Why Diets don’t Work – and Neither does Tidying Up

I could never work out why diets don’t work for me – and neither does tidying up. Isn’t it funny how we try to be perfect? And how much we don’t like the way we are or the way we live and are constantly striving to be better?

I was overweight for years – unhappy with just about everything but numbing it with eating, eating, and more eating. I tried diets that didn’t work and went to weight watchers’ classes time after time but the weight always came back.

The problem was, dieting and losing weight in that way was a discipline, something I felt I HAD to do and therefore as soon as it became a struggle I would give up. It is only in recent years as I am accepting myself more that I have begun to feel my body and honour how it feels, choosing only to eat foods that support me. Amazingly, my body has returned to its true and natural weight – with virtually no effort at all, and without the need for dieting.

The same issue of self-acceptance arose with tidying up my workspace and my home. I’d have a big event coming up with visitors and tidy, tidy, tidy. Tidying up would look great but really that was just on the surface. There would be things stuffed into a drawer or cupboard out of sight, and eventually, like the weight going back on, the mess would creep back in.

I realised I was approaching dieting and tidying up in the same way… wanting the end result to be different by how it would look to others and reflect positively on me, but I wasn’t approaching dieting and tidying up as a loving gesture to help support myself.

In recent years I have begun to make better choices and I am learning there is another way for me to be.

I am learning to truly accept myself, for in truth I am a beautiful, tender woman who has much to express in the world, and in honouring that, I am naturally feeling to eat in ways that support my body in wellness: and as for tidying up, it is something I naturally want to do.

There is still a lot to clear and I am tackling small areas at a time, but as I clear more clutter, my vitality and energy increase… it is truly a reflection of how I am living my life.

I now choose to take time to put things away. It is not a case of tidying up to feel better or for my home to look better for others, but accepting myself first then the tidying up happens because I want to create a space that is nurturing and supportive for ME… the two go together. The same goes for how I now approach food – not eating to lose weight but eating in a way that naturally supports my body. In doing this, my body has lost the extra weight I was carrying and has returned to its natural shape and size. I now feel vital and healthy.

Thanks to the inspiring presentations of Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine Practitioners, whom I have known since 2005, my whole life has turned around. I am learning to be more accepting of myself, and to acknowledge how far I have come. I am learning to enjoy being me in every moment.

By Carmel Reid, BEng DMS CertEd MCMI, Frome Somerset

761 thoughts on “Why Diets don’t Work – and Neither does Tidying Up

  1. Diets don’t work because they are not based on love and anything that does not have a foundation based on love eventually crumbles.

  2. We can not live based on rules; only we can listen listen to what we truly need to say, act on and engage with. Equally to making adjustments and change things around. Must all come from our living way – never from a rule or book or any guideline as such. True intelligence comes from our hearts.

  3. Yes going into ‘fix it’ mode is not addressing why it is occurring in the first place. We can apply this approach to so many things in life, to relationships, to eating, to study, to money etc. We are then caught in always trying to ‘keep up’ the way we want something to look, which as you mentioned Carmel is a constant effort that is exhausting. When we are honest the answer appears and how it looks takes care of itself, but we first have to let go of wanting it to look a certain way…

  4. If we ever feel we HAVE to do something it is coming from our mind and not from our body. Our body does not HAVE to do things, it just does what it does. True weight comes from living from our body and not our mind.

  5. Carmel I have read this before but I feel like I am really understanding it. I have made many changes with food and because my focus is on self love my weight now takes care of itself, it’s not about perfection or ideals, just being nurturing with myself. The tidying though still has its motivation mostly for others and though it’s gradually changing I can see that it’s still about discipline, and what it’s like on the surface. Lots to explore here, thanks for inspiring me.

  6. Super important this is and it shows us, and we deep down know that, that it is the root cause for every illness or disease that needs to be looked at.. If this means an ill habit of eating or a disease itself. It all requires our honesty and responsible approach to heal that which needs healing.

  7. I had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments when I read these words: “losing weight in that way was a discipline,” as they made so much sense of my years of dieting. I realised that I had made the dieting a discipline, a have to so I could feel better about myself, but I had never made the decision from a place of loving my body and wanting to truly nurture and nourish it. Since I have made the choice to do exactly that dieting has disappeared from my life, and I’m not missing it one iota!

  8. Beautifully shared Carmel, and gorgeous to feel how empowering it is to embrace and bring self-acceptance into our lives. When we begin to truly care for ourselves with the love we deserve to live, we realise that who we are is absolutely worth appreciating and honouring. As such the choices we then begin to make came from a will to love, rather than a seeking to attain love or avoid the hurt we feel as a result of not accepting the love we are. Our bodies and the way we live are a direct reflection of the relationship we hold with ourselves through the choices we make.

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