Choosing Simplicity in Life Over a Complicated Life

Why is it that simplicity in life is the preferred option most would choose over a complicated life, but not always the option we choose?

I began to ponder on this, as I would so often override a choice of simplicity in life and subconsciously choose the complicated option instead. Of course the situation never felt great – at the end of the day, often leaving me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

I began to realise that even though I preferred things to be uncomplicated and simple, I was not used to it because I was in a pattern of complicating my life. Continue reading “Choosing Simplicity in Life Over a Complicated Life”

Breaking the Consciousness of Working as a Cleaner

Recently, I realised some beliefs that I had about working as a cleaner. While on holiday I started to break the consciousness around cleaning.

I was sharing with some other people and the floor became very dirty, so I decided to clean it. As I was vacuuming and mopping, I could feel some resistance in me about cleaning the floor. I asked myself, why is this so? Continue reading “Breaking the Consciousness of Working as a Cleaner”

Learning to Let Go of Control Over Life to Being Open to People

I have never considered myself wanting control over life or being a controlling person who is not open to people. My version of ‘control’ is someone who places undue influence over another. I have thought that when I am with other people I am never dictatorial or dominating. Instead, I have generally felt that I am an ‘easy going’ person who seems fair and ‘goes with the flow’. Continue reading “Learning to Let Go of Control Over Life to Being Open to People”

Driving with Presence

For most of my driving life I have not been driving with presence. I have found that I do not enjoy driving at all, yet when I was behind the wheel of a car for the first time I found it fun. When I was first learning to drive, I remember being totally in the moment, present with my driving and aware of everything that was going on around me. My focus was always with what I was doing and there was a simplicity and a humbling joy of feeling the gentle movements of driving the car. Continue reading “Driving with Presence”

Bringing the Quality of Love into Cleaning

My background has been in the Hospitality and Hotel Accommodation Industry working as a Hotel Executive Housekeeper, in Interior design, Managing and Building hotels, and as a professional House Cleaner, cleaning homes. The quality of cleaning I would offer was always very high, but nevertheless there was something missing.

In my experience working as an Executive Housekeeper, I was always feeling pressured for time. With every task that I did I had a very high expectation of myself and others. Continue reading “Bringing the Quality of Love into Cleaning”

Loving Myself and My Choices

When I began to allow in the possibility that there might, after all, be something in all this loving myself stuff, I began to notice more and more parts of my life that weren’t in tune with the real me, hidden away under all those layers. But the more I noticed, the more tender, raw and exposed I felt. I started to feel so uncomfortable with the way I’d been living as not myself, but I had no idea what to do about it. Nurturing myself, being more loving, and more consistent, sounded great in principle but so far away that I couldn’t understand what practical steps I needed to take to get back to being and loving myself again. Continue reading “Loving Myself and My Choices”