Serge Benhayon and Me

by Ray Karam, Goonellabah, NSW

I have read a lot that has been said about Serge Benhayon; some truth and some just outright rubbish.

I would like to share how my life is at this moment, in fact today. I came home this afternoon to my family after working an 11-hour day. I was greeted in the driveway by our three young children, all eager to share their day and themselves with me.

After a while it was bedtime for the children and I lay in bed with my little boy. I cuddled him and he cuddled me. He rubbed my head and he cuddled right into my shoulder… I just lay there with him, watching him. He told me about his day and he just kept smiling; I knew he was just happy to have me in bed with him. To me it was just amazing, to have such a connection with a little man. We just lay there together for about ten minutes… I put my open hand gently on his chest and he fell asleep. I climbed out of his bed and pulled the doona up over him – I kissed him on the head and whispered, “I love you, little man.” Simple.

I know you may think that is not that special or unique, but this is a typical or ‘normal’ night at our place, not a one-off here and there. Each day I can see the children growing: not only in size, but in how they are, in and out of our house. Our children are really amazing.

Serge Benhayon has never told me to do anything, but has shown me more than anyone ever has, just by living simply in the way he lives. Serge is no different to me, and I am no different from him.

What I am and how I am is because of me and how I choose to live, and not from following anything.

From experience, it is much easier to write something off or criticise it, than see it for what it truly is. I am not looking for anyone to like or agree with how I live. I can see from how I am, and how my family is, that I am amazing at one thing – being me.  

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  1. It is simple and it is everyday and in this it is extraordinary though so very ordinary but something if we all lived it would change the world beyond our imagination. Thank you for sharing this most loving and tender everyday being-ness.

  2. ‘I am amazing at one thing – being me.’ Beautifully said and very true I have known you for many years Ray and I can say this is something you do very well and consistently you offer a reflection to others they can trust and be inspired by.

  3. That is gorgeous Ray like it or not. When you have something in your head that you don’t like or trust it is a hard act to change because that voice in your head is not honest. It does what it likes. It likes to dislike. The only way I have changed this voice is to be honest.

  4. Living with simplicity, and a richness of love as the bottom line – who in their right mind would want to criticise this? Serge Benhayon, like no other I have known, has inspired me also Ray, to deeply appreciate the love and loving relationships in my life, and foster and cherish them.

  5. Serge Benhayon has played an important role in bringing back to us the meaning of true family and real love – your blog is in its utter simplicity, a testament to how we can all live our lives – filled with love and appreciation for ourselves and each other. For in the end all the riches we really hold are based on the quality of relationship that we have willingly embraced with people (little or big ones). Thank you Ray for this simple and powerful reminder!

  6. And what a beautiful reflection you are offering your children and every one who knows or meets you Raymond. It only take one person to reflect there is another way to live that is simple, loving, honouring and cherishing to name but a few, for there to be a change in what is considered ‘normal’.

  7. I find it truly gorgeous to be offered a way of being through your words that reflects the love that is possible to live and embrace. The depth of connection you have with your family is truly beautiful and a gorgeous way to live… and without doubt a testament to the power of being and embracing you and all the love you have to share.

  8. Well said Ray. It is super simple isn’t it. Being ourselves is what we are here to reflect to the world and children can feel it when we do so. They feel the integrity in simple beingness that is ‘home’ for them.

  9. Imagine what the world would be like if we focused fully on growing our qualities and not just our size?

  10. I love that Ray, your straightforward way of saying it, that you are amazing at being you. And it’s those simple things in how we do things which sum it up – we’re all born with one job to be us.

  11. “I can see from how I am, and how my family is, that I am amazing at one thing – being me” – This sounds so simple and easy, but for me I can say it was not so easy to become aware and live who I am, before I met Serge Benhayon and started to study with Universal Medicine. I was a bit lost, even though I looked quite fine in a common sense. But the way you connect with your child and family in general Ray is super sweet. This way of living is possible with or without Serge Benhayon – in any way it is gold, for you and them. And in fact for all of us, I would say.

  12. Yes, so simple and so ‘there’. No need for an outcome, no push, no drive, simply being you and sharing this you-ness with everybody else. This brings connection and harmony.

  13. ” I am amazing at one thing – being me. ” I just love these powerful words Ray , thank you.

  14. Ray you wrote: “Serge Benhayon has never told me to do anything, but has shown me more than anyone ever has, just by living simply in the way he lives.” His living example is what made me open to feel about myself and it helped me to trust my body again – how beautiful is that!

  15. A very heartwarming read Ray with the tenderness shown to your son and your willingness to be you.

  16. Beautiful to read how you are with yourself and your family Ray and how all others you meet inside and outside the home get to experience someone just being themselves… especially in a time when dis-connection and numbing out is rife. Serge Benhayon lives consistently what every one of us can also.

  17. It is so lovely and a true blessing how Serge shares with so many, whatever their walk of Life, a truer way of living, both by his example and super clear reflection.

  18. All to often in the world we focus on what we achieve and what we do or get done. Wether that be at work or big life mile stones but its not often enough that we stop to appreciate the simple things with our family and friends, beautiful, thank you.

  19. The truth that we live and the love that we stand by are super powerful and need no justification nor defence – this is essentially what you present in this blog, Ray – the simplicity of a man and a family who live the love that they are and are simply there to reflect to those around of what can be by choice. Thank you for always being there and holding this reflection so solidly – no different to Serge Benhayon who also lives a simple truth every day, not asking anything of anyone, just simply there to reflect that this is indeed possible in a world where there is so much violence and disharmony.

  20. Wow Ray, this blog simply says it all. “Serge Benhayon has never told me to do anything, but has shown me more than anyone ever has, just by living simply in the way he lives” What an inspiration Serge Benhayon is to many. And what an inspiration you are Ray, simply by being you.

  21. “What I am and how I am is because of me and how I choose to live, and not from following anything.” This brings a whole new meaning to ‘being true to yourself’. Thank you Ray for sharing the tenderness you live with your family, with us all.

  22. Ray, the tenderness and delicateness you shared with your ‘little man’ as he drifted off to sleep, touched me deeply. What a true role mode you are, not only to your son but to all who know you.

  23. A great message, Ray – to just live you, simply and lovingly. Not slavishly following anything or anyone. ‘Being me’ is more than enough – in fact, it’s everything.

  24. A beautiful sharing Ray, thankyou. “Serge Benhayon has never told me to do anything, but has shown me more than anyone ever has, just by living simply in the way he lives. Serge is no different to me, and I am no different from him.
    What I am and how I am is because of me and how I choose to live, and not from following anything.” I agree Ray, I love Serge’s presentations, that just remind me of what I already know and has inspired me to choose a different way of living, so the same goes for me also.

  25. Very beautiful Ray, I love what you’ve shared. What a gorgeous way to wind down, to be fully with your family, your children in such a loving and supportive way is very inspiring. After 11 hours of work, most people would want to find something to disconnect, zone/veg out, whereas the way you live is full of love and deep connection. What a blessing it is for your family and for us to read such a beautiful connection is possible even after a full day at work. This is incredible Ray, you are a role model for many parents.

  26. Beautiful Ray, you are amazing at being you and your relationship with your children is deeply inspiring – thank you.

  27. I bet this night time ritual will be one of the good childhood memories your son will have, but somehow I feel this connection you have with each other will carry on into adulthood as well.

  28. One thing about kids Ray, is that they keep you real. I have no children of my own but I do have nieces and nephews that I love very much and they are a great reflection to me.

    1. Yes, you can say that again Lindellparlour, children are definitely great reflections for all of us. I have recently started to appreciate this more and more and with knowing that they too carry deep wisdom and truth. Having them constantly reflect this to us can sometimes be a challenge but when we embrace what we are offered we then realise children are our heavenly gift, what a true blessing?

  29. Ray what you have shared here is true
    “Serge Benhayon has never told me to do anything, but has shown me more than anyone ever has, just by living simply in the way he lives. Serge is no different to me, and I am no different from him.”
    I wholeheartedly agree with what you have expressed, it is the simple way of living that Serge offers that is so inspiring. And there is a huge difference between preaching and presenting. I have felt the harm of being preached to by priests as a child, who told me that hell and damnation were upon me if I don’t follow the rules of religion and that even as a small child I’m a sinner! (I could never understand that). Serge only presents through his teachings. This allows a person to take it or leave it – the choice is yours…. and it has always been up to me what I take from what he presents. And the huge difference between preaching and presenting is that there is no judgment in presenting.

  30. Ray thank you for sharing your simple, loving life. It makes a huge difference to all those around us when we are being ourselves, and we live from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

  31. To spend 10 minutes in stillness being you with your son in connection is pure gold Ray. No wonder the little man was smiling, who would not enjoy being held in such glorious joy and love? Beauty-full.

  32. “We just lay there together for about ten minutes… I put my open hand gently on his chest and he fell asleep.” This is so very beautiful Ray. Why would one ever choose to miss these exquisite moments of deep love and connection, yet we do. Precious moments like this, simply being together in love, are the foundation of an amazing life for all. In the simplicity of living love, the love we truly are, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

  33. The simplicity of what you share Ray is so beautiful – just by living in a way of who we truly are in all that we are – shines. No ‘doing’ just ‘being’ For a child to receive this is a gift indeed – a true gift of love, and returned twofold.

  34. Thank you Ray. What you share with your children is magic – I recall as a child the joy I felt when my Dad returned home from work, and loved the playfulness he would often bring. For a child to be met each evening by a father with the energy and willingness to share himself with you is magic indeed.

  35. Thank you Ray, so true Serge Benhayon has shown us the way back to ourselves, and that is the greatest blessing you could ever give someone.

  36. What you have shared is so beautiful and so ordinary at the same time Ray. You have painted a gorgeous picture on the joy that being committed to life brings.

  37. Thank you Ray, so simply and yet powerfully put. The little moments all add up to make the whole. It feels like you are doing a great job bringing your children up as well.

  38. This is beautiful. Thank you, Ray. I feel your steadiness in your words and even though I have never met you when I read “I can see from how I am, and how my family is, that I am amazing at one thing – being me” – I just went ‘Yes’.

  39. Thank you Ray, this is so simple yet so profound. How many of us are too stressed out to enjoy these little moments with each other.

    1. So true Judith, I have certainly experienced this. Now I am learning connecting with people is the best therapy ever.

  40. Thank you Ray what a beautiful claiming of you and reminder to all of us ‘I am amazing at one thing – being me.’

  41. By you sharing how amazing you are at being you reminds me that the most important thing for me to be amazing at, is just me being me too. Awesome blog Ray.

  42. This blog is so beautiful, thank you Ray. I agree in full “I am not looking for anyone to like or agree with how I live” because every day I have examples that confirm that living with connection to the love I am, just being me, is a quality that everyone I meet wants to be around. From the lady at the supermarket, to the school mums I chat to, to the butcher, my work colleagues, my husband and children everyone wants to know that love exists and that there is a way to live that supports us to feel truly well, vital and settled in our bodies. The quality of the way I live now is what the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have supported me to choose for myself.

  43. I loved this simple yet profound blog. When my 5 year old son opens his arms to give me a kiss and a cuddle it is amazing…nothing big or special…just a simple act, but gosh it feels awesome! Moments like these are precious and something to appreciate and celebrate!

    1. So agree I love to have precious moments, I have an 18 year daughter and she comes and sits on my knees for a hug and a cuddle as big as she is. I go with the reasoning that just because they are teenagers doesn’t mean that they can no longer have hugs and cuddles.
      Long may my knees hold up 🙂

  44. What Serge Benhayon has consistently shown over the years I have known of him is that there is a way to live life that is simple and normal, but that that normal-ness contains the qualities of love, joy and harmony in oneself and with all those in ones life. And that all this can be achieved by being ourselves, more and more I see and read accounts from others such as this one it shows that Serge is nothing special. Warranting attention so the whole world knows? Yes this is needed in the world but not the lies being spread that are anything but normal or simple. What you shared was beautiful to read Ray and it just goes to show how powerful being ourselves can be, Thank you.

  45. That is special and sounds like a beautiful way to live your life. It’s simple and loving and the world is craving that.. I think some don’t see that they can have that too, but I believe it’s available to us all.

  46. “What I am and how I am is because of me and how I choose to live, and not from following anything”, this for me is the marker of this article. Ray Karam, your love and understanding of yourself is so beautiful it is heart melting. Like Serge Benhayon you are inspiring others to honour the simple moments with loved ones and this is to be celebrated.

  47. Thank you Ray for such a beautiful reading, how great for your children to have a dad who is amazing at just being himself.

  48. Very beautiful Ray. The image is very very tender. There is a lot of love in your writing. This is what you follows. You are a follower of your own love.

  49. Thanks for sharing this beautiful example of true love and appreciation Ray. Lovely to read.

    1. Reading this blog inspires me to appreciate these amazing moments and connections with our family too.

  50. That was just an honor to read Ray – a beautiful glimpse into a deeply loving relationship with you and your son that will inspire many as to what should the norm. And to those who cannot see it for the enormity of what it is, well bad luck to them – you are indeed amazing at being you and living that is a blessing to us all. Gorgeous.

  51. Love it! Truly inspiring to be able to live that way everyday with such consistency.

  52. You are right Ray; a lot of what has been said about Serge Benhayon is absolute rubbish. You are also right in saying it is much easier to write something off or criticize it, than see it for what it truly is. So thank you for sharing here your relationship with Serge and your family, it is so very beautiful it cannot be criticized or ignored. It is a natural loving way what every body is yearning for.

  53. What stood out for me this time rereading this simple but powerful piece is the line ‘I am amazing at one thing – being me.’ This is the most valuable thing I have learnt to do – to live who I truly am and live it really well. Not perfectly but well. I have Serge Benhayon to thank for supporting me to reconnect to who I truly am and to live that everyday.

  54. I loved reading this again, what comes across is the steadiness and commitment to your children and the fact that you know who you are, so there is nothing to prove to anyone. This is a recipe for a simple life.

  55. Beautiful to read Ray, thank you. And you are right, Serge Benhayon is no different from the rest of us. He doesn’t tell anyone what to do or how to do it, he just presents how he lives and how simple life can be through making different choices which can then inspire us to make similar choices.

  56. Beautiful and simple. It’s clear that you have a fantastic relationship with your family and with yourself. It’s very inspirational.

  57. This is great what you share here Ray Karam about you and Serge Benhayon. I am big into keeping things simple and have a very simple life. What just came to mind is our friend who helps us with the cleaning who said she has never met anyone who can live so simple yet have so much. I asked her what she means by ‘so much’. Her response today was “you are consistently content with what you got and you don’t need more or go out of your way to get material possessions”.
    What Serge Benhayon has given me personally is how to keep my life simple and practical and it really does work. I am no longer bored or looking for distractions to fill up my time and the spending addiction has gone forever.

  58. Gorgeous blog Ray which brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes; because this little routine you have described with your Son, is also a daily routine in my household and one that I treasure very much. It is one the favourite parts of my day, cuddling up in bed with my kids and hearing them tell me about their day and kissing them good night. These moments are so precious and so easy to underestimate and not appreciate. Serge Benhayon has inspired me very much over the years to truly appreciate and be aware of the quality of these moments and the power that they can have on building and sustaining some of the most important relationships we can have in our lives, with our own children.

    1. Yes Andrew, I too have been inspired by Serge Benhayon to truly appreciate the quality of moments like this… And all the little moments seem to be joining together as my rhythm strengths throughout the day. My relationships with my children have deepened and this is so precious. I feel blessed. ✨

    2. Thank you Andrew Mooney, it is great to appreciate the smaller things and people that are around us. You’re comment is testament to the man and father you are, your children are blessed as are the people around you. Thank you again.

  59. Truly beautiful Ray – I could just feel myself melting away. The depth of love and presence you write and live in is deeply felt…like a big warm hug. You are very inspiring and deeply beautiful. Thank you for sharing the simplicity of living love. I too have been inspired by and am deeply grateful of Serge Benhayon and his living ways.

  60. Ray this is a great testament to how life can be when you keep it simple and loving. I am very inspired by what you have shared. The key here is inspired – you have inspired me, you haven’t told me what to do; you have shared, presented how life is for you. I can feel what you have shared is true, it is not a ‘put o’n or an ideal you would like to live and that is why I am inspired. Pretty simple really and yet this is all that Serge Benhayon has ever done, and like you state some people have found a way to make that somehow malicious and dangerous. That says more about the accuser and the way they live.

    1. Absolutely vanessahawthorne, I too am inspired by what Ray has shared to keep life simple and loving and appreciate it. His reflection like Serge’s is super powerful and for some this is obviously too confronting and they react and lash out verbally. This is a reflection of the choices they are making in their lives and the discomfort they cause.

  61. The simplicity of our loving connections with the people in our life is certainly to be cherished and valued. To be able to appreciate the small moments like these is our lives is what a blessing really is.

  62. Lovely Ray, what appears to be a small moment in your little boys life will build self worth in the years to come and he will pass that on with his relationships. Thank you for sharing this small but huge moment.

  63. Ray, I love it how you so naturally captured the pure simplicity of love… and that you chose to share it with us all.

  64. I hear you Ray, no one needs to tell you what is beauty-full, it just feels that way and you want to be like that all the time. Our children are amazing if we let them beeee. Thankyou 🙂

  65. This is a beautiful post, Ray, and shows how precious each and very moment of the day is. Your recognition of your own amazingness and how you express that with your family supports them to live and feel their own amazingness. What a glorious way to live!

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