Universal Medicine – a Clinic of Excellence

Universal Medicine is not your everyday or ordinary health and wellbeing business. I have been involved with Universal Medicine for nearly 9 years both as a client of their services and also as an allied health professional working in their Goonellabah clinic. Not only have I turned my own life around with the support of their services, I’ve also seen countless others dramatically improve their wellbeing and quality of life, including their physical and mental health, relationships and ability to embrace and enjoy every part of life.

When I arrived at Universal Medicine’s doorstep I was a long-term university student, not committed to life, I had moved house and towns five times in the previous two years, changed relationships, delayed the completion of a PhD many times and was totally dissatisfied and discontented with life and where it was heading. I knew something was missing. I resorted to seeking recognition and acceptance at the expense of my health and my body through excess study, what I could achieve through adrenaline sports, my looks, parties, excessive alcohol consumption, and back to back destructive, abusive relationships. The whole time I was living on copious amounts of lollies, chocolates, ice-cream and any other sugar and carb rich foods to fuel my excessive fitness training and hectic lifestyle.

Over the last eight years of being involved with Universal Medicine I completed my PhD, started full time work for the first time ever in my life, set up and managed my own business, met and married a loving and respectful man, and purchased our own home. I live a consistent and steady life without erratic emotions, eat an extremely healthy diet and no longer require excessive amounts of sugar and comfort food to get me through the day or alcohol on the weekends to try and wind down. In fact I don’t need to drink alcohol at all any more and see that I used it to try and have a good time, to not feel my exhaustion and to get relief from a life I didn’t enjoy.

Danielle Pirera | Before Universal Medicine
Danielle Pirera | Before Universal Medicine

Danielle Pirera | After Universal Medicine
Danielle Pirera | After Universal Medicine

I now value and appreciate every part of my day with a level of self-worth and self-appreciation that no longer allows me to maintain relationships that are dishonouring or abusive. Now I speak up and allow myself to be seen for the right reasons, not for recognition and to fit in.

My story is just one from thousands of people who have turned their lives around, and whom I have seen walk in and out the Universal Medicine clinic and Universal Medicine events. After many years of experience working in hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, health and wellbeing centres and gyms, I now see that Universal Medicine complements all medical and allied health services by inspiring people to deeply consider how their lifestyle choices influence their health and how they can bring self healing and great change.

The power of these changes inspired by Universal Medicine are long term, supporting people to not fall back into their old disregarding or even abusive lives. People are not only recovering from long-term depression, exhaustion or drug and alcohol abuse, but they are coming back to flourish and shine and become active members of the community, now capable of supporting others to develop their own wellbeing.

So it is totally understandable why Universal Medicine won the People’s Choice Award for the second year running – it reflects the level of commitment, love and care that they have for humanity and the sharing of a much grander way that we can all be living, with deep purpose, self-love and absolute commitment to life.

Congratulations Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, not for winning the award, but for having the love and commitment in bringing a new way of living to humanity.

After Universal Medicine I found the beautiful and powerful me.

By Dr Danielle Pirera, BBiomedSci, BExSci (Hons), PhD (ExPhys), ESSAM AEP, EPA Acc L3 massage, Exercise Physiologist

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592 thoughts on “Universal Medicine – a Clinic of Excellence

  1. We are sold pictures of life, we tick the boxes and “make it” so to speak but when we get there we know it’s not it. We might then try to frantically accumulate more, have kids, buy a new home, have that overseas holiday…. and at the end of it all there’s the emptiness again. What I’ve learnt is that we are loving beings and without that love in our lives (beginning with the self love) we will still feel lost because the most essential and true part of ourselves is not present.

  2. “Universal Medicine complements all medical and allied health services by inspiring people to deeply consider how their lifestyle choices influence their health and how they can bring self healing and great change.” Inspiring people to take responsibility for themselves and how the energy in the way they live affects everyone else.

  3. Universal Medicine is a clinic of excellence, how could it be otherwise when the foundational principles are truth and love in all interactions, whether from reception staff, products and from the practitioners.

  4. This is a beautiful testimony Danielle, all that Universal Medicine brings to the community is incredibly supportive and life changing for so many people.

  5. A very powerful testament Danielle, to what Universal Medicine offers our community locally and globally. I also can testify to how Universal Medicine has supported a huge turn around in my life, in which the passion and purpose to live every aspect of life has been resurrected, to now waking up everyday naturally intent on living it to the fullest guided by my connection to the love and truth within me. An amazing service offered to our community, one that I continue to make use of to support my development, health and well-being.

  6. Universal Medicine truly is the People’s Choice! This business is setting the standard for how all businesses can operate by having at the core of their business, a deep love and care for humanity and inspiring a different way to live that has/is turning the lives around for many, myself included.

  7. “Universal Medicine – a Clinic of Excellence” – and the (business and people) model of the future too, although UM currently is already this future and ahead of its time.

  8. An enriching and inspiring story Danielle Pirera one worth sharing .. To me this is a writing that stands the test of time. One that is written in absolute honesty. Well done Danielle a role model you now are for many.

  9. What I love about what you have written is that life and being well is not just about being free of ailments but ‘coming back to flourish and shine and become active members of the community…’ and as you have said thousands of people have made these changes supported by Universal Medicine.

  10. The Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon Universal Medicine teaches us how to be in the world but not of the world. The capacity to observe not absorb what is around us transforms the way we see and relate to life. No longer overwhelmed by it, we are enabled and supported to live in service to self and equally to all others.

  11. I also know many people who’s lives have been totally turned around sustainably so. This includes all kind of changes, from being less emotional and jealous to coming back to working after not having a job for ages and basically being so much more knowing of themselves and confident with that.

  12. When we would take away for instance sugary foods and alcohol what then would happen with our societies? Would we be able to maintain the busy lives we now have, or would it totally collapse because we do nor know any more how to physically maintain and entertain this rat race we have created for ourselves? To me Universal Medicine has enormously supported me in finding my way out of this waywardness and in that I have found that it I do not have to collapse when I stop my alcohol and sugar intake, that then too the need to be part of this collectively created rat race fades away, and that I have a choice to live a life based on the impulses of my inner heart instead, that because of the raciness I had created due to all the sugar intake I was not able to feel any more.

  13. Indeed it is completely understandable why Universal Medicine won the People’s Choice Award and they deserve it. It is important to recognise this quality in business and to give awards because then these can be a template for other businesses to look at and possibly to adapt.

      1. I do know that businesses are experimenting in finding new ways of running their business and with that they respond to the call of humanity that we need decency and respect back in every aspect of our lives, so to in our business. And when you do not have a true example, chance is that while you think you are making a difference you actually are making the same mistakes the businesses you compare yourself with. And therefore it is so important that Universal Medicine wins this award as it brings its business model to be seen and found.

  14. I have been to a number of complementary health clinics over the years and none have been as professional as Universal Medicine.The professionalism comes with there approach to how they care for there clients and how responsibility is something that is shared. A clients responsibility is no different to that of the practitioner.

  15. The consistent support , inspiration and love offered by Universal Medicine is outstanding and out of this world . It is for everyone life changing and unique as we learn to come back and live who we truly are and share this with the world. The appreciation here is deeply beautiful as you are Danielle and inspirational.

  16. True Danielle it is never about winning prizes but what Universal Medicine is bringing to all of us is what is important and the only thing that counts. On the other hand it is important that the clinic has won because the quality, the level of love and care the clinic is reflecting is recognized by people as it is People’s Choice Award.

    1. Indeed Annelies, it is recognised by people as being extra ordinary, very special compared to many other business that are around. But more so that this is a business model that responds to the needs of people and is in service to them. In service for the basic needs of people that is to be recognised and accepted for the lovely beings that they are and all deserve to reconnect to.

  17. It’s very well expressed Danielle, I second all you have shared about your observations of Universal Medicine and the benefits people have received from their services. Universal Medicine is leading the way worldwide for self care and inspiring people to make healthy lifestyle changes, not just for their physical health but also in relationships, work life, and community – it’s truly an amazing organisation.

  18. Businesses do not win these awards for doing nothing. Business win these awards for what they offer their clients and the community for the services they offer. Universal Medicine provides exemplary services to clients in the local community but also much further afield and clients making life changing choices. These life changing choices people have not been able to make anywhere else. I am certainly one such client and I can count myself as one of the very thousands that Danielle speaks of in her article. The people have spoken with this award and the people have confirmed that what they have benefited in terms of lifestyle changes is all the evidence that they have needed.

  19. There are countless stories such as your Danielle of how people have turned their lives around with the true support and love of Universal Medicine, a clinic of excellence that deserves this award very much.

  20. In the future, Universal Medicine will be looked and at examined for what it truly offers and brings its many clients. Many people will want to know as we become more and more unwell and under more financial stress due to our poor health and ill choices.

      1. I so very much agree with you Matilda, we dig our heels in until we break down and even then we are not always willing to see that the only thing we have to do is come off of our high horse of pride and righteousness and be a humble recipient of the universe’s rhythm. We think we know it all and our way is the way all the while nature, mother earth, the sun, the stars, the whole universe reflects to us that there is a divine order. And the simple fact is that we are part of it.

  21. “I now see that Universal Medicine complements all medical and allied health services by inspiring people to deeply consider how their lifestyle choices influence their health and how they can bring self healing and great change.” A prescription for a way of living that has ripples around the world.

  22. The new way of living Universal Medicine is bringing to the world is basically the ancient old way of living which we know very well. As it us just simple living again in a way that is loving for all, for ourselves, our bodies, every body around us , the animals and the whole planet.
    Every touch or imprint matters for the whole.

  23. What I love about this clinic is that it doesn’t offer relief or a fix for the problems that I have created and don’t want to take responsibility for. Although I arrived for my first session as a passive client who wanted to be helped and fixed, over the years I have realised that I do the healing through my choices and the way I live and move. This is a great gift – one that many are not ready to accept yet.

  24. Success and the real deal sort, where someone is living harmoniously with their body and being busy and responsible without exhausting themselves. There is nothing like anywhere else in the world, Universal Medicine is trail blazer in the field of health and wellbeing and so much more…

  25. I agree with what you shared in this blog Danielle, and say thank you to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, for having the love and commitment in bringing a new way of living to humanity.

  26. With what you were studying it’s great to see you are now living true to what you originally set out to do. It would have been a miss match to have someone in health and supporting people in their own health and yet eating and feeling like you were. From what I see this can be often the case when it comes to these things, people living incongruently with what they are doing or what their title is. What better or truer person to go and see then someone who has walked themselves back to truly caring for themselves and their health.

  27. Beautiful to read this and your blog Danielle, what a turn around of your life, ‘I now value and appreciate every part of my day with a level of self-worth and self-appreciation that no longer allows me to maintain relationships that are dishonouring or abusive.’

  28. “People are not only recovering from long-term depression, exhaustion or drug and alcohol abuse, but they are coming back to flourish and shine and become active members of the community, now capable of supporting others to develop their own wellbeing.” This is the most remarkable thing for me about the Students of Universal Medicine I know and have observed over the years (myself included). It’s one thing to turn life around from a downward spiral of self-indulgence, lack of commitment, self-abuse to name but a few to being healthy, vital and committed to life, but it is quite another, and pretty darn amazing if you ask me to then take this Love out into the world and being active and engaged members of our communities when before, all we thought about was ‘me and mine’. Once we start living the Love we all naturally are, the most natural and joyful thing in the world is to go out and share it with everyone.

  29. Wow Danielle the changes you have made to your life are truly powerful and very inspiring, this is a beautiful testimony to the true work and service that Universal Medicine and all its practitioners provide to all clients.

  30. A stunning turn around Danielle, you are a gorgeous representation of what is possible through the inspiration of Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon family and the ancient wisdom teachings as presented through Universal Medicine.

  31. When we get to that point in our lives when we say ‘enough is enough’ and ‘something has to change’, having a place we can go to where we will be held and supported to make those lifestyle changes for ourselves is priceless.

  32. Danielle, what you share is pure gold as it not only highlights the excellence of a business truly supporting and inspiring the change of life in people but equally that these changes are not from solutions at all. They are instead true changes in the persons entire choice of their way of being in life and with others and that is literally unheard of. In a world of escalating illness and disease a business offering services such as these is sorely needed.

  33. There is an extraordinary array of backgrounds people are recovering from via the work and support of Universal Medicine – that in itself needs to be studied. Right now there are different approaches for things like drug and alcohol abuse, exhaustion, poor diet, relationship issues, etc, yet the one approach by Universal Medicine works – why? That is what needs to be studied, as the implications of something that works so well for so many people is enormous for government budgets for health and global productivity.

  34. Very true Universal Medicine is a clinic of excellence, that treats people with the upmost love and respect, there is a support and honesty that encourages us to go deeper to heal ourselves.

  35. A business that supports people from all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, gender, culture, etc. etc. There is no difference. Doesnt matter what role your parttake in society, we all matter and this is exactly how you get treaten by this business. Absolute clean, real, professional and deeply caring! I would not wish for anything better or different.

  36. Before I met Serge and attended the clinic and Universal Medicine workshops and courses, I had no idea of who I was and how powerful I truly am. Now, I am nowhere near the person I was before with no self confidence or self love, and had no idea about listening to my body and making choices that support and nurture me. I am forever thank-ful to Serge and Universal Medicine for bringing truth, love, absolute joy and great wisdom for us all to feel and know.

  37. “After Universal Medicine I found the beautiful and powerful me.” This line is very true for me also, I never thought I could live with this level of self love and empowerment in my life. The message of Universal Medicine is so simple, that we can listen to and honour our body by making choices to truly support. There is no goal in sight or willpower needed, just a surrender to the love we can have for ourselves in every moment.

  38. I so agree with your comments about the reason for the consumption of alcohol, as “to not feel my exhaustion and to get relief from a life I didn’t enjoy”. Thank God for Universal Medicine and The Ageless Wisdom, they have made a huge difference in my life as well.

  39. I love that not only does Universal Medicine complement all medical and allied health services but works with them to deeply support clients in addressing their health and their choices holistically and inspiring them to let go of what no longer serves them and stands in the way of them truly embracing life and their well being.

  40. I totally agree Danielle, the presentations, workshops and healing modalities that Universal Medicine presents definitely awakens us to the fact that there is a much grander way to live than the rat race we currently think is normal.

  41. I totally agree Danielle; yes it is great that Universal Medicine have been acknowledged for the amazing business it is, but most importantly “for having the love and commitment in bringing a new way of living to humanity”. It is this love and commitment that they are bringing to everyone who steps inside the clinic door, or into one of their presentations or workshops, is what defines this truly amazing organisation.

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