The True Joy of Not Needing to Be Right

I have been hurt in life, not unlike many others. And because I don’t want to be hurt EVER AGAIN, I have a need to ‘be right’ and find ways to survive and protect myself.

In the past I have identified myself with a warrior battling though life. I have fought and rebelled against everybody and everything because I feel that if I didn’t go to extremes, I wouldn’t make a difference and justice wouldn’t be achieved – a far cry from the true joy of not needing to be right that I have been deeply longing for!  Continue reading “The True Joy of Not Needing to Be Right”

Christmas Lies, Christmas Myths and the Truth about Christmas

As we end another Christmas season, I have been pondering on Christmas myths, Christmas lies and the truth about Christmas…

I have been slowly disengaging from Christmas over the last 25 years. I’ve always disliked the push of Christmas consumerism, the over expenditure, the forced family gatherings, the excessive consumption of food and alcohol, the inherent squabbles, often followed by the disappointment and depression. Still it has taken me nearly a quarter of a century to be really free of the mass consciousness of Christmas, which includes the Christmas myths and lies that I was told as a little girl. Continue reading “Christmas Lies, Christmas Myths and the Truth about Christmas”

The Need to Being Right

I have never blindly or intentionally adhered to any political, sociological or religious movement, I haven’t been very politically active and I haven’t taken any part in the defense of minorities or any other groups’ rights, nor have I been part in any fanatic religious organisation… well, at least not in this lifetime. On the contrary, I have tended to withdraw and avoid committing to causes, projects and missions. Nonetheless, I could completely understand the emotions and patterns behind living a life of investing, defending, fighting and focussing on being right. Continue reading “The Need to Being Right”

Having My Photos Taken – Seeing the Real Me

~ Nicole Serafin (Age 19) ~
Unhappy and discontent with life.

I recently felt to participate in a ‘Before and After’ Project that Universal Medicine (UniMed) is creating, which involved having my photos taken. Part of this includes people submitting photos of what they have looked like in their life before they started attending UniMed workshops and presentations, and how they look today.

I have never been a fan of having my photos taken and was usually the person on the other side of the camera taking the pictures, hiding behind the scenes – which is a common practice of mine in life in general. I have often heard people saying they want to be the one taking the photos but prefer not to be in them… Could it be it is not that we do not like having our photos taken but that we do not like what we see in our photos? Continue reading “Having My Photos Taken – Seeing the Real Me”

When I feel Great and Things are Great…

I feel great and things are great – I feel a lot of joy, which does not need a trigger from something outside of myself, but naturally resides within, and shows itself through laughter, joking, self-made-up dance moves and songs and having fun.

I am in a very loving and supportive relationship with my partner, deepening every day, and I live in a wonderful house in a quiet neighbourhood which is big enough so I can have my own practice at home. I feel great and things are great. Continue reading “When I feel Great and Things are Great…”

True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing


What is age? And why do we generally not accept our age and ageing, or how we look as we get older?

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (2013)
[Beauty Therapist]
Before & After Photos Below
As a Beauty Therapist, one of the main issues I have experienced in both women and men, is actually around age and ageing. I cannot count the amount of times people have asked me if I can make them look 10 years younger??!! So why is it, since we all do age, that most do not like it, let alone accept it? Why do we believe that we were more attractive when we were younger? What is it that we do not accept about our age and ageing? Continue reading “True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing”