Life and Its Gifts – Appreciation

Have you ever been presented with a situation and then looked back and wondered why?

Why did this happen, why did they say that? A situation that you later have appreciation for!

Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?

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Letting go of Negative Childhood Memories

As a family, we were talking the other day about childhood memories – how they stay with you, good or bad – and the part those memories can play in your life for many years later.

I remember a particular day when I was a small child, maybe 8 or 9 years old… a carpenter who was a friend of the family was doing some renovations in our home. He was busy working and I was whistling nearby – I was happy. He made an abrupt comment asking me to stop and I could feel he was grumpy. I never knew if I was whistling too loud, or perhaps out of tune, but I stopped, and unsure of how I felt I just walked away. Continue reading “Letting go of Negative Childhood Memories”

True Appreciation… From Abuse to my Amazing Life

Recently I had a discussion with a very dear friend of mine, whose opinion I deeply value, about a surgical procedure that I require, and during the discussion we talked about many things. Appreciation was one of the subjects discussed… true appreciation of where I had come from, and what an amazing life I am now living. Along with this, I spoke of my feeling of being unable to express in the written word, not even being able to comment on a blog, let alone write one. At the end of our time together my friend suggested perhaps I could write something on appreciation. I went home with an intention to write but felt I had to sit with deep appreciation for a while to truly feel it.

It is easy to say yes, I can see how I have changed, where I have come from and the amazing being I am now, but I realised my appreciation was more of a mind thing… I hadn’t sat and allowed myself to deeply feel it.  Continue reading “True Appreciation… From Abuse to my Amazing Life”

Pictures of Me

Pictures of Me
Rachel Hall (Age 30): Me as a triathlete – anxious, uncomfortable, putting on a brave face, grimacing not really smiling.
Rachel Hall (Age 30): Me as a triathlete – anxious, uncomfortable, putting on a brave face, grimacing not really smiling.

I was flicking through some old pictures of myself recently, and after laughing at all my different hairstyles and hair colours, the fashions and my fluctuations in weight, something quite profound struck me… even though I was smiling in the majority of the photos, I wasn’t actually really smiling!!

My mouth was turning up at the corners yet my teeth were gritted together, my eyes appeared painfully sad, and my body was held rigid and hard – almost like a soldier standing to attention. Continue reading “Pictures of Me”

How I Gave Up Being an Environmentalist Fem-Bot & Learned True Personal Responsibility

For many years I considered myself an environmentalist ‘fem-bot’ and supported the environmental movement with my money. I wanted to save everything and would feel despair and anger when I saw what people were doing to our planet. I did whatever I could to ‘be part of the solution’ by: Continue reading “How I Gave Up Being an Environmentalist Fem-Bot & Learned True Personal Responsibility”

Discovering My True Strength: Honouring My True Feelings Within

When I was growing up, I very quickly got the impression from others that feelings were for wusses, and wusses were soft people who have trouble living in this world. I was shown that to be a real man was to have strength, and strength was something that comes from what you can do physically, but never from what you can feel.

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