David Millikan: Can It Be Possible?

by Dr Lyndy Summerhaze, Australia

Can it be possible in the year 2012 in Australia – a political democracy professing freedom of speech, that a Minister from the Uniting Church could walk into a Presentation about living a full, healthy and loving life and harass the gathered people and accuse them of being a cult? Yes, this did happen on October 12th at the Lennox Head Community Centre and I was there to witness it.

David Millikan, a Minister of the Church, said to Serge Benhayon that he was writing a book and was interested in our philosophy; he said he would like to ask the audience some questions about Universal Medicine and what it presents. What ensued was no open forum of communication between David Millikan and the group, or between one human being and another. Before any such exchange could take place, Mr Millikan menacingly turned on the audience and accused them of being a cult under the controlling influence of Serge Benhayon. As he began the delivery of his slanderous, angry speech, people with hand-held cameras popped up all around us and began filming. It was a set-up with a sinister agenda.

This was one of the most disreputable, dirty, ugly acts I have ever witnessed. Here was a peaceful group of people, including young people and teenagers, being bullied for gathering to talk about how we can live life in a gentle, practical way. How can it be possible that someone like David Millikan can do this in a country of free speech; in a country in which diverse views and religious beliefs are legally allowed to be expressed? Mr Millikan’s act was a violation of basic human rights.

David Millikan claimed to be a Minister of the Uniting Church, and yet everything he did was the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life – he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harrassed, and he slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity.

Mr Millikan’s behaviour is unacceptable and he must be made accountable for it.

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  1. I too have never personally witnessed first hand such appalling behavior by someone who claims to stand on the tenets of his faith and yet treat people in a way the tenets would without doubt condemn. The everyday people in that room subjected to Milikan’s underhanded agenda, attempt to live and treat people with gentleness, love and respect as best they can and so his behavior was a shocking reminder of the harm that is caused by those who do the opposite.

  2. Hmmm, interesting that a man who believes in a man who apparently walked on water takes issue with people following the sane and rather sage advice of someone who they can verify what is true by the fact that the person they are listening to is actually living.

  3. Can it be possible that inside of us, is a part that hides the truth? That runs from light and fights hard Love? We want desperately to look back at life and see how hard we tried to fight for what we know is right. But isn’t this the crucial clue, that there is no fight really when you are aligned to truth. And so all the conflict and difficulty that comes in is only possible as you show Lyndy when we pretend to ourselves that we are making choices that are right, when everything in our life shows this isn’t true.

  4. For as long as we champion our right to abuse others under the guise of ‘freedom of speech’, viscous and unloving acts such as this will continue to occur. I was there on this particular night where it seemed David Millikan wanted to turn what was a harmless gathering of people with a shared interest in healthy living, into a soap opera of emotion. Fortunately and as a testament to those at the receiving end of such abuse, everyone was able to hold steady as Millikan unleashed his tirade and was seen for the ‘snake in the grass’ that he revealed himself to be.

  5. I was there and was shocked at the ridiculous tactics Mr Millikan and a couple of people planted in the audience with cameras carried out. Mr Millikan came with an agenda and a plan they had cooked up previously, lying to Serge Benhayon supposedly to have a conversation with the audience, but it was more like he wanted to have his say, he wasn’t interested in any dialogue, he just wanted to cause havoc to get footage to support his agenda. The audience didn’t buy it and remained calm, not really getting involved. We witnessed journalism at its worst trying to insight a reaction from a crowd who trusted that a Ex Minister of the Church would have been his word but not so. One wonders where such a dishonest, false, deceptive, bullying and aggressive behaviour would stem from and what would be its purpose other than to get a headline in a newspaper. Unfortunately they missed hearing about the best life changing modality to have come our way…. that would have been a headline worth sharing

  6. So Mr Millikan has had his appearance… I was not there, but after all I did hear about it, it seemed to be nothing more than a flimsy claim in order to be seen as the exposer of and saviour for the Universal Medicine Students who are ‘lost’ in a cult, all for his own ends.
    As I am living with Universal Medicine Courses now for over 10 years I can state they do not feel cultic in any way. My family and relationship connections did deepen, as my commitment to life & work has. I have notbecome distanced and I do no scary practice. I am not scary in any way. Butwhat I have read about Mr Millikan and some others who claim to rescue the world from the ‘bad and dangers of the UniMed cult’, I found truly scary. Shows the human abysses, what people are willing to do just to get some recognition. Well, we will learn out of it like always. What is needed in the world is trust and so I will live a trustful life and by and by this will inspire others to as well.

  7. “Truth will always prevail, Universal Medicine and the student body have proven that by the miraculous life changing results constantly on display” Here here absolutely true Joe Minnici.

  8. Truth will always prevail, Universal Medicine and the student body have proven that by the miraculous life changing results constantly on display

  9. You are spot on Lyndy, this is totally unacceptable behaviour especially in our modern times. As you say so succinctly… “he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harrassed, and he slandered a group of people…” This is unacceptable behaviour from any human being towards another, but from an ex-Minister of the Church towards anybody is doubly unacceptable. Someone in this position accepts the responsibility to be a role model for many others in the community. He of all people should be standing up for the rights of such a group as was meeting that night since the topic of their discussion was around being more responsible, loving and active members of the community.

  10. It is extremely shocking that for such a man in a position of responsibility behaves in such a manner of irresponsibility with no respect for others, having lied and deceived, bullied, harassed, and slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity. What is coming to the world when such things take place?

  11. Hear, hear, Lyndy, the behaviour of David Millkan was not acceptable. A man purporting to be a man of God acting in this way, as you say, was playing out the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life. He would have been better off holding the interview he proposed as he and his team may have learned something in the process. Instead, Millkan chose to hold onto a preconceived idea and hijack the meeting in high drama causing a major disturbance and a kerfuffle to a group of people who had gathered together because they are interested in approaching life in a more harmonious and loving way! And this is called news worthy! The real news would have been reporting just how powerful the presentations of Universal Medicine have been to those who are willing to take responsibility for their every thought, word and deed!

  12. If you take a zoomed out view of our world for a moment, you have to stop and really wonder how is it that we have come to this? How can it be that we literally kill and beat another? How is it that we are in this mess in 2016? For incidents like David Millikan’s behaviour are happening all over, and God knows it is not right or true to deceive and trick each other to gain sensational notoriety and press this way. Perhaps where we need to start is to stop kidding ourselves that things will improve without us first making a big change in how we are?

  13. Sometimes in life things happen that seem to make no comprehensible sense. Yet when you look past the surface of life and see the energy that lives at the heart of life, you start to see the missing part of the picture. The behaviour of David Millkan in this case was outrageous, abusive and quite absurd. But when we look at our own lives, I wonder if we will start to see this deception and malevolence is also at play in ways we might not like to see? Events like this incident are here to send us an important message.

  14. Its interesting how self promotion gets in way of true ‘good’. I was there when this despicable act took place. All decency, love and care that you would expect from a man representing the philosophies of living in connection with God went out the window as David Milligan saw this as an opportunity to star in a TV episode.

  15. I will never forget that night. It is the night I will always remember for lifting the veil on just how ruthless and immoral the media can be, and the lengths they will go to just to get a story – any story. Truth matters not when one trades in the currency of sensationalism.

  16. “David Millikan claimed to be a Minister of the Uniting Church, and yet everything he did was the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life – he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harassed, and he slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity.” Totally unacceptable behaviour in a free country and not very ‘uniting’! Everyone has the right to freedom of belief, expression and association and if he had actually listened to Serge and students he might have learned something to his benefit. How sad that a minister seems to have lost his sense of decency and respect. Where was the love and lack of judgement that evening?

  17. Reading this today I feel quite strongly that this kind of premeditated threatening and disruptive behaviour should be addressed by the authorities and Mr Millikan brought to account.

  18. There is no excuse for an action like this. None what so ever can justify the harm such accusation causes not just in the abuse that is felt but the deliberate miss representation of truth, a truth that humanity could greatly benefit from. This is a truth that embodies the fact of true love, true religion and true truth of what life is truly about, as shown by the living way of Serge Benhayon and students of Universal Medicine

    1. The deliberateness of this evening and the behaviour played out shows the lengths people go to to hide from and disguise the truth not only from themselves, but others too. This is where the true harm is. It’s one thing to actively sabotage and hurt yourself, but another to do it to others too.

      1. So true Jenny. In truth whether we are harming ourselves directly or another we are harming everyone as everything is interconnected and interlinked.

  19. To read again what happened that night is a form of abuse. For someone representing the church to come in and accuse another organisation of being a cult is quiet ironic.
    The esoteric has existed for eons, and in all its while it has been humble and accepting of all other forms of religion and beliefs. But it has also presented the truth of religion, which is a far cry from what most of the religions today see it as.
    The Christian Church has seen a history of abuse, violence, dictatorship and control – and for any member of this religion to walk in and accuse Universal Medicine of being a cult is someone saying they are not willing to be honest about their own religion and its history. I can say that not one Universal Medicine event I have attended has ever asked me to be a certain way, to convert, or even to come back. It has simply allowed me the free will to make choices that either make me more of who I am or not. And in those self loving choices is a natural connection to myself and everyone else equally – regardless of their religion or beliefs or culture. That is true equality.

  20. Absolutely agree Lyndy. What is key here that no matter the profession or high level of job (even in the church) – people can be bullying, harassing, accusing etc. people from being in a cult which they are not.. Lies lies lies, everyone can lie. Our descerment needs to be in everything – as you can see the minister of the Uniting Church David Millikan, does this and goes to the extremes with – even if their whole point,work, job is to respect people- well he has appeared to fail this duty

  21. Thank you for your very clear expression and reporting on what occurred that night, Lyndy. Serge Benhayon has supported me and thousands of others to turn their lives around and this behaviour by David Millikan is utterly deplorable and unjust.

  22. Looking back on that night, as I was there also, I remember such a sense of outrage that David Milikin and his supporters ambushed the meeting and made outlandish, untrue accusations.
    How can this happen with seemingly no recourse or accountability?
    When will the law catch up?

  23. Not only must David Millikan made accountable for his deeds, we as a humanity must be made accountable also, for allowing the law to become so porous, that such an act is not followed by legal consequences.

  24. Interesting reading back over this blog and the memories that surface around a self proclaimed expert who decided to take it upon himself to convince an audience of hundreds of people that they were somehow ‘brainwashed’ and needed to come back to the fold – ah the arrogance of the man.

  25. I can smile now when I remember that night! In a way it is a great marker – truth does not fade or become a memory of what was and ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could return to the good old days’. Truth is constant, steady and just IS. I look forward to returning to this blog to connect with the power of truth and appreciate the lived life and inspiration of Serge Benhayon.

  26. What is amazing is that from the accounts of the in-person attack and in the following (and sadly continuing cyber-abuse that Serge Behanyon has stood his ground. I have never ever met or known anyone to be as unwavering in their stance without reaction or retort. What this shows is that in the face of everything that could ever be thrown at a person love is far stronger.

  27. Thank you for sharing what you witnessed that day. Obviously David Millikan came with an agenda to lie and decieve. He was welcomed openly by the group to feel the truth that was being shared and presented. People who are truly taking their life seriously and taking responsibility for a healthy lifestyle. It was a great opportunity for him to see a reflection of truth, yet he came with no openness, but an agenda to cause harm and disruption. He should be accountable for the harm he has caused as he really does not understand the truth of the teaching of Christ.

  28. I was not present the night that David Millikan hijacked the Universal Medicine presentation but I have heard about it since. Each time I hear from someone who was there that night, what I am struck by is the response from Serge Benhayon. In the face of David Millikan’s violation of the event, I have heard that Serge responded with utter respect for the man accusing his audience of being members of a dangerous cult. He by no means cow-towed to this man or his bullying actions, but allowed him to speak and while he responded with truth, at no time did Serge become defensive or attack David Millikan in return. This, to me, is remarkable.

    1. I have seen Serge Benhayon deal with someone who stood up during one of his presentations and start having a go at him. The gentleman was upset and confrontational, and at no time did Serge use his position of being on stage to berate or chastise the man, even saying that he would not do that to him because it was unfair, as Serge was on stage with a microphone and the man was in the audience. Even in these situations which make most of us either defensive or go on the attack, Serge was incredibly loving.

      1. I was there also Naren and it was so amazing for Serge Benhayon did not react in any way to this unprovoked confrontational situation. Holding a stillness and a love that he holds each and everyone of us in – all the time.

  29. I was there too Lyndy on that memorable night. What I feel now when I recall the brazen invasion and disregard Millikan had for Serge Benhayon and those present, is how three years later, there is no way he would do the same. Serge Benhayon has established himself and his business and is growing in his reputation as an untarnished and exemplary citizen, business man, practitioner, family man, visionary and much much more. Watch this space Mr Millikan – Serge Benhayon is here to stay and humanity is evolving as a result!

    1. Yes bernadetteglass, three years on and going strong! ” Serge Benhayon is here to stay and humanity is evolving as a result!” So true!

  30. This is an example of the fact that a title says nothing. As what I have learned is, dont be fooled by what you see or hear, always feel what is real and true. As the most evil can come through people, also through those you do not suspect it.

  31. So does this proves us the fact that a ‘title’ in this case ”David Millikan the Minister of The Uniting Church”, does mean that he is in livingness Uniting, or is having unity as his number 1 lead in life, as otherwise you would not accuse your own fellow brothers, and for sure not on what is not true.

  32. This is so true, Lyndy. This behavior and act is absolute disgraceful and no one should ever be allowed to do this publicly (or even privately) to people. There is no respect from David Millikan whatsoever. What you say here is heaven’s right: ”David Millikan claimed to be a Minister of the Uniting Church, and yet everything he did was the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life – he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harassed, and he slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity.”
    A true person that is truly standing for Unity and Christ would never do this. So if David Millikan is in disguise, never would I follow this man.

  33. I wasn’t present at this event, but to me I would have to agree whole heartedly that this sort of behaviour is just plain wrong. What right does a man have to judge a group of people, who are developing greater care, love and understanding of their own lives in order to give back some of the same?

  34. The media came with an agenda and had already decided that Universal Medicine was a cult. They momentarily professed to be interested in the truth, but very quickly demonstrated that that was just a ploy for their stage show. They didn’t even pretend that they were there to report in an unbiased fashion – interesting ethics?

  35. Thankyou Lyndy for sharing your blog, the truth is that every one has a responsibility and accountability for their actions and how it affects others is an expanding awareness that we are all connected in essence with love, why do we choose any thing less, to uphold ideals and beliefs as an individual and drive them with force in an attempt to not feel that all encompassing love.

  36. ‘David Millikan claimed to be a Minister of the Uniting Church, and yet everything he did was the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life – he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harrassed, and he slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity.’ This was so well expressed Lyndy.

  37. Thank you Lyndy for speaking up – What an amazing opportunity Mr. David Millikan was given to listen and converse with an audience who were prepared to offer their truth of “living a full, healthy and loving life”. From his behaviour it greatly shows/feels that he needed to re-awaken to what was going to be shared.

  38. Thank you Lyndy for speaking up for the truth in your authority. David Millikan created disturbance in a united group. When the facts are stated it sounds ridiculous that people have come together to learn more about living lovingly, healthy and committed to life, to living responsibly- haven’t we got enough people in the word who live void of this? What are you trying to hide Millikan and smear to try to make sure the world doesn’t see its importance, real-ness, and true way to live? This is it. Universal Medicine will never fall because it is the truth, it is what we have been all waiting for, the true “missing key” and such truth can never truly be put out or smeared- For its quality will shine through.

  39. Mr Millikan’s action was despicable but since then the outpouring from the student body has drowned his slander. New ideas and ways of living disturb the peace and are always the subject of attacks. Deep conviction and love will prevail.

    1. Well said Patricia. Perhaps David Millikan would be feeling very frustrated and chastened due to the student body uniting even further as a result of his actions. Along with conviction and love so will truth also always prevail.

  40. “David Millikan claimed to be a Minister of the Uniting Church, and yet everything he did was the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life – he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harrassed, and he slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity”. Very true and very well said, Lyndy. Just because someone has a title or a credential does not mean the authority of what they say and do is coming from a place of integrity, and this is a fact we all need to be aware of.

  41. Great point Lyndy… It’s so imposing for him to try and convert the audience to be Christians… He was not at all being a good representation of a loving man who is connected to God by the sounds of this.

  42. Hard to believe such a thing could happen but it did. That attack became a catalyst for those who are committed to truth love integrity and respect to begin to speak out about such atrocities. This is a good thing.
    I know I myself have held back in the past when witnessing behaviour’s and activities that dont support all of humankind equally. Not any more. These abuses are happening the world over and the more we wake up and address such things the less acceptable and hidden they become.

  43. If we consider what Mr Millikan is responsible for, the effects of his abuse of the audience that night is still echoing today. People have to be help accountable for their actions, or else they pollute the world, leaving an imprint of mistrust and hurt that takes years to clear.

  44. Yes, Jeanette he must be feeling dis-ease from his stunt as must his accomplices for joining him, it is not only David Milikan who should be held accountable but those who agreed to his bullying by filming.

    1. True emfeldman, I say this also. How deeply hurt must this man be, this so-called Minister of God, that he can lie and cheat his way into a peaceful gathering, a group who would have loved to share and discuss their philosophy with him – to then proceed to abuse and accuse this group of awful, untrue things, just for the sake of some good camera footage and a small chance of ‘fame’ on tv. How wonderful could this evening have been, and instead it was a fiasco for him, and deeply distressing to the many, including children, who were present that night. There shouldn’t need to be laws to protect against this kind of behaviour, as common decency and respect ought never to allow it. A sadly missed opportunity. And it shows how far off kilter things can become when people’s hearts are so closed that all that is in their minds is money, fame, or recognition such that they cannot see the deep harm they are causing.

      1. So true Annie…”David Millikan claimed to be a Minister of the Uniting Church, and yet everything he did was the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life – he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harrassed, and he slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity.” This is worth repeating and outing in order for this …”Mr Millikan’s behaviour is unacceptable and he must be made accountable for it.”

  45. It’s hard to believe this happened in Australia 2012. It feels like the witch trials and inquisitions of the Middle Ages. Absolutely atrocious.

  46. I agree with what you share here Lyndy and feel that this type of behaviour is quite simply abuse. Thank you for calling this behaviour out, it is time we all stand up for truth and no longer sit idly by.

  47. I totally agree Lyndy. It’s atrocious that a minister of the church can get away with such behavior. A ‘uniting’ church at that.

  48. Anything that is not presented in love is harmful to the audience. But if it is announced to be an opening to get together, to me it feels even more harmful. The abuse of a welcome in any shape or form is purely destructive and leads nowhere.

  49. I absolutely agree Lyndy, this kind of behaviour has to be exposed and David Milikan held to account or it could be viewed as acceptable. Just because abuse is somewhat prolific in society today and so can be sadly seen as normal, it does not make it right… and regardless of who delivers it under whatever personal justification, nobody deserves to endure it.

  50. Well said Lyndy. How indeed can a church minister treat any other people in this fashion. I would like to know what his church thought of his actions and if they did anything regarding this or whether they turned a blind eye to the fact that one of their ministers abused and intimidated a group of people.

  51. It was certainly hard to fathom at the time Lindy and still the question is posed “how is behaviour possible in this day and age?” I’m still waiting for proper investigation into Universal Medicine, a scientific one rather than from religious zealots with their own personal agenda.

  52. Thank you Lyndy, an accurate account of the events that occurred on that night. One outstanding feature to me was the way in which the Students of The Livingness stayed calm and in no way returned the obvious anger and bitterness shown by David Millikan. Divine truth was there for all humanity to see and all that needed to happen was to allow civil questions to be discussed. If this was an example of what the religions of the day represent maybe they should be opened up and investigated. True Livingness has nothing to hide!

  53. I totally agree Lyndy, disgraceful behaviour by a man in a position of Minister of a Church and equally so the media following on his untruthful word. Where’s the accountability?

  54. Yes, how can this happen? It would seem that an act like this just doesn’t happen in our day and age in Australia, but yet it did. What despicable behaviour and coming from a Minister, who are members of our community that are looked to as role models. There is nothing of this behaviour that is one bit inspiring, or even one bit OK.

  55. This was an abusive and deceitful way for David Millican to behave. As a Minister of a Church how could he not see what he was doing and know it was against all the ethics of his religion. What a hypocrite! It feels base and completely unloving, and utterly distasteful to most people. What did he hope to gain from it? Some quick gratification and sensationalism, no doubt, but his attempt will not affect those he wished to “expose”, for all he has done is expose himself. Universal Medicine is a group of people who are committed to a way of life that is founded on love, honesty and truth, and no David Millican’s are going to be able to destroy that.

  56. Thank you for speaking out Lyndy. It is obvious David Millikan does not truly represent God. His actions that day represented the opposite of love, truth and integrity. And it is a shame that a congregation would follow him.

  57. There is much in what you have said here Lyndy. Is this really the Australia that we want to have, a country that does not allow people to gather and discuss philosophy, science and religion. What was Mr. Millikan advocating for here – to harass and silence anyone that he does not agree with? Not the Australia or world that I want.

  58. It is incredible to hear that this can occur in Australia in this day and age. This behaviour was so ‘un-christian’, not the kind of behaviour you would hope to see from a minister. This is in stark contrast to the behaviour of Serge Benhayon. He consistently lives what he presents – being loving, open and energetically responsible.

  59. I wasn’t present at this time, but I do participate in the Universal Medicine events regularly. I can find no sense in why someone would want to bully others “for gathering to talk about how we can live life in a gentle, practical way”.

  60. Even reading this nearly three years on I can still feel the manipulation and deceit David Millikan used in hijacking the presentation. It’s been an on-going reproductions of lies from particular individuals, that has then been picked up and sensationalised by the media… and it’s a testament to Universal Medicine’s philosophy that they have never retaliated, but simply carried on with presenting all the love they are.

  61. It appears David Milikan’s behaviour may have breached his own code of conduct as a Reverend.

    1. I was wondering the same thing Abby. He certainly was not very reverent in his activities to bag a story and not behaving at all like a reverend – a role which requires one to be a true role model for the community… not a position to misuse for one’s own interests or personal gain.

    2. I agree Abby and josephinebe2012 ambushing and name calling doesn’t seem very Reverend like to me either.

  62. Lyndy as you say “How can it be possible that someone like David Millikan can do this” its unfortunately a picture of where we are at that this can go on. That despite the abhorrent act as a society we pay and consume the content that Mr Millikan and others put out. Information that is knowingly incorrect and done when the journalist are fully versed in the truth of the situation.

  63. Lyndy thank you for this blog.
    Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the whole student body have been targeted and the bullying and abuse has continued.
    From this aggressive and invasive attack I have discovered that lies entertain the minds of fearful people who cannot feel the truth when it is in front of them.
    The truth is that an inspirational man, ahead of his time, stands before a group of people and simply presents another way.

    A way to reconnect with ourselves, to be more caring and to look at our lifestyle choices. Why is this so threatening?

    Everything from this incident to the online trolling and cyber abuse that has been directed at Universal Medicine is coming from a reaction to the truth being presented.

    The thing about lies is that they need to be continually fed ….however the truth is simple and unwavering.

    1. The truth stands alone by itself, as you say it does not need to be fed or coerced like lies and untruths. Once you have felt the truth it is very hard to be conned with lies anymore and hence why the student body have risen.

  64. Thank you Lyndy, ugly disgraceful behaviour… Quite the opposite one would expect from a man of the cloth… Is it no wonder more people are seeking out away from the church for a true way to live if behaviour like that is anything to go by? Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are showing the way simply through reconnecting to the kingdom of god that is inside of you.

  65. Thank you Lyndy. I agree with you this type of bullying behaviour is far from acceptable, especially in this day and age of free speech and the number of different religious groups there are out there – why target Universal Medicine? This is not the type of behaviour one would expect from a grown man let alone a Reverend – he has let himself down.

  66. It is disgraceful, deceitful, unacceptable and incidious what David Millikan did. A grown man! Or supposed to be. This kind of behaviour cannot and absolutely should not be tolerated one iota and yes he needs to be held accountable for what he did.

  67. Thank you Lyndy. It would appear that David Millikan doesn’t care about other people’s right to freedom of speech as this was obviously a premeditated attack. He had no intention of hearing about the amazing work of Universal Medicine and how it has helped many people better their lives but simply to further his own career. Claiming to be a Uniting Church Minister and then acting in this way does not correlate and just shows the hypocrisy of this man.

  68. Thank you Lyndy for exposing the foul antics and lack of integrity of this man, totally unacceptable for anyone to behave this way.

  69. Yes it is a violation of basic human rights when a group of people who pose no threat to the community are not allowed to peacefully gather together. Would David Millikan like it if someone stormed his congregation or church with media in tow? I think not. This is especially shocking that the ring leader was someone who is supposedly promoting tolerance and good will in society i.e. a church minister.

    1. But no-one from Universal Medicine has stormed David Millikan’s church. There have not been any ‘revenge attacks’. It seems to me this group of people (Universal Medicine) are actually living out and expressing what they hold dear, the truth.

  70. David Millikan; a Minister of the Church, you would like to think that one would be treated with full respect when you hear the title ‘Minister of the Church’, but what does that even mean nowadays? David Millikan might be a minister of a church but is he an honest man? Does he live in an honest way with himself and therefore everyone else equally? Well, for me, looking at the evidence here the answer is definitely no. These such behaviours are not acceptable and should not be allowed whatsoever. We have freedom of speech, but this should not mean that we have freedom to lie.

  71. This was indeed a shocking occurrence. And as you note Lyndy,
    “David Millikan claimed to be a Minister of the Uniting Church, and yet everything he did was the very antithesis of the teachings of Christ, of the Christian way of Life – he lied and deceived, he bullied, he harassed, and he slandered a group of people who deeply care for humanity.”
    I see no Unity in the attacking behaviour that took place that evening and David Millikan’s behavior was unacceptable.

  72. Thank you Lyndy for reporting the truth of this situation, the truth that so needs to be told. The behaviour seen by David Millikan was utterly deceitful, diabolical, and shameful. He went out of his way to set up the students of Universal medicine and Serge Benhayon. His manipulation and cunning was severe and totally out of line.

  73. Thank you Lyndy for your simple and straightforward account of that evening and the questions you raise about David Millikan’s behaviour which are deeply troubling.
    I have never heard of the Uniting Church but cannot imagine how they can condone this behaviour which is deliberately designed to have the opposite effect and to what purpose?
    We all have a responsibility to be accountable for our behaviour and to ensure that our society conforms to this so that this sort of behaviour is deemed totally unacceptable anywhere.

  74. Thank You Dr Lyndy Summerhaze for your clear and simple account of what actually happened to a group of people from a minister claiming he is from the Uniting Church.
    What uniting holy place would accept this behaviour which is divisive and does not unite anyone.
    I wonder like Jeanette says above in her comment, how did Mr David Millikan feel after his unacceptable public behaviour?
    What did he get from it? – the usual trappings of 21st century fame for five minutes and some money. What I don’t understand is what on earth are ministers of the church doing with the media in the first place?

    1. Well said, Bina. You would expect a minister from the Church to stand on the ground of integrity, but clearly there was not a single ounce of honesty and integrity here. Just a case of full manipulation and lies, all for what? … As you say, Bina it was just for five minutes of fame, some money and to create a sand storm. How corrupt can you get?

    2. Thanks Bina Pattel for sharing with such honesty. The supposed interest in writing a book was no where near the agenda of Mr David Millikan. What was shared was the disrespectful manner that was conducted by “man of the church” with his own agenda for personal gain and recognition.

  75. Let us be so much love that David doesn’t even dare to do anything like this again.

  76. I live far away form Australia, but I do agree – how can it be that a person like David Milikan in a certain position of society can cause such harm and damage to people and children AND does get away with it? Are there no laws for that?

  77. I trust the Uniting Church will do more than have a stern word with David Millikan. He should not be allowed association with any Church and Christian way of life as lived and taught by Christ!
    Fancy, professing to be a ‘cult expert’. If he left that title to a church mouse, it would do much better job and it would bow to Universal Medicine with respect and gratitude for all they are about.

    1. Ahhhh Dragana – I just love your little analogies… this one about the church mouse was absolutely priceless…!

    2. Yes, the qualifications for ‘cult expert’ in some cases seem to be little more than being able to use the label.

  78. I feel that the best way to hold him accountable is to expose his actions for what they are. He has spent his life pretending to be what he is not and perhaps the days that he can continue this deception to the world are now numbered?

  79. So true, Mr Millikan needs to be made accountable for his actions. He came with the intent of trying to make Universal Medicine out to be a cult and in doing so exposed his own lack of integrity.
    Mr Millikan exposed that he was just like many other tabloid journalists, lying and bullying people to get a story, a story that does not exist. In fact he is worse than the tabloid journalists… they don’t hide behind their Minister of the Church status of trying to do good…

  80. Yes I agree he does need to be held accountable. How is it that he is getting away with such atrocious behaviour… and he calls himself a Christian minister?
    Mary-Louise Myers

  81. Powerfully said. David Millikan and his support team definitely need to be brought to account for orchestrating this event and its planned violation of the human rights of those present that evening.

  82. It’s awful to hear of my dear friends being subjected to this, especially in a country like Australia where people cross high seas in leaking boats to come here for our tolerance and freedom… where are we allowing the media to take us?
    Nothing David Millikan did that night has helped anyone, the only beneficiary was his wallet… and how much that gives him satisfaction later in life remains to be seen

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