Creating a Life to Come Back to

by Nicole Serafin, Age 40, Tintenbar, NSW

I had never really bothered to stop and ponder on what it was that I was here for, nor how it was that I should treat and relate to the body which I had chosen to arrive here in. I was born, I lived, I partied, often way harder than what my body could really cope with and so the roundabout went.

My uncle used to have a saying, and excuse some of the language…“you eat, you shit and you die”. The older that I got the more this became a reality.

Or was this the reality?

In one way, yes it was, but it felt like a false sense of reality: a reality that if I chose to live in such a way of pure existence and nothing else – then yes, that was life… A life where I got up and went on automatic pilot, going through the process of the day but never really bothering to stop and consider why we did what we did, and if what we were doing was actually right for us, or anyone else.

I began to ponder on the fact that maybe, just maybe, there was more to life and that I was here for a purpose; that there had to be more.

As I considered the possibility of coming back again after I had died to do it all again, it began to feel quite real. “Oh, my god”, I would think to myself, “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again… I could not possibly do it again!” Yet if I felt like this, then what was the quality of my life? And if my life was so amazing, why wouldn’t I want to come back and do it all over again?

With this thought I began to look at life and the way I was living. I began to ask myself some questions…

  • You know that feeling of what we call Deja Vu, the feeling that you have been somewhere before, met that person before, or done that before…? Could it be that this feeling is true, because you have?
  • Could it be that there is a bigger picture, a plan that if you so dare to ponder, greater than we have ever imagined?
  • Could it be that we are able to make more of an impact on the world and the society in which we live, if only we dare to stop and consider that there may be more – that we may be more… even if it is only for a second, and allow ourselves to feel all of these things that we so often feel – but choose to push aside and ignore? To allow ourselves to begin to choose those inner feelings and to choose to live a life filled with honesty, truth and love?

When I came across and began to attend Universal Medicine presentations, and courses and sessions with Serge Benhayon, all that I had been feeling not only about life but also myself, began to make even more sense. Everything that I heard and felt was just confirming what I had already been feeling: the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.

I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to. And not one that left me thinking, “Oh, no, not again…”.

I now have an opportunity to live in a way that at the end of the day I am not exhausted, and that I actually look forward to getting up in the mornings, without dreading what lies ahead for the day. To enjoy living the simplicity of my life rather than living in the overwhelm of the life that goes on around me.

I have to thank Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine for being the inspiration for all that I am and all that I have. I now have a life that I look forward to coming back to – a life that I can continue to build and work on in a way that is supportive of everyone and everything.

359 thoughts on “Creating a Life to Come Back to

  1. I have just allowed myself to stop to feel this
    ‘Could it be that we are able to make more of an impact on the world and the society in which we live, if only we dare to stop and consider that there may be more – that we may be more… even if it is only for a second, and allow ourselves to feel all of these things that we so often feel – but choose to push aside and ignore? To allow ourselves to begin to choose those inner feelings and to choose to live a life filled with honesty, truth and love?’
    Do we push aside and ignore our feelings because the enormity of what we feel is so overwhelming that we have all contributed to a way of living that doesn’t work no matter how hard we ‘try’ to fix it. It wasn’t until Serge Benhayon came along and started to offer a different way of life that it was possible to start to see the gaping flaws in our current way of life. If we live in a perfect world why is humanity so sick?

  2. “ My uncle used to have a saying, and excuse some of the language…“you eat, you shit and you die”.” I have heard that saying in my much younger years and I felt that same – “This can’t be it?” I’ve always felt there has to be more, that the physicality alone (and the poor state of the world) was not it, that there had to be a greater purpose, a plan, and that there was an energy behind everything. That knowing and sense became very real for me, and with a deeper understanding of the details of our collective human purpose when I too connected to the presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine Nicole, and it has supported me to change every part of my life (and still changing) to reflect life with my Soul.

    1. In the industry I work in many men who have experienced war first hand have this saying because they have been brutalised by the experience of war. Can you imagine these men that at their core being are very sensitive, but are trained in such away that squashes and denies their sensitivity so that they can survive in the field of combat. When the war is over the emotional trauma is still within their bodies so is it any wonder they have such a hardened view as they have seen such deprivation of human life.

  3. Thank you Nicole, life has so many unanswered question that have-had a Light shone on them through the presentations by Serge Benhayon and one day these amazing revelations will become our normal understandings.

  4. Over and over again, endless cycles being offered to us so that each and every missed opportunity comes back again till such time that we have indeed embraced each one of them and learned what was needed to be learned, deepened what was needed to be deepened. This cycle may be an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade, a life….What may feel like a curse at times, is actually one of the greatest blessings that we could all possibly be afforded.

    1. Henrietta I am discovering that there are so many cycles within cycles that life is not linear at all, which is how we have been educated to believe. Just as there are cycles within cycles there are lies within lies, that we have all fallen for and accepted as truths. but when we first recognise a lie and start to pick at the corners then the lie unravels and we get to see the truth. Serge Benhayon uses the Ageless Wisdom teachings to cut through the lies to reveal the truth that we are lied to and have accepted the lies on so many levels that we are stuck in a collective swamp of our own making and the only way out is to deconstruct the lies we have all accepted as the truth.

  5. That feeling of Dejà vu is so common – a feeling of having been to the same place before, a feeling of having experienced something the same way before, a feeling of having met someone before and known someone so well even though it is the first time you have met them in this life…There are too many situations like this for me and hence it is near impossible to deny that we have been there before with that person in another way in another life…and that we keep coming back.

  6. Imagine if we all made our one life about every life and hence the One Life – Nicole I love what you have shared here regarding what we can all do to live foundationally: “a life that I can continue to build and work on in a way that is supportive of everyone and everything.

  7. Purpose is really the key, that we can connect to something much bigger than ourselves alone, and in every moment we can contribute back to the greatness we are a part of and do so for everyone, nature, and the universe.

    1. I agree Melinda, Knowing that there is something much bigger than ourselves, much grander is something that I can feel at last. Everything that Serge Benhayon has been exposing is at last making sense to me and many others. We are pulling the wool from our eyes as the saying goes to discover a greater, grander life than we ever could have imagined.

      1. Mary I have been more recently noticing how truly awful it feels when I am lost in self and consumed with my own small world, I don’t mean the necessities of self care and nurturing and day to day living, but it shuts off the expansion of knowing we are all part of a greater plan and not separated, and that our every move in the ocean of energy we live in can count towards greater love, or abuse. Purpose is very expanding, and the ‘self’ is like a small, compressed spec! Purpose is in no way selfless, as we each are a very equal part of the whole we can represent by committing to living the love that is our Soul.

  8. When you part-i hard as the saying used to go ‘party hard and leave a good looking corpse’ or as you have shared about dying Nicole, when we part-i we leave ourselves and commit to a life that also literally dehydrates us so we then also poop less and therefore prune ourselves into an early grave. Yet when we celebrate life every day we hydrate with water, eat, poop, make love, live in joy and are a part of a true way of living as is presented in The Way of The Livingness life become a celebration every day.

  9. When I was a teen I remember clearly dreading the next 50, 60 years ahead of me on my then current trajectory. It was crushingly depressing. Now I really look forward to the years and lives ahead. Because if I do carry on with everything I do appreciate being in my life now then it’s gonna be amazing.

    1. Absolutely Leigh being in my 60s is great and I look forward to passing-over to come back and start a new relationship with so many True Family who are a living testament to a True way of living. True family being, My Equal Brothers, who have God as their Father, and the Stars as their Mother, and all of humanity as a part of that Family, for is this not True Love.

      1. What you are referring to Gregbarnes888is that there is a grander way of life to live which the majority of us are not living, but that doesn’t mean it is not there to live. What you have shared with us all is very confirming.
        “True family being, My Equal Brothers, who have God as their Father, and the Stars as their Mother, and all of humanity as a part of that Family, for is this not True Love.”

  10. Am I living a life that I want to come back to? Did I wake up this morning looking forward to the day ahead? If not, why not? Rather than hoping that I would never have to come back again, or be the victim of circumstances, it is far more sensible to live for if and when I do come back. Nothing is ever left behind.

  11. This is a great conversation that we all need to look deeply into as you have shared Nicole, when we start to understand the responsibility that we have each life why would we not want to pass-over as clear as possible so when we reincarnate we can evolve. And then we would not be so judge-mental or emotional of others as we would understand that they have their journey according to the way they were in previous lives.

    1. Is it possible that what you are sharing gregbarnes888 is that we can live lifetimes disconnected from who we truly are and that it can take many life times or one life time to get back on track of knowing that as you have said in a previous comment
      “God as their Father, and the Stars as their Mother, and all of humanity as a part of that Family, for is this not True Love”.

    1. Avoiding the universal truths of karma and reincarnation is a bit like a permission slip for irresponsibility.

  12. We are robbing ourselves not feeling, allowing or knowing there is more to life than what we are currently living, including reincarnation. There is so much more to our being and we are connected to far more than we think we are.

    1. Yes, for many people the reality is, ‘I had never really bothered to stop and ponder on what it was that I was here for, nor how it was that I should treat and relate to the body which I had chosen to arrive here in.’

  13. Knowing the greater purpose to life and the fact that we come back again and again brings a whole other perspective, one that is asking for much more awareness and thus responsibility. It is for this reason that many hold on to the false belief that we only have one life.

    1. Carolien is it not that we are born into a life that has been pre set up for us to believe there is only one life? That we have to actually see past the lies that have been spread before us, the smoke and mirrors that support us to live the lie. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon continues to expose the lies we have been born into and constantly fed. Serge Benhayon continues to show us that there is a way out of the deceit we have all fallen for. In the future he will be known as the greatest Prophet that has graced this plane of life. He leaves no stone unturned in showing humanity the tricks and evil ways the spirit dominates over our bodies as it tries to escape from the truth that it separated from the soul to pursue its own version of creation and uses the physical body as its puppet.

  14. Asking the question if we would come back and do it over again is a great marker for how great our life truly is. I would definitely want to come back to what I am living now knowing that it will only be more because that is the way I live.

  15. It makes sense to sort it all out now so it is a beautiful life ahead. It is so easy to give up and withdraw. It might be comfortable for a day but the next day is worse. It then takes more energy that hurts in the end to sustain this withdrawal and giving up. However, trust me, when you know there is more and go for it what constellates is just unimaginable and worth every moment of giving it your all.

  16. I have a deeper experience of life within me then just of this life, I have no doubt that I have lived more. You see a baby born and they are not born empty and it is not just genetics that give them their personality. You can feel the ageless quality within them and as they grow you can see the past lives experiences show themselves. I feel we are here to learn, and I see karma and how we find ourselves in the plan of life, deeply interesting and revelationary.

    1. Samantha I feel that you are expressing that there is a science to and of life that we are in deep disregard of, which is why we are stuck in the swamp of creation until we come to the understanding that we are all here not to be here and start to pay attention to the science we are all a part of.

  17. The way we perceive life to be does have a big impact on what we will call ‘reality’ and in my experience it is very worthwhile being open to consider or reflect from deep inside of ourself if there are beliefs we’re holding that may be actually clouding our clarity of what life is truly about…

    1. Fiona this is huge what you have shared – our perception of life if influenced by our beliefs, can be a very warped version of what life really is and so we are constantly offered to see this differently however, there are times we may be stuck and need an incident or something to shake us out of it and be more free to take the next steps.

    2. Fiona I totally agree with you from my own experience of life that I am full of beliefs, ideals, projections, justifications, conditions that cloud my senses. Sometimes I can see the impact so clearly of all these impositions. It’s as though the sun has come out from behind the clouds and I can see and clearly feel God. Then the sun goes behind a cloud and all I can feel are my imperfections. But now I can appreciate they are not me but thoughts that are fed to me to stop me from aligning back to the truth of God. To regain clarity of life and why we are here is gold because then no matter what we cannot be lied to any more

  18. By and large, life is not easy. We relate to life in response to that fact. We like some parts of it, we dislike others, we resent yet others. If there is only one life, there is nothing in you that is willing to change how you relate to life. After all, why bother? Yet, if you entertain the possibility that there is re-incarnation, you can see clearly how we set ourselves up by accepting that life is what it is. By doing so, you keep yourself in a specific vibration you die in and you return to, next life.

    1. Reincarnation offers us the bigger picture, that there is a purpose to human life and that we can make changes to return to love every cycle. Without the understanding of reincarnation and the difference between spirit and soul we seem to cement the same (or worse) levels of the status quo to come back to.

  19. I love the title of this blog ‘Creating a Life to come back to.” We have a responsibility to build through our movements a life that is way more loving and true, than the one we came into.

    1. When our Life is lived as you have shared Kehinde, it is a truly deepening responsibility to life, and may I add that we also prepare and share with our Brothers in Heaven a co-creative relationship that will deliver us from the evils we have lived so we can move, walk and reflect the Love of the Heavens.

      1. I know someone who is an absolute true inspiration in my life. They walk heaven on earth with such grace, beauty and absolute joy and as they walk, they reflect back to humanity the possibility that we can walk again with heaven. It’s not some fancy ‘out there’ idea or concept but very much a reality, which stands out like a beacon to say this can be your way too, come and be with me and bask in the warmth of God’s love which confirms heaven earth.

    2. Bringing responsibility and purpose into our lives brings a whole new dimension, ‘Could it be that we are able to make more of an impact on the world and the society in which we live, if only we dare to stop and consider that there may be more – that we may be more… ‘

      1. Claiming what we are innately becomes a focus and deepens the what that we become as we explore our amazing sensitivities and tenderness.

  20. The Ageless Wisdom teachings shows us that life is not about us alone, but all of us working purposefully together. When we understand this, every relationship becomes an opportunity to reflect the love we are and when we do, the quality of our lives is transformed. One life transformed offers the same possibility to others, not for this life only, but future lives also.

  21. I have had a few conversations recently about reincarnation and they have been along the lines of everyone agreeing that there is no other explanation to what we are seeing in life. Even though more people are feeling that this is true, we have yet to join the dots of how we are living now, can influence the life we return to. This will be one of the greatest sciences of our future and understanding this will change our lives and how we live them forever.

  22. Its a great question – would I want to come back and live this life again. If yes, then I must be on the right path and it is a call to expand the love, grow what I am expressing, delve deeper for more truth. If no, then time to change.

    1. Yes, and also a great question to ask to see where we stand with the rest of humanity, our fellow brothers. Is all that I live in accordance with what I deep down know to be true? In other words, would I also want to come back to a life where I am at the receiving end of my own deeds?

    2. Our foot print on this earth, is not just for one life time, if we actually took stock and considered this our behaviours would be very different. Would we want to come back and face what we have aligned with and created? Or would we live in a different way. It is interesting as well because even if you do not want to see reincarnation as real, how about the future generations and what our mark on this earth leaves for them, we have a responsibility to prepare the world for who ever comes around next, be it ourselves or others, we are all family.

    3. There is an even bigger question “would I want everyone to come back and live this life again?”

  23. I can certainly remember having many “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again…” moments in my life, especially as a teenager; life seemed way too hard and to have to do it all over again was the last thing I could imagine doing. But fast forward many years and now living life with a whole new understanding, thanks to the wise presentations of Serge Benhayon, I am actually looking forward to doing it all over again. Why, because now I know – well I’ve always known, but chose to forget – that it is the way I live in this life which will determine how my next life unfolds. That knowing places the responsibility for how my life unfolds right back where it has always belonged, in my own hands.

    1. How beautiful Ingrid to feel this level of embracing life now compared to how it once was. When we understand the bigger picture and know why it is that we are here, then life takes on a different meaning and we are far more embracing of our incarnation and our role and true purpose here.

  24. “My uncles” also “used to have a saying, and excuse some of the language…“you eat, you shit and you die”. The older that I got the more this became a reality.”

    “Or was this the reality?”

    So is it any wonder we cry when we poo our nappy as we are craving a different ‘s..t’. Our past life has so much of an effect on the next incarnation and feeling that responsibility take the ‘s..t’ out of life!!!!
    And may I add Gabrielle, where will we be when ‘s..t’ hits the fan?

  25. Spot on Elizabeth, so leaving Loving imprints feels much simpler with a deeper awareness of how that will “impact” our lives so as we understand “the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.”

  26. “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again…” How much of our lives is set around these words and when we consider our bucket-list would we throw in there our last request and would we demand a banquet for a meal, and if we did what would that look like.

    So imagine for a second this is going to be our last-supper would we indulge to feel full but empty of our divine connection or would we eat to support our way of living to that point so we pass-over as clear as possible. Then could our last meal be a simple soup, grilled fish and salad seasoned with some pepper and olive oil, or even a slow cooked baked lamb-roast on bed of salad with a simple spinach side dish?
    A key word in the ‘Truth in words’ is “reincarnation” so from birth to death we have a “true understanding” of our true ‘responsibility’ in how we live, thus from our conception until our last breath when we pass-over is our incarnation. And that one incarnation has an effect on our next incarnation so understanding what is Truly meant effects a great deal more than when we simply look at the word because words hold an ‘energetic expression’ way beyond all the spelling rules, grammatical workings and the reinterpretations of words like “reincarnation” and ‘true-responsibility’.
    How important is it to eat every meal as if it is our last so we build a continuing momentum that we take to our next incarnation.
    As you have shared Nicole, “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again…” So we arrive as a new born not looking for our pizza etc!!!

    For more on passing-over joy-fully, until our last breath see the video at;

  27. I have always known that this is not the only life, that we come back, but I can honestly say that I wasn’t looking forward to doing it all over again. But then I came to realise that the quality of my next life will totally depend on the quality of this life so the deeper I care for me, the more issues I clear from my life the stronger and supportive will the foundation be for the next one.

  28. Serge Benhayon makes the most sense of anyone I have ever heard. My whole body nods when I hear him speak.

  29. I did always wonder what life was really about, that there must be more to it than just living and dying, but no one could ever give me any substantial answers until I met Serge Benhayon. Once I heard him talk about the ageless wisdom, that we all reincarnate time and time again to learn the truth about life and to support and inspire others to understand the same, everything made sense to me. When we come to know this, there is no disputing the truth we feel deep within our own bodies.

  30. I can recall many ‘I don’t want to come back and do this all over again’ moments in my life, especially as a teenager. That was one part of my life I definitely did not want to repeat. But thanks to the presentations of Serge Benhayon on reincarnation I can now see so clearly that the more old and unwanted patterns I release from this life the less patterns there will be in my next life to hold me back from the amazing me. This life is simply preparation for the next, and so the cycle continues.

  31. The deeper understanding that is available to us all through what Universal Medicine has given us about returning until we get to live the true responsibility that we all need to evolve has been a great enlightenment for many students.

  32. We bring all of ourselves to everything we do, and all of ourselves is the quality in which we have lived.

  33. And it is like each day that we live is a ‘little life’ – returning to the consequences of our lived way.

  34. All what I am letting go off now, all the last 10 years studying with Universal Medicine and heal so many hurts is lightening up my body and the imprint what I will find when I come back will be much lighter too. This is such a joy to feel. We are masters and will return to the oneness.

  35. Everything that happens to us we bring on ourselves. There is no great fist in the sky coming down to beat us and blame us when we mess-up. We simply live, love and learn and start afresh in every moment.

  36. A very fatalistic view of the world and human life, this “you eat, you shit, you die” slogan. It doesn’t seem to leave any room for joy, love and harmony and portrays nothing but a certain and inescapable functionality when we are in truth, far greater than that.

  37. Thank you a Nicole, I too could not feel that life around me was all there was, I kept feeling there had to be more to life, more than ticking the boxes of images of success, more than the prevalent misery, distress and trauma, more than the daily grind, but that there was a depth and purpose missing. I always had the question of ‘why are we here?’ I knew there was a deeper truth but I could not access it within me until I found the support of Universal Medicine and was able to reconnect back to my soul and gain an understanding of the bigger picture. Living from a connection to soul has certainly changed everything for me and life now feels rich with love, truth and joy, there is a depth of purpose which feels beautiful to live and each day is an opportunity to live even more of all my soul offers to me and through me to the world.

  38. There has to be life after life. There would be no point to life otherwise. To be it makes sense, for it doesn’t make sense that there would be no purpose to life. Otherwise why are we here? I work in palliative care and these questions are very prominent, certainly for me, but also for many that I care for. I do see a lot of people that say the same saying as your uncle and honestly that what they think that life is about. But there is more to life as there is death and there is only the death of our physical body. Our essence, our life force, our soul continues, never ending. To be honest knowing this takes the unknown and any fear our of dying for I know that this whole process is based on love and whatever I come back to is for me to learn and grow more. Not a punishment in sight.

  39. I have always had an understanding of reincarnation in this life but the understanding was lacking in many ways. So, I too often had thoughts of “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again… I could not possibly do it again!” – and adding ‘this is way too hard’. But thanks to Serge Benhayon lifting the veil of illusion around reincarnation I now have the missing pieces and I too look forward to coming back once again and so live my life in a way I am always preparing for what I know to be true.

  40. The so called “coincidences” that occur in life cannot possibly be coincidences. They tell me there is much more going on than meets the eye, and that is energy. Energy plays a giant role in life and in death.

  41. Each one of us is free to choose how to define life and live it. What you choose sets a ceiling to your awareness and of how you need (and what you need from) life to confirm your choice.

  42. I know now what my purpose is in life. My life is not only for me to enjoy, but it should be for others a source of inspiration to live in a different way. Am I that inspiration? Am I enjoying myself every day? Not everyday, but more and more. Not because I should but because I am that beauty, that could inspire others.

  43. We’ve given up making sense because we don’t like the answers we get. So we settle for disjointed bits of dogma and cynicism instead of simplifying it. Simplicity gives us nowhere to hide – this life or the next. Thank you Nicole for this beautiful blog.

  44. Without the greater purpose that is true for everyone equally, may they know it or not, life is like living on a flat earth where you need to fear goind of the cliff. Purpose is the spark that makes the world go round and round filled with meaning and responsibility, a circular movement back towards one´s divine self.

  45. If we all are starting to observe our ways and consider the above sharing, we would all find that there is more for us to life from and come back to. This blogs enriches us with the knowing and purpose of why we walk here on earth, and that it is for each one of us to come back to this knowing – until we no longer need to have those deja vu’s, but live in the present time.

  46. It is beautiful to realise the responsibility we have in the way we live, and how it is easier to respond to the call of responsibility, than resist it.

  47. We can look at our lives through eyes that consider us only as individuals or, we can consider us all as a collective whole in which the quality of our interactivity, regard and love for each other reflects, the quality of the world around us, it’s our choice.

  48. Reincarnation certainly brings life into sharp focus. There is no escaping ourselves, so it’s up to us to be all that we are and be love in this life.

  49. Nicole what you write here makes perfect sense, that our lives do indeed have a purpose that we are here to reflect something back to humanity and at the same time there are lessons for us all to learn too, until such time as we no longer need to repeat them.

  50. Serge Benhayon presents the purpose of life and this calls for a responsibility for every move we make to come from love.

  51. As we grow up we are currently not taught, encouraged or nurtured to feel the value of who we are, the responsibility we all hold, and how the quality of how we live and move has a great impact on the world, as such we are unaware of the power we innately hold when we move in connection to our essence, our Soul. Understanding these basic principles of life is what allows us to feel our purpose and live with greater connection and confidence to be who we innately are through which experience a life of true enrichment.

  52. We can constantly under the movement of cycles – from hours to days to months, years and life-times. We cannot escape what we have lived, and this can be a very good thing or not so pleasant for some.

  53. I love to remind myself that all imprints I leave behind I will meet when I come back. It makes me to smile. This way I can add to our future to be more loving then it is now.

  54. You put it so practically Nicole ‘so is the life I’m living one I want to come back to?’ and that’s in fact a great marker to shine a light on how we’re living now … do we live in a way that is joyful, that is about all of us and not just ourselves, and do we live with purpose, I know that is the life to live and the life to come back to, so the task now is to live each moment fully to the best of my ability and to know that everything I do has an impact beyond what I can imagine, and yet deep down I know and understand this fact. Life is magical and has a purpose, to live the love we are.

  55. I remember watching a movie once where the characters had a purpose and if they didn’t follow through it would affect many many others but they were warned not to get distracted by life’s pleasures. They went into a casino and was offered a food treat and without questioning or discerning it they ate them, they were in this checked-out state that nothing else mattered and they just kept going for more distractions, until finally one of the characters clued on to what was happening and woke everyone else up out of their slumber. Anyway, long story, but I related it to how sidetracked we can get when it comes to doing, having, owning, living just for ourselves and our families, how we can forget about the bigger picture, about connection, about our purpose and the purpose of what we are here to do.

  56. Like paper clips on a desk, we like to shuffle life’s details and find ourselves getting caught up organising the arrangement of ‘things’ – all the time missing the bigger picture of the space we are truly in. Yes everything matters, but to obsesss about which colour post-it note we use when the office is burning down is not quite right. Your words emphasise to me Nicole the beauty that comes when we see the universal picture we are part of in life.

  57. It feels very beautiful to me to know that all the love I am building in my body and in my life will be waiting for me to come back to and build upon in my next life.

  58. What a gracious blog, so real and true – showing us every single breath that we come back where we have left it in, not just for you but also so one another. So, what a beautiful responsibility we have to change things around and leave a grander, greater space for your next return – be it a place of love, warmth, holding and understanding of what needs to be unfolded next. By that said, we need an environment that holds our love brethren by birth as close as possible in connection to our hearts and the Universe. And educate our young in that Way.

  59. What if the quality of life we are living now, in this life, has an influence on the quality of life we will come back to in our next life, would that influence how you are living now – this is a question worth pondering?

  60. I had a laugh re reading this as I remember quizzing people what do you have to do to come back as a caterpillar or a cockroach. I was fully prepared to accept that we came back just wasn’t quite sure how the karma thing worked. Karma as presented in the Ageless Wisdom makes complete logical sense and doesn’t require belief as you can see it plays out before your eyes on a daily basis.

  61. That is a great question to ask ourselves.
    The way and the quality we lived today is that where we want o get back to if we get born again?
    If not, why not? What if we choose to live in a way in which we do look forward to get in.
    If we all would do that we wil l get a very different imprint on earth for our next generation and ourselves when returned to earth again.

  62. It is great when we start to ponder and question life like this, ‘I began to ponder on the fact that maybe, just maybe, there was more to life and that I was here for a purpose; that there had to be more ‘ and this makes so much more sense.

  63. Reincarnation equals responsibility… something we can shirk but can never actually avoid the consequences of. Hence karma and it’s natural law of re-balance, not tit-for tat, but an infinitely loving holding energy that ensures every movement away from the divine love we are, is corrected and restored, by our own choice.

  64. Even if we take reincarnation out of the picture the very way we are with people today comes back to us. The more we see and learn to live in and with cycles the more we can maximise them and learn from them. We have soo much support and assistance if we choose to see it!

  65. I know that I am coming back after this life is complete, I know this because I can feel the quality of the person that I will be, and I know that it is my responsibility to live that quality to the best of my ability today in this life, so that when I return the foundation is not only laid , but the momentum of it will hold me until I am awakened to my remembered purpose in my coming lives.

    1. I feel such clarity in what you have expressed Leigh. Do we go to bed at night and dread waking up for the next day or do we go to bed looking forward to doing it all again the next day? Do we count down our weekdays until Friday and the weekend or do we treat everyday with the same importance? These may seem like basic questions but how we approach the microcosm of our life is how we approach the macrocosm of our existence.

  66. Yes when we look at life through the lens you are sharing here Nicole, it can create a really uncomfortable feeling within, that feeling of ‘oh my goodness’ there is so so much that we are not taking responsibility for and certainly not living in a way that fosters true love and a knowing that we will come back and retrace every step we have taken on this planet, so lets start to take more responsibility for exactly that fact.

  67. Every morning we come back to the day we left the day before. The way I am today is because of the way I was yesterday. So I have a choice to create a foundation for the day I am coming back to tomorrow. So how do I want to live today so that tomorrow is going to be another amazing day? With a bit of awareness, I can begin to make different choices.

  68. It is a responsible living way to be aware of confirming the bigger picture and all that we are – to expand further the deeper knowing of what power and stupendous love that we each hold equally. To show how simple it is to be with life and each other continually evolving to more love and service to The Plan.

  69. Wow, and how many people can say that they have a life that they would truly be happy to come back to? That’s pretty unheard of, mostly because we’re not in the habit of considering the all, considering that there is more than this life, and that there is a much greater picture. Taking on the responsibility that we are part of something bigger than our material possessions and immediate family is a huge deal, and it’s awesome to be inspired by people who say yes to that responsibility.

  70. Beautifully expressed Nicole, if I am returning then I want to make responsible choices in this life that are loving and supportive, not just to reward me but for others to be inspired to live life with a quality as well that is loving and true.

  71. To me living a life like this, that I know I have an impact on the world, and that I create a better life for me and humanity makes life so much more beautiful. I now live for humanity, which will see there is better life for humanity – which includes me – the next time around.

  72. To me it makes life so much more purposeful, to know that after this life there will be a new base on the foundation I have laid in this life.

  73. Yes we would all be living our lives very differently if that was the common foundation for this life. Knowing that we were coming back, I have no doubt that people’s choices would be very different. I know that I will be coming back, so my daily choices are impacted by that responsibility and love for people.

  74. I know without any doubt that I will have future lives, just as I have had past lives. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense to me as to why some people are born with terrible disabilities or illnesses. Everything we choose in life has a consequence, we never ‘get away’ with anything. There is divine Universal Law which unites us all as part of the whole, which we are all a part of, whether we realise it or not.

  75. ‘if my life was so amazing, why wouldn’t I want to come back and do it all over again?’ …. thanks to the teachings of Universal Medicine, so much of what I have felt life was about has been explained. I absolutely LOVE my life and having the opportunity to be who I truly am, at last and to know that this is exactly how we are all supposed to be living together, allowing us to once again live in harmony and brotherhood. It may take a few lifetimes, but I know we will get there and I am very thankful to be a part of the whole journey, however long it takes.

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