Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

by JJ, Australia

I love reading people’s accounts of their experiences since they came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I come from a background where Western Medicine was the norm and nothing complementary was even considered. The doctor, pharmacist and, if necessary, the dentist were always our first ports of call, if we ever had a problem with our health. My parents always followed mainstream medicine and Dad would sing its praises until the cows came home.

My younger sister was the first in the family to seek outside the family’s way of looking after their health. She visited a naturopath and a chiropractor and seemed to benefit with pain relief from the services they offered. I was having some trouble with neck pain, so I too started seeing the naturopath and another chiropractor a friend recommended.

These were my only dabblings with other forms of healing apart from looking at Reiki for a very short period of time. The lady I used to see for Reiki sessions introduced me to Serge Benhayon and I began to experience the healing that Serge and the other Universal Medicine practitioners offer.

It’s a hackneyed expression, but my life changed in that first meeting with Serge. There was a true respecting and valuing of me as I felt truly met. As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.

This one meeting with Serge Benhayon inspired me to make many changes in the way I was living. In all the times I was visiting the chiropractor, I was always dubious about the neck wrenching and cracking I was experiencing. I eventually stopped going and now have Spinal Alignment Therapy with a Universal Medicine practitioner that is gentle and lovingly respects my body without all the harsher push, pull, crunch and crack that happened in a chiropractic visit.

Yesterday, I visited my local GP. I visited, not because I was ill, but to have my annual check-up. I also requested referrals for bone density testing and a full blood check. My doctor loves my visits as I am rarely ill. He has told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing, as he has never seen me looking so well and reckons I’m looking younger each time he sees me. That’s pretty good confirmation for combining both Western Medicine and what Universal Medicine offers as far as I’m concerned.

487 thoughts on “Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

  1. Regular check ups with a GP is so important – there is so much that can be picked up on earlier when we follow through with these conventional investigations. And yet the science of the body as we know it extends far beyond just physical wellness as we can feel a change in vitality, mood, energy levels etc often happening far before any physical evidence of the fact can be recorded. So yet again natural and conventional medicine make a great marriage.

  2. Conventional medicine has so much to offer, and Natural Medicine also has so much to offer. In fact most conventional medicine actually originally came from Natural Medicines – for example Aspirin is chemically similar to salicin which was originally sourced from the bark of a tree Salix alba or white willow. It is truly amazing to be able to work with both of these ‘medicines’ hand in hand.

  3. Upon reflection I remember growing up and feeling very reticent about conventional medicine and only using it on occasion, but also feeling very un-trusting of natural medicine too – I felt like I could not trust either of them and so often suffered pain and discomfort but not really daring to take anything for it. It was not till much later after having studied Biochemistry that I felt to then study naturopathy and years later I encountered Serge Benhayon – it was not till I met Serge, that I began to open up to conventional medicine and build back more trust with it. Today I feel how important it is to work with both hand in hand, where one is not more important than the other, but both together will offer the best options for us should we be needing them.

  4. What I’ve found different in the approach of combining Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine is that the inner being and it’s wellness, i.e., our well-being, is a significant part of our overall physical and mental health. I always knew there was a deeper reason to illness, that ill health conditions must have a symbolic meaning, a reason and a purpose, and Esoteric Medicine has helped me with that, but conversely great health has a basis too which is not just in caring for the body, it’s in allowing the inner being to be sourced from our soul and live in love, joy, harmony, stillness and truth. Even when the body is unwell if the being is love there is a tremendous feeling of wellness that transcends the physical body.

  5. Serge Benhayon has inspired so many to make changes in their lives. One day this great man will be known for who he truly is.

  6. A few years ago while having an esoteric healing session the practitioner asked me if I had ever fallen out of a tree. Well yes I had actually, when I was young from quite a height and landed on my back. My body had registered the impact and I had carried that energetic imprint with me for years. No other medical profession has ever asked me this question. And then I was asked if I had been in a car accident and I said no at the time but when reflecting back after the session I had had a car accident and the result was whip lase on my neck. I find it fascinating that the Esoteric practitioners work with the body in such a way that they can tap into the energetic imprints that are stored in our bodies. So therefore perhaps we should be far more respectful to our bodies than we currently are.

    1. How amazing Mary that we can read the bodies past injuries and be able to apply the healing that opens us so that together we can take away the underly issues and bring True healing to our body.

  7. I have found Universal Medicine therapies very gentle in application, yet powerful in the way my body responds. I feel this is important because we can be so hard with the body, pushing it through our day to day living, harsh in exercise (no pain no gain), staying up late when we are tired, and then seeing people for therapies that may also be harsh. My experience is that my body responds beautifully to gentle and tender treatment, from myself and others. I really enjoy getting to know my body, it’s a wisdom that is overlooked but it can teach us so very much.

    1. I find it absolutely fascinating what our bodies know if we listen. My body has always spoken to me but for years I have not listened instead I relied on my mind. Now I listen to my body and it tells and shows me the subtleties of life so that I can feel there’s a lot more to me than I first thought. Why we are not taught this as part of our education makes no sense to me because having the knowing brings a greater depth to life. I feel we are distracting ourselves and because of this we are only scratching the surface there’s so much more depth and quality to us than we care to admit.

  8. Serge Benhayon, is incredibly inspiring in so many ways, ‘This one meeting with Serge Benhayon inspired me to make many changes in the way I was living.’

  9. It makes sense for our relationship with our body, how we live and our self-love and self-care for ourselves to contribute to our wellbeing. Something so simple, no cost involved just how loving we are with ourselves throughout the day can make monumental changes to both ourselves and others lives.

    1. People often talk about focusing on reducing stress levels, but what if we actually made the focus on increasing self love, self care…would that not make it more practical to focus on what you can do to feel good? Sleeping and eating well, allowing a rhythm and routine that supports this, dressing warmly if we are cold, sitting in a comfortable chair that supports posture, ensuring hydration etc etc. Simple basics that are often neglected and yet when neglected contribute hugley to depleted energy levels and feelings of overwhelm which is the foundation of stress really…

  10. This is something I feel we currently rarely hear ‘My doctor loves my visits as I am rarely ill. He has told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing, as he has never seen me looking so well and reckons I’m looking younger each time he sees me.’ And if I hear someone say something around the lines of this I would like to know just what is it they are doing, how they are living, to have such wellbeing.

  11. Inspiring people to change the way they live their lives is actually quite a big thing. So many of us are content with the way our lives are, we b*tch about our work, our family, some of our friends and all else around us. We find faults in everything, yet we very rarely look at ourselves & change the way we behave. So for a person to be inspired by another person to change their life, that is worth looking at and talking about.

  12. ‘Yesterday, I visited my local GP. I visited, not because I was ill, but to have my annual check-up…He has told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing, as he has never seen me looking so well and reckons I’m looking younger each time he sees me.’ The evidence of living this way is so obvious to anyone who sees the changes in every aspect of improved quality of life.

  13. For many years prior to encountering Universal Medicine I was heavily involved with complimentary medicine and had been a full-time practitioner for 15 years and was very ambivalent about Western Medicine. However, with Universal Medicine I was presented with a whole different paradigm of approach to and understanding of health which resulted in me renouncing my practice and having a complete life change that includes combining Western Medicine with Universal Medicine as my healthcare. Since then I can only say my health and wellbeing has radically improved and it continues to improve instead of deteriorating as is the general norm as one gets older.

    1. Amazing to hear jstewart51 – and the beauty of this is that you have since then opened up to western medicine and hence have allowed more support into your life. This is testament of how we can support ourselves more.

  14. What I Love about the Universal Medicine model is that it is so simple and there is never anyone who is telling you what to do! As our health, wellbeing and vitality are up to us all, as we can choice to make the most responsible self-loving approach to the way we live.

  15. “My doctor loves my visits as I am rarely ill” – this is refreshing. I have often felt like I was only allowed to see a doctor when I was seriously ill otherwise I would be wasting their time.

  16. Many years ago, I went through a stage where I rejected Western Medicine as I felt it had let me down when a family member was going through a long-term health struggle. But through that period, I can see now that by thinking I could do it on my own I was badly neglecting myself by avoiding the care that Western Medicine was able to offer me. These days, I am the biggest supporter of using a combination of Western Medicine and Universal Medicine and as a result the whole of me, my health and my well-being is being cared for in many wonderful ways.

    1. I feel in the future we use Western Medicine alongside Esoteric Medicine as they complement each other so well. For example I have read several accounts of patients that were undergoing Chemotherapy and having Universal Medicine Chakra puncture sessions as support improved their overall wellbeing so that they felt more able to cope with the harsh but necessary treatment.

  17. JJ you are bucking the trend, how many people visit their doctor for just a check up and to ask for tests at the preventative stage rather than because there is a problem. It is a shame that doctors are not picking up and wanting to know more about what we are doing to stay healthy and vital rather than saying ‘keep doing what you’re doing’. I feel one day it will happen, we have to keep showing the world that there is a way to live that supports our health and wellbeing.

  18. It is so clear that all is first about energy. When energy gets released from the body the body re-adjust itself. Indeed without any push or manipulation. A natural way to recover our body you experience with Connective Tissue therapy.

  19. We need to realise there’s a philosophy at play in everything we do – whether we choose to see it or not. So doesn’t it make sense to study and comprehend the options? Enter Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness.

  20. Traditional medicine and Universal Medicine Therapies really do complement each other very well. I have felt the immeasurable support of both in a holistic approach to my health care. One does what the other cannot, but together they make the whole.

  21. If we smoke or drink heavily it’s accepted that this can seriously compromise our health. So doesn’t it make simple common sense that it’s also affected by the quality in which we live? And if this is so shouldn’t we stop and look at the way we move around everyday?

  22. To me Serge Benhayon shows all of humanity the power of true reflection. He lives in such a way that it inspires others to feel the possibility of leading a simple loving life’s.

    1. Serge Benhayon’s reflection to humanity is huge and for many very inspirational, but for others it is way too bright and they turn away. But that’s ok, as each one of us always has the choice to say yes to change or not; that is the beauty of free will.

  23. Our health-care system would benefit greatly if people took responsibility for their own health and worked more with their medical and healing practitioners.

  24. The proof of what works and what doesn’t is not in the pudding but in the body; it is in the way we move, think, rest and relate and there for all to see. No double blind trials needed but taking off our blinkers definitely recommended.

  25. I cannot imagine a time when I do not actively engage with my health and wellbeing yet I know this was not always the case. I was quite happy to consider myself at the mercy of the world at bizarre coincidences till I took responsibility for my own choices and behaviour and found how life changed. The Universal Medicine Therapies support us to embrace responsibility in the body.

    1. This is great what you have shared Lucy, and may I add that any embracing movement includes a dose of appreciation, which is part of the magic that takes us away from being at the “mercy” of life.

  26. “I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.” There is more to life indeed that the way we currently live and I find that Universal Medicine present this in a normal everyday practical way, and not in some hocus pocus way. We are multi-dimensional human beings that see and feel energy.

  27. “It’s a hackneyed expression, but my life changed in that first meeting with Serge.” Yes mine also because i was re-introduced after so long, to true love. To feel a love that is true, is everything, life-changing.

    1. Which is why it has the name ‘universal name’ – one medicine for all, freely available and our right by birth.

    2. At present and for a while now, there has been a counter movement in that some quarters have taken it upon themselves to try to patent their brand of medicine, trying to run it into the ground rather than being the humble service to all that it esoterically was destined to be. But – this too will pass.

  28. It is a blessing for a medical practitioner to work with people who take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

  29. The more we work with our GPs and not simply go in wanting them to fix us the more we will bring out their skills and get the support we truly want and deserve. But it entails us 1st taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and not expecting another to deliver us a magic cure all pill.

  30. The marriage of esoteric and western medicine is the best form of healing, dealing with the root cause together with the symptoms is the only way to truly heal from anything, not just on a physical level but on all levels – to truly let go of that which has a hold of us.

  31. I decided to have a health full check up with a private health company and the results came back that although I am 62 years old my body is a healthy 54 years old! I know that this is due to the 11 years I have spent putting into practice living in a way that supports my body. This is all down to the esoteric healing modalities of Universal Medicine and the courses and events I have attend over this period of time.

  32. I am in full agreement – taking a responsible and engaged body to the doctor benefits everyone. No wonder the doctor looks forward to seeing you as the pressure to fix would not be as present and there would be space to consider why the symptoms are presenting and not just what and how to get rid of them.

  33. The depth of respect and gentleness I experienced in my own body after my first session with Curtis Benhayon was immediate and I marvelled at the way I chose to move in honour of my beingness.

  34. It must be unique in the world for a complementary medicine business to promote Western Medicine and call themselves “complementary to medicine” as Universal Medicine does. They are truly an amazing organisation and I have also experienced many benefits to my health and wellbeing by combining Universal Medicine presentations and therapies and Western Medicine.

  35. Being a nurse and a student of The Way of The Livingness, I can say that it is deeply supporting to have this insight and way of living complementing with the conventional medicine. It goes hand in hand and I hope and trust that there will come one day when we see that it is our only way forward to combine them.

  36. A gorgeous reminder that we are love before any action. Meaning that simply we need to care for ourselves and our body in a loving supportive way to bring our action into service.

    1. How beautiful it was to come across your comment Danna to the words we are love before any action it enabled me to sit and feel heaven all around me and to appreciate the depth of love that can be felt.

  37. It would seem that until we can produce good research to show how amazing the esoteric modalities are, we won’t be accepted by the western medical model. Evidence based medicine being the acceptable face, even our amazing stories of return to health using both western and esoteric medicine aren’t sufficient. Yet I thought empirical observation was an accepted part of science. However one or two doctors in the UK are now promoting lifestyle Medicine, and even getting on TV.

  38. Doctors have told me to ‘keep doing what you’re doing’ too, but not one has ever asked me what that may be. I know there are time limits to appointments and they are ingrained in the Western model of medicine, but even after surgery when I healed so quickly and well, I wasn’t questioned. I myself asked why for example a dairy and sugar free diet wasn’t recommended in cases of breast cancer, but was told ‘there’s no evidence’. The pharmaceutical industry has most doctors well within its grip. One day the benefits of diet, lifestyle medicine and these amazing esoteric modalities will be more widely prescribed.

    1. One day, and until that day comes we don’t wait for another to confirm what we already know in the body. Research takes a while to catch up, but we need people to be consistent and committed in order to measure them!

  39. It does not make sense to me why most of the world likes a very hard and painful treatment when we are already feeling pain. As if we want to punish ourselves even more when we are already feeling challenged. We want others to give us love when we are challenged but don’t want to give that to ourselves. So a treatment that is gentle and accepting of ourselves makes much more sense.

  40. I reckon the suggestion to be on the front foot concerning our health fits here, why deal with the issues as they arise, but rather prepare our bodies to live well. We take our bodies for granted, rather than nurturing them to support us through life. Working with complementary and conventional medicine is very supportive.

  41. How refreshing for a doctor to see a patient who is not sick, but is just asking for a routine check up so that they can stay in touch with their health rather than waiting for it to deteriorate before seeking treatment. This sounds like a marvellous combination of health care to me.

  42. It must be a refreshing sight for a doctor to see someone well in their clinic than all the ill patients they usually see. In fact, it must be quite rare.

  43. The most super supportive combination for our being and our body – Universal Medicine and ‘Western Medicine’.

  44. I like your comment JJ about looking younger as you get older. This is something that I have observed with students of Universal Medicine. But its more than that too. There are students with chronic conditions, but feel well, there are students who die, who die well. One day the research eye will be on what is presented by Serge Benhayon and lived by so many. Maybe because it works?

  45. Visiting our GP is such a self caring thing to do, engaging with them and being actively involved with our health takes it to a whole other level.

  46. “…there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.” Yes, and deep down we know but we get so caught up in life as it is that we hardly ever bring it to the fore. Serge Benhayon lives this deeper knowing every day and that is what is so deeply inspiring as it gives us the reflection that it is possible to live by our deepest truth every day in every moment and that nothing else matters more than this truth that we feel and know.

  47. Western and Esoteric medicine – an awesome combination JJ. And in my experience, the only way to go.

  48. To visit the surgery when you are well, and for the doctor to say keep doing what you are doing is quite rare in conventional medicine. Magic really does happen when we start to take responsibility for the way we live and offers a great reflection for others to see that it is possible to really change our life, not to make it better but to make it vital and healthy

    1. Magic sure does happen Alison when we start to look after ourselves. The question then becomes do we settle for the new found level of vitality or do we continue to deepen knowing that yes our lives and health have vastly improved, but there is far more to come?

  49. Western medicine is great once we have a major problem but in my experience it is the inbetween bit where we are still ‘ok’ test wise where it cannot offer the support we truly need. Get too ill and yes it is there. And this is where Esoteric Medicine comes in. Also when we do go further astray Esoteric Medicine helps get underneath the issue at hand so rather than just returning to a state of function we return to a state of love and renounce the energy that led to the behaviours which created the ill in 1st place.

    1. Yes it is a much deeper approach than simply healing the wound. This offers GPs and the health system a great reprieve because it works on personal responsibility and accountability.

      1. It sure does and the more we do this the more we are working together and not giving our power away to something outside of ourselves or someone else to essentially fix us so we can then continue to live the same ill ways that led us to where we are.

  50. I had my neck cracked once and it was such a jolt to the body I wasn’t sure how that was going to do any good.

  51. It is quite significant to note that your life started to change after you met Serge Benhayon once. How many people see their chiropractor, masseuse, psychologist etc. for years without ever feeling any different apart from temporary relief? From my own experience I feel the ‘secret’ with Serge is that he reflects back to you who you really are, without any need or imposition, and gives you the permission to be yourself that society, work and even those close to us never have.

    1. This is a great point Fiona and perhaps worth considering that this is our only job too – to reflect back, without need or imposition who someone is and the Love we all come from. Permission to live that Love in our day to day needs a consistent reflection to show it is safe to do so.

  52. Trusting what our body is telling us is the truth is our best marker for whether a certain healing modality is right for us. When I was regularly going to a chiropractor and massage therapist while playing many different sports/endurance races, I can remember wondering why every time I went to them it was the same areas of my body that were out of whack and very sore/strained. They did a fantastic job helping with the pain and soreness, but it made me consider that it was the way I was moving my body and the choices I was making with the sports activities that were leading to the same health/body issues. Only by addressing these things in a different way did those conditions vanish with the help of Universal Medicine and all its amazing wisdom.

  53. “This one meeting with Serge Benhayon inspired me to make many changes in the way I was living.” – This really highlights to me the power of the kind of reflection we offer each other – not through trying to put out a ‘good’ image or face but through the way that we live – an energetic communication that speaks volumes…

    1. It sure does Fiona and goes to show how important each and every interaction we have is as you never know quite what is on offer and how much the way we are can literally change someones life.

  54. I love reading people’s accounts of their experiences since they came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine also! It’s amazing to read about the transformations in health and well-being to extortionate levels!

    1. It sure is Rachel and reminds me quite how much there is to appreciate that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have offered us along with the many changes I too have made and where I would be without them!

      1. I know for me that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are my new normal and with anything that becomes ‘normal’ we can take it for granted, at times. However, there are many moments in a day, week, or month that I count my blessings in every which way because I know I would not be the person I am today without Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  55. I love that moment in life where we come to the seeming ‘edge’ of it all and realise that there is no end to the depth we can go should we only take the leap.

    1. Yes, beautifully said Liane, “there is no end to the depth we can go” if we do not limit ourselves to one way of living but feel and live the grandness we are part of – the universe, which is forever expanding.

  56. Exactly, we all look younger and live more healthily after meeting Serge Benhayon – he is showing us the way of the future, how we could all be living and those of us who make similar choices can in turn inspire others to live more healthily – the hospitals and GP surgeries are already over stretched and us making a few better choices about what to eat and drink, how to exercise can considerably reduce the demands on their services.

  57. The body recognizes instantly what offers true support and healing and what doesn’t. The combination of western medicine and Universal medicine is superb for you get help on all levels and when you do your ‘own’ part you get true healing.

  58. Helping to restore order through healing is very different from creating an ex-novo order from an external source. In the first case, it is our order what is back, In the second, it is not. The body recognizes the first in full, but the second is alien to it.

  59. It might be a “hackneyed expression”, but when applied to Serge Benhayon it is simply the truth. And like you and hundreds, if not thousands of others “my life changed in that first meeting with Serge”. And 13 years later it is still continuing to change and as a result my life today is totally unrecognisable from the life I struggled to live for the first 55 years

  60. In the combination of Western Medicine and Universal Medicine I have found no greater support. I genuinely appreciate the advice and medication provided by GPs and consultants, whilst being supported by Universal Medicine practitioners to the root energetic cause of my illnesses. In this understanding I can change behaviours, patterns and momentums that lead to the illness in the first place.

  61. Conventional medicine is super supportive to our physical bodies and by complementing it with the principles of Esoteric Medicine you consider not only the physical human part of our body but also the being part of us as human beings.

  62. Being truly respected and deeply valued, more than you value yourself, is truly inspiring and this is something I also have experienced very much so with Serge Benhayon.

  63. It would be a welcome relief to the National Health Service and to our many overstressed doctors if one day we were all able to go to the doctors for health check ups rather than the many long term illnesses and complicated diseases we go with at present.

    1. Wouldn’t it! We can take responsibility for our own health and not dump that responsibility in the hands of another who can’t actually take responsibility for it. The health system is there to support us but if we don’t play our part there will only ever be a band aid on offer.

  64. Truth unfortunately is rare in our world today. We often live by images, ideals and beliefs – but no truth to how it is that we actually are living truly and or the drive that is driving us.. No honest view is sought by us to what is reality, what is raw and what is truly actualy right and what it is asking of us to change. To be real and honest is our very first step #1.

  65. Of course — and we know that there is more that meets the eye when it comes down to medicine. We have a health care system that might take away a problem or disease in the body, but what are we bringing to our health care system? How do we care for our body instead? This is the responsibility of all of us that eventually makes the whole system in the end, so we better truly have a look at what we are choosing and living a like because that might serve our whole of humanity in truth.

  66. I love how the Universal Medicine Therapies are not invasive in any way, my experience with other modalities is that they often did more harm then good.

  67. ‘I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.’
    Taking our health care to a deeper level of understanding – beautiful JJ.

  68. Of course , I would say with Universal Medicine my life would have been very unhealthy and that it is through Universal Medicine that I have started to make daily chocies that are in true benefit of my body and being.. Every day I deepen the care for myself and also the care I give to others in my every day living.

  69. Yep what if we all have check ups not because we are ill but because we are loving ourselves so much to do this. It is taking responsibility for our well-being.

  70. JJ a great reflection of all that Universal Medicine offers, and how through changing our choices we are able to support our body in a way that it supports us back.

  71. What an awesome testimony, the type of responsibility you now show with your heath is a model that we should all aspire to. Why wait until something is wrong? Why not confirm that something is in fact right? Inspiration plus, thank you!

    1. Great point Sarah, indeed ‘Why wait until something is wrong’ it makes no sense yet so often we carry on with the way we are living until we are almost forced to change even though we are not really happy or content with life and how things are. How long is it before we grab the truth with both hands and say yes in full with every cell of our body and make it our only foundation then anything which does not fit no longer is a part of our lives.

  72. JJ what a gorgeous testimony of the (visibly physical) effects in introducing true self-love into one’s everyday life.

  73. Awesome blog promoting self responsibility – we all need to get checked by the doctor when there is something we need more understanding of. Its amazing how many of us in society shy away from dealing with an issue.

  74. I used to avoid going to the doctor thinking that I should be able to stay well on my own and I did lots of study and research around this. I still feel that my health is my responsibility but I do not put such a focus on seeking the answers from outside myself. I listen to to my own body much more and consciously connect with it, allowing the quality that I bring to it to be in my movements, appreciating the inner wisdom that is there and observing what plays out. I go to the doctors twice a year whether I feel well or not and have a blood test and regular check up and a chat. I get sessions with practitioners of Universal Medicine, both counselling and bodywork and feel supported all round. I feel that this preventative form of medicine, as it is most often termed, is the most sensible as it can nip things in the bud, so to speak, as well as dig up well rooted ill behaviours. In the long term this saves the health service a lot of time and money and keeps me on track with an increasingly clear body and mind.

  75. I remember the first time I met Serge Benhayon, it was at a workshop he was giving in London the room was small but the people in the room felt very at ease, very open and very welcoming. I remember one young women sitting leaning on a wall in the sun doing her knitting. It was a very unimposing space.

  76. Combining both Western Medicine and Universal Medicine is the whole package and there are hundreds of people who are living proof that their health and wellbeing has changed dramatically because of choosing it.

  77. “As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.” A beautiful medicine and healing.

  78. When we take our health and well-being into our own hands by taking responsibility for our choices we can then make decisions that will best support from there, honestly.

  79. Western and Esoteric medicine is a powerful combination. Before I met Serge Benhayon and Esoteric medicine I arrogantly had put the western medicine to aside and would not take the medicine they prescribed. Now I don’t hand over my power to them but feel it is my responsibility to work with both, western and esoteric medicine and to see how they compliment each other.

    1. The responsibility you share here is the combination of support that Western Medicine provides and the offering of Esoteric Medicine to heal great depths of dis-ease we often ignore that over time surfaces.

    2. These are a match made in Heaven as we are so often quick to study the aliments and rush to look for the right pill or procedure to “fix the problem” yet how often are we willing to look deeper on the cause that are a direct reflection of how we are living and the choices we have been making. Esoteric Medicine support this innate knowing that we know from within.

  80. It is inspiring beyond measure when we feel the qualities of love and truth lived in absoluteness by another, as does Serge Benhayon, as it represents the exact same qualities that reside with us all. For me this highlights the responsibility we all hold as to what qualities we are reflecting in the world and the inspiration that can be offered just by living in connection to who we are in essence.

    1. What Serge has inspired in me is the realisation that love is our natural way of being, so much so that we are ill if we live without it. As I return to living from the essence of love within me my body feels healthier, and I can feel and see how lovelessness impacts my body in every part of my day if I choose it.

  81. The support that Universal Medicine has brought many has stood the test of time with many visits to the doctor that has shown transformations. The choice to make self-care the key ingredient has brought vitality to many and the way of living has not gone unnoticed by many.

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