I am finally Letting Love into my Life

by Amina Tumi, Age 31, Hair Salon Owner, London

Is it possible that we struggle to let Love in and in fact reject it?

This sounds crazy I know as all we want is to feel loved, (I know that is all I have ever wanted). Is it possible that part of us have been hurt so much in past experiences that we resist letting this happen again?

I have lived a life doing just that, not letting love in and I started to realise this recently, which made me ask the question “well, where has this gotten me?”. Continue reading “I am finally Letting Love into my Life”

Turning my Life Around with the Support of Universal Medicine

by Vibeke Lykkegard, age 63, Copenhagen, Denmark (English 2nd language)

In 2009 I returned from England to my native country against all plans. I felt like I was knocked out facing a broken relationship, no permanent place to live, no job and being in a tight economy. Add to that, that at 60 years old it was a race down to the wire to find a job giving me the necessary income.

While I was living in England I came to know about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon from one of my friends. I started listening to Serge’s audio lectures and I participated in a few of his courses. What he said made sense to me. Continue reading “Turning my Life Around with the Support of Universal Medicine”