One Man Show Grows Into Incredible Organisation

Deb McBride
Deb McBride

My first appointment with Universal Medicine was when it was a one man show working out of a clinic in Alstonville. I’d go every month to have a massage with Serge Benhayon. Very slowly, over time, it dawned on me that I was receiving so much more than a massage!

The level of dedication, the attention to specifics and the sharing of the deep understanding of my body all contributed to the amazing healing sessions I received every time I went to see Serge.

I had no ‘big’ illnesses, but I did have an array of chronic ailments such as hay fever, daily back pain, bloating, painful periods and depression. Over time, without me even focusing on them, all these ailments fell away! I was amazed at the transformation.

As it grew and expanded, Universal Medicine continued to maintain the high standard of excellence that I had experienced with Serge Benhayon way back in 2001.

I now also see other practitioners at the clinic, and equally the level of care, dedication and healing is consistent across practitioners making it the most amazingly supportive well-being clinic I have ever had the privilege of attending.

My heart felt congratulations to Universal Medicine for being the winner of the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – People’s Choice Award for 2015.

It is well deserved and I know will be received and cherished by all who work and contribute to this incredible and dedicated organisation.

By Deb McBride

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569 thoughts on “One Man Show Grows Into Incredible Organisation

  1. I have never visited the Universal Medicine Clinic in Australia but Universal Medicine is an integral part of my life and the best medicine I have ever taken.

  2. The whole experience of visiting the Universal Medicine clinic is wonderful, the beautiful atmosphere, the attention to detail, the love and care of the staff, and the exemplary treatments which come with a tremendous level of care. The standards are extraordinary and the treatments for me have been very beneficial – definitely deserving of the awards.

  3. The Universal Medicine is very deserving of this award, I have been attending the Universal Medicine clinic for over 10 years now and have always received true care and support on a consistent basis, it is extraordinary the level of service they offer their clients.

  4. Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine Team have won these awards simply for the service they provide to their clients, which is second to none. How does any business go from strength to strength?…make it about people.

  5. I really enjoy the fact that you turned up for your monthly massage with Serge and that the dawning of the changes that were taking place came almost as a surprise – ‘I was amazed at the transformation’. Consistently, without fuss or need for fanfare, Serge has built Universal Medicine into an international business and through his work is changing the lives of thousands all over the world.

  6. 3 years on and after winning the People’s Choice Award from the local Lismore Chamber of Commerce for 3 years running, Universal Medicine have now won the newly appointed Hall of Fame award. Time and time again this organisation proves that there is no substance to the circulating lies simply by holding steady to the quality of service they offer and that they will not sway from.

  7. When most companies grow and expand they usually do so at the detriment to quality – Universal Medicine on the other hand has done no such thing – quality has always been absolutely outstanding.

    1. What a great point Sam, both about Universal Medicine and about how business in general can be, maintaining values and quality despite expansion.

  8. It should be no surprise that Universal Medicine wins the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – People’s Choice Award for 2015, because it is the business model for us all to aim towards in the future. It needs no advertising, no charts or graphs, no circulation of its performance ratings. It grows because of the way the people in it live and present this, the Way of the Livingness.

  9. Serge Benhayon has consistently built up his clinic and expanded the services of Universal Medicine over nearly twenty years without any marketing other than the sincerity of people sharing their experiences. For many their lives have been transformed, for others they have been touched by the highest level of business integrity, but anyone who interacts with Universal Medicine will receive the blessing of utmost loving care and 100% quality of service.

  10. No wonder that the business model of the future does win the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – People’s Choice Award for 2015 as it show us how all businesses would be in future. A business model available for all to look at and to learn from.

  11. And that is with all of life, we do get so much more then we think we get only on a physical level. As in our pursuit in keeping this life of creation going, we have chosen to become unaware of the energetic aspects of life. We are more energetic then we think we are, as in truth, energy is the instigator of all our thoughts, and all our movements and is never not there. Life is about learning what energy to live with and in that we have Serge Benhayon who shows us how to live with the fiery energy instead of with the pranic energy that is wielded most by people and in our societies today and therefore it looks like to be our normal.

  12. “Very slowly, over time, it dawned on me that I was receiving so much more than a massage!” Yes! And that is with everything in life, we always receive so much more than just the end product. The whole process how it is done, in what quality it is done, why it is done, how the people felt when they did it etc. it is all felt, always. That is something we do not always take into account in life when we have deadlines and might push ourselves to get it done. It is worthy to us all to consider when we do things what we are actually putting out.

  13. Many businesses have an idea of what service is and they can feel the importance of service but Serge Benhayon and his team have taken it to another level, and continue to raise the bar on the service they bring.

    1. Indeed, not only the level of service that Serge Benhayon and his team bring, but with it the level of integrity and responsibility goes above and beyond anything I have ever come across before. This is a business that is so deserving of such an award.

    2. Indeed Julie, people in businesses do sense that there needs something to change in how to run a business and in the services they provide to the public. But mostly they come from the same viewpoint that holds them locked into the same energy, over and over again, no matter how many reorganisations they implement. Therefore it would be wise for businesses to study Universal Medicine, as they have something that truly works, is very successful but wards of any of the old school business model in the world.

  14. Its very inspiring to receive the level of care such as the care received by the practitioner at Universal Medicine and also trained by Universal Medicine. After a while you realise that you are caring for yourself in the same way and it feels amazing.

  15. in a world where businesses giving real service is getting less, it is amazing to feel the level of detail in attention and care in bringing the service that is needed, not only for their customers but equally to the people who are working at this excellent clinic of Universal Medicine.

  16. One day, we will all share how living a life inspired buy the teachings of Universal Medicine has helped each of us to get over our daily struggles and our up to then chronic conditions.

  17. The quality of care and life changes so many have made thanks to Universal Medicine is simply amazing, so beautiful to be part of, deeply inspiring and joyful and brings out true responsibility and dedication to humanity.

  18. Reading this article it’s amazing to recall those early days when our bodies were under a lot of stress from a variety of ailments and without the effort as you have shared Deborah they have magically disappeared.

  19. You do receive so much more than a body work session with Universal medicine therapies. In my early sessions the gift I most valued was having a person see me for who I am and confirmed my ability to feel. These childhood natural skills of just being who you are and living life according to what you feel are gradually squashed and boxed to conform with family, school and societal expectations. Meeting Serge Benhayon was like being let out of that prison and gave me permission to allow my true self to be seen and valued again.

  20. I have been having Universal Medicine sessions for quite a few years now and I have also become aware that over time, without me even focusing on them, the ailments that I had have just fallen away. It’s quite remarkable and there seems to be more space and in this space I can feel more of what is going on in life and so I am less reactive to it and feel much more settled in my body.

  21. It is amazing to feel how the quality of care, dedication and healing started by one person is being kept equally by those who joined in over the years.

  22. I had a similar experience years ago in that I would go to Serge Benhayon once a month for a session and it was not that anything dramatic was said or happened and yet everything in my life started to massively change in the most wonderful way exactly as you have shared. I simply stopped drinking alcohol without even having a conversation about it, started eating much more healthy food without any conversations or thoughts about it and starting having lots more energy, enjoying life and an even more loving relationship with my husband.

    1. In fact there were so many changes I could write a book about it and my husband (Christoph) who was also having sessions had the same experience so we started to become aware that something else was going on here! These days we also see other practitioners at the clinic and continue to benefit from that wonderful something else as well as the amazing professionalism and care that everyone associated with Universal Medicine offers.

  23. We are indeed so blessed by heaven in the healing modalities that Serge brings to us, the love dedication and integrity shown by Serge to all who come are second to none, many lives are being changed by the depth of love and care that is always being offered.

  24. That is the thing, what we receive from Universal Medicine is not just what it appears on the surface but much more, and that much more helps us to unfold to a much grander version of us.

  25. This is so true
    “Very slowly, over time, it dawned on me that I was receiving so much more than a massage!”
    The more I connect back to myself the more I get to appreciate Serge Benhayon and what he represents here on earth. Serge Benhayon is living our future now. How amazing is it that our future is not the violence, abuse, and all the negativity that goes with this which we have made our current reality. But a future lived in grace and simplicity and the sheer delight of who we truly are. This is not some made up fantasy but our future being lived now. The choice then comes down to us as individuals do we make the changes being offered and reflected or do we fall further into the chaos of our own making.

  26. The great blessing of this business is that it offers the opportunity to those who will it, to deeply heal and free ourselves from the hurt and pain we carry. This has had an incredible impact not only on my own life but also on all relationships that I am in. Every single time I have visited the Universal Clinic I have been met with a level of care and love that is not commonly found, and that itself is something to be congratulated for, let alone everything else that is offered by Universal Medicine.

  27. When you are with Serge, in his presence whether that’s face-face or via email, and whether it’s 10seconds, ten mins or an hour, there is always healing involved and never not. Every communication has purpose towards this healing regard. Plus i find too that distance is no barrier to receiving healing since I’ve felt with absoluteness Serge/his presence countless times cross countries where the healing is multi-dimensional and not assigned to only physicality.

  28. We do receive so much more than we realise when we come for a session at the Universal Medicine clinic. We are actually being invited to re-connect with our body and through that remember what it is like to live connected to our soul. Although my body now feels so much ‘better’, it is the gift of knowing and living with my soul that is most precious.

  29. Gorgeous sharing — the profound mechanics of healing that can come through simply techniques from example in an Esoteric massage, that is practiced by keeping always the energetic integrity & connection of one’s heart first (before any technique practiced) — as without it we bring no conscious presence to the person and will harm another (as it does no longer contains the presence of love).

  30. Universal Medicine demonstrates that putting quality, love, service and humanity first, is the true way for businesses to be run and be successful.

  31. I agree Deb about Universal Medicine being “the most amazingly supportive well-being clinic”. They are all this and more! And it’s another good point about the consistency of care you have experienced since 2001, and this is because for Serge there is no difference between work and life, it’s all one and this is how he is with all whether at home or the clinic, there is no putting up a front or performing – it’s the livingness.

  32. And Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine continue to forever evolve and expand ✨ It is amazing how we can have ‘hay fever, daily back pain, bloating, painful periods and depression.’ and yet think we are well!!! It just goes to show the bar we have laid for our health and wellbeing is currently very very low, so its is truly amazing, beautifull and oh so very much needed that Serge and Universal Medicine have and are continuing to raise this the bar of health and wellbeing through their livingness and what they teach and present.

  33. Universal Medicine is a business that has grown exclusively by word of mouth and without a business plan or any advertising at all. Quality and dedication to service are what sets them apart and make them true leaders in their field and an outstanding example of what is possible.

  34. Universal Medicine has been my choice to complimentary to Medicine health care for over a decade now. I have miraculously healed a lot of pain and hurt which lead to an abhorrent self-abuse campaign. This abuse no longer holds me back and I’m becoming my own inspiration as I evolve into the healthy vitalised man I naturally am. Thank you UniMed for the deepest quality of love I have experienced that you as an organisation keep on pouring out.

  35. I have not yet attended the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah but have had many sessions from Universal Medicine practitioners from around the world in the UK. Not only have they supported me to turn my life around from a nosedive into despair and depression to a life of commitment love and joy, each practitioner is a living example of true dedication, integrity, professionalism, decency, respect, who are role models for a loving and supportive way of living. Every award given to this incredible, groundbreaking organisation is absolutely deserved.

  36. To know that when I walk through the door of the Universal Medicine clinic that the care I am about to receive is of the highest order is the most beautiful and welcoming experience; one that I don’t get to experience very often but when I do it is definitely deeply cherished.

  37. Universal Medicine is setting the standards of what true health and well-being are about, as it is not just being ok on the outside or functional level but restoring the body to the true harmony we deeply know within.

  38. Universal Medicine Clinic is a clinic where you are met for who you are, and where you the client are put first with a deep level of care, love, and respect, this is unique in my experience and is to be welcomed with open arms. It is a pure delight to visit this clinic when I travel, and I too, ‘ see other practitioners at the clinic, and equally the level of care, dedication and healing is consistent across practitioners making it the most amazingly supportive well-being clinic I have ever had the privilege of attending.’

  39. Universal Medicine runs from a foundation of people first and true care for others, and the care given to others comes from each practitioners own level of deep self care. This is true service, and this is a model that can change the world of business.

  40. Universal Medicine is an extraordinary business that consistently delivers a high level of quality service to all clients, it is no surprise that this business keeps winning awards as thousands of people worldwide have been touched by Universal Medicine’s true love and support.

  41. Having just attended the greatest retreat by Universal Medicine brought to life by Serge Benhayon. I can share that all is true. He brings just absolute truth to us in such extend that he truly teaches mankind forth. In the exact way we need to walk in order to undo that we have created. An unbelieveable commitment he has to show us the All – the All that we are and need to re-arise to.

  42. My understanding of business is that usually when businesses expand they often lose quality or integrity. But nothing of the sort has happened here which seems extraordinary but perhaps only because we are so used to seeing force used to make businesses bigger. Here this is such a natural expansion based on quality with no force necessary. What a beautiful reflection with which to expand within our own lives.

  43. First off this is truly amazing!!!! ‘I had no ‘big’ illnesses, but I did have an array of chronic ailments such as hay fever, daily back pain, bloating, painful periods and depression. Over time, without me even focusing on them, all these ailments fell away! I was amazed at the transformation.’ What else I got from reading your blog was from way back to when Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine first started out to what it is now is not only incredible (and called for from people all over the world who can feel the truth of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present, hold and live) but I would say the integrity of Serge has not just stayed the same throughout … it has magnified and Serge has over the years raised the bar not only in his own livingness but that of how he holds others/humanity as well. This is truly inspiring and shows all just what true evolving is ✨

  44. Feeling the way Serge has shared so that I have been empowered with the help of Esoteric Healing to bring about my own healing is so much a miracle that can only come from the way God wants us to heal!

  45. It is the quality that this business is run with that is the heart of its success. It is always people first and never the outcome that Universal Medicine serves. A true business for humanity.

  46. Universal Medicine provides an ever expanding and deepening service that humanity needs, started by Serge Benhayon and equally supported by many practitioners who all live by the same principles, truth and love.

  47. I am not able to visit the Universal Medicine clinic very often but when I do it feels like I was only there the day before. As I walk through the door it feels like I am being wrapped up in big loving arms and that feeling stays with me long after I have left. I agree Deb, that this clinic is the most “amazingly supportive well-being clinic I have ever had the privilege of attending.

  48. As I sit here reading this with chronic hay fever, I am wishing that this ailment would fall away! However, having had many sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic I know why I have hay fever and it is not because I am allergic to pollen. I can also see what choices in the last 24 hours have led to it being so chronic. There is no one but me who is responsible for the state of being of my body and it has been with the help of Universal Medicine that I can take responsibility for this. A clinic well worthy of awards.

  49. I read recently that Americans consume 80% of opiate painkillers produced in the world, according to congressional testimony by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.
    To me it’s a throw away line of a much bigger article, but what is this showing us? What is going on in our society where we can publish such figures, which are enormous and yet it doesn’t stop us in our tracks?
    How dysfunctional do our lives have to get before we all sit up and take notice?
    That is what I so appreciate about Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team, because they seem to be the only organisation I know of who is standing up and saying that as a society we have gone down the wrong path and we need to stop and take a good look at where we are as a collective. The fact that 80 % of opiates (which is a pain killer) is being consumed in the USA to me supports Serge Benhayon and all the presentations on health, well being and healing he has given over the years.

    1. So true Mary I have not taken or felt even close to taking a pain killer for the last 12 years that I have been supported by Serge Benhayon presentations and heeling sessions.

  50. Beautifully said Deb for Universal Medicine and all the practitioners in it make it the most extraordinary health and well being clinic I too have had the privilege of visiting… from the moment you walk in, you can’t but feel the exquisite love and dedication that has been given to every part of the clinic… and the service offered embraces you with a care never quite experienced anywhere else.

  51. When I first walked into Universal Medicine Clinic it was like walking into a parallel universe. It was so different to any other place I had visited (and I had been too a few!). I was little like – ‘what is this place?!??!’ because there was such care, stillness, love and beauty that I’d never seen before. And felt. My first session was incredible, I had never been treated with such love, care, understanding and respect before in a healing session. It set a whole new marker for what a healing session can be. I have returned several times for sessions and have continued to be deeply inspired by the practitioners,the space and the oh so comfy couches. It’s like Gods waiting room in there.

  52. The success of Universal Medicine demonstrates that to have a great business can be achieved not at the expense of another but through continued loving quality for all – putting people first before profit.

  53. All the amazing esoteric healing treatments I have received at Universal Medicine in Goonellabah have all been from practitioners who live the quality of integrity that they share in my sessions.

  54. Serge Benhayon is the living example of the power an individual has if they live and express from Truth and Love for everyone equally. The more that one is able to live from that Truth for the benefit of all, the greater the ripple becomes a wave.

  55. The level of care offered at the Universal Medicine Clinic is healing in itself. There isn’t too many places I’ve been to receive required health and well-being treatments at any clinic – medical, specialist or complimentary where simply walking through the door I can start to feel a response within to clear and support what ever the reason I may require the appointment for. This I know is due to the depth of integrity and level of true caring service for clients that is offered to everyone. Nothing is left out in the entire premises that doesn’t consider the purpose and imprint of everyone who enters.

  56. I had a similar experience in that my husband and I both first started seeing Serge Benhayon for a monthly session not consciously knowing what we were getting but just thinking we were seeing a normal session giver as we always had done. The changes to our life and well-being were absolutely miraculous so it did not take us long to realise something else was going on here. It never stops, and the evolution we have been offered and receive has allowed our lives to continue to transform in ways we could not have even imagined. There are really no words to express the blessings that Serge Benhayon and now the organisation he founded Universal Medicine and accredited practitioner provide other than a very deep thank you and to myself live and reflect all that has been and continues to be shared and presented to me.

  57. So many organisation lose their consistency when they expand but Universal Medicine has not only maintained an incredible attention to detail but is always looking for further ways to offer an exceptional level of service to all who come through their doors. This award is richly deserved and reflects the high level of esteem that they are held in by the local community and also the deep level of love that they offer to all.

  58. This is incredible ‘I had no ‘big’ illnesses, but I did have an array of chronic ailments such as hay fever, daily back pain, bloating, painful periods and depression. Over time, without me even focusing on them, all these ailments fell away! I was amazed at the transformation.’ It just goes to show the truth and power of the Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities. They are the only thing that I know of that truly, and I mean truly, support to the body to help clear dis-eases and illnesses including depression, period pains and bloating alongside the choices we make and how we live daily. With the latter being very important in that it is how we live that determines our health and vitality. How Universal Medicine has naturally evolved and unfolded is an absolute testimony to the quality and integrity of services they provide for people worldwide. It is a true joy to both feel and see. A huge congratulations to them for ‘being the winner of the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – People’s Choice Award for 2015.’ It is no surprise that an organisation that truly has such love, care, dedication and commitment to humanities health and well-being have won a ‘People’s Choice Award’ …chosen by the people. This says it all. I am sure there are many many more acknowledgments of the organisation and services they provide to come ✨

  59. This is a great reflection of the level or true and love all these practitioners work with. Serge Benhayon’s living reflections supports and inspires all the other practitioners to live in a similar way.

    1. Yes, the reflection of practitioners emulating the loving care of Serge Benhayon is testament to the amazing model of Universal Medicine of a business to inspire others.

  60. Serge Benhayons’ work is based on love first and foremost. This has been consistent from his very beginnings and continues to be so. I have had the pleasure of observing this too over these many years as it grows from strength to strength.

  61. Serge Benhayon is a phenomenal man, and the healing modalities that he has brought through from the hierarchy are absolutely life changing. And as you say Deb that over a period of time without focusing on our ailments they just seem to fall away and the body feels so much freer in its movements.

  62. The ailments you speak of just falling away take many people a lifetime of effort to resolve. The Esoteric Therapies have a lot to offer through being complementary to medicine.

  63. When I look at the amount of medication and pain killers available not only off the shelf in a pharmacy, but also even in the supermarket you know that many people are living with ailments as part of normal life, and possibly even accepting that that is just how life is. However as you describe with the support of Esoteric Healing a more true level of health and vitality can be your new normal.

  64. I’ve observed the organisation grow for over 14 years now. Far from having to make massive changes it has remained super consistent in terms of its message, and in the service it provides. The reason for that is that there has never been any need to change the basic underlying message of helping all of us to feel and then live from our innermost truth.

  65. The body speaks the truth – always. Such is the power of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer the world through Esoteric Healing.

  66. An amazing business unlike any other you may have encountered. Why? Because it is based on love and not on making money. It is easy to write this off as just words but when you have experienced it you know it to be true. And because of Universal Medicine one day all business will be similarly based upon love.

    1. It’s amazing how suspicious we can be when it comes to love and money but it is absolutely true that Universal Medicine, as a business, is baed on love and it is that love that everyone can, at some level, feel and that makes it the huge success it is.

  67. Like you Deb I too have found Universal Medicines modalities incredibly supportive and nourishing for my general health and wellbeing, and indeed in many ways transformational. But more importantly I have also found them all completely complementary to all of the Conventional Medical treatments I have required. And in this day and age, I feel this is important for true healing to occur if we are ever going to get to the root cause of illness and disease.

  68. All I can say is – thank God for Universal Medicine! Well, really, it’s thank God for Serge Benhayon and how he lives to be able to produce a business with such a high level of love, care and integrity in healing modalities. I know many and know of many more whose lives have completely changed since attending courses, presentations and sessions offered by Universal Medicine.

  69. I have always been blown away by the level of integrity, love and welcome I receive when going to the Universal Medicine Clinic here in London. Universal Medicine are setting the standards throughout the world, in them we see the business model of the future where people are put first where it is about universal truth before anything else.

  70. It is amazing and inspiring that when focused on quality rather than outcome what one man can do and what can build from just beginnings. What is also cool is that such ‘humble beginnings’ are today’s standard as it always has been for Universal Medicine, there is no air of arrogance just because it’s now a big organisation, people and quality still come first and with this comes a service that is well worth the award received.

  71. This is great testimony of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine stand for and bring, no matter how small or big the business, no matter how many clients or not, the quality stays and has always been the same with always the people at their heart, never putting outcome or achievement above the people.

  72. I agree 100% Deb, Universal Medicine “is one incredible organisation”. I don’t live in Australia, but each time I visit to attend a Universal Medicine event, the first place I visit is the clinic and like you, I can honestly say that: ” it is the most amazingly supportive well-being clinic I have ever had the privilege of attending” – and over the years I have attended quite a few..

  73. I may not have known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as long as you, Deborah, but I can attest similarly to the unequivocal attention to detail and care that is given in everything and for everyone with which he and the organisation are involved. It is no wonder, and rightly deserved, to be winning the business awards that it is doing so.

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