Cleaning my House: A Lesson in Trust and Honouring

A couple of days ago, it was Friday. On a Friday evening after work my routine has been doing the food shopping, washing the clothes and cleaning my house. I usually take my time with this, but sometimes I rush it or have a level of drive behind it because I just want to get it all done. Although there is a level of care behind my past actions, I realised I had a little bit of a rulebook approach when it came to getting through all my cleaning chores. This really means that even though I may have done things gently, I haven’t been completely listening to my body every Friday evening. Continue reading “Cleaning my House: A Lesson in Trust and Honouring”

The Nature of Energy: A Bathtub Lesson

by Adrienne Ryan, BEd, Brisbane, Australia

Recently I drew a very full bath and when I got in, the water ended up right at the edge. It was like being in a lake – no visible bath lip, just a pure expanse of water. Then, a funny thing happened: I began to notice the effect I was having on the water and a whole lesson on the nature of energy unfolded right there in my bathtub.

I noticed how the water remained unbroken as I lay still, so much so that it became a perfect reflection of the taps, walls and surroundings.

Stillness = clarity Continue reading “The Nature of Energy: A Bathtub Lesson”

Learning About Feeling Confident in my Expression Through heART

by Amber Goodwin, Merchandiser, Goonellabah, Australia

When I was little I was always freely expressing, I loved to make sounds and tones, and sing. I loved to move my body, music or no music, I loved to play and make things with not a thought on ‘how it would turn out’… my heart had something it was feeling confident to express and I loved this feeling.

However, after a few knocks here and there I began to believe the harsh rules, conditions, expectations and beliefs that were placed on me and I began to squash my own expression so as to not upset anyone else … and in doing so I have held my natural expression back, which has felt crippling for me ever since. Continue reading “Learning About Feeling Confident in my Expression Through heART”

The Greatest Party Celebration on Planet Earth

by Rob Skinner, Hastings Point, NSW

Last night I attended a party celebration and what can only be described as a true celebration of the Love and Joy that we are.

The occasion was a masquerade ball organised by Natalie Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Emmalee Benhayon, to celebrate the birthdays and lives of these amazing young friends, as well as ALL the guests who attended.

I have been to many functions and parties in my 48 years on this planet, and even organised some pretty flash events myself, but what I attended last night has totally re-defined for me what it is to truly celebrate. Continue reading “The Greatest Party Celebration on Planet Earth”

A Deeper Connection: Connecting with Kids in the Classroom

by Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education, Perth

Last week I listened to a very real and practical interview with Kristy Wood on the home page of the ‘Kids in Connection’ web site. The interview is a personal sharing about connecting with kids that relates to what many teachers and kids are feeling in classrooms and homes today, and the behaviours that result from that.

Listening to the interview I had many ‘ah-ha’ moments about kids’ behaviour and what is going on in society today with children and the way we (as adults) are being with them. Well worth a listen…

The one aspect from the interview that I would like to focus on and share involves a very simple technique that has a quite powerful purpose and outcome. Kristy spoke about the importance of connecting with kids today and how very little children actually feel met and connected to. Continue reading “A Deeper Connection: Connecting with Kids in the Classroom”

The Interview Process and the Power of Everyday Living

by Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education, Perth WA

In preparation for next year, I have recently been going through the interview process to apply for teaching positions and am being interviewed for the advertised appointment pools. In the last couple of weeks I have experienced how powerful my everyday living, and the quality that I bring to the classroom consistently each day, actually is.

I have not only learnt about the power of my everyday living but I have been able to claim another level of love for myself, and the future class that I will work in. I have been completely trusting during this process and open to where I could potentially be employed. Continue reading “The Interview Process and the Power of Everyday Living”

Pornography: Time to Say ENOUGH!

by Rachel Mascord, Dentist, Sydney, Australia

Today I became re-acquainted with music videos. I also got newly acquainted with the ‘pornification’ of our society.

As a teenager I loved my Saturday morning television fix of greatest hits, or ‘Rage’, ABC TV’s Sunday morning music staple. Many years have passed since I have watched a music video. This morning’s viewing at the gym proved to be educational… and deeply disturbing.

All the clips portrayed women being sexual to a degree that was blatantly pornographic. One video stood out in particular, and not for the loveliness of its music or the artistic quality of its content. No… it grabbed my attention with the fact that it was focussed on the bare behinds of its three featured dancers.

And I mean focussed. Continue reading “Pornography: Time to Say ENOUGH!”

Universal Medicine Before and After Photos – the Man beneath the Tattoos and Dreads

by Tony Steenson, Bricklayer, Goonellabah, Australia

I was seventeen when I got my first tattoo and I thought I was pretty cool.

But that one tattoo looked a bit lonely on its own, so I got him a friend and then another friend, and another. I wanted to look tough. To make me look a bit meaner I also decided to stop shaving and to stop combing my hair which was long at the time.


I never considered that I was trying to hide behind my image. At the time I saw it as rebelling. Continue reading “Universal Medicine Before and After Photos – the Man beneath the Tattoos and Dreads”

Tattoo Removal – Feeling My True Beauty

by Amina Tumi, 32 yrs, London Salon Owner

This might sound crazy to you, but I used to think getting a tattoo was something that would mark a moment in my life as a celebration… for example my age, turning 18 or 21, something cool to show my friends, even something to make me feel ‘in’ with the trend.

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and then another when I was 21; each time I felt a high afterwards and wanted to show people how cool I was and how sexy my tattoo looked. It has been quite an experience for me to see how different I feel about tattoos now as I do not think they are cool or sexy at all – in fact I find them very much the opposite. What I find interesting also is that they take you away from seeing the real person and instead you just get drawn to the tattoo. Continue reading “Tattoo Removal – Feeling My True Beauty”

Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me

I was first introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation 6 years ago. It has been the foundation from which I have learned to have a deeper connection with myself just by stopping (a choice) for a few minutes and allowing myself to choose and feel my gentle in-breath and out-breath.  Continue reading “Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me”