The Goalposts For ‘I Feel OK’ Moved!

by Simon Asquith, Byron Bay, Australia

My name is Simon. I’m a 38 year old single male and I feel to share how I discovered, and my experience of, Universal Medicine.

At the time, I was a professional musician living a life that I had always dreamed of, and had worked very hard to make a reality. Some years earlier I had left a well paying career that didn’t “make me happy” to pursue my dream to live six months a year during spring and summer in Australia, and then six months a year in spring and summer in Europe, travelling the world performing my own music.

One time, I returned home to Australia and met another musician and his family that were my parents’ neighbours. Not long after, I began working for him helping him tour, as his roadie/sound engineer and selling CD’s. On an early morning drive once, he asked me if I had heard of this guy named Serge Benhayon, and he played a recording of a presentation on the stereo.

I listened for an hour or so, and I remember very well that although I found some of the language unusual, and parts of it a little hard for me to follow, I turned to my friend and just simply said “wow, he really makes a lot of sense, doesn’t he?”.

The following months we listened to more of the presentations when we went away to do shows, and each time I remember how what Serge Benhayon was talking about was not only just making sense and felt relevant to me personally, but it also seemed to connect the dots of the bigger picture of what is going on in the world. I say this having spent a lot of time travelling and meeting new people from all nationalities and cultures: the life of a musician on tour involves a lot of free time to sit in a cafe or on a beach with friends, old and new, or go off on random adventures to new places with local people you meet.

From these adventures and conversations, I was aware of a common thread from so many different perspectives and people with seemingly nothing in common: from street kids in Macedonia, to diplomats in Switzerland, to ‘tradies’ and their families in the streets of Byron Bay, that everyone seemed to be experiencing similar feelings to me that the world is “going a little crazy”. The way Serge presented seemed to address this bigger picture with a perspective that was not quite like anything I had heard before, and again – just made sense.

Not long after starting to listen to the audio, I decided to go and have a session with a practitioner of Esoteric Healing. I didn’t have anything in particular I felt I needed to see someone for, just the usual little niggles and aches and pains, and feeling a little flat. At that time, I felt that I was taking reasonable care of myself. At an earlier time in my life I was overweight by about 25 kilos as the result of an excessive lifestyle (from 18 to 26), working shift work in hospitality and being a musician: my diet was terrible, I drank lots of alcohol and consumed other drugs recreationally. Looking back, I was in pretty bad shape physically and emotionally. But I had made a shift in how I looked after myself almost ten years earlier, and I was now slim. I had quit smoking five years ago; my alcohol consumption had gone from excessive to sparse – I had even gone through phases of 6 to 12 months of not drinking alcohol at all – and drug use of any kind I had let go off a long time before. Those who had known me for a long time were often quite amazed at how well I looked compared to before. I had gone through phases of doing various forms of yoga, I walked and swam for exercise as often as I could, and I would often treat myself to a massage or a spa/sauna as a way to take care of myself. Living in Byron Bay there are a million different techniques and massage/healing modalities to choose from, and I had often used some of those to feel better when I was out of sorts. The idea of trying another one really wasn’t a big deal.

What was a big deal though, was how I felt after the treatment.

The treatment itself was very simple, and gentle: I just lay on the table, fully clothed, and the practitioner asked me how my body felt and listened to what I said. My reply: ‘a little bit of a sore back, a little tired, but nothing major”. And then she said to “just let go and feel whatever comes up”. As I lay there she gently put her hands on parts of my body, my calves, my kidneys, along my spine; at one point, one on my heart, and one on my stomach. But as this was happening I felt myself really able to let go and relax into a place that was very deep and still. I had heard Serge talk about breathing gently through the nose in the short meditations on the audios, and followed along with it (I had tried various form of meditation before, so again no biggie to try another), and as I did this simple ‘Gentle Breath’ breathing technique while the practitioner placed her hands on me I felt my body let go more and more, and a deep sense of awareness of myself. I could feel what I can only describe as a warm glow that seemed to come from inside. I could feel it in my chest. I could feel it in my lungs. I could feel my kidneys get warm from inside as her hands rested on them on my back. My hips and knees just kind of relaxed, all my joints and muscles kept relaxing more and more. I soon just let go and went to a kind of half sleep. It was LOVELY!!! After the session I walked away and spent the rest of the day just being really gentle and still and feeling the effects and enjoying how wonderful I felt. And that night I slept like a baby.

From that experience I started listening to the audios more often and practising the breathing gently through my nose, and found that I could feel that same sense of yumminess. Through doing that more, and starting to feel that with varying degrees of success I was able to connect to that same warm glow again, I began to realise that the way that I really felt for the most part, from day to day, which I had always thought was O.K, actually was not so great. It was like once I felt how good I CAN feel, and started taking the time to regularly let myself connect to that beautiful warm glow inside, the goalposts had moved for what “I feel OK” meant. The more I explored that, the more I realised that I was actually really, really tired for the most part. And although I was seemingly fit and healthy, if I was honest I was also exhausted by the end of each day (actually, by mid-afternoon if not lunch time). Things became much more obvious having that ‘warm glow’ as a comparison, such as when I got moody, when I was angry and short with others around me, or how others’ emotions affected how I felt in my day. I began to notice how often I craved sugar to get me through the afternoon, and how actually those little niggling things like the sore back or knees that I had ‘every now and then’ were there most of the time, but I just didn’t pay attention to them.

And when I compare them to that new version of ‘feeling OK’, these little things in reality felt pretty awful.

About six months after I had heard the audio for the first time I had been to a couple of presentations in person, and while I still had a few reservations, sat at the back, and was studying the various types of people that seemed to be from all walks of life (from doctors and professionals to working class families, to elderly men and women, to teenagers), that guy at the front talking, Serge, just kept on making sense. More sense than anyone else I had ever come across in any talk, any self-help or spiritual book or documentary, any conversation, all around the world. Yes, some of what he said really challenged certain perspectives and widespread beliefs. Yes, some of the language was strange initially.

But there was something simple and solid about what was being presented that just stuck as what I somehow knew to be true inside.

The next thing I did with Universal Medicine was a one-day workshop, then called “Heart Chakra – One”.

$120.00 for a one-day workshop is actually pretty cheap! I’ve paid $300 or more for voice coaching and songwriting workshops. On that day we went through a few techniques – simple and easy ways like breathing gently through the nose and paying attention to that same warm glow. We felt what it was like to connect to that, and be in a conversation with someone who was also connecting to that same feeling in themselves (twice as lovely as doing it by yourself!), and then compared it directly with talking to that same person straight after when you are not connected to that feeling within yourself, or each other. The difference was very clearly discernible and surprisingly vast. And during the day we did a few other exercises that simply involved connecting to that really yummy feeling inside, and doing things while you felt that good. Pretty Simple. And again, pretty awesome. I walked out of there feeling like I had never actually spoken to someone properly before that day. At the time I was a well-spoken, confident, approachable person, but after the workshop I felt like there was this deeper layer underneath that we can communicate with. And I felt like I had connected on a much deeper level with complete strangers than people I had known for years. Old, Young, Male, Female – it didn’t matter. It was easy. It felt natural. And again, it was LOVELY!

That is what Universal Medicine is about. Realising for yourself that there is this beautiful other layer. It’s just inside of you. It’s natural. It’s yummy, and everyone has it. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you live or how much money you have… it’s the same for EVERYONE. And if you connect to it, and choose to explore it, it can have a beautiful and profound effect on all areas of your life. It’s like all the goalposts have moved – things naturally start to change. You realise there are things that nurture that beautiful connection and there are things that drastically hinder that connection (and doing the same thing with the connection feels MUCH different than without it). That’s what the workshops and presentations are about. Understanding for myself the things that foster that beauty in me – and understanding the things I choose that prevent me from having it all the time in everything I do.

One of the things I like most about Serge Benhayon is that he is NOT special. He is just a man… a human being. He is just like every single one of us – he walks, he talks, he sleeps, he eats, he works, he has a family; I’m pretty sure he even goes to the toilet. (Actually, I know he does, he talked about it in a presentation once.) But he is a man, a human being, who has felt that connection to the warm glow inside of himself, recognised that it is something real, profound and beautiful, and perhaps against what anyone else has thought or said, followed it all the way and applied it to all those areas of his life. To every area of his life. And he simply presents what he has found for himself in doing that. And there is a wonderful tangible difference that I have felt for myself, as well as seen in him (and many others), that serves as an example.

It is almost four years later, and no-one has ever told me what to do at Universal Medicine; no-one has told me how to think, what courses to do or what to do with my time or money. If I stopped going to presentations no-one would ever worry or even ask me why, and actually – from one workshop I have been presented with enough simple, practical and wonderful information to continue on and change my life for the better in so many ways, without ever having to attend another Universal Medicine event again. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have simply presented for me the wonderful gift of what is possible if I truly choose, like Serge has done, to become a student of myself.

It is difficult for me to express how appreciative I am; not sure if words can truly capture it. The depths of tenderness and loveliness that I have found within myself, and the beauty I now recognise in others all around me are beyond what I used to imagine possible. And yet it seems to match the magic that I remember thinking as a child – that this is the way the world is REALLY meant to be. And the level of understanding I have of myself and who I am in the world, my desire to be fully present and active in it, as well as my connection to and involvement with all others around me, grows more and more each day.

Thank you.

Thank you Serge Benhayon.

Thank you to all at Universal Medicine.

From the depths of who I truly am.

284 thoughts on “The Goalposts For ‘I Feel OK’ Moved!

  1. I remember my first session with an esoteric practitioner and the feeling of that warm inner glow 🙂

  2. Rediscovering our delicateness and tenderness is something that is very precious and definitely needs to be appreciated and honoured.

  3. Beautiful Simon. You are so right – everyone regardless of their circumstances, where they come from, what they look like, has that same exquisite warmth within them. Universal Medicine helps activate that inner warmth once again and boy, does life change as a result.
    There is a warmth and loveliness within and that is reflected by a warmth and loveliness in the life that constellates around you.

  4. Simon sharing your story/blog is great and shows what is possible when we start to take full responsibility for the way we live our lives. We do not have to settle for anything less than love and the moment we do we are essentially saying yes to the struggle and suffering. There is so much more to life and we are so much more love than we can ever imagine or think possible the key is to start living this love and letting it lead the way.

  5. I love hearing about your journey Simon and I like many others and yourself have had incredible life changing experience since meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine course and workshops. We are given a true reflection of what is possible to live and we either go for it or not. I don’t look back one second as I know the changes that I have made in my life are the ones that have got me to a place where I love life and everything about it. I too have no words that express in full the enormous, ginormous and humungous appreciation and gratitude I have for Serge Benhayon.

  6. This is so real and gorgeous Simon, something I’d love to put in front of many who are wondering, searching, because how you describe your rediscovery back to you is so accessible to relate to.

  7. What a great story of transformation and the steps that you took to bring this about. Once we re-connect with the absolute beauty that is within us we cannot help but want more of it which is why it is so natural to want to practice the Gentle Breath Meditation because it supports that connection. We all have a longing to be more of ourselves and to live this, which is in itself a great motivator for true change.

  8. Feeling the warmth of our love is magnificent, beginning to take the steps to live with it in all aspects of our life is confronting as we begin to see just how much of our life we have lived without love. In being prepared to accept this very real paradigm, the warmth of our love naturally begins to infiltrate every corner of our life.

  9. I love the feeling and the barometer you had, the warm glow, ‘ what I can only describe as a warm glow that seemed to come from inside.’ Gorgeous.

  10. Simon I love that you repeatedly use the words ‘yummy’ and ‘lovely’. Not only are they super-apt in terms of the activities they describe (for that is my experience of them too), they help break the mould in terms of a way society thinks a man ‘should’ express. More busting up of a consciousness that has long had a grip on us all – brilliant.

    1. You make a very pertinent point Victoria Lister that there is a consciousness behind everything we do, say and how we behave towards ourselves and other people. This consciousness has been outed by Serge Benhayon, so that now we are all aware of it. It can no longer hide, it’s rule over us has been thoroughly exposed.

  11. Superb and detailed account Simon, thank you so much. I love the way the more you attended sessions and presentations, the more you realised that how you’d been living and was not quite as fabulous as you’d perhaps thought. There was always more to get to and deeper to go… and thus is life lived in line with the Ageless Wisdom that Universal Medicine presents – a journey of endless evolution and expansion.

  12. When you find person who can give you the path for you to walk to become the person you always secretly knew yourself to be, there can be nothing but immense appreciation felt. Every presentation, book or audio from Serge Benhayon is this.

  13. How amazing that a different way of living is being presented to the world, a way that makes sense and is joyful.

  14. I love this Simon. Your appreciation for Serge Benhayon and what he brings is so heartfelt and beautiful. I echo every word and feeling. Thank You.

  15. Great practical sharing how you have encountered Universal Medicine. You were definitely not the lost soul, and as you said living the life many people dream of – I did as well to be honest: be a musician and Iive and tour half a year in Europe – when the whether is good, and then when it gets cold return to Australia for the Summer time. And still that did not satisfy you, and through Universal Medicine you found something in you that was much richer than this dream life.

  16. Part of the reason students continue to attend Universal Medicine events is for the community – it is a space where people are truly with each other and supportive. Of course, the presentations are incredible and are never the same as the last as Serge continues to deepen his connection to the universe we then receive the communication of this commune.

  17. Beautiful expression Simon of how natural and simple it is when we surrender to what we know is true. With surrender there is no push or drive, just acceptance and enjoyment that comes from a deeper connection of who we truly are.

  18. This is spot on, I can relate to all that is offered here in this blog. I agree, even one workshop alone from Serge is enough to fill us with a lifetime of inspiration. I’m so glad to be a part of its vastness and to have attended so many courses, yet I need to just focus on the basics, letting myself out and letting people in, in order to deepen further.

  19. This is such a beautiful and relatable sharing Simon. I can so relate to what you share and the absolute inspiration you receive from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. I agree Vicky – the inspiration is constant and the more we understand and allow ourselves to feel and be aware of energy, the more we can feel the Serge Benhayon’s movements are for humanity and that is what allows him to access what he does. Like Simon said, Serge is not special, but boy oh boy is he inspirational! Where else can you go and be told that our movements are what aligns us to a particular energy and vibration? Forever empowered by this man and his organisation.

  20. Serge Benhayon makes a lot of sense to me too these days but when I first attended workshops it was his no fuss, matter of fact approach to healing the body which I had not come across before that drew me to wanting to know more. Serge supported me to let go of harmful energies held in my body and then I began very gently to understand the wisdom and how it applied to me and my livingness; a journey that continues to unfold to this day.

  21. It is the fact of the ordinariness of Serge Benhayon, a way to be and live in this world that is rich and fulfilling, which defines his extraordinariness; and he shares it freely and without reservations, no matter what comes.

  22. Would be great to hear you playing music before and after this big shift in you. What a beauty a man can bring to the world if he plays tenderly.

  23. A very beautiful sharing Simon. The joy and the delicacy in which you write is testimony to the work presented by Serge Benhayon that a man can can express in such an open and loving way.

  24. One of the beautiful things we learn through getting in contact with Universal Medicine is that the life of our dreams, or the dream of our life, was not truly it and that we have always another opportunity to give a go at it.

  25. Awesome to read this Simon, I love how you share the simplicity of what you felt from what Universal Medicine presents – that it’s just about connecting to a deeper layer that’s within us, nothing dramatic and not hard to do, but at the same time it slowly changes everything. Thank you.

  26. “from one workshop I have been presented with enough simple, practical and wonderful information to continue on and change my life for the better in so many ways, without ever having to attend another Universal Medicine event again. ”
    I feel the truth of this statement.

  27. I’ll never forget the day I met Sara Williams for my first session. I had no idea what I was going in for, no biggie just a therapist my boyfriend had suggested. However, when I came out of that clinic, I felt like I had just made a life-changing decision, and boy oh boy I did.

  28. “And yet it seems to match the magic that I remember thinking as a child – that this is the way the world is REALLY meant to be.” Yes that is exactly what it feels like to me reconnecting with that deeper layers inside of me. Life is really as amazing as I felt it to be as a child. I just gave up on it because I saw everyone around me not experiencing life as amazing and felt so deeply sad about that. Now I deeply appreciate Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for taking the first step and therefor reminding me of what I am and life is really like.

  29. Awesome account of the changes that you have chosen through the inspiration of Universal Medicine. And the title says so much, I can completely relate to it, my idea of what feeling ‘ok’ has completely shifted, before it was about functioning, not true vitality, I generally live with this every day now and it feels amazing and is an amazing foundation to walk with. Universal Medicine Rocks!

  30. It may be over 4 years since you wrote this Simon, but everything you have shared about your journey with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is just as relevant today as it was in 2012. And Serge is still making so much sense to me, and no doubt to you and many thousands of others all around this world, a world that is making so much more sense to me every day, thanks to this amazing man.

  31. This is so true ‘from one workshop I have been presented with enough simple, practical and wonderful information to continue on and change my life for the better in so many ways, without ever having to attend another Universal Medicine event again.’ One workshop, one audio, one of the purple books, one page of the purple books!!!! You cannot not gain something from listening to or reading teachings on the Ageless Wisdom from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  32. Thank you Simon, brilliant, you have come a long way and now have truly progressed in life were you found what is truly working for you and what equally serves others. I find it exquisite to see from this blog and having you seen perform on the stage of one of the Universal Medicine events – I can say that you completely changed, you are so open and this can be seen in your posture and the music you play. As many of the people around you would have felt, equally so. Thank you.

  33. I remember my first Universal Medicine workshop which was Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 and how different it was to everything I had attended or experienced before. After spending decades looking for the truth I remember knowing I was finally hearing it within the first five minutes of hearing Serge Benhayon speak. When I experienced Sacred Esoteric Healing it was like nothing I had ever felt before either, it was pure, light and something extraordinary was happening in my body – the quality of energy was changing, as was how I felt. Things that were hurting and affecting me finally shifted and cleared, and my life actually began to change from the inside out. I cannot speak highly enough about everything that Universal Medicine offers.

  34. How many people actually attain such a pinnacle of their ‘dream life’, and yet once there, cannot avoid the inner-knowing that it’s not, actually, ‘it’. For all the attainment, for all the perks of the lifestyle, there is a gnawing away deep within that there is more, that ‘we’ are actually more and that what the world has sold us as ‘truly living’ isn’t actually the case.
    Thank goodness for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, for paving the way to the ‘more’ that rests equally within every one of us, and those who, like yourself Simon, have re-found the Will to say yes to all that we are, and shine their true light in this world.

  35. There is such a homecoming in your words here Simon. Very, very beautiful to feel and read. To become a ‘student of oneself’ is everything, is it not? As it said over the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, “Know Thyself”.
    For in true self-knowledge, our awareness and living is never about ‘us’ alone – we cannot but know our intrinsic connection to all, and The All.

  36. I love this. As you were sharing how your body felt I could feel mine letting go more and reconnecting to the warm glow within. With regards to Serge Benhayon ‘wow, he really makes a lot of sense, doesn’t he?”. Yep he sure does. Absolute sense and many times I have asked myself gosh why haven’t I asked myself that question or seen things like that? As what Serge shares seems sooooo obvious yet are questions we do not readily ask ourselves or discuss with each other. It is about the micro and macro how we are with ourselves within our lives and how this affects to the bigger picture. And this is also true ‘There is a far deeper level we can communicate with and far more love we can feel and allow in our bodies.’ The beautiful thing is there is no plateau with this we can always express and love more. It is also true that it is absolutely not about how many workshops or presentations you do with Universal Medicine, there is no dangling carrot to say you have to do this next, or if you do this course you will get this. In fact if you heard one audio, read one page of the purple books, did one course and then took these teachings into your life and lived them from their truth everything would change. It is not about how much we do it is about how we do it … i.e. live.

  37. I know I have gotten caught up in the ‘I am ok’, but then goal posts move. Then more importantly, never really appreciating what I have felt or a shift in me that has been supportive, I have always just gone onto the next thing – where do I need to be or what else can I be ‘doing’. But more recently, I have been appreciating what is felt within, where I have come from, surrendering to that and not berating myself for not being somewhere else. This feels much more loving.

  38. Despite our limited views, restricting ideals and beliefs, unresolved emotional issues can we all recognise when something or someone “makes a lot of sense”, the question simply is whether we open up to it and make it a realisation so that it becomes part of us or our own knowing and living. This can take time as the emotional and mental restrictions may be resistant to the change and responsibility that come with new insights and understandings; the acceptance of a realisation goes hand in hand with letting go of what keeps us from having the realisation.

  39. The goalposts of what feels okay are changing with every step closer to oneself, the love and honesty, care and harmony available when chosen and put to practice, ie living the lovely yummy quality, deepening and expanding it gradually. We don´t really know what is possible before we experience it when it comes to love and just the same we don´t really know the level of lovelessness before we have evolved from it. The ultimate ‘goalpost’ is universal, eternal, forever evolving and hence not imaginable.

  40. I love how when we are more loving with ourselves naturally things come up to show us ways we can be even more loving with ourselves. Love is way too much to be confined to one area of our life it has to encompass all areas and the beauty is the more it does this the more it enriches the areas we thought we were already being love in. It is an eternal deepening and for me proves we are far more than purely the physical body.

  41. The tenderness in your writing Simon shows the tenderness that you now live with. You are living proof that the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine works.

  42. I really enjoyed reading your journey to be the man you are today. I find it gorgeous that not only do you now feel and recognize the beauty within yourself but are able to recognize it in everyone else… altering forever how you view the world and everyone in it and therefore how you move through life.

  43. I totally get what you mean Simon when you say that the goalposts for “I’m feeling ok” moved – it’s like being offered a marker of what is really possible to tangibly feel in our body and appreciating that it’s possible to develop this in daily life, not just for ourselves but to also develop the way we are with others too.

  44. It’s amazing how often we can fool ourselves that our issues we consider happen ‘every now and then’’ is actually ‘there most of the time’ but we get so caught up with everything else in life that is bombarding us we just don’t pay attention to this fact.

  45. This is a delicate and lovely piece of writing, just like you Simon. I found myself being warmed through and through as I read your words. Words which echo my own experiences of meeting Serge Benhayon and serve as an appreciative reminder. Though I don’t live in Australia and do not often get to courses, I have chosen The Way of The Livingness as my way, becoming a student of myself and of life which brings with it an ever deepening richness, every day. Thank you Serge.

  46. This is an enlightening life story. Thank you Simon for the depth and detail you have shared here. I too choose to become a student of myself.

  47. Thank you Simon – what you have learned, we learn from All. This is the blessing of living in cycles (round) they never ever give up giving, and so we are learning and making each cycle to complete our learning once again – and move our Way forward. Thank you Universal Medicine, Thank you Serge.

  48. What I love Simon is how there is always more, deeper we can go, more vital we can feel. Yet for many in the world the opposite is happening. I am truly blessed to be a Student of The Way of The Livingness as what is presented by Universal Medicine, whilst being complete common sense, is trend setting and life changing.

  49. Such a great blog Simon, really claiming all of who you are, where you have come from and what you now choose to live, not from someone telling you, but from your own impulses and love for yourself. There is so much to be thankful and grateful for in relation to Universal Medicine, totally agree.

  50. “One of the things I like most about Serge Benhayon is that he is NOT special. He is just a man… a human being. He is just like every single one of us …” Yes he absolutely is and from what I have seen and felt in him is he treasures every cell in his body and every moment that he walks on this earth living with heaps and heaps of responsibility and integrity. A reflection that some find challenging and others love and are constantly inspired by. Fortunately more and more other people are learning to live in this way too as Serge Benhayon offers and reflects a practical and simple way to live.

  51. So often when we ask people how they are they say “ok”. But your blog asks us to go a bit deeper with what exactly do we mean by “ok”. Most of the time “ok” means we are barely surviving our way through life. This is not okay when our definition of wellbeing is simply “ok”.

  52. Well said Simon. What is great to read is how you have made love and being in your power your new normal, your actual way of being rather than any ideal or far flung idea. So often we associate power with crushing another but as you have shown true power is in equality, it is in living and moving in and with the love that we are.

  53. The goal posts sure have moved for me and continue to move – what I have learnt is that the more I deepen my love the deeper I feel the love to be. It is like an unending well of love that is way too much for the mind to entertain let alone fathom. What I used to think of as normal and something you just do I now consider completely disregarding to the body. And yet I know are many things I do that someone further along their path of return would consider abusive, as I know I will feel and know as well. It is not a judgment just a natural unfolding – my part in it is how quickly I choose to return and/or how much I choose to delay my inevitable return by making unloving choices.

  54. Everytime I allow myself to feel that warmth and inner beauty within me it is like everything in my life has a new marker of quality that is acceptable and what is not. It’s like once I feel how beautiful and gentle I can be with my body the bodies tollerance for anything less gets shorter and shorter.

  55. Simon with your simple words you let me feel your amazing experiences with Serge Benhayon and I only can agree as I too had similar experiences with him.

  56. Wow what a change around, thank you Simon. Great to hear you come back to the beautiful tender man you are today. I have seen so many truly amazing changes in people who have attended Universal Medicine presentations – so many miracles – the simple yet profound miracle of reconnecting to who we truly are.

  57. This post was written 4 years ago Simon and is still relevant today as ‘The goals posts’ of what it means to feel OK just keep on shifting the more responsible we become to deeply connecting to our self and others

  58. Learning to breathe through the tip of the nose has been an instrumental part of learning to live connected to myself (rather than at the mercy of life). The simple technique introduced through the Gentle Breath Meditation has without doubt transformed my life for the better.

  59. Simon thank you for sharing your story, you are a living testament of someone who has chosen to let go of layers of “stuff” heal and embrace the true beauty and tenderness of a man and true role model and an inspiration to live in a way that honours our bodies as presented by Universal Medicine.

  60. I remember being desperate to get back to the stillness I knew I had inside and nothing working longer than a few hours after I tried it, so by the time I came across Universal Medicine I was no longer hopeful. I had accepted that this was the way life was. I recognised the lost feeling straight away in a healing session by a Universal Medicine student. Once I had found the way back to me there was no turning away then.

  61. Since coming across Universal Medicine I can also say that my goalposts have moved, ‘OK’ today is nothing like ‘OK’ five years ago and no doubt todays ‘OK’ will be outdated five years from now. It just goes to show that while I have accepted a lesser quality of living and deemed it ‘OK’ that doesn’t mean that it’s fixed. By being willing to have a marker of what is truly ‘OK’ for my body all these lesser qualities need not keep hanging around and will pass. Thank you Simon.

  62. Esoteric Healing is an amazing modality – super simple, straight forward and very profound.

  63. $120 for a day’s workshop that could entirely change your life, well-being, relationships….how can that be too expensive? It amazes me how we value stuff and what we consider it OK to spend money on and what we don’t. People baulk at the cost of some food stuffs – using that as an excuse to feed themselves garbage – yet may easily spend $100 on a pair of trainers or a new phone. People baulk whenever I tell them I have health checks every two years that cost $500 – yet what do we spend on alcohol over two years? The examples go on and on. When you look at it through these kinds of prisms it is startling to see how far from our truth we are. Which only goes to make the $120 for a workshop with Universal Medicine seem like even more of a bargain!

  64. Thank you Simon, this is a beautiful testimonial of what Universal Medicine is about. It is simple and it is for everyone and the way life is presented makes absolute sense.

  65. What we are taught about the ‘goal’ of health largely is around the prevention fo illness and disease. “Don’t eat this to stop that from happening’. But I love what you have shared Simon, that there is a much bigger picture to the world of vitality and the world of essence, soul and what it means to truly live you.

  66. The expression “the goalposts have moved” is so perfect. It’s impossible to equate my life before I came across Universal Medicine with my life as it is now. An expression that I often use is “not even the same ball park”. It’s important to consider this, because the gargantuan changes are sometimes hard to appreciate in full unless you step right back and see the whole picture. Serge Benhayon, the wisdom he expresses and the love and equality with which he holds me and every other person he meets has literally changed my whole world.

  67. So true Simon, Serge Benhayon is able “to connect the dots of the bigger picture of what is going on in the world” and it all makes sense. He makes it clear that the energy we choose to live with effects us, everyone around us and even the planet we all live on. Thus we all have a responsibility to move the goalposts of what and how we feel to a deeper level of love and connection to the All.

  68. Beautiful blog Simon, it is so true, the teachings of Universal Medicine show us that we have a deeper layer to connect to and live from. It is beautiful to explore this and see that everyday teaches us something different. Its a continuous development, moving the goalposts again and again.

  69. Thanks Simon. I too, felt the truth of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon washing over me as I followed my inner knowing that there was something very true about what was being said. Over time I choose to practice some of the techniques like the Gentle Breath Meditation and my life started to changed – the stillness the Gentle Breath Meditation allowed me to connect to within me is awesome. Finding Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been the most honest, loving, and nurturing choice I have ever made and it continues to be my foundation today.

  70. This is a very beautiful testimonial Simon and I share your appreciation of Serge Benhayon, and those fantastic audio’s, presenting commonsense in a world that seems to be losing it. We are lucky enough to have webcast broadcasts of these as we cannot attend in person. There are always many, many Aha moments as we realise that we also know what he knows, we just hadnt been aware or choosing it.

  71. Life starts to change when we choose to become a student of ourselves. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than to understand yourself better so that each one of your choices thereafter is made from a deeper knowing about what truly makes you tick.

    1. This is true. I had been a student of myself for a long time before I met Serge Benhayon yet it was not until then that things began to get clear in a way that they never had before and that I was able to truly see what was going on and connect to my essence and feel what it was/is to live in and from it in the world.

  72. Everytime I hear Serge Benhayon present I am humbled by how globally he makes the issues we are all facing today. And, after many years, it is finally starting to sink in that my actions have an affect on everyone.

  73. “That is what Universal Medicine is about. Realising for yourself that there is this beautiful other layer. It’s just inside of you. It’s natural. It’s yummy, and everyone has it. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you live or how much money you have… it’s the same for EVERYONE” I love the fact that indeed we all do have this beauty sitting inside of us, waiting for us to wake up to this. And that we are all equal in this. One day, when everyone knows this to be true, the world will feel very different – true brotherhood will reign.

  74. You have described your journey so well Simon. I know that I felt this amazing depth and beauty, stillness and love way before I met Serge Benhayon. It was something within me that I connected to first, that did indeed change the way that OK felt. This is the most profound experience, to realise and feel the depth, the possibilities to go deeper and that this is the one truth for all equally.

  75. This sentence goes to the practical heart of Universal Medicine teachings ‘Understanding for myself the things that foster that beauty in me – and understanding the things I choose that prevent me from having it all the time in everything I do.’ Everything in life can be understood from this perspective and day by day there is the opportunity to reflect in this way, noticing what choices to make again and when the choices can also be different.

    1. I agree Deanne, what is beautiful to feel is that we all have the choice to change or make a new choice in any given moment. The opportunity for learning is there always.

  76. I love what you are saying here Simon about Serge Benhayon –”One of the things I like most about Serge Benhayon is that he is NOT special. He is just a man… a human being. He is just like every single one of us – he walks, he talks, he sleeps, he eats, he works, he has a family; I’m pretty sure he even goes to the toilet. (Actually, I know he does, he talked about it in a presentation once.) But he is a man, a human being, who has felt that connection to the warm glow inside of himself, recognized that it is something real, profound and beautiful, and perhaps against what anyone else has thought or said, followed it all the way and applied it to all those areas of his life. To every area of his life. And he simply presents what he has found for himself in doing that. And there is a wonderful tangible difference that I have felt for myself, as well as seen in him (and many others), that serves as an example”. You are so correct in saying that Serge Benhayon is not special. Calling people special is just a way of shirking our own responsibility. What Serge shows us is that anyone can have the level of awareness and ability to express love as he has. It is just a matter of what choices we make. This is what is so great to know, that we can change our choices and begin to live more of our true nature.

    1. Well called Elizabeth. If we want our lives to be different then perhaps we need to choose differently. It is as simple as it sounds and what great medicine a commitment to responsibility must be to counter the mastered art of always having an excuse to justify irresponsibility (the excuses I keep up my sleeve and ready to pull out at any moment).

  77. I am enamoured with this blog Simon for the way you introduce the fresh reader to Universal Medicine, Sacred Esoteric Healing and Heart Chakra One, and for the reminder you offer Universal Medicine students of how simple and important the basics are – connect with ourselves and hold this loving space within for ourselves and others wherever we go and in whatever we do or say.

  78. Like you Simon, it was no big deal to try a healing session and how I felt afterwards was so different to anything I had ever tried before. There was a deep settled feeling and a remembering that this feeling is who I really am. The detailed description Simon of your first session is gorgeous and makes me appreciate that Serge Benhayon has shared this way of healing with others so that even more people can experience the deep warmth of their own body healing from within.

  79. I thought that my life was fine before Universal Medicine came along, although if I’m honest I was overweight ,drank too much, smoked cigarettes and took drugs; all things that if you really look at are very unnecessary if your life is truly fine.

  80. Serge is definitely the ‘guy who just makes sense’, there is little more to say, other than to appreciate just how someone can literally talk on any subject and not only make sense but bring it back to a concept that is insight and practical….this is a wonderful capability to have.

    1. Before Serge I had never heard someone present and not hold back or play it nice so that people liked them… that is what I have loved and been inspired by, is how Serge makes nothing he shares about him but what is needed in that moment for everyone.

  81. Thank you Simon for expressing what I feel too that “Universal Medicine have simply presented for me the wonderful gift of what is possible if I truly choose”.

  82. Simon, it is touching and inspiring to read this beauty- and powerful love-letter to yourself, to Serge Benhayon, and everyone. Very down-to-earth language that is transporting heaven. Thank you for sharing your story and sharing your loving energy – clearly and beautifully palpable through everything you have written here.

  83. This is such a delightful blog to read Simon and an awesome testimonial to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting that we have a choice in every moment to choose the real us – not having to look outside of ourselves, knowing that we are enough indeed already – thank you for this awesome sharing.

  84. You should do a follow up of this Simon because there is a lot to share about your life now, how 3 years on and its just getting grander.

  85. What I can feel throughout the sharing is how all of what you have come to in yourself has been in your own time with no expectations of change coming from you or the outside and how the Universal Medicine presentations are never about getting anywhere but simply an ongoing folding and evolving process which leads to “the level of understanding I have of myself and who I am in the world, my desire to be fully present and active in it, as well as my connection to and involvement with all others around me, grows more and more each day.” Thank you Simon.

  86. I can relate so well, Simon, to the awareness that the way you had been feeling and believing was ‘pretty good’ was not in fact the truth after having an Esoteric Healing Session. I, too, used to believe I was doing well but was in fact in real denial how I really was until I had Esoteric Healing.

  87. Such a great sharing Simon and I so agree, as this has been my experience also with Universal Medicine, that no one has ever told me what to do, when to come to a presentation, when not to, never! I have always made choices about what I have felt has been right for me, no one else. It is perhaps something others find a little hard to comprehend, that normal people can be inspired by another and make enriching, health and wellbeing changes for their lives. Crazy concept I know, who would have thought it could illicit such an outcry.

  88. What a beautiful blog Simon, you touched my heart by your tender expression.. It is so beautiful in the details you share about how you came to Universal Medicine and what it brought to you. It is incredible where you have stood and stand now. It is very inspirational in how you express about your change (and continued choices now). It is beautiful very beautiful to feel the raw & realness of what you have experienced by being connected to you. I trust this development only gets better everyday! I can imagine that this one course would never ever be replaced by something else. It is from absolute value. I have felt it too! And so am I my own student now too.

  89. Great blog Simon, I can relate as well to your experience with Universal Medicine, we do connect with each other and with ourselves to a much deeper level, somewhere in us we have already been before, something quite familiar and it feels really gorgeous.

  90. Thanks Simon for sharing with us your personal development. It is such a joy to read how you turned your life around by taking responsibility of your choices and making more loving choices. I’m also very grateful to Unimed and Serge Benhayon – no words can capture this.

    1. Its also an appreciation beyond words for me Alexander what has been experienced through Unimed and Serge Benhayon.

  91. Feeling Ok feels terrible now… Yuck! I see and feel many people in the illusion that Ok is as good as it gets and the choices that keep them there, I can only see this because I was in the stuck place myself but now experience ” the goal posts being moved things naturally start to change ” as you say Simon.

  92. Great post Simon!! I can absolutely relate to the goal posts for ‘I feel ok’ moving. It is amazing what happened when I gave myself permission to really feel what was going on for me. My level of exhaustion was through the roof for years. I had no idea how much I was ignoring myself until I was presented with the possibility of looking after myself differently. And not only the exhaustion, the body aches and pains started to scream louder and louder. What’s awesome is that I’m so much better at listening to my body when it is trying to cmmunicate with me, in fact it’s almost unavoidable now because my sensitivty and awareness has increased so much that although I still have the choice to ignore it, it feels so awful to.

  93. This is gorgeous Simon. I find it so joyful to read. “Understanding for myself the things that foster that beauty in me – and understanding the things I choose that prevent me from having it all the time in everything I do” – such a clear and direct declaration of the fundamentals of the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon.

    1. I agree, this is gorgeous to read and feel how supportive Universal Medicine has been for you in the transformation you seem to have already commenced..

  94. I can understand the concept of ‘feeling ok’ and thinking that this is life, my lot in life, to just ‘feel ok’. It is something I’ve run with and can feel it in others too, that life is good if we ‘feel ok’. It is through the amazing support of Universal Medicine practitioners and esoteric healing that I have been able to deepen my relationship with myself, to bring awareness to what ‘feels ok’ and what does not. That life does not just have to be and feel mediocre, but there can be a joy within that we can connect to and an openness to share that with all we come into contact with. Now that feels ok!

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