Love can only Love Me Back

by Adele Leung, Hong Kong

I thought I would not be loved because I share different views on God with my blood family. My view on God does not have a Bible to back it up, only my heart. For a long time, I dared not open my mouth to speak about any of it, for the feeling of – who would listen? I knew I was not alone in this when I met with the reflection from Serge Benhayon’s books. I knew that my heart had not lied to me, that: God is Love and Only Love.

I thought I would not be loved because however subtle, frequently I have experienced on–going power struggles in relationships. I was ‘loved’ when I was weak. And whenever I began living who I truly am, the questioning and resistance, especially from those close to me grew. In turn, I reacted. I could and have continuously tried to justify these power struggles. Thus, I have done everything, except for truly loving. Continue reading “Love can only Love Me Back”

My Questions were Finally Answered

by Terri-Anne Connors, Melbourne, Victoria

I am thirty-six years of age and some would say I have already lived through more significant life events than most people have lived in their entire lives. I could write pages on a number of deeply painful and nothing less than traumatic events that have occurred in my life, either directly to me, a member of my immediate family or a close friend: from death, murder, rape, suicide, illness, disease, drug and alcohol abuse to physical and emotional abuse. Continue reading “My Questions were Finally Answered”

The Busy Practicalities of Daily Life: Responding with Simplicity, Love & Joy

by Sharon Gavioli, R.N, Childbirth Educator, Brisbane

My everyday life revolves around all the necessary practical tasks to ensure my family functions smoothly. I have children to care for, a household to run and a paid job that I love, as well as making time for my relationships.

I am also a student of Universal Medicine. I have been regularly attending workshops by Universal Medicine and esoteric healing sessions and from what I have learnt, I now know that how I go about my everyday tasks is a choice that can either feel in my body as simply lovely, or as incredibly stressful. Continue reading “The Busy Practicalities of Daily Life: Responding with Simplicity, Love & Joy”

Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

by JJ, Australia

I love reading people’s accounts of their experiences since they came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I come from a background where Western Medicine was the norm and nothing complementary was even considered. The doctor, pharmacist and, if necessary, the dentist were always our first ports of call, if we ever had a problem with our health. My parents always followed mainstream medicine and Dad would sing its praises until the cows came home. Continue reading “Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine”

Making the Time to Connect to Me

by Claudia Swadek, Germany

For me the holiest place in the world is in my bed under my blanket. I love the time early in the morning, when it is still outside and I have the space for myself to feel me in my body. When I choose that time for me, there is a longing inside to connect deeper within myself.

I want to describe, what I experience: Continue reading “Making the Time to Connect to Me”

Amazing Eyes: Eye Contact & Truly Letting People In

by Carmel Reid, Somerset UK

I recently wrote a blog¹ about Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness). There were some great comments that inspired me to ponder further on how much we do or don’t make eye contact. I have been playfully experimenting with REALLY looking into people’s eyes and it has been truly revealing.

In a SKYPE conversation when the camera is just away from a person’s face, it’s tricky – you either look at them on the screen or at the camera, it’s impossible to do both at the same time, so you never actually make full eye contact.

A short time ago, I was chatting with my son, who is 30 and has Moebius Syndrome – you can read his amazing blog and see pictures in the link at the end of this article². He was born with Cranial Nerves VI and VII (6 and 7) not working, so he has no facial expression – can’t move his lips and smile, can’t frown, and has difficulty blinking. He also has a squint. He can make his eyes look at you but that gives him a bit of a scary look. I explained to him that when I talk to someone with a squint I try to discern which eye is looking at me and talk to that one.  Continue reading “Amazing Eyes: Eye Contact & Truly Letting People In”

Caught Speeding

by Ariana Ray, Wales, UK

I was fortunate to be caught speeding in 2012. Not many people think they are fortunate to be caught speeding. It’s usually a big annoyance. Here in the UK, we usually get a hefty fine and points on our license for road offences like this. However, on this occasion I was offered a choice – a fine, with points on my license OR attend a re-education half-day workshop. For me it was a no-brainer – who wants points on their license that stay for 3 years? I opted for the workshop and most unexpectedly – it blew my little socks off.

The workshop had a big effect upon me. I was given the wonderful opportunity to come face to face with how arrogant and up myself I was about driving. I was able to see that I held the view that the road was there for me and me alone and speed limits were irritating things to play nice with only when there were speed cameras around. I got to see how I felt other drivers and pedestrians were a pain in the… I got to see the full extent of the arrogance I have had all my life around driving and it shocked me. It was not pretty. It was like having a slap around the face by a big wet and sloppy 20 pound fish. It certainly woke me up to where I was and how I’d been living with and in my vehicle. Continue reading “Caught Speeding”

A Little Bit of Alcohol seemed Safe Enough

by Gayle Cue, Bangalow NSW

I never really liked the taste of alcohol. However, it was part of being normal in society and so I tried. I wasn’t very successful at enjoying or abusing alcohol. Nonetheless, it has played a major role in my life.

My father had fought in the trenches of Germany during WWII. By the time he came back to the US, met my mother, and I was born, he was heavily into a relationship with alcohol, to try and drown out his memories and nightmares. My mother held off for several years while us kids were really young, but she eventually joined him in his misery and chosen relief.

I married at 18 to get out of the house. At the time I married my husband, he wasn’t truly an alcoholic – yet, but he was well on his way. His parents were also alcoholics so you can appreciate that it was difficult for us to see drinking as a problem. It was just part of life. I was still trying to be part of the norm and would try to drink, but I could never stomach more than one or two so rarely experienced being drunk, although I often experienced the headache and lethargic day that followed my attempts.  Continue reading “A Little Bit of Alcohol seemed Safe Enough”

Who Can I Really Trust?

by Rod Harvey, Gold Coast, Australia

Recently I asked myself, “How many people do I know or have known who I could really trust” and the answer surprised me.

Because what was revealed was that the one person who has let me down the most throughout my life and been the most untrustworthy is… me!

On the scale of untrustworthiness, others pale into insignificance compared to my contribution. Continue reading “Who Can I Really Trust?”

Thoughts, Newton’s Third Law & E=mc2: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Serge Benhayon & Me

by Ariana Ray, UK

At a talk I went to with Universal Medicine a few years ago, I heard Serge Benhayon present, ‘every force has an equal and opposite force’.

I thought at the time that it sounded like something Albert Einstein would have said, but actually it was Isaac Newton – and to be exact, Isaac is describing what is known as ‘Newton’s Third Law’, which simply means:

“There is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”.

Now you may be wondering what relevance this has to you? Stick with me and you will be completely blown away by this… Continue reading “Thoughts, Newton’s Third Law & E=mc2: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Serge Benhayon & Me”