Thoughts, Newton’s Third Law & E=mc2: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Serge Benhayon & Me

by Ariana Ray, UK

At a talk I went to with Universal Medicine a few years ago, I heard Serge Benhayon present, ‘every force has an equal and opposite force’.

I thought at the time that it sounded like something Albert Einstein would have said, but actually it was Isaac Newton – and to be exact, Isaac is describing what is known as ‘Newton’s Third Law’, which simply means:

“There is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”.

Now you may be wondering what relevance this has to you? Stick with me and you will be completely blown away by this…

We don’t consider a thought to be a force, do we? Yet it is. Albert Einstein demonstrated this in his work on energy, e=mc2, or in layman’s terms, ‘Everything Is Energy’.

Words and emotions are a force too, as much as any action is. It is all energy, which is something else Serge Benhayon presented in his talk. Serge was talking about ‘energetic responsibility’, which has taken me a while to get my head around. One of the ways it became clear to me was by going back to what Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were saying about it.

If I go back to the evidence our friend Isaac provided, then I can see it’s clear that every thought, every emotion and every word is a force that acts on every body – not just me, the one who is thinking and speaking and being emotional.

The reason for this is “there is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”. It affects EVERYONE.

Slowly I came to realise that my thoughts are not hidden or contained in my body.

Yet didn’t we all grow up thinking we could think as much as we like without affecting anyone? I certainly did. There were no health warnings about this in school or at home and my parents never said, “Don’t you come in here thinking those thoughts!”

Do we think we contain our thoughts, as if our head is a lead-lined ‘blast chamber’ to contain everything inside it, including all thoughts and every emotion we feel? But it’s not lead-lined, it’s not even common-sense lined. Einstein and Newton evidenced that our energy – through our thoughts, emotions and words – actually spray out everywhere and affect everyone. Even if no one is around at the time, they are not limited by time and space, because everything is energy! What a stop that is!

So everything I do, that is – all my actions, everything I say, all my conversations that are purposeful or not, and all my thoughts, no matter what they are – they all have an equal and opposite force going out to others and coming right back at me, straight back into my body. It’s like that old saying “what goes around comes around”.

Is now the time to say “Eeek!” and “Urghh!”…?

So, let’s ask a few obvious questions:

  • If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?
  • What pollution are we dumping on each other, in our homes, cities and our living environments, on our children and those we say we love?

The thing is… if these puppies are coming back at me… Am I going to make sure that what goes out is what I want coming back in, that is – coming back into this body that I have to live with for the rest of my life?

Hmmm… isn’t it interesting that three different individuals, all from different centuries – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Serge Benhayon – can all present the same thing about energy… Now that IS interesting… Can these guys be on to something that’s worth some attention????

338 thoughts on “Thoughts, Newton’s Third Law & E=mc2: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Serge Benhayon & Me

  1. I am beginning to wonder at the intelligence of us as a humanity. Without a doubt we all feel energy. We all know when someone is sad, or angry, or sneaky, or arrogant, just to name a few unmistakeable energies we feel. So if we know this we also know the steadiness, strength, grace and love that is inside each of us. We also innately know that to connect to this requires a level of stillness, presence and acceptance. Giving ourselves an opportunity to stop and feel this is something our soul constantly offers us, could it be that it is up to us to stop, feel and adjust our life to be it.

  2. “If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?”
    I love this question. It simply gives each of us a moment to stop and consider the true responsibility each of us holds.

  3. “Don’t you come in here thinking those thoughts!” that should be a lesson in life to make us aware of the fact that everything is energy. There must be a reason why we hold ourselves from this reality as when we go there we have to admit that we all live irresponsible lives and are contributors to all the illness, disease and atrocities we see in our nowadays societies.

  4. Yes, we are not so much aware of that all is energy and we are living in a pool of energy, which is flowing all of the time. I once heard about someone who did fill up a room with balloons and so, when someone in the room did move, everyone could not but notice. Also the kind of moving was felt a bit – was it rush or gentle etc. This is a tiny little bit like it is moving in energy all of the time. We feel what others do express and emanate all of the time, but we protect ourselves from this because this is very uncomfortable. And if we would be aware of the feelings of others – say we would truly feel who it is to live in Aleppo at the moment, we would HAVE TO do something against it and help. So to shy away from our awareness is to shy away from taking responsibility. This lets us stand not in a good light (spot on!)…but also it contains a silver lining, as it shows that we can live in brotherhood (as we would if we would open up to our awareness again).

  5. Is it possible we don’t want to understand the full extent of what e=mc2 means because of the level of responsibility it takes to live that awareness? I know I can conveniently ‘forget’ that my thoughts are polluting just as much as any mean words or actions I might make and there are a plethora of excuses as to why. But ultimately, the quality of what we express is the quality of what comes back, so to break the cycle of irresponsibility so many of us live in, my thoughts have to be attended to and brought into focus.

  6. YES, to your question Ariana. It only takes one man or woman to live the impulse of truth – to go the direction we need to go and defeat all that we have desired to come in the way. It is by those 3 men, and in this century Serge Benhayon, that I realised I have deviated so far away from my Soul, that I could not even question myself that I did.

  7. Absolutely right Brendan, we think our thoughts stay in our heads, as safe and tucked away, when all too often they are like a toxic soup poisoning everyone around us, our homes and our environments. We all have much to learn and yes ‘en masse may just change the way we approach life completely.’

  8. Appreciating that our thoughts are a force and that they affect everyone can initially be challenging to accept as it takes responsibility to a whole new level but a level that we need to go to it if we are to arrest the rot, whether it be violence, corruption illness & disease, climate change, etc., that is spreading throughout our planet.

  9. We are masters of polluting our planet whether that be with our thoughts or actions… the questions is when will we realise the harm we are causing and look to change the energy and the quality in which we move and think, to live in a way that will not only heal what has come before but allow us to live up to what we are capable of?

  10. They are totally on to something Ariana. And if they were on to it then we are all able to be on to it also… so that begs the question, do we really want to know or remember? There is a responsibility in what we throw around, so if you want to continue to do that without any discernment or consideration than you are not going to want to know this immutable truth. I remember being at a Universal Medicine workshop that Serge Benhayon presents and it was about how what we think, speak, act, move etc. affects every one and everything around us… anyway I remember as quick as seconds entertaining this thought or checking out with this story and how interesting it was to gauge just how much we put out there.

  11. Wow, knowing this gives us such great responsibility. Everything we do, say or think sends ripples out to the world. What kind of ripples do I want to send out?

  12. When considered in this way the potential for the love that can be experienced is huge. The opposite of war = universal love and harmony.

    1. So true Vicky. If we would only stop and honestly look at what we have collectively created to date through allowing lovelessness to lead us, we would then realise our potential as a humanity, that true power can be lived, and the power we all equally hold when we choose love to be our way.

  13. “Yet didn’t we all grow up thinking we could think as much as we like without affecting anyone? I certainly did. There were no health warnings about this in school or at home and my parents never said, “Don’t you come in here thinking those thoughts!”” So very true, we are left to think what we like, but as you describe this already builds up an enormous force that can and actually does push us in all directions, and as we all know, will eventually come out in some uncontrolled action. A brilliant blog to understand that there is so much more to every little action and thought that we have, bringing us awareness that therein lies a responsibility to be very astute and observing with ourselves and not to let things just happen.

  14. A great teaching of the responsibility that we have for everything that is happening around us… we interact with it all on both subtle and gross levels. We may not want to recognise our part in it, but look closely and we can see ways and means that we have subtly altered everything around. Its time we took the blinkers off and took a good hard look.

  15. “If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?” Couldnt help but think of the effect we are all individually having on global warming with those words Ariana. Bears investigation.

  16. I don’t feel we truly consider how toxic and poisoning thoughts truly are, unless perhaps it’s quite extreme and psychological help is sought. For most of my life there has been a steady stream of negative thoughts in varying degrees of intensity, which became like a normal way to live. Goodness knows what these thoughts actually do day in and day out to the body, I know they eclipsed my being from experiencing and expressing joy, lightness and self worth, for example. If we factor in how we each can be filling up the surrounding environment with the polluting quality of energy these thoughts carry, and that they affect one another, then that negativity grows in reach and power.

  17. This is worth all our attention, bringing back true responsibility bound by energetic laws that are everywhere in universe showing us a way back, reflecting and balancing all that we do, it is like magic, altough it is science at the same time. Wonderful science that is.

  18. Great article Ariana, I just love it a wake up call in responsibility of what we are putting out every moment by our every action thought word and deed, not only going out to all the world by its energy but coming back to us, this is huge.

  19. I’m feeling the truth of what’s presented here and in awe that these energetic facts have been scientifically and philosophically recorded for centuries. Yet, looking at the state of the world it is obvious that we have not paid attention to these revelations at all, worse in fact, that humanity does not even hold each other in the slightest amount of respect. Why aren’t these teachings, by all three men, front page news?

  20. There are a few more sayings that we’ve adopted which speak of this opposite and equal force, like; ‘what goes up must come down’ and ‘what goes in must come out’ and of course ‘what goes around comes around’. Deep down I feel we all have a sense of this being a reality and very true, that the force of our thoughts, actions and every movement affects the all and that the energy comes back to us.

  21. As well as observing my thoughts, emotions and the choice of words I speak one of my greatest learnings is not to take on other peoples issues. This behaviour which I am gently letting go of has given me opportunity after opportunity to love myself more deeply. It is work in progress but I know it is impossible to truly love another unless I honour and cherish me first and observe and allow another’s unfolding to take place in it’s own time.

  22. “So everything I do, that is – all my actions, everything I say, all my conversations that are purposeful or not, and all my thoughts, no matter what they are – they all have an equal and opposite force going out to others and coming right back at me, straight back into my body.” Is this not what what most of us can feel is more obvious with all the atrocious things happening in our world today? Perhaps we all can change the world if we would take more responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

  23. There is a responsibility for all of us individual human beings to the state our societies are currently in. We cannot longer say it is because of them or because of any situation. It is all about how we behave ourselves and are with our thoughts and emotions. We can either choose for love and add to that and make our world a more beautiful place to live or choose for the opposite force and add to the waywardness our world is in.

  24. Great to consider that 3 wise men from different centuries are all saying the same thing Ariana – there is certainly something in this… and Serge Benhayon has added to “Everything is Energy, and Everything is because of energy”… there is another blog in this!

  25. I just love when science and philosophy come together – this makes sense to me in that the world (and that includes the way we live) should abide by a deeply understood rationale. I don’t think that pure science has all the answers though, as it is limited to what it can prove (and that has always been limited), yet philosophy provides the extra step that allows pure science to reach further and get beyond its current limitations.

  26. Ariana, you show how holding the belief ‘seeing is believing’ truly limits us, is a blatant lie and causes great harm. To have the awareness that unseen forces within and around us can pollute and destabilise, not just ourselves but everyone, is powerful and a wake up call. Understanding how actions and thoughts impact on the All, makes me more aware of my responsibility to stay connected to my true essence and not willingly let toxic thoughts rule and overwhelm me. I find if I observe but not dwell on them, it is much easier to replace polluting thoughts with those that nurture and support.

  27. I can feel how I have conveniently reduced what ‘energy’ means so that I don’t have to feel the extent of responsibility I need to consider everything about my self. Denying or ignoring it would not make it untrue either, so it is far more wise to start considering the possibility of it being true. Like, holding onto past hurts and still blaming them as the result of my present behaviour – I must obviously know what cannot be seen still has an affect on us beyond the time and place constrain.

  28. In the past when I have read those words, I have only thought of energy as something other people deal with – Like electricity or nuclear power – So it was nothing to do with me. I didn’t imagine that the energy within me or the energy I craved more of, was the same energy. So now I understand that it is and all my energy, even my thoughts, that apparently can be measured by a machine, are energy and make a difference, an impression, on the world. So what quality am I choosing? We now know that there is the energy of love and there is an energy that is not love. Have all my thoughts been loving? No. Some of my thoughts have been awful, in reaction, angry and all of that has made an impression in the world and added to what is going on in the world. Equally, the thoughts I have that are awesome and loving have made an impression in the world, and I am choosing them more often and loving that I do. The more we understand that we have this choice, the more we can make this choice and that is the energy that goes around and comes around to us.

  29. Very good question: “If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?” This gives ‘taking responsibility’ a new level of depth. It is up to every one of us to clear this planet from the pollution, we created. And what a benefit as well for ‘just’ me – to hold and make my thoughts and actions clean & lovely. We can either serve humanity and the planet or attack it. A very simple choice.

    1. Yes Sandra, we spend so much time talking and worrying about the effects of pollution on our planet – global warming, floating plastic island, oil spills etc….. and yet if we were to clean up our own thoughts, this would bring a cleaning up of the planet too, for we would not be able to thoughtlessly pollute our environment physically once we have cleaned it up energetically.

  30. This is such a brilliant blog Ariana, and absolutely worth a read or two, or more. Coming to the realisation that our thoughts cause pollution is something that many would struggle to agree with, but the way you have so simply presented this, for me, leaves no room for doubt. We have been presented, by Einstein, with “Everything is Energy”, therefore using simple common sense it follows that thoughts are energy, along with our words and our actions. Therefore it all comes to down one word – responsibility – we are responsible for every single movement we make, whether it be a thought or a punch, and as “there is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”, they all have a consequence, not only to us, but to others and to the world.

  31. Therefore the energy of my thoughts and actions and the way I am with myself as I write this comment is felt by all. As Serge Benhayon presents, if we choose to live with energetic responsibility and integrity and choose true love as the inspiration for our way of being then this will be felt by all and can change the world – The Way of The Livingness.

  32. I love your simple explanation of what ‘everything is energy’ and ‘every force has an equal and opposite force’ mean. It is indeed simple and very logical yet we do not tend to apply it to daily life as that would require a full dose of responsibility lived every day, every moment.

  33. “….The reason for this is “there is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”. It affects EVERYONE. Slowly I came to realise that my thoughts are not hidden or contained in my body.” When I first learned about this it brought me to a stop. The fact that everything we do and think affects everyone is literally mind-blowing. Nothing can ever be hidden – however much we may want it so. The old adage of the butterfly flapping its wings in China affecting what happens on the other side of the world cannot be more true.

  34. I continue to be blown away but what you have presented here Ariana and I continue to take responsibility for what I am dumping on to others, a great reminder, thank you. Your question here is very poignant;
    “What pollution are we dumping on each other, in our homes, cities and our living environments, on our children and those we say we love?”

  35. A brilliant scientific scamper through what really happens to those thoughts in our head, leaving us with an opportunity to deeply consider our true level of responsibility for what we think.

  36. Thank you Adriana for a really great blog, reminding me how greatly important my every expression is, be it in thought word or deed, and the responsibility I have in every moment to either harm of heal. A great reality check.

  37. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Ariana.
    Everything has a equal and opposite force and everything is energy.
    This means heavy emotions and abusive behaviour will do naught but cause harm.

    Even if the sole intent is to harm another, that same force will come back to you. Thereby making little sense to do so. Wouldn’t we rather be loving towards one another so the other person receives the blessing and so do we?

    1. Just imagine teaching children what you have written here Luke: “Even if the sole intent is to harm another, that same force will come back to you.”; what an amazing change there would be in this world when children learn that everything they do comes back to them, so why not make their actions loving ones, knowing that this love returns. What an amazing lesson in responsibility to take out into the world.

  38. A game-changing blog, Ariana, exposing the need for supreme responsibility in everything we do, feel and think. The most insidious aspect and certainly the most challenging to police for me is the thinking part. Doing and feeling appear easier to discern and manage somehow, with thinking and thoughts way too easily ducking under the radar and hovering inside our heads undetected for way too long doing untold damage. Starting to identify when this happens is the most important – and responsible – thing.

  39. Loved re-reading this blog Ariana – a stunning reminder on energetic responsibility and the immense importance of being responsible for every choice we make at any given moment.

  40. I love this discussion, thank you Arianna. What you present here – which is a reminder and re-connection of wisdom spoken through the ages – calls us to a greater level of responsibility in our lives for our own well-being and that of others and the world as a whole.

  41. Love your blog. Made me laugh and I really appreciate how you explained how everything is energy so simply. Thanks.

  42. Ariana the visual I got when you said ‘If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?’ is quite startling. If we realise that everything, including our thoughts are energy then we all need to take responsibility for how we are in this world. Looking after ourselves and connecting to our innermost, instead of looking outside for others to fill us is a great place to start.

  43. What a corker of a blog Ariana! Thank you for putting it into layman terms, as I can easily tune out when physics starts being talked it all becomes abstract, but here you bring it into everyday language and experiences that I can understand. It is a huge stop!

  44. ‘There were no health warnings about this in school or at home and my parents never said, “Don’t you come in here thinking those thoughts!”’ It would be great Ariana and such an important part of education when we would been taught this at school but I’ve learned to think at school in a way that is definitely not healthy, to make it about competition and comparison and how much I could recall. When we would learn to discern our thoughts because of the level of responsibility we truly have towards ourselves and the environment we live in the state of our world would be so different.

  45. You really ask some questions here, Ariana, that don’t fit our common linear way of thinking. If Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Serge Benhayon are onto something, onto what is the rest of the education system who teach us all the linear stuff?

  46. Wow, Ariana – thanks for a very well written blog that caused me to sit back and consider more deeply the whole subject of energy. Growing up I learnt the saying ‘if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all’ – but as your blog shows, holding those thoughts is just as damaging as saying the words. It really ups the level of responsibility we all have for every speck of our behaviour.

  47. I love your blog Ariana, how you point out to us that believing “we contain our thoughts, as if our head is a lead-lined ‘blast chamber’ to contain everything inside it, including all thoughts and every emotion we feel” is no more than a choice we make to stay in comfort. What we do not realise is that the reward of choosing integrity and responsibility over comfort are great and will be felt in our body so gracefully.

    1. If you consider that ‘comfort’ is staying in misery or the ‘ease’ of living in a way that is not loving then you are right, as both are the ends of the same lessor way of being. We accept the lessor because we don’t want to look at the responsibility that is required by all for living.

  48. This is a blog which really stops us in our tracks to ask us to account for all the pollution that we’ve been creating. I’ve winced through the blog and the comments too. I’ve definitely been going about my life thinking that the blast chamber of my head was sealed and all thoughts safely contained. Not true! Not only have we polluted our environment but we have polluted ourselves big time. This creates a whole bigger picture around the detail of my choices. it makes so much sense when you talk about the things we put out coming back on us and it makes sense that we blame situations and other people, when in fact we, our choices have led to what comes back to us. This is very revealing and says so much about our relationship with blame.

  49. It is wise to talk about energy, and make it a familiar topic in our day to day lives. Everyone feels to it and can relate to it, talking about it tells the world just how manipulated by energy we are.

  50. ‘What pollution are we dumping on each other, in our homes, cities and our living environments, on our children and those we say we love?’ Great question Ariana which really brought me up short to the arrogance I have operated in for so long that I can wallow in emotions like frustration and anger without it having an impact on not only me but everyone else. Having a visual picture of emotions as pollution supports me to say ‘No I do not want to live this way’ and instead take responsibility for living from Love from now on. Thank you for presenting this in such an accessible and playful way, children would respond to this so well if it was taught in schools and would then take it out into their lives and challenge when they felt thought pollution – a great way to clean up the planet.

    1. Great call Helen Elliott, ‘ Having a visual picture of emotions as pollution supports me to say ‘No I do not want to live this way’. Emotions can so often rule and ruin our lives and we think they are ‘it’. Taking responsibility for our own emotional pollution is a great step.

  51. “three different individuals, all from different centuries – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Serge Benhayon – can all present the same thing about energy”. Right on, Ariana, and there are more who say the same thing in different ways throughout history and in the present. The fact that the truth about us and energy is repeated century after century indicates we have a remarkable resistance to taking in and acting upon truth!

    1. Yes Dianne and Ariana we have had many present the fact that ‘ everything is energy’ but it’s taken Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to bring it into our livingness, expanding our understanding, and thus our responsibility to the all and boy oh boy what a difference actually living with this expanded understanding has delivered.

    2. We are indeed resistant to taking action! What’s great Dianne, is that every moment, every day, we are given a fresh opportunity to make new choices until we do finally choose love and learn from the centuries of making the same mistakes over and over again.

  52. I love this Ariana. It is science and human interactions together. If I am frustrated at work, everyone feels that. If I feel I am not coping and go for junk food on my way home, the people I live with have to feel that. I have a responsibility for the quality of my own energy because I know others feel it.

  53. Yea your right Brendan..talking about everything in energetic terms completely makes common sense. Revelation for me reading this…

  54. Awesome blog Ariana. It’s true, you can’t escape from energy. Walls and skulls can’t contain it. Imagine indeed what we are putting out to the world. I’m sure if people could read our thoughts we’d be much more vigilant with what we were thinking…feelings no different.

  55. Ariana I have never pondered on what you have presented before. I have always thought that my thoughts were my own and only affected my body, but if everything is energy then I am expressing my thoughts. Wow what a huge revelation. Thank you for sharing.

  56. I have always heard this saying “you will always find the place the way you left it” which effectively is the case wether we decide to come back to it or not as everything is energy… If we leave something in a chaotic way, the same chaos will follow us everywhere we go! Time after time, life after life…

  57. Thank you Ariana. The way you you expand on energy there is no getting away from the damage we cause ourselves and the planet. Knowing and feeling the power of my thoughts on all around me including myself is a powerful idea that adds a new dimension to my everyday life.

  58. Oh Lord, our heads are ‘not lead lined or even common sense lined’ – l laughed and winced all at once reading that. What you say makes absolute sense, after all everything starts with energy and the physical form is the end product of it, so of course our thoughts which are energy have an impact. But if I truly consider this, it raises the bar on how I live, how I speak and what I think, time for a little clean-up me thinks!

    1. ‘Oh Lord’ indeed Monica, what Ariana is presenting here gave me a huge stop when I read it – I have to consider my level of energetic responsibility with the understanding that all my thoughts also leave an imprint – it’s also rather cool in the grand scheme of things.

  59. So well presented Ariana and yes indeed what a ‘stop’. It is so easy to think our thoughts are contained and private just for us. I love how you called out “Do we think we contain our thoughts, as if our head is a lead-lined ‘blast chamber’ to contain everything inside it” – that really IS what we think. That our thoughts do not impact on those around us, on everyone. I really loved this blog, such a great reminder of the truth of energy and the responsibility we all hold around our bodies, our community, the planet and the impact we are having upon it.

    1. It would be great to have such a stop when we are in ‘a funk’ and be told – ‘don’t you bring those toxic thoughts in here’, being that honest and straight with each other would require a new level of living for us all, true responsibility yes, but also, having an understanding for the other, rather than sympathising with them for why they are choosing the thoughts.

      1. Ariana I need to start paying more attention. I haven’t noticed or picked up on the energy when people are thinking, like everyday thoughts. You have definitely opened my eyes to a whole new level of energy.

  60. Wow Ariana, I just love your blog. By you using proven scientific principles as the basis of what you share to back up your analogy that none of us are in anyway ‘lead lined’ or insulated from the ‘spray’ of what we or others express not being felt by everyone has certainly blasted away any last doubt I had that whatever I cast out comes back to me as an equal and opposite force.

  61. Wow what a blog Ariana, loved reading it. It makes the need for greater responsibility in all that we do, think and say so easily felt and blatantly obvious, and in such clear and understandable terms that it is hard to deny the truth of what you have stated. I feel we have an understanding of this as children because we feel everything so openly and deeply, but this is not encouraged, fostered or expanded on and we learn to ignore what we innately know, believing and thinking we can do, think and say anything we wish without consequences. The responsibility to embrace and live the truth that “Energy is everything and everything is energy” lies with each and everyone of us being present and aware of ourselves in all that we do.

  62. Wow Ariana what you present here is very power-full and a call for greater responsibility in how we think, act and feel, as it not only affects us but also the rest of humanity. It is interesting how we have ignored this ageless wisdom for centuries which in truth could support humanity to heal. Thank you for sharing this amazing blog.

    1. This is ‘a call for greater responsibility in how we think, act and feel’. We can no longer pretend that we can think and act without the consequences of such behaviour.

  63. Yes Ariana, they are definitely on to something very important something that humanity has ignored for centuries and keeps on ignoring!!! Everything is energy and everything we do affects everything. This are so basic teachings we all should learn from an early age and it should be one of our main subjects at school. Our energetic illiteracy is quite worrying and it should be paid at least the same attention to it as alphabetic literacy.

  64. It’s so interesting when you consider the energy and responsibility of thoughts. When I consider that I have let my thoughts run in irresponsible ways and thought it was unfair for anyone to tell me that I could have control over them, I was not considering they could be harmful to others in any way. What I have discovered is that by taking more responsibility for the way I live and the way I fuel my body, my thoughts have changed and are far less tormenting and erratic. So every action affects every other action in my body and beyond. Everything (not excluding even thoughts) is energy and energy ( food, thoughts, movement and all) affects everything.

    1. Amanda Woodmansey, I so agree that ‘every action affects every other action in my body and beyond. Everything (not excluding even thoughts) is energy and energy ( food, thoughts, movement and all) affects everything.’
      Everything affects everything.
      If we decide to make ourselves smaller, then try to come back to who we know we are, all those crazy thoughts flood through the door and we have to bat them off like they are demented flies. Sometimes I think we make it hard for ourselves in this way. It seems to be a common choice- but it feels like that the important bit is how we are with ourselves and how fast we come back, not allowing the crazy thoughts to get a foot hold.

    2. Great point Amanda, the more self love and responsibility you have for yourself does change your thoughts. Before I started attending Universal Medicine events my thoughts were very negative and self harming. Now as my diet has changed, my sleep patterns have improved and a constant work in progress of an ever deepening love for myself and others my thoughts are more lighter no longer negative.

  65. Thank you Ariana for such a thought provoking blog. I am reminded how much responsibility I have with every thought word and deed. What am I putting out there that is affecting all of creation and beyond, are they evolving or are they contracting? It is my choice.

  66. Wow Ariana if this doesn’t bring everyone who reads it to a stop, pause, feel the impact moment then I don’t know what will. Awesome

  67. This is the best science lesson I have ever had Ariana, how will it be when we have lessons like this in school? One reason that I will take notice of this lesson is because I realise that I can change the energy on the planet. By being loving and harmonious in my thoughts, movements and speaking, that energy goes out for everybody and the earth.

  68. It is powerful knowing that everything lived – thoughts, emotions, movement, all actions – are affecting everything on the planet as they are happening………and bringing back to us a response to what we choose to put out there. The fact is that it has been delivered to us twice before, and now through Serge Benhayon in his presentations once again. Great blog Ariana, time to take ‘Energetic Responsibility’ to another level and live with this awareness. Everything we initiate has an effect on all others including ourselves. Everyone of us has a responsibility to live in the world the ‘Love, stillness, harmony and truth’ we would like to have returned to us in every moment of our lives.

  69. I just love this blog Ariana. Great to re-visit and yet another stop moment to consider the responsibility that I hold in every word deed and action. Huge and powerful to feel and incorporate into life.

    1. ‘Consider the responsibility that I hold in every word deed and action’, this is a great awareness to have, for if we understand the impact we have on everyone with every breath, then we have the power to change, not just ourselves but the world – breath by breath.

  70. Yes very well said Ariana. This is how we should be with science – making it practical to the way we are living and to us. Instead of keeping it all in the science labs about atoms and molecules without considering we are made of those as well so it concerns us just as much. Thank your for bringing this to my attention again.

  71. Amazing Ariana I was very curious about your blog when I read the headline. This was for me the easiest understandable science instructions ever – Thank you – I love the joyful way you explain such an important and life changing revelation – wunderbar.

  72. Ariana that’s a unique way of combining the three people who speak about energy and force. And yes, commonsense is in short supply in our brain departments. Otherwise it would be very obvious to everyone that everything is connected at superspeed via energy (including thought) and we can’t ‘get away’ with anything that we think we are hiding or not responsible for or think doesn’t affect others and ultimately therefore ourselves. Recently I saw a science fiction film where people were being arrested for the crime of having toxic thoughts that were considered contagious, and they had to be treated to remove the toxic thoughts! I reckon they were onto something… crime of having toxic thoughts that were considered contagious, and they had to be treated to remove the toxic thoughts! They were onto something… But they missed mentioning the healing effect of love, able to be spread in the same way….

    1. Great point Dianne, alongside that which is toxic or polluting the planet in terms of energy, there is also the good news part of this science – our love is there to benefit everyone, even when we are being loving with ourselves in the “privacy” of our own home, it’s still an energy that is felt and travels outwards. Essentially when it comes to energy there are no walls, everything is felt. Choosing love for ourselves in every moment is the way to clean up the worlds energetic pollution.

      1. You’re absolutely right, Melinda. Love is not limited to personal contact. Since we are all connected both physically and energetically with each other and the entire universe, love felt and expressed will be picked up by someone’s ‘heart antenna’ anywhere else, and felt and expressed too.

      2. Criminalising contagious toxic thoughts would certainly get people’s attention and then supporting them to see the alternative is to be self-loving in every aspect of our days to create the environment that would benefit us and the rest of humanity.

    2. Being arrested for the ‘crime of having toxic thoughts’, now THAT IS a sci-fi film with a difference. But you are right in talking about how love is spread, not just in our own body, but with everyone.
      Self-responsibility is key in all this, as the thought is the end result of something governed by our previous choices. This should be infant’s school stuff, it’s so elementary.

  73. Thank you Ariana for presenting this truth so clearly. A powerful reminder of the responsibility that we all have as we walk through every day with everyone. And imagine the immensity of the love that is possible to live in this world if we all chose this as our way.

  74. I was taught about forces in terms of objects and so I find it quite mind boggling that our ‘private thoughts’ can impact on those around us. If this is the case, and you clearly explain how it is, then the level of energetic responsibility and integrity we all have is huge. Thanks for this wonderful blog Ariana.

  75. The enormity of the responsibility we possess and the impact globally is unfathomable… and yet gorgeous if you imagine this energetic law and it’s ripple effect if everyone was loving in their thoughts and actions.

  76. Ariana you have taken something relatively abstract back to very tangible day-to-day life situations: us and our thoughts and emotions. If we embrace this in full, then we realise we are polluting this place with a lot of this ‘stuff’. I realized yet again what an energetic responsibility we have. This should be taught at school at a very young age. For now, it is for myself to take heed of my thoughts, stop myself when they are ‘oxygen-low’, and make a deeper connection with myself and check what’s going on in my body or what has occurred before these thoughts came up in the first place.

    1. The Laws of the Universe can seem a bit abstract at times, but they are very real and impact on how we live her on this planet. We do pollute our environment, our work places, our homes and our loved ones with the quality of our thoughts, but not many are ready to accept such self-responsibility. To grab hold of what is very real is very needed today. We harm or we heal, there is no in-between, we can’t sit on the fence with this one.

      1. As you say Ariana there can be no in-between with this and it completely knocks out the need to be right in an argument or a disagreement as this is also just adding to the pollution and does not prove anything accept the certainty that more stuff will be coming our way that will not be healing.

    1. I agree! It’s the most fun I ever had writing a blog and remains my favourite. It is so important to get some understanding of what impact we have on the world as we ‘simply think’. We so ‘think’ our thoughts are our own to do with as we choose – there is such irresponsibility in that. We all have to learn to be accountable for what we think, speak and do.

  77. I notice that our thoughts also determine the configuration of our bodies. If we have angry thoughts the body tightens and braces then movements are harsher and more rigid and how we approach situations changes. So then when we move with this altered configuration, without us even opening our mouths people are impacted on by how our bodies are configured.

    1. That is so true Kristy. You can feel a person when they are angry,, it’s like they emanate a very palpable energy of anger without even saying a word and it detrimentally affects everyone around them … seemingly silently but then again thunderously abusive on an energetic level and in their physical stance..

    2. This is so true Kristy, You can in fact easily tell what a person is thinking by noting how they are holding themselves in the body.

    3. That is great Kristy, thoughts are energy that affect all of the particles in our bodies. Its great to see and understand the physical manifestations of energy.

  78. A very hard pill to swallow, one that would rather be avoided. Funnily enough, I nearly avoided this blog based on the title – a little clue that there was something in it for me! To realise that our thoughts are a force that come back at us takes responsibility to a whole new level. I have been aware that my thoughts affect others but when in the privacy of my own room for example, to realise that all this is what will come back at me, that is gob smacking.

    1. It is Nikki, I agree, but how great that you didn’t avoid it but let yourself feel the impact of what your thoughts are doing. That is commitment to truth and is celebratory!

    2. Nikki I so agree, I sort of baulked at this blog today too, and boy am I glad I didn’t. I always ‘thought’ (hah) that I had a right to think what I liked in the privacy of my head, but to read and feel here that with that I’m affecting everybody is a huge ouch and is indeed a very large pill to swallow. And of course everything that goes around comes around makes absolute sense but it raises the whole consideration of responsibility to another level. Ariana, thank you for a humdinger of blog, one to digest and live.

      1. ‘The privacy of my head’ – now there’s an interesting comment to consider at the start of any day. It is such a con trick to think we have ‘privacy’ in our own heads, but it’s a trick we are fooling ourselves with! There is no such thing as privacy, what we do/ think/say affects the whole world around us. We are so inured to ‘thinking’ when we get home, or to our own room, we can do what we like and think what we want, yet the truth is we are all carrying a potential weapon to bash people with and pollute our environment with – or create a more loving and caring world by taking responsibility for what our head is running.

      2. Yes Ariana, the phrase ‘the privacy of my head’ is telling – effectively it’s a denial that everything in there affects everybody. So any thoughts or fantasies we may have in our heads energetically impact another and today I’ve been feeling how it’s a way to avoid being with ourselves, taking responsibility for our choices and our lives, feeling our bodies and feeling how we are. There is a coldness there, and we use it to avoid feeling our hurts. So yes it’s definitely a potential weapon against others, but the person we hurt most is us, and it denies us the thing we all want most to feel the love we are. And we do this by living from our head and our bodies, having them both aligned in everything we do.

  79. Ariana – you have really presented some awesome points for us all to consider through your blog. It has helped to really drive home to me the meaning of energetic responsibility in each and every moment of my life. Thank you.

  80. A very playful and enjoyable presentation of physics, common sense and wisdom in utter simplicity! The thought or understanding of everything is energy and the implications that come with it really take some moments, and then some more, to sink in, settle and then slowly starting to dawn on somebody – it is such a revolution to our matter defined limited way of thinking. Every split second, every little move, gesture, thought, word count, i.e. have an effect on everything – all of the time without any time out – that is mega huge, it is the ultimate responsibility and reveals the fact that everything is interconnected.

    1. I love your comment. This way of thinking and this deeper understanding of the world and the way it works changes everything. What if every little move, thought and gesture effects everything? Then in every second we hold a huge responsibility.

  81. Certainly has my attention! Thank you Ariana – this so clearly asks the questions well worth asking. What goes out does so for all, it can’t not, but that is not where it ends, its going to come back again – as is so magnificently reflected in nature by the ocean.

    1. It IS like ripples going out, they will always eventually come back to us, so where are we sending our ripples and what is their quality? If they are bouncing back, don’t we want to ensure what comes back is of a great quality, just as what goes out can be too? We can be responsible for love in this world or harm, it’s down to us and our ripples.

  82. Hi Ariana – this is a thought-provoking blog combining science with energetic truths – it really pulls us up in terms of energetic responsibility – that even our thoughts can affect EVERYONE all across our world. We can’t hide inside our houses thinking nobody will notice us when how we do absolutely everything we do affects everyone. Definitely mind-blowing!

    1. ‘We can’t hide inside our houses thinking nobody will notice us when how we do absolutely everything we do affects everyone.’
      We have lived for far too long thinking we exist in separate bubbles that occasionally bump into people. You are right that there are no bubbles and no separation. We all know what it feels like to walk in a room where two people have had a row, you can cut the tension with a knife. We FEEL it. It’s the same thing and we feel EVERYTHING, so if behoves us to act and live in a way that recognises that our every move and thought is impacting on the whole world.

  83. Fabulous blog Ariana – I love this part “Am I going to make sure that what goes out is what I want coming back in, that is – coming back into this body that I have to live with for the rest of my life?” – it takes responsibility to a whole new level! Just what are we putting out there for others, and what are we putting out there to come back to us.

    1. I am still learning about this too – just the extent we go to to avoid feeling the depth of responsibility that is needed as we live in the world. We all want to lay the blame for life at another’s doorstep, when it is always us, with the waves we create that come back and smack us in the face.
      We need to say to ourselves ‘“Don’t you come in here thinking those thoughts!” and truly pick ourselves up over our choices.

      1. Yes Ariana blame plays a big factor in the shirking of responsibility as it is easier to blame another than face our part in the whole or to take the responsibility that is required to live harmoniously on this planet. What you have made so clear here is that blaming really is to no avail for it all comes back to us anyway! We are never fooling anyone just adding more rubbish to the overall condition of our own body and the world we reside in.

  84. I loved the light hearted way you shared a very heavy subject! It is a great wakeup call to be reminded that we affect everyone and not only with what we say but what we think! We cannot say that we didn’t know from now on and excuse ourselves, so for me its taking more responsibility for thought and speech . Thanks Ariana for your sharing.

  85. Awesom Ariana! Three guys, three different centuries and three presentations stating exactly the same. Everything we do, say and think has an impact that reaches further than just the surrounds of the body that is expressing – the ramifications are staggering. I am responsible for every action I take – and it all comes back to me. And as for this question: “Am I going to make sure that what goes out is what I want coming back in?” – absolutely!

    1. Ingrid Ward, this sums up the blog in a nutshell – ‘Everything we do, say and think has an impact that reaches further than just the surrounds of the body that is expressing’. It goes out far and wide and can affect someone in Canada or Peru. That is what we don’t want to really consider and take responsibility for.

  86. Good of you to shake our complacency, Ariana. So we contribute to the world’s pollution with our emotions and intellect. You offer a straightforward solution: that is, to send only caring, loving thoughts out into the world and to take responsibility for everything we do, say or think, as everything is energy.

    1. To say ‘don’t you bring those thoughts into this house’, is something we all need to be saying when we feel how another is affecting us. We contribute to the pollution of our own environments, the environments of others and the planet, and it all starts and ends with us.
      Taking responsibility for the pollution of our own body with our thoughts, has a knock on effect that will have an ever expanding impact on the world.

  87. Ariana you have totally got my attention with what you are sharing. It totally makes sense to me and really asks me to be completely responsible for my thoughts, actions and emotions. Thank you so much for connecting all the dots!

    1. Two words that have struck me recently and they are responsibility and accountability. Both things we have a tendency to shrink away from. Yet the freedom they bring is like a taste of Heaven. It’s choosing to keep them as our priority that is so important, on a daily basis.

  88. Thank you Ariana Ray for sharing your knowing and understanding of energy in such a simple and joyful way. We all are masters in energy and you helped me to remind me and to become more aware of this fact. We are masters in energy because, although not always conscious aware, we are working with energy every moment in our lives. Our thoughts, our speech, our movement, everything is energy and deep inside we know how to do this in order to have our lives as they are. With other words we are the designers of our own lives through the manipulation of energy. What we spread out in the world does come back to us. So if we express joy and love out, joy and love will return to us and confirms to us what we have expressed. But what if we experience a life of misery, is that then because we are spreading the energy of misery out in the world?

    1. It does appear that we are more comfortable running a misery ‘programme’ rather than choose joy and love. To consider that we have a choice in which one we choose has not been always obvious, yet a choice it always has been nonetheless. How powerful it is to realise this, as it puts the onus (or one-ness) on us to live in a way that makes a difference in the world by the power of our choices.

      1. I completely agree Ariane, we do have a choice all the time, any moment of the day. And once we do fully understand the power we have with our choices and are able to take them consciously to serve the plan, life will start changing as we will work together as one in the ‘onus’ we belong to.

      2. That misery programme is just as popular as the struggle programme. Misery and struggle have been the top of the charts for such a long time, almost as if we don’t even notice that we put so much effort into keeping them there. I am noticing all the stories we can go into to keep these 2 programs running. The more I notice these stories the more I am able to say no, it doesn’t have to be like this.

    2. When we know that everything is energy, and we do know, we need to admit that we manipulate energy all of the time and for a large part it isn’t pretty what we do. So yes what goes around comes around and it is time we start facing up to this irrefutable truth. There are no victims in life as we are, like you say nvanhaastrecht, all masters of energy.

      1. And it feels to me that until we acknowledge that we are masters of energy, we will continue to manipulate our life to not be aware of this fact and continue to create the issues in our life that will keep us busy with ourselves instead. Compared to acknowledge that I am a master of energy and that I know the in’s and out’s of it, also will show me that I am responsible for my own life and everything that is happening in it. This realisation takes away any ground for feeling a victim of life, as I honestly have to admit that I am the sole creator of it.

      2. ‘There are no victims in life’ Katinka de Lannoy, this is a powerful statement not everyone would agree with, I feel you are right. We all make our choices and we can all save ourselves.

  89. I love the way this article is written, it’s so playful yet clearly asking the entire human race the very big question; “What are we doing to each other every single second?” Hmmm…..back to you Ariana!

    1. Now that is a level of responsibility few want to admit to. Just thinking about the fact that every thought is affecting everyone is enough to stop us completely in our tracks. And considering we all have free reign to think whatever we like, the moment to moment impact we have on each other is potential massive. Yet on the other hand if we take responsibility and don’t pollute our shared airspace what would be free to think then?

      1. Wow, love that Vicky, the ‘what if’ – of course being in a body that is filled with love would produce thoughts that are for everyone, and imagine that! The way I see it, we have the majority of humanity living in complete chosen ignorance to the fact that every thought affects everyone and yet humanity pulls off creating some amazing stuff. Imagine if, like Leonardo da Vinci, life showed us what is possible: the works and depth of the works he produced were incredible.

      2. Vicky Geary you are right that ‘Just thinking about the fact that every thought is affecting everyone is enough to stop us completely in our tracks.’ Making the choices to ‘don’t pollute our shared airspace’ is a great decision. If we consider how much energy it takes us to think and how much energy it takes to feel in and from our body, hands down being with the body wins, feeling our body is the way forward, we can learn so much about our thoughts from feeling.

      3. So true Ariana. Our whole body is like one big universal classroom. And the topic for today is . . . .

    2. A very big question Ryoko. It does make you stop in your tracks. A good place to start is to ask ourselves how we are living with ourselves and then of course how does this impact on everyone else. The responsibility we have is huge and one that I know I have often wanted to avoid.

      1. Debra Douglas, you are not alone in wanting to avoid responsibility, you and 7.4 Billion others. We all like to play that game, yet one of us stopping the game also has a huge impact, two stopping the game has an even greater impact, and so it goes on. We can be those two.

  90. Energetic responsibility explained clearly in your blog Ariana. Also clearly pointed out is for how long this has been presented to humanity. Understanding that everything is energy is not just a theory, but a truth, and it is a huge awakening for any human being – one that we all need to pay close attention to.

  91. I remember learning a little in school about how every force has an opposite reaction, but it was always more to do with objects, solid things you could physically see… Imagine when we are taught the whole truth about that law, intigrity and responsibility for all will sky rocket

      1. Time to start living with this responsibility and then there will be something to be taught, and younger children can be inspired, imagine when this is taught to our young from birth.

  92. I agree Ariana, it is pretty simple and pretty clear and I love how you brought it all together. If we allow ourselves to truly grasped what you are presenting here, we have to step up to the responsibility that this brings – and that is the challenge and why so many still rather choose ignorance over the facts.

    1. Judith Andras, we do indeed ‘have to step up to the responsibility that this brings’. Children, parents, adults, the elderly – whatever stage we are at in our lives, we need to step it up. We cannot think we can go around polluting our environment the way we do- it makes no sense. Our environment is our own body, the bodies around us a and the planet we live on, these all cop it when we think we can think what we like.

      1. It is such a foreign concept – I know its not a concept but thats the everyday language we would use to describe this and that is the problem we hear science like this and think it is a ‘concept’ and theory but its not it is describing what is proven to be happening, the fact we have ignored this for 300 years is a little concerning!

  93. This blog definitely made me stop and consider the great impact we have on others and how our need to be present with ourselves in each moment is so important. Describing our random thoughts as acting like pollution, created such a vivid picture of how little responsibility we take. As you say if our thoughts (what we consider something private and unshared with others) do in fact impact on others, then we all have a responsibility to bring the true quality of us to all that we do. Thanks for this truly amazing revelation Ariana.

    1. It is indeed thought pollution and it is rife in the world. The pictures needs to be vivid to portray the real impact that we are having. We can be so locked down in our heads, so lost in our thoughts that we don’t have an awareness of our connection to our body nor our innermost selves and all the while our thoughts are spraying out like manure, but at least with manure it is nurturing the ground, all we are doing is poisoning it.

      1. Great expose on this Ariana. We can often think that if it cannot be seen, it is not real or having an effect but what you have just written blows that out of the water. Thought pollution should be given as much airtime as climate change. For sure. Thank you.

      2. It is like when the temperature of the air is a certain heat and moisture and you can see the fumes coming out of cars more easily, normally you can’t see it or coming out of a factory if we could actually see all the fumes and pollution we would be more concerned about it but we can’t see it, even though we can smell it and taste it, with thoughts we can feel them but we have learnt to override so sophisticatedly that it is to our major detriment.

      3. It really is poison and it not only harms ourselves as it comes back to us, it harms everyone

    2. The picture of our thoughts polluting the planet was vivid for me too Jade, and not a pleasant one to consider, considering the state of our current world… It’s so true that this comes down to the big ‘R’ word – RESPONSIBILITY… How responsible are we with our thoughts, and how willing are we to be honest about the fact that even though they can’t be seen, they can be felt by everyone…

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