From Empty Returns to Investing in Me

By Julie Chung, Melbourne

I have come to realise that in the past I have been an extremely bad investor. Over all of my 56 years and all that I have invested in, I should be a very wealthy, healthy and wise person by now. But all I kept getting were empty returns that needed to be filled up with another investment to satisfy me. It left me feeling incomplete and not enough as a person, which was very dis-empowering, draining and totally not who I now know myself to be.

I realised that I can’t possibly feel or know the fullness of me or who I truly am at those times because I’ve chosen to not feel what I truly need and instead go with outside stimulation as a filler – and it doesn’t work. It was like trying to fill something with nothing, so I couldn’t possibly feel open and spacious, vital and complete.

I’ve invested in this way in TV, movies, people, situations, food, life choices, sex, emotions, others’ emotions, things; the list goes on but you get the picture. Of course you often get the momentary burst of excitement which kicks in the nervous system to accommodate your need that feels good at the time but is very short lived and leaves you with the dull hangover from the emotion used and the energy expended.

My deepest gratitude to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, as it is through them that I have finally come to realise that I have never fully invested in myself. Oh sure, I had a certain level of commitment to living more truly from what I had come to learn about myself, and I love that I had chosen to honour myself in that, but I also realise that I can go so much further and from a much grander place.

The biggest commitment that I will ever make is to invest fully in all of me, and not just what I would deem to be the acceptable parts. I realised that I hadn’t been aware of what truly investing in myself means in full, and that it is asking for me to be open to receiving all of myself – including the parts that are not true, serving me, or that I don’t like to look at. That when I do allow myself to receive all of me and come from my own innate rhythms I can make even greater choices and therefore truly better investments.

So if I am the greatest investment of all, then why did I not feel totally free, unwavering, complete and enough in myself where nothing more was needed – what was missing?

The truth is I had never trusted in myself enough, and so I could not possibly have invested in life choices that honoured the Beauty and Grand-ness of me that I am now feeling in full. I hadn’t allowed myself to know all of me, from that place of Greatness, Beauty and Trust in its absoluteness, for many reasons.

Now,as I know what is right and nurturing for me, and what is truly needed in my daily life as part of a rhythm that I choose for myself, all of those things in life – TV, movies, people, situations, food and making love etc. – are experienced from a new perspective, from a more open and alive part of me that has always been there but veiled by my way of life and its constant motion. I now choose to receive each moment from a place of stillness within me and experience life from there, from me first – so what’s not to enjoy?

I now know with absolute certainty,I AM my own best investor and the only one that can make the greatest choices for me, bringing in those healthy returns over and over again – and never bottoming out.

My own love, deeper appreciation, acceptance, allowance and exquisite grace, are the key to my living a full and true life not only for myself, but just as importantly for others – and I totally invest in that because I am absolutely worth it.

Everything begins and ends with me, it is that simple.

162 thoughts on “From Empty Returns to Investing in Me

  1. A great sharing Julie, and I love this, ‘The biggest commitment that I will ever make is to invest fully in all of me’.

  2. Great blog Julie. I like the idea of investing in myself and am only now beginning to see the value in it, because I am starting to value me and who I am.

    1. So true Debra as valuing ourselves is one of the best ways to boost our commitment to living a life that flows and honours ourselves and all others equally.

  3. If we all invested in ourselves first as you describe here Julie, by taking true and deep care of ourselves, we would be all far more present and vital to serve all of us in all that is needed.

  4. i have certainly invested unwisely for much of my life in short-term fixes but now understand that this is a ‘hamster wheel’ that keeps on turning. The only true long-term investment I have found is in redeveloping a self-loving and self-appreciating relationship with me, with the truth of me and letting this be the foundation of my way through life.

  5. This is so true Julie – our life is the choices we make and to invest in ourselves through deeply loving practice is our responsibility. No more fuelling expectations that others will make life happen for us, doing what is expected by others or blaming outside situations. We already have the wisdom to bring all that is needed. Beautiful blog.

  6. So true Julie, if we don’t invest in ourselves first, all other investments are ultimately empty and unfulfilling. And knowing what it means to invest in ourselves first is also key, as for many of us that can mean spending our money on facials, massages, holidays, nice clothes etc. While there’s nothing wrong with doing these things, the ‘self’ we need to invest in is not the one that benefits from these more outer gestures. To nourish and foster the inner-being is what a true investment in self pertains to.

  7. I agree Julie it is simple and also very powerful when we value and appreciate ourselves – the returns are a beautiful gift that continually keep on giving.

  8. There is a beautiful sense in your words here Julie, of ‘coming home’… Realising that so much of what we’ve, yes, ‘invested in’ – with our time, money, emotional needs and the rest – hasn’t actually held our innate and deep inner-worth in its foundation.
    It is a powerful turning point in our lives when we say that yes, ‘I’ am worth it. And not only am ‘I’ worth it, but there is no ‘I’ without the ‘we’ that is all of us. How we live in relationship with ourselves, impacts upon the all and vice versa, indelibly so.

  9. Thanks Julie, a wonderful ‘twist’ on the word investment which is so often used as something essential for a balanced life , ( investing in the future etc) and yet here is revealed the darker underbelly of investment.

  10. The best investment advice ever: ‘Everything begins and ends with me, it is that simple”, and by taking the time to invest in me, I’m not the only one who reaps the rewards, everyone else around me does as well; the ripple effect in action.

  11. Very cool Julie! We certainly don’t grow up considering that investment in ourselves is something we might get some solid return on, and what a shame that is, as it’s actually the very foundation for which we might actually gain all kinds of other returns, effortlessly so.

  12. Thankyou Julie, I can relate. I have invested in many different things outside of myself including relationships only to come up empty at the end because I was not truly investing in myself with self love. Now I am investing in me and realising the gold I seek is me and the love I am in essence, my life now continues to get richer and richer.

  13. And you know what happens when we put our eggs in other people’s baskets hoping for a return on the sex, TV, food, etc etc? We set ourselves up to fail. I always know that whenever I do this by a simple expection on another or just wanting something to turn out a particular way, it never ever turns out the way I pictured it even if it did come close it still was not the way I thought it would be. Take Christmas for example and opening all those presents only to feel super disappointed at the end when all the prezzies were gone! Investing in your self is the only way and this offers distachment from such situations and thus the greater space to actually enjoy what they are offering.

  14. Yes it is always worth it to invest in ourselves – not just with things to have but also in understanding ourselves and our choices, what we like, what we do not like, how to support ourselves, what clothes we like, how we like our hair… there is so much to invest in and spent time on and it is totally worth it.

  15. I guess I have always invested in me – as much as I possibly could, and what has changed in recent years is what I assume as ‘me’ which then of course have an affect in what I would think best for me therefore choose. At each step, I had massive resistance to accepting the truer me that was being revealed as that felt like a mini-death in itself, and very recently I had a moment of realization on how much I have been taking everything in life so personal and this allowed me to make a choice that I previously thought was totally out of question. I feel totally blessed and supported to have been able to do that – many thanks to Serge Benhayon and what he represents.

  16. “Everything begins and ends with me, it is that simple.” True and at the same time the love for ourselves that forever is deepening is expanding to others, as we cannot keep love for ourselves as we are one.

  17. I love the concept of not only investing in ourselves but of looking at and addressing those parts of ourselves that we don’t deem to be acceptable… as you said we are worth it and deserve nothing less that to offer this to ourselves.

  18. Whatever it is that we choose to invest in is what we magnify through our bodies and our lives. The love we are within is what shines the light we are, unveiling to all equally the untold Heavenly riches that are forever present through our connection to Soul.

  19. That sensation of the nervous system kicking in was something that I believed was a good thing and something I wanted when I was not feeling like doing a task or dealing with an issue or just living my every day. I would be like, come on body, go into overdrive and lets go! Crazy when I look back on this time now, but I was so exhausted with all the beliefs and ideals I was running my body by that I just didn’t feel I had anything left in the tank. Instead of feeling vital and full of energy to do something I used my nervous system instead. What I am investing in is a great question to ask myself.

  20. In your writing Julie, sharing how integral it is to invest in all of ourselves, I feel the the call to surrender into our bodies. To drop and feel what is there, all of it. As this brings with it much in how we truly feel about ourselves and our body. Honesty is then needed. Deep honesty that is willing to expose everything. I am quickly learning, until I honestly felt the depth of love that I hold, I never considered how I was living. Now I am at another pass in my life where simply feeling the depth of my love is not the all, steadily choosing to live it is.

  21. . Thank you Julie I just love what you have expressed,”That when I do allow myself to receive all of me and come from my own innate rhythms I can make even greater choices and therefore truly better investments” There are parts of me in the past I would cover over not want to see that were not acceptable. To now open up to see these parts, the all of me, in that honesty much can now be healed.

  22. Imagine if we all invested in living in a loving way and expressing truth – how different would the world be? Imagine if we all chose to honour and listen to our bodies rather than abuse and poison them with unhealthy food, lifestyle and emotions – how different would the world be? It is certainly worth looking at what we are investing in and questioning if it is not loving and healthy why are we doing it?

  23. “Filling something with nothing” – It’s a great phrase. I have filled my life with things to do so I can avoid that feeling of emptiness and that I created this. Those things to do may seem like important things at the time, but when all that is over and gone what is left…that same empty feeling that was there at the start. But all this shows is that we have disconnected ourselves from the everything we are and we certainly don’t need lots of nothing to fill that.

  24. My own love, deeper appreciation, acceptance, allowance and exquisite grace, are the key to my living a full and true life not only for myself, but just as importantly for others – and I totally invest in that because I am absolutely worth it.” Gorgeous Julie. Every each one of us is so worth it. Yet ‘life’ doesn’t support us to feel this. Thank heaven for Serge Benhayon for sharing the Ageless Wisdom with us – and with it an opportunity for us to make new choices that can benefit ourselves and others also.

  25. It’s taken a while to realise that “I AM my own best investor” and that to care for myself in a truly loving way, is the best investment I can ever make; it pays huge dividends towards the quality of my life, over and over again.

  26. Thank you Julie for a great blog for me to read today, realising that I am worth investing in, for the returns are amazing and give unending joy, truth, love, stillness and harmony. What would hold me back from investing in such treasures.

  27. When I appreciate the ever expanding love that God has invested in me I know I have a responsibility to share this equally with all other shareholders of humanity.

  28. The choice of where we make our investments in life is so important, it seems to me you can either invest in love and truth or everything that opposes that way of life, unfortunately most invest in the latter, but choosing to invest in love and truth is a choice that you will never regret.

  29. Everything begins and ends with me. I take these words with me into my day today, they are exactly what I needed to read.

  30. When we begin to listen to our bodies and what they are communicating to us all of the time, we truly begin to make choices that honour our bodies and the innate wisdom within can then be expressed, this is how I begun investing in myself.

  31. ‘ The truth is I had never trusted in myself enough’, is something I recognize and is why I could never truly investment in myself. I have had huge lack of trust issues all my life, which simply created complication. In the last 5 years I have worked on my stuff, cleared and healed some very old hurts, that today, I am happy to say, I can absolutely trust that all I will ever need is already in place waiting for me to receive because everything comes from within me. I trust in me, I trust in life and I trust in people again!

  32. So simple and beautiful Julie, the greatest investment we can ever make is with us. The returns are endless and offer us a deepening quality and love that is forever evolving.

  33. This is a great blog thank you Julie. It shows so clearly that true investment in oneself needs to be explored from the grandness of who we are and not from what we deem not right about ourselves. If we feel we are lacking something we will always end up with filling ourselves with something from the outside, whereas when we come form the understanding that we are already all that we could be we can start to draw from the riches that lay within us – unfolding our beauty and stepping into our power step by step.

  34. It is a great thing you bring up, investing in ourself is the greatest thing we can do. And it is all about the choices we make, there are so many things that we can invest in outside of ourselves that it is becoming rare for people to truly invest in themselves. While that is what will truly evolve us, constantly being open to what is next and to develop a steadiness in this question.

  35. Investing in external sources can turn out to be risky as all that glitters is not always gold and our speculations can end up having no substance and no return. In fact, sometimes they even undermine, deplete and erode you even further. In complete contrast when we first build our internal resources we go straight to the heart of the matter and can care-fully expand from there.

  36. It is great to read this, and see the investment policy I have chosen most of my life. Often completely forgetting the greatest asset I have, myself and my body. It is interesting to see, that all that we came to believe in because we never got reflected the importance of caring for ourself, is never been truly beneficial. It has brought temporary relief, but I know that investing in me brings much more than that, it brings a life in harmony and connection. That I can bring to everyone.

  37. It’s true Julie… thank you …. We do just keep investing in all the wrong places… imagine if people did with their hard earned cash what they do with their awareness, simply squander it … hmmm perhaps that is what is happening as well.

  38. I love this! ‘I am the greatest investment of all.’ In choosing to fully embrace this fact, this knowing, this acceptance of the worthiness of me, then I have to truly honour me, the investment and become ‘my own best investor’. Because all my choices are made by me the investor and each one of those choices will entirely reflect my investment in my very own self worth.

  39. Thanks Julie for sharing how you have changed your investment strategies over time. In the past investing in me always seemed such a decadent, self indulgent way of living so I overrode or dismissed my needs – that was up until I started to attend Universal Medicine. What an eye opener to realise that the key to true self care and true living was to value and nurture myself because I am naturally full of love. If I want to be in touch with this love, I have to dedicate myself to caring for me and treating myself as something much more precious that I have ever before realised. It is something I am forever working on but I now know I’m definitely on the right investment path.

  40. Investing in ourselves instead of the world around us builds a foundation of self worth that forever grows and develops to inspire the world around us.

    1. And when we have built a foundation of self worth, it is easy to invest in ourself, to meet your own needs, to give to yourself, because when we fill up our own tanks, we have more to give and share with others….

  41. Getting back to knowing who the true you is and weeding out the what is not you that we have taken on from outside of ourselves, is the best investment we can ever make.

  42. I actually know a true investment adviser… Someone who on the surface is presenting a wise and accurate advisory service for people to help look after their money, what they are really doing is helping people to take responsibility for their lives which of course is the best investment of all.

  43. Such wise words Julie and I could feel the full impact of them and realising that any investment I make, must be chosen from my inner stillness otherwise I will just become another investor of the feeling of emptiness.

  44. I loved reading this blog Julie – very inspiring and many gems to reflect upon, this is just one of many I felt to share – ‘I now choose to receive each moment from a place of stillness within me and experience life from there, from me first’. – Thank you for this simple yet beautiful reminder.

  45. ‘That when I do allow myself to receive all of me and come from my own innate rhythms I can make even greater choices and therefore truly better investments.’ So true Julie being open to looking at all of me and investing in that has transformed how I live my life and the investments I make.

  46. When I think of invest I think of the stock market, a business venture or something that will make money (give a return). Doesn’t this line of thinking say how far off one can be with the definition and the utilisation of investments in life.

    Many people invest in things external to them. The body is used as a means to an end. For example I will study all night no matter how crummy I feel in the morning because I need those high grades, I will compromise my/our values to get a job, leaving me flat and down.

    It isn’t often we hear people investing in themselves which doesn’t include an external factor. Yet investing and support one’s self is the most basic of steps to seed forth a fruitful and fulfilling life.

  47. Julie you are ‘right on the money’ when you say: “I now know with absolute certainty,I AM my own best investor and the only one that can make the greatest choices for me, bringing in those healthy returns over and over again – and never bottoming out.”
    Thank you.

  48. We are all investors in something. Investors in our way of living and whether that be truly from who we are or whether that is more focused around using aspects of life to fulfil us and bring us a substitute for not living all of who we truly are. I am still building a relationship with this understanding but I am realising the more I let go and just enjoy life the simpler, easier and truly loving it just is.

    1. Yes Joshua we always have a choice about what we invest in and choosing to invest in the fullness of us brings great dividends all round.

    2. I agree Joshua, we are all investors in something….. but what is of more value, choosing investments that are only about ourselves or investments that are inclusive of ourselves and of others?

  49. This is a beautiful blog, I can feel how important it is to invest in ourselves, as we are the ones we know best and can truly trust and rely, and it is a great investment as the return is always there with us, and never leaves us and only gets better when investing more in the love we innately are.

  50. ‘I am the greatest investment of all.’ Yet society has it that it’s right and indeed righteous to put others’ needs well ahead of our own. Anything else is deemed selfish or self-centred. And so it plays out – at work, with relatives, our kids – at great expense to our bodies. Serge Benhayon has said many times that our greatest form of supernannuation is our very own body. A shift to this view means we can truly support ourselves to be fit and able to truly support those for whom we have responsibilty or obligation.

  51. ‘The biggest commitment that I will ever make is to invest fully in all of me, and not just what I would deem to be the acceptable parts’. Investing in ourselves gives us the best re-turn of all. Thankyou for reminding us all of this Julie.

  52. Great title, that given my finance background had me expecting some treatise on your financial acumen! The blog is great in diverting attention away to the area of true investment – of time and energy and into humanity. For me time has always been the critical limited resource that I don’t give myself enough of, or anyone else for that matter. It has a multitude of consequences, but the worst of which is a lack of connection to myself and investment in my own evolution… which then holds back what I can offer outwards. Everyone suffers, and the only person who can make the changes and take responsibility is me.

  53. Thank you, Julie. I can really relate. What I am learning is that there are different kinds of investment I could be making: investing in myself – because I am not enough; or because I am worth investing for. And getting acquainted with my true self has been the only true support in this process.

  54. I experience this too Julie when I allow myself to receive all of me and honour my rhythms. I start to truly invest in what I know and feel is true to me instead of what I did in the past, always listening to others first and giving my power away to everything outside of me. ‘Everything begins and ends with me’. Absolutely and we couldn’t have made a better choice to invest in courses and workshops of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, a true inspiration to live our lives to its fullness.

  55. I have found it challenging to trust myself even though time and time again it’s proven that I knew beforehand what was true. It’s a knowingness I need to return to, that was always there from the beginning and never left, always quietly whispering, it’s just about choosing to listen.

  56. Wise investment always is reflected in responsibility, and the investment that Julie is talking about, the investment in oneself, is the wisest investment of all.

  57. Beautiful sharing, Julie. “Everything begins and ends with me” – we are totally responsible for all our choices, and oh so worth investing in.

  58. It has been said that you should never invest in anything that is not a sure thing and that some say there is no such thing as a sure thing. There is one investment, that may be rocky at times and have its occasional ups and downs, and that is in ourself. We are like houses and we are life investments that will always grow.

  59. Thank you Julie, I really enjoyed reading your post, it awakens me to want to claim more of me as my only true investment. So well put.

  60. Hi Julie, I love your simplicity you wrote: “Everything begins and ends with me, it is that simple.” That is so true because we are the best to invest in.

  61. Thank you Julie for sharing this important message. We are so worth investing in ourselves in full as there is so much love to appreciate and enjoy. What you have expressed here is so beautiful -‘to know all of me, from that place of Greatness, Beauty and Trust in its absoluteness’ – for when we accept all of who we are we can then truly live our lives in full. Our love within is a divine quality that is worth committing to as it is a quality that never depreciates but it is only appreciated when we begin to honor this for ourselves first.

  62. Committing in full to oneself; how awesome is that
    What a lovely gentle reminder Julie, thank you
    I so enjoy revisiting your blog

  63. A lot of false investments always left me with a feeling of wanting something more, as in what’s the next project or travel plan to fill me up and keep me entertained, give some meaning to my life. But I also discovered those where empty investments which constantly called for a top up or the excitement of finding something new.
    I am in the process of building a relationship with myself and can already see and feel the richness of that connection, which far out weighs anything I could buy.

    1. Great point Julie – I’ve noticed alot of those investments in the past where no matter what I do, they leave me feeling empty. All I knew how to do was to keep putting effort in, but the emptiness remains… until I met Serge Benhayon and started to reorient my self to a different approach that is much more fulfilling.

  64. It makes sense that we as people should make our first investment ourselves so that we are living a supportive life to then be able to support others and continue to bring each other up.

    1. Not only does it make sense Ariel, but this is a science. The most powerful type of support is that which is backed up by living what is being said – It resonates with the body beyond

  65. Looking at ourselves as our greatest investment is truly beautiful and committing to that divinely powerful.

  66. “I now know with absolute certainty,I AM my own best investor and the only one that can make the greatest choices for me, bringing in those healthy returns over and over again – and never bottoming out”.
    Very powerful and wise words Julie, thank you for reminder.

  67. This struck a chord in me too. I have been a great investor especially in knowledge and New Age modalities. I may still come from an investment mentality at times but allowing myself to be still more often connects me more to what is true and to the truth of who I am and from there the expression of Love and Truth. Like you, this is now my chosen way.

  68. What an aweosme blog Julie. I had not really connected to the fact that all of my choices are actually investments in me …. but I can feel that is exactly what they are. Some of my choices have been such bad investments I would have been better off burning money! Love is the only investment worth making.

  69. “Everything begins and ends with me, it is that simple.” So powerful and true Julie, we are amazing and yet with that comes a great deal of responsibility – we all know this it feels great to feel so many choosing it as the way.

  70. “That when I do allow myself to receive all of me and come from my own innate rhythms I can make even greater choices and therefore truly better investments.” – Indeed Julie, we make greater choices and truer investments when we first invest in ourselves.

  71. Great point Julie! Human beings are not great investors if we have to judge for the return to these investments in terms of evolution. Investing in oneself sounds great in principle. But what exactly is that? I invested many years in educating me. I got a Ph.D. Yet, that investment was about me progressing in life, not about evolution of all.

    1. A great point Eduardo – for the investment to pay dividends its got to be founded on the right principles. If it is just for me then it is limited. If it is for a wider audience / humanity then it is boundless.

    2. So, Emfeldman when we start making truly evolutionary investments in ourselves like what Julie shares, we are actually also making them for everyone else too. How amazing is that? I love this. But when we are making investments only about ourselves this is not evolving because it is not about humanity but about individuality and recognition. A very honest comment Emfeldman, thank you for sharing.

  72. Great blog Julie! I too have invested in so many things outside of me and am starting to realize that if I invest all this energy into ME I don’t really have to worry as much about the outer circumstances and others, as everything around us constellates according to our own energetic state of being.

  73. I love what you are saying here. It is a big OUCH moment to think of all the terrible harmful things I have invested in during my life. The bad choices, bad relationships, the so called healing practitioners I went to without discerning and so the list goes on. The best investment I ever made in all my lives was making the choice to have a session with Serge Benhayon and attend Universal Medicine events. Since then I have been steadily investing more and more in ME and that has paid massive dividends. The more I now invest in me, the more everyone gets to benefit so by investing in me I am investing in everyone and the payout is huge!

    1. Awesome Nicole, this is incredible. Your comment inspires us to do the same and know that whenever we invest in building and strengthening any part of ourselves means that others also hugely benefit simply from our reflection, the way we hold ourselves and the way we express.

  74. How true this is Julie, we are indeed our best investment and trusting ourselves is a huge part of this. I am learning to trust myself, while I am still a little unsure, it is great to feel what you have expressed and to know that there is no greater investment then oneself – that true love, nurturing and responsibility begins with me.

  75. I can feel reading this blog today, that these are not simply words on a blog but a knowing and commitment that you bring to how you live on a daily basis which gives authority to the words.

    I know for myself that the presentations by Universal Medicine have completely transformed my understanding and knowing of who I am – that knowing I am an equal Son of God allows me to appreciate and truly nurture and love who I am and in so doing, reflect this for others.

  76. Julie, I so enjoyed reading this. But most of all I loved your last paragraph “My own love, deeper appreciation, acceptance, allowance and exquisite grace, are the key to my living a full and true life not only for myself, but just as importantly for others – and I totally invest in that because I am absolutely worth it.” This sums up everything to me – especially “Everything begins and ends with me, it is that simple”!! Love it.

  77. Investing in things outside of our own true beauty has never worked, for me there is always that feeling of emptiness, an incompleteness that there should be more. The more I invest in me the less I need the outside distractions like TV, movies or the big one…other people’s emotions. Life feels simple, less complicated and soo much more enjoyable.

  78. I like that you brought in how living a full and true life is about you and everyone else equally, that investing in yourself isn’t just about you, thanks Julie.

  79. Julie you are right, investing in yourself is the only loving way forward. Currently in a place where I still invest massively in what I do for recognition and acceptance, I am often left pretty empty. Knowing there is another way is inspiring, thank you.

  80. Thank you Julie, there is so much that resinates with me in what you’ve shared – so much investment in the outside and so little in me. I love the way you’ve written this and the commitment to invest in yourself.

  81. A brilliant blog that feels very self-empowering. Everything we could ever want is within us and by consistently investing in that grandness we get those benefits back tenfold.

  82. Thanks Julie, this is such a great blog and really high-lights for me how fooled I have been in my life. I had made life about investing in everything else other then me until recently and wow what a change I have been experiencing by turning it around and focusing my investment in me without any guilt or feeling that it is wrong. This was a life changing moment for me.

  83. I love the angle of experience this is expressed from – to trust in oneself enough to choose to feel what is truly needed and invest in life choices that ‘honour the Beauty and Grand-ness’ that is now being felt in full and allowing oneself to be it all, ‘from that place of Greatness, Beauty and Trust in its absoluteness.’ Glorious!

  84. Beautifully written Julie, this reminds me how it is absolutely key to accept and love all of me. The best investment is Me and I want those healthy returns.

    1. Yes absolutely Lee, and the best investment is also listening, honouring and nurturing our body everyday.

  85. I really love this post, I am going to keep it to read over and over again.

    Before I met Serge and Michael Benhayon I never even had a glimpsing thought that I could invest in me, now like you I am making this my priority. Awesome post Julie…

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