Congratulations, Universal Medicine Wins Again

Congratulations Universal Medicine on winning the People’s Choice for the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for a second year in a row. I can vouch for what a truly inspiring business and health clinic Universal Medicine is. I have been visiting the clinic for many years now.

Serge Benhayon inspired me to find a new lease on life, moving from depression and anxiety to recognizing myself as a valued member of society who feels their worth in the larger scheme of things.

I have no doubt that the support I received was synonymous with my ability to move from being unable to work at all, due to frequent migraines, to now being so well that I am a thriving member of the working community again.

I am not surprised Universal Medicine Clinic is the winner of the People’s Choice for Lismore Business Excellence Awards 2015 because the level of professional integrity and excellence this business operates under is second to none.

By Debra Simpson, Ocean Shores

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334 thoughts on “Congratulations, Universal Medicine Wins Again

  1. To hear the stories of how others have turned their lives around with the support of Universal Medicine is deeply inspiring and highlights that you can be a successful business and support people and the amazing work that Universal Medicine does.

    1. Yes, I very much like what you say here Monica. We think we are inevitable caught up in the systems we have created and need to abide to them. But this is not true, it is possible to make life about people first and foremost and stand and blossom as a business.

  2. When an organization delivers outstanding service that is able to change the life of a person, the well-deserved award serves to inspire others to find out more about this company, what it does and everything about it to make up their mind if they are willing to give it a go themselves.

  3. A business that offers so much to so many, with countless testimonies of lives transformed including health and well-being improvements, greater sense of value and purpose in life and self-empowerment, it only makes sense that Universal Medicine receives well-deserved appreciation for not only the great value it offers the community but also for the high level of integrity in which the business and all staff consistently conduct themselves. This is a model of true success one that would serve any business well to take on board.

  4. Miracles after miracles what the healing has offered through Universal Medicine. There are many stories to be told by the people and here is another one. That’s why they are the people’s choice award for the business of excellence. They are setting the benchmark and continue to do winning it 3 years running.

    1. Universal Medicine leads the way in our whole well-being health next to the medical health systems. It is profound work, as this has been the key we are in the world so deeply missing for medical health has not been able to be the answer for our whole problem. Hence we need them both. Thanks to Universal Medicine we can have an even greater awareness of what health in totality means.

  5. Universal Medicine has gone on to win more awards since this article was written, they are leading the way for true business.

  6. It’s great to see this depth to what this award is all about. ‘Peoples Choice’ is an award that obviously you vote on and yet we are seeing more to this award. People coming out and actually detailing their stories or their lives openly and honestly about how and why they voted the way they did. In this day and age for people to take time and go out of their way almost to do this is another rarity. I think this speaks volumes for the people as well as volumes for the quality this business and people bring to us. They are leading the way in many areas and not as a competition for others to keep up but as a true support to bring us all up together.

  7. Universal Medicine supports people to truly heal, it offers phenomenal support for everyone and helps them to turn their lives around in part by inspiring a more caring, loving, honouring, responsible way of living, and returning to living a life with true purpose.

  8. A beautiful sharing Debra and I agree with you – Universal Medicine is an amazing business that truly cares about people and supporting them to transform their lives such as your own. The amount of miracles I have been witness to in over 10 years speaks volumes as to the love, integrity and professionalism consistently shown by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  9. Every accolade that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine get is worth it for not only has it turned my life around but also many others would share that there life has also improved immensely.

  10. Congratulations and well deserved, Universal Medicine are taking healing to a new and deeper level, something that is not offered anywhere else in the world with such true integrity.

  11. To go from being unable to work due to migranes whilst suffering from depression and anxiety, to become a well and thriving working member of the community, is a rare and extraordinary transformation…. and yet a seemingly common occurrence when it comes to clients of Universal Medicine… who is not only deserving of this award but any other they are given.

  12. “I am not surprised Universal Medicine Clinic is the winner of the People’s Choice for Lismore Business Excellence Awards 2015 because the level of professional integrity and excellence this business operates under is second to none.” I agree 100%. I have never come across a business with such integrity. A very well deserved award.

  13. Universal Medicine is unparalleled in the integrity of its business model and it puts people at the centre of everything it does so that there are many like Debra who have turned their lives around from being a drain on society to recognising their responsibility to themselves and others for the choices they make and the impact that has on everyone around them. This is true service in action and this award is richly deserved.

  14. To go from someone who was struggling with day to day life and suffering of depression and anxiety to a thriving member in your community, you are living proof Debra that the healing modalities practiced at the Universal Medicine clinic are not only supportive, but also very effective and healing.

  15. Thank you Debra for expressing how truly amazing the Universal Medicine clinic is, it is no surprise they won this award for the 2nd time running.

  16. Yes Debra I am also not surprised that the Universal Medicine Clinic was the winner of the People’s Choice for Lismore Business Excellence Awards 2015 again. They are just such a great role model for all business around them because of their level of professional integrity and the way how people are the first thing that is really second to none.

  17. Through Universal medicine I found myself back again. I was so much in the spiritual life , the doing good/taking care of others, but I forget all about my true self. Through universal Medicine I know who I am again. Universal Medicine helped me to trust my own feelings again and not to get confused by the ideals and beliefs of life. So from there I found my true strength

  18. My appreciation for Universal Medicine is beyond words to describe. What they have offered on a personal level to me, is incredible valuable. I have changed my life for the better. I had a life where I was lost, had no purpose or true joy in my life, I was constantly waiting for recognition and approval. But now, since I have met and get to know the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon, I have found my purpose in life again. I have found who I am, and my connection with the universe and God again. I am blessed with all the teachings I have received, which had offered me the chance to get to really know myself and God. I am forever thank – full for that, as without Universal Medicine I would have not been able to change my life in this true direction. I now live my life full of joy knowing who I am.

  19. ‘I can vouch for what a truly inspiring business and health clinic Universal Medicine is.’ Hear hear Debra. There is no surprise this business would be given this award as it is about people first, people second and people always.

  20. Thank you Debra. Universal Medicine are deserved winners for shining the way forward as a true business role model that puts people first. A business built on love and integrity as the people have voted once again.

  21. Absolutely Brendan, businesses that truly support people to live a life of quality are rare. Universal Medicine is a business that has an impeccable integrity and a level of service to their clients and employees that is second to none. I would vote for this business any time.

  22. This is a massive testimony of the amazing services offered by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. As you say Debra you were inspired “to find a new lease on life, moving from depression and anxiety to recognizing myself as a valued member of society who feels their worth in the larger scheme of things.” I don’t know any psychologist, doctor, social worker, philosopher, religious leader, etc. who has inspired this in any person and not only inspired, but with an absolute guarantee for sustainability as it is YOU who were truly inspired and the changes came from you and were not imposed onto you or any techniques to be applied on. Normally what is transmitted is not about the person, but about the one who transmits the information, the technique, the belief, etc. But what Serge Benhayon presents through Universal Medicine is always about people in truth and this is the “secret” to his success.

  23. Through their vote, people recognise the amazing value that Universal Medicine has brought into their lives. What a difference does it make when the people is free to express how they feel about the companies they deal with compared to any other method. The Lismore Chamber of commerce also leads the way into a practice that should be standard over the world.

    1. I agree Eduardo – through voting people get to confirm their appreciation of the business, it should be as you say a standard all over the world.

  24. “Serge Benhayon inspired me to find a new lease on life, moving from depression and anxiety to recognizing myself as a valued member of society who feels their worth in the larger scheme of things.” I agree Debra, that now also feeling a valued member of society and not hiding my value.

  25. Very true Brendan – a lot of businesses these days function and operate with their main objective being making money or gaining recognition. It’s all about competing with other organisations to ‘be the best’, which has lead to them care less and less about people and the quality of the service they’re giving to customers. Universal Medicine is going against this trend, and is showing that true success does actually come from building relationships with customers.

  26. Thank you Debra for sharing how you have turned your life around with the support of Universal Medicine, it is truly remarkable that so many people myself included have now become active members of humanity from a life of inactivity. I know I was just going through the motions of life, given up and resigned and no longer participating in life. Universal Medicine has given so many people a new lease of life, the vitality in peoples faces is a joy to see. A truly remarkable company that put people first on every level and it is wonderful to have this recognised by the Lismore Business Excellence Award.

  27. I can only add my voice to this chorus. Universal Medicine is a true gift to humanity and all of us are proof of its invaluable contribution in our lives.

    1. Totally agree Patricia, there are now several thousand people and growing the world over who are proof that the contribution from Universal Medicine has been nothing less than life changing.

  28. This is a story you will hear many times over from people who have been supported by Universal Medicine to bring themselves back to a very full and lasting health and wellbeing.

  29. A great testimony, one of thousands, that shows how Universal medicine been not only been serving individuals at a most deep and profound level to turn their lives around, but by inspiring a more vital, loving, honouring, responsible way of approaching and relating to life, it is also providing invaluable service to the greater society and the whole of humanity which is yet to be fully appreciated and acknowledged.

    1. Golnaz very true. When I consider just how much support, love and care I’ve received from Universal Medicine it’s very humbling. The inspiration is constant. But its much bigger than just me – its about humanity as a whole and as you say the real depth of value that Universal Medicine has already provided will only be understood by wider society in years to come. However the sooner its embraced the sooner true change will take place across our world.

  30. Thank You Debra Simpson and I agree the level of professional integrity that Universal Medicine operates as a business is outstanding. They are the real deal and CONGRATULATIONS on a well deserving award.
    You are living proof Debra of unable to work and now ‘a thriving member of the working community’ and how inspiring for someone like me to read this and feel the difference Universal Medicine are making in the lives of ordinary people struggling with life’s issues.
    My own life is a living testament of what Universal Medicine are presenting. I am no longer exhausted, burnt out, grossly overweight, full of acne and swearing every sentence. That is just some of the changes I now have and No regrets – just deep appreciation for living a real life that is deeply content in every area.

  31. Universal Medicine is growing and flourishing, the business providing immeasurable support to people in the local community and to people all over the world. I love awards chosen by the people, for it gives us an opportunity to show appreciation for an amazing service.

  32. Yes great point Ariel, it is truly beautiful to hear how Debra transformed her life from depression and anxiety to appreciating and valuing all she brings to the community. Universal Medicine deserves this award for the 2nd time because of the positive impact they are having on hundred’s of people’s lives worldwide.

  33. There could be no greater business model to be inspired by and learn from than Universal Medincine. Such an extraordinary group of loving, dedicated and supportive people.

  34. Thanks Deborah, your simple blog reminds me of the similar struggle I had put myself through in the past, I wasn’t always able to work and ‘depression’ and exhaustion was my life for many years before coming to Universal Medicine and gaining the understanding and awareness about the truth about the choices I had been making to keep myself exhausted. Up until about six years ago, I didn’t take responsibility for my ills and therefore, I was unable to do anything about them, though it is still a work in progress, my previous years feel like another life now, and there is more to go. Many thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, business excellence making the biggest difference to people all over the world.

  35. It’s actually extremely amazing and something I am appreciating about your short blog is that you now treat and see yourself as a valuable member of society whereas before you didn’t. that is just ultimate!

  36. Your story alone is miraculous, being able to become part of the workforce again and contribute to society. Universal Medicine has countless stories like this and that deserves to be celebrated and made accessible for humanity.

  37. Warm Congratulations to Universal Medicine once again. Universal Medicine Win Again because we are all winners in how we have implemented the common sense teachings/presentations through this clinic/courses/audio/books and wisdom of Serge Benhayon into our lives and then observed how magically our lives have transformed.

  38. ‘Serge Benhayon inspired me to find a new lease on life, moving from depression and anxiety to recognizing myself as a valued member of society who feels their worth in the larger scheme of things.’ – What you are sharing here is huge Debra, the complete turnaround from depression, burn out, giving up on life or any illness or disease that so many people are now experiencing with the support of Universal Medicine, has an impact on our communities and society as a whole, that is far beyond what we can comprehend.

    1. This really highlights that our health and well-being as individuals impacts on a much wider scale than perhaps many of us have previously considered or would like to consider. This in turn highlights our responsibility within the community and acknowledges the inspiration and healing that Universal Medicine offers us all.

    2. Yes Eva, what Debra has shared here is huge. I was one of those people who had pretty much given up on life and couldn’t find a way forward until I met Serge Benhayon. He enabled me to see that I did have much to offer the world, but it came without any judgement about the position I had found myself in. All I experienced was a depth of support and love that I had not experienced before, and this allowed me to not only get my life back together but to live it in a way that I never imagined possible. Serge and the practitioners of Universal Medicine have had an enormous impact on our communities both at home and across the world, and the results of their outstanding work are plain to see and should never be underestimated. They really are a business worth their weight in gold, and more and very deserving of this award. Thank you Serge Benhayon.

  39. Hope fully these awards are a stepping stone to getting the wonderful work of universal medicine out into the world that is, out there more than it already is. I have seen all walks of life benefit from Serge and his team’s untiring dedication to humanity.

    1. I agree Belinda – I too hope this is just the beginning of raising awareness. The world is crying out for another way. We’ve managed to introduce war, illness, addiction, exhaustion, anxiety, famine, even global warming – Time to make a change, take responsibility and look at whats really going on. If the business model Universal Medicine operates on, was used by all of us in how we treat ourselves, each other, and the ground we walk on, then we would see a business that is healthy, profitable and inspiring. But if the world were looked at as a business today, it would be in a dire situation.

    2. Belinda from my personal experience and those that I know, the benefits of the work of Universal Medicine will transform our healthcare and communities around the world. It is clear that everywhere we go people are seeking answers to the desperate state we find ourselves in. Universal Medicine not only won the award because of the quality of care they provide but also, in my opinion, because what is presented is so deeply needed by society. Something that the community in Lismore have recognised and got behind. It’s now time for many millions more to have the opportunity and support of what is offered.

    3. Fully agree Belinda. Universal Medicine is offering a phenomenal support for the whole of humanity, and these awards are definite stepping stones to make more people aware of the organisation and their services, which thus far have proven to be life changing in every amazing way possible.

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