Universal Medicine & My Abusive Marriage: Setting the Record Straight

by Anonymous

I am reluctant to put my name to this because I have witnessed how hostile and relentless the hate campaign has been. I am a single mother with three children and an abusive ex-husband. I don’t want to be exposed via social or mass media in any way that opens me up to being targeted by my ex. On a personal and private level my friends and work colleagues know of my interactions with Universal Medicine.

I don’t have some amazing story of Universal Medicine (UniMed) or Serge Benhayon changing my life. And that is exactly why I feel compelled to write in response to some of the ludicrous things being said about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.


I first heard of Universal Medicine when I separated from my husband after 17 years of abuse and domestic violence, which included verbal abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, social isolation, and brainwashing. He is a charming, charismatic man AND he is scary, dark, scheming and hurtful. He still frequently negates my experience of things and tells me my perceptions are wrong like “no, that’s not how it happened” (when I saw it for myself); or he lies “no, I didn’t say that” (even if he did say it in text or email); or his classic statement is “You will find…” and then he proceeds to tell me what I will discover as truth… when I see things from HIS way. What I believe and feel is only OK if it aligns with what he thinks I should believe and feel.  He also tries to define me by telling me who I am “you are such a …XYZ…” even though I know that is not who I am.

I would often say to him, “it feels like you don’t want to be married to ‘me’, but simply any woman who can fit your idealised image of ‘wife, mother, lover’”.

I ended up in hospital in 2009 and was told emphatically by the Doctor, a Social Worker and Psychologist, that I needed to leave the marriage. I was confused because even though I was unhappy in the marriage, I thought it was my fault and that if I had been a better wife he would not be angry with me all the time. His brainwashing had thoroughly convinced me that he was always right and I was generally wrong. Because I always got it ‘wrong’, I lost the ability to make my own decisions. I needed to run things by him all the time to make sure I was thinking things through “properly” and making the best decision [i.e. the decision he wanted]. It got to the point that when I began to understand the abuse (with the support of the hospital staff) and I realised that I did need to leave, I thought I should talk to my husband first… to see what he thought about that. I thought I needed his permission to leave.

Like most cases of domestic abuse, I never reported anything to the police. All of my experiences are “unsubstantiated’ in a legal sense (as if substantiating or validating the experience of abuse can only be measured by ‘law’). My husband never did anything to me that is ‘illegal’. There was nothing to report. Even if I had been able to unravel the brainwashing to gain clarity on his responsibility in it, I was so intimidated by him there is no way I would want to report anything and risk stirring him up. A lack of legal evidence does not negate the existence of abuse. Failure to report is not evidence that there is nothing to report on. I have attended two women’s groups designed for abuse survivors (not associated with UniMed), and only one woman out of 20 of us had made a report to police.

If you met me or met him you would have no idea that our private life was like this. He is charming and delightful in public and can be that way in private, too. I am actually making it in the world – I am accomplished (according to all the usual social standards), I laugh a lot. I am warm and friendly. You would not put me in a basket of ‘battered wife’.


One of the ways that I survived, that my soul survived, was that I always focused on what I loved about my husband, and what was good in him. This was a blessing and a curse. It kept ‘me’ intact… but also kept me in the marriage.

When I did decide to leave, I believed that I needed to hold on to my love for him because it would take love to break up with integrity. I called several lawyers who all focused on what I could get, like a battle between enemies. But to me, this was the father of my children, not an enemy. I had to be able to sustain a relationship with him for many years, and ‘going into battle’ just seemed ludicrous. Finally I found a lawyer who understood my position of love and integrity. The lawyer did express concern that I was making decisions from fear and did tell me what I could potentially get, but supported my decisions totally. Someone actually saw that I could make valid decisions! One day, while waiting in the office, I picked up a book written by Serge Benhayon and started to read. After a couple of pages I thought.. “what the heck is the Hierarchy?”.


I have never been a ‘seeker’ and have always been a sceptic. So, initially I thought this Serge Benhayon book was a bit ‘nutso’. AND yet, here I was exposed to two people (the lawyer and receptionist) who were students of Universal Medicine.

This was so significant because I had been told for so many years that I was ‘wrong’. That who I was, was not enough. My husband had even on numerous occasions criticised me for my integrity and for being able to love him. He’d say “f**k, I’m such a bastard to you and you can still respect and love me. You’re so sanctimonious”. But this lawyer and receptionist were saying things like “that’s great, I like that you’ve done that” or “you have such a lovely strong energy”. I felt seen.


I spent about a year reading stuff and met a few more people who did the work before even thinking about attending a UniMed event. I was never pushed into going and I was never shunned for not going. What got me there was that everyone who I met who did the work understood me, my values, and the way I live my life.

For example, since my teenager was three years old we have gone through stages of eliminating and reducing his dairy intake: this was advised to us by a naturopath who has probably never heard of Universal Medicine. Another naturopath, also not associated with Universal Medicine, advised us to eliminate dairy and gluten from the diet of our middle child. None of my children have ‘medically diagnosed or diagnosable conditions’, but the dietary advice has been sound and beneficial. The information about diet as provided by Universal Medicine is very similar and just makes sense to me. And, I don’t always follow them and I haven’t always followed them in the company of esoteric students… and no-one cares a jot.

I don’t go to every Universal Medicine event – some things don’t interest me and I have limited finances at the moment. I freely say to friends who do attend most events that “it’s not for me”… and no-one cares a jot. I have never had Esoteric Breast Massage, and no one cares a jot. I have friends who do esoteric work and friends who don’t, and no-one cares a jot. I frequently question my friends about UniMed and esoteric stuff. Truly. I have even directly questioned a FB (Facebook) posting by Serge, and was answered respectfully. I have had differences of opinion with other women on a UniMed site and it is simply that – a difference of opinion.

No one cares a jot. They just love me anyway.


I have had a session with Natalie Benhayon – the experience for me was similar to Reiki and meditation. I have also had Chakra-puncture with Michael Benhayon. The difference between these healing sessions and sessions I have had elsewhere is that when I have gone to other practitioners, the focus is on the ‘ailment’ that prompted me to see them. Yet, during the sessions I had with Natalie and Michael the focus was on “me”. The reason I was seeing them was addressed, but it was viewed as a small part of my overall health and love for myself. In both instances I felt very held and supported… and the cost was cheaper than other acupuncture/naturopath/counselling sessions I have had elsewhere.


I only just properly met Serge Benhayon last week. I have never had a personal healing session with him, though I have been to presentations where I have heard him speak. I really just had no calling to meet him, personally. I certainly respect Serge and his work, I have just never felt I needed something from him in particular, on a one to one basis. I enjoy his presentations but I certainly don’t see him as a guru… yet I certainly now feel, that I want to give to him. The attacks on him have actually drawn me to want to hold him. So last Saturday, when just by chance we ended up standing near each other and he asked me my name, I told him and reached in to embrace him and said “I just want to hold you”.  Before this hate campaign, I don’t think I would have felt that need to extend love to Serge so strongly.

So, to be clear:

  • Serge Benhayon didn’t ruin my marriage. It’s hard to see how a man whose life work is about love, can ruin a marriage. I left my marriage before I heard of Universal Medicine. It could be said that my husband ruined my marriage, but that implies that there was a marriage worth saving. Three professionals, totally unassociated with UniMed, emphatically told me to leave. And none of them have been reported to their professional bodies for doing so.
  • Serge Benhayon hasn’t seduced me: I only just met him, briefly, after two years of being exposed to Universal Medicine.
  • Serge Benhayon hasn’t brainwashed me: I know what being brainwashed is like – I still see a social worker, not associated with Universal Medicine, to deal with the brainwashing I had in my marriage.
  • Serge Benhayon didn’t force me to change my diet: I already had a similar diet on advice from naturopaths unassociated with Universal Medicine.
  • Serge Benhayon hasn’t forced me to go to bed early – I have always gone to bed at around 9pm as a general rule. My body naturally feels tired by then.
  • I haven’t gone broke attending Universal Medicine events – I take responsibility for my finances.
  • I haven’t lost any friends… actually I’ve gained friends. My friends and family who don’t attend Universal Medicine love me and support me and trust me. None of them are freaking out about my UniMed involvement. They are freaked out by the cyber-bullying though.
  • But I tell you what: after two surgeries, one extremely painful, both extraordinarily emotionally confronting, to repair damage from my ‘marital relations’, I darn well wish that someone had told my husband about making love, and that it was ok for me to insist he have my permission to touch me.

I feel seen. I have come home.

So, I don’t have a grand story about how Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine changed my life. What is true for me is that in UniMed and with the people I know who do the work, I have a sense of feeling like I have come home. Rather than radically change anything in my life – I am now surrounded by other people who have similar lifestyles, beliefs, attitudes and values to me. And the lifestyle, attitudes, beliefs and values are ones that I have held for many, many years, even well before 2000, when Serge had his awakening on the pot! (As a side note, I don’t even see that as odd… many people actually open their bowels when having a heart attack – there is some connection between the heart and the pot!!!)

BUT – heck, if this is a cult, can we please start wearing cute retro prairie bonnets? And where’s our Hollywood celebrity jumping on a couch? 

315 thoughts on “Universal Medicine & My Abusive Marriage: Setting the Record Straight

  1. Coming back to your story again today Anonymous I am again struck by your courage and commitment to finding you, being you and, in your own way, calling out the horrendous abuse. Your search for love and truth is very inspiring.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for writing with a deep commitment for putting the facts out as they are and what you are feeling. What you have said yes to for so long no longer serves you and the choices you are making in life are about the self care and love that is within us all and is the ultimate request of responsibility and respect from another. Your blog is inspiring and a marker of truth to show that the lies that are written from another can not touch us when we already know what is truth and are living this truth.

  3. What stands out for me with this article is how the integrity of anonymous was the key to her finding the work of Serge Benhayon. Could it be this innate integrity and full knowing that there is a way to live that flies in the face of what we have accepted as normal in life to be, is the call that each person associated with Universal Medicine was willing to follow from within them selves? That we infact simply accepted our choice to hold our integrity as a value?

    1. Without a measure for the light, we are lost in a darkness we do not even know has enveloped us.

    2. So well said Liane. I genuinely thought that I loved abuse, of course at the time I didn’t see it as abuse, I just saw it as my life. It’s only now that I am practicing being loving with myself that so many things stand out as abusive. The word ‘abusive’ is a strong one and many would say that I’m using it inappropriately but regardless of what word I use what I now know is that so many of the things that I used to do I now consider to be harmful to my body.

      1. Alexis I agree with you I was very disregarding to myself always putting myself forward to support others without caring for myself. When I was growing up there were no role models in self care, everyone was being self abusive this has been a way of life for generations. It’s only since Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine put forward the possibility of a different way to live that humanity has been given a different choice.

  4. A fascinating read each time Anonymous, I just love the strength, honesty and straight shooting you express in. It is very refreshing and makes very real what is offered by Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine.

  5. This is a really interesting and powerful account of your life, abusive relationship and relationship with Universal Medicine, thank you for sharing. It doesn’t make sense for cyber abusers like those who are criticising Serge Benhayon and UM to have such an issue with people making their own decision to listen to presentations or learn from the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, if they make sense to them… As you’ve shared, the way you discovered UM was through your own interest and feeling that what was being said made sense; no brainwashing, persuasion or recruiting was involved.

  6. These words alone smash any notion of women who are students of Universal Medicine being some ‘mindless followers’ – I mean, seriously… where does such gutter-level journalism get such tripe…

  7. This is one of the most outrightly honest things I’ve ever read. Holy moly anonymous, you are one heck of a woman who has clearly learnt so much about life through these difficulties… I can’t help but rejoice so very deeply in my heart that you broke out of what bound you to such an abusive marriage. And I can’t help but appreciate, deeply so, the reality you’ve brought to the ridiculous assertions about Serge Benhayon, and that you were so prompted to write for this forum. That you’ve been so touched by his work and never imposed upon by those already associated makes absolute sense to me. This is a man of the highest integrity I know, inspiring so very many to reclaim themselves in this world and make life about the real deal of love – in a world where, as you know all so well, so much behaviour exists that is devoid of true respect, connection and love for one another.

  8. A very powerful blog Anonymous… setting the record straight. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are everything you imply… unimposing, full of integrity, embracing, accepting, respectful and deeply honouring of every persons choices and circumstance.

  9. I love your honesty Anonymous and how you do not hold back sharing every part of what has unfolded for you before and after meeting Serge Benhayon. Yes I agree imagine if when we are young women we were taught to only allow a loving touch to our extremely sacred and precious bodies and that we equally touched others in the same way.

  10. Abuse is abuse and nobody should have to put up with it. Thank you for sharing your story Anonymous. It is greatly appreciated as it says so much and has indeed set the records straight.

  11. In coming out of a bad relationship it is gorgeous to be surrounded by such love, to feel deeply met and be embraced like you have truly come home. What an amazing way to heal what has come before. Thank you for both sharing your story and for standing up against the hate campaign against those who do not deserve it.

  12. Stepping away from abuse, whether it is physical or much more subtle, takes courage, strength and a huge amount of love for yourself Anon. Inspiring.

  13. It’s amazing how much you can take on and think is your fault courtesy of the confusion caused by the erosion of your confidence from someone constantly undermining and devaluing you but the trick is to realise that no one has to accept that sort of treatment for there is a learning in every experience we have.

  14. Your story is amazing in many ways as you are sharing and writing down what happened to you in a public forum, quite a step considering what you have experienced and been through and it is very understandable that you cannot put your name to it. Quite a healing that shows how much love Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine students and this blog are holding everyone in that they feel safe to express and show themselves.

  15. This is such an amazingly honest blog, what I feel strongly reading this is someone who has lived life and found her own way with it, stepping away from abuse and each step of that clearly getting support everywhere, and finding what works in the given situation. I was inspired by your humanity anonymous to reach out to someone you’d just met (Serge) and support them when they are being attacked and abused without cause – that just blew me away. Thank you for showing me what it is to be a loving human being and that it’s there without needing any organisation involved, be that Universal Medicine or other, it’s how we can be with everyone.

  16. I love the honesty here and the fact that Universal Medicine is pretty ordinary – but in an extraordinary way. It’s living a normal life but living it in full – no big deal. This is a very humbling account of what it is to choose to be a student of Universal Medicine and how it simply supports us.

  17. Very cool Anonymous. In my personal experience, I have found that abuse experienced in life is a constant reminder for me to live the truth of who I am. Abuse is serious but seeing deeper to what causes abuse is a hurt very much like a child in constant tantrum. I also very much enjoy the process of your story, as the unfolding of love is exactly that no lightening bolt moments but it is forever an opening and deepening.

  18. This is fantastic anonymous – I love the straight forward way you just call it for what it is! Very cool and go you for getting out of an abusive relationship – thank god for your backbone!

  19. Universal Medicine only ever presents how we can choose to live the truth we have within, or choose to continue a life based on outside influences, and be at the mercy of those. The choice is up to us, and is there in every moment.

  20. Thank you very much for this strong statement. I love the way you express about your experiences with UniMed.

  21. Good work on leaving an abusive relationship, its an awesome example for others who are in similar situations.

    1. The most abusive relationship that I have ever been in by far is the relationship that I have with myself. I have trashed myself repeatedly for years and years but no more. Now I treat myself with a sense of deep respect and can feel how this can deepen even further into a way of honouring myself continually. Sure I am a long from living like that at the moment but the fact that I even know of it’s existence is a sure sign that I will live it one day.

  22. What a great style of writing you have, raw, uncut, completely truthful, humorous and engaging. I can’t help but feel how relevant a book would be from you about your marriage and experience of abuse, and how this might help others out there to make the steps you have to choose a more loving life for themselves. I personally find an experts advice helpful, but lived experience is truly solid and inspiring to me.

  23. Your sharing is very powerful on many fronts. For you personally, the choices you are making are life changing for you and it is so beautiful to feel the love you are now feeling for yourself. Serge Benhayon has never imposed his ideas on anyone and many of us can feel the truth in what he is sharing with no coercion.

  24. I read “I have never been a ‘seeker’ and have always been a sceptic”, so many are caught in this, as was I and not trusting and I totally get it but when I am sceptical I miss out on so much. The one that gets affected most from this way of thinking is me. These days, I feel I am a lot more open, give people and things a chance and its great.

  25. A veritable cracker of a blog! I love the honesty and willingness to simply put it out there. So-called marriages were falling apart well before Serge came along and I for one am extremely thankful for how the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners exposes false marriages simply by honouring us as capable of knowing truth. I too, fell into a belief system very similar to yours, Anonymous and am also appalled by the antics of the attackers of Serge, his work and of Universal Medicine. I wonder how these are connected, of how such lies and vitriol is perpetuated and I conclude that it is our false beliefs around what Love actually is, that fuels it. The more I deepen my understanding of Love, the true freedom and acceptance that comes from that, the greater the integrity and responsibility I have to live with. I wouldn’t want it any other way yet dealing with the incredible amounts of lovelessness in the world is the priority and the way you’ve called out the lies and abuses is doing just that. Thank you. And yes, where IS our celebrity jumping up and down on a couch?! Nowhere to be seen.

  26. Thank you anonymous for “getting real” about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. What I enjoyed reading was the level of honesty you have shown in discerning from the start what you know is the truth and the way cyber bullying masks so many ill truths to the general public in a bid to harm when you have witnessed the complete opposite.

  27. what a corker of a blog! Students of Universal medicine are definitely not in a cult, and from your experience of meeting lawyers who happened to be universal medicine students we can learn that there are genuine qualities that us as human beings can live and to show this in the world, in what we do really makes a difference, people feel supported and heard.

  28. Thanks Leonne for posting this blog on FB and a big thank you to the wonderful woman who wrote this blog. How beautiful is it to read something when written from the heart and spoken in truth. It’s not so much the story told, but for me the understanding that we come to along the way. As the writer has shared, to seperate in anger and what can I get out of this does not support either party, nor would we be moving on, as it’s the emotion that is the anchor that keeps us stuck to the ocean floor of hurts.

  29. Wow, what a story. After years of abuse you are now being you. And whilst no one gives a jot about what you do, I’m sure everyone gives a jot about you.

  30. I somehow missed this blog when it was published, I love reading them all and only read this today. I love your honesty and directness. I love how you just say it how it is… and no one cares a jot! It is so true, you come to one or all of the presentations, you change your diet or not, it really doesn’t matter, its up to you, and only you.

  31. Thank you for this insight into domestic violence, showing that it is far more prevalent in society than we are aware of. As you point out from the outside you were a ‘normal’ couple where nobody would suspect any trouble underneath. And this is such a common factor in our lives, we try to keep an outer appearance we think we need to be but our actual reality is far off this ideal. So any step we take in honesty towards our real life helps us to let go of these false roles and discover how we feel underneath.

  32. I so enjoyed reading, what you have written here anonymous. What you have shared here, will support many people, who have been abused. I love what you said, “I feel seen.” “I have come home.” It’s so true… I also feel that way, from the first day, I was introduced to Esoteric Healing.

  33. Wow Anonymous. I was held and intrigued by every word you expressed here, there is no denying your ability to call it as you see it and express the truth. You have been incredibly strong and sweetly playful in the face of some horrendous circumstances. I take my hat off to you with much respect.

  34. Great to read this again and feel the truth you are sharing. There are so many lies about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and anything and everything it touches that it is brilliant to touch base with the reality of how it is.

  35. I love your down to earth, no nonsense approach to sharing all you have felt and gained from Universal Medicine. There is no bells and whistles, just open hearts full of love, integrity and equality for all.

  36. I so enjoyed reading this blog. What really struck me was when you said that people would not suspect you were in an abusive marriage because of how it appeared on the outside. It just goes to show how much happens behind closed doors!. What I absolutely love about Serge Benhayon and his family is that their life is so transparent. It is our lack of transparency that allows domestic violence and other forms of abuse to thrive.

  37. A very frank, honest and straight to the point sharing. It highlights the power of being met for who you are are and how that confirms you as a person regardless of any choices made.

  38. There is an irresistible frankness and honesty about this piece of writing which really addresses many misgivings about the related cyber bullying slurs and lies. It is absolutely true that whatever Universal Medicine event you choose to come to – once a year, once a month, whatever, there is no hint of any concern about your choices. You are always welcomed with the same open arms and this has inspired me to let go of many beliefs about commitment and the expectations I hold of others in my life. Holding and expressing love for who people are and not what they do is the earmark of integrity and this is absolutely what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is about.

  39. Domestic abuse in Australia is endemic, and when you add alcohol to the mix, you have a powerful dysfunctional force that continually shreds our society infecting relationships of all sorts, from the home to the workplace, in every strata.

  40. Thank you for so setting the record straight re Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in a matter of fact and no nonsense way and with such clarity.

  41. This blog is so sensible. The things going on in the Universal Medicine presentations are hardly the stuff for alarm bells to be ringing. There are people there learning to care for themselves and others with a deeper love, letting go of the judgements that we used to keep ourselves separate and bitter. Not much to get upset about.

  42. Awesome article, saying it how it is, very down to earth, very warming. Never once in all the time I have been involved in Universal Medicine have I been pressured or even asked to attend an event. In actual fact, the lack of pressure or expectation allowed me to choose freely if I wanted to attend or not. For many years I attended very little, just the 5 dollar Saturday events , I now enjoy attending more things but always pick them carefully considering the whole picture, what I feel would support me, my work life and my beautiful family. Each time I do attend, I love it but never am I asked about my absence or pressured into attending more, if it is a cult, then it really is doing a sucky job of roping people in.

  43. The truth shines through your sharing anonymous very clearly. Amazing to see how you have had the courage to follow your own heart in making decisions around your marriage and family. I can totally agree that when I connected with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine it was like coming home.

  44. Loved re-reading this account – thank you for setting the record straight. What Universal Medicine presents is what we all innately know already, it’s a true and deeply caring way of being and living. I have also been one who lived my life in stubborn wrecklessness, where I did all the things that I knew was bad for me. I was never in bed before midnight eventhough I was always tired. I was smoking and drinking from a very young age, eating a poor diet and the list goes on and on – all because I did not want to feel the hurts of life. How different life is today, a life where I am forever learning what true purpose is about.

  45. I love your humour, I love how you state it as it is, what was taken as normal was completely abusive and you now have a new marker for what is a loving relationship. It should not be seen as wrong for a man to need permission to touch a woman, I would say it is the same the other way round too. There is no excuse in the world for verbally abusing someone. I am staggered that we even need to justify what is and is not acceptable and or abusive.

  46. Well said. In no way has Serge Benhayon ever told anyone what do, say, eat, drink etc.. Serge simply presents the energetic truth and then the choice is up to us. It is our free will to make our own choices and decisions. One thing that I can say is that what Serge presents is the best medicine on the planet – it is one we can and do all benefit from.

  47. Your blog shows support is available for people who are going through abuse and domestic violence. There is a loving way to break up a relationship and that support is always there if we are willing to take it. Universal Medicine have supported me to understand what abuse is and I am to learn to stand up to it. Abuse is anything that is not loving.

  48. “No one cared a jot” The truth is they cared about you so much that they were willing to give you the space to find your own way back to living who you truly are.

  49. Thankyou for sharing your story Anon. “When I did decide to leave, I believed that I needed to hold on to my love for him because it would take love to break up with integrity” This is amazing and profound, considering what you experienced and also clarifying how Serge Benhayon hasn’t ‘coerced’ you to do anything. That beautiful man is a living example of integrity and love. Great that you feel you have come home. Me too.

  50. A truly awesome, fiercely honest account of your own journey out of marriage and back to you plus at the same time a clear refutation from first hand experience of many of the lies and fabrications introduced about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and its practitioners.

  51. The thing is, that many many people feel they are coming home when they listen to Serge Benhayon, because his words connect us to the deeper inner part of us that has always been there , and that we hunger to connect to and that nurtures us in the way that only that connection can.

  52. Loved every bit of this blog and how you understand how essential it is to be loved and heard and accepted for who you are. This is not cult like talk, this is a fundamental tenet of being human.

  53. I find it pretty amazing that that theres such a strong will in you now to challenge what doesn’t sit alright or make sense for you like you have reclaimed and taken hold of your life, its a story that many women from abusive relationships can be inspired by.

  54. Thank you for the window you give onto a world that many of us have no experience of and for your candour on how you came through it. Your description of your introduction to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon serves to show that there is no ra-ra, no cult grooming, merely respect and no judgement or pressure. Just an opportunity to be curious and explore, take what works and leave what doesn’t.

  55. Thanks Anonymous for sharing your story which is definitely a contradiction to the way some in the media have painted Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It’s clear reading your blog that you have allowed yourself to work out what is right for you and to develop at your own pace without taking on everything as a list of ‘must dos’, which is never the intention of what is presented. This has allowed you to build a strong foundation and is a wonderful living document for us readers as we consider our own lives and relationships within a context of self love and responsibility.

  56. Thank you for sharing your experiences, an awesome testimony to join with those of so many thousands of others. True love, truth and integrity are rare qualities to find in this world, and here is one man living them all in full, and inspiring so many others to choose this way too.

  57. Thank you for sharing your experiences, an awesome testimony to join with those of so many thousands of others. True love, truth and integrity are rare qualities to find in this world, and here is one living them all in full, and inspiring so many others to choose this way too.

  58. Anon thank you for sharing your story about an abusive marriage, and for taking the time to set the record straight regarding Universal Medicine and correcting the false accusations by the cyberbully campaign. Your love and integrity shines through.

  59. Powerful and completely dismantling of all the false accusations and stories that have been spun around the world on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It takes Love and Integrity to observe and write such a document. Thank you.

  60. How many groups are there in the world that have such an open acceptance of everyone regardless of what they have chosen in their lives? Universal Medicine and the student body have stood out in this regard not only in my life but equally so in this blog. And like you say Anon what is so strange or cultist about a man and an organisation that does agree with present self-caring and supporting advice that is already out there or our bodies are already telling us such as gluten and dairy free and an early night?

  61. This is such a real and solid story and wow what a turnaround your life and of your children must be now. And a valid testimony to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, the practitioners and students. Awesome and thank you for sharing.

  62. It is inconceivable that someone with such a deep and abiding love for humanity as Serge Benhayon could do anything but shine a light on the path of true relatationship, and indeed be a beacon for love in this world for humanity

  63. It might not be grand but it is beautifully and honestly expressed; an inspiration, especially to those of us who feel abused.
    Your story is an awesome testimony to Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Universal Medicine; I am inspired by you and all at Universal Medicine.

  64. A fantastic blog to reread. There is much presented here to feel into. As you have described Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon did not change your life, rather they confirmed everything you had been feeling and living up until that point. They are a huge support in any circumstance.

  65. Thank you for your words and I can relate Anonymous – what stood out for me too in Serge Benhayon and other practitioners of Universal Medicine was the absolute holding in love and understanding combined with a trusting in that I knew and could make my own choices. Many other people tried to help me but then (be it conscious or not) tried to tell me what to do, although this is for a short moment a relief and great. It is not truly supporting as it didn’t let me feel that I am very capable of making my own true choices. Reconnecting someone to feeling that they are ok and able to make responsible and loving choices is the greatest gift you can give to someone.

  66. This is a great blog Anonymous, just telling it like it is and inspiring for anyone else caught in an abusive relationship.

  67. ‘A lack of legal evidence does not negate the existence of abuse. Failure to report is not evidence that there is nothing to report on’. What powerful statements.. We know what abuse is because we all know what’s not love. And anything that is one grain less than love, is not love. It’s a form of abuse. It’s that simple, We know abuse when we receive it. We can feel it’s not love.

    1. Cathy I really resonated with that sentence as well. It seems our legal system can help if you are physically abused as there is evidence you can actually see like bruises. Mental and emotional abuse is harder to prove, as it goes unseen. Why do we doubt these people or turn a blind eye to this form of abuse? Could it be, like you have said Cathy, one grain less than love is not love and it’s a form of abuse. So on some scale we are all experiencing this abuse, unfortunately some experience this abuse more and from others.

  68. This powerful sharing alone should be enough to have the cyberbullies shut down their websites as it replies to and answers most if not everything they’ve been accusing Serge Benhayon and those involved with Universal Medicine of.

  69. Thank you for sharing your journey, what a journey it was. There are so many women who are out there who are or have suffered the abuse you have. Like you due to fear, they put up with the abuse physical and mental, as they have been manipulated and brainwashed that it’s their fault. I have seen a few people in this situation, who struggle to walk away. It’s great you found the strength to walk away and get some help. No women deserves to go through that kind of abuse.

  70. Thank you anon this is a very powerful gem of a story you have lived thank you for sharing your real honesty is so refreshing to hear.

  71. I really felt to take my time and read this slowly. There is so much here for us all to ponder on. What I felt straight up and what I can also relate to is the fact that so many women blame themselves for what goes on in abusive marriages and what struck me is just how common it happens in households – so debilitating. What I love about how you were describing Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is that they just accept and love you as you are. You don’t need to be anything other that who you are being. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary story with us.

  72. I really enjoyed reading your account of your experience with Universal Medicine. I can also feel your strength as the woman you are, one who knows herself and lives her own way. What a miraculous change, but not really, as you say, Serge Benhayon just presents to us what we already know but, for a while and for various reasons, had forgotten.

  73. I loved taking the time to read your story anonymous because it feels authentic and true, no flowery words here or trying to impress. I also loved your honest sharing of your experience with Universal Medicine and how it has supported you but not owned you. Great sharing thank you.

  74. Thank you for sharing you story with such openness, honesty and down to earth reality. What first piqued my interest in what Serge Benhayon said, were that they were things I already knew (but hadn’t felt confident to admit or live).

  75. I see you as a very strong, courageous and purposeful women who has shown great integrity and respect through very difficult circumstances.
    You are indeed an inspiration; thank you for sharing and your honesty.

    1. Yes Shirl, I felt that too. I loved the honest factual no bull account of the truth and shedding light on what abuse can go on behind the facades. Congratulations Anon on saying no to that abuse and leaving the marriage – you are indeed an inspiration.

    2. Yes I’m with you Shirl, the strength that this woman has is very clear. You’re a power house Anonymous and a shining example to everyone who is or has experienced abuse.

  76. Thanks for sharing your experience of Universal Medicine. You made it very real for us all.

  77. I just love your clarity, simplicity and honesty. From the way you express, it’s really hard to imagine you being brainwashed. “I feel seen. I have come home” – this feels awesome. Thank you for sharing your story.

  78. Wow I love this blog. So honest, open and real. Very powerful and inspiring. Exposing what can be happening in families behind closed doors. Families that are seemingly happy but they may be going through abuse. It makes me realize that what we see and hear can be deceiving. That also applies to the lies and hateful articles written about Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine. We must discern for ourselves what is truth, and not let other people’s judgment cloud ours.

    1. One could say that what the media has printed about Serge and Universal Medicine is a form of abuse. They are forcing lies onto the reader and trying to make us believe that UniMed is a cult. Is this not a form of brainwashing? Yet society allows this abuse to happen.

  79. You are not the only person nor will you be the last who has tolerated having a partner who is a ‘street angel but can be a home devil’. All that you have sustained and rebuilt in yourself both before and after the breakup of your marriage clearly shows you are obviously a women on her own loving path claiming her own loving heart. I say go for it and enjoy. Great blog anonymous.

    1. So right Suse, I too have an experience of what you call a ‘street angel but can be a home devil’ that can be so manipulating that you think you are going crazy. There is no doubt in my mind that Serge Benhayon is a true healer in that the support that he gives to everyone enables people a space to heal their hurts, which allows them to trust and engage in life again.

  80. I feel this deeply also “I feel seen. I have come home.” To feel ‘seen’ for who you truly are is an amazing experience and I am still on the path to appreciating who I am in full. Having this reflection in my life, of my own and humanity’s potential is huge and it does indeed feel like coming ‘home’.

  81. You know I find things start seeping in like little seeds planting doubt in what we are connecting to through Universal Medicine and what Serge Benhayon presents. It comes in sneakily from all different angles. What you share Anon cuts the doubt, delivers what you get when you are open to associating with Universal Medicine, it’s students and Serge Benhayon. I deeply appreciate all you have shared – so simple and true. Thank you.

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