I’m Just An Ordinary Man

by Otto Bathurst, UK

I have a partner. I met her before starting my study of the Esoteric Teachings. And so we have been on this journey together. Like all relationships, we have had huge ups and downs. It’s really hard at times, but that’s the same for all of us. There is no magic pill, potion or switch to flick. But what is beautiful about what is happening now is that, as we both… in fact, I shall only speak for myself… as I begin to get to know who I truly am and start to shed some of the masks, costumes and suits of armour that I had been wearing, that relationship becomes more and more honest and more and more true. I’m not there yet. Not by a long way. I still have much to learn. But that’s cool. And what is even cooler is that I can honestly say that the love I have for my partner is way more honest than the love I had for her when I met her. What’s more, it’s darn sexy. Honestly, some days I look at her and I fancy her more than ever.

I have three kids. All young. Boy, oh boy, it’s full-on! Same as everyone, I find it pretty much the most challenging thing in my life. And same as everyone I am sometimes a terrific father… sometimes I’m a car-crash. I lose my rag. I get exhausted and I stuff it up. But since studying the Esoteric Teachings, this too has changed. Again, in the most simple of ways. I know that the only thing that matters is that I do everything I can to enable, encourage, show and nurture them to remain everything that they already are, to be themselves. Nothing else matters. And, as with all parenting, the key is to lead by example. They are them, and I am me. Sounds simple!? To be honest, I find it blooming hard with three big mirrors running round the house pushing my buttons! But I am doing good. They are beautiful kids and together we are learning.

I have a job. I am a Television Director. I’m good at it. And I enjoy it. But, like everyone, it sweeps me up sometimes and I can get lost in it. There is a thin line between committing to what you do and getting lost in what you do, using it to escape. I have played both sides of that line. And continue to do so. Still, much to learn. But again the Esoteric has helped me enormously, both on a practical level of how to juggle the balance of work and home lives, and on a creative level. I now endeavour to bring the truth of who I am to my work and, without any question whatsoever, the quality of the work has improved immeasurably and the quality of me in my work has improved immeasurably. My colleagues see and feel that and are inspired by that, though very few of them know about the Esoteric – why should they? – I’m just an ordinary man.

Like my colleagues at work, I have many friends outside of the Esoteric Community. Some of them know about it, some of them haven’t got a clue. It makes no difference either way. But all of them can see and feel that I have changed, that my life has become more simple, that I am more open, honest, loving and truthful, that I have shed many of the masks and costumes that I used to wear. That I am more… me. Some are challenged by that, because of what it reflects in them. Some are inspired by that. Either works for me! Because, in truth, we are all the same and none of us are perfect.

And that includes Serge Benhayon. He isn’t ‘the one’. There isn’t ‘a one’, because we are all the same. All of us. But what Serge Benhayon is, is a super beautiful, super cool, super loving, super inspiring man who has nailed all of the above (well, almost all of it – perfection isn’t possible!). He is a living, breathing example of what life could be like for all of us. And here’s the most important thing: he does life. Totally. Family, job, bills, emails, movies, stuff, rubbish, life… all of it… yet amongst all of that… his commitment to being his true self is total… his commitment to true love is total… his commitment to humanity is total… I could go on and on… He is an inspiration.

323 thoughts on “I’m Just An Ordinary Man

  1. I love this statement -‘That I am more…me. Some are challenged by that, because of what it reflects in them. Some are inspired by that. Either works for me!’ This to me says you are allowing of where people are at, because you are in your journey. To me your life is becoming more simplified and you can feel the difference with this, and you’re simply offering the mirror to everyone else too.

    Being inspired isn’t a crime. It truly is revelatory of the things that no longer serve in our busy lives and what does serve. We discard the baggage as we go along and life becomes a lot more simplified and freeing of the shackles of life. Much prefer to live from this than any where else.

  2. When someone lives in a way and handles life with all its challenges with love, and brings love to all relationships and holds this as a steady foundation and a means to live by (without perfection of course), this is a deeply inspiring way to be. There are not that many who can do this in our current world with all its challenges, but there are also many who have been inspired and are putting this into practice. Serge Benhayon is one of those who is immensely inspiring not because of some fancy words that he says about love, but because of how we walks his talk and shares from the wisdom of his body and lived experiences of how to handle life with love and to live with the love that we are each and every day.

    1. I agree Henrietta, Serge Benhayon walks his talk, and even talks his walks. The wisdom he has to share is out of this world, and not everyone is ready to hear what he has to present. And that’s cool too.

  3. Your blog is a great reminder that deep within we are all so ordinary that we are extra-ordinary!

  4. Otto, I absolutely loved reading this blog and your sharings! The most basics of life that we can all get caught in and then think we are possibly alone in our experience of this…it is part of the human condition to realise that we are not alone and there is a universality in what we are experiencing and how this is in fact all here to support us to evolve and bring more of us and more of love to the way we live.

  5. Otto, I totally disagree with you when you say ‘I’m just and ordinary man’. This is so not true you are an extraordinary-ordinary man. The love you hold for yourself and the love you have for the world is profound.

  6. It’s always inspiring to read this because of the honesty and realness, no presenting of a picture, just the whole, glorious man on paper and in life.

  7. What I find so cool about this article is that it reminds me and prompts me to realise that ordinary life is properly amazing. Our everyday relationships and opportunities to meet and talk to other people; the way we take care of ourselves, our homes, our cars; planning and preparing food for ourselves and to share… I could go on, but the more I see the magic in simplicity, simply the more magic life is.

    1. Well said Leigh – being a student of oneself is indeed a great choice and offers much in terms of growth and evolution. If we are open to learning from the choices we make, then we can turn all ‘mistakes’ into opportunities and keep learning from this.

  8. Whether anyone is aware of it or not, consciously choosing to live by or not, the esoteric is in every single person. And in our own time, and manner, we will all find our way home.

  9. “There is a thin line between committing to what you do and getting lost in what you do, using it to escape.” This most definitely is a line I find very thin. The more I identify it the subtler it gets yet when defined the more blatant the difference appears. It is certainly an ongoing process of deepening, understanding and revealing.

  10. So simply expressed: there is a way to be in life and in everything that we do, without getting lost in it. That is the central message of the Ageless Wisdom: everything you ever needed or wanted is inside you, inside us all: simplicity, space and abundant amounts of real and solid love.

  11. When the connection is felt to the level of Love that is available to us all it is supper-power-full and thanks to Serge Benhayon our relationship with everyone has deepened because we can all feel what True Love is and what it feels like in Truth!

  12. There is no perfection, but a wholeness to the way Serge Benhayon lives that is inspirational for it lets us see that having a fullness to our lives (in our selves) is possible and much much more…

  13. The more we learn to work together instead of fighting on our own the more joyful life will become. And age does not matter when working together we are always equally important.

    1. It is our natural to work together – the struggle, conflict and divisiveness is a deviation – and the more we do work together the stronger, more magical and simpler life becomes.

  14. Thanks so much Otto, I loved reading this again and can appreciate it more now that I too have had more time to experience the Esoteric way of life. Just you being completely honest and real is so lovely, we often don’t feel who we are is enough for others so we wear a face, put on a show, etc, but ultimately it doesn’t serve either party, it’s so refreshing to just experience someone letting us in and who is able to comfortably (if not joyfully) be with all they are and share it with others. Your line about Serge is also very moving, about “his commitment to being his true self is total… his commitment to true love is total… his commitment to humanity is total…”. Yes, I agree and such an amazing inspiration.

    1. Someone might read this comment Melinda and think you are rah rahing Serge Benhayon but what you are feeling is the essence of God that comes directly from heaven through the body of Serge Benhayon and so the saying of ‘so is above, so is below is lived in full’.

    1. Yes, to lead by living example and to be super honest and not to think and try to have to know it all.

    2. And what I love about this teaching, ‘lead by example’, is that it stops the endless mental gymnastics I used to do about right and wrong, making life much simpler. I just need to live my life and conduct myself with quality and standards.

    1. Well said Lucy, and the more layers we remove the more we feel free to be who we are, with the lightest and most subtlest of layers released, being the ones the free us the most!

  15. Otto, I love the appreciation that oozes off the pages for your wife, children and of Serge Benhayon. It feels as though your life is so abundant with lots of opportunities to grow and learn.

  16. What I love about what you have shared Otto is how true it rings for me in my relationships with everyone and as you have shared our Love for humanity from young to old ‘grows’ as we grow and deepens in our Love.

  17. Serge does life just as we all do, walking the dog, taking out the wheelie bins etc. But it’s the quality and depth of love and commitment that he does life in that is the inspiring bit. There’s no wishing to be off in the mountains away from society but a commitment to getting stuck into all of human life and not be drained by it that is amazing.

    1. So true Leigh, life is no longer passing us by and deepening the understanding so we can fully appreciation the commitment that is so transparently by sharing as a reflection the open-ness we can all live and this level of deepening love is absolutely amazing.

  18. He does life (Serge Benhayon), and so do you Otto, that’s what I love about what you’ve shared here, your honesty, your openness and your willingness to let us all see. Thank you for the inspiration and in particular for reminding me that there is a line between committing to what we do and getting lost in it … this I know well; but being inspired I can see those moments and choose again.

  19. Love it Otto, we are all the same we all go through things. It is important to feel this because otherwise we make it personal, that we are the ones not doing well or doing well and that no one else out there is the same as us and we miss out on the connection between all of us.

  20. Wow I really enjoyed reading this again Otto. What a joy it is to keep on shedding the layers of protection that we have identified ourselves as and make our way back to being our self once again.

  21. Beautiful Otto, that we can do life and be absolutely committed to being us, without any perfection .. it’s what you inspire in your sharing here, thank you.

  22. Ha – so true Otto. Your rawness of sharing your honesty is profound. As it is, it inspires others to look at their lives with appreciation, lightness – at the same time being willing to admit that we are imperfect. That there is a greater aspect to us that we need to re-establish to live.

  23. Inspiration, to be inspired and to inspire, is a way of movement where we connect to beauty, learn to behold others in it in a very spacious way. Inspiration brings settlement in the body.

  24. Otto a beautiful honest sharing of how life is, and how life can be when we let go of all the things we hide behind that stop us being who we truly are.

  25. Otto, I love your blog. It is deeply honest, inspiring and relatable. I can feel your commitment to being the true ‘you’, to letting go of perfection, the masks and costumes and allowing love to lead the way. Absolutely incredible!

  26. Beautiful to feel how parts of life make up the whole life and with commitment, we make ordinary into extraordinary.

  27. Awesome Otto! Another wonderful reminder of the simplicity of life…when we choose to live it in truth. Easy – no, not always! But simple – yes!

  28. The inspiration that Serge Benhayon is reflects in people like you Otto, who with their candidness and transparent sharing are also an inspiration.

  29. Very very true Otto – a complete commitment to love that is beyond the word or any image that can portay. It is a knowing of who we are and the willingness to live that all of the time and stand by for all that truly seek help and those who do not – same commitment, same love, Serge Benhayon.

  30. This is truly honest sharing Otto – I am touched for your so pure open sharing on what goes at times well and what doesn’t. This is so beautiful expressed as you simple observe your ways without judgments and at the same time honors also all that you are and bring – as you said : and sometimes I am a terrific father! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

    1. Thank you for inspiring me to re-read the blog, the simplicity of which and lack of judgement of which, has brought me to a deeper stillness. Pictures of how life should be are so poisonous.

      1. Yes and with this image we leave ourselves short of who we are in that very moment and how we are feeling. Worth letting go of pictures and judgements that do not lets us breathe and taste the fresh air.

    2. It has been a great joy to re-read this blog and your sentiments, Danna, express the quality of Otto exquisitely, ones for us all to emulate.

  31. Yes, being more of who we really are is what being ordinary is truly about. It is beautiful to feel that in developing more of an honest and loving relationship with yourself, you are able to bring more steadiness, more of you, your presence and more of your ordinariness to all aspects of your relationships and life. I can feel there is a greater sense of liberation the more real you are with others in your life. An inspiring reflection of how just how extraordinary being truly ordinary can be.

    1. And a simplicity. Ordinary is considered by most to be an almost derogatory term. We complicate things, we individualise things, we create stories, images, pictures, facades…to try to add flavour and excitement to our lives….to make it look like something….and yet none of this is who we are and none of this comes even close to the joy and majesty of simply being who we are. It is an ongoing process for me; dropping away all these different costumes and ideals…ands as each one goes, and as life becomes simpler…the stillness and joy increases.

  32. Great points Otto, the commitment to bringing your ‘all’ to all that you do whilst living an ordinary life is of utmost importance. It is the true meaning of the word commitment – turning up fully present and accounted for ready to bring your all to whatever is needed in the moment

  33. Beautifully said Otto. Serge Benhayon offers inspiration to the world to live in a way that can restore harmony to humanity.

  34. How many people in the world today can you look at and say… that person is committed to humanity? So committed that they care for themselves in such a way that they can be all they are… So committed that they will be willing to be unpopular by saying it how it is even if people don’t like to hear it… So committed they continue to live their way and not the way the world tells them to live…? Very few and that is what makes Serge Benhayon such an exemplary role model.

    1. Well said Heather. And yes indeed, thank God for Serge Benhayon. As through the way he lives and what he presents, I too have been inspired to reconnect to a greater understanding, knowing and love of who I am, which has ignited are greater sense of purpose in life and love for humanity.

    2. Thank you Heather, this is such a beautiful comment and sums up all Serge Benhayon lives and all every single person on earth can live also if they so choose.

  35. Being a parent is not easy at all, and our children do push our buttons but I like how you say ‘They are beautiful kids and together we are learning.’ I feel you have a deep respect for your children and acknowledge the wisdom that they can bring.

  36. Having a relationship with the Esoteric – i.e. having a relationship with our inner-self allows us to feel the potential of love we can bring to everything we do.

    1. Yes Rachael, a love we need to deepen from within, one that is not hard or complex to find and feel.. We are forever able to connect to our heart and share this love with everybody else.

  37. At the end of the day it is important to remember that we are all the same, everyone of us, we may make different choices, we are always learning, and returning to be true to ourselves; ‘Because, in truth, we are all the same and none of us are perfect.’

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