The Power of True Surrender

In the past when I heard the word ‘surrender’ I envisaged white flags and lost battles. A part of me always felt that those who surrendered in war were simply willing to end the madness. I also noticed that for most people, surrender meant admitting defeat and handing yourself over to another.

Indeed the Oxford dictionary provides various definitions including: “Stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority”(1). Dictionary definitions aside, an experience I had while going for a morning walk recently showed me that there can be great power in surrender. Continue reading “The Power of True Surrender”

Shopping in Singapore: Reflections on Racism and a New (make-up) Foundation

JOY. Having received a postal invitation from one of the top fashion house/beauty brands to go and trial their very latest foundation, it wasn’t too long before I found myself in their boutique store checking it out. But as the beauty assistant applied the foundation, a creamy blotch of pale colour stood to attention upon my olive brown hand. Continue reading “Shopping in Singapore: Reflections on Racism and a New (make-up) Foundation”

Organising my Home – Choosing Order over Complexity

I have always loved watching nature documentaries as it never ceases to amaze me how innately in tune animals live with the land, the weather and with one another.  Recently I watched a documentary of a lion hunt where the level of coordination and organisation between the lions inspired me to look at my own orderliness, or as it happened, lack thereof. Continue reading “Organising my Home – Choosing Order over Complexity”

Unique Expression

Recently I had a really sore throat, making it very painful to talk. I realised being unable to talk was actually a blessing as it revealed something about the way I talk and my unique expression that I have been struggling with for years. Continue reading “Unique Expression”

Mowing the Lawn – With Tenderness

Mowing the lawn with tenderness is a bold statement, and something that I thought I was already doing – until last week. I had decided I would mow my lawn in the very early hours of the morning, before the sun had risen. Continue reading “Mowing the Lawn – With Tenderness”