Creating a Life to Come Back to

by Nicole Serafin, Age 40, Tintenbar, NSW

I had never really bothered to stop and ponder on what it was that I was here for, nor how it was that I should treat and relate to the body which I had chosen to arrive here in. I was born, I lived, I partied, often way harder than what my body could really cope with and so the roundabout went.

My uncle used to have a saying, and excuse some of the language…“you eat, you shit and you die”. The older that I got the more this became a reality.

Or was this the reality?

In one way, yes it was, but it felt like a false sense of reality: a reality that if I chose to live in such a way of pure existence and nothing else – then yes, that was life… A life where I got up and went on automatic pilot, going through the process of the day but never really bothering to stop and consider why we did what we did, and if what we were doing was actually right for us, or anyone else.

I began to ponder on the fact that maybe, just maybe, there was more to life and that I was here for a purpose; that there had to be more.

As I considered the possibility of coming back again after I had died to do it all again, it began to feel quite real. “Oh, my god”, I would think to myself, “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again… I could not possibly do it again!” Yet if I felt like this, then what was the quality of my life? And if my life was so amazing, why wouldn’t I want to come back and do it all over again?

With this thought I began to look at life and the way I was living. I began to ask myself some questions…

  • You know that feeling of what we call Deja Vu, the feeling that you have been somewhere before, met that person before, or done that before…? Could it be that this feeling is true, because you have?
  • Could it be that there is a bigger picture, a plan that if you so dare to ponder, greater than we have ever imagined?
  • Could it be that we are able to make more of an impact on the world and the society in which we live, if only we dare to stop and consider that there may be more – that we may be more… even if it is only for a second, and allow ourselves to feel all of these things that we so often feel – but choose to push aside and ignore? To allow ourselves to begin to choose those inner feelings and to choose to live a life filled with honesty, truth and love?

When I came across and began to attend Universal Medicine presentations, and courses and sessions with Serge Benhayon, all that I had been feeling not only about life but also myself, began to make even more sense. Everything that I heard and felt was just confirming what I had already been feeling: the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.

I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to. And not one that left me thinking, “Oh, no, not again…”.

I now have an opportunity to live in a way that at the end of the day I am not exhausted, and that I actually look forward to getting up in the mornings, without dreading what lies ahead for the day. To enjoy living the simplicity of my life rather than living in the overwhelm of the life that goes on around me.

I have to thank Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine for being the inspiration for all that I am and all that I have. I now have a life that I look forward to coming back to – a life that I can continue to build and work on in a way that is supportive of everyone and everything.

359 thoughts on “Creating a Life to Come Back to

  1. it is easy to dismiss karma as a small tit for tat or payback system, but it can grace us in a most beautiful preparing us to offer more and more back to humanity as well.

    1. I agree we can see karma as something like a punishment or we can see it for the gift that it is. We all think of it is its negative sense but you can also have divine karma where things constellate from love for you and really all karma is from love because it is teaching us to return to the love we are and so anything less than love needs to be re-callibrated. For me it is a bit like learning consequences we cannot simply expect to do literally anything and not have any after effects – everything we do creates ripples and these can either be harming or healing the choice is always ours.

  2. I like considering that in life there is no start and no end. It is the one life repeating over and over. The details may change but we are still there, being the central character. This timelessness puts everything into perspective for me, and my body loses the tension of me feeling I need to be going somewhere or getting something.

  3. I don’t think many of us stop to ponder why we are really here or consider that we have a unique and important role to play in the big picture. Our habit of thinking we are just human, like ants scuttling about on earth for one life, diminishes this big picture thinking.

  4. I read a story the other day that made me feel a bit sad. An elderly couple in the UK in their 70’s committed suicide leaving a note saying ‘this world is not for us’. I understand currently there is a lot going on in the world that many many of us do not like but we are the ones that have the responsibility in changing this by living in a way that we would like it to be. I felt sad when reading about these people as they had lived their whole life and just as they were in their elder years decided to end it. If they knew the bigger picture, that they would come back again to energetically what they had left behind or not dealt with would they have done this? Probably not, if they had a conversation with someone that had a greater understanding and awareness of life who was able to speak wth them about this, things may have been different. A different choice might have been made by them and they may have seen life in a completely different way. It is at time like this (and many many other times) I deeply appreciate knowing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and having them in my life. For those that do have a greater understanding and awareness of life have a responsibility to share this with others so they too know the truth. We have a responsibility to talk about reincarnation more, debasing myths and instead learning the truth, so thank you for starting the conversation by writing this blog.

  5. When I read your line about what your uncle used to say and then “A life where I got up and went on automatic pilot, going through the process of the day but never really bothering to stop and consider why we did what we did, and if what we were doing was actually right for us, or anyone else.” I felt a feeling of sadness, just feeling like it was all so futile and there was little purpose at all. I can see how, when things get really tough, this way of thinking leads to wanting an early exit – what is the point of staying if it is only about pain. It really has brought a deeper understanding for me about why responsibility and reincarnation resonates with me so much.

  6. Reincarnation is a thing to ponder on, to consider and to really connect to and to feel what this presents. It is our responsibility to live a life that is part of the path of return to that which we innately know we need to come back to.

  7. If one accepts reincarnation, and then further ponders on what this means, it invariably leads us to one word – that of responsibility. Karma itself can equally be described by this word.

  8. “I now have a life that I look forward to coming back to ” This is huge when we understand the bigger picture of reincarnation and the level of responsibility we have in our daily living to build a foundation that will truly support us in our next life.

  9. I would much rather believe that re-incarnation is a possibility and live a life where love is at it’s core (to the best of my ability) than think that there is nothing at all after we die and then realise I missed another opportunity to make my life about love.

  10. While life may look the same from the outside it is so different when it is lived in purpose as opposed to living in existence. There is much more beauty and richness when we know who we are and don’t just live in a way to tick the boxes and get through.

  11. It is deeply empowering to believe in and live in accordance to returning to the life you create… for the life you then choose is purely up to you depending on the responsibility you choose to take.

  12. This is inspiring to look at the life we live. Is this our foundation we would like to return and work from next time or do we feel we need to change our way to create a more steady ground to build from the next time? This even comes back to our day to day life, we are going around in circles, and retracing the foundations we lived the last time we were there.

  13. This is a great question to ask oneself, Nicole, is my life worth coming back to? If we would all live like that, the world would look very different.

  14. We can live till we die avoiding any transcendental questions or accepting false answers to them. You just accept the fact that we are here and go to there. In that life there is not much of a relationship with truth. Yet, when that starts changing and you open up to the possibility that the body can teach you a few things about what is true, life starts transforming into something different, so much worth it.

  15. I now have a life that I look forward to coming back to – I read this sentence and thought I am not feeling this at this moment in time, mmm going to sit with this as I can feel there are changes I need to make especially with regards work and the long hours I am putting in.

  16. Wauw that is amazing –
    We are blessed to have people writing blogs like these from their experience in with reincarnation from an responsible point of view – not the glamorised or victimized version. Superb and brilliant! Once we truly feel our choices and accept them we start to accept our past.

  17. Living in a way we create a foundation we want to come back to opens our eyes for the bigger picture and that we are here for a reason and not only for ourselves. It made me appreciative of how much I love people and care for them.

  18. In my earlier years I can very much relate to your comment “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again… I could not possibly do it again!” . Reconnecting to the true purpose and responsibility life offers us all has changed this completely. We are cyclic beings and are returning to the equal love we innately are.

  19. Every moment offers us an opportunity for healing, and the gift from our soul in the healing is that what we heal in this life we don’t have to come back and do it again, we can come back to our next life with a greater measure of our light and divine love to reflect out to the world.

  20. For me this part made so much sense: “. . . the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.” That is exactly what made it so joyfully easy for me to stand up in the morning – without all of that live is boring and made no sense. This should be our new normal and not all our ideals and believes around how we should be and what we have to do.

  21. It is so empowering when we get to feel in our bodies that we are here for a purpose, we are here in this life to bring something unique when we allow ourselves to express who we truly are. We have all lived many lives before and when we choose to heal that which is not from love we allow all the wisdom from the past to flow naturally and express to others the love from our soul.

    1. Love what you share here Francisco. It is not always easy to heal that which is not from love, to face ourselves, but heal we must if we wish to learn, grow and evolve and live a life of simplicity and a life impulsed from our Soul.

  22. Nicole, to create a life we want to come back to, now that is a way to live, and actually whether you know reincarnation to be true or not, this is an amazing way to live life as you can take each day in this, so create a day we want to come back to, create a moment we want to come back to, and in that we create and build a foundation for a life we want to live. Thank you for your blog.

  23. ‘the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.’ There is a far grander and greater picture and it is most definietly not just about us, ourselves. I was listening to something on the radio this morning about how we are all engrossed in mobile phones. People reported seeing groups of friends sitting around a table and instead of being with each other and having a conversation every one of them was on their phone .. for ages! There is even something called selfie arm disorder .. for real! Which is a pain in the arm from taking to many selfies!!! Which shows that more and more we are making it about us and not the bigger picture. Are we even really conciously aware that there is a bigger picture? Do we even want to know? I absolutely to the core of my very being know there is a bigger picture and we all have a part to play in this and there is reincarnation. Which if we really stopped to truly feel this would wake us up to the fact that right now by how we live we are paving the way for future generations (us) to come back to. If we stay silent, allow abuse, allow racism, live in disregard … all this we walk back into, so although it could be a bit of a shock (and selfish by making it about us again) in seeing this maybe then we will start to change the way we live (living more responsibly, more lovingly, more respectfully, more truthfully) that benefits not only ourselves but everyone else as well 💕

  24. Re-incarnation does make so much sense as it is apart of the forever flowing cycle of life and that death is not the end but a celebration unto which we move into another life. So every movement, expression and way of being can play a big role in our life for years to come.

  25. This is a beautiful blog to take in consideration as there are way to many people that have chosen to solely focus on life as an existence and a survival, which takes away life’s potential for an inner richness and fullness and a deep purpose that brings joy to every moment.

  26. Beautiful Nicole, to live life understanding that everything comes back, repeating over and over not only makes perfect sense of so much, but also offers the opportunity to ‘deal with things’ as they come up, knowing that if we choose not to, it will be coming around again another time. The idea that we can’t leave anything behind is new… and an outright game changer really.

  27. Living a life where “this is it” rules our thoughts would contribute to so much depression. I could feel the one dimensional perspective. When we expand our consideration to include reincarnation it gives our life purpose, a building of foundations. This is not outrageous, even movies like Groundhog Day show that, given the opportunity, we learn from our choices and consequences and rarely choose the same again.

  28. “I now have an opportunity to live in a way that at the end of the day I am not exhausted, and that I actually look forward to getting up in the mornings, without dreading what lies ahead for the day.”
    I love your conclusion here Nicole, bringing it into everyday life, because in a way each day is a repetition of the same day and the question you pose whether you want tomorrow to feel and look like today, is a great approach. When we are willing to change tomorrow with what we did not like about today then this already is progressive and we can sure apply the same to a next life with ease.

  29. The more we consider reincarnation, the more it makes sense. There are just too many things that start to add up when we bring in past lives and if really looked into the whole puzzle it reveals itself to be one piece of a divinely constellated plan and a lot of questions are answered.

  30. Seriously amazing blog – because it is true – we can not escape it , so we better know about it and become aware (which makes things so much easier). When reincarnation is being re-considered, we will understand more about our lives and our previous made choices. So thank you Nicole.

  31. ‘I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to. And not one that left me thinking, “Oh, no, not again…”.’ What if? is a powerful question. It certainly makes sense to live life with ‘what if reincarnation is true?” at the forefront of our mind when making choices. It’s an inspiring way to live.

  32. Looking at life not only as this one life but many shows us the responsibility we have in every given moment. There is nothing we leave behind but everything we come back to.

  33. I can relate to what you share that there is more to life there is a purpose. I too went on a search to understand this.i am came across the truth that felt true, through meeting Serge Benhayon and his presentation, how we live is why we imprint and what we come back too. So it’s super important to live with integrity, love, honesty an truth.

  34. “the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.” Serge Benhayon makes sense of this obvious truth. Choosing to live in a way that builds a foundation of love for us to return to to support ourselves and our fellow man to return to the love that we all come from.

  35. There is a deep sense of purpose in your sharing Nicole – a knowing that the quality of our lives and who we are now will shape and be the quality of our passing over and reincarnation. Feeling this brings a sense of appreciation as my quality of life and the light I express is so divine and so second nature that my former lives must have been ones of true service and Love.

  36. When I finished my schooling years I remember thinking that I never had to go through that again, or being a kid again, or the troubles of being a teenager again – when the truth is that I have done that already over 2000 times (but I didn’t know that I knew that at that time). With the understanding of the huge science that reincarnation is, life makes sense and I am starting to feel differently about doing it all again.

  37. Love your sharing Nicole! I have never had a problem with the thought of Reincarnation from the first I had it presented to me many years ago, and since connecting with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayons presentations this has only been confirmed for me. What would we be doing here in just one lifetime with so much to learn and remember? What of those who don’t know there is more than one lifetime to evolve?

  38. Re-turning to our lives again sure does give us an opportunity to do it all again in a deeper quality.
    But we don’t have to wait until we pass over…
    We can do this every single day and in every single way. RE-Fresh 🌈

  39. Reincarnation makes sense of life, it gives it meaning and purpose. The idea that life on earth is a school in which I am learning with every breath that I take, that I am either contributing to growing truth on earth or to maintaining or worsening the disharmony that abounds shows me the huge responsibility we each have to each other and to the Universe.

  40. “I began to ponder on the fact that maybe, just maybe, there was more to life and that I was here for a purpose; that there had to be more.” So many of us have this – and knowing there is a bigger picture – (more than just little old me and my world) – opened up so much more, thanks to Universal Medicine. Allowing and letting be, rather than trying to control everything has been life-changing. Life now has a flow to it and has become more simple.

  41. Coming back to the simplicity of life is something people dream about. The tree change and the sea change are both touted as being the answer to this. Yet we know that we bring our life with us wherever we go. Changing locations does not change the style of life we bring with us. This change comes from within. So just as we bring our life and the way we live from place to place, we bring it from life to life. It makes so much more sense then to really learn to live well, to be living the rhythm that we know makes sense in our body, the one that we love.

  42. I love to revisit this blog Nicole, and the lovely and apt reminder to see the bigger picture of life, and where I am in that bigger picture and that everything counts, there is a purpose to everything, and all I have to do is get myself out of the way and surrender to all that awaits me.

  43. ‘I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to.’ It is such a beautiful way of looking at our life, what are we truly doing with it and what is this foundation of our lives on earth, I know just like you Nicole I had nothing truly valuable to come back to because I did not value myself. Making chances and being honest about how I have been living has been a great start and you know there is always more to lovingly expose and to let go so we keep on going and enjoy what is called the Way of the Livingness.

  44. When I lived without purpose, my life simply passed me by, literally, there are so many things that I don’t remember, because I was not there. Now though, I don’t forget much, I feel present and with my life and I enjoy this so much. Nicole, I too have a life I am looking forward to coming back to.

  45. When I feel the teachings that life has to offer and start to truly understand that it is the quality I am in while I grow and age and pass over… not what I do… I then see that it’s a true privilege to be a Student of The Livingness.

    1. Gorgeous Kathryn, ‘ it is the quality I am in while I grow, and age and pass over…. not what I do. I still sometimes make it about how much I have to do, but more and more I realise I get more done when I a present and connected with my body.

  46. ‘I now have a life that I look forward to coming back to -………” Thank you Nicole for this very real and true blog. I always said ‘I am not coming back’!!! That was before I re-connected to the truth of who I am. The Life I choose to live now is a joy and the love held in my body is amazing and all because I have chosen to change the way that I live and to take responsibility for the choices I make. Building a foundation in life to love and be loved and know that this is what it is all about allows for coming back to build on this love. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings I now understand there is no beginning and no end , that life is spherical and it is about all of us.

  47. “the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.” With this realisation, that is the start of us looking at our lives and taking responsibility for the way we live. This life we are living now affords us an opportunity to deal with our hurts, let go of our destructive patterns, and begin living the love we truly are, thereby, bringing this love and light, into living our next life, in this world.

  48. For me as a child I always knew the endlessness of who we are. I could never feel an end and still I don’t feel that. I always felt that we are energetic being with a temporary body. And when I feel deeper there is this just existence from us all as one, that is where I connect with God and now we are all parts of God. When I grow older I always knew that all experienced was with a reason and that I had created it all myself, everything…my past, my present my future. And there where I connect with God within me I always knew the responsibility I have on how my life unfolds and that it is all how I choose my life, that is what I will find when I start my next life. It was never the reason that I loved to share all with people, that was and still is my natural way.
    IN our connection with ourselves and so with God we know all this about reincarnation, there is not even a discussion in the head coming up, it is just there, we know.

  49. Living life with purpose brings me so much joy and vitality. Before Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness I didn’t have a true purpose, and my aim in life was to be happy. I can see now in hindsight just how empty this was as what came with happiness was also a roller coaster of emotions, the ups and downs. Through reconnecting with me I have since discovered that my true purpose is to live life as the Son of God on earth. And as I walk these steps and reflect to others that we are so much more than just the physical being others too are inspired to know that they also are more. This true purpose brings me joy.

  50. To me reincarnation has always made sense, why else would we be here if not to grow, what would the point be if we only had one life? How would anyone be able to fulfil their potential as a human being? To be a true son of God equal to all others, and not everyone has access in one lifetime to the knowledge of The Way of The Livingness as Presented by Serge Benhayon and the Ancient Wisdom from past Masters. To have the knowing that we come back and connect to where we left off in our past life, means the more we put into this life the more we will grow in our future lives. Using the knowledge that we have from the past and sharing with all others the love and equality that we all are.

  51. Re-incarnation is one of the answers that have brought my aching inner pains to heal. Finishing school I had lots of these unanswered questions, life as I was taught just didn’t make sense. Serge Benhayon has not left one single of my questions unanswered. Not by theoretical knowledge, but by living in a way that emanates the wisdom of the universe.

  52. I have long believed in re-incarnation but my understanding of it years ago was that we died and then came back in another life – end of story. I never considered at that stage that we came back to where we left off in our current lives. It was a quite a game changer to find out through presentations at Universal Medicine that my choices this life will determine the quality of my next life – and that the state of the world is a reflection of humanity’s collective irresponsibility over many lifetimes. Knowing this, my life has changed considerably as I can more clearly see the need for self responsibility that goes way beyond seeking the comfortable life that I previously sought.

  53. I am really looking forward to coming back!! I love life, and I love the fact that we all have so much we can learn. Life can be (if we choose it) forever evolving.

  54. ‘I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to. And not one that left me thinking, “Oh, no, not again…”.’ – I love what you share here Nicole, inviting us to consider if the way we are living now is with a deep quality and true love we want to return too.

  55. I’ve always felt that reincarnation was true from an early age. I felt that I held an elder energy and many adults would say that I was much older than my years. What Universal Medicine has shown me is that every moment of our lives is intertwined with responsibility and so the quality we bring to everything is of great value to all. This not only provides a beautiful foundation for life today but for life in the future too. That’s pretty amazing.

  56. Learning to see the joy and purpose of responsibility has meant that I am now living a life which allows me to be open and honest with myself and all those around me.

  57. The possibility of reincarnation changes everything in the world, there is such a strong focus on the here and now, expendable environment, people, lifsetsyles with no priority to prepare for the future. Considering for even a millisecond that we have been here before and that we have a responsibility for all the choices we have ever made brings in an accountability that many find confronting. I felt it to be so for myself and yet, there is also a resounding yes that I feel that I am responsibile and that I can prepare and build a quality of life that supports myself and others and that is accountable. I am preparing for the next life and living with health, joy and connection in this one.

  58. I spent years being irresponsible, I did consider how my choices impacted all of life and how what was happening in my life was firstly something to learn and secondly my own creation. The word reincarnation has alot of sticky issues attached to it, like many words it has been misintrepreted and misappropriated. I have begun to trust my feeling on words and their meaning without being swayed by what public opinion says. Through doing this I have felt what reincarnation means for me. I feel it is possible that I lived before in another body and life time. When I reflect on my life I can see a deep knowing and understanding that is part of who I am that was not picked up this lfe. I have also observed my chidlren be born and grow, what they have brought with them, even before their birth felt powerful and not restricted to this life. Looking at life this way means it is natural to care and prepare yourself, and fundamentally it brings an awareness that every choice matters.

  59. Having the awareness of reincarnation gives the incentive to resolve as many issues as possible as there would be less hardship the next time around

  60. ‘I now have an opportunity to live in a way that at the end of the day I am not exhausted, and that I actually look forward to getting up in the mornings’ – This in itself is a huge transformation without anything else that you have shared about the transformation in your life Nicole.

  61. In reincarnation we are graced with this grand opportunity to clear out the old momentums that only serve to hold us back and as you say, to see that we are part of a bigger cycle of responsibility. Here, now, we can lay the bedrock for a sound & purposeful return.

    1. I agree Lucindag, reincarnation is a grand opportunity to clear out the old and false momentums that we have created….. and another important cycle that deeply supports our clearing and letting go is menopause… Life presents us with so much to gently guide us back to who we truly are, we just have to be open, willing and ready to go there.

  62. Years ago I felt like I was on a track, we went around it so many times and then we died. I was involved in many things in the community, I made things, had a social life and all, but mostly felt empty. Meeting Serge Benhayon changed everything. I felt like I had found the key to life. Everything was answered and I no longer had any doubt of the way our lives are connected and that we all have purpose for this life and those to come.

  63. Beautifully expressed Nicole. I too always felt that there had to be more to life than just this one existence which prior to attending Universal Medicine presentations I often struggled to make sense of and frequently acted irresponsibly towards myself and others. I now have so much more clarity about my purpose and how it fits in with others and the responsibility I have to live a life that takes care of my body and soul and contributes to humanity and lays a foundation for us all to return to.

  64. ‘I now have a life that I look forward to coming back to – a life that I can continue to build and work on in a way that is supportive of everyone and everything’. Beautiful Nicole. Everyone and everything matters. Embracing our true responsibility and evolving our connections with others a life we want to come back to in an amazing foundation for us all to be inspired from and continue to evolve from.

  65. It certainly brings a greater sense of responsibility and respect for self and others and all life when you live life knowing, or at least entertaining the fact that you come back to it.

    You could liken it to going to the bathroom, and if you finish the toilet roll you either don’t bother finding a new roll to put there for the next person, or you do put a new roll there ready for the next person. In either scenario the next person might very well be you! What is there is what you left behind. What would you rather come back to?

    1. Great point Jeanette it’s the care we take with the details of life that encompass the responsibility we have to ourselves and each other.

  66. Going to a workshop with Serge Benhayon changed everything in how I perceive life. I am not afraid to die any more, I hope I will never have to retire, that “I will keep serving to my last breath” like Serge is saying. For me reincarnation feels true to me, it feels real inside me, I don’t need to question it. Going around in circle to the same spot, so we always get another chance to re imprint were we could have gone wrong in our life. Simply beautiful.

    1. Reincarnation feels true for me as well Alexandra, it explains a lot of what I felt and experienced as a young child. I remember when quite young asking a minister once his views on reincarnation to which he replied it does not exist. In this moment I felt within myself that this did not feel true to me but I also felt a bit shattered at the time that there was no where in this moment to go with exploring this discussion further.

  67. ‘I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to. And not one that left me thinking, “Oh, no, not again…”.’ Yes, this is important for me too and the only way to live really, to make my choices and be accountable and responsible for what I choose and to continue my development in my next life.

    1. Important for me also Annelies; making responsible choices to evolve into the next life and the next and so on and on!
      I find it interesting to ponder on what is possible if we truly accept that level of responsibility.

  68. We have been fed so many false beliefs on death and beyond and it is only because we have shut down our awareness to the truth of what happens that one may choose to believe that there is nothing else. It feels like the perfect way to avoid taking responsibility for our choices because if we knew that we come back to the quality in which we have lived, how different would we approach life! It’s really the perfect excuse to live a life of misery and distraction.

    1. When on the subject of reincarnation, someone once shared with me that she could not believe in reincarnation because if it was true the thought of her having to have the same or similar father that she now has was too much for her to comprehend. We spoke about the opportunity to heal the hurt from this relationship so that there would be no need to experience the same again. She was open to the opportunity in this.

  69. Understanding that there Is more to life than the body and flesh and this one life makes so much sense and calls us into responsibility. We do come back. To me death is like a long sleep where you forget certain things and yet everything that we have lived is with us, hence we can remember, and everything we have ever done has an influence on the life lived in the moment. This is grand and absolutely stupendous.

  70. Nicole I loved rereading your blog again as its a great reminder of the responsibility I have everyday in the quality and simplicity I live in. This is because everything matters and it feels so lovely in my body when I live from a connection to myself and others.

  71. Now that I have felt the topic of reincarnation be presented with truth and understand the love and responsibility around this universal immutable law I can make sense of so many things that happen in my life and others. Knowing that we don’t ‘get away with’ our loveless choices and that we are constantly given the opportunity to choose love and to learn from this process it brings greater purpose and meaning to my life. If we all knew and understood this law of love we would begin to make different choices. It is no wonder this topic has been buried and bastardised over time. Feeling the truth of reincarnation has helped me understand so much about why things unfold the way that they do and with this I have also felt the level of responsibility I have to express with.

  72. How often have we heard the statement ‘Oh well we only live once, might as well make the most of it.’ This is generally used to justify recklessly overindulging in something we know is not good for ourselves or others. Responsibility is conveniently put aside when reincarnation is not a consideration. By making other statements like ‘Oh well, I won’t be around to see it’ and ‘Leave it for the next generation, they can sort it out’ we completely wash our hands of accountability. If the true understanding of reincarnation was more widely embraced life would look very different and for many would hold a far greater depth of purpose and meaning.

    1. Yes Barbara I agree. The ‘only live once’ philosophy has caused great harm in the world and excused very unloving choices and behaviours. If it was taught in school that you come back to the mess you left the world in, it would empower humanity to ponder deeply on our choices and to consider that our actions leave an imprint we have to come back to.

  73. Come back and do it again! I narrowly escaped death so many times I feel I have used all my 9 lives already. I should be walking on egg shells just to make it to the end of this life. Universal Medicine has shown that it is never too late to come back to who we have always been. That’s what I am working on, I want to come back to what I have started, better late then never.

  74. Yes, reincarnation just makes so much sense when you look at it like this Nicole. I have always felt there is a bigger picture and gaining more awareness from Serge Benhayon has been spectacular. I see most days some people existing with the ‘drudge’ of existence, giving up and a feeling of ‘what’s the point’. What a great way to live in an understanding that EVERYTHING is the point!

    1. Great comment Ginadunlop. Everything is the point. Everything we think, say and do is the point and when this is a truth known in ones body it really does bring an enormous amount of responsibility and purpose to being love to that everything. When we bring love to our everything we are laying the foundation to come back to a life of love. Reincarnation when understood is a beautiful process which allows us to feel and learn from our choices and to come back to love.

  75. Reincarnation introduces the fact of self responsibility. Nothing motivates me more to sort out my old patterns than the thought of having to come back and repeat them.

    1. So true Donna. I haven’t wanted to delay in working through and healing my patterns, knowing they will be simply waiting for me to fall back into next life if I don’t bring truth and love to healing them now.

    2. Yes, agree, and I wonder how many times we have repeated the same, life time over life time, over lifetime. What an opportunity the hear and now presents.

  76. Living on automatic pilot and just ‘going through the process of the day but never really bothering to stop and consider why we did what we did, and if what we were doing was actually right for us, or anyone else’ is when you think about it quite a robotic mentality, a mechanical and lifeless way to live that is rather Stepford wifeish. Its certainly great to know there is another way Nicole!

  77. I have often pondered on why are we born into the families that are poor financially or ones filled with love, into sickness, emotional or physical, etc? Is it random or is it an energetic alinement? If its energetic alinement I want to live my life in a way that is loving, self nurturing and evolutionary. with a deep connection to myself and God. When I return, I will return to the same. Thank you Nicole for your inspiring blog.

    1. Reincarnation for me is an undeniable truth and as you say Nat, this is a realization to be aware of that what you leave behind in this life is what you will return to in a next life. And it is the same with our current life, I do not believe in a random pick but a follow up on what was left behind.

    2. Well said Nat. There is no coincidence that we are born into the family we are based on the laws of reincarnation and what we are here to learn and bring. As Universal Medicine has presented and is an undeniable truth for me, if we wonder why our childhood was loveless, we only need to connect to the fact that that is how we treated our children in our past life and we are here to feel the enormity and hurt of that to give us the opportunity to choose differently and not repeat the cycle. Free will is the greatest gift from God, because ultimately if we choose to repeat our behaviours, it matters not, because the opportunity will keep coming around and around until we realise that there is another way live.

  78. This is awesome, Nicole. You have made reincarnation very relatable and real. I grew up in a culture that very much believed in and fostered the idea of reincarnation – but it was just a concept, and it didn’t go further than ‘if you do something bad, you will be sent to hell and get punished and when you come back as an insect, or some horrible creature, when you come back for your next life, or born into a horrible circumstances’ and for the fear of the said punishment we were encouraged to be good; and there was fascination about who we were in the past lives – yet the majority of us lived with such recklessness and irresponsibility saying ‘we only live once’. It felt rather random how one past life led to another, and, to me, it never added up.

  79. It is true that there is a huge responsibility we hold in this world and currently there is a huge amount of irresponsibly in how we live. What you have shared Nicole is a true way of living that does hold that responsibility and a way that can bring a great amount of joy! Definitely inspiring.

  80. Thanks Nicole. “To enjoy living the simplicity of my life rather than living in the overwhelm of the life that goes on around me.” I love the way you have put that.. Life just goes on around you if you don’t stop and enjoy it. Great point about déjavu too…

  81. In the stillness of god we are.
    In the presence of our tenderness and exquisite delicateness we are.
    In connection to our bodies and inner heart we know god.
    In this connection we are in union and brotherhood with the all.
    Surely this is a life worth living and coming back to?

    1. Thomas what you have shared is very beautiful, and reminds me that we don’t have to live in the misery we see around us. Being connected with ourselves, humanity and with God makes the trip worthwhile.

    2. Beautifully written Thomas. A life with a connection to God and all is definitely a life worth coming back to.

  82. By thinking we only have one life & then we die, we allow ourselves to live irresponsibly. I love that you asked yourself what it would be like if you came back again after you had died and then took responsibility and changed your life – inspirational.

  83. A great article to ponder on Nicole. I can relate to your comment when you described the thought of having to come back and do it all again. I have felt the sadness of that too and gave me an opportunity to also consider that perhaps there are aspects of my life that are not great and make me feel sad at the thought of having to repeat it all. Such a great realisation that it is time to make those changes.

  84. It’s not just that it makes so much sense of everything, but it also feels true deep down.. and it fits in perfectly as part of the natural cycles in our world and understanding of our true evolution towards brotherhood and to God.

  85. Some great pondering here Nicole, when we see the possibility that our today will be an indication of our tomorrow, or rather that our today has been the result of the day we’ve had prior or yesterday and the logical sequencing of this ‘before and after’, then we can so too understand the sensibility and fact that this current life will follow the next life, and that our next life is based on the one before, and its quality as you say. Reincarnation is a natural and reflecting cycle that calls for responsibility in the way we live life (lives).

  86. Nicole this is a great way of looking at life it gives it great meaning and purpose but also asks for a great level of responsibility, something I used to shy away from but that was so painful, I have found being responsible is actually a joy, a way of creating a beautiful foundation to come back to.

  87. Now and again I hear people saying ‘you only live once’, in other words make the most of the time you have, but I never hear people talk about the quality of the life they want to have, maybe money, health and success but mostly to party hard seems to be the main meaning of making the most of life.
    I had a conversation the other day with a young man about how the rock stars look a lot older for having lived a life of drugs, sex and rock and roll and he said that if he could have that life style, looking really old at 60’s and 70’s would be worth it.
    The more I accept the fact that we are on a merry go round and I will eventually come back and do it all again and that it is my responsibility to live in a way which will ensure I have learned from my ‘party hard’ days and I no longer want to trash my body, the more I realise it’s not all about me, but about all of us.

  88. What you say brings me right back to responsibility. This is not a rehearsal, I cannot un-do everything at my wish, there are consequences, and as you say: will I want to come back to do this again? noooo. If I indulge in emotions, if I get stuck in drama and struggle, I create it and no one is going to magically come and undo it for me. I have to live knowing that every step is building my future, every moment comes back to itself, and the reason to self care and self love is that, not only for me but as a multidimensional ripple effect that simultaneously affects my past present future, and everything else in the universe.

  89. I find that that’s why reincarnation make so much sense ! Other wise, there’s really no purpose in living and no real responsibility for anyone to take… Yet knowing that what we come back to depends on how we live brings a tad bit more meaning to life.

    1. In reading your comment Emily – it is absurd how as a society we do not see let alone embrace this very simple yet powerful fact – there is a purpose to life and that is to evolve back to the love we are.

      1. So true , Marcia. I have felt myself pulled by the material world and all the “good” times but after having or completed each thing on offer the emptiness is still there. Now I am choosing evolution and although I am not always holding myself in a loving way consistently, I feel the true purpose in my life and the responsibility that comes with that and that feel awesome.

    2. Yes Emily reincarnation does make so much sense and brings true purpose to living life from a foundation of responsibility for our choices and the forever learning that ensues.

  90. When we really take the time to ponder on and feel into reincarnation for ourselves, the automatic follow on is just as you have described Nicole: ‘ I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to. And not one that left me thinking, “Oh, no, not again…”. Awesome.

  91. It is really easy to think that we are not coming back and thus make choices with little or no foresight. When we consider reincarnation, then our choices do count.

    1. It’s easy not to consider the impact our choices will have (on ourselves or others) if we remove or avoid responsibility that we might come back to our choices, however being aware of our responsibility takes making choices to a whole new level. Instead of living life with a ‘it doesn’t matter’, ‘I can do what I like’ or just ‘hoping’ it will be better next time around, reincarnation really offers us a way not only to create a deeper richer foundation of our lives this time around, but to prepare the foundation for the next.

  92. What if……I die now and that this is the foundation of my next life? Great question to ponder upon. Mostl interesting is how does that make me feel? This question was posed to me when I was a very depressed end teens and I didn’t want to go on in this life and wanted to step out of it. The answer to this question came to me immediately. I deep down had this knowing there was more to this life, that I could not just step out of it and get away with it. I was angry, very angry, because I knew I had to take responsibility for my life now. That was not what I was going for. This was my biggest ‘stop moment’. From there on, grudgingly at the beginning (years…), I choose for life, to live. And after 30 years, if you were to ask me this question again, I would say: I love my life now, but if I have to leave this body….bye,bye, all, see you soon again.

    1. Beautiful sharing Caroline, and it is a great question to ask ourselves every now and then to honestly feel where we are at and be true about the choices we make in the life we live at the moment, “What if……I die now and that this is the foundation of my next life?”

    2. Caroline it is a great question to ask, ‘What if I die now and that this is the foundation of my next life? It brings or invites a real stop moment for me to reflect and ponder on and to feel where I am still hanging onto ‘ the old’, the familiar and the comfort which of course only holds me back……

    3. I really like that Caroline, “Bye bye, all, see you soon again.” Nothing surer.
      I have had episodes twice in my life where I could have died but something in me strongly chose life as I knew there was a purpose still and that I would just have to come back and do it all over again until I ‘got it’. This felt very clear to me both times and I am so glad I chose life and the choice to continue to evolve. Universal Medicine simply confirmed all of this that I already knew when it came along.

  93. I recall having that feeling of, “What? We have to do this again?” a couple of times in my life, too- usually when things weren’t going so well! The rest of the time, I subscribed to the “inching your way along the path of goodness” version of reincarnation i.e if you’re good, you get to be reborn higher up the chain of command; which still left the absolute responsibility of my reincarnation in someone else’s approving hands. I far prefer, and it makes way more sense to me, to subscribe to the Universal Medicine understanding of reincarnation as one where we rebalance everything we have done with true Love and leave a path of Love that all may tread, including ourselves, upon our return.

  94. You really nailed it for me- it is a whole different way of living, if you live in respect to reincarnation and supporting yourself and others in this. The world society communicates unfortunately nothing like that…

    1. Yes Steffihenn, if you look at this blog this would be our great future ahead of us.. If we all look with this honesty and respect of our future (our place we come back to and leave for short period of time). If we look at it as our cycle, would we not treat our world differently?

    2. I agree Steffihen, the words that did it for me were ‘ if my life is so amazing, why wouldn’t I want to come back and do it again’. And if it isn’t amazing, now is the time to make it so, so that when I come back I am clearer, and better equipped to serve humanity. There is work to be done, and I want to be part of it.

  95. Thank you Nicole for sharing, I was brought up a Catholic and life was all about repenting from sin and doing good so you could get to heaven. What a burden that way of being was. About 10 years ago I visited Thailand and one night found myself having a past life experience, it was so strong that I could never doubt that reincarnation was real. Some time after that, I came to Universal Medicine and learnt about the responsibility I have with every decision I make. The impact I have on all life around me and the opportunity I have to bring the fullness of who I am, not just to this life, but to my next life. I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon for presenting to me that I am a child of a God with a pure inner heart and not a child who is a sinner.

    1. There are many children Jill who can recount their past lives in great detail, some of which have actually been recounted and historically verified in documentaries.. it is definitely worth exploring with an open mind. Many people will not entertain reincarnation because the responsibility it brings up is too daunting – many live life trying to run fast from what they are crashing and burning behind them, the thought of having to revisit that is too much.,.. However reincarnation can be seen the other way around – an amazing opportunity to learn what is true, and learn from our past experiences, to make different choices, and to understanding more deeply what is love and who we are.

  96. Reincarnation . . . the fundamental reason for choosing responsibility.

    If this life isn’t all there is, if we are to return to this world and once again live as part of humanity, then what we do now, in this life, sows the seeds for what we will return to.

    If we as a people, don’t stand up for truth in this life then where will the ‘evils’ and ‘ill’ of the world, such as terrorism and greed, be by the time we come back again?

    On a more personal scale, if we do not raise our children to be both accountable and sensible of their own power to affect others then what impact will they have on the ‘others’ they touch throughout their lives? when we then reincarnate, how will they and those ‘others’ have shaped the world we are then reborn into?

    Everyone carries hurts from the way they have been treated by others, whether this be not being adored by their parents for their innate amazingness, or bullied at school by one who couldn’t deal with their own hurts. If we go through this life showing people that they can trust and be open with others, showing people love and that they too can express in love – what kind of world would we come back to then?

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