Thoughts, Newton’s Third Law & E=mc2: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Serge Benhayon & Me

by Ariana Ray, UK

At a talk I went to with Universal Medicine a few years ago, I heard Serge Benhayon present, ‘every force has an equal and opposite force’.

I thought at the time that it sounded like something Albert Einstein would have said, but actually it was Isaac Newton – and to be exact, Isaac is describing what is known as ‘Newton’s Third Law’, which simply means:

“There is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”.

Now you may be wondering what relevance this has to you? Stick with me and you will be completely blown away by this…

We don’t consider a thought to be a force, do we? Yet it is. Albert Einstein demonstrated this in his work on energy, e=mc2, or in layman’s terms, ‘Everything Is Energy’.

Words and emotions are a force too, as much as any action is. It is all energy, which is something else Serge Benhayon presented in his talk. Serge was talking about ‘energetic responsibility’, which has taken me a while to get my head around. One of the ways it became clear to me was by going back to what Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were saying about it.

If I go back to the evidence our friend Isaac provided, then I can see it’s clear that every thought, every emotion and every word is a force that acts on every body – not just me, the one who is thinking and speaking and being emotional.

The reason for this is “there is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”. It affects EVERYONE.

Slowly I came to realise that my thoughts are not hidden or contained in my body.

Yet didn’t we all grow up thinking we could think as much as we like without affecting anyone? I certainly did. There were no health warnings about this in school or at home and my parents never said, “Don’t you come in here thinking those thoughts!”

Do we think we contain our thoughts, as if our head is a lead-lined ‘blast chamber’ to contain everything inside it, including all thoughts and every emotion we feel? But it’s not lead-lined, it’s not even common-sense lined. Einstein and Newton evidenced that our energy – through our thoughts, emotions and words – actually spray out everywhere and affect everyone. Even if no one is around at the time, they are not limited by time and space, because everything is energy! What a stop that is!

So everything I do, that is – all my actions, everything I say, all my conversations that are purposeful or not, and all my thoughts, no matter what they are – they all have an equal and opposite force going out to others and coming right back at me, straight back into my body. It’s like that old saying “what goes around comes around”.

Is now the time to say “Eeek!” and “Urghh!”…?

So, let’s ask a few obvious questions:

  • If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?
  • What pollution are we dumping on each other, in our homes, cities and our living environments, on our children and those we say we love?

The thing is… if these puppies are coming back at me… Am I going to make sure that what goes out is what I want coming back in, that is – coming back into this body that I have to live with for the rest of my life?

Hmmm… isn’t it interesting that three different individuals, all from different centuries – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Serge Benhayon – can all present the same thing about energy… Now that IS interesting… Can these guys be on to something that’s worth some attention????

338 thoughts on “Thoughts, Newton’s Third Law & E=mc2: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Serge Benhayon & Me

  1. It’s always a very strong ‘stop you in your tracks’ feeling when I read this, and quite a pull up. It’s in your face and it has to be, that everything we do has an effect. The more loving we can be with ourselves the more loving our presence is with others, nature and the Universe. It would be great to be taught this in school, to begin our education knowing that we are interdependent and not individual islands, but always having an effect, and which effect would we like that to be? Love, or not love?

  2. It feels like somewhere along the line our education system has been remiss, in that it is failing to teach us any basic principles of energy, ‘ didn’t we all grow up thinking we could think as much as we like without affecting anyone?’

  3. Jesus also gave us a hint about energy “ Look at Matthew 5: 21-22, “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, “You shall not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment. But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. ”Again in verse 27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.” But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

  4. We like to think our head is a lead-lined chamber and unless it is verbalized, or enacted, it is safe and does not affect anything/anyone outside – but we all have experiences of sensing something unspoken. Who are we trying to kid here, really?

  5. My father would often say to me as a child to stop looking so insolent towards him, we never got on and as I could not answer back my facial expression said all that I needed to say and he felt this absolutely. We are masters of energy without even knowing it.

  6. What struck me from what you have mentioned Ariana is that we were not taught about energy and yet from what these three different individuals say it seems to be extremely important as it is passing through us all the time and affects everything we do and say.

  7. I agree with you Ariana that it is extremely interesting that three different individuals from different centuries are presenting on energy. Serge Benhayon has taken what Newton and Einstein knew and has expanded how energy works. That we are all made of energy and we never stop reading energy however it is not part of our conscious awareness any more, maybe to admit we can read energy we would have to sit up and take responsibility for the energy we give out.

  8. The amazing science presented by both Einstein and Newton never quite made sense to me. It was always presented in a way that belonged to scientists doing scientific experiments and never related to human life. Along comes Serge Benhayon and relate it he does to everything in human life, so much so that my understanding of these important scientific discoveries have been made real. Such has been shared here.

  9. What is amazing about Serge Benhayon is he continually shares that he is not special so we can all connect to the same energy as he does and thus come to a point where we live with an energy that is much more loving and for many is considered normal. Thus the forever deepening-humble-appreciative-ness that Serge Benhayon lives shares that we can all re-connect to the same source of energy as a universal normal way of existence and then life will become extremely loving for those who chose the Energy of Love.

  10. Two bits are clear. The Newton one. The fact that we cannot contain anything within our own body. Newton does not identify sources of the forces though, just states a fact that no force stops in any one body. Yet, later in the argument, there seems to be an argument that we are sources of what we cannot contain (and adding Newton into the equation, what affects every body). Is this right? Are we sources? Or, we are more like surfers that choose what wave to ride on, align to it, and at most add a personal twist to energy that is circulating? Am I getting this right? Or wrong? There is something about the mechanics of all this that escapes my understanding.

    1. I feel you are adding to the conversation by bringing in the different sources of energy and the qualities they may hold, one being Soul or love, and one not love. Depending on the source we align to we can have a beneficial or harmful effect, but we are always having an effect.

  11. I get what your sharing here and emotions do feel like a force coming through and out to others. Also when there are unloving/non present moment thoughts my body slows right down and it becomes heavier to do my job. Thoughts are definitely not contained to any part of us.

  12. What goes around comes around is a saying that has been around a long time and describes an energetic law or truth of the universe that we choose to conveniently ignore, believing somehow that we can defy the very laws of the universe (as Newton and Einstein have described and proven beyond a doubt) and create our own reality, which we perceive is real but actually is a complete fabrication and reduced reproduction of the grandness of the universe and therefore a complete illusion.

  13. Today it was the first time that I used Newton´s third law to explain everyday phenomena that are very much relevant in our daily living in the way we do things and the consequences on our body and state of being. Applying physics and making it relevant to our personal lives is a great tool to empower ourselves.

  14. ‘every force has an equal and opposite force’ – that is actually quite empowering as it is up to us to choose the quality of force we are using to then receive the same quality back or rather multiply the quality for everyone equally. In other words we create and imprint the world we live in.

    1. So moving on every thought has an equal and opposite thought? Then could one conclude that when love is our main thought that this energy of love has an opposite energy that is love-less? So if the world is acting in a love-less way, which is true when we consider what is happening in the world, could we consider that when love comes along, that energy is seen to be against the love-less energy and thus gets attached, and ridiculed and this is what happens to all the great teachers of the past at the time of when they are presenting it? Maybe it is time to start to leave loving imprints as you have shared Alex and others will feel there is another energy that is true love and accept this energy as being normal!

  15. It is still for everyone personally and us as humanity to understand ourselves as being part of the all all of the time and thus constantly contributing to the overall state of being of the whole. This interdependency is undeniable but nevertheless we can be ignorant of the fact and thus unaware of the unique role everyone has by way of expression.

  16. “There is no such thing as a force that acts on only one body”. – What helped me to understand that law was simply recognising that when I apply a force to an object like closing a a door or hitting a hammer on a nail that the force is not moving only in the intended direction but just the same back up into my hand and arm and whole body. This obviously happens physically but also in quality, closing a door gently gives me a gentle sensation in my body, speaking harshly with someone intensifies me feeling harsh etc. This is a very simple and practical science we can explore and make use of in everything in life.

  17. Oh my, it seems my mind is a contaminated centre of an epidemic 😉 The only way to change that situation that I am aware of and in the process to install is the quality and presence of my movements. This has a certain magic quite unexpected by the mind which considers itself to be the originator of its thoughts, but it works every time and for everyone who gives it some movements with a consistent focus. That means providing a quality of physical force or energy in turn produces the same quality of force mentally.

  18. When it’s laid out this clearly it’s obvious yet to consider what this means from a living perspective … we are not alone, never, everything we do ripples out everywhere … so do we live in a way that reflects this, I know I drop in and out of this, so a great reminder today that there is no off time, we affect everyone including ourselves all the time.

  19. The laws of physics such as e=mc2 and Newton’s laws are great to learn in school but are even greater when we bring their practical wisdom alive in our day to day lives.

  20. This is so worth our attention! To consider thoughts, if ill, are pollutants actually makes a LOT of sense. And, come to consider this, it’s not something I can’t feel. I go into a pub where people drink and their thoughts become denser (we don’t drink and drive for a reason: our brain functioning is impaired) and it feels heavy and oppressive (I wouldn’t recommend arguing with someone who’s had a few); or go into an office where people are gossiping or having backstabbing conversations and you can feel it. Consider what it feels like in a group of people where the conversation is supportive and respectful -to me I can feel the clarity, like the conversation with a friend who’s said something to help you clear some negative thoughts out the way and it feels like fresh linen. If thoughts were seen like smog is seen we’d soon see those who pollute, but we can feel this. There’s no sense in denying I can feel the harm in being a soot tooting chimney, or the beauty of being a clear spring.

  21. The pollution experienced in many of our cities is then just perhaps ‘child’s play’ to the energetic pollution we create with out thoughts. We have come to understand the dangers inherent in passive smoking. Perhaps the same applies to ‘passive thinking’.

  22. Great blog Ariana, if we could actually visually see how we pollute ourselves, others and the world we live in by our thoughts and actions maybe there would be a greater understanding, however to simply realise that this is what we are doing is a great reminder of our own responsibility.

    1. It is so strongly a reminder of our own responsibility in how we move, think, speak and live – we can pollute or support, pollute or bring healing – that’s what I love about the science of it – it’s so straight forward – simple as.

  23. It is true that even if someone does not say anything we can all feel it. It is energy that we are feeling. It took me a while to get to really opening some conversations with people around because I could feel all that is going on but it was not expressed, and I felt everything in my body that got so uncomfortable, and talking about it and how this affects us all, this is a conversation everyone should hear.

  24. I like how you look at what science and philosophy has brought to us. A completely different take as it is taught to us in school. Very tangible and bringing all aspects of life together. This is really just connecting the dots.

  25. Taking responsibility for the energy in which we speak, act and think is a subject that should be first on the curriculum in every school. A living science.

  26. Although mankind may live as if we are not all connected and in the illusion that we are all separate individual beings, this is not the case. We are in fact all a part of a stupendous oneness that the whole Universe is and therefore what you say is correct, everything we do say and think affects the all and there is no escaping this even by pretending otherwise, as well all do. Quantum physics knows this and has all the proof, it just is not connecting all the dots up yet.

  27. Imagine if we were taught to be aware of, understand and embrace this level of responsibility when we were at school. How differently would our relationships be not only with our selves but with all? Plus, our bodies are designed to express love, and clearly our bodies are not coping with the degree of lovelessness that we as a society are currently expressing with each other.

  28. ‘every thought, every emotion and every word is a force that acts on every body’ … this just stopped me to feel how nothing I do is alone, it affects the all, and if I can comprehend even a miniscule of this, it’s absolutely life changing. It asks us to be transparent with the understanding that everything we do is felt already so why not take care of it’s quality and bring the full divinity of who we are out for all to see.

  29. It goes further to prove to us what has been said, recorded and lived, that we are more then what meets the eye. There is a level of responsibility here that we have conveniently turned our head away from although it doesn’t make it stop or any less then a fact. We can no longer apply the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ scenario when you see quotes like this from such along time ago. It begs the question or more asks for more awareness around the fact we are travelling around and around the sun in what seems like a never ending loop. Why as a race are we travelling around? Could it be possible that this is how it is until we learn something fully? From what has been said before and here in this article we seem to be continuing to attempt to walk away from the fact of energy and now is a good time to bring it all back.

  30. And again, everything we do, think, and say goes out to everyone, and then comes back to us, ‘all my actions, everything I say, all my conversations that are purposeful or not, and all my thoughts, no matter what they are – they all have an equal and opposite force going out to others and coming right back at me, straight back into my body.’ Why have we not been taught this from birth, we do all need to fully understand this.

  31. Responsibility and more responsibility is certainly needed here, ‘If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?’ People need to understand this and the consequences from childhood.

  32. Thanks Ariana, another read and another big reminder to take exquisite care of what I allow to express through this body, the care beginning with me but for the all I am a part of.

  33. It is an ‘Eeek!!’ and ‘Urghh!’ moment, Ariana, if we consider the magnitude of responsibility we have been trying to ignore. We so conveniently want to apply and confine those laws only to and within the science laboratory and marvel at its beauty and genius, but that is not how it works. Nothing can escape. It works with complete inclusiveness. That’s love, isn’t it? Oh yes, and here it comes again – we choose to respond either with the equal force, or opposite force.

  34. Great read. Science at its best. Imagine this being taught and expanded on as Arianna as here in science class. We would all leave the classroom like every time I leave a UniMed course or workshop – with more awareness and responsibility in my being focused on my body and consciously present with what I allow to occupy my thoughts and body.

    1. Great comment Rik! This is to me how science is supposed to be used, applying it practically to life, and not as a separate theory.

  35. So many turn a blind eye to the fact that ‘everything is energy’ because it carries a responsibility with absolutely everything in life. I love how Serge Benhayon never holds back with presenting the truth about energy and what a game changer this is if we embrace this truth and begin to live it step by step.

  36. What goes out comes back in, the expression ‘you create the bed you lie in’ comes to mind, and it really does take our power and responsibility to another level and our opportunity also. So if we’re impacted by what’s going on out there, the obvious question then is how have we contributed, and it’s not in the obvious ‘seen’ things, it’s in the energy of how we think and move; and the simple thing we can change this at any time. There really is no getting away from energy, no matter how hard we try.

    1. We have so many expression that describe how we are living or, lets say the laws of life, but we do not seem to understand them anymore and/or simply do not heed and give them the attention they deserve (for our own sake).

  37. Great reminders here Ariana that every ounce of everything we do and express is felt by everyone. That really opens up energetic responsibility and exposes the belief that the self could ever be in isolation (even in the so called privacy of our mind).

  38. Interesting that this – “If what I am thinking, saying and being emotional about is spraying around like high-grade pollution and if we multiply that by 6 billion, what quantity of pollution are we dumping on our planet?” – never comes up when people talk about climate change???

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