Is this True Evil?

by Sandra Dallimore, Melbourne, Australia

I used to think that true evil was the heinous crimes like murder, rape, genocide, child abuse and modern day slavery. Don’t get me wrong, these crimes ARE evil and there is no place for them in our society. But I now see that evil comes in a much more hidden and insidious form: the form of keeping truth from mankind.

In recent months, Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, his family and the many people who attend Universal Medicine events have experienced deception, lies and misrepresentation in and by the media. Universal Medicine has been called a ‘cult’, Serge Benhayon has been called a guru, and the people who attend the many presentations and courses, particularly the women, portrayed as mindless followers.

Why then, are there so many people who attend Universal Medicine events who:

  • Have gone from abusing themselves with alcohol, drugs or food to taking much greater care with their health and that of their families and as a result, have much more fulfilling lives?
  • Have lost weight without dieting, excessive exercise or any other strict regime?
  • Look younger and feel more vital than they did five or ten years ago?
  • Have more loving relationships with their family and friends?

And why is it that so many feel great about being out in the world regardless of whether they are a supermarket assistant or a doctor, a tradesman or a corporate professional, a nurse or teacher, a waiter/waitress or lawyer? They all simply enjoy the connection they have with their patients, students, colleagues and customers, and the difference they can see that it makes within these environments.

I am one of these people. I have been attending Universal Medicine presentations and courses for over five years, and the changes I have made in my life during this time have been my choice. Not Serge Benhayon’s or a Universal Medicine practitioner’s, but mine.

It may appear to some that we are following some strange dietary regime or practice. But really, what is so strange about not eating gluten when it makes me feel bloated and tired? What is so strange about not drinking alcohol because I’ve had enough of the see-saw effects of needing it to take the edge of life, and then feeling fuzzy headed and drained the next day? What is so strange about going to bed by 9pm and getting up early so I feel refreshed and ready to start a new day with more energy than when I go to bed later? I call it taking care of myself and being responsible for my health and wellbeing.

And is it so strange to feel that there is more to life than just the physical body when science can prove that everything is in fact made of energy? And is it so strange to talk of reincarnation, when there are many cultures and religions that have this at the core of their beliefs?

I and many others have a story to tell, but because it isn’t juicy, tantalising, sensational or full of drama, the media so far doesn’t seem interested. It won’t sell newspapers or increase TV ratings. And to some, it probably sounds quite boring. But boring it is not. Healthy isn’t boring. Vital isn’t boring. Being more nurturing and caring with myself isn’t boring. Being more caring and loving with others isn’t boring.

Open your eyes and take a look out there, the world is in a right mess – there are wars now not only between countries but in families, schools, communities and on the internet. And the biggest wars are within people’s bodies, with the rates of illness rising each year despite the great efforts of our medical systems.

So could this be true evil – not letting our stories be told? Stories of inspiration and change, and the truth of how life can be for anyone willing to be honest about what is truly going on.

And is true evil painting Universal Medicine as a cult that brainwashes its ‘followers’ and asks them to leave their families?

I say yes to both of the above, with reason: my life was full of relationship, work and family dramas, my body was exhausted, I was shut down to what was happening out in the world because I didn’t want to feel how awful it was, and I used any number of numbing substances and hobbies to keep me from feeling just how awful I felt most of the time… until I started to take an honest look at how I was living, and make some simple and practical changes.

I have a deep appreciation for the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and say thank you from deep within my heart to Serge for the inspiration he has been and continues to be, despite what is thrown at him. Thank you, Serge.

196 thoughts on “Is this True Evil?

  1. “And the biggest wars are within people’s bodies,” this is so true as the result of people resisting their own amazingness so it is easier to attack the body than to accept it for the grandness that we all are.

  2. True evil is not letting another human being feel for themselves the true light and beauty of who they are and through the misinterpretation of words create fear, doubt and feelings of being less in the world.

  3. Evil, or what I feel is evil, does not always have to look like a big baddie of films, it can be the choice to deny or defame what is truth, through manipulation and the can look ‘nice’ ‘normal’ and ‘rational’, because we make pictures of what all of these three words mean. Truth stands with Love and ultimately it can not be altered by evil, but evil can delay humanity feeling the amazing quality of truth and love that Universal Medicine offer. Exposing what is occurring here is fantastic, it will however always be our own choice and will to discern what feels true and what feels evil.

  4. My life story, and the changes that have occurred through inspiration and support from Universal Medicine really are something to share with the media, glorious health and well being, self love and care and a renewed commitment to express myself in the world and yet, it will be ignored and derided.It is confronting to look at the fact that we make our choices and we can change our life through making different choices, it is a fact however and it is one that I have confronted and been working with and it is pure truth and divinity and a blessing to have received.

  5. Sandra you wrote: “And the biggest wars are within people’s bodies, with the rates of illness rising each year despite the great efforts of our medical systems.” I only can agree and because of that it would be much more beneficial if experiences like yours would be printed in the media as it would show the readers that there is an other way of living possible.

  6. How many ways do we hold back throughout our day? And what if it is not in just what we say? But that we withdraw and say ‘no not today’ to walking with our grace, to strutting our stuff down the street and meeting people face to face? If we don’t live this joyfully, what is it we are letting get in the way? Because surely then we must, as you say Sandra, actually be contributing to the difficulty and true evil in this world? It is a sobering thought that the root for the upset we experience in life, lives not in a far off country or terrorist cabal, but in our choice and decisions to be ourselves in full.

  7. True evil is expressed through us. We are all capable of it the moment we separate from ourselves. Equally great love is expressed through us when we allow ourselves to connect. Either way, we are either choosing one or the other all day, every day.

  8. This is super super good to see the truth that has been written. Simply facts, that are turned around and used by evil as the basterdization of true facts. So well called out, Universal Medicine brought huge benefits to many many lives and not the garbage that this evil source has made it!

  9. Everything you have said, like what is shared by Universal Medicine presentations makes so much sense, the problem seems to be that not everybody likes their norms to be challenged, or maybe it’s that they’ve lost faith in finding something that does speak the truth and actually makes a difference… but there a hundreds of stories of transformation like yours, showing we are not mindless cult members but thriving members of the community who are living proof of the power of embracing the wisdom that has been presented on love, health and well-being.

  10. Something I have learnt about evil is that it hides in places that are ‘right’ and ‘good’. Once this was felt, a whole new world of evil was exposed to me.

    1. Brilliant kimweston2, I love what you’ve shared. This is true for me too. I thought I knew what evil is and what is not but it wasn’t until I started to understand about energy and how we use it, that I began to see more clearly what evil truly is. I absolutely agree, evil hides in places of ‘right’ and ‘good’ which is very insidious and seems to be easily and commonly accepted. Exposing what is true evil is very much needed in our society.

  11. Our media reflects all that we have allowed, and for so long – way prior to the invention of television, the printing press, radio and the internet. We have said it’s ok to suppress if not completely bury the truth.
    This is evil at its most insidious – now having free reign to continue the suppression, whilst most walk around forgetting that they/we have been a part of a media industry juggernaut that can now (though there are indeed pockets of integrity) do what it likes.
    If the definition of evil is that which separates us from the truth of who we truly are, then this is it.
    Well called Sandra Dallimore – every one of our voices that awaken, arise, and say that such suppression and negation of the truth is not ok, is needed, if we wish to eventually move past this culture of sensationalism and rampant falsity ‘selling’ as it does, with the true stories that deserve to be known, being kept well away from the front page.

  12. Indeed, when did ‘healthy’, ‘vital’ and feeling consistently amazing become boring? I experience all of these things, due in enormous measure to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, without which I’d be floundering and likely not so well by now (in my late 40’s).
    And I am most definitely NOT boring – bring on the front page coverage!

  13. Spot on Sandra, I am another of those who have completely transformed my life to be unrecognisable from 15 years ago, and that’s after spending the 10 years prior to that TRYING to change all sorts of things and failing miserably. Not until meeting Serge Benhayon and putting into practise many of the same sort of things you’ve outlined, did anything of any substance change for me. Trying to prevent society from seeing that and being inspired themselves IS true evil I agree.

  14. Sandra, great blog and great question, ‘Is this True Evil?’ Thank you for exposing what this truly is. It is supportive to our evolution collectively to truly understand and recognize the different forms of evil, disguised in the numerous forms, large or small and see that they are all equally harmful to us.

  15. Evil has different ways. Ways that are destined to shock us head on. And ways to deceive us softly. The former kind are obvious. And they feel so awful in our bodies that we tend to dismiss the others which are working 24/7 to make us walk away from truth.

  16. Anything that takes me away from feeling and knowing that love is where we come from and where we must return to, is a distraction and a detour. Making my life about me and not taking responsibility for my part in the ALL is the set up that is normalised and promoted. Evil is living life for myself in the belief love is emotional and coveting and about the people who stoke my ego and assist me to ‘feather my own nest’.

  17. Holding back all the aspects of life that support our true well-being IS evil Sandra! Thank you for bringing this to my attention again today. What a responsibility we have to share this whole heartedly!

  18. ‘I call it taking care of myself and being responsible for my health and wellbeing.’ Enough said! Thanks Sandra for bringing back the bottom line!

  19. I agree Sandra. My understanding of evil has also changed from the obvious acts of violence and disregard to the knowing that anything in this world that distracts, diminishes or attempts to hide the truth of who we are and what we are connected to is in fact evil.

  20. Criticism is one thing, if it is based on reasonable dissertation of the facts. In the case of Universal Medicine, the media did no such thing, but published conclusions as to their nature instead that were purely based on fiction. Take for example the Sydney Morning Herald, which published the lie that Universal Medicine was rorting medicare, when any simple follow up enquiry would reveal that Universal Medicine was not even registered with Medicare. So, like I said, go ahead, disagree with Universal Medicine. Argue against their philosophy. But make sure you don’t just make up lies and insinuations in order to do so.

    1. Very true Adam. The fact is that without the lies the media would not have the story they so desperately want. It is revealing that the truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is actually far more interesting and inspiring than any made up cult story and yet it is completely ignored by the media.

  21. Exactly Sandra, you are offering us to look deeper into our lives and see where we feel and see this evil and where it is not. Once we start to feel the difference of those two sources : evil and truth. We are left with an understanding why the world is currently driven as it does, and how the choice is ours.

  22. Responsibility is what this article has in bucket loads. Either we do wake up and claim our part in the state of our life and become responsible, or we continue to blame, whinge and want for another to come along and carry us out of the mess we have made. I have lived both ways, and waking up and taking responsible is the most beautiful experience. Let’s not leave our life to the whims of the current trends, but instead, set our own.

  23. Evil is not being aware that there is a whole energetic scene playing out within a physical one, that is constantly affecting us and our choices.

  24. So very well expressed Sandra. Healthy isn’t boring! Feeling vital certainly isn’t boring! Why have we created a world where we think that taking care of ourselves is boring and trashing ourselves is cool? It just doesn’t make sense.

  25. “Open your eyes and take a look out there, the world is in a right mess – there are wars now not only between countries but in families, schools, communities and on the internet. And the biggest wars are within people’s bodies, with the rates of illness rising each year despite the great efforts of our medical systems.”

    So powerfully expressed Sandra. I too have been a beneficiary of the amazing support offered by Serge Benhayonabd Universal Medicine. Only evil could seek to discourage people from true healing.

  26. Sandra this is a brilliant piece exposing the true corruption and evil in this world – keeping the energetic truth away from people and delaying their opportunity to know who they truly are. I also deeply appreciate Serge Benhayon for sharing the energetic truth with us consistently and inspiring us to wake up to the evil forces that we have let run our lives for too long.

  27. I have noticed how society like to label people, it is like a convenient judgement we place on others when we don’t want to understand or connect with them to find out more. I personally dislike labels, they immediately place someone in a box that separates them from others and that label tends to stick. It is not just a label it comes loaded with judgment, misconceptions and expectations, it limits us and disconnects us from one another.

  28. No one can doubt and everyone notices the changes people make in their life. When you are seeing loving choices being made from another, which shows nothing short of loving and joyful acts there is much to learn and reflect from. I have been given this reflection from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  29. It’s incredible that a group of people taking care of themselves is considered worthy of attention of a negative kind when there is so much abuse happening everywhere. It just shows how threatening it is to some to watch people take responsibility.

    1. In a world that truly is a mess and with so many individuals and groups harming others and the world there is plenty for the media to legitimately turn their attention to, to expose. So it stands out that an organisation such as Universal Medicine dedicated to and successful in achieving the opposite, that is truly benefiting so many and is so many ways, would be targeted like this. To me the media has lost sight of its true purpose, to uphold the truth and support society by doing so, it’s now it’s own corrupt version and is about self and profit first and at all costs, including the cost of truly supporting society. Truth is not hard to report on, here are the facts, report on the facts, not create your own version and story and present it as if it’s the truth.

  30. One of the expressions of evil is when people, who are looking for answers and not just solutions or quick fixes, are steered away from Universal Medicine and The Ageless Wisdom teachings by a concerted media effort that has nothing but the appeal to the lowest common denominator as their motivating force.

  31. To not express what has been learnt and received form Universal Medicine presentations is to not share a nugget of gold, that is for all humanity and not for selfish purposes. My life as utterly changed and I continue to develop and refine a loving and truthful way of living. This is something to talk about and share.

  32. I agree Sandra, the world is a mess, ‘the world is in a right mess – there are wars now not only between countries but in families, schools, communities and on the internet.’ I too have deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon for all he is bringing to the world.

  33. Why is it sensationalism is craved so much, and often at the expense of what we truly long for, being healthy, vital, joyful and connected? How bad does our world have to become before we cry out enough, no more lies?

  34. Very true and well said Sandra, it is ridiculous that students of Universal Medicine are labelled as mindless followers for making choices like you describe…. as you say, what is so strange about choosing not to consume things that make you feel bloated, tired or unwell! To continue to do so is pure self-abuse, but it seems many people feel more comfortable with that than with the choice to be truly self-loving. There’s an interesting reflection for all of us in that.

  35. Hear Hear Sandra!! There is so much abuse going on out in the world, how on earth can people who have actually been not only becoming happy, healthy, more connected and loving individuals, who are actually contributing now more than ever to their communities and resolving issues of long past with family members, all labeled as people who are mindless followings, it just doesn’t make sense, in fact it is quite ridiculous.

  36. “What is so strange about not eating gluten when it makes me feel bloated and tired?” It’s baffling why it’s so strange and so offensive to people when someone begins to start taking care proper of their health and well-being. Surely, SURELY this should be the bare minimum that we all do?

  37. “But boring it is not” Such an understatement. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have opened my eyes and my heart to love, purpose, truth, responsibility, ever deepening relationships with everyone and fun. And most profound of all I am rediscovering the amazing being that I am.

  38. Even today, nearly 5 years later the criticism and contempt sent the way of people who choose to live, eat and drink for health and wellbeing is beyond ridiculous. There should be a cartoon of this behaviour, for example poking fun at someone who doesn’t drink, next to a car wrapped around a tree from drink driving. Or abusing someone for eating a healthy dinner instead of being obese and dealing with diabetes. It is truly ridiculous.

  39. Well said Sandra. The corruption of truth and the attempt to conceal truth is evil in action, yet in the end truth will always prevail. As can been seen and witnessed through the way that Serge Benhayon, his family, and the students of The Way of The Livingness are living. Even after all these years of attacks and continual harassment, abuse and accusations what remains true is the quality of life that is being lived, one that continues to embrace self-responsibility and as a result reflects health, vitality and a greater a degree love being lived. In fact, what I have witnessed is the many involved with Universal Medicine are only going from strength to strength, living with greater loving commitment to community, life and health and well-being, which has been nothing short of inspiring to be a part of and observe. This is truth in action, and in the end no amount of evil activity can conceal this.

  40. We can be very untrusting with some things and yet completely trusting in others. It makes me question as to whether this is truly untrusting and trusting or if it’s us just following old patterns and so simply refusing to even see a new point of view or awareness. I see many things like this for myself, where I will walk right into to somethings only to find out a few steps in that something doesn’t feel right. Now I take more care, I allow people the space to tell me or show me what is happening and listen intently. Then I check how it all feels from how I have lived and from there I decide on what is next. This all happens in a matter of seconds but this is now how I live, I take a continued deep true care of myself and it flows into everything else.

      1. It has become a pattern of behaviour and so it may seem like you don’t even make the choice you just do it. Things like the media have been around and even though many people are saying things like ‘don’t trust the things you read in the paper’ and ‘don’t trust the media’ etc we still are supporting this system by buying papers or reading headlines and articles. For a system like this to take notice there would need to be a financial incentive. In other words something simple like if we stopped buying the paper soon enough the paper would come to us and consider more what we are saying.

  41. For anyone who wants to retain the status quo and the subsequent mess our world is in I can see that Serge Benhayon and the organisation he founded, Universal Medicine could be a huge threat because unlike a cult that hinges on a leader and the power its followers bestow on him/her the people in this community, through renouncing everything that gets in the way, are able to access their own power. a power that everyone on this planet has. A power that is in line with us all supporting each other to live in harmony.

  42. Thank you Sandra for clearly stating the case “Is this true Evil” . I feel you have hit the nail on the head with your observations, for how can anyone say that Serge Benhayon is the leader of a cult when we are all free to come and go as we please, live where we want and eat what we feel is best for our bodies and are all in charge of our own finances and relationships. As for us following blindly Serge and his Presentations this is just pure crazy!

  43. Evil is anything that seeks to mask the light of what is true. It is a force and not a source in the sense that without constantly sustaining itself from the pool of people aligning to it, it would cease to exist. Unlike love, which is simply all that is true and alive deep within us.

  44. Sandra your writing is powerful and very clear, please keep publishing blogs and articles. With the world the mess it is you would think the media would have a level of concern and responsibility to that, and be very supportive of Universal Medicine because of the tremendous positive outcomes in health and wellbeing for those who use their services. To instead falsely report on Universal Medicine is not just irresponsible it should be criminal, as it should be to falsely report on anyone or anything.

  45. I do not follow anything, I have been deeply inspired by Universal Medicine which is very different, the media and detractors may attempt to fog the light that Universal Medicine shines, but simply it does not fit the lies and they will be seen for what they are.

  46. The real evil is the removal of a person’s choice and hence the ability to make the choice for themselves as to what they want to do. The hate campaign towards Universal Medicine seeks to discredit the organisation in such a way that this choice is removed.

  47. Evil is mocking the choice of another, not allowing others to hear the truth of that choice by spreading lies about those who make that choice and what that choice is. As others have noted everyone is welcome to debate a choice, but do so on it’s merits, on the facts not based on lies and untruths – many lies have been spread about Universal Medicine and those associated with it, others are free to choose their own way but can those who choose Universal Medicine not have the same privilege? After all everyone has the freedom to choose.

  48. To paraphrase your words Sandra, ‘ the greatest evil is the form of keeping truth away from mankind’, so that mankind doesn’t come to know who they truly are, the beauty that can connect to within themselves, the love that is available. It is the perpetuation of the lie that life is mundane, to be an existence with highs and lows, and that there is little to nothing beyond the physicality that we know. And hence the whole word is set up to measure itself and everybody else.

  49. We live in a world that knows that ‘everything is energy’ and has done so for many years now thanks to Albert Einstein. In order to understand energy it is necessary to feel and sense energy and so to use our bodies to do so. So why are we not embracing our innate ability to feel and sense and instead, promoting the intellect and mental activity instead? Doing so would seem to go against everything we know to be true about energy. We cannot think our way to understanding energy. It must be felt and sensed. We can think about energy just as we can think about electricity but this just leaves us living in a world of thoughts and theories. Energy can be felt directly in our bodies and when we embrace this connection to energy within we get first hand evidence of ‘everything is energy’. We rediscover our innate ability to sense energy and it explains so much. When will we truly come back to our senses….all of them??

  50. It is evil that cleverly creates a way of life that makes anything that is true look odd and bizarre. In my experience there is a tendency to see evil as something extreme, vile acts of murder and rape. Yes, these extreme behaviours are evil for sure, they are loveless acts and hence they are evil. But does this then leave us in the belief, and the comfort that anything that is less extreme is not evil? Have we fallen for the more subtle evil that anything better than abuse is ok or even good, not realising that these things too, are keeping us from the truth of love that we are born to be, live and express? Yes, the gross acts of abuse to another are abhorrent and evil, but that doesn’t mean that living a good/better life is necessarily a life of truth and love.

  51. I feel like true Evil is anything the promotes and fascilitates us not living our true selves. We can do a million good things and complete a whole rack of much needed tasks but if they are not done with the grace of God, and Love it all just more of the same toxic stuff that got us in the incredible mess we are in, in the first place. Thank you Sandra for highlighting this and calling out the evil in us hiding out light and living thinking we are doing what’s right.

  52. Evil is any attempt or action that perpetuates the misery of existing without the connection to one’s soul, our one Soul.

  53. I too am one of those people that have made some changes in my life that has turned my life around to be the best it has ever been. Yes 100% inspired by Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, but it has come from a place of really listening and doing what feels right for me. Building a relationship with my body so I can feel what is true for me or not.

  54. What you present here is much needed exposé. We have developed too many devices to distract ourselves from the reality of what is really going on, and unless something is physically, obviously, directly harming us, and the law and legislation qualifies it so, we don’t seem to register its harm. What Serge Benhayon presents us reminds us who we truly are and a kind of life we deserve to have and are responsible for developing ourselves.

  55. With the choices to support well-being as described unfolds a willingness to true purpose in every day life – this is the furthest thing from boring.

  56. Thank you Sandra – you make it obvious that life isn’t about viewing the big disasters and incidents on their own. Each ‘evil’ thing that occurs flows from a simple choice we make, not to be connected inside. And so some of the most insidious things are those that are reasonable, well mannered, considered, nice and thought out. They masquerade as intelligence when truly these thoughts are dedicated to us not being ourselves.

  57. Because we as a student body are making a difference, we come with a story that makes sense and brings back the reality of our existence as human species on this planet Earth. People that hold other beliefs about life get exposed and either can align to the reality of human life that is presented or can go in denial and with that will try to stop people from bringing this truth with all means that are in their power.

  58. Living in today’s fast paced modern era certainly has its challenges. But if we don’t all start being honest about how this pace and momentum is affecting our quality of health and wellbeing our stats of illness and disease and general disharmony and suffering will continue to escalate.

  59. Any moment we hold back the truth of a situation or of what we feel, we sponsor corruption and support poison with the way that we live. Evil only exists because we subscribe to a belief that we can’t express how we feel. Your words show me Sandra that we make our own worst nightmares.

  60. Once you step out of the crowd, people always get attacked. It has happened and is happening constantly. Are students of Universal Medicine stepping out of the crowd? Yes, they are. And if we look at this crowd, our society, is there anything we should aspire?

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