Communicating with, and Talking to People – No longer Calibrating my Expression

I am becoming aware that when I am talking to people I adjust the way I express and communicate according to how I feel the listener will receive my words.

When I’m talking, I often hold back and don’t fully express what I want to say because I am afraid of the person’s response, or how they may feel, or what they will think of me – this last one in particular is a big one for me. Continue reading “Communicating with, and Talking to People – No longer Calibrating my Expression”

Developing Confidence in Myself and My Business

Two years ago I started my own business. This was a really scary thing for me at the time. I was 19 and just fresh out of school so still developing my confidence, both on a personal level and when it came to me in the world of business. My school friends were all still very much a part of my life, affecting every choice that I made so I felt as though I was still there at school, kept in a bubble. I made a slight commitment to build my business but was still very much affected by everyone else’s opinions. I did naturally work well with people so of course I did well with my business… but something happened. After two months and business going great, with lack of support and negativity from my friends on what I had chosen for myself, I freaked out… Continue reading “Developing Confidence in Myself and My Business”