Expressing Myself and Being True

I recently came to a realisation about the different ways I express myself with friends, family and people I meet for the first time.

The different way of expressing myself with friends compared to how I express myself with others feels like it came about as a way to offload some of the pain I was feeling in my relationships within my family. Often when I spoke to a close friend about what was happening within my family situation I would look for and gain sympathy, as we would also compare notes about how our parents treated us. Continue reading “Expressing Myself and Being True”

Why Diets don’t Work – and Neither does Tidying Up

I could never work out why diets don’t work for me – and neither does tidying up. Isn’t it funny how we try to be perfect? And how much we don’t like the way we are or the way we live and are constantly striving to be better?

I was overweight for years – unhappy with just about everything but numbing it with eating, eating, and more eating. I tried diets that didn’t work and went to weight watchers’ classes time after time but the weight always came back. Continue reading “Why Diets don’t Work – and Neither does Tidying Up”

Pleasures of Life or Distractions

Several years ago, there came a day when I realised that I was just going round and round in circles in my life, and for all my ‘doing’ and ‘searching’, nothing ever changed. I had not improved or bettered myself, because that was the belief I held: I had to do better, I had to improve myself, I had to push, I had to do, do, do. It was this belief that kept me feeling that I was not enough as I was, and kept me in the search of looking outside of myself for the answers. Continue reading “Pleasures of Life or Distractions”

Looking in a Mirror – Enjoying a True Reflection

Have you ever stopped – looking in a mirror to enjoy a true reflection – or is it just a glance to make sure your make-up or hair is ok?

I remember one day being asked just that; “do you look at yourself in the mirror, or is it just a glance?” Of course, I thought, I always look in the mirror ­– or did I? Continue reading “Looking in a Mirror – Enjoying a True Reflection”

Walking in Presence and Without Pain

Not long ago I attended a Universal Medicine course – Esoteric Healing Level 4 Part 2 where Serge Benhayon taught us the ‘acceptance walk’ – when you walk the ‘real you’, with purpose and focus, staying present with your body (without your mind always wandering off). I found it easy to do this with Serge, and to the music of Glorious Music by Michael Benhayon. Although I ‘practised’ the acceptance walk a lot when I returned home from the course, I realise now that I had never really walked staying present with my body; in other words, I had never truly walked ‘me’. Continue reading “Walking in Presence and Without Pain”

Yearly Holidays – no longer Taking a Break from Life, but Enjoying Me!

Every year I get away with my family to an overseas holiday location: I have been doing this for so long that I have lost count of the amount of countries I have visited, the number of sites I have seen and the tours I have been on.

This yearly holiday was built up to be another exciting adventure that had been planned months before, even though I never actually read what I was doing and where I was going until the days leading up to my departure. All I remember was planning the trip to get away and take a break from life. Continue reading “Yearly Holidays – no longer Taking a Break from Life, but Enjoying Me!”