Love the Body & the Mind will be Fine

by Brendan Mooney, Australia

I am learning more and more that when I align my body to love, my mind takes care of itself.

When I choose to be loving with myself it becomes much easier to make choices on a moment-to-moment basis that actually are loving and caring for my body. For example, it could be as simple as choosing to walk gently and with presence to the photocopier machine at work. Or it may be choosing to drink a glass of water by keeping my mind on this activity only (not allowing my mind to wander) and feeling my full presence as I drink it. It is quite amazing (and fun!) to feel the difference that these simple and practical choices make to the quality of my day.

Simply focusing my mind gently on whatever movement I am currently doing allows me to feel very with myself in that moment, and I feel totally equipped to handle the current situation I am presented with. Choosing to add quality of presence to my movements and activities assists me in keeping things simple (because I am only doing one thing at a time) and allows me to make decisions with clarity. Life becomes easy, even in challenging situations, as long as I hold my quality of presence. With this quality I have found my life to be far more enjoyable and meaningful as a result, all from the choices I have made for myself on a daily basis.

In honouring my body, I can feel that it is also very important to say ‘no’ to those things I have identified that are harming to my body. For example, when I go for a walk I can now feel when my body has had enough exercise for that day, and so I stop. As another example, if I feel that after a particularly long day at work that my body is more tired than usual, I might exercise a little slower and for a shorter period of time. Exercising in this way feels very honouring to myself because the way I am exercising is based on feeling what is most supportive for my body in that particular moment. This way of exercising is much more fun compared to times in the past when I would follow an exercise routine without any regard for what I may be able to physically handle on any given day.

I remember doing vigorous exercise even on days when my body was feeling really exhausted because that was what my exercise program said I should do. I have learned that whilst exercise is obviously beneficial to our bodies, it is important to also feel what is the most supportive for the body on a moment-to-moment basis. In this way, I can feel that I have brought an element of flexibility to my exercise program, and I can feel that my body exercises with ease as a result.

I can feel that when I am loving with my body, my mind naturally has loving thoughts. How cool is that! To me this has become a basic way of living, for if I do not take loving care of my body how can I expect to have a mind that sees things clearly, with ease, and in respect of everyone around me? I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body.



525 thoughts on “Love the Body & the Mind will be Fine

  1. When we feel in a bad mood just changing the body position already makes a change in the thoughts.
    That shows that all come from energy first. This makes the choice we have very clear. How do we need to move to feel joyfull.
    If practise you See that how more gentle you do how more self loving it is also in your mind.

  2. This really highlights for me how empty and disconnected knowledge is, and how different life can be when we feel and adjust what’s needed based on love. Love is a completely different form of intelligence.

  3. ‘…when I am loving with my body my mind naturally has loving thoughts.’ Yes indeed Brendan. Listening to and honouring and loving my body more has resulted in a change in my outlook, as my mind reduces its habit of giving myself a hard time.

  4. The title of this blog is super powerful as it gets us to return to the true connection of the whole body to the mind. Not the mind to the body.

  5. I used to be so locked up in my mind that an article like this would’ve been gobbledygook to me, but thanks to working on being present and focusing on how I move and checking thoughts that come in and questioning where they are coming from, I am succeeding at breaking the minds dominance over me and my health.

  6. I agree it is definitely a great step to be more aware of how my body is feeling in every moment and make decisions from there rather than relying on information from outside my body to decide what’s best for my health and well-being.

  7. Our body and its movements are a magnet for the quality of the thoughts we will draw from either of the two pools of consciousness that are available for us to source from – either all that is love (Soul), or that is not love (spirit). That is – how we move will determine the type of thoughts we then think. Move disharmoniously and we are under the reign of the human etheric spirit and all that seeks to dispel our divine origins. Move gently in accordance with the universal rhythms we live within and we invite more of the Soul’s Fire to impress (work through) us with its quality.

  8. This is our only way out of this missery. To make it about the moment again, to be with every moment with our body. To keep life simple. If thoughts come in just to have the loving discipline to stop the thoughts and bring the mind again focussed on the movements.

  9. I was touched by the level of care you take when I read the example about your approach to exercise: “Exercising in this way feels very honouring to myself because the way I am exercising is based on feeling what is most supportive for my body in that particular moment.” This is a super significant tip that can be applied to every area of life.

    1. I so agree, I used to ‘push through’ with exercise, believing that it was good for me to do more. So wrong. Now I listen to my body, exercise more gently and stop when I feel my body has had enough. That feels great and far more supportive of me, especially as I get older.

  10. When we commit to making loving steps to support our body with true care we have the clarity to know exactly what is needed and for how long when we are aligned to the flow of our body’s natural rhythm.

  11. When we are truly present with our bodies as you are saying here Brendon we do know what is needed to support us. The mind often has it’s own agenda, though when the body is cared for and the mind is on board it is the perfect union.

  12. Its true if you withdraw from life are you not withdrawing from your body? Withdraw from your body and you go into attacking and abusing your body. Abuse your body and you will have an abusive mind.

  13. I am falling in love with my body and all that it constantly shows me. For years I have been in total denial of myself always being hard on myself and not allowing myself to feel how sensitive I am. That we in fact all are so sensitive. Why is it we live in a world where being sensitive is not a one of the best attributes we could have, why is it we live in a world where abuse is more accepted than true genuine love? What is going on here?

  14. What I love about our body is that it just is with whatever happens, I am more and more observing that it is our mind that makes the problem out of situations happening around me.

    1. A mind that is not working with the body it is enhoused within will resist the natural pull of the particles that draw us back to a divinity we have long departed from.

  15. Beautiful, we do not need to worry about the busyness in our mind when we focus on to be with our body in every movement.

  16. Our bodies are Divinely designed to transmit the vibration of love, and when we position ourselves and surrender to this, every aspect of our body and being is moved in order to magnify this love through all we do.

  17. Reading this blog has helped me to adjust taking our dog for a walk – in the past she would pull on the lead and so some days I refused to take her for a walk, but I have learned (a) to be still as I prepare to go out so she is not all excited as we leave the house (2) to hold her tight on the lead (3) to avoid routes where I know other dogs will bark at us (4) avoiding routes where there is long grass and my shoes get wet (I’m looking to buy waterproof boots but haven’t found ones I like yet) (5) avoiding routes where there is a steep hill on days when I’m feeling tired (6) being consistent with holding her tight on the lead so she is to ‘heel’ and the result of these six actions has been that she is now no longer pulling on the lead (so much) and I am not feeling discouraged and so she gets a walk every day – both of us are benefitting from this more gentle exercise.

  18. Great reminder Brendan, thank you. I have found the same thing to be true. As I take greater care of my body, I find my thinking takes care of itself. There is clearly a link.

  19. That is so cool how to focus with love in the body and the mind follows lovingly. It has no option but to choose anything else, our movements are so important and the rest of the body follows.

    1. Yes, focusing on my movements – body – enables my mind to stay with me and my body and not wander all over the place as frequently as it used to do. When I clock that, I can bring it back to my body again. A palpably different experience in living.

  20. It really is this simple and thus the game is exposed when we realise our predilection for the seeming complexities of what we deem life to be, just so we can feel identified in the process. It is not a case of ‘mind over matter’ as the popular idiom goes. It is more so a case of mind moving with respect to the matter it is enhoused within.

    1. It is amazing what can be ‘achieved’ with mind over matter though the force of control that is used is at great expense to the body. I love what you say, “It is more so a case of mind moving with respect to the matter it is enhoused within.” Yes a marriage made in heaven.

  21. If we simply consider your opening stance, “love the body and the mind will be fine” it turns on its head mindfulness and brings us to a deeper connection with who we are, from there anything is possible.

  22. Very true, when we abuse our body it is very hard to have loving thoughts about ourselves or let alone share loving relationships with others as there is so much tension in the body. And it works the other way too, that is great to remember.

  23. “I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body.” When we start to take care of ourselves more deeply it becomes clear and simple to understand and feel the difference this has on our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves. It can be no less than life changing!

  24. It is fascinating to feel how our thoughts can change from negative to positive just by moving our bodies… and the movement may only be slight but it makes all the difference.

  25. Our minds ‘think’ they know whats going on but often lie to suit its own agenda… but it is our bodies that expose the truth of whats going on around us and within us.

  26. “Love the Body & the Mind will be Fine” – thoughts are produced through a body in movement; the quality of that movement determines everything.

  27. What a beautiful way of living and so honouring of our bodies that is self perpetuating and a joy to read and know with a quality and love that is deeply felt .

  28. Thank you Brendan, I have enjoyed reading this again, it’s a great snapshot into a day lived in conscious presence with love as the leading quality, and how the mind follows suit.

  29. This is such an awesome, simple reminder: that a healthy body = healthy, less cluttered and distracted mind. If we’re treating our bodies with care and respect then we’re giving ourselves a strong message that we are worth that care, building our foundation of steadiness and in-built support.

  30. By aligning to my body I also align to the rhythms of the universe and this stops me from drive and overriding that life is not just about getting things done and speaking the truth but that there are different qualities I can approach things in.

  31. I appreciate the way you tailor your exercise regime to how you feel each day – that makes absolute sense. My partner has a dog and I take her for walks round our neighbourhood. She is a Jack Russell and tends to pull on the lead and so I find that some days I don’t feel like taking her for a walk because my body is feeling fragile. Respecting our bodies is paramount to any ideals and beliefs about what to exercise and when.

  32. What a beautiful insight that by taking care of your body, your mind has loving thoughts. So it is our movements that give the quality of our thoughts and thus the quality of our life.

  33. Taking care of the body means also being in the body. If you are in your body, and present with what you do, you will be surprised the kind of thoughts you will get. At least I did:-)

  34. If your are present with what you do, if you are with you body while doing things, you feel you are equipped to handle anything. Great recipe to deal with tensions of the world, which are there. Pressure from work, for example, people expecting results from you.

  35. If you take care of the body, and choose to be in the body, you will not only have loving thoughts but also the right thoughts, about for example, what job to take, and business decision is the right one.

  36. we’re so locked into this idea that we need to fit more in and get more done when in fact there is so much quality in being totally present. It is a joy to read this blog and be reminded that we can allow ourselves the space to be present as it actually ensures that our quality is far greater and supports us to do things in full.

  37. It is very true and a great reminder of how simple life can be should we be willing to see it without complication.

  38. Our minds are indeed influenced by how well we take care of our bodies … that is so key and something I am learning more daily, and the quality of how we are with our bodies impacts on everything we do.

  39. What a beautiful relationship we can have with the body – to surrender and listen to it in full – honouring what we feel. This is such a joy to read – the ease at which we can be in our bodies simply by putting the quality first.

    1. Yes, well said Fumiyo. When we are engaged in loving movements, the mind will equally engage in loving thoughts.

  40. “Love the Body & the Mind will be Fine” – perhaps love your body and your mind will be healthy, love your mind and your body will bear the consequences.

  41. ‘I have learned that my mind is very much influenced by how well I am taking care of my body’. I totally agree Brendan, very well said.

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