Pregnant against the Odds – Taking Responsibility

Being told at the age of 28 to either have children now or risk the chance of never having them was not something I had counted on happening.

Nor had I expected to be told that even if I did by some slim chance conceive, the chance of having a normal, healthy pregnancy was slight, and that the birth would be tainted with all sorts of initial problems, as well as the fact I may not even be able to carry full term due to the scarring and lesions that previous operations had left on my cervix.

Basically, if I did conceive there was the potential for many problems to follow, more than most doctors wanted to deal with.

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Time: How I Changed my Relationship with the Invisible Tyrant

I had known for many years that I had become a victim of time. I always felt that there was never enough time to meet all the deadlines that life and my profession demanded. ‘Tempus fugit’ and ‘time waits for no-one’ were haunting conceptual spectres which dominated my life and, in spite of being clever enough to work out some excellent time management strategies that were much commended by my colleagues, the truth my body revealed, indicated that I was exhausting myself with my breathless and compulsive ‘hamster on a wheel’ existence.

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Alcohol is Not Normal

I grew up in a family with a lot of alcohol. A lot. My mother was and is an alcoholic, though to single her out as the only alcoholic is in fact the very first step in society’s clever and insidious avoidance of the whole picture.

An addict is defined as someone who is “…dependent on a substance and has formed a physical and/or psychological habit around that substance…

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