Love the Body & the Mind will be Fine

by Brendan Mooney, Australia

I am learning more and more that when I align my body to love, my mind takes care of itself.

When I choose to be loving with myself it becomes much easier to make choices on a moment-to-moment basis that actually are loving and caring for my body. For example, it could be as simple as choosing to walk gently and with presence to the photocopier machine at work. Or it may be choosing to drink a glass of water by keeping my mind on this activity only (not allowing my mind to wander) and feeling my full presence as I drink it. It is quite amazing (and fun!) to feel the difference that these simple and practical choices make to the quality of my day.

Simply focusing my mind gently on whatever movement I am currently doing allows me to feel very with myself in that moment, and I feel totally equipped to handle the current situation I am presented with. Choosing to add quality of presence to my movements and activities assists me in keeping things simple (because I am only doing one thing at a time) and allows me to make decisions with clarity. Life becomes easy, even in challenging situations, as long as I hold my quality of presence. With this quality I have found my life to be far more enjoyable and meaningful as a result, all from the choices I have made for myself on a daily basis.

In honouring my body, I can feel that it is also very important to say ‘no’ to those things I have identified that are harming to my body. For example, when I go for a walk I can now feel when my body has had enough exercise for that day, and so I stop. As another example, if I feel that after a particularly long day at work that my body is more tired than usual, I might exercise a little slower and for a shorter period of time. Exercising in this way feels very honouring to myself because the way I am exercising is based on feeling what is most supportive for my body in that particular moment. This way of exercising is much more fun compared to times in the past when I would follow an exercise routine without any regard for what I may be able to physically handle on any given day.

I remember doing vigorous exercise even on days when my body was feeling really exhausted because that was what my exercise program said I should do. I have learned that whilst exercise is obviously beneficial to our bodies, it is important to also feel what is the most supportive for the body on a moment-to-moment basis. In this way, I can feel that I have brought an element of flexibility to my exercise program, and I can feel that my body exercises with ease as a result.

I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts. How cool is that! To me this has become a basic way of living, for if I do not take loving care of my body how can I expect to have a mind that sees things clearly, with ease, and in respect of everyone around me? I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body.



465 thoughts on “Love the Body & the Mind will be Fine

  1. ‘ I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts. How cool is that! To me this has become a basic way of living, for if I do not take loving care of my body how can I expect to have a mind that sees things clearly, with ease, and in respect of everyone around me?’ I find this to be true also. Far too often we come to a situation with preconceived ideas or expectations about how it would, should or could be and even if we think we are free of these the way things pan out shows us differently. Being able to hold ourselves in love we can hold others in love also even if this is very challenging at times, it is possible, and the more we love ourselves and take care of ourselves from our bodies each and every day determines the level of love we can hold.

  2. “When I choose to be loving with myself it becomes much easier to make choices on a moment-to-moment basis that actually are loving and caring for my body. ” this I find to be true for me too, if I am loving with myself everything flows easily and choices are simple to make as my day goes by in each moment. If I go into reaction or hardness in my body, my choices become challenging and I feel a tension in my body, very unease feeling.

  3. This is huge: if we are loving to our body we get loving thoughts. This Should be headnews in the newspapers as iT is very true.

  4. Last night in an experiment I made some choices which are not supportive for my body, and during my sleep I had frightful intense dreams to let me know this is the energy that has to be cleared. Then I had another choice to simply look at this and acknowledge the result of my choice and not go into judgement (as it was easy to, from my choice of disregard) and so my conclusion is life is just one choice after the next to see if we simply choose to be love, that, which is who we are, and when we do, this momentum is simply lived and sustained in a cycle between body and mind.

  5. It is common to slow down, to reign it in, to take life easier to reduce the strain. And those that do are seen as the wise and sensible ones, taking care and living well. But are they really? For is a reduced form of our former, speedy way really ‘it’ at the end of the day? What you present Brendan is truly different – that there is a body led way we can move, with grandness, vitality and joy. But all the time we do so with a Love and care not an ounce of fear or ‘toning it down’. Like driving on the other side of the road this way can take a little getting used to, but from what I can see it truly is worth it.

  6. We ignore the body at our own peril. You have described something so simple Brendan that is available 24/7 and is the most supportive tool possible – our connection with the body.

  7. Brendan you beautifully describe true Yoga. “Simply focusing my mind gently on whatever movement I am currently doing allows me to feel very with myself in that moment, and I feel totally equipped to handle the current situation I am presented with.”

  8. I was having some unsupportive thoughts yesterday when I reacted and hence absorbed an energy I found shocking, nothing could shake me out from this feeling from words being said to me. So I asked my partner to give me a massage and in particular I knew where in the body to focus on clearing. When my body felt supported again, my thoughts changed. This brought me back to a childhood memory when I felt insecure, my body was not shown care, but rather I was taught to appease my mind instead, this was a pattern exposed and a pattern that I reacted towards either by resisting or by buying into throughout my life, that now I can choose to let go.

  9. Sounds beautifully simple Brendan – and it is, when you are there and present with yourself. Yet when you are not, life so quickly becomes full of complication, trouble, and strife. This is to me a great indicator of the power of loving presence that you present and the fact that there is a force at play that does not want us to live this way. When we acknowledge this is going on, but choose the loving route from thereon, these distractions loose their hold in a major way.

  10. I so agree with the last statement in this article. “I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how I take care of my body”.
    My body is particularly affected by sweet foods and yesterday I had a meal with some sweet foods in it. The learning was huge, first of all I felt an agitation in my body, then later in the day I noticed I was holding my body with a greater tension as I was finding it difficult to concentrate, then mid afternoon I felt my body want to collapse and sleep as it came down off the hit of sugar I had given it. This left me with the question, how much tension, stress and absent mindedness etc is generated in our bodies from the agitation we feel due to how we have lived in disrespect of what we know our body requires?

    1. A great question that then prompts another – what on earth are we using to override the signals our bodies are constantly giving us that they cannot cope with this onslaught?!

  11. Keeping the mind with the body as we move, it sounds simple yet is profound in the depth of connection it allows and the harmony that can be lived. Listening to the signals from the body is our best form of medicine.

  12. Love love love the way you shared this Brendan, so simple. I notice this too, that when I take care with myself and allow the body what it needs, I feel lovely, and this naturally spills out to the way I am with others.

  13. The mind-body connection is fascinating, and the more I experiment with it, the more I see how the two are totally interconnected: race or rush the body, and the mind races or rushes, disconnect from it, and check out in the mind.. focus on the body and pay attention to how it feels, and bring focus to the mind and task at hand.

  14. It is great that you share with us all what you have learned Brendan, it makes a lot of sense that in loving and truly nurturing our bodies, the mind will naturally have loving thoughts, that is very cool!

  15. There is a considerable difference feeling our body when we make loving and caring choices and each loving choice supports our next one, building a steadiness in our body that is empowering. When we lose ourselves and go into our head we are no longer aware of how our body is feeling and we then make choices that deeply effect us and take us further away from knowing our true ourselves.

  16. What an interesting read Brendan! And yes, when I think about it, I’ve had this experience too. I can get so lost in thinking and the thinking does follow bad movements as well…but when I start to move in a lovingly way, honor my body and be present with what I am doing, my thoughts become more clear and sweet. This is sometimes very challenging as I am so used to ‘think problems out’ and hang on to that this is the way to clear something. But I understand more an more how I truly clear something is by changing my moves – and the thoughts will follow.

  17. Loving and honoring our body is so important. I used to just ‘push through’ to get things done regardless of the effect on my body. As I get older – and wiser?! – I have learned to take greater care of it. My mind often wants me to do otherwise. My body is the one I listen to nowadays – with better results.

  18. Truly caring for our body allows the love that we are in essence to be lived more completely through our physical form. When we allow this to be, then the constant barrage of thoughts we are otherwise bombarded with by the busy mind that is ‘let off the chain’ so to speak and left to run wild with no connection to the body which it belongs to, is brought more into accord with the impulses from our heart. This promotes a sense of ease within ourselves rather than the dis-ease and disquiet we have become so accustomed to.

    1. Thank you Liane. When I connect to my heart I cannot doubt its wisdom. This is a very poignant reminder to ensure the connection between my heart, mind and body remains strong.

  19. I still allow this notion that I should exercise even when my body feels to rest as it’s ‘good for me.’ And each time I do this I feel depleted and worn out. Reflecting on this now I see how non-nonsensical it is to have my mind, that has no connection with what my body feels, have not just a say but have the authority to overrule, override what my body is communicating. And it’s in my mind’s interest to do this because it’s like it wants dominance and if my body is ignored, like what is beautifully expressed in this blog, it gets this control. Then it can be ruled by an arrogance that says it is immortal and who cares what happens to the body who suffers the pain of the consequences of this abuse.

  20. It is us who complicate our own lives by the choices we make, life is very simple, when we connect to our body we are more present with our body and the choices that present are more clearer for us to choose from.

    1. Amita thats a great point, its not life that is complicated but us that complicate life. Now if we held that as our foundation through life.

  21. This has been my experience too Brendan – that my mind follows from how I have treated my body. I’ve had fun observing this, although it hasn’t been fun all the time! For example, if I eat foods I know I shouldn’t my thoughts can be quite reactive. If I push myself too hard doing something or go into excessive drive, my thoughts can be attacking – both to myself and to others. But when I’m caring for me and loving me, the minds follows suit and is simply there with me.

  22. “I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body”.
    What a powerful and simple consciousness-buster Brendan. No arduous mind training procedures, spending hours attempting to meditate and empty the mind – simply returning to be in conscious presence with the mind in union with the body, which leads to a very natural and self loving way of living, responding to what the body truly needs.
    A totally awesome blog. Thank you Brendan.

  23. “I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body”. this is what I have been finding too, if I eat foods which are not supportive to my body, my mind will respond to the raciness or dulling. When I eat healthy and energised foods, my mind is fresh and active. I am currently looking at what foods I am still eating causing tiredness and my mind to feel quite heaving.

  24. “I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts.” It is sort of all connected! When we are not having loving thoughts we are often in our heads and not feeling what we are doing to our bodies – it might be way to much and this creates negative thoughts and goes on and on. When we take care of our bodies it is more pleasant to be with them in and are thoughts will also be at ease with ourselves, this can also be a continuous cycle of confirming ourselves with being with our body and making loving choices for it thus having loving thought and so on…

  25. It’s quite revolutionary to the current way of thinking that loving self care could change the quality of our thoughts – yet that is what has worked for me too. Another amazing aspect of the work of Serge Benhayon. Loving self care could actually revolutionise mental health care.

  26. ‘…when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts.’ I have experienced this! Why not bring this to my day more? It can only be awesome for others to met with a greater level of lived understanding.

  27. “Choosing to add quality of presence to my movements and activities assists me in keeping things simple.” Love your words here Brendan, feeling what is supportive for our body allows us to build a steadiness of presence and natural flow to the way we move and engage with life and our mind aligns the more consistently we choose to be loving with ourselves.

  28. Brendan, you had me with the title of this fabulous blog… What you’ve shared here – something I’ve learnt so much about through the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – is absolute gold. It should be our ‘101’ for life – in raising, parenting and educating our children, and foundational in our homes, workplaces and every sphere of our human expression.
    We have a world that is starved of true care for ourselves, we so readily negate, abuse and disregard our bodies, and yet expect ourselves to function at seemingly ever-higher standards…
    Six cups of coffee in a day isn’t the answer, and we well know it.

  29. Really cool blog Brendan. I have had it the wrong way around in the mistaken belief that my mind influences my body. This gets me into trouble as it often seems like my mind does not consider the affects of my actions on the body at all. Thank you for reminding me who is really in charge.

  30. No matter how much wisdom is offered to us in life and no matter how much we know, the simple truth and importance of what is shared here remains the same – it should never be undervalued!

  31. Connection with our bodies is our true intelligence, as the more we deepen our relationship with it, the more we start to live life from feeling what is needed at each moment instead of relying on the head that will more than likely make us compromise our level of sensitivity in order to accomplish things in life.

  32. Wise words Brendan, thank you. There are moments when, with the fullness of presence in my body, the simplest of daily tasks feel absolutely joy-full, such as walking down the stairs. Coming to love and honour the body is a beautiful thing – a true act of self-love.

  33. “I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts. How cool is that!” – That is SUPER cool and my experience too 🙂

  34. I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body.” I am learning the same thing Brendan. When I am not taking care of myself my mind is like a wild beast that is out of control. The more I learn to love myself and live in a loving way the more my thoughts are loving ones rather than unloving ones.

  35. I have read this blog before, and I read again and it just makes sense…simple, practical, lived and known, care and indeed love our bodies and the mind will be fine….So much of life as we experience it and observe it is lived from the head, with little if any attention truly given to the body, parading it, showing it off, using it is not the same as loving. Love the body and we will know our truth.

  36. “I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts.” how true this is Brendan, I know for me when I make loving and self honouring choices, the ripple effect is quite profound.

  37. “I am learning more and more that when I align my body to love, my mind takes care of itself.” – that is so true and my experience too. It makes life very simply and joyful 🙂

  38. I have so much self evidence of what you are sharing here Brendan, a simple act of washing my face at night with a lovely hot face cloth changed the way I thought about myself, I became less critical – it sounds too simplistic but when you care for the body it really does impact on how your think.

  39. Such a simple yet powerful reminder Brendan when we choose to live this everyday ‘I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts.’

  40. Great reminder that when we come back to our body and listen to what its saying, we are honouring how it is feeling and therefore the mind has loving thoughts as the body is feeling that love too.

  41. What aspires one to connect with true presence is when we realise in full that all the attractions of the world can do nothing to alleviate the dis-ease that resides within. And that such dis-ease can only be remedied by true surrender and connection to the fire of one’s Soul. In that surrender, presence become not an onerus task requiring discipline, as it becomes a state of being that one starts to require the mere act of surrender. But at first, that process is not a comfortable thing. We are so used to tension, and so used to the various ways we use to mask it, that to be still, and connect is no easy task. But in time, and with the right application of mind, will, and body, it gets easier – very much so. However, that being said, the tension itself never ceases. That part is always unavoidable, for it is the tension that is forever calling us to deepen our connection to divinity.

  42. I love the simplicity of what you present Brendan. The word ‘focus’ comes to mind here – staying present with the body when we do what we do, rather than simultaneously racing off in another direction with our minds which now, when I visualise it, is a very fractured, disorganised and stressful way to live.

  43. Thank you for sharing this simple truth with us Brendan, “love the body and the mind will be fine”

  44. ‘I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts’ – The simple outcomes when we choose how we are going to live reap the most simple and loving outcomes. When I choose to make loving choices for myself I cease seeking love from the world around me and from my closest relationships. Taking responsibility to check-in and respond to what the body requires in life ends the roller coaster that can unfold when we expect and assume our needs will be met by others.

  45. Being present in the body has means I am no longer exhausted from my day and has expanded the joy I hold every day.

    1. Same here Christine, I feel this way too thanks to the inspiration from people I meet at Universal Medicine and the amazing teachings presented by Serge Benhayon.

  46. I have noticed when I push past being exhausted, sore, in pain etc, I lose my sense of me, and get lost in the head, it is so important to be aware of how our bodies feel, truly care for them and then I have found myself, that I am much more steady, aware and vital.

  47. Spot on Brendan, love the body and the mind takes care of itself… it was Serge Benhayon who first presented this and from that point on, I have always understood what is going on if I find my mind full of rubbish or negative thoughts. Loving ourselves is the foundation from which we evolve and from which we unfold back to the essence of who we are, a grandness never even touched if we do not allow love for ourselves to begin with.

  48. Supporting your body moment to moment, and when you have a next moment that challenges you, your body naturally supports you in that next moment. Disconnect from feeling all your body, disregard or abuse your body, or choose to think in the past or future your next moment will not fully support you back because you are not all there. You then may call on a repeated experience thus not evolving and repeating the same behavior. Honesty can help you out of it.

  49. This is a really interesting take on exercise from listening to the body. I can be very good at following a routine and trying to stick to it rather than saying ‘OK what will truly support me today?’ – And funnily enough last week I had my period so I just didn’t exercise for a week. And I realised this was exactly what my body needed as straight after it finished I felt to exercise once more. The big thing here was not beating myself up that I had missed exercise but rather appreciating that I had listened to my body.

  50. It is such a trap to try quieting our minds when we find ourselves racy and overcome with mental thoughts, what you’ve shared here is invaluable Brendan, we have to bring the mind back in line with the body and it’s movements. Such a simple gesture but one we rarely go to as a means to address a busy and distracting mind.

      1. Exactly Elaine, and without experiencing it, it sounds a bit ridiculous because we haven’t grown up understanding anything about the connection between those two things. It only requires us to assume a certain posture though, a stoop or slump for example, to feel instantly different within ourselves. Maintain it for a while and our thoughts start following suit. A simple exercise to show the fact it is true. Sit or stand up straight again, and we feel instantly better about life.

  51. Yes it is pretty cool. I have experienced this too Brendan when I am loving with myself, my thoughts are more loving and also I am less likely to react to minor situations.

  52. I find work the place where I can be very distracted and heady, totally forgetting my body. There are some useful tips in your blog that I will take to work with me and try out today.

    1. Same here Debra. I was just observing the other day how I change the way I speak at work to fit in with everyone else, and when I noticed this, the sound coming out of my mouth felt rather yukky, as it was not a voice connected with a body! Great observation though as this has been such an old habit of mine, that is to calibrate with the sound of others!

  53. There is such an incredible connection between our body and our mind. Move to the impulse of love in our body and the mind will follow suit.

    1. I love that Kim, so beautifully said – ‘Move to the impulse of love in our body and the mind will follow suit’. We have such beauty and grace within us, beyond measure and of a magnitude that can never be quantified. And it can be accessed so simply through the honouring and connection with our bodies, that are made of particles that resound to a harmonious flow. We emanate the beauty that we are when we let ourselves surrender to be in sync with our bodies.

  54. Practising these simple techniques you shared on a regular basis are really supportive, ‘choosing to drink a glass of water by keeping my mind on this activity only (not allowing my mind to wander) and feeling my full presence as I drink it.’

  55. What a great understanding to have, that your mind is influenced by how you are looking after and taking care of your body, ‘I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts.’

  56. So simple and so true Brendan… and when we look around us at the way people treat their bodies, including the way we did and perhaps still do to some extent, it is little wonder mental health is also at such a crisis point. Anxiety, depression, self-critique, negative thinking, low self-esteem are rife, as is self-harm and self-abuse in it’s myriad of forms. We are and come from divinity… but little in our ways actually reflects the fact.

    1. Yes Jenny…. and conversely when we do have a very loving relationship with our body how quickly it responds, and what we are met back with. Joy and vitality become our way of being, and our bodies emanate the love we have chosen for ourselves. It’s amazing what is communicated and revealed at so many levels – our choices are always clearly revealed back to us.

      1. Yes absolutely true Katerina, which makes sense because it’s the body that’s having to live the choices. We can’t fake love, if it isn’t the true energy of love, then the body will only reflect what it is we did choose in truth, however good our intention might have been.

  57. Choosing to love ourselves and our body is the key to building a quality of presence that opens up our awareness and aligns us to our natural rhythm restoring balance and true harmony in our body.

    1. Gorgeous Linda, and each time or moment we make a self-loving choice, we influence the next moment to choose love again and again, so our love deepens and we can share and receive more love which is a continuous cycle.

  58. “Simply focusing my mind gently on whatever movement I am currently doing allows me to feel very with myself in that moment, and I feel totally equipped to handle the current situation I am presented with.”
    This is a very powerful sentence, it is the absolute antidote to anxiousness, and nervous tension.

  59. Love to read this blog today, makes a lot of sense. But this line stood out: ‘ I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body’. So true and invites me today to bring more awareness to how I move my body.

  60. When we are with ourselves that is fully present in our bodies, we are fully equipped to deal with whatever situation presents itself. I love this simple truth you share and experienced this myself last week when I found a work situation challenging. In staying fully present, I could feel the reactions coming, and so was prepared which meant I did not absorb, and therefore I could read the energy at play and was able to stay steady. Now in the past I would have fallen out of my boat! I have much to appreciate.

  61. I like the simplicity and the truth in the title of this blog and what you’ve shared Brendan. It does work when we apply self-love to our body and our thoughts are also then naturally more loving. I feel self-love is medicine for anger and behavioural issues.

  62. “I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body.” This can be so easily explored, as you show here. Something so very worth being introduced to and practice every day.

  63. Whilst it is confronting and unimaginable to many to even consider that we don’t in truth think… thoughts are given to us by how we move and our quality of choices, it is extremely empowering to feel that we are not the rubbish and abusive thoughts that we thought were ours in the first place and that we can choose something much greater and grander.

    1. The more I connect to my body and focus on how lovely I can move something that used to terrify me was having no mental commentary to follow. But today I question-is it really the true me that is terrified of such? Because in those moments of expressing without a pre-thought script I feel amazing in my body.

  64. Great to read this again Brendan, and the simple reminder to move the body in a loving quality and to treat oneself with care and our thoughts follow suit.

  65. The more I build this feeling of steadiness in my body, the better I can see when it gets knocked off course or influenced by energy. Yesterday I had an argument with someone and went to do my exercise routine and found it so hard to stay with my movements, it’s like part of me wanted to escape into my thoughts. This experience made me appreciate how solid I normally am and how this emotion stood out like sore thumb. You show with this beautiful expose Brendan how these momentary escapes truly hurt our body.

  66. What I have discovered with exercising from the perspective of honouring my body first, is that my entire body shape and look and feel has changed. I’ve always been strong on exercise and in years past I would do athletics, competitive swimming and very impressive looking yoga postures. I was always lean and had a sculpted body with toned muscle as one would expect. Now I am still lean and my body is still toned, but where before there was a hardness and an angular, almost masculine feel to my body, now there is a softness, a delicateness along with the muscle tone.
    When we exercise to support our bodies first and foremost and not get caught up in the ‘push, push, push and harden up’ mentality that exercise today hugely rides on, our body responds back with giving us the shape that reflects the essence inside of us – and not the hardness the world outside of us asks us to be.

  67. It says it all ‘when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts’.
    This means the world because it shows the way to get us out of depression!
    To work with the body, to built a true loving relation with our body and let our mind move with our body in stead of our body with our fast spirit. This way we stop the abuse to ourselves.
    Great simple, beautiful blog Brendan.

  68. There is such a difference when we meet life from our bodies first and experience the flow of the universe, instead of meeting life from our minds and having to deal with the complications and abuse we suffer as a consequence of discounting our nature within.

    1. It seems a simple equation. The mind equals complexity, the body equals simplicity. So lets give the body a say because up till now we have cut it out and allowed the mind full control of the reins.

  69. It’s the movements we make in love that offer us space to consistently build and refine our behaviours and or ways of being that either move us forward or hinder our growth and that is the beauty of making loving movements from our bodies and the ripple effect this then has on our lives as a whole.

  70. I always enjoy reading this because it is simple and practical, and I like that it states the order correctly – take care of the body and self with love and that takes care of the mind.

  71. Beautifully shared Brendan and what a powerful message for us all to be aware of – ‘…when I align my body to love, my mind takes care of itself.’ This totally flips our beliefs inside out, that we think we are choosing or can control what thoughts come in to our minds. And it makes sense as our bodies are receivers of energy, a vessel for light, and what it is that we align to is the quality of energy that will then flow through us. Align to love and we will be moved by love, and our mind (held within our bodies and not a sole operator) will function and be in line with this quality as such supporting us to continue to move in love – our natural way of being. It certainly takes the pursuit of ‘trying’ out of the equation when we explore the simplicity and freedom of embracing surrender.

  72. Thank you Brendan, I have found that when you push your body too far we risk injury because rather than the body becoming stronger we make it weaker, and the injury comes as a form of stop as the body asks us to rest, I love it when I am more connected to my body because I automatically know when it’s time to stop and rest.

  73. Everyday, everywhere you go you’ll see people filling up their life. Whether it’s with Facebook, their phone, their friends, work or kids, everyone is so ‘busy’. Perhaps this is simply because this busyness is very familiar and comforting and stops us, from feeling how the world is. The greatest way we distract ourselves is through living a lot in our head – then the busyness outside mirrors that. To live in connection to our body brings simplicity, easiness, space and awareness. This it seems is what we are running away from so seriously. Thank you Brendan.

  74. This changes the game – instead of focusing on intelligence or getting things ‘right’, the best way to live vitally, be productive and have a ‘healthy’ mind (as many people seek out) is to actually look after our body and then the quality we go about life in is completely different.

  75. Something I have become aware of while stretching is that while sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me, I gently move one leg into a bent position and then the other. I do this a couple of times, and then I start my stretches, what I have found is that the muscles along the back of the leg feel less restrictive or tight, and my right hip seems to be more flexible. A key thing here is to be fully present with the body when lifting and replacing the leg down again, this way there is no pushing or forcing the muscles into a stretch.

  76. I have started stretching exercises again and am so enjoying this kind of awareness in my approach too. Having brought more care to myself in the last few years I now naturally am much kinder to myself in the way I begin, practise and end the exercises. I can feel the deepening intimacy in my relationship with my body and myself and the way this is bringing more self appreciation, confidence and a greater harmony in the body mind connection.

  77. And to add to your wonderful points Brendan, the quality of how we are with ourselves is purely based on the quality of energy we choose to live by. Essentially we can either live by everything and anything that is truly loving or anything and everything that is not. This is not made in our minds but in our choice of the quality of movement.

  78. If you asked people around the world what the ‘secret to life’ is, I think you’d get a lot of blank stares. We plough money into medical research to discover ‘cures’ and write millions of phds and papers every year to learn and discover yet the whole time the simple truth has been right here under our nose. As you beautifully show Brendan our movements and connection hold it all. Our mind hates the simplicity but that’s all there is, we’re all destined to come back to it in our own time. So why not embrace the beauty of our movements today?

  79. The tile of this article alone “Love the Body & the Mind will be Fine” tells it all, the oh so obvious secret to human life – a secret that is known by the body (as for the body it is no secret at all) but only kept secret by the mind.

  80. Well said Brendan, loving our bodies is the only way forth in our evolution, as in truth our brain is not in our heads but in our whole body. So the more loving care we live we commit to the more access we have to the true intelligence within.

  81. Very timely to read this, as I’ve been feeling of late the call to deepen my relationship with my body, and the loving care I bring to it. Because – it can never actually stand still, the love relationship with ourselves – every part of us – needs to constantly deepen – love doesn’t stand still on a flatline!
    I was inspired reading this on simply going back to basics, to the simple listening of the body – as that of course is the one barometer I can always know has my back.
    The mind can try and make me think it has to be fancy, complicated – but that’s all a decoy from how simple it is to be in a loving relationship with our bodies, simply listening to what it is communicating to us all of the time.

  82. “I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts. How cool is that!” When we choose to feel the love that we are in our body our mind has no choice but to join in.

  83. This is such a great piece of understanding to share. I met someone yesterday who has been struggling with ill mental health for 15 years and is convinced that the answer is help from the outside. Such help has not been forthcoming to date and she has been told there is no support available to her now, she has used up all her allocation. If only we were taught that the answers are all inside us and never going to be found out there.

  84. When we bring love to our body we actually bring back that which it is made of and with that confirmation from us it will show more of what love truly looks like in physical human form.

  85. So true Brendan, when we choose to be loving with ourselves consistently we are able to keep making choices that are truly supportive. In bringing a quality of connection and presence to our whole way of being we maintain a harmonious flow and movement throughout our whole body.

  86. ‘Give it up. Let it go. Stop trying to know. There’s no need to control it all’. This is what I hear when I read your blog Brendan. My mind can take a back seat and a break from trying to endlessly analyse and I can enjoy at last just being alive. We get so used to this mentally driven way of living but boy oh boy is it bad for our health. Nothing great ever came from thinking ahead, all you get is a sore body and head.

  87. Such a simple concept with which to live life. A teaching we all actually know. We have just given up on living this quality for the seeming belief that we have to fit in to society. What if instead we are all here to shine in society, there to remind all of the very same qualities that they too hold within.

  88. Moving with our bodies in every fine moment does bring great simplicity to life and I also find life becomes joyful, fun and playful because we are not thinking about what comes next just focusing on our bodies and how we move and connect in each detail of each moment. Simply beautiful to behold.

  89. Beautiful advice on allowing a deeper level of care for ourselves. Make our movements about love and the mind will follow.

  90. ” In honouring my body, I can feel that it is also very important to say ‘no’ to those things I have identified that are harming to my body. ” This is a great learning for saying no is crucial and this sets the standards for the brain to live by.

  91. Love the body and the mind will be fine makes perfect sense to me, because the mind is never not a part of the body. Thanks to Plato we have known this for eons, but we still live as if we don’t know it.

  92. ” When I choose to be loving with myself it becomes much easier to make choices on a moment-to-moment basis that actually are loving and caring for my body. ”
    Thank you Brendan its important to remember we do not make choices from our mind.

  93. ‘Gosh – life is a drag!’ – in this era of sugar, drugs, multiple coffees and all sorts of stimulants, is it any surprise that life feels so hard? For if every moment we live is offering joy and healing and we resist that, then surely our body is going to feel bad. Thank you Brendan for this blog and reminding me, that healing isn’t a part time hobby but a way of life you can choose.

  94. Our body is an amazing vessel and if we were to value it as that we would see a huge change in us and in the world.

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