differences. What an illusion I was in and didn’t consider or appreciate we could communicate without there being a right or wrong but come from equalness and appreciation.

  39. Communication is such a vital ingredient in any relationship but blame easily gets in the way. It takes a lot of courage to move that aside and look at what is going on underneath but the rewards are enormous as we start to get to know our selves on a whole new level. If both parties can do this then the depths to which their relationship can evolve is way beyond what they have likely ever experienced before. If only this was common knowledge!

  40. It is truly an awesome moment when truth is felt and we can no longer be swayed by any and all that is not truth, to distract ourselves from feeling whats there to be felt. A gorgeous account of your life P.F. thank you for sharing.

  41. ‘How liberating it is that I now know that I am responsible for my own life, that I am not a victim of circumstance, and that my life is up to me and my choices.’ To be responsible is actually not a hard thing to do, it gave me back my joy in living, just as I read this in your sharing PF.

    1. It is surprisingly liberating to live with self responsibility, because it opens up a world of possibilities. I know I have this choice every single day. I also know I sometimes want to choose the blame route instead… a habit I picked up along the way, but I can safely say that it feels pretty disempowering.

  42. Love this post P.F. Thank you so much for sharing with such honesty. We love to blame others for our unhappy existence. I know I’ve done it and still do occasionally…even with the knowledge that it’s not even true, I have still wanted to blame other people for why I feel a certain way. It’s a very blatant way of saying ‘I’m not responsible for my happiness, you are!’.

  43. It is great to read how you at first chose to resist the love, but in truth when feeling the connection with Serge Benhayon, there is almost no way to resist it anymore, and that you can only build on it.

  44. I love your honesty PF. “However, every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured.” I so agree – having myself spent a lot of money on various spiritual courses prior to coming across Universal Medicine. Previous forays into personal development just papered over the cracks. The Ageless Wisdom supports everyone to go deeper within themselves – and profound change is possible, if we so choose.

  45. Hear hear P.F. and I absolutely echo that I have also spent (10’s of) of 1000s of dollars in my search and quest for self development, financial freedom and also ‘spiritual enlightenment’, – and in this regard, every single spent at any of the Universal Medicine courses and events has also enriched and changed my life beyond measure… For me it is the best investment I have ever made for myself and all my relationships, and rich beyond any temporal measure and rich in every single area of my life.

  46. Thank you PF. A relationship based on honesty, openness and communication, communication, communication, is able to grow as you share how you feel. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have inspired me to develop an open, honest communication with myself and with everyone I meet. Worth every penny and cent as an investment in truth and love.

  47. Thankyou P.F for sharing your experience of being a partner of someone who introduced Serge Benhayon to you, and your honesty and openness about how you felt about your husbands new found ‘enlightenment’. It is never easy to be ‘on the other side’ when a partner, family member or close friend for that matter, discover something for themselves that brings such meaning to their lives when the other knows nothing about it, and it can be enormously unsettling. But how inspiring that you have also discovered the same meaning for yourself, and that you and your husband are now communicating with each other so differently. And as you say, every penny spent is never a penny wasted.

  48. A very honest Sharing PF, and a lovely example of what can occur when we choose responsibility over blame.

  49. Thank you PF, I can say the same thing. Honesty and communication are key if a relationship is to work, any relationship really. I have learnt so much from attending the talks I am able to and listening to things posted in various places online. The best investments.

  50. Thank you P.F., I agree with you it is so easy to blame anything or anyone for what happens to us as we simply learn it that way, but we never seem to question if this is a true way. So to start with honesty and turn to ourselves instead of alway searching for the culprit on the outside is enormous and rewarding as it opens us up to a whole new understanding which allows for new steps to be taken and old ways to let go of.

  51. ‘Every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured.’ Absolutely! There’s no amount of money that would cover learning to live a rich, full and committed life, it’s truly priceless what you learn at a Universal Medicine course.

  52. Wonderful honest P.F. I love what you have shared about your experience with Serge Benhayon and your own development. Your wrote: “. . . every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured.” I only can agree it enriched my live in every single angle and I only can recommend these workshops but be careful it can change your life.

  53. I just loved your story P.F. thank you for sharing so honestly, no amount of money is worth more than the amazing changes that have come in our lives from attending Universal Medicine courses.

  54. I totally concur with this P.F. – the investment in Universal Medicine courses is priceless as these are an absolute investment in the re-connection with the body, the innermost essence and God.
    “However, every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured”.

  55. Having done many courses in my life that have literally been a waste of money, I have to agree that Universal Medicine courses are without doubt the only ones where their worth in practical terms when I look at what they are offered and how they have enriched my life, are infact priceless.

  56. Thank-you P.F., for sharing with such deep honesty here in this public forum. Your words here touch my heart deeply: “…as a result of the last seven years I have become more me than I ever was.”
    Is there any greater richness to be found in this world than this? I also feel the same P.F., since becoming a student of Universal Medicine. My life and relationships have transformed beyond measure, and the consistency of joy today lived, along with the sense of deep purpose in life, is something I could never have imagined having as my lived, everyday reality. And yet, here it is – and only growing stronger…

  57. The bringing of honesty and truth to our relationships brings in another essential ‘ingredient’ – should we intend on truly living in relationships founded upon love, rather than compromise, blame and need – that ingredient being responsibility.
    When we realise that much of our apparent conflict is the result of beliefs and expectations we have taken on in life that are not necessarily true, or honouring of the whole of who we are, we hold the key to dismantling that which would rather leave us divided, compromising and basically miserable.
    Well done P.F. on bringing honesty to the equation in your relationship. This is deeply inspiring to read.

  58. Yes PF we spend so long blaming others and shifting responsibility, yet when we see our own role in the whole of life we find freedom at last. It really is the opposite of what we think ironically. The return we truly seek is not the one in our account but our journey back to truth. For God knows Love is a holding that continually pays out.

  59. While this is a fairly old piece of writing the message is still current, “How liberating it is that I now know that I am responsible for my own life, that I am not a victim of circumstance, and that my life is up to me and my choices.” We often still walk around looking to land the blame on something else and parts of this we aren’t really even conscious of us doing this. Through Universal Medicine there is a consistent support to look within yourself for what is disturbing you or giving you tension in your life. It’s not about perfecting the better life but more as is said being aware that whatever you are facing has your hand in it. At times it maybe hard to see but the more awareness and understanding you offer any situation you begin to see the blessing for you and everyone that is there. This approach has no end point or resting place, it’s a continual unfoldment of your walk in life.

  60. I love how you describe the dynamics between you and your husband, it is such a common way to not wanting to understand where the other one is at, even though we know and see it, but because we are stuck in our own behaviour we can’t. It shows the power we have simply by turning to ourself and look where we are stuck in a behaviour and observe , with that we allow ourself to open up and see more and eventually can take the steps that are there for us to take. And this brings enormous change to everyone, simply by taking our step each at a time.

  61. So gorgeous, it is our choices that change how we live. Living in blame of all that’s from outside of us will never bring true resolutions. While choosing ourselves is giving us the answers in the moment, if we choose to listen.

  62. To express how I feel in all of my relationships is certainly a learning of trial and error but one I am beginning to accept and at times enjoy. The way in which I express is a reflection of the choices I have been making so another’s response can either be a confirmation or something offered to look at more deeply within myself.

  63. “Every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured”. This is exactly how I feel about the money I have spent on Universal Medicine courses also. I have been to other courses prior to Universal Medicine. They may have given a momentary wow or relief from the way I felt, but Universal Medicine actually empowers you to make lasting changes in your life. It starts with your body and letting it speak. From here the changes come, at the right pace and in exactly the right way for you (as they come from you).

  64. Blame is such an accepted way to deal with things in life. It feels so comfortable and so easy, as you don’t have to change a thing. It’s all about what the other person has done or not done. But blame isn’t the cure all that we hope it is. It certainly doesn’t bring greater love and understanding into relationships. And it keeps us stuck in the same groove, so we and our relationships never grow.

  65. I felt the same about Serge Benhayon when I first met him, I was expecting some glamorous guy with a “hyped up” image and celebrity status, but was so put at ease when I saw him from his genuineness, how down to earth he is and how approachable and radiant he is.

  66. This is such a beautiful and honest blog about how relationships have the potential to change if we are willing to really look, observe and not back down from embracing what is there to be dealt with.

  67. This is a blog that we all could read and learn so much about ourselves and our relationships. I am not in a relationship now, but when I was younger I was, and felt overwhelmed at times too. The truth as you mention is that we do need to take responsibility for our own choices and communication too is so important as you say PF. We are so fortunate to have this knowledge through the Teachings of the Ancient Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon that we are all reconnecting to.

  68. With self-honesty, taking responsibility for our actions and choices and allowing open communication there can be true resolve and a foundation to then build harmony together – no matter how ugly the situation.

  69. It is very tempting to try and place blame on something outside our home for something that originates from behind our own closed doors.

  70. Wow P.F. What a story! Interesting that something this amazing doesn’t hit the papers but the stories of people who bitterly blame their partners and Universal Medicine for all their problems do.

  71. You can not buy honesty only develop it. Communication is an essential tool to honesty. They go hand in hand and there can never be enough of it just more to understand and know. P.F has proven the results of being responsible – a far more and enriched life. Universal Medicine was the catalyst but we make the choices.

  72. It is such a strong tendency to blame the other in our partnership relations when things are not working out. I did that for many many years, leaving partners because they were just not it, instead of looking really what my issue was. The main issue was blame, and I choose blame as a young boy because then I did not know how to deal with all the things that my parents were doing, which effected me. But I am no longer this little boy, I am a grown very powerful man, that also thanks to the many workshops by Serge Benhayon (which are indeed invaluable) has returned to his true power and has committed to make his life about love. And if you want to make your life about love there can be no blame, or better said: If I chose to continue to blame my life could never be about love.

  73. I can understand why we so often blame another for how we feel or the situation we are in because we have got so used to looking outside of ourselves for the everything. If we look to the outside world to provide us with meaning, purpose, love etc. then we will also blame it when we don’t receive these things. Serge Benhayon reminds us that we are looking in the wrong direction and to find the answers to what we seek we just have to stop looking out and turn our gaze inside. When we do this we realise that we are responsible for all our choices and even though we might still try to blame others when things aren’t going well, it’s only when we get honest and accept responsibility for ourselves that anything has the opportunity to change.

  74. What a lovely and honest sharing, yes being responsible for ourselves and our choices and not blaming others is such an important learning. I agree ‘every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured.’

  75. Communication. This story shows so clearly the messages that are communicated by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine the importance of true communication.

  76. Thank you P.F. this sharing has touched me very deeply. It brought tears to my eyes especially this line as I also know it to be true for me . . .”However, every cent we have spent on Universal Medicine courses has enriched our lives in ways that cannot be measured.”

  77. Communication is so vital isn’t it, to understand how each side feels and get to the clarity of what is actually going on, which can become so distorted by our reactions and perceptions.

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