From the Seriousness of Life to Joie de Vivre

As a young girl I would spend a lot of time observing people’s reactions and behaviour. I’d observe the people around me and wonder who they were and what they were doing, and I couldn’t help but notice that they seemed to be taking life very seriously. Everyone seemed to lack any ‘Joie de Vivre’ for life!

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Self-care and Learning To Respect My Body

It’s only in recent years when I first began attending courses run by Universal Medicine and listening to Serge Benhayon present on the topic of Self-Love that I began to acknowledge that my body is actually something to be respected and treasured. When Serge talked about all the different ways in which we numb and override what our bodies are telling us, I could feel the truth of this – it all made perfect sense. I could see how some of the choices I had been making – such as drinking alcohol, taking drugs, staying up late, working till I was exhausted and certain food choices – were all ways of living that I considered normal.

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True Responsibility

I spent most of my childhood and much of my life feeling overwhelmed and burdened by what I thought was true ‘responsibility’. In the culture and family environment I was born into, responsibility was all about family first and taking care of everyone else’s needs before my own. This constant focus on others’ needs first is what I believed true responsibility to be.

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A Playful Walk – What My Shadow Reflected to Me

Recently on an early morning walk I felt how sweet I am and how delicately and flowingly my body actually moves. Through the reflection of my shadow, I watched how my body moved without any imposition, with true flow and freedom. Even though I was moving, this delicateness and lightness had a quality of stillness about it that was simply lovely – unimposingly delicious, innocent, tender, delicate, open and what I call and can sum up as ‘sweet’. Continue reading “A Playful Walk – What My Shadow Reflected to Me”

Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House

I have been clearing out clutter in my house recently: bedroom, bathroom, shower room, car… and then I felt okay, it’s time to go for it in the back room of my house. This is the place where I’ve dumped all my clutter for years, from when I was 16-17 years old and I’m 37 now! You know that kind of room, where everything goes. All the stuff we hold onto, but deep down we really don’t want to keep, then it becomes more and more, and we think how am I going to start this or clear it. It feels too big a job, and often we don’t look, or just close the door. Continue reading “Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House”