David Millikan, Where Was The Respect?

by Jane Keep, UK

I am based in the UK. I have for the last eight years attended many presentations and workshops run by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. In that time, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been absolutely consistent in their level of integrity – unwaveringly so. I have yet to meet another organisation or individual with so much consistency and integrity: and I can say this, as I have worked with hundreds of organisations during my 33 years of work, and studied ethics and morals as part of a Master of Philosophy degree, as well as studying codes of ethical conduct as part of a PhD study.

One of the things that deeply inspires me about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine Practitioners is the consistency in the way they treat everyone they meet: all fellow human beings are treated absolutely equally. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect, regard, dignity, care and tenderness. This has truly inspired me.

In the last few weeks I have read the many blogs and accounts of the ‘media ambush’ at one of Serge Benhayon’s Esoteric Medicine presentations. The ambusher was David Millikan, who introduced himself as a Minister of the Uniting Church. Given the abhorrent and disrespectful bullying way David Millikan treated the families, men, women and children who attended the presentation, I was curious to see what the Uniting Church purported to be, and, what their values were.

The Uniting Church values include:

“The church’s mission co-workers immerse themselves in local culture, seek to hear the voice of the local people, and respond by offering support, encouragement and empowerment. This is particularly so in the area of human rights, where the dignity of people made in the image of God must always be respected, however different their way of life may be from that of the mission co-worker.” [1]

How is it then that David Millikan, who introduced himself as a Minister of the Uniting Church, can treat people in the way he did on the night of the media ambush that he led? Where on earth was the respect for a different way of life? And where was the honest attempt to seek to hear the voice of those people attending the presentation?

[1] http://www.uca.org.au/about.htm

48 thoughts on “David Millikan, Where Was The Respect?

  1. When integrity cannot be challenged with integrity, it gets furiously attacked by whatever means. The attack reveals that there is no integrity behind it even if the alibi is the alleged lack of integrity on the one under attack.

  2. As organization, Universal Medicine represents one, if not the highest point of the best possible ways to hold and create virtuous circles for those who freely decide to associate with it. The attackers do not have the truth in mind but a picture that is totally distorted. What they use to attack does not fit because it is designed for a different kind of organization/people.

  3. Jane thank you, what you point out here is how people can say they stand for something, yet at the same time act completely the opposite leaving humanity lesser.

  4. Thank you, Jane, for your research on The Uniting Church. Very interesting to read what they have to say, which is a complete opposite to what I have read to have taken place at the Universal Medicine event. What a disservice to the very organization he represents.

  5. In fact as the years go by I am more and more inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and yes Jane it is lovely to see ‘the way they treat everyone they meet: all fellow human beings are treated absolutely equally. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect, regard, dignity, care and tenderness.’

  6. I absolutely agree Jane, ‘ I have yet to meet another organisation or individual with so much consistency and integrity,’ after thirteen years attending Serge Benhayon talks and workshops I am still inspired by their level of love, integrity and consistency.

  7. Two possibilities: David Millikan was not follower of the Uniting Church or was indeed a follower but showed that he did not live what this religion presents. The latter is not special, that happens in many religions.

  8. For David Millikan to act like this he must live in a way he thinks he can get away with it. Universal Medicine has a governing body called the EPA. It has a code of ethics that all members abide by. How did the Uniting Church deal with this after reading the extract of their values in this blog? David and crew clearly did not display ethical conduct, and this is not mentioning the Media’s code of conduct also. Who is enforcing these Codes?

    1. Yes good question Rik: who is enforcing the codes of ethics of many religions and institutions? Are they being enforced or are they just marketing material, words that get trespassed because an organization needs the money from its members?

  9. You are making a great point here Jane, it is easy to write down and display beautiful words that are supposed to represent what you stand for, but a different thing altogether to actually live up to that and apply them to ones life and this is exactly what Universal Medicine teaches and what makes its approach and conduct so unique – there are no empty words but deeds full of love, truth and integrity.

  10. An incredible quote containing some wise words that really could highlight an inspired way to be with each other regardless of any religious affiliations. It is a shame that people do not live up to the values upon which they stand, let alone can forgo common decency in pursuit of self gain…. for much is lost in such empty pursuits, and like what was seen that night…. great harm inflicted upon others.

  11. You raise some great questions, Jane. The injustice here is that Millikan is not called to account for the answers.

  12. “I have yet to meet another organisation or individual with so much consistency and integrity” I agree Jane. The Esoteric Practitioner’s Association has the highest ethical and energetic assessments for its practitioners that I have ever come across and I have practised in different spiritual therapies over the past twenty years, and nursing before that. No-one cared what state we turned up to work in, as long as we were there. The press doesn’t seem interested in showing the public there can be a different way – as presented by Seerge Benhayon – beyond the burnout and exhaustion-fuelled coffee drinking that seems to have become the norm.

  13. Great to see the contrast to the public ethics that the Uniting Church offer opposed to the way David Millikan’s conducting himself on the night in question. No compatible logic here noted.

  14. The disconnect between the purported code of ethics of many organisations and their daily behaviour is quite astonishing. It clearly shows the complete lack of integrity and disregard that its constituents have for each other and humanity.

  15. Thank you, Jane, for your keen approach of this matter. As in many organisations their values are not lived. And we all know how difficult it can be, to live ones values consistently. The consistency, I find, is one of the greatest gifts, that Serge Benhayon has for humanity, I can not but express ongoing gratitude for his true service.

  16. Thank you Jane for highlighting the hypocrisy and total disregard for the values of the church David Millikan was purported to be representing. Feels like it was just a convenient title to get through the door so he could pursue his own agenda. This is in complete contrast to the utmost integrity that Serge Benhayon consistently presents which is one of the things that makes him so inspiring.

  17. Great point Jane, David Millikan is hardly a model minister for the Uniting Church. He could start his own church -the separating church if it would be based on the principles of the way he lives and behaves.

  18. Great point, Jane. David Millikan’s conduct is in sharp contrast to the integrity and love of Serge Benhayon.

  19. The hypocrisy you have highlighted in your blog about how David Millikan and his media ambush disregarded the Uniting Churches values are spot on. Very well said Jane.

  20. That is true journalism Jane Keep, exposing the ill in how people behave compared to where they so they say stand for. The truth has to be shown to the world and by doing so truth and decency will return back in humanity as our normal way of living.

  21. The cynic in me say that the only reason for the title of minister, is that it allows David Millikan to get his foot in the door, but really he is a puppet for sensationalist media. Jane’s quote exposes the hypocrisy perfectly.

  22. Thank you Jane for bringing the values the Uniting Church stands for. Clearly, they were violated that night by one of their own ministers. How can someone that supposedly brings God’s words do something like this?

  23. Great points you make here Jane, it exposes the fact this man himself does not live by any code of decency and or hold respect for the views held by anyone outside of himself. It does seem to me there is so much to gain for humanity in what Universal medicine presents, thank you for sharing your story and the impact it has had on your life in so many ways.

  24. What you have found here is extraordinary. It is so important that the hypocrisy is exposed so people learn to trust through one’s lived actions and not their empty words.

  25. That’s really interesting Jane, thanks for sharing those Uniting Church values. David Millikan certainly didn’t represent any of them in his attack on all those people at the Universal Medicine presentation. What he did was far from Uniting. Values have no substance unless they are actively lived.

    1. Agree Fiona, the experience that everyone gets from Universal Medicine is that those values are alive… its not just a list of nice but a lived code of ethics that ensure that you get a consistent experience from anyone who is working for UM.

  26. Great blog Jane and well asked questions. It feels like there’s a lot of lip service given to organisations and their morals and values that they would like to live up to but they fall far short of it and they are not carried out or exemplified. With the exception of Universal Medicine. I have consistently found them to hold the highest respect for myself and others, they treat people with love, care and decency second to none – a great example of an organisation that lives to its word, one that many others could learn from.

    1. Great point Susan (and Fiona’s point just below your comment). Universal Medicine is extraordinarily remarkable in the way they live the values and principles in their everyday working lives, and in all of the services they offer. It would be a great, indeed ground-breaking, case study for anyone who is implementing values in their workplace.

  27. Great blog, Jane and thanks for highlighting the hypocrisy of David Millikan. Again, it shows that the Code of Ethics and Conduct that Universal Medicine and all of its practitioners adhere to, is of the highest standard and integrity.

    1. Agreed Tim. It is a Code that is deeply considered and lived to the best of one’s ability in all facets of life.
      Millikan clearly flouted his own ‘code’ and in my eyes exposed that he was not someone intending to live by fundamental Christian values in his life. He also flouted fundamental journalistic standards of fair and balanced reporting – what ‘reporting’ could there be when he and the television station behind him sought to completely contrive a reactive situation?
      The media stunt he orchestrated was a violation of people’s fundamental rights to attend such a presentation, which for many held a deeply personal religious meaning. People were in shock and traumatised by the cameras that appeared out of nowhere, which were repeatedly thrust in our faces, children were present… These are not the actions of someone purporting to be a ‘man of God’, in any way.

  28. How important, Jane, that we see this wonderful statement of one groups values and also see a person of that same group behaving in the opposite way!
    We need to be aware of what people are actually expressing, not what they claim to be representing.
    Perhaps if David Millikan had paid attention to this, he would have expressed in awe at Universal Medicine’s integrity in preference to the ambush and attack which he actually led.

    1. Great point Jo – when things don’t make sense we don’t feel we can trust them. So when a person says something or does something that contradicts we are immediately suspicious as it just doesn’t make sense as in this case here. Not only can we feel where something doesn’t make sense, we can also speak up, as in speaking up we realise many others also felt the same as we did. By not speaking up we all stay in the mistrust of the situation.

  29. Bang on Jane. From that showdown it’s clear that Millikan operated the complete antithesis of what his religion and way/values expound.The behaviour was disgraceful, and the dignity for either self or for others, was clearly not present in that event.

    1. I’ve read a transcript of an interview that Serge Benhayon consented to with David Millikan. Disrespect absolutely, but the main game was the spiritual arrogance that Millikan displayed at every turn.

  30. The Uniting Church’s values say it beautifully – ‘The dignity of people made in the image of God must always be respected’ – ie. We ALL are worth valuing!

  31. “Hear, hear” on all counts, Jane – on the unwavering integrity and ethics of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and the lack of respect on the part of David Millikan. I have read the same quote from the Uniting Church about respecting the dignity of others. There was no respect – only a media “assault”, and many people harmed in the distress of it.

  32. Well said Jane! David Millikan can no longer go around in his Santa Claus disguise as a Minister of the Uniting Church. This was not simply human imperfection or a little mistake, it was a premeditated act of abuse and slander, totally breaking the code of conduct of his church, as you have presented. Millikan may have abused other groups in this way before, but he does not know who he is dealing with this time!

  33. What a fantastic find Jane – that quote is priceless in terms of exposing the mis match of what David Millikan gets up to on a Friday night and the values of the Church he has chosen to ‘represent’!

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