The Beauty of Meeting Children and Allowing Them to Be

When I look at young children, I see bright lights in tiny bodies. They are quite dazzling in their beauty, playfulness, fun and readiness to love and be loved. I look at children and I see freedom… unashamedly allowing the world to see exactly who they are and how they experience life. Children will share with you the tiny wonders they discover along the intrepid adventure that is their average day. They will let you know when their bath water isn’t warm enough, their drink cold enough, their shoelaces tight enough or their t-shirt sparkly enough. Continue reading “The Beauty of Meeting Children and Allowing Them to Be”

Communicating with, and Talking to People – No longer Calibrating my Expression

I am becoming aware that when I am talking to people I adjust the way I express and communicate according to how I feel the listener will receive my words.

When I’m talking, I often hold back and don’t fully express what I want to say because I am afraid of the person’s response, or how they may feel, or what they will think of me – this last one in particular is a big one for me. Continue reading “Communicating with, and Talking to People – No longer Calibrating my Expression”

Developing Confidence in Myself and My Business

Two years ago I started my own business. This was a really scary thing for me at the time. I was 19 and just fresh out of school so still developing my confidence, both on a personal level and when it came to me in the world of business. My school friends were all still very much a part of my life, affecting every choice that I made so I felt as though I was still there at school, kept in a bubble. I made a slight commitment to build my business but was still very much affected by everyone else’s opinions. I did naturally work well with people so of course I did well with my business… but something happened. After two months and business going great, with lack of support and negativity from my friends on what I had chosen for myself, I freaked out… Continue reading “Developing Confidence in Myself and My Business”