My True and False Experiences of God

by Toni Steenson, Coraki, Australia

When I was growing up I was taught a lot about God – I learnt about God at home, at school and at church. What I learnt about God never quite fit the picture for me, and now I am coming to know God more intimately I understand why.

I learnt when I was young that I was a sinner and that I was evil. If I did not want to be bad I had to work at it very astutely, as my natural way was one of sin: so good was I at sinning that I was told that God had to sacrifice his only son to teach me, and all of us, about Love.

What I now know is that I am naturally Love and that God’s Love lives inside me and impulses me to be who I naturally am. Of course, I can choose not to listen to this Love that lives inside me, and often do, but this in no way takes away from the fact that I am Love, and no matter what I do, I am still naturally Love.

I am not bad or evil and I am not a sinner that God had to sacrifice his only son for: if we are all part of God, does this not mean that we are ALL the sons of God?

I also learnt that God would punish me for my sins: I know this is definitely not true as, from my relationship with God I know that when I choose to do something that is not loving towards myself or others, God simply just keeps emanating his Love so that when I am ready I can also choose to emanate that same Love. One thing I have come to know about God is that he is so patient and he has no need for me to be in any certain way.

I was taught to fear God: that he was something far away and scary and that he could grant me things if I prayed to him and was good. I now know there is nothing to fear of God as he is a part of me and my equal, he lives within me and treasures me more deeply than I know or choose to treasure myself. I also know that God cannot grant me anything, but rather offers me free will so I can choose to grant myself through my everyday choices.

So much of what I learnt about God when I was young was not just wrong, but the complete opposite of what I now know to be true. How can this be, that from three different sources I was taught the same mis-truths?

How I know all of this is not because someone told me, but rather I have chosen to build and have an intimate relationship with myself; through this, my body has shown me all of this, and so much more.

  • I have listened to how I feel about situations and occurrences… and not discounted these feelings.
  • I have taken time to do Gentle Breath Meditations and then, to the best of my ability, lived from this quality.
  • I have taken time to listen to my body, so when it is tired I rest rather than listen to my mind, which may tell me I need to keep going.

I am forever great-full to Serge Benhayon, Michael Benhayon, Miranda Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and many others for inspiring me to build this intimate relationship with myself and God – for me there is no blessing greater.

174 thoughts on “My True and False Experiences of God

  1. In a way it is sad to see that it seems that nowhere we can find the truth to life, as is shared in this blog, not at home, school or in church where you at least expect the truth of life to be.

  2. Any punishment metered out comes from any and every source but God. I know this is true because it all comes with lovelessness, guilt, shame, judgment and more. The real point is we buy into this imposition and further disconnect to God. Being aware of this outplay makes all the difference the world to my relationship with God.

  3. It has never made any sense to me why God ‘sacrificing his only Son’ would teach ‘us’ about love? It’s a strange concept that is somehow supposed to represent an all-loving God. That we are all Sons of God, and are therefore equally loved by God is a starting point that does make sense however.

  4. Why has God been so falsely portrayed by so many popular religions? We have been sold a lie as many religions did this to control the masses through fear and manipulation. Knowing the truth of God now is miles away from what my religion originally taught me, thankfully I have been blessed with The Way of the Livingness – a true religion in every way.

  5. The way we have allowed God to be bastardized into someone who is outside of us and with that that we are less than him, sinners even, does actually not make sense to me now I know and have felt that God is within me as he is equally in all of us. With this bastardization we have allowed a way of living where we actually do not have to take any responsibility as we are sinners and therefor do not know any better. Do you see, how such a devision in thoughts can have its repercussion not only in our body and being, but also in our societies at a grander scale.

  6. To allow ourselves to have a relationship with ourselves and God and everybody and everything else that is open, equal and loving is heart warming and expanding and something we all deserve.

  7. Returning to that inner essence in which we can find our Soul, that direct connection to God is so empowering for our being, as with that we have chosen to walk the path of return to who we truly are, to live the godliness we are in our humanly bodies here on earth.

  8. The evil of Catholicism is apparent in the belief that we are all sinners. The evil in other, seemingly more ‘generous’ Christian denominations is that God is something that exists outside of us and that Jesus was his only son. All these concepts keep us in ignorance of our divine nature.

  9. The fact that almost everything this world presents to us is not naturally in line with what we know to be true within us and in our body is a testament to the fact of how upside down we have made this world to be. That is, making it all about everything that is not love.

    1. Indeed Joshua, there is a lot of work to do as everything that is not love has to be made love again and with that we can not let any stone unturned. One day we will all come to this understanding and will work together as one on bringing back love in our societies once again. Until that time, people who have come to this understanding already, like you and me, will work jointly together to make society aware of the work that has to be done, and with that to reawaken that inner spark that we all hold and effectively is our way back from the waywardness we are in as a society.

  10. God is always there to reflect his love to us and with that constantly telling us that we are all equally to him. Whatever we do, doing the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’, will not change any in God, as he has given us free will to experiment with, knowingly that one day we all will return to his love as it is our natural origin and this can only happen when we are constantly kept and behold in his love, as it is this constant reflection that eventually will pull us out the shadows we have chosen to live in.

  11. Very beautiful thanks Toni, what you’ve shared flies in the face of everything we usually grow up believing about God and religion. God is inaccessible, unrelatable, all-mighty, all-seeing and we must ‘please’ him in some way or another or look out, it will be the ‘wrath of God’ we will suffer in some form or another.
    TO know God so simply from the connection and relationship with your body and the quality of your breath is very refreshingly real and tangible. Thank you for such a delightful sharing.

    1. Indeed Jenny, it is such a relief to know that God is already within and can be connected with just through our bodies. This makes clear to me how false the lies that are given to us by the institutionalized religions are.

      1. Exactly Nico, and interesting to consider this from the perspective of ‘controlling the masses’…. something that’s easy to do if you disempower them to begin with. If we do not hold ourselves equal to God, or at the very least ‘Sons of God’, then we won’t even consider what it might mean to be connected with Him in such a personal and ‘internal’ way as you describe. It makes God very real and accessible, not some ‘almighty’ being in the sky for whom we must atone ourselves to even be worthy of sitting at his feet.

      2. Sure Jenny, and that is our truth, that God is very real and Accessible and we have allowed that truth to be robbed from us in return for having an experience of how a life in creation is instead of the be in a life of co-creation, where God is an equal part of us all.

      3. So true, I would never have thought that denying the real-ness of God was part of holding onto life as a very 3-dimensional experience but it is spot on. Once God is real and accessible, life has meaning so far beyond anything physical, and brings into focus the fact we are from God, for how can we not be, if we can feel and access Him from within us.

  12. How can an all loving God have an once of punishment in him and what has created the belief that we are all irresponsible sinners who will go to hell if we do not toe the proverbial line? As we can all learn that there is a responsibility for what is happening in our life and that a loving choice is what we can all connect to and thus with God. This can make the difference in every areas of our life and even after death. Today while speaking about how amazing a wedding celebration was and the vitality and love that was simply undeniable, and this level of deep connectedness was confirming of the way God can be felt. God is love, death cannot be feared as the fear mongering teachings that we will go to hell describe.

  13. A truly beautiful sharing Toni, thank-you. Our relationship with God is one that is fostered at the personal level, very deeply so.
    I agree with you, that in developing a true relationship with Him, there are no sinners, there is no judgement nor ‘stain’ upon our being simply by virtue of our birth. To release ourselves from such false notions is to come to a deeper communion with Him, rather than doctrines that purport to be in His name.

  14. I find it interesting that as a child attending a baptist chapel regularly that I cannot remember a single word the minister in the pulpit said. I chose to completely shut myself down in order to protect myself and over the last few years as I have attended funerals and weddings I have had some understanding as to why. Whenever I heard the words that Jesus was sent from God to save me I allowed myself to feel them and the impact they had on my body. Did the words support me or did they make me feel that I had done wrong and was a bad person? There is no doubt it is the latter I felt which I was able to feel because of the support from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  15. ‘I was a sinner and that I was evil’ this line feels so stark to me Toni, and I can feel how it’s been a part of my life and how I was taught as a child about God, me and religion. There’s such a set up in these words as it sets us up for a constant striving of improvement and needing to find something out there, be it chasing a God or anything else for that matter. And it robs us of our true power, the knowing that God is within us all ready and waiting, so in that respect it’s deliberate and set up to debase us and the natural knowing and love we truly are.

  16. Such a simple beauty to the understanding and experience of God here… that is inspiring. Unlike the doctrines and dictates of the multitude of organised religions and their view of a God Almighty who is ‘out there’ somewhere lording it over us mere mortals. To know Him by the way He feels within the body and in our expression of that same quality makes God very, very accessible and real thank you.

  17. God is in fact within us and any religion that tells me that God is someone outside of me proves to me to be not true.

  18. To get to know God is to get to know ourselves and this we can do, as you did, by building an intimate relationship with ourselves.

  19. What a beautiful sharing of your knowing of God that we all know inside us thank you The true evil that we are taught that God punishes us judges us and that we are bad and sinners needs to be exposed and it is Serge Benhayon that is opening the way for us to live the truth by his honest reflection ,inspiration and integrity with the way he lives showing us we are all love and that is the simplicity of true religion.

  20. The traditional religious pictures of God that I grew up with had him as this all-powerful being who sat on high and punishes us for our sins. It’s hard to develop a relationship with this God – where to start? And yet now I do have a relationship with God that is forever unfolding and deepening in line with the relationship I have with myself. God is within me and all around. He sends me messages via my body, through nature, through events, situations, other people……… God has been sending me messages all my lives but not reacting and withdrawing when I didn’t respond for so many eons. But now I can see them, feel them and appreciate them and support that is being offered to me every moment of every day by God.

    1. Indeed Lucy, when we live from this understanding, that God is within and in everything around us makes life in fact already heaven on earth.

  21. I have had a lot of beliefs about God in my life, like he should be feared, or he punishes. I have also believed myself to be innately sinful and requiring forgiveness – which I might be able to receive if I spend my life repenting and being sorry. Today I know none of this is true and like you Toni, I know God is innate in me and does not judge me for my choices. After all, he gave me free will, so why would he judge or punish me for using it?

    1. This is great Richard, as your simple explanation of Toni’s great blog has given me a deeper awareness of how being connected to God can make life changing revelations!

  22. How gorgeous that through choosing to build and embrace the intimate relationship you are with yourself, you are able to feel what you now do. The power of honouring and listening to your body cannot be denied…. and is not only a blessing for yourself but also for all who meet you in this connection.

  23. One of the most beautiful qualities of God is that he sees what a mess we have made down here on earth and regardless continues to hold us in the grace of his love and the grace of our potential as we learn from our imperfections and lessons that our everyday life blesses us with.

  24. The story that God had only one son is not just ridiculous but a great way to build and maintain a seeming relationship with Him that is false, and which does not honour us or Him.

  25. An “intimate relationship with myself and God – for me there is no blessing greater.” – how true this is. What is not given to you in that relationship to self and that true relationship to God? To know ourselves and the source that we come from is a true blessing. From that foundation we have so much to offer to humanity, because we are coming from a true connection.

  26. We all are held in God’s love whether we do bad or evil or good and benevolence and in that cannot be judged to be sinners but as his children who are wielding free will until they find out where they truly belong.

  27. Yes, how it is so important to build our own understanding, lived experience, and feeling yourself what is true in regards to religion. Coming from a stem cell within our body, not our mind. I am very curious what connections and religion then will come up in every single body, I am unsure that it will be much more greater than we ever realized. We seed our power forth in knowing who we are.

  28. We are from God and he will always be there if we choose to connect to him. There is no punishment or right or wrong, God is love and unwavering so, as it was only through our free will that made us deviate from our true origin. And this same free will shall bring us back to our true nature, to God, to where we belong.

  29. “God simply just keeps emanating his Love so that when I am ready I can also choose to emanate that same Love.” How simple. How true. How powerful.

  30. Thank you Toni for spelling out so clearly your experiences trying to reconcile what you were taught as a child with what you now know to be true as you feel it in your own body. Nobody could possibly argue with what you have presented so simply.

  31. It is really wicked to tell someone that what they innately know and feel in their hearts is wrong. I remember being told that I had sinned seven times seven before I even knew it. How am I supposed to be able to take responsibility for anything if I have done these things without even knowing? This is true evil. To try to take away someone’s true knowing, to set them adrift in the world like that is awful. The God I know is love. The God I know I am a part of. I live as a spark of God. This is something that I am begining to know again because of the teachings of Serge Benhayon. Serge has not told me what I want to hear, but what he has said has resonated in my heart and has brought me back to what I innately know.

  32. Wow Toni with your truthful blog you have exposed that religion is not what most of us have learned so far but so much more. I love it as it open me up to get a deeper understanding what true religion really is – a re-connection to myself.

  33. “I have taken time to listen to my body, so when it is tired I rest rather than listen to my mind, which may tell me I need to keep going.” And the choice to override our bodies is what leads to illness and disease.

  34. How can we have got Religion so very wrong – when God is innately and equally within every one of us, waiting for us to re-connect, to re-turn to the Love we naturally are.

  35. To experience true religion as a coming home to self and our own inner divinity is a revelation and very opposite to what I was taught. The way of religion and godliness I grew up with felt forced, unnatural, imposing, judgemental. In my experience this did little to change the ways and behaviours of those who attended church regularly. I was never inspired me to go deeper or want to find out more. Through Universal Medicine teaches, this is changing for me, and I’m learning to go beyond talking, surrender and connect to my one divinity.

  36. God is love and this love is unconditional and provides us with free will to make our own choices in our lives, to experiment with it, but ultimately I feel, I will return in full to the love I belong because the love that lives within is so strong and will never extinguish. That to me is true love, the relationship we all have with God our father.

  37. There is so much mis-interpretation of what religion and God truly are and we are encouraged to have a subservient attitude to both things, yet we all know when we stop and feel that this is now true, and that is what you speak of here Toni, coming back to living the truth we know developing a relationship with our bodies, and with God that is based on honouring both, for in honouring ourselves we honour God.

  38. What about this as a game changing way of learning about God… encourage the adventure, teach people that what they feel is super important and then let them come to their own relationship with Him. Always supporting, but never telling just like God himself!

  39. Thank you for putting it so simply. What a clever way to take us away from the love of God that we live within and lives inside our every cell. Creating separation at an early level through education of fear.

  40. It is so sinister how so many people have been taught to fear God, to blame him for our choices and the state of the world. God is all loving and consistently emanating love without judgement, so the fear of God is not real but an illusion to disconnect us from Him, to distract us from truth and suppress us to live a lesser way of life constantly governed by fear. Love dissolves fear, when we connect to love, fear cannot exist.

  41. All the presentations and workshops with Serge Benhayon deepened my relation within myself and in that connection I also feel God. God is everywhere, the beholder of all.

  42. Why are there so many mistruths about God? Growing up I was fed all these contradictory stories about what he is and what he is not, none of which made any sense to me, so much so that for many, many years I never spoke about God or even thought about him. This way of being around the subject of God all changed about 10 years ago, when I heard Serge Benhayon share that God is love, on hearing this I felt my whole body relax and I knew that what was being presented was true, and thus began my re-connection to God, who had being waiting patiently within me for my return.

  43. Toni this is beautiful. How wonderful if this is what every child was taught, or perhaps what was confirmed for every child that they already know. “What I now know is that I am naturally Love and that God’s Love lives inside me and impulses me to be who I naturally am.”

  44. The false image of God which so many people think, is making us do the total opposite than what the truth God presents to us, God is love, and we come from love too. So all that there is about God is giving us the space to come back to this love we are innately so. It is a total opposite to the main religious views, but I have come to find trough feeling for myself that this is the truth.

  45. “So much of what I learnt about God when I was young was not just wrong, but the complete opposite of what I now know to be true. How can this be, that from three different sources I was taught the same mis-truths?” Yes so interesting that so many of us have been taught the complete opposite of what God is. Huge appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting the truth – which resonated with me so deeply- that I now do know the truth about God.

  46. Toni, everything you have written rings true, true, true. I was also taught these things yet I sincerely felt otherwise and so I ignored those teachings and tried hard to feel good about myself. I ignored the vengeful God of the Old Testament, I ignored the idea that I would go to hell for sins I didn’t know I had committed and I rejected the idea that a priest could hold those things over me if he so wished. None of those things felt like the God, my father, that I knew existed. Now, rather than living resisting those false ideas, I can live positively knowing that I am made of love and my father – God is made of love. My deep connection with myself is a deep connection with God.

  47. Of the two versions of God you describe, it’s the one you have discovered for yourself that feels true, real and above all, loving. Who does it serve to represent God as judge and punisher, meeting out conditional love?

  48. An inspiring sharing Toni, to feel our own truth and connection to God within ourselves and that from that inner-most place we know the Love we are, equally with Him.

  49. How shocking to have been taught that you are a sinner from such an early age. When in truth God does not judge us, he is equally there for us all. If we choose to love ourselves and God, there is a connection that becomes deeper as our relationship with God unfolds.

  50. Not only are we taught false ideas about God from our current mainstream religions, we are also taught false ideas about God in the way our societies are designed, most of our businesses work, in the way we construct houses etc. Everywhere where life is not firstly about people and love we get a false reflection of God.

  51. I love your point about why does God need to give us what we want when he has graced us with the space of free will.

    We have the ability to choose what we will have in our lives in every single moment.

  52. Thanks Toni for the way you have made something that is presented to many of us all our lives in a complicated, scary way, so much more straightforward and simple. What a shame that many of us take years to find out that the way were were indoctrinated into religion is completely false.

  53. Thank you Toni. My relationship with God today is a far cry from the indoctrination of my Catholic childhood. God is Love.

  54. So true Toni, there is no blessing greater than the gift of reconnecting back to our relationship with God and understanding we are equally within the same love as Him. Serge Benhayon has blessed us with the gift of knowing the truth of God and the way it is.

  55. What a great point Toni that so resonated with me, and that the truths you have come to feel about God have come from your own body. I found this too once I came to feel that much of what I had been told about God didn’t match with what I actually felt in my body, – and was no longer willing to over ride it and instead learn to trust what my body has always been saying instead of my head.

  56. Toni, thank you for sharing how you have rediscovered your relationship with God. From my own experience I know that God is everywhere and most of all, that he is love.

  57. We connect to God through our bodies, our way of life and our Love within our hearts. He favours no one over any other, but I feel he is more accessible for those who have made the choice to live His Love and not hold it back.

  58. I appreciate how you have expressed in the paragraph on Love, on what you know about the true nature of Love and God … that no matter what ‘terrible’ things we perceive ourselves as having done, that still ” … God’s Love lives inside me and impulses me to be who I naturally am.” … there’s no getting away from that fact!

  59. Thats a beautiful sharing of how a true relationship with God can be. It starts with ourselves, with ourselves as equal Son’s of God. Being fearful of a bigger power, not feeling good enough and having to work hard to be worth to be loved is a pattern we live ingrained in our societal structures. Our whole life is set up in that way of being nothing and having to achieve something – absolutely twisted and not true.
    As you beautiful say Toni, “what I now know is that I am naturally Love and that God’s Love lives inside me and impulses me to be who I naturally am.”

  60. Thank you Toni for sharing your growing relationship with God as you have chosen to build an intimate relationship with yourself. You have so beautifully described this process which is in stark contrast to the teachings of your childhood which are all designed to take us away from our own awareness. I know I found it totally confusing and felt there must be something wrong with me that I could not connect with religion and all the various teachings; it is only since attending Universal Medicine presentations that I feel like I have finally come home to myself and God.

  61. Singing hymns like “I Am Not Worthy” in church growing up confused me. I innately felt very grand, even magnificent and always felt a deep connection with nature, sensing that somehow there was a commonality between myself and nature. And so being told over and over in sermons that I was born unworthy was ridiculous. I think it’s funny now that I just couldn’t be told otherwise! That sense deep inside me, in fact inside every one of us, needs to be listened to in favour of what we are told or taught. There seems to be an innate wisdom inside us right from the start. This is God for me.

  62. What a difference it would make if we grow up from the word go knowing and being kept confirmed that we are a Son of God and we are love by nature, instead of believing that we are a sinner and have to work very hard to be good? I feel very much blessed to encounter Universal Medicine who presents this fundamental Truth and makes a very practical, simple, everyday sense of it, so that now I make my own choices from the place of my own connection to God.

  63. These false experiences and learnings about God are very similar to mine growing up. Today I too am grateful to Serge Benhayon for showing all of us that God’s love is within us all equally, patiently waiting to be connected to.

  64. Beautiful Toni. Thank you for sharing your understanding of God. Like you I was raised with a picture of God being far off and looking down to judge me. The understanding that you have shared is amazing. God is everywhere, and God is love, just waiting for us to connect with this and express the love that is within us.

  65. “What I now know is that I am naturally Love and that God’s Love lives inside me and impulses me to be who I naturally am. ” this makes so much more sense then being taught that we are all born sinners- that just sounds horrible and ridiculous. Some religions are very misleading about our divine awesomeness.

  66. Many people will relate to this blog Toni because many of us with a religious upbringing could not relate what we learnt in church to what was happening in our lives. As you say we are all from god, all sons of god, and god lives inside of us. Inside me I know we are all the same and there is no chosen ones with a free pass to heaven. I know I am not a born sinner, and god does not punish me. He has created the universe where if I do something that goes against the harmony of the universe that exact same energy returns to me for me to feel how horrible it is so that I may never choose it again. This happens all the time, and every opportunity I take brings me closer to god. This is happening for everyone on earth so that we may return to god we knew so well.

  67. Toni your blog reminded me of the deep all encompassing love that God is. I have always felt religion got it wrong and would oppose to it but in that opposition I did not come to my own relationship with God. Like you it was the building and developing of a relationship with myself and my body that has reconnected me to His ever lasting love.

  68. Growing up with any fear of god or that you are in anyway judged by God is a creation that is very harming. This is further exacerbated by the fact that open discussions about religion and God may often be avoided to openly be talked about as they are considered taboo subjects. Thank you Toni for sharing your ever developing awareness that we are all sons of God and that we are all here to learn and evolve together.

  69. For me now the truth of who and what God is is becoming more and more solid each day and like you shared Toni this truth can be known through our bodies. In very basic terms it’s like I have a focus or a mental picture of my body in mind and then when I ask “How does God feel?” not only does this create changes in how I may be standing or sitting but there is a sense and a feeling of grandness that I can’t deny. The more I am doing this the stronger these feelings are becoming to the point where I am feeling that my body aches if these changes to how I hold my body are not kept up with. However I still feel like I am in the very baby stages of my relationship with God, but one that I want to keep building and cannot see my life being without from now. Likewise I have Serge Benhayon and many others to thank for showing me and everyone that God is nothing like what we were taught but actually a part of us that is very natural to experience.

  70. I love what you share Toni, I remember being told all these false things about God when I was a child as well. Nothing rang true for me at church because I knew God was all loving and would not judge or label me a sinner, it still had an effect on me though. Quite crazy really that these false beliefs are presented to children at such a tender age, and that many adults just adopt these beliefs without question.

  71. Such a beautiful and honest blog, it shows how we are learned that we are less from a young age, but when we truly connect we feel that we are amazing and have this great power of god within us, god is walking besides us, not telling what to do but just allowing us to feel we are equal.

  72. Thank you Toni for such a beautifully expressed blog, I know so well, what you are saying, I have carried those beliefs most of my life. Even after leaving the church years ago I thought that was all gone , I only realised a couple of years ago that the stain of sin which I carried was still buried deep inside . I can now claim for myself, thanks to the teaching of Serge and Universal Medicine, that I come from love and are a loving son of God in my very essence.

  73. I believe that we are all sons of God, as you have said we have him inside us and I can feel him all around me at times.. when I am connected with myself and living in a loving way I can feel God and it’s as simple as that.

  74. It’s really huge in society that God does favours for you if you favour God, and that his ways are mysterious so we don’t know why anything happens so we get to blame God for everything! I never understood this either, but even though I didn’t attend institutionalised religious gatherings, these types of harmful beliefs still pervade society and affected me. I really also dislike how they are the experts on God (priests, etc.) when to me a little joyous innocent baby is the one that seems closest to God. I really love this blog, it’s very supportive and confirming.

    1. You are right Melinda, many of our institutions are based on the same false beliefs about God and our society is suffering because of it.

  75. I love your phrase “now I am coming to know God more intimately”. What your blog exposes is the total mis-representation of our relationship with God, our Father, made by the Church so to ‘invite’ us to give our power away and in this way never discover the truth of things. Thanks Toni!

  76. Thank you for this beautiful expression Toni. You are beautiful, powerful and magnificent spark of God reflecting the truth, love and joy that we are all equally here to shine and live this glory in all that we do.

  77. Thank you for sharing your relationship with God and with yourself, it was a pleasure to read.

  78. I also was brought up with these not only false but utterly harming notions of God and as much as they may have affected me they never made any sense to me. I always knew that God is love, it only took some support to get the hindrances out of the way to re-connect to this truth and start living in the awareness of it. The Benhayons and Universal Medicine offer the reflection of this immutable truth so that is seen and felt as a living truth to be inspired and also live by. That is the way of the livingness.

  79. I can relate to so much in your super blog Toni, especially the part we are all sinners and God had to sacrifice his only son to teach us about love….. It feels like you are exposing these untruths and calling the falseness out for all of us.

  80. “I am not bad or evil and I am not a sinner that God had to sacrifice his only son for: if we are all part of God, does this not mean that we are ALL the sons of God?” Indeed it does Toni, thank you for describing this so clearly. As I read your article I can feel without doubt that I too am the Son of God.

  81. “I was taught to fear God…” So was I. Although I stopped fearing God a long time ago, when I read this sentence there was a reminder of how could we possibly teach our children to fear something we are all part of. It would be like being fearful of our lungs, our kidneys and our heart – impossible!

  82. Thank you Toni, what you have written is very beautiful and horribly shocking. It is pure evil to teach a young child or anyone else that they are naturally a sinner and evil. Teachings like this cause immense harm and can prevent us from connecting to God and the love that we naturally are. I resoundingly concur with your last paragraph!

  83. Thank you Toni for these simple and powerful truths. The strongest part for me was that God can’t grant us anything but offers us all ‘free will’. So it is up to us and our choices as to how our lives play out. I can feel from my old Catholic school days absorbing the message that God will send us a ‘saviour’ who will rescue us. What a convenient way to stay in our comfort zone and not take responsibility for our choices – what a subtle and tricky trap!!!

    1. ‘God can’t grant us anything but offers us all free will’ – the ultimate responsibility lies with us – thank you for this reminder Kate. And now you too are inspiring others to build this intimate relationship with themselves and God – as I am one of them – thank you!

    2. Wow Kate I agree I also learned that God will send us a “saviour” who will rescue us – and this is why I was so angry about him – that he never sent one. That was the reason why I started to think there must be something else because God would never lie. So I agree again it is a convenient way to stay in this subtle trap and wait and choose to not take the responsibility for our own choices.

    1. Now that you say it me too Doug, particularly when so many people in this world today consider themselves religious.

      1. Great point, if those who consider themselves religious don’t want to talk about God, what is going on? Perhaps because the religions have all painted an untrue picture of God and we all deep down know it?

  84. Thank you Toni. You have so beautifully exposed the difference between being taught about God and being shown how to connect to God within, by connecting to our deep and natural Love. You too are now inspiring others to feel within and honour what is felt.

    1. I agree Rowena that what Toni exposes here is the ‘difference between being taught about God and being shown how to connect to God within’. By connecting we can feel the power of God and don’t need anyone to teach us anything which means we are less likely to be manipulated.

  85. This is beautifully put, Toni, and is my experience as well. As I child, I could never understand why the church taught me God was LOVE and I was made in his own image, yet he sent sinners to hell.

    Matthew 19:14 English Standard Version (©2001) – but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven”. Seems there’s been a lot taught to ‘hinder’ us.

    1. I was taught the same thing Judy, and it always puzzled me as to why a God of Love would want to punish anyone and / or send them to hell. It didn’t seem to match up to what I innately felt God to be and yet it took me many decades to finally connect to the truth about God and to begin developing a relationship with God that is first based on developing a relationship with myself.

  86. Thank you Toni, this can be quite an emotive subject for many and it has an almost taboo air about it. So it is interesting to hear you talk about the contrast in what you had been told of God and his ways as a young person, and the loveliness of your now very natural, relationship with God.

  87. Toni, thanks for speaking about God and your relationship with God. One of things I had decided many, many years ago, was not to talk about God or politics as both were sure to inflame the conversation. What I’m not sure about today, is why I thought that was a bad thing! Anyway, thanks for demonstrating that talking about God can leave the other feeling warmth and love.

    1. So true Gayle. What I love about Toni’s blog is it is written from her connection with and experience of God. Not something that has been taught or indoctrinated. The feeling I am left with is the feeling of Toni’s connection to God. Thank you again for this Toni.

  88. Thank you Toni for this true and exquisitely simple expression. You are laying the path for many others to reconnect with the truth.

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