God Doesn’t Add Up

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville

I was feeling the contraction of self-measuring, a downward spiral staircase of small self judgments – when it came to me – God can’t count, stairs or the like.

Probably he didn’t even finish primary school. I’ve since discovered that rumours of him being numerically challenged are rife in certain out-of-the-way sections of the blogosphere.

God can’t count. OK, so the number of zeroes in my bank balance doesn’t matter. Nor does my hat size. But what about the millions of noisy minah birds, thousands of bandicoots, potoroos, numbats and all the other pre and post-ark species? It’s a stock-take nightmare.

Think of a number, you know, the one most important to you: age, salary package, years of working on yourself, weight, tally of friends, alimony, number of degrees, client base, overdraft – well he doesn’t.

Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.

308 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Add Up

  1. Just delightful, Alan. A wonderful reminder God does not find important the things we think are. I think God is only interested in one thing – how much love we live.

  2. Every time I read this blog I feel freer and more expanded in my body. The constant measuring of what I’ve achieved and where I am at is limiting and feels like being in a cage. A connection to soul has no measure, it’s either chosen or it’s not.

  3. Something about life doesn’t add up, and it’s the absence of God. We choose to live separated from the love we are in essence and that God is, and life then becomes about making the grade, measuring ourselves and others, and judgements. How wonderful to return to love again. Thanks Alan.

  4. God does not add up, he does not calculate, but despite the Universe does not seem illogical, with several laws in place. The Universe, God is not a coincidence, there is a plan. Without numbers?

  5. I find that with valuing even the smallest things in life and seeing its beauty and importance, a natural equalness is called for throughout the whole of life. The only reason we can place more value on a smaller or higher value than its opposite is when we see life in parts as in, something is better than another. And sure while having a healthy bank balance is important, so to is the appreciation of the reflection that every number provides. Its always either a confirmation of our grandness or a message reminding and prompting us to embrace more of it.

  6. Who counts is an amazing question, we count in the sense of we matter, to our selves, to god and each other without tally checks or balances. The rest of the counting that we think applies to our self worth is misleading us away from the essence of the total sum of our true value.

  7. Love the humour you bring here Alan, we still have much to learn on this planet earth in returning to simply be love.

  8. What a great short blog and reminder that there is no comparison there is no judging, just love , ‘Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.’

  9. Your stunning description of God is expansive and every part of me knows that it is true. God does not measure. When I catch myself measuring I realise I am measuring how much of my own divine essence I will allow the world to see. A fruitless exercise that is as irresponsible as it is misery making.

  10. Lovely and expansive, no holding back with placing criteria, on what God is, God is God, is Love, there is no measuring when we talk about the infiniteness and expansiveness of the universe.

  11. Love the simplicity of your article Alan! Numbers in a way of comparison, thats what we do on planet Earth. God, to me, certainly does not do that, but it seems that he is into numbers fully, as The Universe, which is God, is about numbers, cycles and rhythms. God does not play dice, as Einstein once said, there is a distinct order in the Universe, which comes down to numbers.

  12. A very short and succinct invitation to let go of the ways we have made life about and return straight back to soul.

  13. Shows that there is an education that is out of this world that has more meaning to the quality of our life than we generally give credence to. That education is Love.

  14. A refreshing way to expose our human construct of complexity that contrasts the very living sphere we are held in and to live in sync and harmony with.

  15. I love the way you say so much with so few words. I feel tension drop from my shoulders when I read this and begin to let go of my drive to measure and assess where I am at. This makes way for love and a connection to my heart. It feels warmer already.

  16. ‘Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions’ – God is a mentor and teacher always offering us a reflection of what is true. Thanks Alan.

  17. God never stops being Love and letting us know, we measure how much of that we listen to and can feel. Thank You Alan for the reminder that we need not measure.

  18. Alan thank you for the great sharing – if a number is put to anything then it is very worth discerning what motivates the number, is it love or measure.

  19. God doesn’t have to count as he simply knows; he knows what’s in my bank, he knows how much land I own, he knows how many thoughts flit through my mind in every moment, but that matters not one iota to him, what matters is that I know who I am and that I am his Son.

  20. And there is no ‘stocktake either’, Thank God he can’t count, that means the inner heart doesn’t count. It is all down to the mind – which does seem to thrive on counting. Why is this and if it doesn’t come from God who is pushing the theory that counting matters?

  21. As always … In the midst of seriously writing one’s comments… a moment of grace and humour from the everlastingly light and beautiful pen of Alan Johnson

  22. There comes a time when we become aware that all measuring is pointless in the measureless space (God’s love/the Universe) we live within. There is only One and our ceaseless expression of this, once all forms of self-measuring have been renounced.

  23. So true Alan, ‘Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.’ So simply yet so very true. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  24. God seems to be very simple, a simpleton even compared to our complex, complicated, calculating, comparing and measuring human way of living life we pride ourselves on as we consider it being intelligent, being the species at the top of evolution. Likewise a funny and tragic thought. Bringing it back to the simplicity of making life about love, harmony, cooperation, oneness exposes the creation of complexity for the sole sake of identification and irresponsibility. We are all naturally simple by divine right, we are the sons of God – simple.

    1. This is gold. Thank you Alex. Every ounce of complication we choose is exposed by this comment.

  25. Beautiful Alan- a great reminder that we don’t need to measure ourselves, hold onto things or compare to others but simply let out our love in an unmeasured way.

  26. When we reinterpret God we do exactly that, put a measure on it, rules, sins etc. So we must find that no measure, no judgment, no comparison, just acceptance is almost impossible. But really we can’t approach God from a thinking mind, otherwise all we do is re-interpret what we think is true, but in fact is not.

  27. Love the reminder Alan that God is not measuring us in any way, that he accepts us as we are irrespective of the “number of zeroes in my bank balance”. It seems to me that it is only us who measures, and often in the process comparing our “number of zeroes” with another’s, creating judgment and separation, where in fact in God’s heart there is none.

  28. Truth and wisdom wrapped up in a powerful small package of humour. Perhaps there is a number that God knows after all – we are after all, all One.

  29. Just imagine living with a deep connection to that natural glorious equality… There will be no comparison at all… Simply a celebration of all, and of lives lived that reflected that and simply a celebration of all, and of lives lived that reflected that deep connection with all that there is.

  30. Put so simply Alan. No zeros at the end of a figure in the temporal world make a difference to God. He is forever expanding and never measuring. It is us in the human form that choose to measure and when we measure we limit the grandness of what God is.

  31. How can we live a life without measure? By connecting to one’s heart.
    How can we live a life without misery? By connecting to our heart.
    How can we live a life without deceit and despair? By connecting to our heart.
    How can we live a life without war, murder, suicide, and genocide? By connecting to our heart.
    Can we change the world? Yes – by connecting to our hearts, and live from there. All will follow. We need no numbers we need to measure.

  32. Go ‘figure’ – Love is what counts…not the count as such. We choose to measure ourselves or ‘measure up to’ while all the while God Loves us.

  33. A great sharing thank you Alan, there are no measurements to the eternal as there are no limits to Gods love. How profound is that.

  34. So beautifully shared Alan.You remind me that it is pointless to even think about measuring where I am at. All that matters is that I choose truth.

  35. “Love without measure” is God’s love. An important point to remember, it is only when we disconnect and see ourselves as separate from God that we start to measure up.

  36. So true Alan, and if God doesn’t measure all these things why do we try make them such a big part of who we are? We are already love, without the numbers to tell us who we are or how far we have come.

  37. Wow Alan, I was reading this going I don’t understand but then POW! I felt the immense pressure and force we put on ourselves when we are continually measuring and looking at what we have, what we’ve done, how much we have of this, that and the other, how old we are, how old our children are, how many more years we have till retirement, how many days till vacation etc etc etc. What a weight we carry around and what an imposition on us seeing and feeling the truth of what is going on in any moment.

  38. “Love without measure” thank you Alan for reminding us of the eternity of God. The universe is expanding at a rate we can not in our minds comprehend, yet can connect to our inner hearts and we can feel we are at one with that expansion.

  39. God doesn’t add up – what a superb play on words. He’s certainly no bean counter but He and the All do add up after all.

  40. So…if God does not add up it is not necessary to ‘make it right’ or to get money or to have good notes or to be ‘the best friend’ of many – what will be left over for me to do? If God loves me no matter what I could do whatever I want. But I wanted everything to be loved…now you say I am loved already… hmmm. I guess I like to understand more this relationship with God and me and discover what ‘I want’ and how to live now.
    When the driving force of my life is discovered to be nonsense I am disoriented – but maybe that’s good. Now I can connect to myself, my being and see how I go with this focus in life.

  41. Dear Alan, your sharing has found me pondering on what numbers are important in my life and the lack of acceptance of the love I actually hold for a moment of judgement around a certain number. Very revealing, thank you.

  42. Alan I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading your blog…. God’s love can never be measured as it is constantly expanding and deepening.

  43. So simple, stop analysing and get on with living love. Comparison takes us off course so quickly and counting is often the measure of that comparison.

  44. We, as humans, can get a bit distracted counting things and in the process forget the one thing we are here for – love.

  45. Numbers are often about comparison whether it be about exam or test results, how much money we have, how much our house cost, how many reps we do at the gym or the costs at the supermarket. When we feel what is needed before we add up the numbers then we get a true reading. God was right all along!

  46. “Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.” Love without measure – a recipe for us all. And what do we choose?

  47. Alan thank you, I love the lighthearted humour with which you reveal how farcical it is for us to live in separation to the love we are, and the love we all come from…. GOD

  48. “Love without measure” that is as deep, unfathomable and ever expanding as the Universe. Thank God.

  49. “Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition” Seems like a plan to live life by. Love the simplicity 🙂 Thank you!

  50. At the moment I am choosing blogs to read on God and religion, because there is something missing from the way I am living, which feels like to accepted presence of God in my every moment. Of course He is there in presence and Love, but do I feel and accept this…? So it was great to stumble on this blog and be reminded of the playfulness of God and the fact that I do know Him by virtue of being alive.

  51. This blog made me smile Alan – and I’m still smiling… why? Because it’s all so true, God doesn’t take time to count, He knows every detail of life by virtue of existing. And there is no judgment in the body of God, like you say Alan, ‘just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.’

  52. Love this Alan. God = “Love without measure……just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.”

  53. Simply yet so powerfully true. Often we measure up how much we have achieved or how well we measure up to an image of how we should be. The truth is that we also measure up how much of ourselves we will be to ensure that we don’t step outside of a specific image of ourself. All images are based on measurements or pre-determined values of what can and cannot be achieved. God doesn’t have any images for himself, for life or for us, and instead it is a constant expansion of who know’s what is next.

  54. As Human Beings we choose to complicate life with all the ‘numbers’ and comparisons that you have named Alan, yet the truth is that God doesn’t do numbers or comparison, God is not jealous of how amazing we all are – God celebrates us and the love we are. What you have shared is beautiful – Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions’. Thank you..

  55. Beautiful Alan, giving us the possibility to not measure, but feel that the love we are is unmeasurable.

  56. A great memory jog for what life’s truly all about. A life without measure, without comparison, jealousy or inequality. Unrealistic? Only when we continue to make choices from a position of individuality rather than humanity and the bigger picture. That’s our sticking point.

  57. ‘Love without measure’ – What a revealing comment, as for most of us in the pool of humanity, we are so used to love being a currency that we hoard, save, grudgingly give out, the idea that it is infinitely abundant well…that rearranges everything.

  58. this is beautiful Alan, Thank you, it makes it all so simple again, there is no measure in love. It is us just choosing it what does the trick, no counting involved.

  59. Alan, this is such a delight, so witty, so fun and such truth, and it broke my seriousness today about getting it, getting life, doing this or that, and reminded me it’s about love not counting, living love not trying to figure it out. Thank you.

  60. Reading this blog again felt like I had not read it before. What I got out of it this time round was, I thought to myself, how true is this blog that God can’t count? Because with pure divine love there doesn’t seem to be any numbers that can equate to love, it’s endless and no number can add up the eternal expansion of love. God is love, so if we are to embrace love, we will see and use numbers in a different light.

  61. Something to help us reflect on just how much and to what degree we constantly measure and hold to ransom in our lives. ‘Counting, comparison, competition’ sound for all the world like the pillars of a sales plan mantra, designed to drive market share. Not a way to live harmoniously on a small planet with 7 billion others, that’s for sure.

  62. This is pure gold Alan. We indulge in so much measuring and you have shown why it is so pointless. Thank you – back to the basics for me!

  63. Today I thought about a friend not answering my emails and thought about not writing further emails. I heard a bird’s song in that moment and I remembered: God never stops communicating with me no matter how long I resist to answer. He doesn’t add up the times I say ‘No’ to him.

  64. ‘a downward spiral staircase of small self judgments’ – so beautifully expressed, Alan. That contagious, self-imposed momentum that takes us further away from the truth of who we really are and into our self-stepped abyss.

    1. And yet no matter how many steps we take in that downward direction on each step we have the choice to go the other way and return. Such is the space that God provides for us and we can allow ourselves to experience when we choose.

  65. I love your blog Alan. It highlights for me the way we use numbers is not aligned to God. We use it to measure, count, to compete, judge and individualise but God uses it to communicate to us the gloriousness, grandness and beauty of the Universe. It is the language of truth, yet how we use it can be very far from that.

  66. We can get caught up in the world of number/figures and if they don’t add up to ‘Success’ then we label ourselves as less. I loved your blog Alan – a reminder of the fact that we are loved – ‘Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions’.

  67. I like this Alan – kind of makes all the striving to attain this, that and the other seem rather silly when it’s so much simpler just to be and “love without measure”.

    1. Very well said Debra, I totally agree and we see the truth of it all when we understand the true meaning of life.

  68. It is funny when I read this quirky sharing how we place so much emphasis on these many numbers that seemingly propel us through life. The underlying falsity is that God is not love first and foremost and the biggest savings account number won’t get you in -whereas the truth is God is love.

  69. I smile deeply when I read this – the fact that there is no ‘counting’ no numbers that are more important than another – just the love that we choose to be or not.

  70. Love this Alan and the double meaning of the title, God doesn’t do a stock take but also we cannot comprehend the all encompassing nature of God’s love if we focus on the details of figures. Awesome reminder, thank you.

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