Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk… Reflections of the Walk

by Monika Korb, Health Practitioner, Byron Bay NSW

We started to do the Byron Bay Lighthouse walk every morning.

At different stages I’ve had the awesome opportunity to feel my body and where I am at with myself in my life, which is reflected in the quality I am and the vitality I feel, climbing to the Lighthouse each morning.

I noticed when I started with my friend, who is very fit and extremely strong in her body, that I was trying to catch up with her. She was always ahead of me and I felt I had to show no weakness: I took her as my measure for where I should be at in my body too.

I used to be very fit and a regular gym person, but after years of doing no exercise or gym my body was not prepared for this ‘full-on’ walk up the Lighthouse steps, which is 7 km up and down from the bottom car park.

As I walked it felt like I was pushing to keep up with my friend, so I felt to allow my body to be my guide.

When feeling out of breath I take a moment and come back to my rhythm with me, with my body aligned.

I don’t look ahead to the stairs I have to climb – I take one step a time. I look at my feet and to the ground and feel my entire body.

Since I am focused only on that, I have no disturbing thoughts coming in that want me to look ahead, how hard it will be, how bad my body will feel, how annoying it is to watch others doing it easily.

I allow myself to climb the Lighthouse stairs in my own way and notice how it still feels enjoyable. I let others overtake if they want.

There are moments I feel that it is too much, that I don’t want to go any further and that I want to quit – so I look and ask, have I pushed myself too much again? Did I lose the joy of the connection to the earth with each step I take?

My walk should be neither struggle, nor hardness or pushing, but a good feeling within my body; a feeling of inner strength, a foundation in my body.

It is absolutely great to feel my body and this aliveness and to re-build my core strength, which is feeding me back during my day. My body feels fit and toned and vital. Doing the walk is a great start to an awesome day being with my body.

And it feels sexy even being over 50 now!

Inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

252 thoughts on “Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk… Reflections of the Walk

  1. ‘Did I lose the joy of the connection to the earth with each step I take?’ Great question I too feel that I will have more conscious presence on my walk today.

  2. I was recently compared to a woman 17 years younger than me when it came to being able to do some strenuous exercising and why I couldn’t keep up. In the past, I was the younger woman and would have done anything to keep up and even go beyond those I was with when it came to exercising, playing a game and learning something new. This time though I stopped and was okay with where my body was at and rested even if everyone around me did not… I was able to appreciate how far I’ve come from flinging my body around a court or field with very little consideration or regard to now listening and stopping when I feel to.

  3. Very beautiful to be reminded of how it is all about the quality, and that is something our body has a direct experience of therefore can never lie about.

  4. I love my morning walks, when I walk with another I have to be more aware of staying in my connection with myself and my own rhythm as I can easily get into their pace as well that makes me feel like I am pushing myself to keep up.

  5. Like so many things it is in the way and quality we do them not in pursuing or achieving an outcome at the expense of our well-being.

  6. Moving and exercising in the way you speak of builds far more than our physical body, we become fit for life and all that brings.

  7. Taking ‘one step at a time’ is the most simple yet incredibly powerful lesson for us to learn. If we try to take more than one step the chances are we will trip ourselves up and take a tumble into complication; a way of living that is very challenging and very exhausting and not the way we were naturally born to live.

  8. The way we move as we walk is felt by every aspect of our body and provides the foundation for the next step … and the next.

  9. No one walks in our foot-steps so when we step up and start to walk it will be in a rhythm that we find to suit our level of fitness at any given point. Then our body will always provide the True markers so we can naturally regulate our walks.

  10. The way we move is hugely important and walking in our own true rhythm is a blessing, super healing and empowering. Every step magnifies the connection and quality we are in.

  11. It felt painful just imagining trying to keep up with your friend. Let her go I say and lets go at our pace and love every step. There can be no joy in trying to match someone else’s pace.

  12. Firstly, your 50? That’s amazing, you looked so young then and still young now, all these years later! Secondly, I have always struggled with the lighthouse walk, I always wanted to give up and who ever I use to walk with was always miles ahead of me. It was lovely hearing how you have adjusted your approach and taken it as a reflection for your life, very cool. I must admit, I am jealous that you have factored in a walk into your everyday, I really want to get to the stage that I fit in a walk in my day.

  13. True sexiness can never be restricted to age as it is a natural emanation of the joy we feel from within, through our connection to our essence, which is magnified through our bodies with our every move. As such we live with great potency when we live in connection to our body and being.

  14. When we honour our body by taking the time to listen to what it is trying to tell us and then respond to its messages anything we do is done with ease and in a flow. Unfortunately, most of us are in too much of a hurry to get somewhere that there is no connection to this amazing vessel that supports us in every moment, so setting us up for a possible injury. It makes so much sense to truly care for our wonderful body and absolutely no sense not too.

  15. Exercising in connection supports us to build a body of love and truth, for it is our responsibility to constantly fine-tune what is truly needed for us to express the wisdom of the universe for all.

  16. I am amazed at how much power and awareness we can have by simply being present with our body in everything we do. It may feel strange at first to not have the influence of the mind coming in but it is in fact normal and natural to live this way

  17. This blog shows us that we can never walk in another’s footsteps! Others can inspire us but we have to walk our own walk and reflect who we are in full.

  18. Great article and very simple. We see all the things we do and rate them, work, rest, play, exercise and the list goes on. Usually the time and the heading dictates the feeling and yet it’s not truly like that. Any time you are truly with yourself no matter what the time or heading is a reason to feel, appreciate and celebrate for that very reason. That way no matter where you are, what time of day, what the heading or what the landscape you will be settled just being yourself.

  19. Feeling our bodies as we move is a great way to check in with ourselves and to observe how we are moving and if it is in rhythm or pushing through. I also find that connecting to each movement helps to bring simplicity and flow to life and thinking 4 or five steps ahead is just too hard and takes me out into my head leaving me feeling drained and fuzzy. Clarity is found in the connection to each fine movement we make as we then get to observe the world and enjoy the rhythm of life.

  20. ‘My walk should be neither struggle, nor hardness or pushing, but a good feeling within my body; a feeling of inner strength, a foundation in my body.’ True Monika and this foundation in your body takes you through the day as life should never be a struggle, I know when I start to be hard on myself and push myself to do certain tasks in a certain timeframe I have lost the connection with my body and it becomes about ‘to get the job done’ instead of the quality I am in with my body.

  21. There is a huge difference in taking care of your body through connection to it and the concept of building a body through stimulation. I have been caught between the 2 states. How I became aware between the 2 different states in my body was the support of my esoteric practitioner advising me and showing me through an esoteric healing body session, and how they live in their body.

  22. I love being out in the fresh air, walking, and connecting with my body, ‘I take one step a time. I look at my feet and to the ground and feel my entire body.’

    1. And if we really take one step at a time there is no room to compare as the next step needs our full attention. So no pausing for and meandering off into could bes or would bes or could have beens but a steady focus on the moment we are in.

  23. Thanks Monika, you reminded me of over 10 years ago when I too used to walk up to the same lighthouse, and how I came to realise I was pushing myself too much and ignoring my body with this strenuous walk.

  24. Great reflection Monika, we often push ourselves to get where we want to get to without considering our own body, yet when we take one step at a time in full connection with our body, we don’t worry about what’s ahead.

  25. True piece of writing, it is not in how our walk looks – but the feel of when you walk that is going through your whole body. Bouncing through up and down. When this is love – it is felt.
    When this is lacking love – it is felt.
    Hence, we need to be very open and honest to feel how we are walking , in our day, in life in everything we do between a and b and so forward. Giving ourselves the opportunity to feel that which we are and which we are not – so we can make a difference. Change whatever is needed – being and bringing all the love that we are and belong to back in our movements.

  26. Walking in our fire, in our true state, in our connection to our body and God – is a true blessing that we give ourselves every moment of every day, simply it is at this time in life a blessing because we have stepped away from all of that. But in truth, once we fully accept it again – it will be our absolute normal -which forever expands.

    1. Great Danna. And walking in fire actually feels really normal. From the outside it looks the same, but now we are walking with ourselves, we do the walking instead of thinking of all kind of things and walking on automatic pilot. But if we are not walking consciously with ourselves, who does the walking?

  27. Fantastic blog of truth – sharing how our own body has its own true pace and that once we follow – truth remains.. We grow by listening to our body – and who would have thought that – but it is so simple. Just connect, breath and come back to you – you will know what to do..

  28. It is so easy for us to go into comparison and make ourselves feel lesser. I love that you kept checking in with your body so that you maintained your own rhythm. The idea of taking one step at a time rather than looking ahead, and anticipating failure or hardship is a great tool for staying focused with the task at hand.

  29. This is so true for anything in life – if I am experiencing something to be a struggle, it is not that it is too hard for me, it is me that is being hard, forgetting and disconnecting from the joy I innately am. Sure, certain things can be hard and at times a challenge, but how I experience that is my responsibility.

  30. I love the analogy of taking one step at a time and being with that step in full and not ‘looking up’.
    I know the walk you are referring and it is very familiar to me to ‘look-up’ and take in all the steps ahead and feel a little daunted by them. Also what I can feel is that I would want to get a ‘look’ at the light house itself, try and take it all in as much as possible. All leaving myself while at the same time making my body climb. No wonder it becomes hard work. This understanding I can apply to anything. If I’m looking for the end while working through the steps then I’m not with my steps at all- this is what sets up a ripple effect of ill-ease.

  31. What a truly loving question to ask ourselves:
    “Did I lose the joy of the connection to the earth with each step I take?” How many steps do I take in a day that include this simple awareness? Today is going to be a day where I observe how this goes, (haha – the kookaburras are singing their agreement!).

  32. “There are moments I feel that it is too much, that I don’t want to go any further and that I want to quit – so I look and ask, have I pushed myself too much again?
    It is like a light globe moment for me reading the connection between the wanting to quit and simply asking “have I been pushing too hard”. There is a truly deep love available in caring, listening and responding to what is being felt simply by asking the question. No matter what the answer it is the connection that becomes present when we stop for a moment and feel what is there with-in that was being over-ridden.

  33. Walking is indeed a great way to exercise,and certainly when you do it every single day. Walking in this way brought my consistency and everything what I experienced during walking radiated through other parts of my life.

  34. ‘It is absolutely great to feel my body and this aliveness and to re-build my core strength, which is feeding me back during my day.’ Thank you Monika for such a beautiful reminder of the power of true exercise and how it supports us in so many ways.

  35. Very cool Monika. And a big ‘yes’ to feeling our innate and gorgeous sexiness, through taking such (literal 🙂 ) steps in honouring your body.
    You have smashed the consciousness, i.e. way of thinking, that has permeated exercise for so very long – i.e. that we should push past our body’s limits, and essentially create pain. You’ve shared how enriching and indeed powerful in terms of our well-being it is, to embrace exercise from exactly where we stand, and not be caught in measuring up to others or outer ‘bars set’ that simply do not honour our body and being. Love all that you’ve shared here.

  36. The body never lies and every day it is a learning to see how honest I can reflect what the body is showing me. Walking is a great way to observe this.

  37. No matter the undertaking, taking one step at a time, connected to the body and not looking ahead towards what is still to be done, is definitely the way to go and keeps it all present, joyous and light.

  38. Just coming back to this blog as I was experimenting today at my work at the check out. Scanning product after product I started to feel a rush and wanting to get it done quickly feel coming up in me and then I had to think of this blog. I focussed on scanning one product at the time and It was beautiful, my body relaxed and my contact with the clients was more relaxed and joyful.

  39. It is so easy to want to go ahead in time, think about where we are going instead of being in every moment. Something I like to experiment with thank you.

  40. “My walk should be neither struggle, nor hardness or pushing, but a good feeling within my body” I used to walk with a hardness, especially when I was at work. I can remember the forceful impact on the surface I was walking on and the jarring throughout my body, but I didn’t realise the impact this was having on it. Coming to understand my body more than I ever have and growing the connection I have to me I can no longer walk with this hardness and drive but in a way that supports and nurtures me, and I am loving every gentle step I take.

  41. Thank you Monica – this is a good reminder for me too to keep the connection with the body in each moment in exercising. It is not about exercise being a ‘chore’ nor a tick box exercise, but it is about exercising just the right amount and in just the right way that is needed for the body at that moment in time.

  42. On a walk this morning, I handed myself over to my body to see what it wanted to do… Surprisingly, on the flat, it was pumping and power walking even though my head was still half asleep! On the hills, it slowed down and took larger steps to stretch out my hips and calves. Pretty cool. My body walked me.

  43. I have been exploring how I walk up stairs and found that I view stairs as a real pain and drudgery to go up and come down them. I have been taking a slight stop at the bottom of the stairs and then making my posture checking my posture and then walking up them with my full presence and it has made a huge difference. before the space around me even felt heavy, now I feel a lot more freedom and flow. The space has been cleared because I am allowing my body to move at its full capacity and it feels awesome. Our bodies really are amazing and show us so much constantly, when we choose to listen and learn from it.

  44. “My walk should be neither struggle, nor hardness or pushing, but a good feeling within my body; a feeling of inner strength, a foundation in my body” – I love this, and when I apply this to anything in life I can see where I am still holding an ideal, and why I am experiencing so much pain and ache in my body lately. It is gorgeous to feel the simplicity and ease when our focus is just to remain connected with our own body, and whatever gets done – a walk, project, housework… is a bonus, it is a confirmation of joy in movement.

  45. I appreciated reading this blog because it exposes in me how in the past I used to play catch up with people all the time. When I would be exercising, if anyone was watching I would really push my body. And even this morning I was doing some exercise and a neighbour opened their curtains and looked in at me, and I could feel my whole body tense. So I sat with this and came back to me and said to myself it is about how I am exercising first, not what other people’s opinions are. It was a beautiful lesson to show me how we can give our power away to others when this is just a game to make me feel anxious .

  46. I have also found that putting one step in front of another without looking ahead towards the goal is the way to go. It allows me to keep up with the true pace and harmony of my body rather than the images and aspirations of my fanciful mind.

  47. Thank you Monika for this very powerful message of how comparison instantly severs our connection to ourselves, our love within, and crushes any opportunity to appreciate simply being with all that we are and enjoying where we are at. The joy of feeling our loving connection to ourselves and our body is a quality that naturally expresses the love we are within, wherever we are.

  48. I’ve recently started to walk a long steep hill daily so can relate to what you have shared. I’ve really noticed how the consistency of my steady walk, being present with my breath and movement gives me a marker of love and steadiness that I can come back to during the day.

  49. Thanks for sharing your awesome reflections Monika. Very timely for me as I am about to start a fitness class and my past pattern has always been to strive to keep up with everyone rather than going at my own pace and rhythm.

  50. It is easy to lose your own rhythm to join that of another when walking together but as you have shown, so much more powerful to choose to remain with what is true for you to create a foundation that is not based on pushing or struggle but rather connection … and allowing yourself to align to what is most supportive.

  51. By focusing on one step at a time in every level of our life we can remain far more consciously present and connected to what we are doing and have far less interference from what is going on around us – interference that can sometimes cause us to trip up.

  52. It is great to bring consciousness to all we are doing and question where we are in it. It is so easy to get caught up in allowing something else run our body like comparison, competiveness or indulgence. The body holds the wisdom and always speaks the truth as long we are connected to our hearts.

  53. It’s amazing to see men and women over the age of 50 feeling light and energised every day, without stimulation, when the majority of the world reflects the opposite to be, not only normal, but an inevitability.

  54. Walking at our own pace while allowing others to walk at their pace lays the foundation for true harmony between us all.

  55. I am visiting Byron at the moment and I am going to be doing the lighthouse walk and this is great to read before I walk this as a reminder that i do not need to rush or push myself and I can do this all in my own stride. It is about feeling the body first and in the past this was never the case for me either.

  56. A great demonstration of how one step at a time in presence delivers the joy of moving our body – and living our everyday life in the process, whatever that might entail.

  57. In a swimming lesson with Simone Benhayon recently I got to feel how I push myself to do more than is really true for me and how then the quality of what I am doing suffers, it becomes less and I don’t feel so good either. If I go on I am overriding my connection to my own body wisdom and I have to pull in another force to propel me forward. Ignoring my body and listening to my mind that tells me I have to do more to keep up with so and so or because someone I think knows better than me says so, or for whatever reason outside my own knowing and intuition, always lands me in trouble.

  58. If we forever look to the horizon to determine the movements we make, we will forever be shaped by that drive to ‘get there’, the desperate outward quest that has us seeking in all the wrong places and further delays the journey home to the place where true wisdom resides – the human form and our deep and steady connection to it and thus to The Universe/God that is forever communicating through it.

  59. It is interesting how easily we override the body and try to push some beliefs or ideals onto it and make it perform accordingly. When we honour the body and listen to it we know exactly where the limit is and how much is healthy for us and when we start to strain this precious vehicle of ours.

  60. “I don’t look ahead to the stairs I have to climb – I take one step a time. I look at my feet and to the ground and feel my entire body.” In this choice to be with our bodies, we not only learn how to walk to become truly fit and well, we learn how to live to become truly fit and well. Our future is right here before us in how we move into it. And in being with ourselves in each movement, there is an everlasting joy that seeks nothing more than to be who we are.

  61. Nothing is worse when I’ve exercised in a way that has been all about an outcome or getting through it anyway I can. There is no joy, no connection and no space to take anything in around me. Bringing it back to feeling my feet on the ground or my finger tips on the hand weights etc. supports me in staying present and with my body, and not getting caught up in what is next.

    1. What you are sharing Aimee has also been my experience. Bringing my focus to the activity I am doing, while staying focused on my breath is a key element for me to stay connected to my innermost.

  62. That is the best way to do a walk: “My walk should be neither struggle, nor hardness or pushing, but a good feeling within my body; a feeling of inner strength, a foundation in my body.” Thank you so much Monika for sharing this wonderful insight with us.

  63. I love this Monika. I have in the past championed the no pain no gain way of exercising but my body made it clear that this was not truly supporting my wellbeing. Your story demonstrates how powerful it can be to simply move in a way that honours our bodies.

  64. Feeling and honouring what we feel. This is the simple recipe for life that brings love and joy to the front and centre of our life.

  65. There is much truth in what you have written regarding using your body as a marker and not looking outwards for those impulses

  66. “I take one step a time. I look at my feet and to the ground and feel my entire body.” A metaphor for life – staying present – taking one step at a time.

  67. I have walked everyday for ages now and find it so beneficial on so many levels. I recently had 2 weeks where I was putting work first and didn’t make time for my regular walk. Boy did I notice the difference. So I am definitely back walking and walking back to me:)

  68. I have noticed with walking how I can just over extend each step the slightest amount and it drains me. I come back to more presence in my body and the step changes, slightly smaller, but aligned with my body so I can again feel rhythm moving through it. Then, I seem to be able to walk forever!

  69. ‘Did I lose the joy of the connection to the earth with each step I take?’ Going for a walk to connect with nature and meet all those I encounter is to reconnect with me but if I walk to reach an end point, or a destination then that becomes the goal and I lose connection to me.

  70. No matter what your age it is possible to have a self-care routine that includes fitness through walking. The improvements for the body seems like a miracle!

  71. I love how you simply bring the focus back to yourself and coming from there taking your own body as the marker where you are at.

  72. “It is absolutely great to feel my body and this aliveness and to re-build my core strength, which is feeding me back during my day.” I have come to realise how very supportive it is to strengthen my body in areas where I am not so active during the day and what a huge difference it makes to my whole well-being and vitality during the day. Just yesterday I noticed how much easier it is for me to go uphill just by having done one strengthening exercise for my legs over the last weeks.

  73. ‘And it feels sexy even being over 50 now!’ I like the way you finished the blog Monika. I feel that could be the subject of another great blog. I am certainly feeling more sexy, energetic and vibrant in my 50s.

  74. I can get caught up with looking ahead and anticipating possible difficulties that take me away from what I m currently doing. This living in the future robs me of the present. Reading your blog this morning is a great reminder to stay present with myself in every moment.

  75. I completely endorse what you are saying here Monica, walking in connection with one’s body I find builds me up whereas if I walk with my head full of thoughts I find the walk drains me. You cannot do both at the same time, I can either be with my body or my head and being with my head, I lose connection to my body. It is very simple but our heads have the ability to complicate it and to undo us.

  76. Thank you. I have pushed myself a little of late and I can feel it now as a deep underlying tiredness which I realise I need to honor. I do not have to measure myself by how much I am getting done in a day. I do not need to prove that I can have a late night and that it doesn’t affect me, for in truth it does, and that’s OK. If I work at a steady pace and allow myself to rest when I need to my body appreciates this care and consideration.

  77. True exercise done with a commitment to life is an astonishing medicine for the body. Each day at the moment I am ever more amazed at how it supports me and how the body, when it is nurtured and activated in purpose is an incredible machine that is designed to work and work and work…It’s an awesome piece of kit!!

    1. I love this Otto, very true. The more I take care of my body to the littlest detail, tending to the areas that are a bit creaky and stiff or simply neglected, the smoother my body becomes and ‘runs’.

  78. It is true that when walking with someone else the temptation is to keep up with each other. Good walking buddies either find a mutual rhythm that works for both or they meet afterwards! It is much better to honour how the body feels than to push beyond what the body can manage.

  79. Monika, you have inspired me to want to walk the light house walk too. You reminded me why I enjoyed the movement of the body through exercising. The beautiful feeling of my sexy, strong and vitally powerful body. Exercising is a personal relationship. Not a comparison or competition.

  80. ‘Did I lose the joy of the connection to the earth with each step I take?’ This is a great question . I find that sometimes I have thoughts come into my head while I am on a walk and bringing myself back with an awareness of my feet touching the ground always works. I am back in the present and with the opportunity to feel the whole of me as I move. Soon the Joy returns as if by magic.

  81. Thanks Monika – you have reminded me that there is most definitely a way to go about exercising that is all about being in tune with the body and nothing at all to do with pushing on through for the sake of completing something to meet some previously held expectations.

  82. Love it, my walk today will be inspired by this blog. Step by step and no need to look ahead. What is ahead will come to me anyway. Walking and surrendering to life…

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