Life: A Reality Check

by James Nicholson BNat, Somerset, UK

Why is it that it seems to take something major to happen to us, or someone close to us, to say something to stop us, to get us to look at how we are living? Depression rates are at an all time high, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. are all now a common issue, whereas they used to be an exception. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have stepped out from the crowd and said, “hang on, surely this is not right, let’s look at the way we are living and live a life that we want” – and call for us to be part of a society we want to be a part of.

I know the mess I was in when I first met Serge, just over nine years ago. Whilst I am by no means perfect (far from it), the commitment to life and humanity which I now have has brought a whole new purpose to living my life. I have extremely loving and supportive friends, and have grown and developed into a man. I used to hide, cover up or deny my faults and imperfections, as I saw them as bad things I should be ashamed of. Now, I look at them and accept them, and if they do not support me, I let them go… at least, eventually I do!

I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say. I am learning to express without any need of an outcome. I am not struggling to get through life or looking for my next crazy moment – which used to be alcohol, drugs or gambling. Instead, I am happy and content being me… and mostly look forward to the day ahead.

I could go on, but let’s stop and say: All of this as a result of one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly… how awesome is that and how lucky am I…?! Thank you to Serge Benhayon and to Universal Medicine for the ongoing love, support and inspiration.

319 thoughts on “Life: A Reality Check

  1. There is a huge difference to existing in life and seemingly getting through to, living lovingly and open to being and connecting to your body. No matter what it is or how you live the truth is in your body. Everything you have ever wanted is there.

  2. I often hear people say, “It only takes one to change the world”. But it said with hope and and expectation that the ‘one person’ is going to be someone else. Serge Benhayon has been the one reflection another way but now there are many who have been inspired by him, also being the one. We are all the one, so if we feel the world needs to change, we are the one who will make it happen, simply by taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

  3. And the thing is that life will continually offer reality checks for us all the way until we die… And we continually have the choice to observe or not observe.

  4. I love that through the inspiration you have embraced, you have let go of the choices that stood in the way of you being the man you now are… and can now reflect to others the power of committing to life and to yourself, expressing that in all you do… stepping and speaking out yourself so that you too can inspire others and show them there is another way to be that is free of struggle.

  5. The reality of the world we live in is confronting at best horrific at worst. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine shine a light in the darkness inspiring thousands to live true to themselves.

  6. I love what you share here about expression James. It may sound unlikely – but if drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex et al don’t reconnect people with the joy in their hearts, then maybe give self-expression a try. For me there is nothing more joy-full than connecting to and expressing the truth that is innate within me and within us all equally.

  7. Have we become so desensitised as a race of beings that we need such extreme happenings to get us to look at how we are living? I feel it is so. It seems the real answer to changing how we feel is not to numb ourselves to what is going on but to deal with it at root cause. Perhaps our innate sensitivity is a gift not a burden.

  8. ‘Depression rates are at an all-time high, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure etc’ stats are also increasing and are set to overwhelm our already overburdened health care system. It’s time that we all woke up to this fact and each and every one of us do a reality check on our own lives, how we are living, and take responsibility for where we are going.

  9. Serge Benhayon sure just does share the true love for humanity and is a great reflection in how he lives the love for others to feel, see and be inspired by.

  10. The appreciation and celebration of where you are now in your life is truly felt here James. It shows that when someone steps out from the crowd to live truly and absolutely lovingly this then inspires the same in us.

  11. Big thank you on my part too, I cannot imagine going back to the exhausted person who had no time or energy to get more involved in life. Not only do I work more, I know that I cannot do any of it unless I take care of me first and ensure it is a solid foundation to take to work.

  12. To be an inspiration is such a strong way to have an effect on each other – if we do/be it consciously or not, we all are inspirational for each other in one or another way. Of course it is up to every single one of us to choose what inspiration we take – but without that, where would we be?

  13. Thank you James for a simply beautiful sharing, how one man who stepped out from the crowd has inspired so many to live life lovingly.

  14. “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have stepped out from the crowd…” and that stepping out of the crowd helped me, as it inspired me to change my life as well.

  15. A beautiful and loving ripple that is spreading far and wide started by Serge Benhayon and continuing with those who too have been inspired to choose this way of living a life of love and responsibility.

  16. Simply gorgeous James. Our quality of life is dictated by the quality of energy we express with our bodies and it is clear that you have chosen an energy that supports you in every way.

  17. I agree James, it is truly awesome the ripple effect that happens when one person chooses to live in a loving way. As a result of Serge Benhayon ‘stepping out from the crowd’ many more are choosing to live a truer way of life, and the ripples are, forever expanding.

  18. “I could go on, but let’s stop and say: All of this as a result of one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly”. So many people have been brought to a stop by the simple truths presented by Serge Benhayon and the inspiration in the way he lives to return to living lovingly.

  19. ‘All of this as a result of one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly… how awesome is that and how lucky am I…?!’ So very well said, James. Serge Benhayon personifies how to live a more loving life and in so doing inspires others to make different choices in their lives. No obligation, no expectation. Just merely down to personal choice – and that means a willingness, indeed a commitment to being consistently and ongoingly responsible for those choices.

  20. “All of this as a result of one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly… how awesome is that and how lucky am I…?! Thank you to Serge Benhayon and to Universal Medicine for the ongoing love, support and inspiration.” I echo your appreciation of Serge Benhayon. Time for us all to now step up and stand out from the crowd, sharing the love, understanding and truth that we have come to deeply know is in the heart of everyman.

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  21. That is truly awesome, I appreciate Serge Benhayon for stepping out from the crowd, and showing me that my life could be lived differently.

  22. Awesome James, I love your honesty and willingness to embrace another way and take responsibility for your choices. By choosing to express truth you are reflecting to others they can choose this too. Very inspiring James to keep expressing truth regardless.

  23. I feel life is one big lesson, and I am starting to enjoy everyday more and more, as I learnt that I have a responsibility for my way of life. Serge Benhayon has made me super aware of the way i was and what is the life that I could live, this has been a great turning point. Living that way of life more and more.

  24. What gives the power to a person to stand up and say something isn’t right?

    Many of us know things in this world are not right yet do nothing about. Love is the answer. Love for your self, Love for your fellow human being and love for everything on our planet and beyond. Power is attained by looking within never by looking for external sources to self gratify.

    1. Brilliantly said Luke. The power comes from within, when we claim our power and learn to express truth and know that anything less is contributing to the untruths, this certainly changes everything.

      1. In every moment we have the opportunity to change for the greater good rather than continuing the same ill that causes our world to barely keep its head above water.

  25. Serge Benhayon has indeed said to the world… Something is definitely not right here, but he does not stop there… With an enormous amount of love and patience, he continually offers humanity the Lifeline of the connection with themselves and with God to restore the balance within each individual, and consequently humanity and indeed the planet.

  26. A beautiful reminder James of how Serge Benhayon has inspired and supported hundreds of us with his commitment to love and truth. I am forever grateful for meeting Serge Benhayon and the opportunity to turn my life around and experience what true love really is.

  27. I also felt to jump on the appreciation band-wagon with you Nicolas, and say how incredibly lucky I feel also. We have chosen well in this life and many more before to be where we stand today.

  28. Unbelievably awesome Nicolas, just think what one man has done for many, imagine what many more stepping outside the box and saying “hang on, this isn’t right’, could do.

  29. Serge Benhayon, one man, one ordinary yet amazing man steps out from the crowd and speaks the truth of love, holds to that truth unwaveringly, lives that truth and offers it to all equally so. He shows us there is another way, a way to harmony, unity and brotherhood. Wow, I agree James, how awesome is that and how blessed are we!

  30. Absolutely James! Fantastic to read your blog! You’re a wonderful man. “hang on, surely this is not right, let’s look at the way we are living and live a life that we want” – and call for us to be part of a society we want to be a part of.” This is huge and I whole-heartedly agree. I am often in my day, in meeting, conversation, classes etc and this feeling comes to me, there must be another way. With the help of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I am learning how to BRING IT. Thanks for writing what you have, its a simple sharing and shows that the true divine way is, humbleness, honesty and living a life we know is true for us ALL!

  31. It take great courage and self love to stand up and speak up against what is accepted as normal.
    Serge Benhayon is such a man who has let go of the need to be liked or fit in, this has inspired many people to also be themselves, what a blessing it is to have people as courageous as Serge.

  32. What Serge Benhayon lives and presents is extraordinary but at the same time very ordinary. Living simple, loving ways in full responsibility to himself and all others equally is the key to a fulfilling and rich life.

  33. It is Serge Benhayon’s constant commitment and dedication to humanity that has been so inspiring as he has shown by his own way of living that there is another way and that it all starts with our relationship with self first, simple and forever evolving .

    1. I agree Francisco. It is inspiring to see a man so committed, he never drops! And I love what you say about starting with a relationship with self first. Ive found that mine constantly evolves and everyday is a lot of fun developing a relationship with that!

  34. Serge Benhayon has supported many hundreds of people to change their lives for the better and to reverse illness and disease in many cases. What Serge Benhayon lives and presents truly works, no magic pill – just simple, practical self loving tools that profoundly change your life.

  35. Absolutely Wonderful James! There certainly is a relationship worth developing, the one we have with ourselves. It certainly pays off to start being honest with ourselves and start expressing the truth.

  36. James it’s wonderful how simply you have expressed the truth. It’s beautiful to read about your changes, but it’s also important for society to know about these because so many are caught in cycles of addiction. If this has worked so well for you, and not as a “solution” but as a complete new way of living, then it’s an important message for the whole of humanity.

    1. ‘Why is it that it seems to take something major to happen to us, or someone close to us, to say something to stop us, to get us to look at how we are living?’ Our reality checks, our illnesses, accidents, coincidences and even our reactions to the world around us may actually be a blessing in disguise….as uncomfortable, challenging and seemingly unfair as they can appear and be. Great blog James.

  37. Expressing and loving to take care of myself are now part of my life. Without Universal Medicine I would still be living the very contracted life that was mine. So lets share Serge Benhayon with the whole world.

  38. James I also count myself very lucky to have met Universal Medicine. Although there is much work ahead of me, the old life is behind me and I look forward to evolving and embracing life.

    1. Me too Patricia, Meeting Serge Benhayon was life changing for me. I didn’t realise how closed off I was to the world, I was functioning as an adult ticking all the boxes on how I should look and be on the outside but on the inside I was a complete mess. It has taken me a while to take apart the protective layer/ wall I had built around me, this is a work in progress, however the more I let go of ideals and beliefs that I have absorbed from others and are not part of me, the more I can enjoy the real me.

    2. Patricia, I would have to agree with you, the teachings of Universal Medicine have had a huge positive impact on my life. The teachings have made me question so many ideals and beliefs and I am beginning to see things with completely fresh eyes. In the past I would have said that I have a very open mind but in truth I was completely closed off to what was going on all around me.

  39. Thank you James for sharing your experience, I too am thankful to Serge and Universal Medicine for the truth that they have presented to us and that they live in their daily lives, a beautiful reflection to all.

  40. I love the line “and call for us to be part of a society we want to be a part of”. This is key to the work of Universal Medicine and what Serge Benhayon presents. It’s about me being me in the world and not some cut down, cardboard cut out or checked out person barely coping with what feels at times an onslaught of imposing beliefs and ideals I could never live up to. I now know there is a way to bring all that I am to the world without compromise. There is a way that works for me and it’s The Way of the Livingness!

  41. It is a beautiful thing to have met Serge Benhayon and feel his amazing support and inspiration to live my life, and live it the way I truly am.

  42. Yes James, it is very awesome to have Serge in our lives, and it is also very awesome to say yes to the amazingness he has in store for us (which is nothing less than what we carry inside equally).

  43. I live a life that I want in a society I want to be a part of. I accept my friends if they support me and I let them go if they don’t, eventually. I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say. I am happy, content, I look forward to the day ahead and live lovingly. Thank you James. Thank you Serge.

  44. Serge Benhayon has inspired hundreds of others to live in a way where love, harmony and joy are at the foundations of their being, these people are themselves doing the same for those around them, this is true brotherhood.
    Thanks for sharing James.

  45. I too am grateful to Serge Benhayon for calling out what is going on in society and lovingly giving me the wake up call I needed to honestly acknowledge my own part in these various messes. What Serge offers is available for anyone who is interested and I have found his consistent messages very supportive in my own life.

  46. “I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say.” This is a key component to just being you James, and I’ve really noticed the difference it makes. You come across with so much more honesty, and authority.

    1. You sure do simonwilliams8. I remember in a couple of job interviews just saying exactly what I felt even if it opposed what the interviewer was saying, sometimes extremely directly so, yet they could feel the authority I had and so offered me the job. Whereas whenever I tried to say what they wanted and please them I never got the job! It makes a huge difference in everyday life as well.

    2. I can relate to this very much as I used to often do the same. By holding back expressing how we feel just creates disharmony within us and with others. Expressing everything we feel is key to a deeper and more loving relationships.

      1. It’s an interesting paradox… when we start to express how we are truly feeling, on the surface this can unsettle the status quo, it might not be delivered particularly well (after years of letting the issue build up), and of course we are not well practiced in delivering it. Yet it is the only way to get to what is really going on, and avoid building some awful arrangement that will inevitably create problems in the future.

  47. I celebrate too James the fact that I made choices to be able to observe, connect with, and study with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. My life was very different 10 years ago, with no contribution being made to the well-being of me, let alone others. Things can change over time, with commitment and dedication, they certainly have for me.

  48. I would say my life was also a mess before Universal Medicine, even though it looked pretty fine from the outside! Being able to live a loving joyful life where I am able to express how I am feeling instead of swallowing it up inside, is like stepping off the merry-go-round of life and into what actually feels normal. Now it feels like life was always meant to be this way.

  49. Thanks for your sharing James. Serge Benhayon has inspired many through his absolute commitment to living every moment of every day what he presents on stage. He is ‘the real deal’.

  50. This is so gorgeous to read James. Any one of those things is amazing – together, extraordinary. It is unfathomable the affect that Serge Benhayon has had by inspiring so many when even one person’s story is so significant.

  51. That is true James Nicholson that it seems that people need a firm stop in their lives to get them to look at what is of true value in their lives. But what if you are stopped and see what you have done but there is no alternative way reflected to them? The change is that they return into their old habits because the reflection of another way was not there.
    Therefore it is so beautiful that we stand up and start to express our way of living and can serve as a lighthouse in the storm to show there is another way. How amazing is that?

  52. Thank you James for your truth and honesty and the courage to live a life of love and not be afraid of expressing who truly are to everyone. Humanity needs shinning lights like you and Serge Benhayon to show there is another way to be.

  53. This is so true James, and in my job of recruitment, I see many people doing this (reviewing life) when they come in for interviews as candidates looking for their next job following redundancy, being fired…. or the common one now – job fatigue/burnout. If we are existing on 14 cups of coffee and “drinking it like water” as a couple of different people have shared with me recently, then it’s a sign that we’re living life stimulated and stunted, far from the natural buoyancy of vitality. Your words: “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have stepped out from the crowd and said, “hang on, surely this is not right, let’s look at the way we are living and live a life that we want”, provide the correct medicine for this ill or stunted way of living, that doesn’t have to be just as your post inspires.

  54. It’s amazing the change I have seen in people that have attended Universal Medicine events and also live the Livingness. We may all be imperfect, as everyone is, but boy oh boy when the work is done, the outcomes are extraordinary!

  55. Awesome James, how true this is, it only takes one to begin to question the way things are and offer the possibility that life can be a different way. This is what Serge Benhayon has been presenting, saying we have a choice in the way that we live and I for one deeply appreciate the amazing inspiration it offers us all.

    1. I agree Jade, it is awesome, it only takes one in any situation to stand up and speak truth, yet I can still find myself holding back at times just in case – it is a great reminder for me as well!

    2. When truth is being reflected by one person, it is like a loving flame being spread, igniting and inspiring others too to stand up for truth and to express it.

  56. This is a great little testimonial, it’s very true that through doing the esoteric work, I’ve deepened substantially in my commitment to life, work and family. I have always loved people naturally but now through doing the esoteric I am more able to express it and honour that love I have. From the shy, scared little girl that I was to now being confident and expressive woman – miracle.

  57. Great blog James! I too was a mess when I met Serge Benhayon, but I can only say that in hindsight, back then I felt I was doing just fine. It was so normal for me that I did not know I could feel any different. It does take someone to reflect another way otherwise how would you know that life could be different!

  58. Thank you James. It is so true what you have shared and I also have learned, through being inspired by Serge Benhayon, how taking responsibility for my choices has changed the way I am with myself and with life. And yes I have a renewed purpose in life; to connect to me and express from this beautiful place within. An ongoing development and one that I look forward to everyday.

  59. What a beautiful way to live this is, such a freedom, not an continuous never ending circle of living the way we always did. But more an continuing evolving way of living.

  60. It is so true that “a wake-up call” usually needs to be something major for us to stop and take notice of it. Serge Benhayon has enormous courage and an eternal spring of Love for humanity to send all of us the “wake-up call”. The good news is that there are many of us who have responded to the call and we will keep going so that people who have not responded yet will respond!

  61. You have raised some pretty important points about the mess that a lot of people are living in, however most people that are involved with Universal Medicine seem to be going against the world trend of illness, disease and general discomfort and living relatively healthy and harmonious lives.

    1. It is great Joe and quite amazing to look at how many people have changed their lives as a direct result of listening to and living the teachings as presented by Universal Medicine. People are already taking notice and asking what we are doing differently.

  62. Serge Benhayon is the real deal, his love for humanity and integrity in what he presents has allowed me to be me and not the man that the world had made me to be. This is empowering !
    Thank you for sharing James.

    1. That sure is extremely empowering Francisco, like you I have also found that through Serge Benhayon’s presentations and simply being himself he has also “allowed me to be me and not the man that the world had made me to be”.

  63. Thank you James the simplicity comes through your writing, and that all it takes to change, a simple committed choice…
    When I am focusing on an imperfection, or some thought that does not support me, I adjust my body or I slow right down where the focus becomes on how delicate I am – I change the way I feel to the best of my ability by changing my body, adjusting my posture, JUST CHANGE IT!
    Sometimes it takes a bit more discipline to change a lifetime of abuse, however if my commitment is there to change then that is enough.

    1. I appreciate what you have written here Rik, that when we focus on the imperfection it goes nowhere, but returning to simply how the body feels has the capacity to change everything.

  64. It seems to me that you are now that man stepping out from the crowd James, and showing everyone who knows you that you can make amazing changes to the way you think and live. How inspiring!

  65. The incredible belief Serge Benhayon has in people – yet it is not belief – it is a knowing of who we all truly are – that we do actually all care and all do want to love and be loved. There is nothing that can turn Serge off a person who is in pain and not choosing to live their truth. I have learned what compassion means from Serge which is holding another as an equal even when they are not holding themselves in that way and allowing them to go through what they need to go through to come back to their truth. Enormous patience, dedication to life and to people and enormous courage to say what needs to be said, even when there is a knowing that some will find it too hard to hear and will react. No popularity stakes here in Universal Medicine. But immense purity of heart and soul.

    1. I agree Simon, if someone can say what needs to be said in truth, regardless of how the other person may feel, then surely that is what true love is all about. As you say, it is a knowing of who we truly are and Serge Benhayon is showing us what true compassion really looks like.

      1. I agree Tim – that is indeed what true love is all about – no niceness (or indeed pandering) needed – something I was brought up thinking was a part of love!

  66. “I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say.” This is a true gift in itself, to learn to express your truth, for oneself and everybody else.

  67. I can so relate to all you have written James and I too have much appreciation for Serge Benhayon stepping out from the crowd and showing from lived example that there is a real and true way to live with love, connection to people and full commitment to life.

  68. Accepting our imperfections makes us so much more open and accessible to others. The things I am not good at, somebody else is. In this way we can work together and co-create what is needed, using each others perfections and with that, our imperfections are improved. What a lovely way to be in this world.

  69. From day one Serge Benhayon been willing to step out from the crowd and present about living lovingly. Learning about the depth of care and consideration he has in every aspect of life has been an eye opener and I keep deepening my understanding of what is possible every time I see him presenting.
    Now we have hundreds inspired to adopt same qualities as he has in life. Hundreds willing to step out from the crowd and present living more lovingly. What a blessing.

  70. Thank you James I too have transformed my relationship with myself and can relate fully to what you say: ‘I used to hide, cover up or deny my faults and imperfections, as I saw them as bad things I should be ashamed of. Now, I look at them and accept them, and if they do not support me, I let them go… at least, eventually I do!’

  71. We sometimes need one person who steps up to show us what is truly going on by popping the question not asked. Serge Benhayon has asked himself and all of us this question to ponder upon. After I met him I had lots to ponder upon, a wake up call from a deep sleep. How I live, the choices I have been making since then have changed, purely by asking myself the question: is this supportive or not for me/my body?

  72. I can most certainly relate James, to being in a state of loss some years ago running from one self-help fix to another, until I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. For the first time I felt and heard a message that was so simple and profound, and the deepest truth I knew I knew but had forgotten; that to love others and be fully in life, one has to self-love first, to live in dedication to our love and let that deepen and widen, and that in so doing we naturally love others as well. My life has changed around enormously thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. Well said Katerina, “to love others and be fully in life, one has to self-love first”. I grew up thinking this was selfish and that being the nice, kind, polite boy was how I needed to behave to be ‘loving to others’ but it was not honouring what I was feeling. I have found that often I have needed someone to say something firm, but with love, to bring me out of what I have gone into. I then have a choice to listen or continue to do what I am doing, either way I have the clear choice and this is love – simply a presentation of the truth. The more I am loving with myself and look after myself, the more I am able to do this with others.

  73. I am so appreciative of what I have been offered with Universal Medicine.
    There was an innate knowing that there was more, that there could be more and that the world was sick.
    To truly see the extent of that, and how we don’t have to go along with that ride but rather be responsible for how we live, is such a gift.

    1. I agree hvmorden, I also had “an innate knowing that there was more”, more to what the eyes could see. I have always found it confusing when people speak and they say one thing but I am hearing something completely different – it makes no sense but I hear it everyday!

  74. Life does become very simple and lovely when we learn to be content with ourselves. I too say thank you to Serge Benhayon for asking the questions many of us have thought but not truly examined

  75. I loved the simplicity and truth of what you said James, about “one man stepping out from the crowd, and presenting about living lovingly”. That is the courage and dedication that Serge Benhayon has been consistently teaching with, no matter what criticisim has been thrown at him. Which is ironic really, that someone who simply teaches love and hundreds of people benefit from this, is then criticised from others, how lost are we as a society when this happens.

    1. I agree Thomas – it is truly inspiring the way Serge Benhayon lives and presents love no matter. He is a true role and one I know many including myself aspire to be more like, each in our own loving way.

  76. This one rings true for me James; ‘I have learnt to express how I truly feel rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say.’ Why has this been so hard? What has tripped me up is not wanting to upset the other person…but apparently me upsetting myself was fine! There can be no love in this equation and if feels so much more respectful and loving to both parties to just express what is there rather than what-is-not.

  77. James, you present the story of how you transformed your life so simply and practically and what you have described can indeed be achieved simply by choosing to be responsible…but in this day and age where depression, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and checking out with entertainment, food and a myriad of other distractions are a normal part of life, the choices you have made and the turn your life has taken as a result is nothing short of remarkable…even more so for the fact that what you have chosen is so simple and makes such sense.

    Thank you for sharing your remarkable story.

  78. Hear hear. Thank you Serge Benhayon and thank you Universal Medicine – you have done (and are doing) the world a great service.

  79. Beautifully spoken James. Whilst Serge Benhayon may have been the first to step out and inspire many to care and even truly love themselves there are now hundreds of others who are inspiring in the same way such as yourself James. My hat goes off to Serge and the inspirers of the world.

  80. Indeed I also feel a deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon. But the most beautiful thing he showed me is that he is not special, that what he is living is there for everybody, equally so. The fact that he always supports me in living the same remarkable life as he does, keeps on to touch me deeply.

  81. The idea of self-reflection and self-awareness is the key to arresting the patterns in our life that ultimately find ourselves going down a path that causes pain and suffering. Living with an abundance of joy in everyday life is so worth aiming for, why would you not want that? I love what you said James, ‘stepping out from the crowd’. I’m pleased Serge did this and I stand with him all the way.

    1. Thank you James and Mathew, I agree, “stepping out from the crowd,” and standing up for truth, is definitely something I ‘whole heartedly’ support Serge Benhayon “all the way.”

  82. James you have said it all in such a clear and simple way. The way we are living is not working and Serge Benahyon is asking us to consider there is another way to live. It’s our choice whether we embrace this or not and I am so grateful that life offered me the stop and I did choose to listen!

  83. James, when I read your article I felt a sense of stagnation in the beginning which then morphed, as a result of the conscious changes you made, into movement and flow. I also got a sense of that movement and flow becoming stronger and wider and more encompassing. How exciting does life become with its endless potential?

    1. I agree my whole outlook and view of life has changed. Instead of dreading the day ahead thinking how can I get through it? I now far more look forward to what is to come and embrace it.

  84. Thanks James, for a nice and simple explanation of what Serge Benhayon has presented for us and for you – to stop and go deeper, into more connection with self and others.

  85. You think it would be common sense for every human being to be saying, “hang on, surely this is not right, let’s look at the way we are living and live a life that we want,” and it’s actually very bizzarre that saying this is not normal.

  86. The day I met Serge Benhayon my life changed for ever as he showed me myself, and all the parts of myself that I had been hiding from, and how I could make a choice to change the patterns of my lived life till that moment. It was truly revolutionary, it felt like being turned upside down and given a new view of the world.

    1. Or ‘turned the right way up’, Joan – that’s how it felt to me when Serge Benhayon showed me a new way to live instead of the patterns and dramas that were going on!

      1. I like that Diane. The patterns and dramas turn us the wrong way up and we see the world upside down, and then the new way to live that Serge Benhayon shows us, gradually turns us right way up again, and suddenly everything is in its true perspective, clear and balanced, and not so painful!

      2. Great point Dianne – Joans life was ‘turned the right way up’ – and the changes Joan has made since have been amazing to watch first hand and extremely inspiring.

  87. I also, James, was grinding my life out, not living, just existing in it, until Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine showed me that there is another way of living. Thank you Serge.

  88. Thank you for sharing James. The more we stop expressing with the need of an outcome, the wider and simpler the world will become for us. As people around us suddenly do not feel manipulated or judged anymore and often choose to open up in a way that is absolutely stunning.

  89. Thanks James, you are so right, what Serge Benhayon offers IS a reality check… he has always been the first to stand up and say ‘What is really going on?’ The open and honest enquiry he invites has opened my eyes wide, where before they were shut tight with only a slit of light allowed through one eye at a time – I barely saw or acknowledged anything of the mess around me. Serge’s capacity to see clearly, and inspire action from those in a position to offer support, is exceptional and unwavering. I too have him to thank for the fact my eyes are no longer shut tight.

    1. Well said Jenny, Serge offers us constantly the stop moments of “What is really going on?”, without someone offering these to shake us out of the mess we are in. I have no doubt it would have required an accident of some sort to stop me and to give me the opportunity to look at my comfortable life, one which otherwise is hard to challenge!

  90. Yes! I join you in offering my deepest heart-felt thanks to Serge Benhayon for what he presents and lives so truly. My life has changed in the most beautiful ways since I was introduced to his teachings in 2011, and continues to do so – often in quantum leaps I would have previously thought impossible.

    1. That is great to hear Deborah, and thank you for your joining me, and the Esoteric Community, in support of Serge Benhayon, a man who above all has stood for love no matter what anyone has said or done.

      1. I can also say my life has changed in immeasurable ways since being introduced to Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine, which have simply enabled me to reconnect to what I now know I have always known within. Serge Benhayon is a man who lives and breathes service for humanity in everything he does and whose example is one of living love, truth and integrity.

      2. Well said Angela, Serge Benhayon without doubt is an amazing reflection for how we could all live if we choose to, the thousands of people who have turned their lives around as result of result is phenomenal, yet all he is doing is living, breathing and presenting love to everyone he meets.

  91. Thank you for sharing, and I am sure there is much more to come, to express, to be grateful for. When you keep going you help us go too.

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