Walking in Presence and Without Pain

Not long ago I attended a Universal Medicine course – Esoteric Healing Level 4 Part 2 where Serge Benhayon taught us the ‘acceptance walk’ – when you walk the ‘real you’, with purpose and focus, staying present with your body (without your mind always wandering off). I found it easy to do this with Serge, and to the music of Glorious Music by Michael Benhayon. Although I ‘practised’ the acceptance walk a lot when I returned home from the course, I realise now that I had never really walked staying present with my body; in other words, I had never truly walked ‘me’.

I could feel in my walking that there was always an element of ‘drive’ or ‘push’, or an intention to walk to lose weight or get fit. Consequently, I began to get a very painful right leg (in the groin/hip area) every time I walked, no matter how much I ‘tried’ to stay present with my body – even over short distances, and even walking slowly. So I began to walk less and less – even though I know that I love to walk – because I was unable to walk without pain and the pain would sometimes keep me awake at nights.

This all changed this morning. I woke later than usual and I felt a little tired and fragile… but it was a beautiful morning, so I decided to go for a walk. My right leg started to hurt just a few metres down the road – even though I was walking slowly.

Halfway across the park near our home I looked up and saw a flock of birds (swallows or godwits) flying in formation. As I stopped to watch, they fanned out and, just for a brief moment, came into a heart shape in the sky. I felt the magic of God in that moment, and it felt so beauty-full. Then they did some more amazing displays for me – once they went high and spread out; then floated down like a huge fireworks display. All of a sudden I really felt I was staying present in and with my body, i.e. connected to my body, in a way I had not often felt before, other than during and after Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions.

I could feel the stillness inside my body: it felt like a warmth, a glow. I could feel the warm glow in my whole body, but especially around the area of my heart. When I started to walk again I could still feel the stillness and the glow, and it felt like I was taking that radiance with me and spreading it to all I met. I discovered that I was really enjoying connecting with the people I met on my walk, and that I was really enjoying being with my body walking, and being with ‘me’, in connection with all of myself.

I realised that I was effortlessly staying present with my body without ‘trying’ to be present: my focus was also effortless, as my mind was with what my body was doing and feeling. Yes, my mind did wander off a little, but I very quickly was aware of that and easily came back to my body. For the rest of the walk I was very aware of everything around me – birds flying, dogs joyfully running into the sea to pick up a stick, the crispness in the air… in short, the wonder and glory of life.

I found that I could keep this stillness and presence even if I walked faster, as long as there was no ‘drive’ or rush. And, for the first time in a long time, I was walking without pain in my right leg/groin; and I felt my left leg working as hard as my right leg.

I know now that, for me, the key to walking ‘me’ is to stay aware of everything around me, which in turn brings me the awareness of being connected to my body – to the ‘real me’ – which in turn increases my awareness of everything!

I also know that walking ‘me’ (in presence/stillness) affects everyone I meet on the walk, so that maybe they too are inspired to walk with themselves – in a loving way for their bodies.

And all simply by staying present and connected with my body, and with everything around me, and all the while being able to walk without pain, so that I could feel the stillness and beauty that I am.

I can now walk without pain – a miracle? Yes!

I feel huge appreciation for Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine for showing me the way.

By Anne Scott, Auckland

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  1. Revealing to us that we often have walked without being present in our walk and noticing our breath within ourselves. Setting a new normal by sharing that there is another way – walking with you.

  2. As soon as we ‘try’ we lose our connection to ourselves. I know because I have tried 🙂

  3. Having pain can be distressing but if we acknowledge the pain and appreciate it for what it is showing us, could the relationship, and our perception of the pain change?

  4. I hurt my back earlier in the week, and I noticed how pain is incredible at bringing you back to your body, you have to carefully and purposefully choose every step – it’s a great lesson in bringing it back to us and not constantly living in our heads or our thoughts.

    1. That is so true Meg. It is a reminder to be present with our whole body -not just with our brain! Seeing pain from this angle is much more freeing, instead of going into how awful the pain is and wishing we didn’t have it.

      1. Yeh it’s interesting how having a different approach to things can completely transform our day-to-day experience of it.

    2. This happens to me when I bump myself, I find the pain, even if subtle, is like a stop moment to come out of the thinking and back to my body and be more present.

      1. Yeh you can’t NOT be present with pain – it’s there every moment reminding you of what has occurred and what is happening as a result.

  5. Walking is a very potent medicine that either cements old unhealthy patterns or paves the way for the next steps to come.

  6. This is beautiful, Anne. Even just reading about how a flock of birds flying in formation brings a moment of connection, and there I can feel how I am given an opportunity to start breathing and moving in a way that feels in harmony with the quality I am recognising, or disregard and dismiss it as ‘cannot be’ and swiftly go back to my habitual way of moving. It feels like it is too easy and too available for the spirit’s liking.

  7. Walking in presence connected to ourselves is life changing in the way we move, hold and express from a quality and clarity of truth that is deeply restorative and nurturing.

  8. There is such a difference in walking with ourselves and with no need to get anywhere, rather than having an investment to want to get somewhere with no attention to our movements. When I walk in presence, I receive a communication from my body of where I am at and how I feel. It is a constant development if I am willing to listen. A very powerful live and learn experience.

  9. We cannot underestimate how powerful our walking can be, the Walking Therapies taught by Serge Benhayon are life changing and deeply healing on many levels, we are so blessed to have access to this modality.

  10. To stay present with our bodies is to not let thoughts take us off into meanderings of the mind. To stay present means that we are with ourselves and our capacity to feel and to sense and our awareness is heightened. Living this way we are able to connect with what is around us with less and less interference from outside influences and we can reconnect to our own Divinity.

  11. And suddenly the pain is gone. We often think that things like pains, or any hardship, like work that does not seem to flow, are permanent, but this story shows it is possible to make a different choice that changes everything in one minute. That is the power we hold within.

  12. A great reminder that there is far more going on around us than meets the eye and that nature provides a great reflection of that for us which in the same process can also bring us much joy and much learning.

  13. I realise that there are times when I am so focused on my body that I am actually disconnected from it by thinking about it without feeling it and also my surroundings. Thank you for what your have shared Anne about the gorgeousness of true connection with the body and the interaction with world around. This I will be more aware of when I next walk with me.

  14. It’s amazing how much the way we walk and the kind of relationship that we have with ourself and our body has an impact on the way we are with everyone we meet, either inspiring another to be more connected with themself or in the opposite to be less connected, depending on how we are…

  15. A magical moment .. the magic of nature .. the magic of God .. and the magic of being present within our body ✨

  16. Another miracle, to be able to walk in presence and without pain, to feel the difference it makes to us and everyone and everything around. This has since then been expanded into the modality of Walking Therapies, making it crystal clear that habitual movements without presence end up like cement in the body, making it feel tight and stiff.

  17. Our body is innately designed to move in a quality and rhythm that is rejuvenating when we are deeply connected and aligned with our essence.

  18. To walk totally in presence is such an amazing way to support our bodies. And I love what you share here about your response to pain being to connect to your body more, rather than to numb out.

  19. What amazing feedback from your body Anne. So often we walk with an ‘energetic fuel’ running through our body that creates harm and eventually pain or tension. That fuel can be negative or critical thoughts about your weight, feeling not good enough or that you have too much to do. To just allow yourself to be as you are and open up to all around you is a relief and joy for the body.

  20. We cannot ‘try to be present, we are either present or not but walking offers us an opportunity to connect by the way we walk. And your sharing shows us how the support of the universe is always there for us to be all that we are, the magic of God reminds us of our true origin and to bring this when we walk on this earth.

  21. AMAZING and gorgeous .. the magic of God in supporting and being there for you to connect. I really felt this when reading about the flock of birds.

  22. When we’re aware of the bigger picture and that we’re a part of that, suddenly life opens up and we become at one and in rhythm with it, and we see and feel the magic of it all.

  23. Our bodies are so amazing, and it is empowering to realise that we are constantly magnifying through our bodies the quality of energy we align to. And so, when we align, surrender or connect to the quality of our essence, the vibration of love, our Soul it is this quality that we magnify with our every move, through which our awareness is also magnified, as is the feeling of joy as our bodies become imbued with the Soulfulness of who we really are.

  24. Walk with presence, embody all that we are and connected to people and nature we emanate our loving essence as we move.

  25. I love how our bodies communicate to us when we are putting them under pressure in some way – like a drive to get to some destination, practical or mental task/accomplishment; rather than appreciate we have already arrived and can enjoy being an integral part of the world by simply being.

  26. There are so many ways our bodies are able to share with us that how we are living or just walking at that moment is not good for us. I know the groin pain and it does makes walking really hard and to me it always feels like that it occurs when I am pushing myself and am trying to walk faster than my body naturally would.

  27. Walking is either therapeutic or a time when we ingrain our not so great movement patterns further into the body, into our ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. What affects one horizontal plane in the body ends up affecting them all and eventually the whole body.

  28. I’ll admit that I had this belief that walking just for me / with me, could only happen if I was on a walk with no aim other than to walk. So then what about all the walking I do as a waitress? It’s been driven and pushy and because theres an end goal or a task to complete that has taken over the focus rather than being with me wherever I am needed. Theres a constant projection and focus of the task completing which is beyond me. I am constantly living outside of myself rather than being with myself, wow! Something to explore further when I next go to work.

    1. Leigh, be your soulful self as you work. You’re offered an amazing opportunity to express a different quality of walk as you wait on tables. Wow, I agree this is something to explore further. Enjoy.

    2. It is very interesting how we think that ‘walking for me/with me’ is not doable in our work situations. A place where the quality we bring with our presence is lacking so much. I walk a few kilometres per shift on the ward of a nursing home, imagine I walk them all in presence of the love that I am. From experience I know I get less tired and caught up in the pressure of what needs to be done, I feel the joy as I am in connection with my body and I bring this to the patients I have to care for.

      1. It’s a beautiful comment Annelies, and it highlights the simplicity of moving with our love throughout life and the blessing it brings to ourselves and others.

  29. How often do we get the feeling that someone is fully connected to themselves and not off in their minds on some daydream or going over a problem in their mind? Probably not that often, so what has been written here is huge, as in being connected as we walk and throughout our day, can affect others.

  30. It is the surrender to our presence when we move that takes the tension away and we feel the natural grace and flow of our rhythm, that is the true key for change and I find how effortless my movements become and any little pain or discomfort goes even from the smallest shift in movement.

  31. Staying aware of ourselves as we walk, watching if our mind comes in and takes us off at a tangent is an interesting exercise, staying present and feeling our body is worth the perseverance.

  32. A great reminder Anne that the power of walking with a quality of presence and stillness realigns our whole body deepening our awareness and our interconnectedness with everything.

  33. It’s always such a practical reminder to be with the body, and part of my basic foundation for life. It’s still easy fir me to get caught up in thoughts but the quality of my thoughts and whole day is better when I’m connected to my body.

  34. Walking in presence means that the tension that is usually held in the body is no longer there and there is much more free flow. When we are present in and with our body it is like we are giving our body the recognition and respect that it deserves and it responds, we are giving it permission to return to a harmonious way of being.

  35. From walking to talking, if we’re consciously connected to ourselves, the result over time is an ease with life and the world – a preparedness and acceptance.

  36. I love how you were effortlessly staying present with your body, and ‘I could feel the stillness inside my body: it felt like a warmth, a glow. I could feel the warm glow in my whole body, but especially around the area of my heart.’

  37. Such a beautiful way to have confirmed the connection of you to the all. Walking with no drive or push is something that my body asks, which I listen to other wise its painful. Thanks for the inspiration to hold in absolute equalness my awareness to my body and everything around me.

  38. It can be eye opening to see how much our mind is thinking about anything but our body and what we are doing in the present when we bring our awareness to it! And to bring the mind back to our movements and whole body in what we’re doing is a step towards re-gathering and helping us be more connected with ourselves and those around us as we do what we do.

  39. Thank you for presenting the quality that comes out of being connected with yourself. This is truly beautiful and so simple. The more I choose to be present in the body, the more I am aware of each and every movement and the quality of that movement.

  40. I have been paying attention to the way I walk recently. Some days I get stiffness and pain in my back and legs, and on other days my body is pain free and walking feels light and effortless. How I walk and the energy that’s driving my motion is what I’m now seeing makes all the difference.

  41. Actually being in presence with our body we connect to more than the three dimensional world we may think life’s about. Actually we then connect to the Universal Mind, that wisdom and knowledge that is there for us to reconnect to and with that to our divine origins and with the understanding that we are the Ones and way beyond the little self we experience when we wander off into our limited mind.

  42. This is beautiful Anne, when we are connected with ourselves, we allow the light of God to flow through us and touch all we meet.

  43. There was something power full in this blog that I had to read it again….I observed after reading it for the first time my body had responded so differently to before. When I attended the gym, I saw everything so clearly, the gym, the people, the ward I work at to the many things I had to do that day.

    I had experienced a true connection to my body that I hadn’t felt before and it was so gorgeous to be with and feel but also gorgeous to share with others whether they wanted or not.

    I can feel I will be referring to this blog from time to time as it provided me with a great marker, thank you Anne.

  44. This is so appropriate with me returning to the gym after many years. I am re-imprinting many things I have inherited that do not belong within my body and its trueness.

    This ‘trying’ is tiring and heavy. I loved how you described the dance of the flock of birds and being aware of everything around you.

    Every time I read a blog, I learn something more about my self, thank you.

  45. ‘the key to walking ‘me’ is to stay aware of everything around me’ … so important Anne, we are part of the all, and when we embrace that we flow with life.

  46. By developing a relationship with our body and how it feels – exercise becomes a paramount part of keeping healthy and energetically stable. Without going for a walk or giving the body some space to heal it starts to feel heavy very quickly and I feel less equipped to walk in a lightness of being.

  47. There is such a great joy in simply being ourselves and walking in a way that is totally connected with ourselves. When we do this our step lightens up and there is purpose in what we are doing.

  48. When we are connected to ourselves our presence is astute and at one with the flow of the universe.

  49. I have found the more we try to do something the less successful we are, because we have already given ourselves a goal or expectation to be able to do something which takes us further away from our body, yet when we connect to our innermost it is easier to allow a natural unfolding, and we discover that it is more about our connection with ourselves than trying to do something from outside of ourselves.

  50. So often we walk to get from A to B – but what you present here is a whole other level of being with our bodies no matter what. I have also done this exercise and it is very powerful. I bring myself back and it simply sets a foundation of how my body is. Very supportive for me.

  51. I notice when I focus on the pain it makes the pain louder, when I connect to and focus on what’s underneath the pain, the feeling of my inner-heart then the tension causing the pain starts to release. But sometimes I can’t (choose not to) connect to it within me first but then I cannot deny the support from God in that nature has a way of reminding me to pay attention to that which is within me. Be that like a certain bird like a parakeet flying by when I feel more shy and withdrawn, telling me I can’t hide away. Or if I am feeling connected and bold that same bird can be a confirmation that it’s totally ok to be me and let everyone know it (those birds aren’t exactly quiet!)

  52. Anne you highlight some great points about walking with presence and connection with the body rather than being caught up in the mind and pushing the body to walk. Recently I have been aware of the drive I can have in my walk at times and stopping to reconnect to me brings a different quality and flow that my body enjoys and appreciates much more.

  53. Perfect blog for me to read today…. I notice when I am walking how much I am in my thoughts, it is an old pattern of mine and at the moment, there is a lot of change happening in my life, eg, new job, new relationship, a move coming up, etc, so I am doing a lot more thinking, when actually all I need to do is stay in my body and stay present and let it all unfold naturally!

    1. Those pesky thoughts can certainly come in jaqmcfadden04! I notice that my face and body tense up, so I lose the freedom I feel when I walk with conscious presence, i.e. when any thoughts I do have are simply about my body and how it feels walking…

    2. I find in those heavy thinking moments that stopping and taking a breath before my next step helps, it’s as if the stop switches off the thoughts in the mind. And if not something like gently stroking the back of my hand with my fingertips helps to calm a crazy mind as well. The power is in how we move our body and not what the mind produces, that comes from what the body gives the mind in the first place.

  54. Appreciating that walking in presence and stillness affects everyone; including ourselves; and comes with a responsibility to do just that, walk/move in presence and stillness, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Thank you Anne, I love what you have shared.

  55. I have found that the more I consistently connect with myself and build a quality of presence, my movements align and flow with my body’s natural rhythm.

  56. It has taken me a long time to come to know the power of my walk and how that power comes from “walking in presence”, being with me in every step and being conscious of what energy I am walking in; am I being responsible for the quality of energy I leave behind me for someone else to walk through? Do I choose to leave a trail of love or am I simply dumping my current emotions behind me? With every single step my walk is my responsibility and that is no longer a burden but a joy.

  57. That is a miracle indeed and what a beautifull sharing of the magic of God .. I felt the true beauty, love and grace in the moment you shared with the birds. You know it is funny (or not) we all walk in the day everyday and yet do not know how to truly do this, walking can bring us back to ourselves and is incredibly healing, as you have experienced. I, and I know many many others are in deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon for living and teaching this.

  58. Recently, during a presentation I was giving, I had a deep sense of just being me and how easy this was for those listening to connect to. It was a ‘light-bulb moment’ revealing that being ourselves is our primary responsibility in life – not trying to be something we are not, not trying to impress or seek attention. I could feel how my body relaxed and those around me responded to this. The presentation was a success, not because of what I said but because of who I was being. ‘Walking me’ is the same thing and as Anne shares here – affects everyone we meet.

  59. Physical pain is important because it tells us where we are at, what we are holding and how we are living. So to have an ache in the leg can be regarded as a blessing. Personally I would prefer to have the pain and therefore know what needs to change rather than to be in no pain, thinking that everything is alright but actually living in illusion and disharmony.

  60. ‘the key to walking ‘me’ is to stay aware of everything around me, which in turn brings me the awareness of being connected to my body…’ – Thanks for sharing this – and how simply we can reintroduce presence into our walk. I watch my infant trying to walk and all her focus is on that one thing – she is a teacher to me to come back to my body and to want to feel everything that is on offer.

  61. Anne, what a beautiful ‘Magic of God’ moment you share here. Being aware of nature is a great way to bring more awareness to being with the body in full. In my experience, ppreciating the connection between the two confirms this deeper.
    “I looked up and saw a flock of birds (swallows or godwits) flying in formation. As I stopped to watch, they fanned out and, just for a brief moment, came into a heart shape in the sky. I felt the magic of God in that moment, and it felt so beauty-full. Then they did some more amazing displays for me – once they went high and spread out; then floated down like a huge fireworks display”.

  62. It’s become normal to walk around and believe pain in our body is normal and we have to put up with it, I used to have pain in my knees every time I walked! But why should we live with pain? Why should pain be normal?

    1. True and living with any level of pain, be that slight or severe, is something that many in humanity have come to accept as the new normal. We have set the standard far from the truth of wellness and harmony that is our body/s natural state when we are living in accord to the truth we are.

  63. Anne, this is amazing to read and so helpful for me. I have had a very similar experience recently, but with my right knee. My knee was getting so painful that it was getting hard to move about, and so I was left with little choice but to experiment with how I could move without pain, what I discovered was that I had been moving in a jarring way that felt like I was trying to get somewhere and I was not walking in a light, delicate way, I began to feel more the female qualities of my legs and started to move with presence and grace rather than in a clunky way, this has enabled me to move without pain – this has been a very interesting experiment.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with your knee, Rebecca. I loved how you allowed yourself to feel the female qualities of your legs -this, in turn, has helped me, as I often feel my right leg is very present and solid, but my left leg doesn’t seem to be there! So on my new walk I will be practising feeling my grace, delicateness and sacredness (i..e. my female qualities) as I walk.

  64. Walking and moving in connection to our bodies when lived consistently allows us to connect to something grander than the dimension we live in, it is only then we realize we are all connected and equally part of the universe.

  65. Thankyou Anne, it’s truly a lovey blog and I’ve enjoyed reading it a few times now. When beautiful things happen in nature and we are moved by them we are most likely moved back to ourselves!

  66. Anne I love your description of how the stillness felt in your body. To feel stillness as we move feels both amazing and very precious – what a reflection, in that moment, we are offering the universe.

  67. Serge Benhayon has brought a massive healing tool into many peoples lives by offering a way to walk in presence. Who would have thought that one can heal just by walking. Not only do we offer it to ourselves we offer healing to all. We are a point of light that continues to offer reflection.

    1. Yes absolutely Kim, the Walking Therapies by Serge Benhayon have been deeply healing and supportive for everyone who has attended one. My whole walk changed after one session, I could feel all the areas in my body I was holding tension or was locked up, this has begun to shift and change my movements to be much lighter and more free.

  68. Beautiful to read how your pain transformed as you walked with all of you Anne. When I don’t rush, hold my self and my posture and walk feeling my quality I feel the grace of my walk. That then feels amazing.

  69. It feels like after all your devotion to yourself, to your care and attention with yourself in your walking and the presence that you were able to bring to your body you were blessed with a healing, not a healing that just happened but one that you were part and parcel of in the responsibility you brought to the process. A lovely sharing, thank you

  70. Walking in presence I have noticed that the body responds differently and aches and pains which could be a daily occurrence just disappear – things like achy hips, knee pains, sore feet. The body feels lighter and going up the stairs becomes effortless and we have more energy…. now who wouldn’t want that.

  71. Walking with me- body and mind together, and being aware of my surroundings is such a great way to feel confident, empowered, and not feel exhausted at the end of the day.
    Before learning to walk this way I used to bump into things, trip over, walk in nervous energy trying to do too many things or walk in a driven fashion and end up with low blood sugar and therefore crave sugar and coffee to keep me going.

  72. Simply being able to ‘walk you’ no matter what is going on or what is happening around you is something that gives me a great level of ease. So often we can look to everything else for what to do and yet inside is the true gauge or place to find the answers, the answers to everything.

  73. A couple of years ago I went through a process of tattoo removal – far more painful than actually getting one done. What I eventually learnt to do was connect with my essence, the stillness underneath the pain I was feeling. I in no way mastered it but there was a significant change in my ability to be with the process over time. Deep connection, be it with the body or with the soul, leads to significant shifts within us – at the physical level, and more.

    1. Thank you Victoria, that is fascinating to read, your comment would make a very interesting blog. I have noticed when I am connected to my soul quite profound changes happen to how I feel physically and often quite quickly.

    2. I have had a similar experience with pain Victoria L, when I did not react or resist the pain and stayed present and connected with my body I was not affected as I may have expected.

  74. Walking in presence is simple but it does take some practice, and can have some dramatic effects on our physical aches and pains. In the past I suffered severe lower back pain and had difficulty walking up the stairs, but when I focused on each step being gentle my movements became easier, pain was reduced and I could easily, but slowly walk up the stairs.

  75. Reading this, I realise that the pain I have been having in my left shoulder/arm is also a physical manifestation of the pain of not being myself. We all have different ways to manage not being ourselves – by adopting an ideal/belief, holding back, going into protection, withdrawing, checking out… it all has a different affect on our body. I would love a book on the energetic anatomy explained according to esoteric medicine so that we can get greater understanding on what we experience as the aches/pain/illness/disease in our body and make the best of it as an opportunity to heal.

  76. I love your realisation that presence is not about fast or slow but that it simply is the way how we are with our bodies and everybody else and the awareness we allow.

  77. Anne, I love the realisation you share, that to be present with you is to be aware of all around you – that is beautiful. We are a part of everything and everything is a part of us. How grand.

  78. We can all walk with presence and we need not compare one to another. What is walking with presence and how does it look? We are all at different levels of awareness at different points and if your walk isn’t up to a level you feel it can be then walk for where you are at, always bringing awareness to the fact there is possibly more. I enjoyed this article and what it presents while at the same time seeing we need not push to walk a certain way. Walking with yourself for where you are at to the best of your ability is needed and then the openness and flexibility that there maybe more. We are growing or expanding back to something we already know, confused? It just means from this presence or connection we know we are more but it’s not something to achieve more something to unfold back to from this knowing. Walk for where you are at and that is you, not perfect and possibly not to all you can feel but use this as a reflection to make your next step and keep building that awareness from there. Appreciation of yourself and where you are is important in growing the awareness of what is next.

  79. I am constantly in awe of how incredible our bodies are, when we support and allow the space for them to be moved by the quality that they are designed to be moved by – love. Again here with what you have shared Anne, I can feel the power of simply allowing our connection to our stillness within, our essence, our Soul to be what moves us, through which our mind, body and Soul is in union and as such work together to be a greater and far more honoring expression of our true selves.

  80. I can so relate to the joy of walking without pain after many years of walking with it and it has all come about by choosing to be present as I place each foot on the ground and to feel each movement throughout my body. It was not easy to do to begin with, and there are still times I drift away from me, but these days it is so much easier to come back to “walking in presence” as it is simply making the choice to walk with all of me; my body and mind in union.

  81. To be conscious present with our bodies stops our wondering mind and makes us to become aware of that other part in us, our inner heart, that is constantly radiating that godliness we are to whoever we meet and be with.

  82. It’s so interesting to read about so many people’s experiences of pain just disappearing once they change their movements, and/or bring more awareness to themselves and the way they are living. All this often without medical intervention. There is something to be said about the power of one connecting more to themselves, because the proof is in the pudding and it’s inspiring to read about such miracles.

  83. The simpleness of ‘being aware of our surroundings’. What does this say about the current way we live in our world today, constantly in a rush or literally hanging out for the moment we can check out of our days with, alcohol, drugs, TV or other screens.
    Could it say we are not aware of what is around us, nore do we even begin to conceive that when we feel our surroundings we are fully present in our bodies, filling them with our essence, fireing our cells with our presence. What a powerful experience walking this way is, as God so definitely confirmed.

  84. It’s like when we are lost in thoughts it’s more common to bump into a table corner or piece of furniture than it is when we are present with our bodies. Or if we aren’t present when driving we can miss road signs, traffic lights or run over curbs – the quality of our driving is less basically. I have found over the last few years for example that my toes used to make a clicking sound whenever I walked. Being more present with my body I noticed my walk changed and gone was the clicking. This shows me how presence brings quality to our lives.

    1. Thats a really interesting observation Leigh, the presence you speak of really allows us to be our own scientific experiment, with how we move something that we can bring quality to that affects us on a physiological level. This would be an incredible thing to be taught and accepted in life, I imagine a packed London underground as one example where everyone was bringing this quality to their movement, with everyone aware of everything around them, and considerate of everyone, it would be incredible to witness.

    1. Sure Eduardo, I too experience walking as something very special to me. Walking is not only a means to move from A to B, it is much more as when we walk we either ingrain patterns that do not belong in our bodies or we can choose to walk in a way in which we connect, deepen and amplify the godliness we are.

  85. I have noticed that when I choose to focus on my legs in particular as I walk, I naturally have a slightly slower pace and the rush is taken out of each stride. I have been practicing this, especially when I walk to and from work. This focus has also led to my head having less busy thoughts as I have occupied it with my walking.

  86. This blog is so cool, we put so much effort and trying into life, and trying to be who we are, but when we connect to everything around us it’s effortlessly all there without even trying. You really provide a quantum shift in how we understand the world here.

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