The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation

by Priscila Azeredo de Souza, London, UK

I always considered arrogance as something ugly, but it was not until recently that I discovered how insidious and evil it actually is. Arrogance is a weapon, a mass destructive-one, discharging separation among us.

Arrogance has many faces. Up until recently I only perceived the ‘superiority’ side of it, but I am learning that it can also come with the ‘false humble’ (or ‘inferiority’) side as well. Bear with me and you will see what I am describing here. Continue reading “The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation”

Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk… Reflections of the Walk

by Monika Korb, Health Practitioner, Byron Bay NSW

We started to do the Byron Bay Lighthouse walk every morning.

At different stages I’ve had the awesome opportunity to feel my body and where I am at with myself in my life, which is reflected in the quality I am and the vitality I feel, climbing to the Lighthouse each morning.

I noticed when I started with my friend, who is very fit and extremely strong in her body, that I was trying to catch up with her. She was always ahead of me and I felt I had to show no weakness: I took her as my measure for where I should be at in my body too. Continue reading “Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk… Reflections of the Walk”

Poor Posture and Slouching – A Double Edged Sword!

by Jane Torvaney, Physiotherapist, Scotland

We all know that poor posture and slouching is not good for our posture – our spine is in a poor position and at risk due to the pressure going through it, our feet tend to dangle and don’t support us. Our chins poke forward, our shoulders roll inwards, our chest and internal organs get crushed when we slouch and therefore can’t work freely. If you try this yourself you can immediately feel the impact it has on your body.

Not a very loving way to treat ourselves!

But do you ever think about how you relate to other people when you slouch? Or how others relate to you when you slouch?

Continue reading “Poor Posture and Slouching – A Double Edged Sword!”

Being Photographed: to Be Seen, or Not to Be Seen?

by Adrienne Ryan, Brisbane, Australia

Recently I was assisting a photographer as he photographed some beautifully ordinary individuals. I noticed how relaxed and open the people were. As we went on I came to realise there was a question silently being asked every time the camera was raised: “how much will you allow of you to be seen?”. I felt this myself when the camera was on me and I realised:

We choose how much of ourselves we allow to be seen.

Standing in front of a camera is like standing in front of the world itself with every eye upon us. In the face of the world and all its expectations we make a decision: how much to hold back and how much to let out.  Continue reading “Being Photographed: to Be Seen, or Not to Be Seen?”

Time to Play

by Jacqueline McFadden

Recently I got a lovely card from a colleague who wanted to tell me how much she had enjoyed the year working together. In the same card, she also wrote: “Don’t be afraid to have fun”. What did she mean? I asked myself. Was I not fun to be around? Was I so serious? When I stopped being defensive, I saw clearly that yes, I was rather serious – actually very serious! For the last two years life had become even more so, (due to health reasons). I then started to realise most of my life had been serious – with having many responsibilities from a young age.

Being a single parent with two children is hard, and can feel like a serious job, especially when trying to be both mother and father to your children. But that was then, and those responsibilities are long gone. My children have their own lives now; yet, I cannot seem to shake this seriousness that hangs around me and follows like a dark shadow. Continue reading “Time to Play”

Self-Abusing – Not What you Think it Is

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

I used to hear the word abuse and what came to my mind was someone getting beaten up or bashed.

To me the word abuse looked like a physical blow to the body by someone else, or the verbal abuse when someone was being spoken to like a piece of…

What I had not ever seen was that abuse in the body can mean so much more, and that it can be done by me, to myself. I wasn’t even aware that I was being abusive… self-abusing, that is! Continue reading “Self-Abusing – Not What you Think it Is”