From ‘One of the Lads’ to a Gorgeous Woman… Through Self-Love

by Rebecca Wingrave 

I spent about 20 years of my life drinking, partying, trying to be ‘one of the lads’ and generally having a complete lack of self-worth. I got really ill as a teenager from overindulgence in alcohol, but just carried on as it was what I felt gave me confidence and was what all young people did; I didn’t know another way of being.

I began suffering from digestive issues and so decided to seek help. I was advised by a nutritionist to stop eating gluten and dairy and to cut down on my alcohol consumption; over the next couple of years I started to feel better. I noticed how sick the alcohol made me so decided to stop drinking it altogether – the problem was that my social life was based around drinking and my friends found it hard to understand why I wanted to stop… I really felt like the odd one out.

I attended a Universal Medicine workshop, and through listening to Serge Benhayon present and talking with other students there, I realised I wasn’t alone; I had finally met people who were also looking after themselves and who had chosen not to drink alcohol – I was introduced to another way of being.

Serge presented to us to feel for ourselves what our bodies were saying, which foods worked for us, and which made us feel bloated or heavy. So I began making changes; I refined my diet by feeling what foods and drinks worked for me, and three years on I no longer have digestive issues.

Serge talked about sleep times and how the body begins to rejuvenate from 9pm, so I began going to bed earlier and noticed that this made me feel so much better. He also presented about the tenderness we all have in our bodies: I had some Esoteric Breast Massage sessions and felt this tenderness, as well as a delicateness and beauty in my own body. This was amazing for me, and since then I have been allowing myself to feel this more and more.

I realised that I wasn’t ‘one of the lads’, I was actually a gorgeous woman. I began to dress differently, much more femininely, which I’ve really been enjoying; I take the time to massage myself and am much more gentle with my body – from not carrying heavy bags to driving much more gently and carefully.

Through this self-care and having the support of healing sessions with Serge Benhayon and other Universal Medicine practitioners, my confidence and self-worth have been increasing hugely… I feel much more of the real me and am letting go of the trying to be something or someone else.

I have found another way of being, a more loving, more gentle, more enjoyable, truer and more honest way of being; a way of self-care, nurturing and love.

266 thoughts on “From ‘One of the Lads’ to a Gorgeous Woman… Through Self-Love

  1. We are born as women, but yet we can deny or resist this or pretend that we are not. I too found myself growing up as a tom-boy and only just in the last 5-7 years re-discovering the woman that I am. What a gift! and all this thanks to Serge Benhayon and his encouragement of allowing me (and us all) to express that which lies within.

  2. It is lovely to read how you are now claiming your true self, and honouring yourself in the process, ‘I have found another way of being, a more loving, more gentle, more enjoyable, truer and more honest way of being; a way of self-care, nurturing and love.’

  3. I went from being a tomboy to being ‘one of the lads’ I work in a male dominated society and I gave my power away by falling into their way of life which was to work hard, play harder environment, it still is today to some extent but nothing like it used to be. Interestingly there is a slowly changing attitude among my fellow male colleagues they don’t want to party so much, they do want to be with their children and support them as they grow up. They don’t want to be just the bread winner traveling so much they hardly ever see their families. There is a change happening, slowly but none the less a change is occurring.

  4. There is no one out there in the world quite like the Benhayon family that promotes self care in the way that they live life everyday with the same joy and dedication to everything they do.
    And this does have a knock on effect by reflection because there seems to be a natural urge to have a go and see what happens too. And the results are amazing because when we stop trying to be the everything everyone wants us to be and just have the confidence to be ourselves our self confidence and self worth issue just melt away.

  5. There is no end to how much more we can take care of ourselves because it is in the quality that we hold ourselves that the deepest transformation of care actually happens. But we all must begin with the baby steps and one of the best ones I found to start with was and still is being gentle with myself. How we are with ourselves is how we then are with others too, so in the end it is a win win situation.

  6. A gorgeous transformation Rebecca, which I too can relate to, in that I was a tom-boy growing up and only now have learned many years later and with the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, what an gorgeous woman I actually am.

  7. There is definitely an unfolding process as our awareness deepens of what being self-loving entails and that is a deep beauty that comes with a Deepening-Humble-Appreciative-Ness.

  8. Rebecca I really enjoy reading this, you’ve been supported to understand how to take better care of yourself and how to honour what you feel, essentially empowered to change your own life. I don’t think there is anything more common sense than listening to the body and respecting what it’s communicating in terms of taking care of its needs. It’s a simple way of life with amazing results.

  9. That is beautiful Elizabeth and what a magnificent change you have made in your life – becoming aware of the rich and deep beauty you are as a woman – a wise beauty we all are and deeply carry inside, when we choose it it will come out.

  10. What come out of what you have shared is that we have all in our own ways disconnect from our Essence and when we re-connect to that Inner-Most or Essence our life become so normal without the usual melees that is occurring all around in what is considered normal.

  11. When we return to our natural way of being where we care and nurture ourselves, we can drop a lot of those things that we do to gain recognition, acceptance and approval.

  12. This is such a common issue “the problem was that my social life was based around drinking and my friends found it hard to understand why I wanted to stop… I really felt like the odd one out.” From the time we start making our own friends and throughout our life we want to be accepted and it is the threat of lack of acceptance that stops many of the choices we actually want to make. At some point the love for your own self-care, too often from a life changing event, tips to the ‘need’ to change being greater than the acceptance by others.

    1. It shows that our friendships may not be based on friendships at all, more likely they are arrangements with sets of unwritten but obvious rules of conformity.

  13. We as woman hold a power in us that is so dear, yet we struggle standing up for it and living from it..daring to go there. It is important that we as women connect more deeply.

    1. Beautifully said Danna, the power held within is super strong, the question is are we shying away from our own power? And if so why? Perhaps we are scared of how others will react or be when we do so?

  14. For me it is one of the greatest joys to feel when my body is deeply nurtured and not being abused from myself or others and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who feels like this.

  15. “I realised that I wasn’t ‘one of the lads’, I was actually a gorgeous woman” I loved to reread this post Rebecca. I had four brothers and although I am the eldest it always felt that being a boy was better. It wasn’t until late in life I truly accepted the beauty, tenderness and delicacy of accepting and appreciating my womanhood.

    1. Lack of self worth plays out in so many different areas of our life, and is certainly worth healing.

  16. Even the title alone sums up the incredible changes that you’ve made, through deeply appreciating the support of Serge and in that what you have made your own. A shining example for all.

  17. Beautiful Rebecca – it’s cool how apparent issues and things going ‘wrong’ can lead us to greater understanding of our beauty. If only we accepted this more we might find we are constantly held and supported.

  18. My social life used to be around needing relationships with others and after school all these events involved alcohol. Since then I have been building a relationship with me (that is now my ‘need’) and how I feel in my body. It’s more loving having a life without alcohol.

  19. Thank you Rebecca. I can fully appreciate your journey and how amazing it feels to begin to appreciate and celebrate your self as a woman in all your delicate beauty. Reclaiming your grace is a blessing for everyone.

  20. The lads aren’t even true lads are they in this saying – the only thing this way of drinking gives us is unity in numb misery. How crazy is that when we are one naturally – with the universe. Thank you Rebecca – I am glad you chose to honour your delicacy.

  21. I used compete with ‘the lads’ try and out smart, out drink, out shock them…this is not a way for the genders to interact, we can be harmonious if we choose, by deepening our relationship with ourselves first.

  22. Importing the source of confidence is a pattern of movement. Through it, we buy occasional confidence at the cost of ourselves. Discovering that we do not need to import anything to feel confident is a great new beginning. There is no going back from it.

  23. I definitely spent most of my adulthood trying to be someone I wasn’t, trying to fit in to be accepted, and then when I went to a presentation by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I had an opportunity to stop and look at my life, I could feel how tense my body was and how uptight I felt too, my life has transformed now and everyday is a choice to be more love than the day before.

  24. I find, trying to be someone who I am not has never felt supportive, it left me feeling empty, lost and yucky. With a deeper level of self-care, self-love and self-nurture, I am more able to be myself, because it supports me to reconnect to my essence (who I am) through supporting my body to feel clearer, more vital and this allows love to flow throughout my whole body.

  25. It is impossible, in this era, to write too much about self-love. There is such a pandemic of paucity of this commodity, that it needs to be nurtured 24/7 all the time, wherever possible.

  26. When we stop going along with what everyone else is doing it can be a shock to the system. We get to see that the things we were choosing were not such a free choice after all. It’s actually absurd that people find healthy choices so confronting because they are in fact a huge support for one and all.

  27. When we let go of trying to be anything or anyone other than ourselves we naturally feel more alive and more ourselves as being our self in full is what we are here to do.

    1. So true Kathleen, it feels so natural to be who we are, yet I find there are so many things in our world that don’t support us to be who we are. In fact, I have sometimes experienced rejection, jealousy, abuse and attacks for being myself. How crazy is that? Being who we are like you shared Kathleen ‘is what we are here to do.’ and so, why would we avoid this?

  28. It can feel a bit odd initially, to be standing out in a crowd and being different, but once we do it, it feels so great in the body to treat it as it asks us to. I wonder at all the delay I have done, going along with others, forsaking my own feelings, and wish I made the stand earlier. But I also appreciate having jumped ship now and doing exactly what I feel to.

    1. It’s a great point Gill. This blog has me pondering whether I’ve ever really liked the unhealthy choices I’ve made – things like the blocks of chocolate, the alcohol, the cigarettes. Perhaps I’ve told myself I liked these things but I’ve indulged in them in order to be accepted by others.

  29. We are conditioned so early so quickly… To fit in, to be a part of the team, in fact to do everything possible so that we are not ourselves so that we become just a part of the inane flow of society that is all around us… Imagine… Just being ourselves :-).

  30. Gorgeous Rebecca, When a few start to appreciate and reclaim in full the divine essence of being a women and not trying to fit in with others it opens the way for us all to feel supported in choosing this for ourselves. I was a fence sitter for a long time playing tug-of-war between the truths my body shared and wanting to be part of the party so to speak.

  31. If women aren’t ‘lads’ as you beautifully show Rebecca, then what if men aren’t either? What if we’ve all been sold a pack of lies about who we actually are? This starts to explain to me, the way that we currently live against everything that brings us health. What would our lives be like if we accepted at last how we are naturally designed to be?

  32. This is an amazing unfoldment Rebecca. Peeling away the layers of protection, hardness and disregard is a process we are always refining, and what’s so gorgeous is how transparent this makes us, which is felt by everyone in our lives.

  33. I read this blog in total appreciation of the changes you have made, Rebecca. It is a joy to read how we can start to experiment with how we live and the result is so huge. I really relate to the before and after, and what is amazing is that this experiment is a lifetime thing. Each day I am becoming more sensitive to look at what is supporting me and what is not in my everyday. And it is by focusing on this that I am able to start to step back and appreciate the magnitude of all the little changes.

  34. It is a beautiful journey as we learn to take better care of ourselves, our self-love deepens and it becomes easier to accept and appreciate who we naturally are.

  35. Serge Benhayon never tells someone what to do, he presents what he knows works for him and why. Then it is everyone’s individual choice to decide what they want to do with that information.

  36. The funny (not) thing is the lads themselves are tender sensitive people also trying to be one of the lads.

  37. I love my life without alcohol. Sometimes when people find out I don’t drink they want to know why. Others feel uncomfortable about it. My experience since giving it up is that I feel much better in myself, have more energy and am more in touch with how I feel generally. Not having alcohol in my life has allowed me to connect more deeply with my body, my feelings and senses – and I have found this very revealing and supportive. I have learned to listen to my body and its innate wisdom and what a wonderful gift this is. Something we can all have.

  38. Women are so so gorgeous, so so beauty-full and all very sexy naturally so from their body. There is a deep level of sacredness in all women (and men) and for a woman to say they are just ‘one of the lads’ we must be so far lost as a society to no longer even recognise how extremely precious each and every woman is.

  39. I find the beauty of life is found in the awareness we have of our bodies connection and how we then move to support ourselves within this. The body feels much more at ease when we allow ourselves to surrender to what we feel instead of pushing against it to fit in or be identified by something.

  40. “letting go of the trying to be something or someone else.” is what allows someone to be truly successful in life as the richness from our soul is there to be embraced at anytime, it is just a choice.

  41. You now have the freedom to be you Rebecca, and that is amazing. I have had a similar journey through alcohol and wanting to fit in, until I finally came to a point where I got honest and realised I didn’t like it, and I never did, I just drank to fit in and in fact trained myself to do so. Yes that’s correct I over-rode my natural taste and inclination to drink alcohol because I desperately wanted to fit in with my friends, and it’s only as I go older and after feeling the affects that I got honest and said no. How is it that we live where we ask people to over ride how they feel so they can fit in with a norm, which doesn’t seem to work for many … not sure whose norm it is but it’s very demanding of all of us that we bow to it – crazy isn’t it?

  42. Often when we chose something that is different form the many in society it can be thought of as strange, not drinking is one of these, as humans we have managed to twist reality some what how ever to make something so unhealthy,socially damaging normal. I used to drink, I used to think it was normal, I encouraged other people to do it with me… is not normal and my life has much improved from stopping the so called ‘social drinking’. It has been great to meet the people of are similarly interested in body heal and wellbeing and for it to be enterally normal

  43. The truth is nobody is ‘one of the lads’ and the beauty in what you are sharing is, the more of us women connect to our natural beauty and tenderness within and live according to our inner knowing the greater the reflection there is for everybody else, and with that a new normal is established..

  44. What happens when we are surrounded by a culture that is considered ‘normal’ yet it feels so wrong to the core for us? History has us believing that if go against the ‘norm’ we will be persecuted, ridiculed, ousted and denigrated. Yet over-riding our truth is clearly making us ill as a humanity, one honest look at our state of physical and mental health as a whole will tell you that. It is inspiring to feel how you have risen above the consciousness of what is deemed as ‘normal’ to actually reclaim what is truly normal for us. Thank you Rebecca, for leading the way in how we are to return our civilisation once again, to know a quality of living that is honor of who we are, in connection to our Soul.

  45. How gorgeous to be expressing the beautiful woman you are Rebecca. We can appreciate and enjoy that – absolutely!

  46. Its inspiring to hear a story of healing and recovering your health through changing how you live. We all have this power to support and care for ourselves.

  47. I don’t remember how many times I wasn’t ever touching alcohol again, only to pick it back up. I would often say that one day I would give it up for good and my friends after a while knew at some point it was going to happen. It happened before I’d heard anything about Universal Medicine but it wasn’t solid as I knew I had given it up because drinking it never worked for me but there was another part. Universal Medicine supported me to see the true meaning of something I’d already chosen, to see what was behind the choice and made more sense of what was going on. This alone has supported me greatly and I look back and appreciate that I knew a part of what was going on but couldn’t grab it all without support.

  48. “I have found another way of being, a more loving, more gentle, more enjoyable, truer and more honest way of being; a way of self-care, nurturing and love.” This is a beautiful way of living inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  49. Such practical and some would say ordinary and commonsense changes yet they fly in the face of everthing we are told is normal. A simple change in the way we move indicates a far bigger unseen change is happening below the surface.

    1. Yes Leonne – great comment. Common-sense is where it is at. ‘It’ being the common quality that represents us all, the truth of how we can all live the love we are in essence.

    2. Yes, there is a change of movements that offers a different perspective on life, a different level of care for ourselves which then impulses a different set of choices.

  50. It’s great how you describe the simple, practical changes you made here, simple and easy changes that are instigated from true care can have such a massive impact on every aspect of our lives. It’s also interesting the different things we become to fit into the world, and how when we start to take care of ourselves these molds start to naturally come undone.

  51. I remember trying to be one of the lads. I would drink neat whisky on the rocks and enjoy watching the shock on people’s faces. I actually hated the taste but thought I was cool. I never really liked alcohol, but trained myself to drink it until it became a habit. When I decided to stop it wasn’t difficult and I don’t miss feeling sick, the drunken arguments I used to have and being hung over for days.

  52. Why do we try to be anything than who we truly are, it is exhausting and harmful to all? What is it that we do not want to feel or embrace about our true selves?

  53. Embracing yourself as the true woman you are, with all that means, is very powerful. I also went into the world of partying and playing hard, it did not serve and I have been revealing who I truly am, a gentle, tender woman, through reconnecting with my body and honouring what I feel.

  54. It redefines what a true friend is when when you begin to honour the truth of your body they respond in ways that are not favourable. What was the friendship based on initially if this is the response we get from another?

  55. Beautiful how you came to realise that, ‘I realised that I wasn’t ‘one of the lads’, I was actually a gorgeous woman.’ I too am appreciating feeling far more delicate and tender than I had previously allowed myself to feel.

  56. Yes finding as women that we can be ourselves and not one of the boys, just to fit in, is such a wonderful revelation. That being feminine, delicate and tender is actually what we crave and also what men crave to see us in, not competition and masculine energy.

  57. It has been quite revealing the delicateness and tenderness I have felt in my body yet what has been more exposing is the fact I had chosen to shut down these beautiful, exquisite qualities that were there since birth. Tenderness, delicateness, preciousness and sacredness have been words that I did not associate with. They have been words alien to me, words I had chosen to ignore and therefore not know their true meaning but these words are not just words as when felt in the body I get a glimpse of what it feels like to be and live as the gorgeous, true woman I am.

  58. The changes you have made in your life are simple yet revolutionary and the way you express is proof of this. Thank you Rebecca.

  59. This is a beautiful blog Rebecca of a woman reclaiming herself and feeling how truly worthy she is. In world where many woman have denied their womanly qualities and adopted a more masculine approach to life reflections like yours are refreshing and a way to inspire and ignite these qualities in other woman that are desperately craving to re-connect to their sacredness.

    1. Beautifully said Anna. I grew up feeling that boys and men wanted to be with women that were typically masculine in their approach to life and interests and feminine in appearance. I saw that girls and women that were typically girly in their interests, mannerisms and interests were denigrated by men, scoffed at and viewed as little more than high maintenance sex objects.

      A woman who knows herself is truly sexy. It is a great relief to find that underneath the bravado many men truly want to be with women who honour themselves and know their own power.

  60. Our body craves for love – that love that is found in self-nurturing, deep self-care and embracing of who we are. Since having received all these tools by Universal Medicine to bring more connection in my life – I have found me, my true self and that inner-strength that is now everyday more my lived power. So thank God for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in its whole.

  61. Amazing Rebecca Wingrave! How many of us have been ‘One of the lads’ missing out on the stillness within, going from one thing to the next without stopping, connecting and being with our body. For Rebecca and myself to reconnect again, and I was out of control for many years, is a reflection how many others can make this lasting change. I will never go back – my life is true and I love every moment now and what the future holds it just gets better and better!!

  62. A beautiful way to introduce – our true=ness. AND that we are so much more than we are possibly living. When we look at it from appreciation, all we can find that there is more.. more to feel inside us that we can possibly live. This has been inspired for me by Serge Benhayon, who simply never holds back who we are and the potential of being all that we are, every single given moment. Hence, there is nothing lost.. This simply got me inspired and supported me to trust that I can now choose to be myself.

  63. Self care, nurturing and love, three basic ingredients that take us out of self abuse, self loathing, lack of self worth and much more. A simple recipe but not always easy to follow when we are going against the grain and others actively encourage or cleverly manipulate us to do as they do or as they want. It is always our choice however and important then to have compassion for ourselves if we make an ill choice and like wise to be accepting and respectful of others choices, however harming we know them to be.

  64. Understanding that self-care is the basis of self-worth and self-confidence was a total revelation for me – I couldn’t believe something that felt so deep – the lack of self-worth and self-loathing – could be healed by simply starting to take better care of myself, but through experimentation I’ve felt for myself that it’s true. It’s not a quick fix, but a dedicated long-term commitment to keep deepening the care one takes of one’s self, and with that, a deepening of one’s understanding and love for one’s self – and for all others.

  65. Trying to be anyone other than who we are can be a very exhausting and often futile exercise, but so many of us are continually doing exactly that. As you, and I have discovered, being “one of the lads” was not who we were, and embracing the innately gorgeous women that we always had been is a much “more enjoyable, truer and more honest way of being”, and way less exhausting.

  66. Tenderness is not something I treat myself with, I often go for self bashing thoughts, which makes me sad, I am going to allow tenderness with my body and my thoughts.

  67. It is interesting how we act to create safeguards for a way of living that only hurts us: it is not just what we do to hurt ourselves, it is also the friends we hook up with who do exactly the same, so it is also the constructed notion of normality we are able to create out of the abnormal. Then we find relief…. until the body says otherwise.

  68. When I was younger because of wanting to fit in I would do what everyone was doing—but I would do more. Even though I am petite, I would carry heavier loads and even though I was completely disinterested in the activities that most young people do, I would go and observe. But because I was doing all of these things without first a connection with myself—I did not nurture what I liked to do or honored what my feelings are, and became very drained. Now that I have re-discovered a relationship with myself and am able to be first and foremost consistent in the rhythms that support myself, I am then much more able to be involved in life. I still enjoy learning a lot of what everyone does but the difference is, now I am really interested in what they do and find that there is a lot we have in common.

  69. I have seen many women like yourself make this gorgeous transition into who they truly are thanks to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The transformation is incredible and so inspiring for many.

  70. Rebecca your choice to listen to your body is very inspiring. It shows how supportive and loving it is to truly listen to our body and trust what we feel. It supports us to be who we are instead of trying to be someone we are not, this often puts strain and stress on our body if we choose to ignore its messages. Your examples shows how it is possible to honour our body, how we feel and who we are.

  71. When we take all our forms of medication away we get the opportunity to feel, express and deal with things as they come up rather than burying them in the body causing us to be on the perpetual cycle of numbing our self in whatever way is available so as they do not rise to the surface.

  72. I never really enjoyed alcohol that much but I can very much relate to wanting to be one of the lads in a metaphoric way, so as to be accepted and not stand out. The times when I said I didn’t want to drink any more were frowned upon as being boring or that there was something wrong with me (which I began to wonder if there was), especially when everyone had had a few too many. When I really understood through Universal Medicine what alcohol does to the body and why we change so much, it then became an easy choice to stop drinking something that I now know to be a poison to my body.

  73. It is rather ironic that when we give up drinking alcohol that we are considered, or perhaps consider ourselves, the “odd one out”, when we are the one who has made the choice to look after our body and deepen our level of self care. Caring for our body makes a whole lot of sense, but being treated like the odd one sure doesn’t, not one little bit! What an upside down world we live in!

    1. I agree Ingrid, it does seem this way. It also shows that if someone chooses to making loving choices this makes them stand out, probably due to the fact that a huge majority of our society are currently not choosing this. It is pretty shocking when we step back and observe what is truly going on. It is seen as normal to abuse our body with toxic substances but when someone steps out of this and makes loving choices they stand out and are often criticize or condemned for this, which doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t it make more sense to be inspired and appreciate someone who is choosing love?

  74. To let go of the habits and behaviours one has adopted to cope with life takes courage, commitment and most of all love (self-love), as it is at times a bumpy road and not everybody is willing to stand beside us.

  75. It can be really exposing in friendships when someone stops being part of the crowd and instead goes with what feels true for them, it can also be hard to do this as we may feel we no longer ‘fit in’ or are ‘different’ or even find that friends act differently with us but from my experience it is well worth doing and I wish I did this when I was a lot younger …. ‘the problem was that my social life was based around drinking and my friends found it hard to understand why I wanted to stop… I really felt like the odd one out.’

  76. Our bodies are really struggling with the fast pace of today’s society as evidenced by our escalating rates of disease and illness. So when we ignore the push to keep up and instead focus on integrity and quality while being gentle and caring of our body, it really appreciates it.

  77. I love that your self loving journey back to the gorgeous woman you now feel and can celebrate was not through blindly following suggestions from others but through honestly feeling what was true for you each step of the way and embracing this knowing it allowed you to feel and enjoy the real you.

  78. As someone who has watched your evolution from ‘one of the lads’ to the gorgeously, delicate, sexy, beautiful, precious, powerful and sacred woman you are today, I can honestly say your transformation has and is so deeply inspiring.

  79. Thank you for sharing Rebecca. Isn’t it beautiful how we can just keep building the quality and level of nurturing and care we can give ourselves as women.

  80. There are so many ‘rituals’ in so many peoples lives that are based around consumption is simply not good for us, and it does take courage and self- awareness to step outside of these everpresent traps and to be true to oneself

  81. Over a few years I gradually reduced my alcohol intake until I just did not choose it any more. That was over ten years ago now. My friends quizzed me about it and I remember thinking ‘what kind of friendship is this if it is based upon what kind of liquid I choose to have in a glass?’. I have to say, I love my life without alcohol and it is something completely alien to me now.

  82. I too always wanted to be “one of the lads” little realising that this was harming my beautiful young woman’s body in so many ways, but this was one way of filling the emptiness I continually felt inside; I just wanted to belong somewhere. Like you, meeting Serge Benhayon and many Universal Medicine students in 2005 I realised that I wasn’t alone, so many of them had grown up feeling like they didn’t belong anywhere either. Fast forward to today, where my level of self love is so much deeper than it has ever been, the emptiness is filled with the love that I have re-connected to that has always waited patiently for me to re-claim it, and now I definitely know without a sliver of doubt where I belong.

  83. Rebecca it is beautiful to hear you have reconnected back to the beautiful women you are and began to start connecting to the femaleness in your body. Through self care its amazing how we can start to connect to our true essence.

  84. “Through this self-care and having the support of healing sessions with Serge Benhayon and other Universal Medicine practitioners, my confidence and self-worth have been increasing hugely… I feel much more of the real me and am letting go of the trying to be something or someone else.” So simple and yet so powerful, amazing and how we are all naturally born to be.

    1. That’s so true what you say , “when we stop trying to be someone or something our confidence builds”. I know when I used to compare all the time, my confidence and self worth was low.

  85. Thanks Rebecca for another confirming example of the health benefits of making responsible and well informed choices

  86. What a transformation based on the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. A reminder that all it takes is to watch and observe another and be inspired by the way they live.

  87. Hi Rebecca, I too found that I simply had to let go of drinking alcohol and I did so about 20 years ago as I could not take it. One and a half glasses was my limit and after that I was so poisoned I would have the hang over from hell, so it simply was not worth risking. It is strange when people do not understand this as alcohol is indeed a poison to the body. It was great for me also to come across other people who were committed to taking care of themselves and developing and deepening this within themselves. It certainly is another way of being, a way that makes perfect sense as presented by Universal Medicine.

  88. It’s great to challenge the meaning of what “normal” is – it seems these days our gauge of normal is that if the majority are doing it then it’s ok rather than feeling for ourselves how it feels in our body and why is it that we are we so eager to enjoin in behaviours that harm us in order to belong?

  89. This is a great blog, as you show Rebecca, the real value of self care. And that is, the person is so worth taking care of as evident by the response, the remuneration, felt from the body of feeling vital and healing itself from the digestive issues, simply by the choice to self care. We treat ourselves with worth, with value, and your body loves you back 10-fold.

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