Loving Daily Choices and Healing Hurts

Recently, I had a moment where I realised that I have not truly stopped to feel the enormity of life, my life and myself.

I have not stopped to feel how far I have come with my personal growth and how I now feel my life is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Everything that I am and all that I have is a blessing. My life being a blessing is a reflection of the daily choices that I have made. Continue reading “Loving Daily Choices and Healing Hurts”

Bringing Sunshine inside my Basement by De-cluttering

Recently, on an absolutely gorgeous sunny day in the fall here in Vermont, I made a decision to do something that in the past I would have never dreamed of doing… I took the whole day to completely clean out and de-clutter my basement.

You see, in the past I would not have been caught dead doing something like this in a dark basement on a sunny warm autumn day in Vermont. Continue reading “Bringing Sunshine inside my Basement by De-cluttering”

Before and After My Self Love Program – Forever Unfolding the Real Me


BEFORE Cherise Holt (Age 22)
Cherise Holt (age 22): Celebrating my birthday with alcohol. I remember drinking so much I was laying on the floor of the restaurant, and vomiting in the bathroom.

Not that long ago I didn’t know what self-love meant or how to love myself. I was a girl with low self-esteem and little confidence around others. I was shy and I reserved my feelings for a limited crowd of family and close friends, but even then I was closed off from allowing anyone to see and fully discover the ‘real me’. Continue reading “Before and After My Self Love Program – Forever Unfolding the Real Me”

Self Esteem is no longer an Issue – Appreciating, Celebrating and Loving My Body

Self-esteem is something most people work on in their lives. But what if everything you already wanted is already within you? I was lying in the bath the other night, washing my legs, feeling super sexy, appreciating and loving my body, when I suddenly realised that “Wow, I no longer have the thoughts that I used to have”. Thoughts that had run with me from my teenage years, such as;

  •  I hate my body,

Before and After Photos – Hiding in Plain Sight

For some reason, “before and after” stories, especially with accompanying photos, pique our interest. The most common stories are of dramatic weight loss, usually linked to a fad or diet, and often stories about cosmetic surgical make-overs. But the kind of before and after stories that have intrigued me the most are the ones that are about people taking responsibility for how they are living, for making different choices – for making choices that are more self-loving, more nurturing. These changes are impulsed from within but still create an outer change.

These are the ultimate human-interest stories. Continue reading “Before and After Photos – Hiding in Plain Sight”

Hearing and Listening: Feeling is Really Listening

At 40, my hearing is regarded as perfect. But have I spent my life really listening?

I have realised that I spent most of my life hearing only what I chose to hear – an impediment that arose out of my choices, those same choices that also, as it happens, affected my eyes when I chose to ‘see’ only that which I wanted to ‘see’. Continue reading “Hearing and Listening: Feeling is Really Listening”