Reflecting On My Youth – Accepting More of Who I Am

by Greg Hall, Civil Engineer, Brisbane

Particularly inspired by the writings of Oliver Harling in a recent post titled: “Stitched Up“, I sit here reflecting on my days of youth and at primary school being referred to as a ‘Ladies Man’ (named after a popular TV sitcom of the time) – I didn’t mind being teased because I felt that the boys doing the teasing were really just envious of my choice to honour being me. I was friends with the boys at school but really did not like the way it felt to be acting up and playing rough games in the play ground to ‘jostle for hierarchy’ and prove one’s physical capabilities rather than spending time with girls who pretty much accepted me for simply being a gentle me. Continue reading “Reflecting On My Youth – Accepting More of Who I Am”

Carrot Soup for Two – a Breakfast Date with my 7 year old

Yesterday morning I decided to have a completely different approach to breakfast. I decided to have a breakfast date with my 7 year old daughter.

This decision stemmed from me asking myself the following questions…

1. “Why can’t the care and enjoyment of a meal always be like a date?”. We seem to put that extra effort and care in when we prepare for a date, or are out on a date, from the food prep, setting the table, our dress etc. I find that the meal and company feels special because of this care and effort. Continue reading “Carrot Soup for Two – a Breakfast Date with my 7 year old”

Self-Love & Mothering: Stopping to Take Responsibility

by Denise Cavanough, aged 56, Brisbane

Over the years that I have been seeing Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine presentations and talks, I can say that nothing he has said has made me feel uncomfortable, squirm in my seat or want to run away. Not until recently have I felt like I was confronted, stopped in my tracks, cut to the bone; felt like I wanted to throw a tantrum and run away kicking and screaming like a child (I think you will be getting the picture).

This all came about when my daughter Shannon sent me a text in reply to mine, saying that it was ok to stay the night, but to have organised it before, not just as an afterthought, and not without consideration for her plans. This called a stop to a behavior that I had been doing and, I now recognise, that my mother had also done to me. Continue reading “Self-Love & Mothering: Stopping to Take Responsibility”

Our Love is Forever and is Here to Stay

by Emily Billsborough, Receptionist (Diploma of Business Management), Wollongbar, Australia

What are we searching or fighting for?
Does anyone ask if there may be more?

Who built the pyramids and aligned them to the stars?
Was it us or aliens from Mars?

If we looked back throughout our history,
Maybe it wouldn’t be such a mystery.

How many times have we cried to God above,
Then gone back to living life without love? Continue reading “Our Love is Forever and is Here to Stay”

God Doesn’t Add Up

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville

I was feeling the contraction of self-measuring, a downward spiral staircase of small self judgments – when it came to me – God can’t count, stairs or the like.

Probably he didn’t even finish primary school. I’ve since discovered that rumours of him being numerically challenged are rife in certain out-of-the-way sections of the blogosphere. Continue reading “God Doesn’t Add Up”

The Power and Honouring in Saying No

by Sandra Wilson, Master of Arts (MA), Brisbane/ Australia

I used to have difficulty in saying No, which meant that I pushed myself too hard to get something done, or I would struggle to carry out a promise even though it no longer felt right.

Years ago, I was given a good demonstration of the consequences of not saying No. I had to put out a brochure for a course I was teaching in the next term and I had a small window of time to do it in. Usually, it came together easily but this time I couldn’t seem to get it together.

Every part of my body seemed unwilling to do it and everything seemed to conspire against it. But the more resistance I felt, the harder I pushed. Continue reading “The Power and Honouring in Saying No”

The Difference in Love

by Ariel, QLD

My body feels great. There are no butterflies in my tummy nor do I have the shakes or the constant thoughts or fantasies running through my head. My head is clear and I feel strong within myself. I’m in complete control.

With my descriptions here I am showing the two different sides of ‘Love’ (feelings I have and the feelings I don’t have) the first side is the mushy feelings (the ones I don’t have) which includes the butterflies, the shakes, nerves, feeling weak but happy and fantasies of someone you have feelings for. People would describe this as ‘Love-sick’ or ‘Love-struck ’. If you Google the definition of ‘love’ it will say – “feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone). Affection – fondness – darling – passion. Like – be fond of – fancy – adore.” Continue reading “The Difference in Love”

Stitched Up

by Oliver Harling, Bellingen, NSW, (with a bit of help from my mum) 

Today I am a 14 year old boy, who against the odds, goes to a weekly ‘girls only’ sewing group after school called ‘Stitched Up’.

I love sewing, it’s heaps of fun and a lovely gentle activity, but for me to be attending this group is no small feat. Here I will write about how in my experience, from a very young age, boys in our society are totally ‘stitched up’.

Call it gender stereotyping, or whatever you like, but as a boy there is a narrow way of behaving that is seen as ‘OK’, all the rest and you’re ‘gay’, a ‘fag’, and other derogatory terms (that I’d rather not repeat) that mock any kind of natural tenderness. Continue reading “Stitched Up”

My Dad and Me – A Reconnection

by Cherise Holt, Nurse, Australia

When I was a little girl I just knew my Dad loved me . . .

Alongside my Mum he was committed to providing a safe and supportive home for me and my two brothers. As a baby he warmly cuddled and gently cared for me in every way he knew how, he would sing me songs and make me giggle. As I grew he would enjoy being playful with me, giving me a horsey-ride to my bedroom at bed time or tickling me with his beard to make me really smile.

He has always been a highly dedicated man, committed to his work, our family and truthfully to anything he has ever done. He worked shift work for many years to provide and whilst life was never about money or things, he spent every opportunity with us at school activities, taking us on our annual fishing holiday or simply recording hours of home video movies in the back yard.  Continue reading “My Dad and Me – A Reconnection”

2012 – A Wonderful Year & What a Start to a New Era

by Beverley Croft, South Coast, NSW

I just wanted to share how I felt and what I wrote a few days after I returned home to the South Coast of NSW, from my last trip up to the North Coast for Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 4 and our final wonderful weekend of 2012, with the end of year celebration.

What a wonderful year, 2012 has been. What a start to a New Era! Continue reading “2012 – A Wonderful Year & What a Start to a New Era”