Choices and the Power of Now

By Anne Malatt, Australia

I woke this morning feeling out of sorts; a consequence of how I had lived the day before. I had made some choices in how I had used my free time and in what I had chosen to eat that were not truly loving for me, and now I was feeling those choices in my body.

I was about to start giving myself a hard time, as usual, but stopped for a moment and thought “Why not just go for a swim?”. So I did.

Even as I drove to the pool, the loving choice I had made helped me to feel lighter, less sad, less hard, less dense.

As I started to swim I felt those unloving choices in my body – the tiredness, the heaviness, the effort to breathe. Everything was a struggle, hard work.

I slowed down and brought the focus to my breathing and my body.

I felt my breath entering and leaving my nose, allowing myself to relax and go deeper.

I felt my hands moving through the water, brushing past my thighs, moving through the cooler air and back into the warmer water.

I felt my body moving in the gentle rhythm I had chosen.

As I breathed out into the water, I felt the stillness, the quietness, the vastness of me.

As I turned my head to breathe in, I heard the sounds and saw the sights and felt the energy of the people around me. I let it all in, but did not let it disturb the stillness in me.

I continued to swim with myself, in my rhythm, breathing gently, moving in love.

I felt how I could have continued in the struggle, forced myself to keep going, to complete a task, to fulfil an ideal of what I should be doing, to “make up for” the poor choices I had made the day before, which would in truth have hurt myself more.

I felt the grace of just allowing myself to be, surrendering to the knowing of my body and its natural breath and natural rhythm, and how healing that was for me.

In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now.

206 thoughts on “Choices and the Power of Now

  1. I love how you were able to go from giving yourself a hard time to the next moment where you made another choice. This is actually a profoundly useful tool. I’m very good at dwelling on the choices I made that led me to feel less than amazing. Even right now I’m not feeling my best…but your experience here is offering me an opportunity to make a different choice. Thank you!

  2. Simple and perfect Anne. I just read an equally simple blog post about a bath and how we are in it affects the water. This reminded me of that and is an awesome reminder of the very fact that everything is energy no matter where or what we are doing. Connecting to ourselves and allowing ourselves to be is really all we ever want!

  3. I love the simplicity of this Anne. I often feel as though I need to ‘pay’ for my poor choices but this blog reminds me that I can choose love in every moment and the consequences of this choice are always beautiful.

  4. “In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now.” So true Anne. We have choice and can change the energy we are in whenever we choose. I am finding appreciation very helpful in stopping my unloving thoughts and behaviours.

  5. I recently was reminded of the fact that we have the power to change the energy we are running with in an instant, once we make the choice to do so. It does not mean struggle and emotions we may be feeling at the time are not real, they can be very real for us, but there is a moment of choice when we can decide what we want to continue to feel. In that we always have a choice. We may not be able to control how others feel or what they may do, but we always are in control of our next choice.

  6. Its so simple to turn ourselves around from a path of self-destructive and unloving choices to being gentle and loving with ourselves. So simple and so often the path we choose is to beat ourselves up which continues us in the same momentum, changing nothing. It’s inspiring to feel how despite resistance and the temptation to beat yourself up, that you went for a swim anyway which immediately changed the quality you were choosing to move in, which supported you to feel the consequences in your body of the choices the day before. If you had continued in the same vein, you would never have felt that.

  7. I’ve also been asking myself what my life would look like if I made everything about love, it’s an amazing question to ask, because suddenly it’s so obvious every area of my life can be more loving – from the way I wake up, to the way I prepare for the day, to my approach to food and time, to the way I end the day. It’s something I can’t wait to explore.

  8. ‘In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not.’ I love this Anne, it makes life so simple – every moment we have a choice and every one of these choices results in how we feel at the end of the day – love or not love – it’s up to us.

  9. Thank you Anne for showing so eloquently that it is with the gentle rhythm of movement that we can bring ourselves back to stillness so that we then make self-loving and loving choices in the way we live.

  10. Thank you Anne for sharing that in every moment we have a choice. No trying to fix or make up for ill choices, but the choice to bring more love in that then dispels the ill behaviour. So simple.

  11. Dear Anne, A beautiful reminder of a loving and different way to be. I have tried a life time in the opposite and it has not worked too well. So lets remember a different way to be and see how this would work for me too.

  12. To me choosing for ‘love or not’ is actually the only choice from free will we have and anything else we have made free will to be is from not being honest with ourselves and choosing not for love instead.

  13. ‘In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now.’ – So beautiful and very true Anne, to not stay in the reaction of a bad choice – every moment we have a choice to deepen our love – it really is that simple.

  14. Acceptance also plays its part in the power of now, eg just accepting where I am at, accepting others where they are at, and just accepting that as long as I stay open no matter how others react or behave, I am staying open to learning, growing and evolving.

  15. I could feel the way you were swimming while reading your words. Normally this is not a common way we see people swimming. What I notice was that we are used to swimming from a push which reflects how we also go through our day. You show us a different way to move, from a gentleness and loving move in which we can enjoy being in our body and to make that the first and foremost important thing of our day. This is also what I became more aware in the amazing retreat in the UK recently held by Serge Benhayon.

  16. Wow. The way you have described swimming is so gorgeous. I have only just recently touched on this and am looking forward to building this more so the support you have shared here is also felt in my body.

  17. I can feel you moving through the water with stillness and grace Anne, as though it was me. Thanks for the swim, great choice.

  18. We do have a choice as Anne says… Actually we have choices to make all the time… In fact there are so many choices lined up in front of us, and the detritus of the choices we have made lined up behind us, that it behoves us, and indeed this is the only choice that we can make that will really make a difference, to choose to be so conscious and so present, that we are able to feel the energetic consequences of everything that we are doing.

  19. We are so used to punishing ourselves on top of feeling lousy for a poor choice. Love is always available and dwelling on how awful we feel is the less loving choice. I love that you nurtured yourself Ann and let go of the ideals and beliefs. I am tired of knowing what I think I should be doing or what everyone else thinks I should be doing. I want to truly feel what is the right thing for me, the most loving choice, the most nurturing choice.

  20. A great reminder, Ann, that it’s all about the choices we make in the moment – whether we’re making a loving choice, one that honours where the body is at, or one that can harm it.

  21. I’ve had a bit of a light bulb moment here Anne. I realised that often when I have gotten off track that I try to find my way back by trying to ‘make up for’ the poor choices I have made previously. Obviously this is a type of self judgement and self criticism for these past decisions which then just perpetuates the self abuse. Yet the moment of original poor choices is already past and a new moment is happening right now. It’s a golden opportunity to treat myself with love and respect, not to keep beating myself up over the past. Thank you for indeed presenting the ‘power of now’.

  22. “In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now”.
    The simplicity, wisdom and power of this blog Anne is very much appreciated.

  23. Thank-you Anne, this is worth putting on my fridge as a reminder that “In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourself with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now”.

  24. ‘I felt the grace of just allowing myself to be, surrendering to the knowing of my body and its natural breath and natural rhythm, and how healing that was for me.’ Thank you for your beautiful sharing Anne which is just what I needed to read this morning as I have woken up and connected to the impact on my body of recent choices. Beating myself up achieves nothing apart from keeping me stuck in an old pattern, choosing the power of now allows me to connect with the grandness of me that is always there but can sometimes get masked by my behaviour.

  25. I can easily judge myself at times when I have clearly made choices that were unloving. Your simple and beautiful blog reminds me of the power we have in every moment to make a truly loving choice – a much better choice than the old pattern of beating myself up.

  26. Really appreciating this simple, yet very powerful offering, Anne. I am learning how a change in the way I move my body affects my thoughts, and how I do not have to aim for a certain posture or movement, but allow my body to find the way it feels good in how it sits and how it walks and how it does anything really, and this being a constant process, even if I go off and drop, I can always make another choice to make the next one to be the one that it loving.

  27. We put so much effort in giving us a hard time that we exhaust the body. To realise we have a choice in what we think about ourselves is very powerful and has made my life much more simple. What I learned from Serge Benhayon, and experienced myself too, is that our thoughts are not at all interested in the state of our body. It is only when we connect to our body and observe instead of judge we get to be honest and can make a true choice which supports the body, as you have made so very clear Anne in this lovely blog.

  28. How timely to be reading this today Anne! I had this same experience yesterday in that I had several experiences which made me question my worth and then made some poor choices with my food which left me feeling bloated, heavy and dull. Today when I woke up I realised that these were choices I’d made but instead of beating myself up, I just reflected on where I had been that led me to making those choices. I committed to my walk and just began to connect back to my body… And this allowed me to come back to feeling amazing, just as I had yesterday!

  29. Beautiful, simple and playful blog Anne – the true power of now – is no more complex than to choose love in each moment.

  30. Beautiful blog. We are so good in giving ourselves a hard time, but why not make the choice and give ourselves a loving time? I am learning that there is no such thing as making a mistake, but that we have choices and that I can learn from them and then lovingly move on.

  31. What a breath of fresh air Anne – I can feel my body let go when reading this blog. It almost says to me ‘Ok, so you’ve made some yucky choices and now I will deal with them for you, all you need to do is be the love you are and that will support me to clear’.. It’s not the body that beats us up for making the choices yet it is the body who loving and effectively clears what is needed. So the message here for me is to stop the hardness as this is just more ‘stuff’ for the body to clear onto of the already yuk choices.

  32. So very true, Anne that we can too easily fall for a way of being that would have us making up today for our transgressions yesterday by effectively punishing the body through abstinence or over-exertion. Not healing, but potentially quite harming. Treating ourselves with love is way more rectifying and as you say, we have the power to make that choice in every moment and that includes right now.

  33. If we all woke up and linked the reason we felt out of sorts was a consequence of how we had lived the day before – and were totally responsible for how we now feel and committed to correcting it, the world would most likely be a different place than what it is today.

    1. ‘In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now.’ Beautiful Anne

  34. Without going into the detail, I simply enjoyed reading about your swim… the connection to your breath, your body and the other people. How delicious is that… so simple and yet so profound. No wonder it is something you want to return to, and of course that we all want to return to.

  35. I love the simplicity of this blog Anne, that it was the choice to do something that you know supported you that then led to more flow and ease in your day.

  36. I can very much relate to this, a beautiful confirmation for me to read morning. Last night I found myself staying up later than I had planned. Knowing that I had to get up earlier than usual, I could feel myself going into resentment and self-critique, then it came to me ‘Well, it maybe later than I wanted, but I am still me. The same. Why change me just because I didn’t go to bed at certain time that I had perceived as my ideal?’ I noticed the change in my body – coming off from the cusp of going into hardness. I woke up just before the alarm went off and I can feel how my body appreciated the quality of sleep I had allowed to give myself.

  37. The idea of punishment and or retribution for so called bad behaviour is so ingrained in us all, in our education and judicial system, particularly parenting. Yet I really don’t think God wants any part of this tit for tat way. Your example shows that once a not-so-loving choice or ‘bad’ choice is realised or revealed or nominated, all that’s required in the next moment is to choose differently, choose lovingly and move on. I feel like God just lets humanity make their crappy decisions, knowing there will come a time when the people would rather feel stillness and joy in their body. There is no need for punishment.

  38. Ahhh, so lovely to read this this morning Anne. After overdoing it yesterday myself I am inspired to relinquish the drive and just allow myself to BE today.

  39. Whilst reading this blog Anne, what came across to me was how our bodies know how to get us back into harmony after making some unloving choices, especially if we listen to it. In your example you could have quite easily chosen to swim too much and over do it but you didn’t, but instead you moved in a way which allowed you to feel the stillness the body has to offer. Great example Anne.

    1. The wisdom of the body is constantly available to us and it is a choice to connect to it or go into hardness to punish ourselves – I have often chosen the latter and love your confirmation Julie ‘instead you moved in a way which allowed you to feel the stillness the body has to offer’.

  40. Beating ourselves up for poor choices gets us to only focus on the small part of us that is not love, and we feel worse – but making the next step (choice) about love, allows us to reconnect to the vast love within.

  41. That we have made choices, and here we are as a result of these choices, and that we can make more choices, and evolve or devolve from where we are now, is a revelation that can change our lives, and we can all explore this now, and start to make these choices.

  42. Every moment we have the opportunity to make a choice, and then we live in the consequences of those choices… What Universal Medicine presents is the opportunity to make choices that are coming from a conscious and connected presence, which then presents the opportunity to connect with oneself even more, which leads to even more self loving choices, and so that inner spiral of self loving reawakening continues.

    1. Thank you Chris I love how you have expressed the ‘inner spiral of self loving reawakening continues.’ What an amazing confirmation that loving choices build on each other and at any moment we can choose to build a deeper connection with ourselves.

  43. Being with ourselves is the biggest treat there is. I realized today that when I try, and work hard, and do things from having to or bettering or a false sense of responsibility then at some point I am going to want to have a break and/or a reward. Where as when i choose to be myself, surrender deeply into to simply being there will never be a moment of me wanting to have a break from that and the yummy, warm fulfilling feeling within myself will be the greatest reward, and treat, there can ever be.

  44. “I continued to swim with myself, in my rhythm, breathing gently, moving in love.” Very much the key to life. The water remains undisturbed yet the ripple effect is amazing.

  45. This is such a beautiful blog to revisit Anne, I especially love this line – “In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now.”

  46. So beautiful to read Anne, to choose not to beat yourself up, but to make the choice to take yourself for a loving swim, so simple, a choice in every moment, thank you.

  47. Treating ourselves with love in every moment and by that bringing this love even to the smallest of our movements will let us feel the amazing stillness and joy, makes us feel our natural way. Nothing needing to be done or accomplished, just being, living and everything else will unfold at its time.

  48. So often we back over, ruminate, regurgitate, analyse everything we do, in the ‘effort’ to get it right. Your blog Anne has supported the inner knowing that none of this is necessary and how harming it can be. Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt words – ‘I felt the grace of just allowing myself to be’.

    1. If something does need to be reviewed… a decision, or the choices we made the day before, then the results will be wildly different depending on whether we are feeling bad about ourselves, or have taken the opportunity to set ourselves straight and feel the love again, to then reflect on those previous choices.

    2. So true ch1956 – in the regurgitation we keep ourselves in that same energy where those ‘not so good’ choices were made from. I love what Anne is sharing here as she actively changed the energy she was in by making choices to come back to her body and the Love she is. It serves no purpose to continue rattling around in the darkness trying to find answers or reasons for unloving choices – but when we turn on the light, come back to Love everything is there for us to see.

  49. How powerful simplicity can be shows your amazing blog Anne. You expose that it is possible to chose an other way than blaming and giving oneself a hard time. What you wrote is gold: “In every moment we have a choice, to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now.” – how wunderbar is that!!!!

  50. Feels very glorious and so restorative to have treated and loved yourself in this way Anne, yes you’re right we can either go into hard self-sabotage, or choose to stop that, and instead choose the ease of ourselves and of love.

  51. Thank you Anne beautifully expressed, and a great reminder of how simple it can be to choose something that brings us back to love, rather than continuing the cycle of unloving choices.

  52. What a loving experience. The way you describe it, I could just feel you melting into a loving space. I will take your example in my day. I had a lovely day yesterday, yet at the end I made some unloving choices foodwize and I can feel the consequences now as I woke up. Yes, I can go into bashing myself. And…I can treat myself with love today. See this day as a brand new day, take me for a walk and connect lovingly and then have a breakfast which suits my body.

  53. We can give ourselves a hard time even through just our thoughts! Being Love feels truly empowering and far more honouring.

  54. It is so easy to focus on the ‘negatives’ and give ourselves a hard time because that is what we are used to. To change this around and instead focus on our breath which leads us back to who we are deep within our hearts is a much more loving act. Not to make us forget about the unloving choices we may have made but to support us to not beat ourselves up about them. I have very recently realised mistakes don’t matter. All that matters is being who I really am.

    1. Thank you robynjones11 for this loving reminder which is so supportive in letting go of beating up tendencies and places the focus on living the gloriousness of us in every moment: ‘All that matters is being who I really am.’

      1. Thank you Helen for your comment as it has given me an opportunity to read my comment again and this is exactly what I needed to be reminded of today.

  55. That’s beautiful Anne, we can all make choices that are not supportive of ourselves but being hard on ourselves can make it even worse and not allow us to start making some more loving choices. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. We in fact perpetuate the unloving choices by being further unloving in the way we treat ourselves about having made these choices in the first place. It is a vicious cycle that can only be broken by breathing our own breath and coming back to the stillness within.

  56. Anne, this is a powerful blog which clearly demonstrates how a loving choice changes the moment and sets a true foundation for the day. It is such a habit with most of us to beat ourselves up for not doing the ‘right’ thing instead of just seeing that Now is another moment to choose love or not.

  57. Anne, you capture beautifully that moment when we feel off and we have a choice to continue in that or to choose differently. And you choose what would support you to come back. And it feels gorgeous how you were with you and allowing yourself that space reconnected you to the stillness in you. I have this image of you being in your rhythm taking the time and care needed and gracing all around. This is what building love is about on a daily basis – such a gorgeous reminder thank you.

  58. I love “to treat ourselves with love – or not”. It is so easy to beat ourselves up for not getting it right. This is a pattern from childhood that is a hard one to let go of – if you give the ‘beat yourself up’ pattern space. Treat ourselves with love and in a flash it is gone.

  59. This is simple and powerful Anne, how you share your experience of choice. Many times I have felt that very familiar feeling of struggle and hard work, and often make choices that stem from those emotions. I’d like to think now that I might make a different choice next time this happens; a choice that is loving and supportive for me.

  60. Anne, I loved the way when you felt “off” that you made a loving choice to be able to come back to you. So often we override the “bad” feelings and just carry on. A learning for me in this- thank you.

  61. It is truly extraordinary how the water can show us our choices so clearly and even more so is how quickly we can choose to reconnect and feel amazing again. This was just so beautiful to read Anne, and deeply healing, like I was in the pool with you.

  62. ‘I felt the grace of just allowing myself to be, surrendering to the knowing of my body and its natural breath and natural rhythm, and how healing that was for me’. I love this line, and I also felt the grace and the love present in reading your blog Anne!

  63. That sounds lovely. It’s like you are being a friend of yourself and supporting yourself instead of being hard on yourself. Doing that would be better for you anyway because it will make you want to keep looking after yourself thereafter more often.

  64. Thank you Anne, like you I woke feeling a little out of sorts this morning. Instead of a swim, I decided to go for a walk in nature and took a few appreciative photos of the blossom on the trees and the goslings down at the pond near my home.

  65. Totally true Anne! Yesterday I was doing a Workshop on Expression. The first exercise did not go totally well. I was confronted with the option of giving up right there and say: yeah, I did not have a good day (the excuse was already on the making) or not accepting any of that and simply re-imprinting the workshop. I opted for the latter. Everything changed suddenly for the better. An amazing workshop unraveled then.

  66. Oh Anne, another pearler of a read this morning for my very tired self, that is a consequence of some of my not so loving choices yesterday….Thank you!

  67. Oh yes, back to the body and choosing the quality I like to be in or know myself to be when loving with myself and life. The power of choice.

  68. Wow Anne this blog is truly beautiful, as are you. I felt my own stillness expand as I read your description of swimming in love. Thank you for presenting the truth that the true power of now is in the choice to be love or not. It is through the teachings of Serge Benhayon that I have come to know that I am love and so the choice to be love in that moment is the choice to be the true me. I feel truly blessed to have received this teaching…it has been life changing to feel that I am not my issues or unloving choices and to accept the truth that WE ARE ALL LOVE!

  69. Exquisitely beautiful to read and a great reminder of the power of choice present in each and every moment…

  70. What a beautiful, loving and yet powerful blog, Anne. Thank you for sharing in such a still, simple and practical way about the absolute power of the choice we can make for ourselves. I was used to being hard and critical on myself after doing something ‘wrong’ and the realization I have a choice, lightened it all up. It also gave me the back the feeling I have influence on how I feel. Off to the pool now :-).

    1. And if we are being hard and critical with ourselves we are also being this way with others. Not very pleasant all round!

  71. The power in such a simple choice is truly amazing. No matter what ill choice we have made we have the choice to not add to the ill by not dwelling on it.
    Choosing to change our focus towards love is immensely self empowering as this blog has shared.

    1. What I love is that no matter what ill choice we may make the love in our hearts never goes away unlike emotional love which can be ‘removed’ or withdrawn when so called mistakes are made.

  72. Thank you Anne, for your blog on not punishing your self for a choosing to partake in something that wasn’t a good choice. Your intuition into how your body was truly feeling and behaving was really special to read, I can learn a lot about recovery from not so great choices.

  73. Your words were soo felt and something I needed to be reminded of. The simple way you’ve expressed your choice of choosing to come back to you by honoring yourself over things to be done, and not choosing to beat yourself up was amazing to read and feel. The every little difference it made slowly in you in choosing a supporting way for you was an amazing and truly loving journey I felt while I read this. It’s all about the choices we make, Thank you!

  74. Thank you Anne, for exposing this weird and twisted desire to add insult to injury by punishing ourselves for not having made loving choices in the first place – how amazingly simple!

  75. Wonderfully put Anne. I love your blogs and thank you so much for expressing this is such a gorgeous way. I found that it was very healing to hear the simplicity that is true love and how important it is to empower our selves with that love and not hide behind the hurt to continue perpetuating the lie of what we did not want to hear or face.

  76. Just before I read this blog we had a family chat about the choices we are making that affect how we are with each other at home. Simple choices around what we eat and do to relax, which then mean we are dull with each other or not all of ourselves. What I love with what you shared is that it is a simple choice to judge ourselves and be critical or to make a loving choice. A choice that honours and supports the amazing, awesome and loving human beings that we know that we are. This is very inspiring Anne, thank you.

  77. A beautiful example and reminder for me about how easy it can be to start making more loving choices…thanks Anne…

  78. What a truly yummy post to read. Even though I felt I was right there with you in the pool and it inspired me to go swimming, I realise I can choose to have these yummy moments with myself anytime with or without the pool. Thank you Anne. 🙂

  79. Hi Anne, these are very powerful words. I too find my normal habit is to go into hardness are realising if I have been unloving to myself but as you say this is not the answer and instead always makes things worse for me and those around me. It is amazing how harsh this world is when it comes to doing something wrong or making a mistake there is always a penalty to pay or a person to please. What if you made a mistake like driving too fast and was told to be more Love, I feel you would naturally slow down and enjoy you more rather then only knowing that you will get a ticket if you speed up.

  80. Anne – thank you for highlighting an area that can be easily overridden. Listening to what we need for our being is the key. “I felt how I could have continued in the struggle, forced myself to keep going, to complete a task, to fulfil an ideal of what I should be doing…” is the foundation that we usually choose to ‘make amends’ or ‘get ahead’. Which, as you point out, only creates further harm and another step away from truly caring for you. How many steps away do we all end up taking before our body yells “STOP”. I have, and to some degree still do fall for this ‘have to/should do’ story, and this beautiful tale of choice and choosing you first is a great example for me to come back to and support me.

  81. You described your experience so beautifully Anne, that I felt like I had taken the swim as well.

  82. Gosh this is so gorgeous to read. Makes me want to go for a swim right now and connect deeply with my own loveliness. I am off to the pool right now… Thank you Anne for sharing this experience with us all.

  83. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, a very loving and timely reminder. I have the tendency to keep pushing, struggling, forcing, having to do or being hard on myself – rather than simply returning to my breath, my body and choosing love. I am going to bed with a gentle smile on my face and feeling very lovely allowing myself to be, in that there is no worry or thinking ahead of what tomorrow may bring, I can simply feel how lovely it is now, in this moment, and the space that this creates around me.

  84. Thanks Anne, a timely reminder. I can and do revert to giving myself a hard time instead of choosing the love and stillness I have developed within. You have expressed so beautifully how simple it is to make a loving choice. Felt like I was swimming right there along side you!

  85. This is an inspiration Anne, true Love and deep nurturing for ones self. I am inspired as I know when I get myself into a slump it is easier to focus on that, and all the thoughts that come with that, than focusing on who I really am and nurturing that back. Thank you Anne

  86. I love the simplicity of what you have described Anne, and yes, how not beating youself up in any way, made it possible for you to just be love with yourself and feel the awesomeness of that.

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